velociostrichAnyone know of an easy way to check for duplicate files?00:00
milambervelociostrich: file names?00:00
ActionParsnipvelociostrich: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64788300:00
serg27475024ActionParsnip: [ 3773.488746] hub 7-0:1.0: port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...00:01
serg27475024[ 3773.488760] usb 7-1: USB disconnect, address 8900:01
serg27475024[ 3773.752159] usb 7-1: new low speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 9000:01
serg27475024[ 3773.923947] input: HID 04b3:310b as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb7/7-1/7-1:1.0/input/input32100:01
serg27475024[ 3773.924244] generic-usb 0003:04B3:310B.013D: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.00 Mouse [HID 04b3:310b] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-1/input000:01
serg27475024[ 3802.008806] hub 7-0:1.0: port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...00:01
serg27475024[ 3802.008820] usb 7-1: USB disconnect, address 9000:01
serg27475024[ 3802.272187] usb 7-1: new low speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 9100:01
serg27475024[ 3802.445073] input: HID 04b3:310b as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb7/7-1/7-1:1.0/input/input32200:01
aeon-ltdserg27475024: use pastebin00:01
serg27475024[ 3802.445378] generic-usb 0003:04B3:310B.013E: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.00 Mouse [HID 04b3:310b] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-1/input000:01
serg27475024mouse still freezes.....00:01
corinthHas anyone experienced the ATI flgrx driver error where you get a text/TTY1 login after installing and rebooting?00:01
mickster04what? no floodbot?00:03
velociostrichActionParsnip: I'll have to look at that another time; I gtg00:03
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serg27475024ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577247/00:03
[thor]!cn | administrator_00:03
ubottuadministrator_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk00:03
velociostrichJordan_U: I can't continue working on this today; I might continue another time though00:03
josh_ritgerActionParsnip: I tried running gksudo nautilus and it did the same thing with changing my wallpaper etc and running as root00:04
matteo_i'm itallian00:04
[thor]welcome matteo, are you having problems?00:04
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matteo_ubuntu for world00:06
Chemicalanybody know why ubuntu 10.04 shows text about dev0 roots and stuff during startup and shutdown?00:11
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ActionParsnipserg27475024: ok, what is the output of:  lsmod    Thanks00:16
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ActionParsnip!caps | jaunty00:18
ubottujaunty: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:18
Jordan_U!ot | jaunty00:18
ubottujaunty: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:18
jauntymy bad00:18
jauntywht sort of topics are on this site00:19
ActionParsnipjaunty: this channel is ubuntu support only00:19
jauntyi know00:19
ActionParsnipjaunty: so why ask?00:20
jauntyi am ubuntu00:20
jauntyi am using ubuntu00:20
needlezcan someone tell me if this is setup correctly?? http://pastie.org/164545500:21
Jordan_Ujaunty: That does not make your question an Ubuntu support question.00:21
jauntysoory, i am new to this..00:21
needlezthe bottom is my fstab file, the above is my hardware setup, just wanna double check if my stuff is correct00:21
corinthHas anyone experienced the ATI flgrx driver error where you get a text/TTY1 login after installing and rebooting?00:22
ActionParsnipneedlez: some of the terminology is off but looks ok. I'd add the options:  uid=1000,rw,user    to sdb2 and hda100:23
ActionParsnipneedlez: also you need to 0s on the end of the line, not just one00:23
needlezok, but so they should mount just fine on reboot if i add those opetions??00:23
ActionParsnipneedlez: assuming the mount points exist, yes00:23
dejan_why when I try to save document (html) that is in the www folder anoying popup comes saying that cant backup filer overwrite? i am using bluefish pls how to avoid this?00:24
Jordan_Ujaunty: If you type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" (without the quotes) where you'd normally enter a message in your IRC client you will join the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. If you type "/join #freenode" you will join the channel for support questions about the freenode IRC network as a whole.00:24
needlezActionParsnip, ok, thank you00:24
Gunnii seem to have lost the network connection assistant in ubuntu, is there any way to get it back?00:25
ActionParsnipneedlez: still using fat32?00:25
acerimmerGunni: you mean it's not on the toolbar or it's not working at all?00:25
ActionParsnipGunni: press ALT+F2 and run: nm-applet00:25
needlezjust had, on partion that was fat32 to switch between windows and linux system, so i can drop files and look at them in both00:25
ActionParsnipneedlez: Linux can read and write to ntfs00:26
RatzingerCan anyone tell me if it's possible to make a program alway start in a specific workspace / vw?00:27
needlezahh, i didn't think about that, i could just set it to ntfs i guess00:27
GunniActionParsnip, i ran it, it said it was running, i killed it and re-ran it, same as before, can't see it..00:27
needlezthank you very much though, youre a very smart guy00:28
ActionParsnipneedlez: thanks :)00:30
bytesaber_workis cron in ubuntu different somehow in other linux?   i can't get this to accept * 14 * * * *    (every day at 6pm)00:33
erossbytesaber_work - what's the command00:34
bytesaber_work* 14 * * * *    /usr/bin/killall xchat00:34
CalimeroTeknikhello ! running grub-install /dev/sda I get /usr/sbin/grub-install: 31: grub-install.real: not found00:35
CalimeroTeknikI guess some package must be reinstalled00:35
erossseems you have one too many *  ?00:35
bytesaber_workhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron    They use 600:35
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: Did you install Ubuntu via wubi?00:36
bytesaber_workin the Predefined scheduling definitions table00:36
CalimeroTeknikno, it's in an ext4 partition00:36
kromiumWhat is the default mysql root password in ubuntu?00:36
CalimeroTeknikI'm chrooted in ubuntu presently00:36
jribkromium: you are prompted to set one during install00:36
kromiumjrib: oh, I will have to remove and install it again then..00:37
CalimeroTeknikand oops, I meant grub-install /dev/sda700:37
jribkromium: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset00:37
erossok i see it is optional - year00:37
ActionParsnipbytesaber_work: use gnome-schedule to setup cron if you fancy a GUI ;)00:38
erossevery day at 6pm -  0 18 * * * ...00:38
CalimeroTeknik!pkgfile grub-install.real00:38
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: grub-install.real is part of an (IMHO) ugly hack used for wubi. You should only see anything about grub-install.real if you have the package "lupin-support" installed, and that should only be installed if you used wubi to install Ubuntu so it's odd that you're seeing it. Do you have lupin-support installed?00:38
dejan_why when I try to save document (html) that is in the www folder anoying popup comes saying that cant backup filer overwrite? i am using bluefish pls how to avoid this?00:38
CalimeroTeknikoh. strange !00:38
mickster04CalimeroTeknik: when you say you are chrooted?00:39
CalimeroTeknikI booted a livecd00:39
CalimeroTeknikmounted /dev/sda7 that contains ubuntu to /mnt (it has no /boot partition)00:39
mickster04CalimeroTeknik: ok00:39
CalimeroTeknikmounted -o bind /dev /proc and /sys to /mnt00:39
mickster04CalimeroTeknik: just checking, :p00:39
CalimeroTeknikchroot /mnt00:39
CalimeroTeknikthen grub-install /dev/sda700:39
CalimeroTeknikand it says that00:39
edbiandejan_, The www folder is not writeable by your user.00:40
CalimeroTeknikthat's a normal install on ext4 on /dev/sda700:40
mickster04CalimeroTeknik: i figured you would want to just install it to sda? not a prticular number00:40
dejan_edbian: this is so annoying and I must save there often because i am making changes to some webpages00:40
CalimeroTeknikmickster04, not really, because I will chainload it00:40
dejan_edbian: how can I fix this please ?00:40
mickster04CalimeroTeknik: very good00:40
CalimeroTeknikanyway, the problem is the same, file not found00:40
CalimeroTeknik(whether I use /dev/sda or /dev/sda7 as argument)00:41
edbiandejan_, Would you like the fix, or the explanation or both?00:41
lwizardlthe url for the spam news does 40400:41
dejan_edbian: uh both will be ultimate solution = thanks :-)00:41
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: Can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy lupin-support grub-pc"?00:41
serg27475024ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577247/00:42
dejan_edbian: i just transfered to ubuntu from 17 years in win hell00:42
GunniActionParsnip, i ran it, it said it was running, i killed it and re-ran it, same as before, can't see it.. is there a way to connect to a password protected wireless network using the terminal?00:42
edbiandejan_, sudo chown root:<userName> /var/www      then   sudo chmod 770 /var/www00:42
lwizardldejan_, congratulations on making the switch :)00:42
ActionParsnipGunni: I use wicd which has a terminal based UI as well as an X based one00:42
Scunizi_Using Nautilus "Connect to server" I can connect to my NAS using samba protocol.. but when I go to Places Network the server doesn't show up there at all.. now... sometimes it does... why is this?00:42
ActionParsnipserg27475024: and the output of:  lsmod    Thanks00:42
poiteeAnyone able to help with samba and win7 before I off myself?00:43
edbiandejan_, The first command makes the group owner you, the second command makes the owner and the group owner able to read/write/execute and forbids anybody else from editing hte files00:43
GunniActionParsnip i can't connect it to the internet, anything built in?00:43
dejan_lwizardl: thanks :)00:43
dejan_edbian: it says no such file of dir00:43
ActionParsnipScunizi_: the thing you connected to will be in the left panel and should also appear on the desktop00:43
edbiandejan_, Where are these files?00:43
dejan_edbian: um its in var yep let me check00:43
mickster04poitee: i think suicide is a bit of an extreme reaction, give us some more insight into your problem00:43
jeniawhat's this ratelimit.c file? Often, when I start a new video on SMPlayer or Pause/Unpause it, the entire screen becomes black'n'white and stays that way. When I look at /var/log/messages file after that, it always says pulseaudio: ratelimit.c: [some #] of events suppressed.00:43
ActionParsnipGunni: you can use iwconfig to define the connection00:43
Scunizi_ActionParsnip: after connecting yes.. prior to that Places>Network can't see it..00:43
jribedbian: no read access for www-data?00:43
edbiandejan_, try this instead.  sudo chown -R root:<userName> /var/www00:44
poiteeAlready apt-got samba... I can see the samba server on win7 but cannot browse or connect to shares...00:44
edbianjrib, oh is that supposed to happen... mmmm00:44
dejan_edbian: they are in var/www :(00:44
edbiandejan_, I might have been wrong, hang on a second00:44
lwizardlanyone know the release date for 11.04 ? the daily beta seems flakey hehe. And I want to see if my audio is fixed in the release00:44
ActionParsnipScunizi_: not sure then. You can add the device permanently in nautilus by making it a bookmark which is in the connect to server dialogue00:44
mickster04poitee: have you had a look at editing /etc/default/smb (possibly /samba rather than smb) and the config there?00:44
ActionParsniplwizardl: ask in #ubuntu+100:44
edbianjrib, Should we add him to www-data group?  Or make the files owned by www-data instead of root?00:44
mickster04!natty | ikonia00:44
ubottuikonia: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:44
dejan_edbian:  ok00:44
CalimeroTekniksorry for the lag Jordan_U I had to go to the other room. here is the result : http://pastebin.com/TizbzvNk00:44
mickster04ikonia: sorry wrong nick00:44
lwizardlActionParsnip, k thanks00:44
mickster04!natty | lwizardl00:45
ubottulwizardl: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:45
edbiandejan_, Can you pastebin the output of ls -la /var/www    ?00:45
serg27475024ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577258/00:45
poiteemickster04: edited...  can see my changes.. netbiod name ect00:45
jribedbian: depends on dejan_'s setup really; setting /var/www 775 would be the easy solution00:45
dejan_jrib: ?00:46
mickster04poitee: well that's good00:46
dejan_jrib: what should i write ? :S00:46
mickster04poitee: when you shared a folder how did you do it? also where is the folder?00:46
jribedbian: listen to edbian, I don't want to confuse00:46
mickster04poitee: i think that if the parent folders have certain access rights then samba won't let anyone else overright them00:46
dejan_edbian: i will pastebin00:46
jribdejan_: listen to edbian, I don't want to confuse and I have to get dinner anyway :)00:47
edbianjrib, thanks :)00:47
CalimeroTekniklooks like lupin-support isn't installed Jordan_U00:47
poiteemickster: I tried through the gui.. I also tried editing config.. they are mounted drives. /media/sata1 and sata200:47
CalimeroTeknik(it's for wubi, right ?)00:47
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: Correct.00:47
CalimeroTeknikthis is a normal install from the CD00:47
CalimeroTeknikthat error on grub-install is very strange, if .real is in wubi !00:48
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: What is the output of "which grub-install"?00:48
mickster04poitee: uhm, yeah that may not work so well...I tried creating a writable share on a mounted hdd and it wouldn't let me, even if i set the folder to the most open settings. i think mounted partitions always have certain rights when they are mounted...00:48
ActionParsnipserg27475024: ok try:  echo "options psmouse synaptics_resume_reset=N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse_fix.conf      then rebot to test00:48
serg27475024ActionParsnip: ok. thx. will try.00:49
poiteemickster04: soooo? symlink or?00:49
CalimeroTeknik/usr/sbin/grub-install Jordan_U00:49
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: Can you pastebin the contents of /usr/sbin/grub-install?00:50
mickster04poitee: oh i never solved it, sorry. keep asking is all i can suggest00:50
ipwnageis there any way to redownload all of the original rhythmbox plugins?00:52
CalimeroTeknikhere it is Jordan_U /usr/sbin/grub-install : http://pastebin.archlinux.fr/43119300:52
CalimeroTeknikwhat is that strange stuff00:53
aeon-ltdipwnage: reinstall rhythmbox? shouldn't that drag them in as deps?00:53
CalimeroTeknikdefinitely, I need to apt-get install grub-pc don't I ?00:53
ActionParsnipipwnage: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename    will reinstall whatever you wish00:53
ipwnageand it wont mess it up?00:53
CalimeroTeknikJordan_U, will apt-get --reinstall install grub-pc  correct this ?00:54
edwardis there a way to detect iptables current status? its ini.d/upstart job doesn't include status (ie service iptables status)00:55
shamelessn00bHi guys, I'm using ubuntu 10.10, I want a user be able to copy a file to my system remotely on just 1 folder, I want to give him ssh access but want to make sure that he can't get out of that one folder00:55
ipwnagestill not there00:55
edwardI can do it by writing a script to check proc but I was hoping there was an inbuilt solution00:55
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: It should. It's completely bizarre that you have wubi's grub-install though.00:55
CalimeroTeknikyes, and that's part of the reasons why I want to chainload ubuntu00:56
CalimeroTeknikI don't understand it very well so I prefer to isolate it00:56
bheIf anyone could help, that'd be amazing. According to this site:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure    -    Step 17: play -D plughw:0,3 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav     My sound is actually working!  I just need to edit a file "/etc/asound.conf" that doesn't exist on my system. Can anyone tell me if I should create this file since it doesn't exists or what?00:59
Magizianhehe look at what I made on an egyption ubuntu server.. http://magizian.dyndns.org:20080/ntsh.jpg00:59
mickster04Magizian: that's off topic for fututre reference00:59
ActionParsnipshamelessn00b: use sshfs, its default enabled by installing openssh-server00:59
mickster04Magizian: also it's egyptian*01:00
Magizianit's ubuntu.. you may want my help in doing similar.01:00
mickster04Magizian: no that's off topic, also the link seems dud:p01:00
shamelessn00bActionParsnip: I have openssh-server installed, is there a step-by-step guide I could follow?01:00
mickster04shamelessn00b: look for scp01:00
ubottusshfs is a !Fuse based filesystem which allows you to mount a remote system over !SSH - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS for instructions01:01
shamelessn00bI started looking about chroot jail01:01
shamelessn00bthis sounds neater01:01
ActionParsnipshamelessn00b: nautilus has it built in too, you can even mount the remote share ;)01:02
fedematiconautilus was programmed by an italian dude now in a better life01:02
CalimeroTeknikJordan_U, I had to run apt-get -f --reinstall install grub-pc , because of a bunch of unsatisfied deps01:03
CalimeroTeknikthe contents of grub-install haven't changed !!!!01:04
trickhey guys i recently installed windows xp in a vm using virtualbox, my question is how do i get online inside the vm?01:04
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: What is the output of "dpkg -S /usr/sbin/grub-install"? (if it's more than one line use pastebin)01:04
komotive_@trick .... I can help01:05
trickkomotive_: great thanks01:05
SeanfHey, I"m trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 on a computer, I'm at the 'Who are you?' stage but the forward button isn't available.01:05
edbianSeanf, What did you type for a username ?01:05
komotive_what you need to do is set the network options to nat mode if you do not have a dhcp service locally01:05
edbianSeanf, the username field must be all lower case01:05
edbianSeanf, (They should really mention that in the installer)01:06
Seanfok thanks01:06
Seanflet me try that01:06
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trickkomotive_: im a bit of a noob at this stuff, and that sounds difficult01:06
komotive_if you do have dhcp then you can use the other mode ...01:06
komotive_Ok .... I'll run up min01:06
CalimeroTeknikJordan_U, that gives :  grub-pc: /usr/sbin/grub-install01:06
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CalimeroTeknikseems normal, and yet, it's getting really unbelievable01:06
Seanfedbian, you are a lifesaver!01:06
trickkomotive_: well i have a wireless network here, and computers connecting to it are just given an ip address i think01:06
edbianSeanf, haha, just experienced01:06
trickkomotive_: does that mean i have dhcp?01:07
SeanfI've been pulling my hair out over this for hours01:07
komotive_Yep you've got it!01:07
komotive_DHCP is a go01:07
edbianSeanf, hahaa, you should have asked earlier!01:07
SeanfLater guys!01:07
komotive_So from the top tabs ..... delect <devices>01:07
trickkomotive_: great so where do i go to select it?01:07
SeanfI know01:07
SeanfI bricked my last computer trying to do that, now I can fix it xD01:08
komotive_select <network adapters>01:08
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: I have no idea what's happening. Please file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug grub-pc".01:08
trickkomotive_: top of what?01:08
CalimeroTeknikJordan_U, I can fix this with the ubuntu livecd nope ?01:09
CalimeroTeknikthen, updates will always fail of course01:09
komotive_( the menu bar )then use the dropdown to select01:09
trickkomotive_:  oh ok01:09
blkdghow can i tell the date on which a system was installed?01:09
komotive_so you can select nat or bridged01:10
trickkomotive_: yep and u want me to choose bridged?01:10
komotive_nat will give your machine a translated IP address for the www01:10
komotive_bridged will put it on the same as your lan01:10
trickkomotive_: ok so i should choose NAT? and do i choose 'cable connected' or not?01:11
trickcos im on wifi01:11
Jordan_UCalimeroTeknik: You can run grub-install from the liveCD environment but you don't really need to as you already should have a /boot/grub/core.img that you can load via grub legacy using the commands I gave you in #grub.01:11
edbiantrick, Choose cable connected.  The virtual machine does not have wifi (and does not care that the host OS is on wifi)01:11
CalimeroTeknikJordan_U, good point.01:11
komotive_just use bridged and it'll set everything for you ......01:11
trickoh ok01:11
nikinhy. in my boot folder there is a /boot/config-2.6.32-27-generic, what does that file do?01:11
edbiannikin, That's the kernel01:12
trickkomotive_: ok i just chose bridge, now what? :D01:12
jeymbjhello everyone01:12
nikinedbian: no... it is a text file with lot of config options01:12
Jordan_Unikin: It documentes the options that were used when that particular kernel was built.01:12
jeymbji need help with my ubuntu01:12
edbiannikin, Oh it's in /boot? I'm not sure what it does01:12
edbianjeymbj, What's your problem?01:12
Pumpkin-nikin: its just a text file that shows what options the kernel was built with01:12
jeymbji am using the version 10.1001:12
edbianjeymbj, great, what is the issue?01:12
nikinJordan_U: i see... so it is practically read only :)01:13
aeon-ltdjeymbj: all in one line please01:13
Jordan_Unikin: Correct.01:13
komotive_untick the enable button in the same window - or use cmd in the winxp and do ipconfig /release  renew process01:13
jeymbjand every time i update is return with error 12701:13
nikinJordan_U Pumpkin- : thank you ... thats all i wanted to know :)01:13
trickkomotive_: wow it works01:13
edbianjeymbj, Can you pastebin the problem?01:13
Jordan_Unikin: You're welcome.01:13
komotive_nice and easy01:13
trickkomotive_: amazing, thanks!!01:13
trickkomotive_: crazy01:13
jeymbjyes just one second01:14
komotive_now if you want to share folders on your host ubuntu, then install the guest addins01:14
trickkomotive_: one moe stupid question :) im running on a netbook, so my screen is small but it seems to make the windows vm screen almost the same height so it means i have to use scroll bars in order to see everything01:14
trickkomotive_: any idea how i can just make the windows vm screen smaller?01:14
cryptodirais there a way to make the live cd reinstall OVER the existing install and NOT alongside it?  10.04 amd/6401:15
komotive_you can go one better ..... install guest addins and use seemles mode01:15
edbiantrick, Ubuntu can virtualize XP on a netbook.  AWESOME.01:15
blkdgcryptodira, tell the live cd to format.01:15
jeymbjcan i send you the printscreen of the error please01:15
Jordan_Ucryptodira: Yes. Do you want to preserve the contents of /home or whipe everything?01:15
edbiancryptodira, Yeah, just tell it to use the old / as it's / and the old swap as it's swap.  The partitions will be reformatted and thus erased for you.01:15
edbianjeymbj, sure01:15
cryptodirablkdg, forgot to mention that i did NOT want to reformat...01:16
nikin:D ok thats not all i wanted :) i want to decrase the kernels load balancing ticks... to save battery power01:16
ActionParsnipcryptodira: you CAN but it'll probably make a big mess01:16
cryptodiraJordan_U,  Preserve the existing...01:16
jeymbjcan i have your email son can do it01:16
komotive_Can anyone help with an ubuntuone sync problem I have (also couchdb phantom records)01:16
edbianjeymbj, Just use pastebin.  www.pastebin.com01:17
trickedbian: what does 'virtualize xp on a netbook' mean?01:17
edbianjeymbj, Or, if it's an image, www.imageshack.com01:17
el_seanoI'm a little confused.  Is this #ubuntu or #ubuntu-unregged?01:17
edbiantrick, Nevermind01:17
Jordan_Ucryptodira: Choose manual partitioning, select your existing '/' and set its mountpoint to '/' and make sure that the format checkbox is unchecked.01:17
edbianel_seano, This is #ubuntu (you were in #ubuntu-unregged)01:17
cryptodiraActionParsnip, i have developed several performance issues.... and would like to get back to the base/initial install WITHOUT losing my current partitions01:17
komotive_@trick - use seemless mode you'll see what it means!!!01:18
Jordan_Uel_seano: This is #ubuntu.01:18
ActionParsnipjeymbj: use imageshack / photobucket to host the image01:18
el_seanoah, so my client's just refusing to update the channel name01:18
trickkomotive_: hehe ok !01:18
* el_seano /cycles01:18
trickkomotive_: how do i get that mode working?01:18
blkdgtrick, he means running xp in vm01:18
el_seanostill there.01:18
komotive_Can anyone help with an ubuntuone sync problem I have (also couchdb phantom records) please! ;o)01:18
cryptodiraJordan_U, that is a good approach....not sure that i saw that in the gui.... will look again.01:19
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* el_seano /parts01:19
edbiantrick, running a VM is 'virtualizing' you're virtualizing XP and Ubuntu is able to do it on a netbook (which means you have modest hardware) which means Ubuntu is efficient (and that impresses me).  Clear?01:19
komotive_@trick press right 'ctrl key 'and 'l' after guest addons installed01:20
jeymbjok is donde is on www.imageshack.com01:20
AfflictoHey all01:20
jeymbjsorry done01:20
edbianjeymbj, Give us the link01:20
edbianAfflicto, hello01:20
el_seanodoes this not mean what I think it means?  Next to the channel's modes it's showing #ubuntu-unregged 5:10, but still shows Freenode/#ubuntu for network/#channel01:20
AfflictoI just installed Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition, It lags like hell in the menus!01:20
blkdgtrick, google virtualbox full screen ubuntu 10.1001:20
Afflictotakes about 1 minute to open up "software center".01:20
corinthHas anyone experienced the ATI flgrx driver error where you get a text/TTY1 login after installing and rebooting?01:20
el_seanoNetbook Remix is a waste of time in my opinion.  Desktop runs much better on my netbook.01:20
