mhall119newz2000: why YUI?00:38
mhall119the API doesn't seem nearly as nice as jQuery or ExtJS00:38
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newz2000mhall119: when the decision was made YUI's UI library was far more complete than jQuery's and that was an important feature for some of the teams.14:35
newz2000it is one of those decisions that was not embraced unanimously with enthusiasm14:35
mhall119I see15:11
cjohnstonstas: can you please take a look at bug 73144316:58
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731443 in ubuntu-website "photo slide show on uds.u.c goes too fast (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73144316:58
stascjohnston: how slow?17:03
stasnow its like 5s cooldown17:04
cjohnstonstas czajkowski ^17:05
stasczajkowski: hello :)17:05
czajkowskiyou rang17:05
stasczajkowski: i'm here to help with uds.u.c17:05
czajkowskistas: great17:05
cjohnstonHow slow was the question czajkowski17:05
czajkowskican you slow those pics changing on uds.17:05
czajkowskiwell saying slower I know isn't the right answer17:05
stasczajkowski: right now it uses 5s cooldown17:05
czajkowskibut they seem to change very fast it's distracting17:05
stashmm, 10s?17:06
czajkowskistas: sure17:06
czajkowskiwe'll give that a lash and see sure17:06
stascjohnston: since uds.u.c may require more and more tweaking, do you mind if we fork current light-wordpress-theme for it?17:07
stasi can see the theme wasn't updated yet from bzr17:07
cjohnstonit was17:07
cjohnstonstas: not right now about the fork... I have something in mind17:07
cjohnstonmind if we talk about that part later?17:08
stassure... or maybe i will just right a small plugin with required changes17:09
stasi think there was a request already for search input or something like that17:10
stascjohnston: the theme is not the latest, it says Version: 0.2-light, and it should be 0.217:10
cjohnstonthe bgus were fixed tho17:11
cjohnstonit went back to old it looks liek17:13
cjohnstonstas: look at uds.u.c please17:28
stasyep thats the latest17:29
cjohnstonthe bar seems correct17:29
cjohnstonbut the arrow is still off17:29
stasthe arrows and the layout is broken17:30
staslet me check17:30
stasfirst, there's missing some closing tag, the footer looks broken17:35
cjohnstonis that just in the one on uds.u.c or in the light-wordpress-theme?17:37
stasno, only on uds.u.c17:37
stasthe footer on travel looks ok17:37
stas1st page has some broken layout17:38
stasalso, could you delete the newlines between the images in class="slider" element?17:38
cjohnstonI don't have access17:38
stashmm, who has?17:39
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