nuvolari_'morning fellow geeks05:11
nuvolari_morning kbmonkey 05:19
nuvolari_do you use dvorak?05:19
kbmonkeyhello nuvolari :-) how are ou05:20
nuvolari_ou is good oo?05:20
kbmonkeynope I don't use dvorak 05:20
superflyohi kbmonkey and nuvolari_05:21
kbmonkeythis keyboard has such a shabby design, i keep pressing the wrong keys :p05:21
nuvolari_morning superfly 05:21
nuvolari_kbmonkey: then why are you a kbmonkey? lol05:21
kbmonkeyI bought a new one, but got home, my pc does not have a ps2 port anymore! oh noes!05:21
kbmonkeyhi superfly!05:21
nuvolari_hmm, must be an old keyboard/old stock05:21
superflykbmonkey: anymore, or is it so old that this is before ps2 ports for keyboards? :-P05:22
kbmonkeyha ha superfly, no its not that old, guess this mainboard just doesnt have one05:22
kbmonkeybeen learning so much Python the last few days. it's a nice language.05:23
superflykbmonkey: nice? NICE?! Those flowers are "nice". Miss Thompson, the new school teacher is "nice"05:24
nuvolari_ok, it's ok05:24
* superfly wonders if anyone is old enough to catch the reference05:24
nuvolari_I heard it somewhere superfly, cant recall where though05:25
kbmonkeyI remember that! ha ha. the source escapes me05:25
superflyit's an old Fiat advert05:25
kbmonkeyokay its fuckin' fantastic! :D05:25
nuvolari_or just really fantastic *cough*05:26
superflywell, I wouldn't go so far as to swear about it, but it definitely is fantastic05:26
nuvolari_have anyone seen this? http://idle.slashdot.org/story/11/03/07/191232/Crew-Builds-a-Flying-House-Modeled-After-UP05:26
superflynuvolari_: yeah, saw that the other day.... interesting05:27
kbmonkeyIs that swearing? oops, my bad. 05:27
* kbmonkey tones it down05:27
kbmonkeyjust wish we used it at work, that would be lovely :)05:28
* superfly uses it at work05:28
* kbmonkey is going green05:28
nuvolari_ossum lol, a flying house!05:29
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari, do you like the new /. design?05:30
nuvolari_kbmonkey: it's not *that* much different... well, from what I can see :P05:30
nuvolari_I don't use it much though because I'm subsrcibed to the dialy mail05:31
kbmonkeyI really hate how it breaks browser features. like searching text in a page, or nto auto-saving yoru login anymore :(05:31
nuvolari_what do you mean? searching inside emails works just fine :P05:32
kbmonkeyha ha :) I know, not on the site though, in rolled-up comments.05:33
kbmonkeydo you get to work from home superfly?05:36
nuvolari_a good thing IMO05:37
nuvolari_it sucks to work from home05:37
linuxboysuperfly: you're nice05:37
superflyespecially if you have a toddler, then you spend more time chasing them than doing work05:37
superflylinuxboy: thanks linuxboy, you're nice too ;-)05:37
linuxboysuperfly: :)05:38
linuxboyoh, and btw, working from home is pretty rad05:38
linuxboyI'm doing it right now05:38
linuxboy(but I don't have a toddler)05:38
kbmonkeyIn that case, distractions would be infinite05:40
superflyif I had some sort of an office room at home, that would work for me, but without an office with a door I can close, too many distractions, and a toddler05:40
kbmonkeyfor sure, a home office is implied, without it I also prefer to travel out to work :)05:41
kbmonkeytime to travel, have a good day you guys and girls :)05:46
nlsthzntop of the morning to you all06:04
maiatoday'lo *06:05
nlsthznEverything going well in ZA land?06:11
superflyhey nlsthzn and maiatoday06:15
nlsthznsuperfly: alo :)06:17
maiatodayyep all good06:21
nlsthznnice :)06:22
nlsthznI made the UAE's first installfest the other day... at the end we had just over 30 wubi installs made successfully... was a long hard day :)06:23
* nlsthzn waves06:31
nuvolari_moonin sakhi 06:55
superflyhey Symmetria07:29
* zerlgi bumps09:06
bmg505morning all09:54
superflyyo bmg505 and zerlgi10:14
zerlgiyo all10:15
zerlgihow is CutMan today? 10:16
superflypretty good thanks, work is quicker than expected, which is great10:19
* zerlgi is at Zimbra training10:24
* zerlgi .... is also hungry10:24
* zerlgi waves at charlvn10:26
charlvnhi zerlgi 10:27
nuvolari_the worst feeling: thumbtumbling at work waiting for new tasks :O10:48
confluencyRead an ebook!10:51
charlvnnuvolari_: do some snake handling, that's always fun11:04
charlvnneed to spend more time with python myself11:04
superflyI need to spend more time with my corn snake... he's a bit neglected :-(11:55
linuxboysuperfly: you have one?12:11
superflylinuxboy: I do12:14
linuxboysuperfly: rad12:15
superflylinuxboy: his name is "Dynamite" too12:15
linuxboysuperfly: photos or it isn't true12:15
superflylinuxboy: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/150533_10150324438960094_795295093_15755515_3245635_n.jpg12:17
linuxboysuperfly: in your house?12:17
superflylinuxboy: yes12:17
superflyI don't have any on hand of me holding him12:18
linuxboywhen did you get him?12:18
superflyend of last year12:18
* Owkkuri got bit feeding a cornsnake once12:19
Owkkurithing tried to nom my thumb12:19
superflyOwkkuri: played with the mouse a bit before you fed the snake? :-P12:20
Owkkuriwas years ago, all i can remember is it bled a lot12:20
nuvolari_I'z hating production deploys12:46
nuvolari_o.O snake handling? I'll step on it, then ask its name :P12:52

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