edbianAfflicto, Are you sure you didn't boot the live CD or the live USB >01:21
jeymbjsorry i am no very good on it what you mean01:21
AfflictoI installed using a USB.01:21
AfflictoBut I installed while being inside of windows xp thoug,01:21
ActionParsnipcryptodira: what Jordan_U is describing will do it but I don't advise it personally01:21
Bing0Hi.  Ubuntu 10.10.  Where can I modify the settings to the built-in screen capture program?  It defaults as .png but I require .jpg format.  Thanks!01:21
jeymbjis uploaded to www.imageshack.com01:21
cryptodiraActionParsnip and Jordan_U , I am NOT having any luck upgrading to 10.10 (it just hangs after languages) and thought perhaps to get 10.04 straightened out first01:21
komotive_Can anyone help with an ubuntuone sync problem I have (also couchdb phantom records) - please!01:21
edbianjeymbj, Are you viewing the image right now in your browser?  Give us the address it's at01:21
zwoojAnyone else get a lag when authenticating installs?01:21
AfflictoI have ubuntu 10.10 (desktop edition) on a cd, I think i'm gonna use that, works better.01:21
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Why don't you advise it?01:21
blkdgBing0, use gimp or another app to convert.01:21
AfflictoBut, how do I uninstall ubuntu?01:21
usl_Format :D01:22
AfflictoI need to keep windows.01:22
ActionParsnipJordan_U: the status file will show fewer packages than are actually available, its not hugely graceful01:22
Bing0blkdg, the reason I prefer not is because I can resize within natiulus.  with that said, can the presets not be modified?01:22
jeymbjis that one01:22
aeon-ltdAfflicto: you don't unless you used wubi01:22
edbianAfflicto, Just install Ubuntu over itself.  Alternatively, boot the live CD, use gparted to erase the Ubuntu partitions.  (either one achieves the same goal of removing the old Ubuntu install)01:22
edbianjeymbj, that's it01:23
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Interesting. Is there a bug report about this?01:23
aeon-ltdAfflicto: you repartition then reinstall mbr or a bootloader you'd like01:23
Afflictowhats wubi?01:23
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe01:23
usl_I am a first time user of Ubuntu and linux. its easy but i dont know commands. Does anyone have commands for linux and what the do?01:23
Afflictoyes I used wubi, it was on the usb drive. while inside win xp.01:23
mickster04usl_: it's depends what you want to do?01:23
AfflictoSo.. easiest way to uninstall is gparted?01:23
edbianjeymbj, I'm not sure.  You should ask in the spanish channel01:24
komotive_@usl_ google is your friend!!01:24
blkdgBing0, doesn't look like it.01:24
edbianusl_, PM me :)01:24
edbianjeymbj, It's hard enough to figure out.  Let alone in another language.01:24
mickster04usl_: this is a support channel for people with problems, if you are just learning this probably isn't the place for you01:24
Jordan_UAfflicto: If you installed Ubuntu via wubi then remove it using Add/Remove programs in Windows.01:24
jeymbji have to mention that i am having that error 127 after i upgrade fro, 10.04 to the 10.10 maverick01:24
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cryptodiraActionParsnip, that is an interesting feature.... one that i would not have noticed... so in the interests of gracefully fixing 10.04, how can i figure out why the 10.10 upgrade hangs?01:24
Afflictook thanks01:24
ActionParsnipusl_: nobody is born knowing the commands01:24
usl_mickster04,  is there any channel well i can learn?01:25
usl_ActionParsnip, true!01:25
ActionParsnipcryptodira: upgrade in terminal01:25
AfflictoI'l do that then. Btw, If I remove windows, will ubuntu perform better?01:25
mickster04usl_: um, try #ubuntu-offtopic01:25
komotive_@usl_ try youtube as well ...01:25
drobole_usl_: google for unix and linux commands, you will find many good resources01:25
cryptodiraActionParsnip, ahhh.... from within 10.04.... will give that a whirl.  Thanks for your thoughts and help01:26
jeymbjo aim sorry  is because i speack spanish but just one moment i will change to english01:26
komotive_@usl_  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0fzyE2zBeI01:26
Jordan_UAfflicto: If you install Ubuntu by booting from the liveCD rather than installing within Windows using Wubi then there will be a slight increase in performance as reading and writing to disk will be faster.01:26
cryptodiraJordan_U, Thank you for your thoughts and help.01:26
jeymbjis that ok  for you it will take a couple of minute01:26
ActionParsnipcryptodira: I always use the cli way personally01:26
AfflictoOk, brb guys! :D01:26
Code_Bleuhow do i configure remote desktop access via cli and not installing vncserver?01:27
Jordan_Ucryptodira: You're welcome.01:27
el_seanoCode_Bleu: Outside of VNC, you could do XForwarding.01:27
el_seanobut that won't give you a desktop.01:27
blkdgCode_Bleu, or you could ssh01:27
=== Guest2736 is now known as ogra_
el_seanojust an X application01:27
cryptodiraActionParsnip, any caveats i should be aware of on the cli path?01:28
SabatiniHey guys, unimportant question. What do you think is the most fun time wasting game in the repositories?01:28
blkdgSabatini, wesnoth01:28
el_seanothere's a breakout clone that ate my life for a while01:28
Code_Bleuel_seano: i want desktop access01:28
el_seanoCode_Bleu: Then you want VNC server01:28
poiteecode_bleu: apt-get install xrdp01:28
poiteecode_bleu: its what I use01:29
SabatiniDuh! I completely forgot to reinstall Wesnoth! thanks blkdg01:29
poiteecode_bleu: you can vnc or rdp into it works well01:29
Code_Bleupoitee: thanks01:29
TiktalikAnyone know a decent virtual webcam program?01:30
TiktalikI want to stream some games, but I can't find a program to do it with01:30
ArchMikuxLike something similar to manycam?01:30
naryfahey everyone01:30
TiktalikArchMikus: Yes01:30
edbiannaryfa, Hello01:31
TiktalikSabatini: Powder.01:31
naryfaedbian: :)01:31
TiktalikArchMikus: Yeah, know any decent substitutes?01:32
ArchMikuxTiktalik: Have you looked at Cheese?01:32
Bing0blkdg, after some digging around, the default screencap isn't for me.  Shutter can do what i require, and is in the repos..thanks tho. :)01:32
nerdy_kidhello, I got this script off http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/After_Using_PhotoRec and have filled in the correct folder varables, but the script does nothing, not even spit out any output.  What am I doing wrong?  heres the script:  http://pastebin.com/ws2C6iVD01:32
ipwnagemy ipod shows that its charging when i hook it up and cairo dock says it has been connected but it wont mount because of a dbus error anybody know how to fix it?01:32
ipwnageit works with other ipods just my computer doesn't seem to like my ipod very much01:33
ArchMikuxTiktalik:  Looks like WebcamStudio might be what you're looking for.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/webcamstudio/develop01:33
edbianipwnage, After the dbus error do you see anything in the output of dmesg?01:33
TiktalikArchMikux: I tried that. It keeps telling me Module webcamstudio is not loaded. Virtual webcam will not be availible...01:33
DatzHi, I'm trying to restore grub, but the command "sudo -i}" is not valid, which says to be used here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#Restoring%20GRUB01:34
nerdy_kidDatz: try "sudo -i"01:34
edbianDatz, that } is a typo01:34
ipwnagewhen i click on the ipod cairo dock says unable to mount it and then when i do it through the menu at the top it says "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"01:34
edbianipwnage, What about in dmesg?01:35
ArchMikuxTiktalik:  How did you install it?  With a .Deb?01:35
TiktalikArchMikux: Yeah01:35
ipwnagewhats a dmesg?01:36
ipwnagewhat it says?01:36
ipwnageDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)01:36
ArchMikuxI'd try installing it from source and manually installing the module01:36
edbianipwnage, It's a command.  Run it in the terminal.  It's a general log01:36
Datzok, "grub" wasn't found. I'm using live cd. when I instll grub, where does it install to?01:36
TiktalikArchMikux: I haven't the slightest idea how01:36
ArchMikuxTiktalik:  This might help you with installing it from source http://www.ws4gl.org/download/manual-installation01:36
TiktalikArchMikux: Thanks, I'll try that01:37
ipwnageits long as crap.  it wont even let me copy it all01:37
blkdghow can i tell the date on which a system was installed?01:37
edbianipwnage, just look at the end for relevant stuff.01:37
blkdgis there a log of all the pkg i've gotten via software centre?01:37
drobole_Datz: what are you trying to do?01:37
edbianblkdg, Yes, synaptic -> file -> history01:37
ipwnagesuch as "[ 1256.436077] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2 [ 1286.973670] usb 1-3: USB disconnect, address 2 [ 1290.132051] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3"?01:37
blkdgedbian, empty01:38
Jordan_UDatz: Follow this guide to re-install grub from a liveCD: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide01:38
edbianblkdg, what?01:38
edbianblkdg, really?01:38
edbianipwnage, that is relevant stuff, yes01:38
Datzdrobole_: I'm trying to install grub, or repair it if it isn't isntalled01:38
DatzJordan_U: thanks. I'll try that01:38
ipwnagewhat do i do with it?01:38
edbianipwnage, plug the ipod in, what does sudo fdisk -l show?  (use www.pastebin.com please)01:39
Jordan_UDatz: You're welcome.01:39
blkdgedbian, synaptic pkg manager -> file -> histroy is empty01:39
edbianblkdg, that is... not good01:39
ipwnageDisk /dev/sda: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x000c540d     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *           1        9328    74920960   83  Linux /dev/sda2            9328        9730     32201:39
edbianipwnage, I said to use pasetbin!!!!01:40
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drobole_Datz: ok, Jordans link should work or you can try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:40
ipwnageWas busy typing that in!!!01:40
ipwnagedidn't finish reading01:40
edbianipwnage, :)  It's very bad form to type big chunks of text into the channel like that.  Please use www.pastebin.com01:41
blkdgedbian, i've never used synaptic pkg manager , only the software centre01:41
edbianblkdg, I was under the impression they would all log stuff in synaptic regardless of which one you used.01:41
blkdgedbian, i'm ne wto ubunt.01:42
blkdgand tyoing....01:42
ipwnagei have to go eat really quick01:42
sup3r_wxlook here http://fripta.com/pag.php?user=hugo01:42
edbianblkdg, No no, you're write.  Mine is empty too.  What is the ultimate goal here?  Figuring out how long the system has been installed?01:42
sup3r_wxi've got a problem with this webserver01:42
KomotiveHello all - can anyone help with a couchdb issue in evolution, phantom records and ubuntuone sync issue? Thanks!01:43
etswhello, i want to burn an *.iso to dvd, what program do you prefer ?01:43
sup3r_wxwhen i try to pass a parameter to php it issues an error01:43
blkdggoal 1, figuring how long the system has been installed, goal 2 figuing out everything i've added to the system01:43
sup3r_wxanyone can help me ?01:43
v3ctoretsw: k3b01:43
sup3r_wxthe error only appears on the following url http://fripta.com/pag.php?user=hugo01:43
edbianetsw, gnome-baker01:43
etswv3ctor: i downloaded it but it didnt burn.01:43
blkdgetsw, if you have kde, k3b01:44
edbianblkdg, look in /var/log01:44
edbianblkdg, What is the highest numbered syslog you have?01:44
Jordan_Usup3r_wx: Are you hosting this website using Ubuntu?01:44
Jordan_Usup3r_wx: Can you pastebin the php script in question?01:44
etswcan i burn .iso to flashdisk? do you know any program ?01:45
edbianblkdg, There is a complete dpkg log in /var/log  see all the .gz files for it?  Every package manager uses dpkg so that should be a complete history of all package manager activity01:45
Jordan_Usup3r_wx: You may also want to try asking in ##php.01:45
sup3r_wxok, i'll aks in ##php01:45
Jordan_Usup3r_wx: You're welcome.01:45
edbianblkdg, As for age of the system.  That's gonna be tricky.  Here is a possible shortcut: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52081001:46
Jordan_Uetsw: Only some isos can be used to create bootable flash drives. What iso are you trying to make a bootable flash drive from?01:46
blkdgedbian, highest syslog is 601:46
etswJordan_U: what iso?  *.iso01:47
silicon_is there a specific channel for disk partion recovery?01:47
silicon_or partions in general?01:47
edbianblkdg, Then I suggest copying that syslog onto your Desktop, un compressing it and looking at the first few entires for a date.01:47
edbianblkdg, Also, see the link I posted above01:47
edbiansilicon_, You're here.01:47
silicon_k great01:47
edbiansilicon_, Although I probably won't be able to help you recovery a lost partition.01:47
blkdgedbian, reading the link...01:48
silicon_my ubuntu desktop won't boot anymore, i get an ash shell, even by choosing recovery mode in grub01:48
edbianblkdg, clever idea, ls /usr/sbin01:48
=== kaneda is now known as Guest6986
Jordan_Uetsw: Not all isos are the same when it comes to how they boot, and if they can be used to make a bootable USB drive. What iso, specifically, are you trying to make a bootable USB drive out of. Or is that in fact what you're trying to do?01:48
ActionParsnipsilicon_: can you run: startx01:48
silicon_i'll try that01:48
edbiansilicon_, Why/when did it stop booting?01:48
silicon_the power died as it was booting01:49
silicon_when I restarted it it wouldn't boot01:49
silicon_i'm running a livecd on it now01:49
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Jordan_Usilicon_: Try running a filesystem check with System > Administration > Disk Utility01:50
blkdgedbian, ls -l /usr/sbin gives me dates from 2009 .. older than 10.10  ...01:50
etswJordan_U:  i try to install windows instead of linux, because i tried but i didnt like it. it's so hard to find something. for example to burn an .iso , i tried 8 different program but i couldnt. it's easy on windows, Nero makes everything. i accidently install 2 mount program not burning. it's hard to use this.01:50
silicon_I tried doing this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/couldnt-mount-because-of-unsupported-optional-features-2000200-a-616473/01:50
ActionParsnipsilicon_: boot to livecd and fsck the partition, the data may have been damaged01:50
edbianblkdg, Is it possible you installed in 2009 and updated the system for 10.10 and 10.04 ?01:50
blkdgno, installed in the last week of feb01:51
v3ctorblkdg: you should be able to get a pretty good idead of the install time by looking at the timestamp on the lost+found directory in  /01:51
blkdgedbian, installed in the last week of feb01:51
silicon_tried startx, get "/bin/sh: startx: not found"01:51
drobole_etsw: k3b and k9copy are the best cd burning and ripping software in linux imo01:51
edbianblkdg, haha, well the forum poster said it wasn't a guaranteed method.  Although I must admit I did not expect it to report older than the truth!01:51
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silicon_I'm booting to liveusb actionparsnip01:52
etswdrobole_:  okay i am going to try k9copy now01:52
Jordan_Uetsw: Burning an iso file to a CD and making a bootable flash drive from a .iso file are very different things. Which are you trying to do?01:52
blkdgv3ctor, lost and found date looks resonable. thank you01:52
drobole_etsw: k3b for burning i think01:52
v3ctorblkdg: np01:52
DatzJordan_U: I get an error when I run "grub-mkconf -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg"  -> /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev/mounted?)01:52
blkdgthanks v3ctor01:52
ActionParsnipk3b is kde based so will pull in a LOT of Qt deps01:53
DatzJordan_U: I see /mnt/dev01:53
blkdgedbian, what did you want me to do with that .gz file ?01:53
=== Guest6986 is now known as skaneda
etswdrobole_:  i tried it but it didnt see my empty dvd.01:53
Jordan_UDatz: And you're sure you ran grub-mkconfig within the chroot?01:53
edbianblkdg, Look in it and see the dates for the entires.01:53
etswdrobole_:  one of my friend connect my linux, and burn it from terminal but it didnt work too01:53
edbianblkdg, I thought the oldest log would be highest numbered but I'm starting to think that is not true by looking at my own logs01:54
drobole_yes thats true, my experiance though is that I end up with both gnome and kde sooner or later anyway. thats just my stand01:54
DatzJordan_U: well I ran "sudo -i) before so I've been root the whole time as far as I know01:54
Datz"sudo -i"01:54
Jordan_UDatz: This has nothing to do with being root or not.01:54
drobole_etsw: ok thats strange01:54
Datzwell I see root@ubuntu:/#01:54
Datzfor the command prompt01:55
holmserI'm looking for an intermediate level linux ebook, anyone have any suggestions?01:55
DatzI'll exit and run sudo01:55
Jordan_UDatz: Can you pastebin the output of "mount" from within the same shell as you ran grub-mkconfig?01:55
silicon_actionparsnip: fsck it how?01:55
silicon_what options?01:55
DatzJordan_U: I should be able to01:55
Jordan_U!manual | holmser01:56
ubottuholmser: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:56
Stormx2Yo. Booted into ubuntu today, tried to run minecraft, and found it running horribly horribly slow. Reboot didn't solve. Was running fine yesterday. How can I debug?01:56
ActionParsnipsilicon_: boot to live cd and read:  man fsck   you can see your partition names with: sudo fdisk -l01:56
edbianStormx2, look at top to get an idea what is eating up processor time01:56
blkdgedbian, the stuff in the .gz looks like a dmesg. not a listing of installed applicaitons.01:56
silicon_tried that01:56
Stormx2edbian: minecraft is.01:56
silicon_it's a FAT32 partion listed as /dev/sda101:56
edbianblkdg, look at dpkg logs to see package stuff.  (syslog is dmesg)01:56
edbianStormx2, Nothing else?01:56
Stormx2nothing else01:57
blkdgthanks edbian looking01:57
ActionParsnipsilicon_: fat32 isnt very robust at all, this may go badly01:57
blkdgahh that's better edbian01:57
DatzJordan_U: pastebin.com/dGuME8w101:57
=== C_Okie is now known as cjo232
holmserthanks Jordan_U , but I'm looking for something to broaden my horizons a bit.  I've been using linux full time for the last 4 years and I want to start getting into the nuts and bolts01:57
silicon_uh oh :P01:57
behel1tis there a ati equivalent of vdpau01:57
edbianblkdg, yeah no problem01:57
thedanglerthis is so weird. I did a whole bunch of setup on a server 3 days ago. I can't find what I did for the life of me, and history | grep commands . are not showing up. very very strange01:58
blkdgthanks agian folks01:58
moesCan a .exe file be opened using ubuntu01:58
Cole@moes using wine it can01:58
silicon_wine it moes01:58
edbianmoes, using wine on Ubuntu yet01:58
moesThanks everyone01:59
Colewait, Mark Shuttleworth is here?02:00
Jordan_UCole: No. Read carefully, "SharkMuttleworth".02:00
Tiktalikwho's mark shuttleworth02:00
=== andyman1_ is now known as andyman1
ubottuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com02:00
drobole_isnt that the founder of canonical?02:01
DatzJordan_U: still there?02:01
ActionParsnipmoes: use wine, what is the exe for?02:01
Jordan_UDatz: Yes.02:01
Tiktaliki hardly pay attention to things like that02:01
Datzdid you have a change to look at the paste?02:01
moesActionParsnip, For running nlite02:01
ColeWe should have a new theme on 11.0402:01
silicon_actionparsnip: http://pastebin.com/5aJzJmtQ02:01
ActionParsnipmoes: i see, i'd check the appdb for compatibility02:02
silicon_that's my fsck output02:02
Logan_!natty | Cole02:02
ubottuCole: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.02:02
Jordan_UDatz: It appears you forgot the step "chroot /mnt/".02:02
SabatiniIs my internet just incredibly slow or did the duke server just tell me to F off?02:02
Colelol Sabatini02:03
DatzJordan_U: sorry I did02:03
joe``i can't seem to get the nvidia proprietary driver to work at all.02:03
Jordan_UDatz: np :)02:03
ActionParsnipsilicon_: use fsck.vfat instead of fsck on it's own02:03
mattmattehare the .deb packages the same as what debian uses or they different on ubuntu ?02:03
ActionParsnipmattmatteh: they are different02:03
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:03
silicon_get "Logical sector size is zero."02:04
Logan_moes: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1442002:04
ActionParsnipsilicon_: this is why fat32 sucks02:04
silicon_well, is it unrecoverable?02:04
C_OkieAfter deleting ubuntu lynx linux and keeping widnwos xp the grub 2 config files were deleted, not allowing me to boot02:04
ActionParsnipsilicon_: you may need to use testdisk and/or foremost, easier to use your backups02:04
silicon_there's several months of programming and homework down the tube02:04
EmuAlertI can't get crontab to work right. My entry is "* * * * * /home/brian/launchstuff", to try to get it to run every minute for testing, but it doesn't seem to do anything02:05
ActionParsnipsilicon_: use your backups02:05
DatzJordan_U: when I run "sudo chroot /mnt I get -> "chroot: cannot run command ' bin/bash' Exec format error02:05
silicon_I have some backups but I'll lose some stuff02:05
Logan_!grub2 | C_Okie02:05
ubottuC_Okie: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:05
EmuAlertThe file does run properly from the command line, though02:05
ActionParsnipsilicon_: foremost may help02:05
silicon_well thx ActionParsnip02:05
andyman1I've got an odd wireless problem. Wireless transfer rates work fine for a short period of time, then suddenly it drops to around ~100kb/s. Both lan and wan. I'm on Kubuntu 10.10, laptop is a dell latitude e5510 with Intel WiFi Link 6200 wireless card. I think it's using the iwlagn driver.02:05
mattmattehActionParsnip: i was just thinking to set up a proxy for packages using http-replicator, wasnt sure if i could use the same for debian and ubuntu, if the file names are different it should work02:05
rwwEmuAlert: change the first * to */102:05
OerHekssilicon_,  use testdisk02:05
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, is the user allowed to use cron?02:05
Jordan_UDatz: To use that particular guide you need to use a 64 bit LiveCD.02:05
ColeSomeone tell me why we don't use preload package to make our boot faster?02:06
C_Okiedidnt finish that statement...02:06
silicon_Can't install anything from a libeusb02:06
DatzJordan_U: I see02:06
ActionParsnipCole: as far as I know it's in the kernel02:06
C_Okieis this true02:06
C_OkieAfter deleting ubuntu lynx linux and keeping widnwos xp the grub 2 config files were deleted, not allowing me to boot. I used fixmbr in recover console of windows xp disk but it says it may corrupt the partitions tables02:06
silicon_so testdisk and foremost are out02:06
Jordan_UDatz: If you don't have one at hand there are other options.02:06
Stormx2Yo. Booted into ubuntu today, tried to run minecraft, and found it running very slow. Reboot didn't solve. Was running fine yesterday. Nothing else is hogging CPU. How can I debug?02:06
DatzJordan_U: I don't02:06
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Jordan_Usilicon_: You can install programs within a live environment.02:07
ColeActionParsnip : nope, not on the kernel02:07
OerHekssilicon_, you can run testdisk from gparted live cd02:07
silicon_I'm running as root02:07
Jordan_UDatz: What LiveCD are you using?02:07
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest95026
DatzJordan_U: 10.04 32bit02:07
ActionParsnipCole: log a bug then02:07
silicon_and the bios doesn't support liveusb02:07
Jordan_UDatz: Try "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdc" then.02:08
LnxGnomeis there a FAQ anywhere for disabling graphics at boot?  I've got a Ubnuntu 10.04 Server, and mid-boot, the (nvidia) graphics card keeps getting disabled (no tty, no graphics, no nothing).  I do not have X installed.02:08
ActionParsnipsilicon_: if it has a floppy drive there is an image on pendrivelinux to boot to then make usb boot02:08
Jordan_UDatz: You're welcome.02:08
silicon_haha we02:08
ColeHow do I remove the BIOS of my PC and replace it with Grub2?02:08
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Well /var/log/syslog says "fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory" right after it tries to run my crontab entry. Also, is there any way to refresh crontab after you edit it, or does it happen automatically?02:08
silicon_I suppose I'll just have to work from backups02:09
silicon_a bit sad02:09
poiteemickster04: fixed my samba issue02:09
Jordan_UCole: Join #coreboot for that.02:09
silicon_but a good lesson to make backups regularly :P02:10
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, That tells me that postfix isn't installed and/or configured correctly, so you cannot see the output of your job (which is normally mailed to the user running the job)02:10
DatzJordan_U: can't stat /dev/sdc/ should I try sdc1?02:10
ActionParsnipColdFyre: grub isnt a replacement for the bios02:10
silicon_i'm curious, would you be able to recover from an alternative to FAT3202:10
Jordan_UDatz: No. Get rid of the trailing '/'02:10
ActionParsnipColdFyre: sorry, wrong target02:10
DatzJordan_U: that worked :)02:11
DatzJordan_U: ok so I pick up from a step in the guide now?02:11
Jordan_UActionParsnip: coreboot + grub2 can be though.02:11
LnxGnomehow can i disable the framebuffer in the kernel?02:12
DatzJordan_U: grub-mkconfig now?02:12
ActionParsnipJordan_U: true but the bios is needed to setup the system with parameters etc02:12
Jordan_UDatz: Yes.02:12
insanity99how can i change my laptop to be less bright in the dark?02:13
insanity99annoys my partner02:13
ActionParsnipinsanity99: do you not have shortcut keys to make it a lower brightness?02:13
lillecarlinsanity99, i dont have the answer bud google on reducing screen lightning in ubuntu (or smth like that) and you will probably find a answer in some kinda of forum02:14
Jordan_UActionParsnip: That's the coreboot side.02:14
DatzJordan_U: I'm getting the same error I was getting before when I tried running grub-mkconfig02:14
ActionParsnipJordan_U: true but its stored in BIOS right?02:14
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ZombieRamencan anyone help me follow this guide to encrypt my home folder?02:15
Guest60349Hi, where would I go if I needed help with my sound being too low in ubuntu?02:15
