techMiles1beep! gai guiz.00:49
techMiles1am currently IN memphis. on Kirby-Whitten. what's up?00:49
techMiles1nobody here. bah. lol00:50
* orias is making the trip home01:12
oriaswell about to. cant irc and drive01:12
oriaswell i can, but I dont!01:13
techMiles1lmao. a good idea, orias.01:21
techMiles1anybody else in the memphis area out tonight? up for a quick meet at starbucks or some such?01:21
techMiles1am over on Kirby-Whitten.01:21
techMiles1the only guy in starbucks with a SOCK proxy goin' on, probably.01:21
mhall119I can't believe people use starbucks' wifi without an encrypted tunnel and proxy01:42
techMiles1I know.01:44
techMiles1I have AES256 on this.01:44
techMiles1and a killer headache, but AES256 is better than a headache.01:44
oriasnear i40 or 385?02:03
techMiles1uhh. no clue.02:04
techMiles1close to stage02:04
techMiles1by Sekisui and Schnucks02:04
techMiles1there's an ATC fitness and phys therapy place here02:05
techMiles1am about to head out, though.02:05
techMiles1girlfriend's near getting off work.02:05
techMiles1ah, it's in Stage Centre is what this set of stores is called.02:05
oriasdo you reside in mem?02:06
techMiles1close. I live about 45minutes north in Tipton-County02:06
techMiles1but my grandmother lives in shelby county but technically in memphis.02:06
techMiles1the borderline of memphis and millington, technically02:06
techMiles1memphis address. lol02:06
techMiles1debating on whether or not to order another drink02:07
techMiles1this green tea got way too bitter. it was too hot for awhile. steeped too long I s'pose.02:07
techMiles1and no honey. lol02:07
techMiles1dk if i wanna waste more monay or not.02:10
techMiles1more than likely won't.02:10
techMiles1headache != enjoyment of anything02:10
techMiles1heading out now.02:10
techMiles1ttyl guiz.02:10
chibihogoshinoif you are from a future time torn free from the past and came back you wouldnt know what would be happening to the future13:29
chibihogoshinohmm.. the apt-get update changed so you have to hit Y instead of y13:43
wrstthat's sorta annoying chibihogoshino13:47
chibihogoshinoa little yeah13:48
chibihogoshinoat first i didnt know what the fuck was going on .. thought i kept hitting the wrong key or something13:48
chibihogoshinoi do love me some change..13:51
wrsti like it when i like it i suppose :)13:51
chibihogoshinome too13:52
linuxman410wrst u here13:57
chibihogoshinochris4585: could you mount the finished magic live iso and update that with apt-get  ?13:58
wrsthey linuxman41013:58
linuxman410wrst how you doing13:59
wrstdoing good linuxman410 :)14:03
linuxman410that is good i am shopping for a used motherboard and cpu know anyone with one for sale14:04
wrstnot really linuxman410, what type atx?14:04
wrsttechMiles: its still early :)14:04
techMilesthe starbucks on kirby-whitten doesn't know how to brew tea14:04
linuxman410yeah atx14:04
techMilessorry. am complaining about still having a sore tongue14:12
techMilesgreen tea isn't meant to be stepped in just-boiled water14:12
techMilesit'd still have been damned ot.14:13
techMilesbut not like it was.14:14
* techMiles is picky about tea14:14
wrsti meant!14:17
* wrst needs to wake up and learn to type14:17
techMilesespecially when it puts a burn on your tongue for a few days.14:18
chris4585chibihogoshino, I don't see why not16:59
chibihogoshinoahh.. that would be really cool17:09
chibihogoshinoand save space17:09
chibihogoshinothe project dir is 3.8 gig compared to 700 meg for the iso17:11
mhall119you can't mount the squashfs life17:16
mhall119you have to mount the iso, unsquash the squashfs filesystem, then chroot into it, do your apt-getting, mksquashfs it and mkisofs the whole thing17:17
cyberangerand that bit can be done18:06
cyberangerand since there's compression, all the more18:07
cyberangerhey Xpistos and vychune18:12
vychunegooooood morning18:12
vychuneerr afternoon18:13
chibihogoshinoyeah i have no idea how to do tha tho..18:20
cyberangerchibihogoshino: very slowly18:22
cyberanger(there's some howtos on that method, remastering a live disc)18:22
chibihogoshinoah.. it would be just as big as the working dir from the livecd18:24
cyberangerremember the livecd isn't truely 700mb18:25
cyberangerit's over 2gb, compressed down18:26
cyberangerwhen I remaster, I usually pull out packages I don't need18:42
cyberangerto the point where my installed systems are smaller than the livecd, without any real loss18:43
cyberangerone media player instead of 5, one irc client instead of a bulkier bundle (since I ususally ssh into my server and use a bitlbee server for IM, that client is just a backup)18:44
cyberangerI drop all the cd tools for slimmer cli ones18:44
cyberangerit can be done18:45
=== vychune346 is now known as vychune
techMiles1hey guys.23:56
techMiles1am in memphis again.23:56

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