andrewgetting ready for bed, figured i should check woot thinking it might be a wootoff day or something06:16
InHisNamewell ?  andrew are you wooting yet ?07:25
JonathanDGood morning PA.16:01
andrewGood morning PA and surrounding states (yes, that includes you, NJ)16:02
JonathanDand CA16:03
andrewI didn't say that16:04
andrewwait, CA as in Canada?16:04
ssweenyCA is California. .ca is Canada16:05
ChinnoDoghi peeps18:19
teddy-dbearthis peep says hi back18:24
andrewa peep over here is about to meet the microwave18:26
teddy-dbeara mutant peep?18:27
ssweenypeeps are best after they've been left out open for a week18:41
MutantTurkeyi agree.18:44
ssweenynot sure about mutant peeps18:50
ssweenyhave to run some tests18:50
MutantTurkeyssweeny: it has been confirmed, microwaved peeps are not so good.19:15
ssweenyMutantTurkey: those are not for eating. they are for jousting19:31
MutantTurkeythat would explain the state of my peep19:32
teddy-dbearTMI =-O19:34
MutantTurkeymy mistake. I was talking about the marshmallow suger covered delights.19:36
teddy-dbearyou can call it whatever you want:-/19:38
jedijfnote to self: don't order cheesesteak from chinese restaurant23:33
andrewwhy would you?23:34
jedijfthe person in front of me did....23:34
jedijfi trusted them23:34
andrewit was a trap23:35
andrewthat was an employee, who ordered it just to get you to23:35
rmg51silly jedijf23:46
pleia2that's the best reason ever23:48
rmg51being silly?23:49
pleia2because the person in front of him did23:49
rmg51that's being silly ;-)23:50
rmg51the power here is being silly tonight23:51
rmg51half my room is without power23:51
JonathanDthats quite silly23:51
rmg51no power on the computer side23:52
rmg51had to move this lappy to the other side of the room23:52
rmg51also no cable modem or router23:53
rmg51power co. thing23:53
rmg51good thing Teddy is a mobile hot spot :-D23:54
JonathanDA bear of many talents.23:54
rmg51Clear ;-)23:55
JonathanDClear is nice. linux drivers would be nicer.23:56
rmg51that's why I got their mobile router23:56
JonathanDthe last post I saw was inspiring.23:56
rmg51I can connect up to 6 devices23:57
JonathanDAh, that one.23:57
JonathanDI have the little USB stick and the home router thingy.23:57
rmg51I just wanted something for the road23:57
rmg51now I have internet at work23:58
PennBotTitle: CLEAR Developer (at developer.clear.com)23:58
JonathanDsomeday, I hope.23:58
rmg51sshh, don't tell "the boss"23:58
rmg51power just came back :-[23:59

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