DatzJordan_U: cannot find a device for /02:15
insanity99thanks ActionParsnip now if only i could slilence the keyboard02:15
ZombieRamencan anyone help me follow this encryption guide: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/02/long-overdue-introduction-ecryptfs.html02:15
nictrasaviosAhh, im back.... I'm in a spot of trouble.02:16
EmuAlertLnxGnome: so what sort of setting should I tweak in postfix? Also, what does postfix have to do with crontab? All my file does is open Google.02:16
=== Aranel_ is now known as Aranel
nictrasaviosYou see, after messing around with some compiz-fusion efffects, my window manager has disapeared.02:16
BakeRwho knows how to make wave effect smother?02:16
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: press ALT+F2 and run: metacity --replace02:16
Jordan_UActionParsnip: BIOS is a particular type of firmware / a standard interface to boot firmware. You can replace firmware that uses a BIOS interface with firmware that does not. grub2+coreboot can be used as a firmware replacement.02:16
nictrasaviosalt + f2 dose nothing02:17
BakeRHey Action do you know?02:17
ActionParsnipJordan_U: i see02:17
ZombieRamencan anyone help me follow this encryption guide for an existing user? http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/02/long-overdue-introduction-ecryptfs.html02:17
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest43788
nictrasaviosthere we go, hit f12 to get into my quake terminal.02:17
ActionParsnipBakeR: use fewer plugins02:17
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: guake rocks hard02:18
nictrasaviosi closed my terminal and there gone now again.02:18
DatzJordan_U: any ideas?02:18
andyman1I've got an odd wireless problem. Wireless transfer rates work fine for a short period of time, then suddenly it drops to around ~100kb/s. Both lan and wan. I'm on Kubuntu 10.10, laptop is a dell latitude e5510 with Intel WiFi Link 6200 wireless card. I think it's using the iwlagn driver. It's not an issue with any other wireless device02:18
BakeRActionparsnip : any other way like in the settings?02:19
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, Cron runs commands for you.  if those commands produce output to STDOUT, then the system by default tries to mail the output to you.  That requires some kind of mail delivery system.  postfix is mail system.02:19
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: i'd ask in #compiz the default WM is compiz which you switch you with the metacity command. when you close the parent process (terminal) the children die too02:19
ZombieRamencan anyone help me follow this guide for an existing user account? http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/02/long-overdue-introduction-ecryptfs.html02:19
ActionParsnipBakeR: better system02:19
ActionParsnipBakeR: could ask in #compiz02:19
Jordan_UDatz: What is the output of "grub-probe -t device /" and "grub-probe -t device /mnt/" in the same shell you used to run grub-mkconfig?02:20
DatzJordan_U: oh right that's not working because I could't chroot into /mnt02:20
DatzJordan_U: one se02:20
Jordan_UDatz: Sorry, I forgot that context too. Just ignore grub-mkconfig.02:20
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with that guide? namely, using ecryptfs-migrate-home -u USER for my own user account02:20
TiktalikSomeday, someone should /ctcp #ubuntu version02:20
Jordan_UDatz: Just run "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdc" and you should be done.02:21
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, and that error says the main config file for postfix is missing or unreadable, so probably postfix isn't running.02:21
rwwTiktalik: Doing that will get one's client autobanned from #ubuntu by our bots ;)02:21
BakeRActionparsnip : it works very well but on the desktop its a bit lagy on the edges02:21
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with my issue?02:21
ZombieRameni don't want to screw up my data02:21
ZombieRameni'd just like to know if i can use ecryptfs-migrate-home -u USER on an existing user02:21
Tiktalikrww: Darn02:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:22
nictrasaviosthanks ubottu, :P02:22
rwwTiktalik: but yes, I have considered asking IRC Council for permission to CTCP 1% of users on /join or something. Would be interesting.02:22
DatzJordan_U: I already ran that command, right?02:22
DatzI did02:23
Tiktalikrww: wait, autoban your client?02:23
Jordan_UDatz: If you did then you're done. Try rebooting.02:23
DatzJordan_U: I should run update-grub to detect other os's?02:23
nictrasavioscould you tell me what causes this? look at the top corners http://imagebin.org/14174502:23
rwwTiktalik: the floodbots are set to automatically ban people who CTCP the channel02:23
DatzJordan_U: or should I run that after I boot to ubuntu02:23
DatzJordan_U: or did I fail to mention that earlier and I'm in some sort of trouble?02:24
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with encrypting my home folder?02:24
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: try: killall gnome-panel02:24
Datzman, I need to eat something..02:24
Jordan_UDatz: Run "sudo update-grub" when you're booted into Ubuntu to detect your new OS.02:24
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, Nope, stil there.02:24
DatzJordan_U: ah, that's what I thought, thanks a bunch. :-)02:25
ZombieRamencan anyone help? i've been asking a while02:25
Jordan_UDatz: You're welcome :)02:25
ZombieRameni just need to know if ecryptfs-migrate-home -u USER can work for an existing user without erasing data02:25
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:25
nictrasaviosZombieRamen, what seems to be the issue?02:25
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: hmm02:25
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: try a different theme for icons, is it ok then?02:25
ZombieRamenthe issue is that i'm confused as to whether ecryptfs-migrate-home -u USER can work if i have data on a user account02:25
ZombieRamenecryptfs-migrate-home -u joseph02:26
ZombieRamenwould that erase my data?02:26
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, 10 times worse.02:26
ZombieRameni'm confused as to whether i need a new user account or not02:26
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Any tips for how to configure it? I already have it installed and haven't ever configured it, so I don't know why it wouldn't be working02:26
nictrasaviosZombieRamen, For a second i thought you were talking to me, it seems we share a name :)02:27
nictrasaviosZombieRamen, unfortunately i don't know the awnser.02:28
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, try to 'touch' the /etc/postfix/main.cf and restarting postfix02:28
ggarciacan anyone tell me what shell lp/mail/news etc should have in /etc/passwd?02:28
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: try a reboot if its convenient02:28
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ZombieRamendoes anyone else know the answer to my problem?02:29
nictrasaviosIve rebooted 3 times, it happened this time and the 1st time, the 2nd it did not, all 3 times metacity was missing.02:29
nictrasaviosThis all started after i was messing with compiz, what could have done it in there?02:29
nictrasavioscould it be my chip, its a Mobile Intel® GL4011 Express Chipset with integrated 3D graphics, featuring Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M11 (Intel® GMA 4500M) with up to 1759 MB of Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0 (128 MB of dedicated video memory, up to 1631 MB of shared system memory), supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 1002:30
rwwggarcia: they all have /bin/sh on my relatively-new install. Presumably, PAM stops disabled accounts from logging in.02:31
nictrasaviosthe drivers on gatewat are windows only tho.02:31
ConexionAnybody here use Bluefish at all? I thought that the spell checker was only supposed to check strings, not code... Yet it is flagging code all over the place02:31
ggarciarww: ah, seemed a bit strange, thanks02:31
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: may help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo/02:31
nictrasaviosoh and it seems compiz effects are all disabled too.02:32
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ZombieRamendoes anyone else know the answer to my question about ecryptfs-migrate-home -u USER ?02:32
=== weather_dude is now known as nano_dude
ActionParsnipZombieRamen: clearly not, try asking a little later02:32
nano_dudeHow do you search text in nano?02:32
rwwnano_dude: Ctrl-W02:33
ggarciarww: does admin or daemon have a password? seems a silly question I know :) etc/shadow does have passwords for them, and I'm dist-upgrading and can't remember if I had to add them for something02:33
ActionParsnipnano_dude: if you press CTRL+W and hit entr, it will find the NEXT occurrence too :)02:33
rwwggarcia: 'admin' is not a user account on my system. 'daemon' is disabled (the password hash is *)02:34
ggarciathanks rww02:34
nano_dudenano froze opening Locations.xml02:34
EmuAlertLnxGnome: What do you mean by "touch"?02:34
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, man touch02:34
nictrasaviosHmm, no help there.02:34
nictrasaviosIts somthing to do with compiz im sure of that, ill try sudo apt-get purge compiz?02:35
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: try asking in #compiz02:35
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, there silent.02:35
trickisi there any way to get my windows xp running on vm to use hardware acceleration? video playback is very slow02:35
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, not a dang word in 20 minutes.02:36
nictrasaviostrick, just play the video on ubuntu, vlc can handle anything.02:36
tricknictrasavios: nah this is for veoh which doesn't have a linux player02:36
nictrasaviostrick, try a converter?02:37
tricknictrasavios: veoh is a website with streaming content02:37
nictrasavioscompiz-core* compiz-fusion-plugins-extra* compiz-fusion-plugins-main*02:37
nictrasavios  compiz-gnome* compiz-plugins* compizconfig-backend-gconf*02:37
nictrasavios  compizconfig-settings-manager* fusion-icon* libcompizconfig0*02:37
nictrasavios  protobuf-compiler* python-compizconfig* simple-ccsm*02:37
FloodBot1nictrasavios: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
nictrasavioswrong place.02:37
ActionParsniptrick: gnome-mplayer has it too :)02:37
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
nictrasaviosoops :p02:37
nictrasaviosi did that my accedent.02:38
nictrasaviosmy bad, sorry >.<02:38
trickActionParsnip: can i use gnome-mplayer to stream content from veoh.com ?02:38
ActionParsniptrick: possibly, I dont use it02:40
nano_dudedammit gedit and nano can't edit /usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml02:40
trickActionParsnip: ok -- so back to my original question :) do you know how to turn on hardware acceleration for windows xp running in a vm?02:40
ActionParsnipnano_dude: run:  sudo nano /usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml02:40
ActionParsniptrick: using which virtualization technology?02:41
nano_dudeActionParsnip: I did the problem it cant open it correctly ..... vi can but I dont know how to use it02:41
Jordan_Utrick: I just watched a clip from veoh using their flash player. Is there another system they use for other content?02:41
nictrasaviosokay that worked half way02:43
nictrasaviosbut metacity still dosent start on boot02:43
Jordan_Unano_dude: Try running "vimtutor". It's a great way to learn vom.02:43
ActionParsnipnano_dude: or use: gksudo gedit /usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml02:43
nano_dudeActionParsnip: it doesnt open it correcly02:44
nano_dudei will have to use vim02:44
=== iter_ is now known as iter
nictrasavioscan you use irc via command line?02:44
=== nano_dude is now known as vim_dude
ActionParsnipnano_dude: then: sudo vim /usr/share/libgweather/Locations.xml02:44
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: use irssi02:44
nictrasaviosthanks, just in case my x-org dies again02:44
vim_dudenictrasavios: join #irssi02:44
nictrasaviosIt just did but i managed to reset it02:44
LnxGnomeLnxGnome, to answer your question, use the 'nomodeset' kernel parameter.  You may also need to blacklist vgafb16 and disable plymouth02:45
FrozenFireCan someone point me to information on performing a network install via an existing Ubuntu installation? I have to install Ubuntu on a system with a bootable CD-ROM, but the CD-ROM is so horrendously slow that a network install will be necessary.02:45
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Well, I got a different error now. http://paste.ubuntu.com/577287/ I ran 'sudo touch /etc/postfix/main.cf' and then 'sudo /etc/init.d/postfix restart'02:45
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I think the issue is that Locations.xml is too large for most text editors to handle.02:45
vim_dudeyeah Jordan_U02:45
nictrasaviosim gonna try sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop02:46
ActionParsnipJordan_U: i see, never played with it personally02:46
vim_dudewow vim and vim-runtime is 21mb02:46
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:47
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, looks like there isn't enough info in the built-in config to allow postfix to run.  I'd apt-get purge postfix and then re-install it to see if it gives you a default main.cf.  Are there any /etc/postfix/main.*  files?02:47
Logan_!info pxe | ActionParsnip02:47
ActionParsnipFrozenFire: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot02:47
ubottuActionParsnip: pxe (source: pxe): free PXE daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.2-7 (maverick), package size 25 kB, installed size 140 kB02:47
vim_dudeSwap file "/usr/share/libgweather/.Locations.xml.swp" already exists!02:48
vim_dudewhat do I do02:48
hermanlfHey folks is there any way to see what framebuffer mode Ubuntu is using on my machine? I'm running a default 10.10 setup. I'd like to find out the mode it's using so I can apply it to other distributions also on the machine.02:49
trickJordan_U: long content requires the 'veoh web player', if you dont have it installed you just get a 5 min preview clip02:49
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, btw, from the looks of the line "CRON[15104]: (brian) CMD (/home/brian/launchstuff)", I'd say your cron entry is being run.02:49
nictrasaviosgonna put compiz back now02:49
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Only main.cf, which is blank02:50
nictrasaviosI might get into these "cron" things.... They seem useful.... but could be deadly.02:51
=== administrator is now known as Guest19779
nictrasaviosHow would i set up a script to run as root and so apt-get update whenever i first gained an internet connection?02:52
trickActionParsnip: im using virtualbox02:52
ActionParsniptrick: then install guest additions and turn on 3d support in the settings02:54
Jordan_Utrick: Have you tried: http://code.google.com/p/veohdownloader/ ?02:54
trickJordan_U: yeah but i dont want to download homie, i want to stream02:54
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: use: export EDITOR=nano; sudo crotab -e02:54
Jordan_Utrick: I would assume that you could play the video while it's downloading rather than needing to wait for it to download completely\02:55
trickJordan_U: that would be great02:55
trickJordan_U: ill try it now02:55
LnxGnomeEmuAlert, I don't know what happened to your postfix configs ... unless you picked "No Configuration" during the install :D  remove it, install it again, and pick "Local only" for the configs.02:55
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: I cron updates to run at midnight each day on my server02:55
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, hmm, i cant. My dad cuts internet at 11:00 (5 minutes from now) and puts it back at 8 the next morning.02:56
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: to accept everything with lots of force yes options and junk, fun and games02:56
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Ah, just installed with no config and was wondering why it was back to the old error message. Reinstalling with local only now02:56
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: then use a different time.....02:56
nictrasaviosso i want something to update my system, logg what it updates and put that logg on the desktop :P02:56
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, so how would i go about that?02:56
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: you can use the @startup in cron (I think its that)02:57
r3mHi, I cant find dropbox with apt-cache search02:57
nictrasaviosalright, ill have to get a good manual on cron lmao :P02:57
nictrasaviosthats for later tho.02:57
snakebuenas noches, alguien que hable españiol...02:58
nictrasaviosi <3 compiling from source02:58
teodorosnake: mejor entra al canal #ubuntu-es02:58
snake #ubuntu-es02:58
ActionParsnipnictrasavios: http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/crontab.htm02:59
wipalmost done with packaging (.deb) my own application. i have all those dependencies for my application: http://pastebin.com/aTqQEciF (objdump -p ./myapp | grep NEEDED) do i need to list all (and how) in control depends02:59
teodorosnake: correcto02:59
wipfor example: libgmodule-2.0.so.0 how i found write it in my control file: Depends: libgmodule-2.0 Depends: libgmodule-2.0.so.002:59
nictrasaviosActionParsnip, Thanks :D, ill have to look it over later02:59
snaketeodora.. me puedes ayudar con un problema que tengo con mi configuracion de video...02:59
teodorosnake: bueno, puedo intentarlo... y me llamo teodoro03:00
ggarciavos dos de españa? son las 403:00
EmuAlertLnxGnome: Another different error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577290/03:01
cesuraseanCan someone help me? I was dual booting win 7, and ubuntu, but when i removed mcafee from win7, it seems to have fubar'd my boot partition. My computer now reboots over, and over again without displaying grub. How can I easily reinstall grub using a live cd? Can someone help me out?03:01
EmuAlertIt sounds like it works, but it doesn't03:01
ActionParsnipcesurasean: boot to live cd and reinstall grub203:01
cesuraseanActionParsnip, just using apt-get reinstall? do i need to chroot?03:02
cesuraseanhow do i know which device to mount??03:03
vim_dude!es | ggarcia03:04
ubottuggarcia: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:04
ActionParsnipcesurasean: you can see with:  sudo fdisk -l03:04
Guest24757echo $(cat ../server*/banned-players.txt | uniq) > banned-players.txt // trying to combine 3 files into one but they lose the newlines, why?03:04
shaw1337Hi anyone knows how to connect a form to mysql or any database in QT creator on ubuntu 10.10 !03:06
ggarciaubottu: gracias pero soy ingles. mi novia es de españa03:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:06
ActionParsnipGuest24757: I'd ask in #bash03:07
=== Guest95026 is now known as DarkDevil
ablyssGuest24757: Here documents needs >> to append03:07
Logan_shaw1337: /join #qt-creator03:07
Guest24757i dont want to append03:08
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest29710
Guest24757i want new lines not to be lost03:08
RafedeveI just installed ubuntu 10.10 unity (my first linux installation ever) on an old VAIO and hovering over the side panel causes the screen to refresh. Can anyone help me?03:09
user_how can i get a variable like prompt in javascript03:09
Abhijitwhich is the setting that enables the windows vista like window tabbing? like all windows on stack, one behind another?03:09
Abhijiti cant find that setting?03:09
Abhijitin compiz03:09
ActionParsnipRafedeve: are you fully updated?03:09
Abhijituser_, #javascripit03:10
ActionParsnipAbhijit: use simple-ccsm and it's an option03:10
user_Abhijit, i need for ubuntu not for javascript03:10
RafedeveActionParsnip: yea i just installed all updates03:10
Abhijit!details | user_03:11
ubottuuser_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:11
AbhijitActionParsnip, ok03:11
MikeChelenanyone have problems with screen burn-in when using default menus?03:11
ActionParsnipAbhijit: not sure what its called ni ccsm, only seen it in simple-ccsm03:11
cesuraseanwhich type of partition is the mbr? im having trouble reinstalling grub....03:11
Abhijityeah now installing03:11
cesuraseanthe one that has the * in boot? is that the mbr partition?03:12
cesuraseanor the extended partition?03:12
Jordan_Ucesurasean: The mbr is the first sector of the drive, it is not any partition.03:13
patxi want to enable some cool compiz effects however when i  go to Change Desktop background -> Visual Effects -> Custom -> Prefs and change what i want (eg enabling scale making my windows fold into airplanes when open/closed). then i hit close however nothing is enable and when i click prefs again it looks as tho i have not saved because none of my changes stay. what am i do wrong?03:13
drobole_the * means "bootable" i think03:13
drobole_if im not wrong all disks has a mbr. which one is is use is configured in bios (i think). Usually the first one03:14
AbhijitActionParsnip, yeah it is there named Swift switcher (flip) thanks03:14
AbhijitActionParsnip, how to enable the 3d desktop? that options is grayd out.03:16
vim_dudeHow do I change file owner?03:16
Abhijit!permissions | vim_dude03:17
ubottuvim_dude: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:17
patxi want to enable some cool compiz effects however when i  go to Change Desktop background -> Visual Effects -> Custom -> Prefs and change what i want (eg enabling scale making my windows fold into airplanes when open/closed). then i hit close however nothing is enable and when i click prefs again it looks as tho i have not saved because none of my changes stay. what am i do wrong?03:18
vim_dudeAbhijit: hard03:18
user_Abhijit, i want than a script ask to me what the value of a variable for use in a script03:18
Logan_!compiz | patx03:18
ubottupatx: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:18
Abhijituser_, i dont know how to do that. and still i think that its a some programming questin rather than ubuntu questin. you preferably ask in #javascript03:19
Abhijitvim_dude, use windows then03:19
yshiIndefinite number of 'no protocol specified' messages03:19
vim_dudewhat an idiot03:19
Abhijit!language | vim_dude03:20
ubottuvim_dude: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:20
Logan_!ohmy | vim_dude03:20
ubottuvim_dude: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.03:20
user_Abhijit, bourne shell is very diferent than javascript03:20
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!03:20
yshiI think I broke my ... im not sure what03:21
yshiI can no longer boot into gnome03:21
Logan_!ot | yshi03:21
ubottuyshi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:21
Logan_yshi: oops, thought you were talking about your body03:22
vim_dude!botabuse | Logan_03:22
ubottuLogan_: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".03:22
Logan_vim_dude: Stop.03:22
vim_dudeLogan_: Stop.03:22
vim_dudewith bot commands03:22
yshiI had added lubuntu-desktop, removed it, and now the farthest it will go is checking battery state (ok)03:23
okorwhy do I need root to mount a network share (samba), but nautilus/pcmanfm can do it without root?03:24
ActionParsnipuser_: use:   read VARNAME03:24
vim_dudeokor: permissions03:24
ActionParsnipuser_: it will take user input and store it in VARNAME (you can change VARNAME to be any variable you want)03:25
okorvim_dude: a little more?03:25
ActionParsnipokor: they use polkit afaik03:25
user_ActionParsnip, thks so much03:26
okorActionParsnip: thanks!03:26
yshiSo now I bounce over to tty2 and try startx, I end up with waiting for x server to begin accepting connections03:26
=== vim_dude is now known as vague_dude
mrdebuntuis ubuntu going to lose gnome support because of what happened03:26
vague_dudewhat happened?03:27
vague_dudesomeone died?03:27
yshiFollowed by endless no protocol specified messages03:27
mrdebuntugnome leader call canonical a bad name03:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:27
rwwDistro drama is not a support question ;)03:28
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest23881
IdleOneyshi: got to tty and install ubuntu-desktop03:28
pieces029How to boot into rescue mode if I don't have grub installed03:28
cesuraseanI tried sudo chroot /mnt/temp , but it says file not found03:28
cesuraseancan someone help me rescue my system?03:28
mrdebuntuhow long will my ubuntu be supported if gnome isnt?03:28
rwwmrdebuntu: 18 months for non-LTS, 3 years for LTS desktop, 5 years for LTS server.03:28
ActionParsnipmrdebuntu: isn't what?03:28
mickster04pieces029: how do you boot at all? i guess a rescue disk for you?03:29
pieces029mickster04: it just boots03:29
mrdebuntuis there a charlie sheen ubuntu "winning" edition?03:29
rwwmrdebuntu: no03:29
pieces029mickster04: I am trying to get to the root prompt03:29
mrdebuntuwow. ok03:29
vague_dudemrdebuntu: pm03:30
pieces029mrdebuntu: lol you should make one03:30
yshiIdleone already the newest version, should I remove/reinstall?03:30
cesuraseanim now getting the grub rescue screen, and says file not found?03:30
IdleOneyshi: worth a try03:30
mrdebuntudo not pm me with vulgarities03:30
vague_dudemrdebuntu: you come to #ubuntu talk off topic so I asked in pvt03:30
user_gnome-terminal --hide-menubar --geometry=40+1000 -e "read ROWID; /home/user/cgd/edit.sh $ROWID"03:31
syn-ack_I think I just found a bug with xchat. heh03:31
user_i give an error with this03:31
=== syn-ack_ is now known as syn-ack
cesuraseancan someone tell me how to fix file not found in grub?03:32
mrdebuntuwhich file03:32
cesuraseandoesnt say03:32
cesuraseanjust says file not found03:32
mickster04pieces029: try the escape key for grub. it is clearly installed, just not showing03:32
vague_dude!grub2 | cesurasean03:32
ubottucesurasean: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:33
speedrunnerG55did they fix chromium?03:33
mickster04cesurasean: pastebin what you are doing and then the error message after it03:33
pieces029mickster04: Like just hold it down?03:33
mickster04speedrunnerG55: i wasn't aware it was broken?03:33
mickster04pieces029: try that, or repeatedly pressing during boot up. it might be excape or f8 or something else I don't really know03:33
MikeChelenanyone experience monitor burn when using default panels?03:34
rwwMikeChelen: it's shift.03:34
rwwmickster04: ^^03:34
rwwMikeChelen: sorry, mistab03:34
=== c0nv1ct_ is now known as c0nv1ct
pieces029mickster04: ok, I tried escape before but I'll try F8 or something else03:34
edbianMikeChelen, LCD monitors do not burn in03:34
syn-ackHiyas, rww03:34
rwwpieces029: shift.03:34
vague_dudeMikeChelen: how did that happen03:34
syn-ackedbian, sure they do03:34
rwwsyn-ack: hi03:34
pieces029rww: at which point should I press that down?03:35
speedrunnerG55it cant wach youtube videos for the last two days for me03:35
vague_dudeMikeChelen: use screensaver03:35
edbiansyn-ack, I stand corrected03:35
psusisyn-ack, no, they don't... there's no phosphorus nor an electron beam to burn it03:35
syn-ackpsusi, keep telling yourself that. They sure can.03:35
rwwpieces029: from when it powers on until when GRUB shows up. I generall let go and repress it every couple of seconds.03:35
vague_dudeso you are sayign LCD's cant get ghost images in it03:35
MikeChelenedbian: this is a crt, and lcds also can suffer from image persistence03:35
vague_dudeye MikeChelen03:36
syn-ackjust because there's no phos in there doesn't mean they cant get burn in03:36
yshiOkay I removed and reinstalled ubuntu-desktop with no new results03:36
vague_dudeyshi: what is the issue03:36
speedrunnerG55mickster04 it cant wach youtube videos for the last two days for me03:36
MikeChelenvague_dude: the screensaver only helps when the comp is inactive. while someone is using it the default ubuntu panels are always showing03:36
pieces029rww: that's the problem is there is no evidence of grub.  Ubuntu is the only distro installed03:36
vague_dudeyes MikeChelen03:36
rwwpieces029: it will show up if you hold down shift.03:36
yshiWhat is the name of the login screen? Gem or something?03:37
rwwyshi: gdm03:37
pieces029rww: ok thank you!03:37
MikeChelenthe only workaround is to move the panels back and forth, or enable autohide03:37
psusisyn-ack, I don't need to tell myself anything... I have ~20 years of experience using lcd displays in embeded devices that have mostly static displays and have never suffered from burn in03:37
yshiVague_dude: I can no longer boot into a gui03:37
vague_dudeMikeChelen: turn off and turn on the monitor once in a while? ctrl+alt+l once in a while? remove the panels?03:37
syn-ackpsusi, sure you do.03:37
vague_dudeyshi: that is a grub problem03:38
MikeChelenvague_dude: it is turned off every night. what does ctrl+alt+l do?03:38
vague_dudescreensaver :p03:38
MikeChelenvague_dude: the panels have been moved now, unfortunately the damage is already done03:38
yshiIs gdm needed to use wireless? I tried to remove/install and cannot fetch anything anymore03:40
bananafishcan someone help me in getting my usb headset to work03:40
bananafishcant seem to find any tutorials that work03:41
user_gnome-terminal -e "read VARNAME"03:41
user_why i give an error?03:41
vague_dudeyshi: lol no but you need to configure the network to use wireless03:41
matt312hi everybody03:41
yshiIt was working three minutes ago03:41
yshiThat is the only thing I changed03:42
amh345how do i give a user write permissions on a folder created to root?03:42
drobole_yshi: you removed gdm?03:42
yshiI would also like to say that irc via cell phone is almost intolerable03:42
Logan_!ask | matt31203:42
ubottumatt312: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:42
yshiYes, that was probably a bad idea03:43
hiexpognome display manager   lol03:43
matt312kde partition manager is freezed03:43
matt312the hd light is on03:44
jrib!permissions | amh34503:44
ubottuamh345: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:44
DatzI've defined a local IP address in /etc/network/interfaces I'm wondering why this isn't automatically set upon boot. I have to restart "networking" for the rules to take effect03:44
matt312and I pressed cancel btn03:44
cesuraseanIs there anyway to accidently install grub2 twice on a hard drive?03:45
cesuraseanthe first time gave me file not found, but 2nd try worked03:45
cesuraseani just want to make sure the first time i tried didn't install anything on one of the partitions03:45
cesuraseanor does grub ONLY install to devices?03:45
matt312help! i dont want to lose my data03:45
Logan_!please | matt31203:45
ubottumatt312: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude03:45
ActionParsnipmatt312: backups will save you nicely03:46
mouse-_man, ubuntu installer can't handle a full hard drive for nothing03:46
drobole_cesurasean: you should be good. it will just write to mbr unless you ask it to do otherwise03:46
hiexpo!grub \ cesurasean03:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:46
mouse-_"has at least 2.6 gig available"03:46
mouse-_"/dev/sdb2   size 2.9G"   "The installer has unexpectedly quit"03:47
mouse-_what a POS03:47
Logan_!language | mouse-_03:47
ubottumouse-_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:47
GerowenI have a somewhat Ubuntu-unrelated question, I'm reading on bash.org and wondering, why don't I ever see funny conversations like this in IRC?03:47
mouse-_i didn't use any unprofessional language, give me a break.03:47
Logan_!ot | Gerowen03:47
ubottuGerowen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:47
Logan_mouse-_: POS03:47
cesuraseandrobole_, what do you mean unless you ask it to do otherwise?03:47
cesuraseanis it possible that i have grub2 installed on the mbr, PLUS on a partition?03:47
mouse-_Logan_: so you know why it doesn't handle disk size properly then?03:47
AcidBarrelHi, I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook remix, and I have a zune connected to it, it sees the zune, but I can not access. Is it locked out or something? is there any libs i can grab?03:47
drobole_cesurasean: i think it is possible to write grub to a partition03:48
Abhijitwow!!!! this 3d cube thingy so awesome!!! :-)03:48
drobole_basically you can write grub all over the place. personally I have it written to both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb just to be sure03:49
cesuraseanhow do i check to see my current grub installs?03:49
cesuraseani only want one on sdb03:49
cesuraseanwant to make sure there is none written on sdb1-603:49
ActionParsnipAbhijit: it gets old real fast03:50
AbhijitActionParsnip, gets old means?03:50
bananafishcan anyone help me get my usb headset working in debian?03:50
ActionParsnipAbhijit: gets boring03:50
Abhijitbananafish, #debian03:50
Logan_!debian | Bananaburger03:50
ubottuBananaburger: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:50
ActionParsnipAbhijit: plus its not enabled in natty, unless you boot to normal desktop rather than unity03:50
cesuraseani have grub on my recovery partition, and also on my linux partition03:50
AbhijitActionParsnip, oh yeah that i know. i want all this to show in seminar thats why.03:50
cesuraseanwhich one should i remove?03:50
cesuraseanand how?03:50
Logan_sorry Bananaburger, meant to send that to bananafish03:50
AbhijitActionParsnip, i am using lucid!!!03:50
AcidBarrelNo, don't tell me no one has ever got zune working on ubuntu03:51
AcidBarrelthat would be horrible03:51
Abhijit!info zune03:51
ActionParsnipAbhijit: oh then that'll be around for a while :)03:51
ubottuPackage zune does not exist in maverick03:51
AbhijitActionParsnip, yah03:51
Logan_AcidBarrel: Microsoft hasn't developed Zune software for Linux, if that's what you're talking about03:51
drobole_cesurasean: no need to remove any of them. only one of them will be in use. the one that resides on the dist the BIOS jumps to03:51
AcidBarrelWell, idk I find it weird that the ubuntu distro can see the zune just cant access it03:51
Abhijitok brb03:52
cesuraseandrobole_, how do i remove the one I don't need?03:52
cesuraseanthe one im not using?03:52
drobole_Im not sure you can remove it. only overwrite it03:52
ActionParsnipAcidBarrel: can you see it as a partition in: sudo fdisk -l03:52
AcidBarrelcant even write to it via command line can you...03:52
AcidBarrelnooo the nightmares, of dual booting03:53
cesuraseancan i just remove the /boot folder, and that will rid of the files?03:53
cesuraseanif so, which one do i remove? the /boot on the recovery partition, or the one on the linux ext4 filesystem?03:53
drobole_cesurasean: i think so yes, if you installed it on a partition03:53
drobole_no, you want it on both03:54
cesuraseanwhy on both?03:54
ActionParsnipAcidBarrel: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31694    seems if you set it to MTP its ok in older firmware03:55
drobole_well, becouse then you can boot in to the system using any of them as the jump point from BIOS. Not sure I understand the problem though03:55
=== jkm2 is now known as jkm
=== jkm is now known as jkm2
cesuraseanthe problem is that i have 2 copies of grub. not sure why....03:56
cesuraseanshouldn't i only need 1 grub install? which partition does it need to be on? system recovery partition?03:56
MatrixHello! can anybody tell me how I can write hindi using transliteration in ubuntu 10.1003:56
caseyI was hoping to get some help with CCSM. It appears to affect only some of my changes while other remain unseen. Can anyone help me with this?03:57
drobole_cesurasean: thats not a problem, unless you want something else there. The thing is, grub doesn't change what disk your BIOS jumps to. BIOS always only jumps to one disk, if it finds grub there the rest goes well03:58
drobole_if you have grub on another disk as well, it doesnt matter03:58
cesuraseandrohole_, when i go to install a newer kernel, how's it going to end up? 1 of the installs will become old, and void?04:00
cesuraseanthat's why i don't want two versions of grub installed04:01
MatrixHello! can anybody tell me how I can write hindi using transliteration in ubuntu 10.1004:02
drobole_cesurasean: yes you want to know what grub is in use so you update the right one, I was just saying that having a copy of grub on another disk doesnt hurt in any way04:03
mouse-_so yes, the ubuntu 10.10 installer claims to work with 2.6 gig available but it does not. just a fyi!04:03
* mouse-_ bums out, looks for a larger hd04:03
cesuraseandrobole_, how do i find out which one is being used?04:03
cesuraseanand how do i remove the one that's not being used?04:04
ActionParsnipmouse-_: it can04:04
drobole_do you know what device your root directory is?04:04
mouse-_ActionParsnip: "The installer has unexpectedly quit"04:04
drobole_is it /dev/hda?04:04
ActionParsnipmouse-_: you can use the mniimal ISO then install openbox and get an OS for near enough 1Gb04:05
drobole_ok then the grub in use is the one at /dev/sdb04:05
mouse-_yeah, see, it doesn't work with the non-minimal ISO install04:05
hiexpousually /dev/sdb is a usb device04:05
mouse-_which is strange04:05
mouse-_since it says 2.6 gb available, yet 2.9 gig is available (shrug)04:05
ActionParsnipmouse-_: true: if you run: sudo apt-get clean   you can free space04:06
mouse-_i'm not going to argue the point04:06
ActionParsnipmouse-_: also use smaller apps like abiword + gnumeric instead of openoffice04:06
drobole_cesurasean: so you have installed grub on /dev/sdb1 or something?04:06
mouse-_since arguing over 2.9 gig of space is like arguing you don't have an extra quarter to put in the phone booth for the 25c to 50c upgrade charge of a payphone call04:06
cesuraseanthat's my problem04:06
cesuraseanso, how do i remove the grub im not using, without affecting the one that is good and is being used...04:07
drobole_cesurasean: do you know what /dev/sdb1 points to?04:07
ActionParsnipcesurasean: do you mean you have multiple kernels to choose from when you boot?04:07
cesuraseanyes, i have multiple kernels to chose from when i boot04:08
cesuraseanthats not the issue04:08
ActionParsnipmouse-_: sometimes space isnt a luxury :)04:08
=== Guest29710 is now known as DarkDevil
cesuraseanthe issue is i have /boot    on two different partitions04:08
ActionParsnipcesurasean: then thats not multiple grubs, thats 1 grub with a system with a lot of kernels04:08
cesuraseanhow do i know which /boot im using?04:08
yshiCan I reinstall ubuntu without overwriting my home folder if I had given it its own partition?04:08
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest90124
ncusterhello, I am having the same issues building the kernel modules virtualbox via dkms that this user is: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2011/01/msg01508.html ... however I am using the stock pae ubuntu kernel instead of a custom built one. I installed the pae headers, but I am still having the same issue. Is there some other change I need to make so that I can build this module?04:08
cesuraseanActionParsnip, im not new to linux, bro04:08
ActionParsnipcesurasean: mount   will tell you which partition is /boot04:08
drobole_ok you mount it (if its not already) and you cd to it and delete the /root directory there i guess. not an expert on this though04:08
ActionParsnipcesurasean: I see04:08
ActionParsnipcesurasean: all I can recommend is mount the partitions to see which kernels in the displayed grub match the partition contents04:09
cesuraseanim currently booted into my system04:09
cesuraseanhow do i know which /boot, off which partition was read?04:10
drobole_he said / is on /dev/sdb04:10
xanguayshi: if you have your home in another partiton, yes04:10
cesuraseani think sdb, and sdb2 have it04:10
cesuraseanhow do i remove the one not being used?04:10
drobole_type: mount04:10
drobole_in a terminal04:10
delinquentmeIs there a way to tell my computer .. ubuntu 10.04 to ONLY run the internet connection over a usb .. and to NOT change the phone as well ( for when I'm on the move .. and needing to teather .. but dont want to drain my laptop battery .. to charge the phone its teatherd to )04:11
yshiXangua: but when I install, I still need to designate my /home partition, doesn't it format by default?04:11
cesuraseansda2, and sda5 both have a /boot04:11
Ben65delinquentme: that should be up to the phone04:12
gsykobtg mounted from gsick.com04:12
cesuraseanhow do i remove /boot from sda5?04:12
Ben65cesurasean: check which /boot has the current kernel04:12
xanguayshi: just uncheck it to not delete it04:12
drobole_what directory is sda5 mounted on?04:12
gorgonzolahey, i'm getting 404'ed trying to install some packages from lucid backports. Unlikely that the repo is down, right? what can cause this behaviour in apt?04:12
cesuraseansda5 is /04:12
yshiHmmm im backing it up anyway. Thanks ill try04:12
meowskican someone help me set up a wireless card on ubuntu? its an imac with a  BCM4328 Wifi Card?04:13
drobole_and what dir is sda2 mounted on then?04:13
cesuraseansda2 is /media/SYSTEM RESERVED04:13
Ben65cesurasean: check which /boot has the current kernel04:13
Ben65from what you're saying, i'm thinking its sda504:13
drobole_its likely to be sda504:13
gandhijeehey guys, how can i install the latest google protocol buffer library?04:13
hiexpoyou mean sda2 is swap04:13
cesuraseansda2 is recovery partition04:14
cesuraseanand sda5 is ext404:14
drobole_so you could cd to /media/SYSTEM RESERVED and delete boot from there. (do on your own risk though)04:14
behel1ti have 2010 macbook pro with ssd, where do I install boot loader to, /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 (/boot)04:14
meowskican someone help me set up a wireless card on ubuntu? its an imac with a  BCM4328 Wifi Card?04:14
cesuraseandrobole_, are you sure that one can be deleted?04:15
Ben65cesurasean: check which /boot has the current kernel!!!04:15
cesuraseanBen65, both configs are the same04:15
happybob_The instructions for installing onto a Software RAID say to use the Alternate Install CD.  However, the file system formatter in the 10.04.2 AMD 64bit Alternate CD does not list a file system type for RAID.04:15
Ben65: /04:15
drobole_cesurasean: im 99% sure :D04:15
mrluksomHi, is it possible to modify the width of empty spaces in the XFCE4 Panel?04:15
Ben65deleting the wrong /boot could cause problems04:15
Abhijitmrluksom, #xfce04:16
Abhijitmrluksom, or #xubuntu04:16
Ben65it's probably not over 300MB, why not keep em both?04:16
happybob_Is the 64-bit AMD Alternate CD just broken?04:16
meowskican someone help me set up a wireless card on ubuntu? its an imac with a  BCM4328 Wifi Card?04:16
cesuraseanBen65, how do i know which /boot has been used to boot up?04:16
happybob_Or, is there just no decent way to do an installation onto a software RAID for 10.04 on AMD 64-bit?04:16
=== Logan_ is now known as BasketOfKittens
cesuraseanI'm thinking the system reserved is the one to keep, and trash the one on ext404:16
cesuraseanthe system reserved is at the start of the disk04:17
Ben65cesurasean: that's probably incorrect, the way to be sure is to check kernels, but you said they are the same04:17
bheHello, how do I connect to a wireless network using   iwconfig   with essid = bhe and password = pwd?04:17
drobole_cesurasean: i would be careful with that04:18
drobole_cesurasean: gimme 1 min...04:18
joeb_guys .. question .. its probably been answered but say i download a .deb file and it needs dependancies do i do a dpkg --info .deb file then download the dependancies or is there a command i can use that can located depenancies that are related to that .deb04:18
cesuraseanjoeb_, apt-get -f install04:18
=== BasketOfKittens is now known as SickNerv
bhehow can i assure my wireless starts before my wired on boot?04:19
meowskican someone help me set up a wireless card on ubuntu? its an imac with a  BCM4328 Wifi Card?04:19
=== SickNerv is now known as FarkingBish
Nisstyremeowski, broadcom firmware should be included in the kernel04:20
letmienI am looking for a way to fine tune the performence of a logitech dual action gamepad. is their software analogous to logitechs windows config software or would i be digging around in configuration files?04:20
Nisstyresince it's open source now04:20
letmieni am not looking for a way to calibrate the joysticks04:20
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:20
meowskiwhat do you mean nisstyre?04:20
=== letmien is now known as cmdbbq
Nisstyremeowski, I mean the driver for it should already be installed, you simply need to load it04:20
Nisstyreprobably using modprobe04:21
meowskihow do i do that?04:21
NisstyreI'd have to know the name of the module04:21
drobole_cesurasean: if you do: less /boot/grub/grub.cfg you should be able to see if it uses / or /media/SYSTEM RECOVERY04:21
happybob_Is Ubuntu 10.04 actually meant to be used by people?04:21
Nisstyremeowski, read the link Gnea gave you04:21
meowskiwhat link?04:22
Nisstyre<ubottu> Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:22
cmdbbqhappybob_: yes, it is a long term release, are you having usability issues?04:22
happybob_Or am I just wanting the wrong thing when I want to install onto mirrored drives on it?04:22
ActionParsniphappybob_: yes, and it is04:22
Amitabhahello- trying to install wine- went through command line prompts-wine is listed under applications- but can not use it04:22
drobole_cesurasean: its a bit messy but it should say something like "linux   /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-27-generic"04:23
happybob_cmdbbq, In the AMD 64-bit desktop and alternate CD, there is no way visible to install to a Software RAID (mirror) for any partitions.04:23
c001is there a good vmware workstation tutorial for ubuntu 10.10?  I need to look and see if there are any patches that need to be installed first.04:23
ActionParsnip!vmware | c00104:23
ubottuc001: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware04:23
happybob_cmdbbq, I'm not after a mirrored /boot (though that would be nice), just ANY mirroring would be nice to have working.04:23
cesuraseani blew away /boot on sda2, and able to boot into ubuntu04:23
cesuraseanyou were right04:23
c001thanks ActionParsnip04:24
cesuraseanthanks, now my system is good to go04:24
drobole_sounds good04:24
cmdbbqhappybob_: I am not sure about that, I have no personal experience.04:24
meowskinisstyre, http://hasin.wordpress.com/2008/02/27/getting-dell-bcm4328-wifi-card-working-on-ubuntu-710/04:24
gsykonice review http://www.gsick.com/ubuntu/04:24
meowskii was using that earlier, but it didnt work cause id get an error04:25
Nisstyremeowski, what error did you get?04:25
mobodoI'm getting an error trying to remove netatalk from my server, is there a way to force remove / reinstallation even if there are errors?04:25
ssbplshow to install the kernel code tree to ubuntu?04:25
happybob_cmdbbq, thanks.  After the mess that was Xen support on 8.04, and the stupid permission problems on KVM in 10.04, and now this when I'm trying to install 10.04 onto mirrored drives, it feels like I've consistently picked usage patterns for LTS releases that just don't work.04:26
meowskiWARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper, it will be ignored in a future release, nisstyre04:26
xrfanghow can I run X program remotely on 10.10?  I always get04:26
Amitabhai'm having trouble getting wine to work and do not know why04:26
xrfangcannot open display04:26
Nisstyremeowski, that sounds like it's not related to your problem04:27
Amitabhait is listed in applications04:27
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest71613
Nisstyrealso, warnings generally mean something will work04:27
Nisstyreerrors don't04:27
ssbplshow to install the kernel code tree to ubuntu 9.10?04:27
ActionParsnipAmitabha: did you check the appdb for compatibility?04:27
meowskibut its saying it wont work in the future, isnt it?04:27
Amitabhawhat is appdb04:27
ActionParsnipxrfang: did you connect with:  ssh -X username@server04:27
ActionParsnip!appdb | Amitabha04:28
ubottuAmitabha: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:28
Amitabhaoh yes-04:28
meowskiand i need ndiswrapper to start at startup for the wireless to work04:28
ActionParsnipAmitabha: not all apps work, some won't even install04:28
AmitabhaOn my other computer I've run this program04:28
=== koolhead17_away is now known as koolhead17
Trapito_secohey all04:28
Nisstyremeowski, that's the package maintainer's problem though04:29
Amitabhathrough wine04:29
mouse-_so. anyone know the _actual_ minimal install requirements for ubuntu-desktop 10.10 ?04:29
drobole_ssbpls: did you try "sudo apt-get install linux-source"04:29
Trapito_secohow can iu set an indent04:29
meowskinisstyre, what do you mean?04:29
mouse-_it's not 2.6 gb available04:29
mouse-_its more than thgat04:29
ActionParsnipAmitabha: do you have 3D accelleration for the system? Does the app need 3D?04:29
Nisstyremeowski, you don't have to worry about problems with future versions04:29
rwwmeowski: if you're concerned about it, name uyour file /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper.conf. It doesn't matter.04:29
Amitabhano, it does not need that04:29
ssbplsyes,i have try it04:30
Amitabhawhen I installed it on my other computer, a wine icon appeared04:30
Pr070calhi i removed some orphaned packages and libs but now ive lost some themes eg. dock bar is not black or transparent and the same with the menus, how can i restore this ?04:30
drobole_what happened?04:30
ActionParsnipmouse-_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements04:30
ssbplsthen what's the next step?04:30
Jordan_Umouse-_: Did the installer quit the moment that you ran out of disk space?04:30
AmitabhaThis computer has no wine icon but it is listed under apps04:30
meowskirww, nisstyre, but i did all of the steps of http://hasin.wordpress.com/2008/02/27/getting-dell-bcm4328-wifi-card-working-on-ubuntu-710/ and it still didnt work..04:30
ActionParsnipAmitabha: can you please target your text as I am to you so the text highlights04:30
jcoonanMy fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install from a live usb does not see my multi core processor as such. I have a AMD Phenom II X6 3.0GHz04:30
=== MTecknology is now known as MT-TakinBreak
drobole_ssbpls: did it succeed?04:31
ssbplsdrobole_:yes,i have try it. then how to do next?04:31
Amitabhaok sorry how do i do that04:31
ActionParsnipAmitabha: use tab to autocomplete04:31
mouse-_Jordan_U: yeah it did :(04:31
ActionParsnipAmitabha: type act  then  press tab04:31
drobole_ssbpls: look in /usr/src/linux.... folder04:31
syn-ackjcoonan, Probably dosent have the SMP kernel installed on the liveCD04:31
ActionParsnipAmitabha: try:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade04:31
Nisstyremeowski, instead of rebooting try "sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl" and "sudo modprobe wl"04:31
Jordan_Umouse-_: Did you check the box that offers to install updates during install>04:32
syn-ackin which case, jcoonan, it wouldn't see both cores.04:32
Nisstyrewhat that does is it loads the drivers right away04:32
jcoonansyn-ack: I'm doing a update right now. THink that will fix it?04:32
Nisstyreinstead of on reboot04:32
jcoonansyn-ack: It only sees one there should be 604:32
mouse-_yeah i did04:32
ssbplsdrobole_:there is a tar.bz2 file04:32
meowskiwhat do i replace that with nisstyre? (im kinda new to all this stuff)04:32
syn-ackjcoonan, have you actually install the system or are you running this all off the liveCD?04:32
Jordan_Umouse-_: That's probably what put it over the edge on space.04:32
drobole_ssbpls: it should be a folder in /usr/src without "headers" in the name. look for that04:32
jcoonansyn-ack: nah this is fully installed now04:32
Nisstyremeowski, nothing, just run those two commands without the quotations04:32
Nisstyreif all goes well you should be able to use your wifi04:33
syn-ackjcoonan, Do you mind a /msg?04:33
corinthHas anyone experienced the ATI flgrx driver error where you get a text/TTY1 login after installing and rebooting?04:33
meowskinisstyre, so i run the commands that the website gives me plus the 2 you just gave me?04:33
ssbplsdrobole_:the name of file is "linux-source-2.6.31.tar.bz2"04:33
Nisstyremeowski, no, just the two I pasted04:33
drobole_ssbpls: ok that is the kernel source then, you can extract it with: tar -xvjf linux-source.....bz204:34
Nisstyremeowski, you shouldn't need to use ndiswrapper btw04:34
Nisstyrebroadcom have real linux drivers now04:34
=== FarkingBish is now known as FarkingBish[slee
ssbplsdrobole_:en,i have extract it with the root04:35
=== FarkingBish[slee is now known as FBish[sleep]
drobole_ssbpls: after extracting you have a folder called linux-source-2.6.31?04:35
meowskinisstyre, those 2 commands should get the wifi on automatically?04:35
ssbplsdrobole_:and then?04:36
Nisstyremeowski, yeah, if the kernel modules are on your computer04:36
Nisstyreif not you may have to install them with apt-get04:36
meowskiwhat modules are they?04:36
drobole_ssbpls: what do you want to do then?04:36
roasted__Question - I have Ubuntu on a Windows domain. I somehow changed my default shell to something other than /bin/sh. My terminal prompt shows up as $ on my domain account now. I would like to change it back, but I am unsure of how because the chsh command will only change the setting for LOCAL users, not domain users. What can I do?04:37
yshiOh, while i'm here, how do you connect via wifi through cli?04:37
Amitabhastill not working-How do I highlight this text for you?04:38
meowskinisstyre, it says "sudo: modprob not found"04:38
Nisstyremeowski, modprobe : )04:38
meowskilmao sorry :304:38
AmitabhaActionParsnip, testing04:38
Jordan_Uroasted__: My guess is that your actuall problem is that you *did* set the login shell to /bin/sh, when what you wanted was /bin/bash.04:39
Nisstyrealso, try "sudo modprobe -r wl" first04:39
Nisstyremeowski, the commands posted on the ubuntu article try and load several different ones04:39
ssbplsdrobole_:then the commond are followed:"make;make bzImage;make  modules;make mdoules_install" which i search04:39
roasted__Jordan_U: perhaps you're right. Either way, I can't change it back, as chsh only works for local users. It errors out saying the user doesn't exist in /etc/passwd, which I was like, no kidding... its a domain user...04:39
Jordan_Uroasted__: I can't help with the management via a domain controller but hopefully that can get you looking in the right place.04:39
=== FBish[sleep] is now known as FBish[insomnia]
meowskinow it says " fatal" module wl not found, nisstyre04:40
Nisstyremeowski, try substituting wl with b4304:40
ssbplsdrobole_if i do these steps , how to use the kernel code tree? what do it work for?04:40
Amitabhastill not working ActionParsnip04:40
ssbplsdrobole_:if i do these steps , how to use the kernel code tree? what do it work for?04:40
meowskii did put b43 , nisstyre04:40
ActionParsnipAmitabha: can you expand on "not working". It helps nobody, most of all you04:41
meowskii put "sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl, nisstyre04:41
Nisstyremeowski, do you have internet access right now?04:41
Nisstyreon your laptop I mean04:41
=== FBish[insomnia] is now known as Farking[sleep]
drobole_ssbpls: if you do that you will compile a new kernel and install it amnually. Im not sure its a good idea unless you know what and why you are doing04:41
meowskiyeah, thats how im on irc. the other computer running ubuntu doesnt.04:41
Nisstyremeowski, do "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source"04:41
Nisstyrethen try the previous commands04:41
drobole_ssbpls: and i dont know what you mean by "what do it work for"04:42
NisstyreI honestly don't see why ubuntu can't include these by default :\04:42
muDoes Ubuntu have an option to not mess with the MBR when it installs?04:42
roasted__Question - I have Ubuntu on a Windows domain. I somehow changed my default shell to something other than /bin/bash. My terminal prompt shows up as $ on my domain account now. I would like to change it back, but I am unsure of how because the chsh command will only change the setting for LOCAL users, not domain users. What can I do?04:42
vague_dudeCan I delete all folders in /home/root/ dir?04:42
ssbplsdrobole_:if i want to write the device drivers; how can i use the new kernel?04:42
vague_dudearent they config folders?04:42
meowskinisstyre, it said : "sudo: apt: commando not found"04:43
Nisstyreapt-get is one word04:43
AmitabhaActionParsnip, sure- it is in applications but when I click on the download button on  a webpage it states that an error occured04:43
ruanmeowski: sudo apt-get04:43
drobole_ssbpls: you mean write a driver and make it part of the kernel itself?04:43
muvague_dude: define "can"; there is generally nothing stopping you but you might want to retain configuration of programs that you might run as root04:43
AmitabhaActionParsnip, should not the wine have created an icon?04:44
ssbplsdrobole_:yes! i want to insert the module to test it!04:44
ActionParsnipAmitabha: what is the error it states?04:44
meowskinisstyre, it said "do you want to continue, Y/N04:44
vague_dudemu: I just want to clean the home for root :)04:44
Nisstyremeowski, just hit y and then enter04:44
muvague_dude: Well nothing will stop you and say "hey, you shouldn't be doing this" but you should know what you are deleting04:45
muand once you know what you are deleting, it should be clear whether or not they are important to you04:45
AmitabhaActionParsnip, an error occured while loading the archive04:45
vague_dudemu: programs wont stop working if i delete root's home right? it's config files..04:45
muvague_dude: Thus, I don't want to say "Yeah, nothing will happen" when I obviously have no idea the files your root home folder may contain.04:45
ssbplsdrobole_:do i have to boot the new kernel in the /boot ,and if i want to test my module ,do i have to start the new kernel and test it ?04:46
drobole_ssbpls: umm, thats a advanced topic. Basically you write the module, copy it into the source tree where the drivers it, then you have to add a line in some config file to instruct make to compile it into the kernel. You better find a good tutorial on the net. its hard to explain here04:46
ActionParsnipAmitabha: what is the name of the file and where is it located and I can give a command (both are VERY case sensitive)04:46
muvague_dude: Most likely no programs absolutely require anything from the home folder. So no, nothing will crash.04:46
Nisstyrethe / partition is the most important04:46
vague_dudemu: in /home/root/ there is only config files created when i ran programs as root04:46
meowskinisstyre: it said "unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"04:46
AmitabhaActionParsnip, internet chess club04:46
jiltdilroasted : vi  /etc/passwd  go here and change the shell of the user04:46
vague_dudei guess04:46
drobole_ssbpls: no dont do that. compile your module to make a .o file, and load it with the insmod command to test it04:46
Nisstyremeowski, yeah, do sudo apt-get update04:46
Nisstyrethen do the previous command again04:47
meowskinisstyre, what do input?04:47
meowskii input*04:47
Nisstyresudo apt-get update04:47
muvague_dude: Most programs only require those configuration files when they are run as root; and most of the time, they won't fail without them, but simply create a new config file from a default one as needed04:47
AmitabhaActionParsnip, www.chessclub.com/helpcenter/interface/Dasher.html04:47
AmitabhaActionParsnip, click on dascher04:47
SolidSnakeHello word04:48
vague_dudehello person04:48
meowskinisttyre, now i do "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source"04:48
=== arlander is now known as waspin
roasted__Question - I have Ubuntu on a Windows domain. I somehow changed my default shell to something other than /bin/bash. My terminal prompt shows up as $ on my domain account now. I would like to change it back, but I am unsure of how because the chsh command will only change the setting for LOCAL users, not domain users. What can I do?04:48
jiltdilhow to change the existing user shell with comand?04:48
AmitabhaActionParsnip, when I try to open anything windows, wine does not start like on the other computer04:48
jribjiltdil: why?  What do you want to accomplish?04:49
ActionParsnipAmitabha: try:  cd ~; wget http://www.chessclub.com/bits/interface/Dasher_150_installer.exe; chmod +x .//Dasher_150_installer.exe; wine .//Dasher_150_installer.exe04:49
jiltdilroasted: go to vi  /etc/passwd  and change the shell to bash of the user that you want04:49
meowskinisstyre, i did that and its doing the same process over?04:49
ActionParsnipjiltdil: that'll need sudo04:49
Nisstyremeowski, it will update your entire system04:49
FoolishOwlIs there a clean way to kill login sessions, such as when you're ssh'ed into a box, your connection is broken, and you log back in?04:50
rwwand is pretty much what chsh does, and will thus not work.04:50
Nisstyrethen you should be able to successfully install the drivers04:50
jiltdiljrib: i want to learn04:50
vague_dudeActionParsnip: if i delete all files and folders from /home/root/ will it cause problems?04:50
jribjiltdil: I don't understand your question.  I'm asking you to explain what you want to accomplish04:50
NisstyreFoolishOwl, kill your shell pid?04:50
Nisstyreps aux | grep bash ?04:50
ssbplsdrobole_:i am reading the book "linux device drives" writed by Jonathan Corbet etc. but the book tells me to build the kernel code tree and just use the command "insmod module-name" to test the module. however, i don't understand where the module insert   into ? Is it insert into the old kernel or the new one?04:51
jiltdilActionParnisp:how to change it through command line as usermod  -s /bin/shell name   doenot work04:51
ruanwhat's the difference between using ; and &&?04:51
FoolishOwlNisstyre, that sounds right.04:51
vague_duderuan: is to add a second command04:51
jribruan: && only runs the second command if the first one is successful04:51
meowskinisstyre, it said "some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead."04:51
vague_dudeoh y04:51
Nisstyreruan, && means the next command will not run if the last doesn't have a return code of non 004:51
ruanah ok04:51
Nisstyre; means the next runs no matter what04:51
NisstyreI mean if the last doesn't have a return code of 004:52
Nisstyreie: if it failed to finish04:52
Nisstyremeowski, I'm sorry, not really sure.04:52
NisstyreTry following this article https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:52
ssbplsdrobole_:insmod tht module to test it . where the module insert into? the old or new?04:53
drobole_ssbpls: insmod will insert the module dynamcally at runtime. You can type lsmod to see all running modules04:53
Jordan_Ussbpls: Whatever kernel you are currently booted with,04:53
roasted__Question - I have Ubuntu on a Windows domain. I somehow changed my default shell to something other than /bin/bash. My terminal prompt shows up as $ on my domain account now. I would like to change it back, but I am unsure of how because the chsh command will only change the setting for LOCAL users, not domain users. What can I do?04:53
tensorpuddingif an upstream source package that i want to package accidentally has some binary files included, should i remove them from the .orig.tar.gz04:53
jribtensorpudding: try #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-packaging04:54
jiltdiljrib: i want to say that if i have to change the shell of a user then what is the commmand for it(existing user)04:55
ssbplsJordan_U: i am booting the old kernel :ssbpls@ssbpls-laptop:~$ uname -r04:55
jribjiltdil: chsh04:55
drobole_ssbpls: you dont insert it into the source, it means that you "insert" it into the running kernel04:55
jiltdiljrib:chsh -s /bin/shell name   like that?04:55
AmitabhaActionParsnip, 404 not found after second command, let me try again04:55
jribjiltdil: sure.  Or just "chsh" and then it will run interactively04:56
ActionParsnipAmitabha: if you have the file already then just use the file you already have instead of redownloading04:56
drobole_ssbpls: have you successfully compiled your module into a .o file?04:57
AmitabhaActionParsnip, I think iam just going to uninstall then reinstall the wine04:57
nanovany /j #ubuntu-es04:57
histoAmitabha: what are you trying to do?04:57
AmitabhaActionParsnip, I am not sure it is installed correctly04:58
nanovany /j #ubuntu-es04:58
=== isilion is now known as Felix00
drobole_ok and you did: insmod mymodule.o?04:58
ActionParsnipAmitabha: then run: uninstaller    and uninstall the app04:58
amh345how do you ssh directly into a directory?  for example ssh user@locahost /some/dir04:58
Amitabhahisto, get wine to work- when I look under apps it is there, but nothing windows can open04:58
ActionParsnipAmitabha: or delete ~/.wine   and you will get a virgin wine config (it will delete any other wine apps you have too so avoid if you have existing apps in wine)04:59
ruanevolution keeps saying 1 unsent in outbox, but i've tried sending it twice, no error04:59
ssbplsthere are some files:hello.c hello.ko hello.mod.c hello.mod.o hello.o and so on.04:59
ssbplshow do i install the kernel code tree to work for?04:59
ssbplsdrobole_there are some files:hello.c hello.ko hello.mod.c hello.mod.o hello.o and so on.how do i install the kernel code tree to work for?04:59
=== david__ is now known as Linuxx4
drobole_ssbpls: Thats a more advanced topic. You dont need to do that to test it. Just type: insmod hello.o05:00
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
AmitabhaActionParsnip, ok, thank you for your help05:00
AmitabhaActionParsnip, I appreciate it05:01
ActionParsnipAmitabha: np bro05:01
ssbplsdrobole_:do you mean that i should use my current kernel to test the module?05:01
drobole_it shouldnt be a problem05:01
ssbplsdrobole_:ok, i understand. thank you~05:02
drobole_did it work?05:02
joeb_im looking for some times for battery saving on ubuntu 10.10 / laptop / my brightness is all the way down05:02
Nisstyrejoeb_, not ubuntu specific, but there's a lot of ideas here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Laptop#Power_Management05:03
drobole_ssbpls: if you type lsmod, you should see hello on the list if it worked05:03
Nisstyreyou can probably use most of the same utilities on ubuntu : )05:03
Nisstyrejoeb_, be careful with messing with your hard disk though05:04
ssbplsdrobole_:     it surely works !   ssbpls@ssbpls-laptop:~/Linuxdrivers/hello$ sudo insmod ./hello.ko05:04
Nisstyreyou can drastically decrease the life of it if you power it on and off too much05:04
drobole_ssbpls: congratulations!05:04
reya276Does anyone know if there is a Tool such as this http://www.winimage.com/ in the Ubuntu 10.10 repositories?05:05
=== BATMAN is now known as Guest77920
=== fran is now known as Guest4103
joeb_Nisstyre- why whats up ?05:06
reya276I need to burn an .img file into an microSD card so that I can boot from it05:06
Guest4103HOLA! por favor, necesito ayuda05:06
ssbplsdrobole_:i want to ask one more question: what does the linux kernel code tree to work for?05:06
happybob_Grr  10.04, why did you have to go to GRUB 2 that is such a broken pile of crap?05:06
Nisstyrejoeb_, oh, there was a slashdot article a while ago about how you could save power by powering your hard disk off more05:06
Nisstyrebut if you do it too much you can reduce the life of it05:06
ur2d2rI'm use to using Mint help. Is this Ubuntu help?05:06
joeb_Nisstyre- powering hard disk ?05:07
drobole_ssbpls: I dont understand the question... work for?05:07
phaedra!es | Guest410305:07
ubottuGuest4103: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:07
Nisstyrejoeb_, basically, turning off your hard disk to save power when it's not reading/writing from it05:07
Guest77920hey guys i'm trying to compile a firefox addon from it's tar ball and i need libxul to do that successfully the problem is i can't find it in synaptic where can i get the libxul package05:07
reya276Does anyone know if there is a Tool such as this http://www.winimage.com/ in the Ubuntu 10.10 repositories?05:07
happybob_"Hi, I'm GRUB 2 on 10.04, I fail to install onto software RAID."  stupid pile of crap.05:07
Nisstyreaka "spinning down"05:07
jiltdilhow to add more than 1 user through single command without repeating command twice for it/05:07
Nisstyreif you have a solid state hard disk this isn't a problem05:07
KB1JWQjiltdil: You don't. :-)  That's what loops are for in bash.05:08
ssbplsdrobole_:what is the linux kernel code tree used for?05:08
KB1JWQhappybob_: I've gotten it to work last I recall, you just have to build a separate RAID partition for /boot05:08
Jordan_Uamh345: Why do you want to change the initial current directory?05:08
Guest77920i'm trying to compile a firefox addon from it's tar ball and i need libxul to do that successfully the problem is i can't find it in synaptic where can i get the libxul package05:08
happybob_KB1JWQ, handy.  thanks.05:08
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ur2d2rDoes anyone know how to navigate in a VirtualBox?05:09
Nisstyre!give Guest77920 repeat05:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:09
amh345Jordan_U: it has to do with an automated ssh script05:09
KB1JWQubottu: Define navigate?05:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:09
NisstyreGuest77920, don't repeat your question over and over :)05:09
reya276How can I burn a .img file on to a MicroSD card so that it boots05:09
Guest4103necesito ayuda, he istalado ubuntu junto a windows y ahora todos mis archivos de windows han desaparecido05:09
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest25026
Jordan_Uamh345: Please give full details.05:09
KB1JWQEr, that was to ur2d2r05:09
Guest4103que hago para recuperarlos?05:09
KB1JWQreya276: dd usually.05:09
KB1JWQ!es | Guest410305:09
NisstyreGuest77920, also, libxul, sounds like it should already be installed05:09
ubottuGuest4103: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:09
drobole_ssbpls: ahh i think i understand what you mean, you need the header files from the kernel source when you compile the module (i think)05:09
Nisstyresince firefox requires xulrunner05:09
reya276what is dd?05:10
Jordan_Uhappybob_: What happens when you try to install grub2 to your software raid?05:10
Jordan_Uhappybob_: And how are you doing it?05:10
KB1JWQreya276: man dd05:10
drobole_ssbpls: the compiler will find them and use them when it compiles your module05:10
Guest77920i know but it is'nt05:10
amh345Jordan_U: i have a script that launched my sites. the script connects to subversion and uploads the svn.  but i need to ssh into my subversion  which isnt at $home but instead home/git/05:10
NisstyreGuest77920, have you tried sudo apt-get install libxul ?05:10
KB1JWQreya276: http://linux.die.net/man/1/dd05:10
drobole_ssbpls: if that is what you mean05:10
happybob_Jordan_U, I opted to just not install with a mirrored /boot.05:10
Guest77920yeah it says unable to locate package libxul05:11
reya276KB1JWQ, would Image Writer do?05:11
happybob_Jordan_U, so, I'm just punting.  If I do loose the boot drive, I'll just live with it, I won't be losing data.05:11
Jordan_Uhappybob_: grub2 should work fine with a mirrored /boot/. If you'd like help with it I'm fairly sure I can get it working for you.05:11
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: I want the machine to show ubuntu 10.10 in fullscreen and fullscreen is open the center of the screen. About a 10x 8 window with a 5" black border around the edge.05:11
NisstyreGuest77920, are you using a makefile to compile it?05:12
KB1JWQur2d2r: You've got to boost the resolution for the display that it sees.05:12
NisstyreGuest77920, pastebin it05:12
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: How?05:12
ssbplsdrobole_:oh~ i understand ~ my old kernel just has the headers and doesn't have the sources files and i should use the new kernel( the linux code tree) to tell the compiler to find the kernel source?05:13
KB1JWQur2d2r: Install the Guest Additions.05:13
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: Let me check it out.05:13
Fish__how do we go to a custom irc server?05:13
KB1JWQreya276: Potentially.05:13
KB1JWQreya276: "Try it and see"05:13
drobole_ssbpls: yes i think that is what is happening. Im not an expert on it though05:14
Guest77920Nisstyre there you go man http://pastebin.com/Tx6AYVSr05:14
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: installing now.05:14
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NisstyreGuest77920, try installing libxul-dev05:15
Nisstyreor libxul-common actually05:15
Nisstyreeither one will probably work05:15
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: what exactly will installing this do?05:15
Guest77920E: Unable to locate package libxul-common05:16
KB1JWQur2d2r: My interest in reading the manual to you is somewhat limited.  VirtualBox has great documentation, why not go take a look at it? :-)05:16
drobole_its a cruel world out there waiting for me to go work in it...  cya05:16
NisstyreGuest77920, what version of ubuntu?05:16
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: sorry :( didn't realize it was that extensive.05:17
caylajoin #webos-internals05:17
=== cayla is now known as sethron
NisstyreGuest77920, not sure but I think it might not be available in that version05:17
Guest77920hmm well thanks anyways man05:18
grendal_primegrrrr has anyone set up heartbeat in 10.04?  all the files im use to using are ..like alll ziped up and i cant seem to unzip them what gives?05:18
grendal_primeits like the samples are anything but. samples05:18
NisstyreGuest77920, you can always try making libxul from source as well05:18
Guest77920lol yeah i wasn't exactly looking forward to it, looks like i'm going to have to do it anyway :p05:19
jiltdilis there any way to password protect my terminal in GUI?05:21
Guest77920where exactly can i get the libxul source from05:21
donkeyhey guys need help with cron tab05:21
berto-i installed ubuntu 10.10 on a SATA drive, which was /dev/sda when I installed.  after the install i installed three more drives and after bootup the OS drive is now /dev/sdd; any way to make it /dev/sda?05:22
donkeyi want to execute a shell script every hour05:22
donkeyso i gave crontab -e05:22
donkeyand add teh entry accordingly but i dont know how to save the file and exit the editor05:22
Jordan_Ujiltdil: What do you hope to accomplish by that? It won't increase security.05:22
donkeybecause usually i give ecp + wq05:22
berto-donkey: is it vi?05:22
donkeycrontab -e05:23
jiltdilJordan_U: i only want to learn05:23
donkeyno standard editor berto-05:23
berto-donkey: does it have options on the bottom like ^write ^exit, etc. ?05:23
donkeyno its not a standard editor05:23
donkeycrontab opens on its own some shitty editor05:23
berto-donkey: hit ctrl+z05:23
berto-then type jobs05:23
berto-what does it say?05:24
donkeywait a sec05:24
donkeyssh -p 2233 si-admin@
rwwcrontab uses $EDITOR, last I checked :\05:26
Jordan_Ujiltdil: I wouldn't suggest that as a project for learning as there is nothing that can be done that would be worth doing IMHO.05:26
ActionParsniprww: it does :)05:29
theunsgishow do i connect to a windows shared folder on a windows xp machine?05:29
samu_asihey dudes i dont have a public key is it possible to login to an other ubuntu box ussing ssh05:30
shuraneSo... do I need anything extra in OpenOffice Spreadsheet to do relative/absolute references? (Linking cells together)05:30
raidosamu_asi: Yes you can use password auth if the server allows it05:31
ActionParsnipsamu_asi: if keys fail and password is still enabled then yes05:31
samu_asino it doesnt05:31
samu_asipassword not enabled only key is enabled in that case05:31
samu_asicuz i lost my key05:31
ActionParsnipsamu_asi: then you are screwed05:32
samu_asiActionParsnip: man no other way?05:32
raidosamu_asi: do you admin the server?05:32
ActionParsnipsamu_asi: local access to re-enable password auth05:32
samu_asiActionParsnip: how do i do that05:33
wasabi_where can i find open jabber transport servers?05:35
raidosamu_asi: you need to generate a key pair and send the pub key to the admin to put in your account for you05:35
awantihi, I am not able to login my user a/c. in gui mode but i can able to root into gui mode05:35
ExplodingPigletsI have a question:05:35
awantiplz can any one can solve this plz05:36
samu_asiraido: yeh i know tat but i was lukin for an alterna wo the send key to admin part05:36
jack_^I need a simple app that'll let me slice videos together. Any suggestiosn?05:36
raidosamu_asi: there is no alternative05:36
samu_asiraido: oh ok05:36
raidosamu_asi: tis why its called secure shell05:36
jiltdilhow to overcome grub password if i forget it?05:37
samu_asiraido: :) ok05:37
ExplodingPigletsOk I have another question.05:37
ExplodingPigletsMy yahoo mail keeps becoming "unresponsive.05:38
jack_^use google LOLOL05:38
ExplodingPigletsMy question is this: Did it ever occur to you guys to make something that works properly?05:38
jack_^maybe yahoo is broken05:38
ExplodingPigletsEven mac os X can do it.05:38
jack_^sounds like a yahoo problem to me05:39
raidosamu_asi: actually, if you have an account on the server, and you have ftp access to your home dir, then you could upload a pub key.05:39
ExplodingPigletsAh yes jack_^ , it works on windows, it works on mac, but it doesn't work on linux....that makes sense right?05:39
ExplodingPiglets(btw, that was sarcasm)05:39
vague_dudeHow can I get the color code of an image using gimp?05:40
ExplodingPigletsjack_^, protip: thinking before you open your mouth is a great idea05:40
vague_dudecolor picker tool?05:40
rado_who know about aoss?05:40
jack_^ExplodingPiglets, maybe you cant use a computer correctly. I have no problems with yahoo. :)05:40
ExplodingPigletsjack_^, you have my condolences.05:40
jack_^ExplodingPiglets, nobody else has problems with yahoo. canonical doesn't release a anything that doesn't work 'properly'05:41
ExplodingPigletsjack_^, you have my condolences.05:41
jiltdilExplodingPiglets: are u using firestarter05:41
ray_>ubuntu 10.04 "noise floor calibration timeout"05:41
ExplodingPigletsNo, I am using google chrome05:41
ray_I was just saying what error I've been having.05:42
jiltdilExploadingpiglets: i say if u r using firestarter then disable ICMP scanning u will enjoy ur yahoo mail05:42
vague_dudeHow can I know color hex codes in Ambiance theme05:43
ray_sorry, I miss read what you just said05:43
jack_^ExplodingPiglets, what exactly doesn't work? yahoo is unresponsive? the whole site? its working for me *right now*. i highly doubt its an OS issue. its probably google chrome if it's anything.05:43
ExplodingPigletsOk, now the cursor isn't working05:43
ExplodingPigletsbrb, I have to beat the dog again05:43
jack_^ExplodingPiglets, thats gross. take it to #pr0n05:44
jiltdilExploadingpiglets:firestarter is firewall just disable ICMP scanning  edit-->preference-->ICMP filtering in firestarter05:44
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: okay its installed but. I can't find it.05:44
awantiI am unable to login in graphical mode. I am using Ubuntu 10.1005:44
jack_^awanti, why? did you forget your password? :O05:44
raidovague_dude: install gcolor2 colorpicker05:44
ur2d2rKB1JWQ: Do I need to reboot?05:45
vague_dudethanks raido !05:45
raidovague_dude: np05:46
vague_duderaido: great tool :D05:46
awantino jack.. after booting the system login screen will appear and within few seconds its gone.05:46
ExplodingPigletsjack_^, by beat my dog, I meant punching her in the nose.05:46
ExplodingPigletsWhich I just did.05:46
tsyj2007Hello everyone05:47
jack_^awanti, what is it replaced with?05:47
tsyj2007I want to know how to install sun-jdk-doc05:47
vague_dudetsyj2007: sudo apt-get install sun-jdk-doc ?05:47
tsyj2007yes,sun's jdk document in ubuntu 10.0405:48
ray_I have a book here for Linux Opensuse that I was reading to change runlevels05:48
jack_^ray_, runlevels are different in ubuntu. i think default is runlevel205:48
tsyj2007vague_dude: can't find that package05:48
awantiand i again restarted the system and entered to recover mode their i login as root. their i used #startx then its work05:48
awantibut it is not working when i am trying to using my regular user05:49
hh99awanti: can you move the cursor when the login screen disappears?05:49
ray_I forget what runlevel is the graphiI remember using startx05:49
jack_^ray_, usually runlevel3 is multiuser. runlevel5 is multiuser + gui. but its different in the current ubuntu. runlevel2 is default which has gui so iunno :O05:50
hh99awanti: have you messed around with X server?05:50
awantino.. i did nothing05:50
ray_Cool, I read your comment, I am sick and forgot to backspace, sorry05:50
jack_^you'd better be sorry!05:51
hh99awanti: are you using a crt monitor or lcd? does the monitor turn off or is the screen alive but blank05:51
ray_I will give it my 100 and negative 50 percent cough cough, lol05:51
jiltdilawanti: are u upgraded ur ubuntu05:51
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=== mamu is now known as Mamu
ray_thank you, I will get over this05:52
MamuI am facing a problem with ubuntu software centre when ever i try installing a software from software centre it gives me message that "Requires installation of untrusted packages" how to solve it ?05:53
Mamui am running 10.1005:53
ray_I am making note of what you said, runlevel205:53
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puffI just bought a nook color, trying to figure out how to put these PDFs and text files onto it.05:53
taranhow to reset the Admin password for cups.org?05:54
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.05:54
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Jordan_UMamu: Try running "sudo apt-get update" in a terminal.05:55
MamuJordan_U, apt-get is working fine05:55
ray_Mamu, they will want to know what you are trying to install05:55
MamuJordan_U, I am having that problem with software centre !05:56
Jordan_UMamu: Try installing the package "hello" with Software Center, if it gives you an error then do not allow it to be installed but instead run "sudo apt-get install hello" and pastebin the complete output.05:57
MamuJordan_U, I solved it myself thanks for replying have a nice day :)05:58
keplenkhey guys, i have a CR48 and installed ubuntu on it.  I compiled the kernel from source ( and used it.  Using it makes the fan spin non-stop .. if i revert back to 2.6.35-27, it does not have the problem.  I also tried and it does not have the problem.  I noticed that if I only use, /proc/acpi/fan "fan" folder is not available.05:58
ZiberWith ubuntu 10.04.2 lts server, I want to completely disable /etc/motd, but everytime I SSH back in, it re shows that file :(05:58
jsoftwHow do i set a maximum clock speed on my laptop?05:59
bastidrazorjsoftw: cpufrequtils package and using the cpufreq-set command06:02
ncuster@nero, I got diskless ubuntu working on 250+ systems here06:02
jiltdilwhat is difference between shell sh and bash?06:03
usr_hello, I would like to know if there is any program or any way to look for duplicate files in a given path and delete the cloned files?...06:03
taranhow to remve admin for CUPS?06:05
waxrosejiltdil, They are two shells created by two different authors.06:05
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sougatatsyj2007, http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/06:05
jsoftwbastidrazor: thanks06:06
usr_how can I find and delete duplicated files?06:06
raidousr_: http://www.pixelbeat.org/fslint/06:06
tsyj2007sougata: yeah,thanks..but i want to install it in ubuntu10.0406:06
jiltdilwaxrose: then why bash is mostly used06:06
tsyj2007sougata: you know i want to install it using "apt-get install .."06:07
ur2d2rIs anyone familiar with VirtualBox?06:07
tsyj2007ur2d2r: what's wrong?06:07
ActionParsnipusr_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64788306:08
sougatatsyj2007, download the zip file and extract it in /usr/lib/jvm/06:08
ActionParsnipur2d2r: I'm sure many people are06:08
ZiberHow can I get /etc/update-motd.d/ not to run?06:08
ncuster@taran IIRC its in: /etc/cups/cupsd.conf06:08
ActionParsnipusr_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfST-S5PNSA06:08
tsyj2007sougata: heh.thanks...right06:08
bastidrazorjsoftw: you're welcome06:08
sougatatsyj2007, I guess openJDK is default for Lucid06:08
ur2d2rtsyj2007: I don't understand this: "The VirtualBox Guest Additions for all supported guest operating systems are provided as a single CD-ROM image file which is called VBoxGuestAdditions.iso. This image file is located in the installation directory of VirtualBox. To install the Guest Additions for a particular VM, you mount this ISO file in your VM as a virtual CD-ROM and install from there."06:08
bastidrazorZiber: the files in that directory.. take away the execute bit06:08
tsyj2007sougata: yes06:09
sougatatsyj2007, yw06:09
ActionParsnipur2d2r: ok then set it to download. What OS is the guest?06:09
ur2d2rIs the "Guest" the os in the box?06:09
Ziberbastidrazor: ty :)06:09
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noonianur2d2r, basically, the addons are provided as a virtual cd rom that you open from whichever os you are running inside virtualbox06:09
waxrosejiltdil, bash has more features improved off of sh06:09
rado_anybody know some about aoss?06:09
tsyj2007ur2d2r: yes06:10
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest92294
ur2d2rUbuntu 10.1006:10
Felix00can i send a email (with attachments) to a external email account with 'mail'? by external y mean @hotmail.com and so. The MUST is to send emails, with files attached to a gmail or hotmail account using console06:10
tsyj2007ur2d2r: it means the os you install in the box06:10
usr_ActionParsnip, raido thanks guys you rock!06:10
ur2d2rtsyj2007: I've downloaded the "guest additions" package but, don't know what to do to get my vm to view in fullscreen.06:11
ActionParsnipur2d2r: ok then set the ISO to download, then shutdown the OS and set the ISO to be mounted at boot and you can run the script you need to install the extras06:11
waxrosejiltdil, There are many different shells besides those two.06:11
noonianur2d2r, I think ctrl + f will do full screen06:11
tsyj2007ur2d2r: just click file06:11
tsyj2007ur2d2r: just click "file"menu06:12
ur2d2rtsyj2007: I've already downloaded the file though package manager, right?06:12
tsyj2007ur2d2r: ypu can see the full item06:12
bullgard[Maverick] What is the filename of the directory GNOME > System > Preferences >Startup Applications« > (Startup Applications Preferences) > Startup Programs > Additional Startup programs: ?06:12
tsyj2007ur2d2r: but have y get the iso file06:13
tsyj2007ur2d2r: it is the image file06:13
waxrosejiltdil, Check out http://tldp.org/guides.html06:13
ZacLnxNewbI have an Asus 1201n Netbook with a recovery partition, I've used ubuntu dual booting, and I think the grub boot loader has made it inaccessible06:13
ur2d2rtsyj2007: where would it be to see?06:14
ActionParsnipur2d2r: no its downloaded using the menu item when the guest is running: http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers/2008/virtualbox-install-guest-additions.jpg06:14
ZacLnxNewbI'd like to reinstall windows, and then ubuntu to dual boot06:14
ZacLnxNewbI'm currently using a usb flash drive to live cd ubuntu netbook06:14
tsyj2007ur2d2r: ok,which os do you want to install in the box06:14
ur2d2r<------ Newbie extreme. Doesn't understand ANY lingo.06:15
ur2d2rtsyj2007: I have ubuntu 10.10 and am happy with it.06:15
ur2d2rin th ebox06:15
ActionParsnipur2d2r: thats why I gave the screenshot...06:15
ur2d2rtsyj2007: It just wont open in fullscreem06:15
ZacLnxNewbI can't reinstall windows 7 because I can't access the recovery partition. :(06:15
ur2d2rsomeone here said to download additons guest so i did06:16
ur2d2rreading th emanual hasn't helped06:16
noonianur2d2r, you need to mount the iso for the additions from the os you are virtualizing06:16
iflema!grub2 | ZacLnxNewb grub should list the recovery partition and youmay need to /join ##windows06:17
ubottuZacLnxNewb grub should list the recovery partition and youmay need to /join ##windows: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:17
tsyj2007ur2d2r: ok,you can enter the ubuntu os  and adjust the Resolution06:17
tsyj2007ur2d2r: it is in the system menu06:17
ActionParsnipur2d2r: ok, shutdown the guest and set the ISO to mount just like you did when you installed the guest OS06:18
ur2d2rI just followed your screensg\hot instructions06:18
tsyj2007ur2d2r: system->preference->Resolution06:18
ZacLnxNewbubottu:  Thanks.  Actually, at first I CAN access the windows recovery partition, but after starting it, it seems it restarts the PC and then I get a grub "Cannot recognize filesystem" error or something similar06:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:18
ur2d2rtsyj2007: i dont have system>preferences>resolution06:19
ur2d2rno reso in preferences06:19
noonianI think you need the guest additions to make virtualbox go fullscreen, I remember having to install them for usb support also06:20
ActionParsnipur2d2r: once you install the additions, the res will be fine06:20
tsyj2007ur2d2r: is your host "windows" os06:20
Felix00i need to send a email to a gmail account with attachments using console. is that possible?06:21
ActionParsnipur2d2r: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2LXJSuQOLs06:21
ur2d2rtsyj2007:  Monitors is set to 800X600(4:3) and chant be changed06:21
ZacLnxNewbActually, I CAN access the recovery partition at first, but when I try to run it, it seems to restart and then the I get "grub resure>" and "error: unrecognized file system" or something like that.06:21
bastidrazorFelix00: mutt06:21
ur2d2ryes Win7 os06:21
ActionParsnipur2d2r: that vid will show you what to do06:22
tsyj2007ur2d2r: ok,you can install virtualbox tools06:22
tsyj2007ur2d2r: it is in the menu06:22
tsyj2007ur2d2r: when you complete it ,you must restart the guest'06:23
ur2d2rok watching this video first and then i'll restart06:23
bullgard[Maverick] What is the filename of the directory GNOME > System > Preferences > Startup Applications« > (Startup Applications Preferences) > Startup Programs > Additional Startup programs: ?06:23
ZacLnxNewbI can't reinstall windows from my recovery partition06:26
ActionParsnipZacLnxNewb: contact your seller. Windows installs arent supported here06:28
ActionParsnipZacLnxNewb: you could ask in ~~windows06:28
FrozenFireIs it relatively safe to enlarge an ext4 partition which houses my /home? Of course, I'd have to do it from a Live CD, but I don't really have to worry *too much* about data loss, do I? I have backups of essential files, but I'd be a bit choked if I lost my data (new torrents, etc).06:29
ActionParsnipFrozenFire: should be ok06:30
jamiewanFrozenFire, you should be rite mate, not a problem for me ever06:30
FrozenFireI had seen a forum post about ext4 resizing being decidedly broken for 9.04's Live CD. That's fixed in 10.10, yes?06:31
ZacLnxNewbActionParsnip:  The problem only happened because of ubuntu's grub boot loader06:32
ActionParsnipZacLnxNewb: you are stil installing windows06:32
ZacLnxNewbActionParsnip: I think I've found the answer though06:32
ZacLnxNewbActionParsnip:  The problem is entirely related to ubuntu06:32
FrozenFireZacLnxNewb: I think what he's getting at is that the problem is with Windows not playing nicely with dual-booting, and thus it's not something that the channel provides support for.06:33
FrozenFireWhile it may be a result of something Ubuntu *did*, it's not a problem caused by Ubuntu directly.06:33
=== Moose is now known as Guest20418
FrozenFireMost notably, Windows likes to hijack the MBR on install, which is why one should always install Windows first, so it doesn't mess things up.06:34
vague_dudegoodbye ubuntuers06:35
ur2d2rActionParsnip: I rebooted ubuntu (in vbox) and tried to follow the instructions in the video but, the iso image for guest additions is not coming up on the desktop. Please advise?06:41
ur2d2rActionParsnip: The reason why I downloaded the guest additions is bc someone here said it would fix my VirtualBox screen from a window to fullscreen.06:43
tsyj2007ur2d2r: does't work06:44
tsyj2007ur2d2r: does't it work?06:44
ur2d2rActionParsnip: when I use CTRL + F it switches to fullscreen but it is still a window with a 5" black coarder around it.06:44
ur2d2r<tsyj2007> no06:45
ur2d2r<tsyj2007> I just want my VirtualBox to use my full monitor06:45
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: have you installed the virtualbox additions06:46
tsyj2007ur2d2r: yeah i know06:46
ur2d2ryes I believe I have06:46
ur2d2r<tsyj2007> I installed the guest additions package06:46
tsyj2007ur2d2r: i once install xp06:46
ur2d2r<tsyj2007> Win706:47
tsyj2007ur2d2r: i once install xp in the box06:47
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: If you have and it is working right you should be able to use seamless mode or full screen06:47
adammw111Hi, what command should I use to rebuild my /boot partition?06:47
ur2d2rhow do I change these settings?06:47
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: what settings are you referring to?06:47
ur2d2rresolution size?06:47
tsyj2007ur2d2r: you try system->preference->reso06:48
AcrimoniousGoronyou can just right click or something and change to full screen06:48
AcrimoniousGoronits a virtualbox option06:48
ur2d2r<tsyj2007> My monitor is 22" and the Virtual Box is only using an 8"x10" window in the center of my screen.06:48
tsyj2007ur2d2r: o06:49
ur2d2rwhile in fullscreen mode06:49
AcrimoniousGoronI've never installed anything other Linux distributions in VBox but installing the guest additions has fixed that issue about 95% of the time06:49
parasolu need to install the guest addon06:49
parasoland then reboot, then you can resize it to any resolution u want06:49
AcrimoniousGoronyeah if you haven't rebooted the machine you have to do that06:50
AcrimoniousGoronvirtual machine that is06:50
ur2d2rI installed the guest add on but I haven't been able to figure out how to install or "Use" it.06:50
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: how did you install it06:50
parasolits like a driver06:50
parasoljust reboot it06:50
ur2d2rPackage is installed though06:50
parasolthen try resizing it06:50
ur2d2rinstalled through package manager06:50
ur2d2rI just rebooted06:51
tsyj2007ur2d2r: can't do it like that06:51
ur2d2rnothing changed06:51
parasoli dunno about package manager06:51
Kribsis the best way to install the latest kde standard desktop through the synaptic manager?06:51
parasolu gotta isntall it thru the menu, it mounts like a CD drive06:51
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: I've never heard of installing guest additions through a package manager.06:51
ur2d2rinstall through the menu?????06:51
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: aren't you virtualizing windows? it has no package manager06:51
tsyj2007ur2d2r: parasol is right06:52
HF_acidur2d2r: you have to install it on the virtual machine, not the host06:52
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: when you're in the virtual OS, the guest additions mounts as a CD. There is an installer on the "CD". You install that06:52
ur2d2rok how do I check if its there? if i go to installed packages it shows up?06:52
ur2d2rI installed it through the os on the06:53
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: you cant install it on the host machine, like acid said. I'm not sure how to check06:53
ur2d2rI didnt install through host06:53
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: if a cd was mounted in the virtual os and you ran the guest additions installer it should be installed06:53
ur2d2rthe only os i have on the machine is ubuntu 10.1006:53
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: all you should have to do is reboot for it to take effect06:53
parasolyou have to install the guest addon, one of the menu on the your virtual box unbuntu window, it will mount as a cd, open it, and there should be a notice that says install script notice, its like an autorun file. just click that06:54
ur2d2ri installed through ubuntu on the box06:54
ur2d2rI dont know how to mount a cd06:54
HF_acidur2d2r: it's an option in the menu system of virtual box06:54
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: I'm pretty sure if you just click on the guest additions it will mount it for you06:55
ur2d2ropen it where?06:55
AcrimoniousGoronyeah, in the VBox menu06:55
croessnerHi, is there some way to get the Intel integrated i5 GPU running under Maverick with compiz?06:55
ur2d2rIt didnt work06:55
parasoljust go there06:55
ur2d2rnothing happened when clicking guest add ons06:55
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: what didn't work? what exactly did it say, do, etc06:55
parasolit should mount like a CD on your ubuntu, should show up on your desktop06:55
ur2d2rnothing happened. Nothing06:56
ur2d2rI clicked add on button in menu 10 times. Nothing has happened any time06:56
ur2d2rsaid nothing did nothing06:56
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: ok06:56
ur2d2ris not on the desktop06:57
ActionParsnipur2d2r: if you shutdown the guest then set the ISO to be mounted at boot, it will show06:57
ur2d2ri dont understand this if you shutdown the guest then set the ISO to be mounted at boot, it will show06:57
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: Go to the main Virtual box window.06:57
ur2d2rnow what06:58
AcrimoniousGoronClick on the OS that you have virtualized, under the "new", "settings" etc buttons06:58
AcrimoniousGoronGood so far?06:58
adammw111Hi, are there any instructions on how to recover a /boot partition for Ubuntu?06:58
AcrimoniousGoronur2d2r: now click on settings06:59
ur2d2rgo on06:59
AcrimoniousGoronthen storage06:59
Kribswhich kde version is linked in the synaptic ?06:59
AcrimoniousGoronclick on the thing right under "IDE controller"06:59
ur2d2rsettings is not highlighted07:00
AcrimoniousGoronIf you have an OS setup and click on it you should be able to click on settings07:00
ur2d2r<AcrimoniousGoron> the os is highlighted but the settings is not07:01
AcrimoniousGoronI can't imagine why it wouldn't be, I've never seen that issue07:01
AcrimoniousGoronright click on the OS and then choose settings07:01
ur2d2ris it bc I'm using th eos in the box?07:01
ur2d2r<AcrimoniousGoron> it seems like it doesnt want me to change anything while its running07:02
AcrimoniousGoronif you have it running then yeah, you cant do anything07:02
AcrimoniousGoronyou have to shut the virtual machine down07:03
ur2d2rI have xchat installed in windows can i access this chat from there?07:03
ur2d2rwin7 host07:03
AcrimoniousGoronShould be able to, the channel is the same07:03
AcrimoniousGoron#ubuntu on irc.freenode.net07:03
AcrimoniousGoronCooltux, what witchcraft is that?!07:04
croessnerAm I right here in this channel for asking graphics card compiz solutions?07:04
AcrimoniousGoroncroessner: I dont see why not07:04
AcrimoniousGoronI just don't know the answer07:05
Kribscompiz fusion07:05
AcrimoniousGoronIf you try to enable extra effects what does it do croessner?07:05
CoOltuxAcrimoniousGoron do you like it??? :P07:05
AcrimoniousGoronCoOltux: not exactly sure what it is07:05
CoOltuxit's my desktop07:05
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, it tells me that it can not enable it07:05
Kribsits the matrix07:05
croessnerBut I have 3D07:05
AcrimoniousGoronWhat exactly does it say07:06
AcrimoniousGoronand what exactly did you do to get that response07:06
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, at the moment I can not test it, because I use the "real" fglrx card. I have very bad eyes and need the neg-plugin in compiz. So I use the HD6850 right now for daily working. But this uses lots of energy07:07
dr0idhi, chrome not closing. how can I force chrome to close ?07:07
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, I only clicked on the "normal" effects and then it told me that it can not be activated07:08
CoOltuxdr0id use killall07:08
dr0idI tried killall -l chrome07:08
dr0idno luck07:08
dr0idgave me some weird output07:08
AcrimoniousGoroncroessner: so you say you have an i5?07:08
dr0idCoOltux: any idea ?07:09
AcrimoniousGoronand you don't want to use the video card for normal use07:09
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron yes07:09
AcrimoniousGoronare you disabling the video card somehow?07:09
AcrimoniousGoronI don't follow completely07:09
jamiewandr0id, run top in a terminal find the pid number and then sudo kill -9 pid07:09
dr0idok, thanks07:09
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, at moment the BIOS disables it. I can choose which card to use there07:09
CoOltuxdr0id try xkill07:10
=== Guest92294 is now known as DarkDevil
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, if i5 worked, I would unplug the card and only put it back in, for gaming. Which is once in 2 years :)07:10
mehdi_do we have channel for aircrack?07:10
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest83837
AcrimoniousGoroncroessner: It is possible there may not be a suitable i5 driver for the compiz effects07:12
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, I thought there might exist some WHITELIST variable for compiz_manager or so, but could not find information on the web07:12
AcrimoniousGoronor the i5 may not be capable of it, although I would find that strange if that were the case07:12
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, ah ok07:12
AcrimoniousGorona driver issue is more likely07:13
gartralAcrimoniousGoron: which i5?07:13
AcrimoniousGoronI don't know, ask croessner07:13
gartralcroessner: which i5?07:13
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, well I have shadows and the avant-window navigator works. Guess 3D in general is working. But compiz, no idea.07:13
johnwroachiiiIs is possible to run Links2 in graphics mode without root privileges?07:14
croessnergartral, how can I find out which i5?07:14
croessnergartral,model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         650  @ 3.20GHz07:14
gartralcroessner: i couldn't tell you, nvm07:14
AcrimoniousGoroncroessner: do you have the box for the processor?07:14
gartralohh that's a nice one07:14
croessnerAcrimoniousGoron, that means GPU support over the board chipset? Yes07:15
Ex_i've got a wireless problem anyone know why i would be able to connect but not ping any other machine on the network or get out to the internet07:16
johnwroachiiiEx_:I had that problem before. I had to manually add my gateway via route.07:16
Ex_right on i'll try it out thanks07:17
croessnerIf I knew it worked in Natty, I would upgrade (not being a newbie)07:17
jleg94Hello world07:19
gartralWorld Not Found07:20
biggmachey can i get some help?07:20
jleg94what do you need07:20
gartral!help biggmac07:20
biggmacI cant get my wireless to work07:20
gartral!help | biggmac07:21
ubottubiggmac: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:21
biggmacsays its disabled07:21
gartralinstall the right driver?07:21
biggmacI've updated everything i can think of07:21
jleg94do an lsmod07:21
jleg94do a07:21
gartralhave you restarted the networking damon?07:21
jleg94sudo lsmod | grep 8021107:22
biggmachow do i restart that?07:22
gartralsudo restart network07:22
biggmacmac80211              267099  2 ath9k,ath9k_common07:22
biggmaccfg80211              170485  4 ath9k,ath9k_common,ath,mac8021107:22
jleg94okay so the drivers appear to be loaded07:23
jleg94that's a good sign07:23
biggmacive been working on this issue over two weeks07:23
jleg94wow that sucks07:23
jleg94so did you restart the network like gartral said?07:24
biggmacgart unknown job...07:24
jleg94sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:24
jleg94that's the correct command07:24
Corleonebiggmc whats the problem?07:24
Corleonei got my networking working after 2 days07:24
biggmac* Reconfiguring network interfaces...                                          Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.07:25
biggmac                                                                         [ OK ]07:25
sougatawhat was the fix ?07:25
Corleoneyeah sougata: whats up lol07:25
gartralmy Atheros chipset just works, thankfully07:25
jleg94sudo ifconfig wlan0 up07:25
biggmacnope still down07:25
Corleoneokay well initially all my commands was in /etc/rc.local, then i put them into the /etc/network/interfaces instead and it worked07:25
Corleonethats for the WEP enabled07:25
sougataAha , cool07:26
biggmacSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill07:26
jleg94that does not sound good07:26
Corleonehey sougata, any recommendations on what wireless card to get for my ubuntu server??07:26
Jordan_Ubiggmac: Do you have a wireless kill switch on your laptop?07:27
smbhelphas anyone else had problems getting network shares to show up in Places>Network>Workgroup?  I can't seem to get Ubuntu to connect to a NAS unless I type nautilus smb:// and I've read a ton of posts, but they seem to be outdated for Ubuntu 10.10.07:27
=== root_ is now known as stag-reseau7
jleg94i've been messing with smb a lot lately07:27
Jordan_Ubiggmac: Is it set to the position where wireless is not disabled?07:27
jleg94can i see your smb.conf07:27
smbhelpwhich one?  on the nas or my computer?07:28
jleg94on your comp07:28
smbhelpboth are default and I have smbclient on the computer07:28
biggmacno man07:28
sougatabiggmac, rfkill list07:28
smbhelpso do I even need to mess with the smb.conf on the computer since I'm not using smbd on the comp?07:29
jleg94smbhelp: are both running ubuntu?07:29
rockfruit_Hi!  Why does the gnome panel have a seperate applet to display my Network status (an docked apps like XChat), when my Volume/Battery/Mail/Bluetooth are all in a proper systray looking thing?  Is there an app that will allow me to combine them?  The "network status / apps" bar leaves ugly gaps in my panel when icons are removed07:29
biggmac0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN07:29
biggmacSoft blocked: yes07:29
biggmacHard blocked: no07:29
sougatasudo rfkill unblock 007:29
smbhelpjleg94, no, the router is running dd-wrt and smbd under it and my computer is running ubuntu07:30
Corleonelol thats probably ur answer there biggmac07:30
jleg94okay, so do you know what the name of the workgroup on the router is?07:30
smbhelpjleg94, my windows machines have no problem seeing it07:30
biggmacbiggmac@Nuke-Unix:~$ sudo rfkill unblock 007:30
biggmacbiggmac@Nuke-Unix:~$ rfkill list07:30
biggmac0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN07:30
biggmacHard blocked: yes07:31
smbhelpjleg94, yes, workgroup is it07:31
KE1HAHi guys, more a general question than UB specific, but anyone know off hand a quick way to get a file size from an open FTP server?07:31
sougatasudo ifconfig wlan0 up07:31
jleg94smbhelp, any authentication required?07:31
smbhelpjleg and thats the default in smb.conf as well, right?07:31
biggmacSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill07:31
smbhelpjleg94, no, guest account and full access07:31
Corleonebiggmac do this : sudo su07:31
Corleonethen repeat the command07:31
jleg94smbhelp, okay. and yes by default it is set to use workgroup.07:32
KE1HAshould have said, via command line not through a GUI tool07:32
jleg94smbhelp, you may want to try specifying a couple other parameters though on top of the default configuration07:32
smbhelpjleg94, when I do 'smbclient --list= --user=guest --no-pass' it sees the share but wont let me browse to it07:33
cryptodirawhat is the process for installing 10.10 FROM a cd via cli as an upgrade to 10.04?07:33
Jordan_U!upgrade | cryptodira07:33
smbhelpjleg94, and mapping it using nautilus smb://... is dumb b/c it wont show up in other programs as a place to save or load from07:33
ubottucryptodira: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:33
jleg94smbhelp, alright. try seeing if this helps. edit your smb.conf and add the line "netbios name = hostname" under global07:34
biggmacjordan_U was that to me?07:34
Jordan_Ubiggmac: No.07:34
smbhelpjleg94, edit smb.conf on computer or router?07:34
biggmacim out of ideas07:34
jleg94smbhelp, the computer07:34
cryptodiraJordan_U,  Thank You.07:35
Jordan_Ucryptodira: You're welcome.07:35
jleg94smbhelp, also change "wins support = no" to yes07:35
jleg94smbhelp, save that and then install winbind. Once that's done restart samba and cross your fingers07:36
biggmacAnyone have any other ideas?07:36
jleg94smbhelp, you may need to restart networking as well too07:37
smbhelpjleg94, this is starting to sound a lot like a post I read... but will try07:37
depeszhi. perhaps i'm missing something obvious, but how can I run samba? I did install samba and smbfs packages, yet there is no /etc/samba and I can't find any configuration for it ?!07:37
fredhamiwhat does ubuntu use for security software to you know scan emails downloads for any pestsy viruses?07:37
jpdsfredhami: clamscan.07:37
jpdsfredhami: Better put: clamav.07:37
jpds!info clamav | fredhami07:38
ubottufredhami: clamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.96.5+dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.10.2 (maverick), package size 323 kB, installed size 592 kB07:38
fredhamiis clamscan in the software center and can I download from there?07:38
jleg94smbhelp, alright just tell me if you have any more trouble07:38
jpdsfredhami: Yes.07:38
fredhamijpds thanks Ill check it out07:38
neil_dI am having trouble with java sound in firefox.. when I go to the site ... http://www.javasonics.com/support/record_play_rates.html ... to test java out.. I get the error message "Caught java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (javax.sound.sampled.AudioPermission record)" ... how do I fix this?07:38
Abhijit!security | fredhami07:39
ubottufredhami: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server07:39
jleg94Hey can anyone take a look at this for me? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10536019#post10536019 It's been driving me nuts07:39
biggmac0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN07:39
biggmacSoft blocked: yes07:39
biggmacHard blocked: no07:39
biggmaci got it to change from hard block how do i change the other07:40
Corleonebiggmac what laptop do you have07:41
jamiewanylmf, ask your question07:42
biggmacgateway nv73a0307:42
biggmacamd 64bit07:43
ylmfGood afternoon07:43
vish!cn | ylmf07:43
ubottuylmf: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:43
jleg94bigmac, do you know the exact model of the wireless card?07:44
biggmaci can find it in windows i dont remember here07:44
jleg94bigmac, could you do a "lspci" and show me the output07:44
biggmac6:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)07:45
neil_dI am having trouble with java sound in firefox.. when I go to the site ... http://www.javasonics.com/support/record_play_rates.html ... to test java out.. I get the error message "Caught java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (javax.sound.sampled.AudioPermission record)" ... how do I fix this?07:46
jleg94biggmac, you wouldn't perhaps have the windows driver disc for the wireless card would ya?07:46
jhonnyhola  necesito ayuda07:46
biggmacdidnt come with one but i have the drivers d/led and i installed the windows drivers app and install it07:47
JamezQOkay, I have a headless server. My dad connected with new router, so to make the server work I simply edited /etc/network/interfaces and boom, it can serve up pages again. However, it can no longer connect to the outside would internally, meaning, I can't "ping" anything, or open google in w3m.07:47
JamezQAnyway know anything about this problem?07:47
JamezQaha! I found something, it can ping by ip, not by name, that is important I am sure. but what does it "mean"?07:49
thesheff17_JamezQ: the dns servers changed change /etc/resolve.conf to the new DNS servers.07:50
JamezQthesheff17: I'll try it07:50
sougatabiggmac, modprobe ath_pci rfkill=007:50
JamezQthesheff17: That fixed it, your awesome.07:51
biggmacFATAL: Module ath_pci not found.07:51
thesheff17_JamezQ: np07:52
sougataI guess you should download that module07:53
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sougatabiggmac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20324207:54
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WXZI need a text editor07:56
WXZwhere I can have collapsable text07:56
fredhamijpds, Abhijit, and ubottu it seems that clamav is install in ubuntu as defualt, out of the box. You can scan email attachments downloaded in your download file by typing clamscan -r /downloads07:57
WXZbold, underline, italic, highlight formats are also needed07:57
JamezQWXZ: For what kind of work?07:58
WXZjust for taking notes07:59
WXZlike for example if I have a list of rhetorical devices07:59
WXZI want to be able to write all the examples of those rhetorical devices07:59
WXZwithout it crowding everything up08:00
WXZwell not *all* the examples, but some08:00
webpower_hi all08:00
JamezQthe collapsible text, thats a toughie.08:00
webpower_i have a problem with my ati radeon 920008:00
webpower_3d is disabled08:00
WXZtomboy notes is really good, but it's getting hard scrolling through everything08:00
JamezQI really only see that for programming, and that is were you will not see any more styling that is not autmatic.08:00
WXZyeah, I know code folding08:01
JamezQyea, I have not seen it other places really08:01
WXZI might have to write a tomboy plugin for that :(08:01
JamezQdo it :)08:01
WXZok, back to #tomboy08:01
JamezQwebpower_: Have you looked in "Hardware drivers"08:01
JamezQWXZ: Sorry :(08:01
webpower_JamezQ, yes08:02
webpower_i've used this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx08:02
dr0idso I do "grep -d recurse term grep" but I dun want to recurse, what shall I do then ?08:02
webpower_my card doesn't accelerate video decoding, and Catalyst dropped support for it a long time ago08:02
JamezQwhat do you want dr0id?08:03
dr0idto just search the files in the dir, and not in subdirs08:03
ndlovuI have a weird issue that firefox sometimes just disappears, although I know it's still running (not crashed). anyone know how to get it back?08:04
JamezQwell why not use "ls partialnam*"08:06
JamezQin that dir08:06
alien51hey can someone help me08:08
alien51msg me if u have time08:08
ActionParsnipalien51: ask and see08:08
alien51im having truble w/ awus603h08:09
alien51it dosnt inj08:09
ActionParsnipAlien51: what is one of those?08:10
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
=== Guest83837 is now known as DarkDevil
ActionParsnipAlien51: what is an awus603h please?08:11
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest13298
alien51its a external addaptor08:11
alien51it opens in airmon-ng08:12
ActionParsnipAlien51: for what!?08:12
ActionParsnipAlien51: oh a wireless usb adapter?08:12
=== jh is now known as Guest72984
Guest72984rerouting video08:13
dr0idso I do "grep -d recurse term grep" but I dun want to recurse, what shall I do then ? I just want to search all the files in the grep dir, not in the subdirs08:13
alien51i just cant get a handshake08:13
Guest72984need to reroute video08:14
ActionParsnipAlien51: if you can give FULL details instead of me having to get them in this way its faster08:14
faLUCEHi. I have an application that takes control of /dev/dsp.  When this application is active, I can't hear audio with other applications (i.e: players, browser etc.). What can I do?08:14
Corleonealien51: type lsusb and type the output here please08:14
JamezQdr0id: Here: find Videos/ -maxdepth 1 | grep searchterm08:15
Jordan_Udr0id: for file in /path/to/directory/*; do grep foo "$file"; done08:15
ActionParsnipAlien51: ok if you run: sudo iwlist scan  do you see networks?08:15
JamezQoh lol...08:15
alien51eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0c:29:27:6c:0a08:15
alien51          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
alien51          inet6 addr: fe80::20c:29ff:fe27:6c0a/64 Scope:Link08:15
alien51          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:108:15
alien51          RX packets:16606 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:008:15
alien51          TX packets:16647 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:008:15
FloodBot2alien51: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:15
JamezQMine is cleaner Jordan_U :P08:15
dr0idJordan_U: really not sure what you mean :(08:16
ActionParsnipAlien51:  can you also give the output of: lsb_release -d08:16
JamezQdr0id: It's just some bash, it checks every file in the directory for the term08:16
dr0idI want to do, grep term files_in_a_dir_but_not_the_dirs_in_that_dir :)08:16
JamezQOH, just files08:16
Jordan_Udr0id: Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to do.08:16
dr0idso just level 1 files, i don't want it to grep in the files that are in the subdirs08:17
dr0idhope I make sense now ?08:17
geirhadr0id: find * -prune -type f -exec grep term {} +08:17
nishantHow do I monitor battery from terminal ?08:18
JamezQnishant: byobu works08:18
geirhadr0id: or just grep term *08:18
nishantI am planning to go to init 3 and need to cacl my power consumption08:18
dr0idthanks :D08:18
ActionParsnipAlien51: what is the output of: lsb_release -a08:18
vitociao a tutti08:19
WXZI need a text editor where I can have collapsible text08:19
=== vito is now known as Guest73542
nishantJamezQ, where is battery info on Byobu08:20
JamezQif it doesn't show up by default08:20
JamezQuse F908:20
faLUCEanother question. timidity works only with oss. when I try alsa (timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os) I can't hear audio. what could it be?08:20
JamezQand go to toggle status notifications08:21
JamezQyou will see "battery"08:21
alien51eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0c:29:27:6c:0a08:21
alien51          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
alien51          inet6 addr: fe80::20c:29ff:fe27:6c0a/64 Scope:Link08:21
alien51          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:108:21
FloodBot2alien51: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:21
alien51          RX packets:16606 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:008:21
behel1tis there anyway to get rid of tearing when playing 1080p content with compiz enabled, nvidia 330m, vdpau installed, i5 540m08:23
natrixnatrix89Why after installing nvidia proprietary drivers does ubuntu splash screen look so bad?08:24
tensorpuddingnatrixnatrix89: what exactly is wrong with it08:24
DandyKoffincan someone tell me how to install a .tgz?08:25
natrixnatrix89it doesn't look as clean as it looked before installing drivers08:25
natrixnatrix89but everything works08:25
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: the driver hasn't loaded i'll grab a guide08:25
tensorpuddingit might be that it has changed dpi08:25
tensorpuddingthat used to happen to me when using nvidia drivers08:25
twitch!gz | DandyKoffin08:25
ubottuDandyKoffin: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression08:25
nishantit shows 99% JamezQ  wonder if I can see in time too . Because I need to test how much bat it consumes in init 3 momde08:25
natrixnatrix89also tty1 has a much smaller resolution08:25
tensorpuddingnothing that nvidia-xconfig can't fix08:25
natrixnatrix89but after everything loads it works ok08:25
redAnyone has any idea how I could pitch down my line in on-the-fly?08:26
tensorpuddingDandyKoffin: tgz is just an archive format, there may not be anything installable in it08:26
redI'd like to play a prank on my friend over skype :) It's easily done in audacity, but I'd want to do that live08:26
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: im just wondering why tty has a smaller resolution after installing nvidia driver08:26
DandyKoffintensorpudding, sorry yeah. I guess, how do I install a program that comes in that format?08:26
Untouchab1ethere is something wrong with my swap it seems. Firstly, I cant hibernate or suspend (the menu options arent even there).. secondly, blkid shows me two swap entries with different UID's but same partition (/dev/sda5)08:27
Untouchab1eany ideas?08:27
tensorpuddingDandyKoffin: you can think of source tarballs as boxed dinners08:27
Untouchab1ealso the "free"-command shows that the swap isnt being used.. at least it has "used=0"08:27
tensorpuddingthere's no one way that you cook them all08:27
tensorpuddingyou gotta read the instructions08:27
tensorpuddingusually in the README file, or the INSTALL file, or something similar08:28
napster! gnome08:28
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.08:28
DandyKoffintensorpudding, thank you for helping out this newbie08:28
napster! crunchbang08:28
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition08:28
tensorpuddinghowever unlike boxed dinners you usually need some prerequisites08:28
napster! cruncdhbang08:28
tensorpuddingwhich the instructions will hopefully describe to you08:28
tensorpuddingthere are no guarantees it can even run on your system though08:29
vish!msgthebot > napster08:29
ubottunapster, please see my private message08:29
napstervish: sorry, ty08:29
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: will make the boot use frame buffer driver which loads faster than nvidias and will give a fine boot screen. Nvidia driver will be used when the login screen arrives08:31
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: Yeah. Hmm. I'm gessing this will be fixed in the upcoming distributions?08:32
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: the distribution will always be the same. It will always be Ubuntu08:33
=== q^_^p is now known as `greenlight
natrixnatrix89I meant the next release..08:34
jnlsnl_How can I see all the commands for eg. firefox in my terminal? Like run in safemode, edit profiles etc.08:34
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: as for future RELEASES I am not sure. I always apply that to all systems I configure08:35
Untouchab1eAnyone? blkid shows two swap entries on the same partition but with different UUID's..08:35
ActionParsnipjnlsnl_: man firefox    maybe08:35
jnlsnl_ActionParsnip "No manual entry for firefox"08:36
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: So I just have to edit /etc/default/grub and that's it basically?08:36
jnlsnl_I usually google for help with commands, im just wondering :)08:36
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: if you run: sudo parted -l    do you see 2 swap partitions?08:36
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: I see one labeled "linux-swap"08:37
nishanti have sudo init 3 , but no response why ?08:37
recognoscojnlsnl_: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments08:38
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: its all in that link. Just follow it until you reach the embedded video08:38
DandyKoffintensorpudding, I unpacked the .tgz and created a directory, but I'm trying to run the program and it says "Permission denied"08:38
DandyKoffinoh he's gone08:39
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:39
DandyKoffinsomeone else then,  I unpacked the .tgz and created a directory, but I'm trying to run the program and it says "Permission denied"08:39
ActionParsnipDandyKoffin: is the program marked as executable?08:39
nishanthow do I go to a lower init level ? Say I dont gui for my current session08:39
DandyKoffinActionParsnip: I'm not sure, how do I check?08:39
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: but when I do a "cat /proc/swaps" I get two entries08:40
Untouchab1ebut they are both /dev/sda508:40
Untouchab1ebut different size :S08:40
ActionParsnipnishant: at login screen press CTRL+ALT+T08:40
nishantand how to be back ?08:40
recognosconishant: man telinit08:41
ActionParsnipDandyKoffin: chmod +x file08:41
JetBoyJetGirlnishant naik?08:41
ActionParsnipnishant: sorry, F1 not T08:41
nishantno .... why lol08:41
JetBoyJetGirlis that you bro?08:41
JetBoyJetGirl(my long lost twin)08:42
nishantnope lol , btw ActionParsnip and how to be back to GNOME session ?08:42
DandyKoffinthanks, ActionParsnip08:42
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: is it listed twice in /etc/fstab ?08:42
nishantActionParsnip, what about telinit 3 ?08:43
ActionParsnipnishant: CTRL+ALT+F708:43
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: nope, only once there08:43
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: does a reboot help?08:44
bullgardWhere can I find a definition of the 9 timings displayed in EtherApe > File > Preferences > Timings?08:44
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: nope.. still shows two entries08:44
=== anomie is now known as Guest59094
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: does: sudo blkid    show both swaps?08:45
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: yep, thats where they both appear08:46
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: then I've no idea dude but you know a little more to ask with later if nobody replies. Sorry man08:48
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: no worries mate08:48
Untouchab1ethanks for yoru help08:48
avernosalguien sabe de hardware que me ayude un poco?08:49
recognoscoUntouchab1e: did you try swapoff?08:49
Untouchab1erecognosco: i tried swapon? lol08:49
recognoscoUntouchab1e: swapoff and swapon are brothers08:49
avernosplaca base + cpu + fuente alimentacion = cpu roto, o placa base rota? la fuente la probe en otra makina08:49
Loshki!es | avernos08:50
Untouchab1erecognosco: did a sudo swapoff -a and a swapon -a08:50
ubottuavernos: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:50
Untouchab1ebut blkid still shows two swaps08:50
avernoslol, ty loshki08:50
recognoscomultiple swaps on the same parition?08:51
Untouchab1erecognosco: yep08:51
Untouchab1edifferent size though, which is odd08:51
Untouchab1eand fstab only shows one of them08:51
recognoscowhat does fdisk -l say?08:51
recognoscoor cat /etc/mtab08:51
mehdi_does anybody know anything about Edubuntu?08:52
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: can you swapoff the bad uuid and unmount the uuid too?08:52
Untouchab1erecognosco: fdisk only shows one partition08:53
onyxnzany body else having issues with Konversation? On wifes machine it starts, and tries to connect to %i port 6667...of course it never connects. I have check the konversationrc file, and even removed it so that I got a new one...no diff08:53
ActionParsnipMehdi_: in what way?08:53
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: Ill try08:54
bullgardmehdi_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edubuntu08:54
=== SuP` is now known as Sup|Away
ActionParsnip!away > Sup|Away08:55
ubottuSup|Away, please see my private message08:55
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: says "cannot find the device for UUID=88.....08:55
recognoscomehdi_: edubuntu is a customised ubuntu, with gnome and softwares for kids, afaik08:55
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: check: man umount08:55
mehdi_@ActionParsnip , @bullgard i went to institude they teach 3Dmax,Revit,etc  and i was wonder is it possible to use that?08:56
Untouchab1eIll just try to reformat the swap partition08:57
candreaUntouchab1e: please, can you pastebin the whole output of "cat /etc/fstab", "sudo blkid", "sudo fdisk -l" so that we can have a full overview of the situation?08:57
ActionParsnipmehdi_: its an official Canonical release so is supported here too08:57
Untouchab1ecandrea: sure, hold on08:57
Untouchab1egotta run and get something, but Ill be back in a sec08:57
RawChidHi, I'm translating Ubuntu. Can somebody explain what unmet dependencies are?08:57
ActionParsnipmehdi_: sure, the packages will be in the repos08:57
dr0idRawChid: translating to which language ?08:58
RawChidI've googled for unmet dependencies. But can use a backup explaination...08:59
Heroi got problem with linux08:59
ActionParsnipRawChid: in a package based OS each package may rely on others to exist and be a certain version to work08:59
z1l0gmissing ingredents08:59
RawChidI know...09:00
candreaRawChid: dependencies are between software packages, for example firefox depends on firefox-branding; when a dependecy can't be installed for some reason, it's called "unmet"09:00
RawChidunmet something different than 'broken'09:00
ActionParsnipRawChid: if the package is unavailable or not a sufficiently new version you will get the error09:00
RawChidSo unmet means: "dep. can not be installed" ?09:01
RawChidOr dep. package can't be installed09:01
Herowhen i stop moving mouse the music player not play well?09:01
Heroi don't know why :(09:01
z1l0gunplug mouse09:01
candreaRawChid: yep, exactly09:01
ActionParsnipRawChid: nothing is broken, you just can't install the package you desire09:02
Heroz1l0g: any solution else :((09:03
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
RawChidAnd broken dep. means: "The dep. is not 'satisfied', you need to install dep. packages"09:03
=== dejan_ is now known as config|sys
RawChidOke thnx for this! Now I'm sure I understand09:03
Untouchab1ecandrea: ahhh, wait, they are not the same partition.. one is sda5 and the other is sdb509:03
z1l0gHero: maybe turn off powersaving mode; might be that09:03
recognoscoUntouchab1e: :P09:03
candreaUntouchab1e: ;-)09:03
Heroz1l0g: how can i turn it off :-?09:04
Untouchab1eguess I can move on to the actual issue then09:04
Untouchab1ehibernate/suspend doesnt work09:04
ActionParsnipRawChid: yes once you satisfy deps the package will drop in09:04
Untouchab1eI just eventually get thrown back to the login screen09:04
lagHas anyone attempted to dist-upgrade recently?09:04
Untouchab1eI have this: http://www.linlap.com/wiki/hp+elitebook+8540w09:04
z1l0gHero: it's in the Preferences menu; click around until you find it09:04
lagUntouchab1e: File a but against the the kernel09:05
mika__hi i'd like to have lock the screen, but keeping showing what's open. I need it for showing firefox and a showcase of tabs (i've already found a plugin to do it), but others couldn't be able to use that pc.... is there a way to don't set the black screen on lock and keeping it active?09:05
Untouchab1elag: I will09:05
recognoscolag: i just did. nothing.09:07
milliganI have a server with a RAID controller in it. This morning, the RAID died, and I replaced a disk. I suspect the server is rebuilding on the array now. The system load of the server is over 400, and it's pretty much unusable. The RAID is a two disc mirror of 250GB. Vaguely, how long should I expect the rebuild to take.. ?09:07
lagrecognosco: All is working for you?09:08
Heroz1l0g: I found power management but i can't  see power saving mode any where09:08
recognoscolag: yeah. no issues.09:08
candreamika__: I don't know any software solution for your problem, put probably the best solution (if yours is a laptop) would be to close the screen and lock the pc09:09
lagrecognosco: Bugger - thanks anyway09:09
speciesmika__: your best bet would be to make a custom screensaver which just uses a screen shot before it starts up09:10
z1l0gHero: there should be a place to set spin-down times for discs, etc09:10
z1l0gHero: is this a desktop or laptop?09:10
speciesthere are already some screensavers which use the desktop background as part of an effect, maybe you can configure one of those to just display the screenshot09:10
rolandhi. Anyone knows how to get tftpd working?09:10
Serializedwhat error message are you getting roland?09:11
rolandSerialized: file not found09:11
recognoscomilligan: shouldn't that be a subjective answer depending upon your hardware?09:11
Heroz1l0g: I'm using laptop but I alway plug charger adapter09:11
=== Guest13298 is now known as DarkDevil
Heroz1l0g: :(09:11
Serializedis that the file that your trying to send yes?09:11
rolandSerialized: it doesn't matter, if I try to send or receive09:11
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest62822
SerializedOK, good luck roland09:12
z1l0gHero: and the music is... CD or MP3/OGG ?09:12
rolandSerialized: how do I know the daemon is running?09:12
Serializedps -A09:12
Serializedin the terminal09:12
Serializedyou could grep it to for a more finer search but i dont know what your daemon is called; i assume tftpd09:13
Heroz1l0g: all types of music, MP3, OOG, MPG, AVI, ... :(09:13
Heroz1l0g: I don't know any solution for this09:13
z1l0gHero: right, so it's not coming off the optical drive; that's what I want to know09:13
bullgardlag: 2 days ago I had no trouble.09:14
milliganrecognosco, definitely. That's why I was wondering, *vaguely*, what to expect.09:14
lagbullgard: Okay, thanks anyway09:15
recognoscomilligan: i found this http://kerneltrap.org/node/687709:15
candreaHero: what music player are you using?09:15
Herocandrea: I have tried a lot of players :((09:16
candreaHero: and this happens with every player?09:17
Herocandrea: yes09:17
mika__(crashed :( ): i'd like to have lock the screen, but keeping showing what's open. I need it for showing firefox and a showcase of tabs (i've already found a plugin to do it), but others couldn't be able to use that pc.... is there a way to don't set the black screen on lock and keeping it active?09:17
Herocandrea: even when i'm playing video09:17
z1l0gHero: well, the fact that it gets laggy when the mouse stops moving suggests the system is shifting into a lower power state09:18
Shai28mHello, I would like to know if its possible to use Iphone 4 internet to surf with Ubuntu on laptop ?09:18
z1l0g or the mouse is crapping out09:18
recognoscomilligan: a horror story - http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/Rebuild-of-RAID1-mirror-taking-a-long-time/td-p/952309:19
recognoscomilligan: i read that doing it from the BIOS takes the least amount of time,09:20
rolandSerialized: I found in some logfile: cannot set groups for user nobody09:23
DNDhi guys. i would like to know if i install ubuntu via windows, will it perfon the same as the one separately installed?09:23
=== johnwroa1hiii is now known as johnwroachiii
recognoscoDND: via windows? or inside a virtual machine inside windows?09:24
DNDrecognosco http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/windows-installer09:24
DNDis this a virtual machine?09:24
recognoscoDND: no that will be installed on your system hardware, yeah - doesn't matter how you install - should perform the same on the same hardware09:25
turneralexHey Guys. My file browser keeps crashing. I keep rebooting the machine with no luck. How can I debug this?09:25
High_Priestrecognosco, I think you are wrong09:25
Tm_T!wubi | DND09:25
ubottuDND: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe09:25
High_Priestrecognosco, my bad, you are not wrong09:26
DNDso this means after i install wubi, i can reboot and go to ubuntu right?09:26
recognoscoDND: yes09:26
High_PriestDND, yes09:26
Tm_TDND: yes, or to Windows09:26
DNDgreat. that's what i need09:26
Tm_TDND: if you want to get rid of the Windows at later point, you will have to reinstall Ubuntu too, though09:27
dr0idwhere does whatis search ?09:27
DNDwell i wanted ubuntu all the way but since im a tech support guy, i cannot just trash out windows09:27
turneralexDND, install ubuntu natively then run wine / virtual box09:28
jnlsnl_can always run a virtualbox :)09:28
turneralexDND, It's a better os.09:28
dirtydevilI am having a problem with my webcam. whenever I am launching cheeze its keep on saying09:28
dirtydevillibv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy09:28
dirtydevilSegmentation fault09:28
turneralexHey Guys. My file browser keeps crashing. I keep rebooting the machine with no luck. How can I debug this?09:28
dirtydevilcan anybody help me?09:29
DNDjnlsnl_ i can do that also. but it will be a difference. maybe i will just run ubuntu then windows Virtualbox09:29
jnlsnl_sounds like an good idea09:29
moltendorfHey there. I have Ubuntu Server 10.10 running on a dedicated box in my home, and I have its hostname set to moltx-mac, so I'm wondering how can I make it so I can connect to a website, etc on it by simply typing its hostname in my browser (i.e. http://moltx-mac )?09:29
turneralexWindows feels native on full screen virtual box.09:30
recognoscoturneralex: nautilus? dmesg says anything?09:30
DNDwell since im using core2duo and a 4gb ram, it will not be a problem09:30
dr0idwhere does whatis search ?09:31
phihag_https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-using.html#preseed-auto mentions a boot prompt. How do I get to that boot prompt?09:32
recognoscomoltendorf: from other computers in the local network?09:32
candreadr0id: in the manual pages used by man09:33
moltendorfrecognosco: I can access the server by typing in its IP (, but not by typing in "moltx-mac"09:33
recognoscomoltendorf: add the IP address of the server into /etc/hosts09:33
dr0idcandrea: are those manual pages stored on our computer ?09:33
bullgardWhere can I find a definition of the 9 timings displayed in EtherApe > File > Preferences > Timings?09:34
candreadr0id: see also the FILES section of "man whatis"09:34
turneralexHow does one restart nautilus?09:34
candreadr0id: yes, they are09:34
recognoscomoltendorf: i am pretty sure windows machines also has the host file09:34
moltendorfrecognoso: But that's not a scalable solution.09:34
recognoscomoltendorf: then get a DNS server for your LAN, like Bind09:34
moltendorfrecognosco: Unless you mean in the server's /etc/hosts?09:35
bullgardturneralex: '~$ nautilus'09:35
recognoscomoltendorf: read up on DNS systems09:35
turneralexbullgard, restart... That gives me errors for some reason. 'Failed to connect to the sessio manager:"09:36
moltendorfrecognosco: running DD-WRT on my router, which is using DNSMasq as an internal DNS server.09:36
recognoscomoltendorf: add an entry there09:36
bullgardturneralex: What response does '~$ nautilus' produce with you?09:37
turneralexbullgard, I'll pastebin09:37
dr0idcandrea: well, in the FILES section, for example I see "/usr/share/man/index.(bt|db|dir|pag)" but I can't find that file :/09:37
candreamoltendorf: from an another machine, what happens if you type "host server.ip.address"?09:37
turneralexbullgard, http://pastebin.com/624hHqZh09:37
High_Priestmoltendorf, how many machines as clients do you have in your network which will be accessing your server?09:38
moltendorfcandrea: On Linux? I'm SSH'd into the Ubuntu Server 10.10 box from my primary computer which is running Windows (the server has no display attached).09:38
candreadr0id: because it's one of the possible locations of the man pages where whatis looks for, but not the only one09:39
dr0idaah :)09:39
moltendorfHigh_Priest: 18 - 5009:39
High_Priestmoltendorf, you can go 2 ways - dns server or manually mapping hostname to IP on hosts file09:39
candreamoltendorf: the "host" command probably is also on windows, but I'm not sure09:39
recognoscoHigh_Priest: i already told him that, he doesn't like my idea09:40
moltendorfcandrea: Tried it, didn't work; firing up Ubuntu in a Virtual Box.09:40
bullgardturneralex: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbzr/+bug/694279 reports a similar error.09:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 694279 in QBzr "GLib-GIO:ERROR:/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.26.1/gio/gdbusconnection.c:2270:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL), when running as root" [Undecided,New]09:40
MosselmaniacOur company needs a webserver, a LAMP-installation, for internal use, so within the network domain. We developed with an external company a web application, which is currently running on a development server on their side. Now we want to migrate the application internally. But first question is: What hardware do i need for such a thing? We have 25 employees, expecting a max of 10 users working with the application concurrently.09:42
High_Priestcandrea, moltendorf, btw the command on winblows is nslookup09:42
phihag_Mosselmaniac: Anything from later than 2005 and larger than a cell phone09:43
recognoscomoltendorf: since you are runnign DD-WRT, assuming you're also using it as the DNS server for the LAN, just edit the /etc/hosts file and add an entry for your server09:43
turneralexbullgard, No luck. The work around doesnt work either. :(09:44
shcherbakMosselmaniac: Depense what load and technology you talk, your developer should give you statistics and stress test data.09:44
phihag_Mosselmaniac: Seriously, depends a little bit on what you're doing at the code and database, but any current workstation or server will suffice for 25 users09:44
moltendorfrecognosco: One moment, attempting that now.09:44
turneralexMosselmaniac, What hardware do you have?09:44
recognoscomoltendorf: the /etc/hosts file of the router09:44
Mosselmaniacturneralex: that is my questino, what should i buy.09:44
ganeshahow can i see ip of my computer??? please help09:45
turneralexMosselmaniac, I would just go for a small x86 system. If you want the 'IO' and redundancy features of a server, find a secondhand DL380 online09:45
turneralexLike a G3 or a G4 is all you need.09:45
phihag_ganesha: go to http://phihag.de/ip/09:45
recognoscoganesha: type: ifconfig09:45
High_Priestganesha, your own computer? what OS is it running? internal or external ip?09:45
Mosselmaniacshcherbak: 10 users, a typical CRUD-web-application... PHP5.09:46
turneralexThen install Ubuntu server on it, followed by LAMP and a wrapper if you'd fine it handy like webmin.09:46
DaveSiberiaI booted from a 10.10 liveCD Ubuntu comes up in command line mode, tried startX, it cannot, the log shows an error: AIGLX : dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/nouveau_vieux_dri.so failed. Any Ideas? I successfully booted from a Mint 8.0 CD and a puppy Linus CD. even an old Kubuntu Jaunty CD.09:46
moltendorfrecognosco: It's already there, but I think I know why it's not working properly.09:46
bullgardturneralex: http://www.andreas-glaser.com/ : "Solution: Instead of “update-manager -d” simply use “dbus-launch update-manager -d”"09:46
recognoscophihag_: that might show his public IP address and it will not be the ip address for his computer ;)09:46
High_Priestmoltendorf, does your router assing dns server address to clients? is it its own?09:46
turneralexAbout to neck myself over this, my ubuntu install keeps failing me, i've reinstalled twice and ughh. http://pastebin.com/624hHqZh now nautilus has stopped responding. What do?09:46
turneralexbullgard, Ahh thanks mate, i'll give it a shot :)09:47
MosselmaniacWhat is a g3?09:47
recognoscomoltendorf: nslookup seems to work fine09:47
phihag_recognosco: Sorry, my magic 8ball needs recalibration, and who cares about private IPs?09:47
Mosselmaniacturneralex; g3 / g4?09:48
moltendorfIPv4 DNS Server: (From connection details in windows 7)09:48
turneralexMosselmaniac, DL380 G3 or DL380 G4 - its a 2U server made by HP. Reall nice :)09:48
=== michael is now known as Guest42454
moltendorfBut, Ping request could not find host moltx-mac. Please check the name and try again.09:48
Mosselmaniacturneralex: where to buy and is it expensive?09:48
High_Priestmoltendorf, on the same (client) machine?09:49
recognoscophihag_: depends, right? you care about your private and public ip depending on what you're doing exactly.09:49
Mosselmaniacwow. 2.5K09:49
turneralexWell its an older model and look on ebay.09:49
turneralexMosselmaniac, Your in the netherlands yeah?09:49
phihag_moltendorf: What kind of device is Can you access its admin panel?09:49
Mosselmaniacturneralex: yes09:49
phihag_Mosselmaniac: "Real" servers w/ redundant power etc. start at 2-3 k€09:49
recognoscophihag_: it is a router running DD-WRT09:50
turneralexMosselmaniac, http://cgi.ebay.nl/HP-PROLIANT-DL380-G4-I-XEON-3400X2-4096-2X36-CD-SERVER-/250783730651?pt=DE_Technik_Computer_Peripherieger%C3%A4te_PC_Systeme&hash=item3a63e00bdb09:50
moltendorfNETGEAR WNDR3700 v109:50
High_Priestrecognosco, you can nslookup but you cant ping from the same client machine?09:50
moltendorfWireless Bridge is Linksys E3000 (also running DD-WRT)09:50
recognoscoHigh_Priest: it is moltendorf, not me. :P09:51
turneralexphihag_, The DL380 is as real as servers get, with lights out management and raid arrays. This just happens to be a couple of years out of date.09:51
High_Priestsorry, yeah :)09:51
phihag_recognosco: Well, then go to its web interface and look up its DNS server zone. Is the host you're trying to look up there?09:51
=== dragon is now known as Guest37097
phihag_recognosco: ?09:52
recognoscoi will stop replying for others09:52
High_Priestphihag_, it is moltendorf who has this problem :)09:52
recognoscophihag_: i was trying to help moltendorf09:52
moltendorfOne moment guys.09:52
moltendorfStill fiddling.09:52
High_Priestmoltendorf, so can you answer my question please? you can nslookup but you cant ping from the same client machine?09:53
=== kornel is now known as ibowi
=== ibowi is now known as Ibowi
Mosselmaniacturneralex: thx, but we don't want 2nd hand :)09:53
=== ericm__ is now known as ericm-dinner
moltendorfSorry, forgot to include some information: http://pastebin.com/NpGiXzYR09:55
High_Priestmoltendorf, hmmm try ipconfig /flushdns09:55
High_Priestand try ping again09:55
recognoscomoltendorf: what happens if you type the whole name on your browser's address bar? http://moltx-mac.hsd1.ca.comcast.net09:56
moltendorfSo it appears the name that resolves to is moltx-mac.hsd1.ca.comcast.net09:56
recognoscofqdn issue09:56
recognoscomoltendorf: remove the domain and your problem should be solved09:57
High_Priestrecognosco, if that's possible on the router09:57
moltendorfhost name is empty, domain name is empty, but the router is configured to use WAN domain.09:58
moltendorfGoing to tell it to use LAN & WLAN (which is empty)09:58
recognoscoHigh_Priest: DD-WRT does wonders, i believe.09:58
High_Priestrecognosco, maybe, haven't used it myself so I dunno09:58
recognoscoHigh_Priest: i use Open-WRT but similar stuff i guess...09:59
moltendorfIt has its bugs, but way more flexible and fast than the firmware for both routers.09:59
visual1ceis emerald theme manager buggy?10:02
visual1cemy system is stable running the default compiz stuff10:02
coz_visual1ce,  yes it is  to a degree... it hasnt been worked on for quite some time.10:03
coz_visual1ce,  it has been ported over to the compiz 0.9.x release10:03
visual1cei c...10:03
coz_visual1ce,  however,, emerald has always been badly coded10:03
recognosco i retire10:03
moltendorf1Using it as the local DNS does not make it happy it seems.10:04
coz_visual1ce,   and one of the guys attempted a new decorator for compiz  but he had to work and go to school and then the code changed in compiz10:04
jetienneq. how to make a screenshot of a given window ?10:05
coz_jetienne,    alt+printscreen10:05
moltendorf1The load average shot up from about 0.08 to an average of 0.98 which doesn't seem right.10:05
coz_jetienne,  that window has to be focused at the time10:05
visual1cei think i'll just wait for whatever comes next... apparently gnome 3 should be good...10:06
visual1cei just wonder with all these layers and code upon code if it wouldnt be better to start from scratch10:06
hugoHello im trying to install dnscache (apt-get install dnscache-run) but after the install (and added service) and reboot, it seems that dnscache isnt running (cat /var/log/dnscache/current -> no such file) Anyone know how to start and why isnt it starting?10:06
High_Priestmoltendorf1, but is it working now?10:06
coz_visual1ce,  well in ubuntu 10.04  compiz is the base for compositing  ,,,mutter has be removed10:06
coz_visual1ce,  I dont know if the actual   "gnome3"  is going to be better than that10:07
coz_visual1ce,  rather ubun tu 11.0410:07
coz_visual1ce,   so ubuntu 11.04  will have compiz instead of mutter as the compositor for the netbook edition and the version of compiz on 11.04  will be compiz 0.9.x10:07
visual1cei see10:08
coz_visual1ce,  you can download the live cd for ubuntu natty now...and depending on your video card  you can test it via the live cd however it is still a bit buggy10:09
visual1cei tried running the 10.10 livecd on my desktop (p6t del v2 + w3520 @ 4.2 + gtx 480) but when i looked at the screen it was full of errors in red font10:10
visual1cei think ill wait for the final release for natty10:11
coz_visual1ce,  you mean 11.04  live cd?10:11
visual1cenope 10.1010:11
coz_visual1ce,  oh well try the 11.04  live cd and see what happens10:11
visual1cethat's a good idea10:11
visual1ceim going to try that now10:11
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest35796
coz_visual1ce,  which video card do you have?10:12
hugoi also have problems using Supervise $ svscan  -> supervise: fatal: unable to start /music/run10:13
visual1cemy desktop has a gtx 480. i have another but i sent it away for repair - can i run sli in ubuntu?10:13
coz_visual1ce,  so nvidia10:13
moltendorfHigh_Priest: nada, and it got so locked up, I got disconnected there.10:14
moltendorfHad to disable and reboot.10:14
visual1ceya nvidia10:14
visual1cehmmm i wonder what natty is like10:14
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
coz_visual1ce,  well the live cd will end up showing the  classic gnome desktop ,,, in 11.04  there are 2 distinct desktops...Unity and calssic gnome...Unity is meant strickly for  netbooks  but it is the default unless the video driver is not installed10:14
visual1cewhich do you prefer?10:15
High_Priestmoltendorf, omg..10:15
coz_visual1ce,  classic gnome10:15
moltendorfHigh_Priest: ?10:15
visual1ceis gnome 3 beta or?10:15
High_Priestmoltendorf, locked up just because of the domain change?10:15
High_Priestthat shouldn't happen10:15
coz_visual1ce,  the net book edition uses  "global menu"  which is not a good idea on large screens or dual monitor setups10:15
moltendorfHigh_Priest: no, the router got more and more overloaded with local dns enabled.10:15
visual1ceglobal menu?10:16
High_Priestmoltendorf, anyway, you are back to hosts or dns if its a no go via router10:16
coz_visual1ce,   mac like menuing system10:16
moltendorfHigh_Priest, I can set up the mac as a dns server.10:16
visual1cenot familiar... do you mean that row of buttons down the bottom?10:16
moltendorfHigh_Priest (which is the server in question -- moltx-mac running Ubuntu Server 10.10)10:16
High_Priestmoltendorf, whatever you find suitable.. it's your environment.10:17
coz_visual1ce,   you can google  global manu   and ubuntu natty unity and watch a vew videos about them10:17
moltendorfHigh_Priest, any good dns servers you would recommend?10:17
High_Priestmoltendorf, yeah, I realized that.. hostname is pretty much self-explanatory :)10:17
coz_visual1ce,  and if you want more information about ubuntu 11.04  you need to go to the  #ubuntu+1  channel :)10:17
visual1cewell im going to try it out soon so...10:17
High_Priestmoltendorf, sorry, no.. but you can google it for sure10:20
visual1ceso how is this software actually free?!?10:21
visual1cemaybe its a massive spyware conspiracy :P10:21
coz_visual1ce,  no its the linux basic phylosophy and most certainly ubuntu's  with an enormous community of people both developers and users10:22
bullgardWhere can I find a definition of the 9 timings displayed in EtherApe > File > Preferences > Timings?10:22
=== tipi is now known as Guest63531
coz_bullgard,  I have not used that application...maybe someone else here has10:23
coz_bullgard,  I would assume that it has a .conf file somewhere10:24
moltendorfHigh_Priest, still there?10:24
High_Priestmoltendorf, yeap10:24
Sleepwalkernatty is in beta or still alpha stage?10:26
DJonesSleepwalker: Still Alpha from memory, you can double check in #ubuntu+1 though if you need to10:27
callaghanSleepwalker: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule10:28
coz_Sleepwalker,  it is in alpha 3 at the moment10:28
maxagaxHow can VLC read a video stream delivering continuously a jpeg image  (http://user:pwd@myip/image.jpg) ?10:28
visual1ceare they on target for april release?10:29
coz_visual1ce,  as far as I know  ...yes10:29
Sleepwalkerthx guys. c ya10:29
visual1cejust checked out mark shuttleworth's page - turns out i spent a year at the same high school he attended10:30
visual1cesmall world10:30
callaghanmaxagax: Do you mean a Motion JPEG stream? Or is this something else?10:31
maxagaxcallaghan: it perhaps a motion jpeg stream, I'm not sure10:31
=== k is now known as Guest40924
maxagaxcallaghan: how to know for sure that it is a motion  jpeg stream ?10:33
visual1cehow can he be so rich if canonical doesn't make money10:33
francisI have a problem with icedtea6-plugin... it wont install in the update... does anyone had the same problem?10:34
francisI heard it was a bug10:34
callaghanmaxagax: If it's a Motion JPEG stream (I honestly have no idea how to check if it is) vlc should be able to play it with Video 4 Linux...10:34
callaghanmaxagax: If you can open the stream in Firefox or Chrome it's probably MJPEG ;)10:35
callaghanmaxagax: the only thing I found which might help is: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8220010:37
alexanbjin natty, i am supposed to be able to resize the dash, but how do i do that?10:37
coz_alexanbj,   its best to go tot he #ubuntu+1 channel for natty support :)10:38
A_I_I've an error and I don't know what it means10:38
A_I_I can't find any answer on search engines10:38
A_I_debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Noninteractive10:39
A_I_debconf: (syntax error at (eval 19) line 3, near "Debconf::FrontEnd:: Noninteractive")10:39
A_I_debconf: falling back to frontend: Noninteractive10:39
FloodBot2A_I_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
alexanbjty coz_10:39
coz_alexanbj,  no problem10:39
coz_alexanbj,  do you now how to switch to that channel?10:40
ohmyi would like to share your experience regarding data storage on ubuntu and linux in general.10:40
ohmyin fact i'm using ubuntu on some embedded target, i have an external SD card holding some navigation database (arround 4Gbytes)10:40
alexanbjcoz_: yeah sure =)10:40
ohmyThis database contain a huge number of small files, for instance i read/load them directly using standard c++ I/O functions.10:40
ohmyAs expected loading ressources in this way is too heavy and introduces lot or performances overhead.10:40
Olson_can I upgrade from python 3.1 to python 3.2 with the development packages on ubuntu 10.10 without upgrading to "natty"10:41
ohmyI'm looking for something like tar (any archiver) but indexed with seek possibility. Any one have an idea ? i have found etar itar but cant reach they main webpages10:41
coz_ohmy,  mm you could look for a ppa .. if you install Y-ppa-manager  it would be easy...10:41
coz_I have to break here..nature call ,, be right back10:42
blackshirtA_I:  enlarge your terminal's size10:42
maxagaxcallaghan: firefox or chrome are reloading continously the address of the image10:43
ohmycoz_: yes but before adding any new PPA im just looking for toolnames to understand each tool capability :)10:45
wormmhow do i restart ubuntu into just the terminal so that I can install the graphics driver I downloaded from the manufacturer site?10:46
dr0idhello, there's something weird. I connect to a server via ssh, and the connection times out if I am idle for say 5 mins. this doesn't happens when I connect to the server via ssh from my laptop. any idea whats the main reason behind it ? also how can I make it not reset the connection ?10:46
ksinkarhow do i get into the terminal from the login screen10:46
Oraculumhow to make the opera as default browser in natty?10:46
Oraculumbecause it does not appear in the list of preferred applications10:47
speciesksinkar: if you want to do a text logon, use ctrl+alt+f1 to f610:47
redhat48hello everyone10:48
farid@ksinkar masuklah ke dunia hitam10:48
blackshirtfarid: asli mana ?10:48
redhat48i am trying to install ucsc genome browser in ubuntu it says to create symbolic link from /usr/local/apache/htdocs -> /var/www/html10:49
redhat48but i can not find htdocs, can anyone help me about that?10:49
callaghanmaxagax: hm, I don't know what that means, maybe someone else here has more experience with image streams10:49
maxagaxcallaghan: where else could I ask such question ?10:50
=== Johnm_ is now known as johnm
callaghanmaxagax: you can try asking in #videolan10:51
dr0idhello, there's something weird. I connect to a server via ssh, and the connection times out if I am idle for say 5 mins. this doesn't happens when I connect to the server via ssh from my laptop. any idea whats the main reason behind it ? also how can I make it not reset the connection ?10:53
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là10:53
maxagaxcallaghan: thanks :)10:54
callaghanmaxagax: no problem, I hope they can help you ;)10:54
kothaguy_ubuntui am unable to open ubuntu.com or ubuntuforums.org in my netbook,i am able to open google.com,is there any problem or work undergoing for these websites?10:55
openbeeshi buddies...........10:55
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,can any one able to open the ubuntu.com website now?10:57
openbeesi getting error during passing any sudo command ...like sudo apt-get update...the error i am getting is .."unable to resolve hostname"10:57
openbeesanyone have solution?10:58
Amozopenbees, are you connected to internet?10:58
dr0idanyone ?10:58
blackshirtopenbees: i think. that your internet connection10:58
peter_pan827Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of this? Ubuntu 10.04  LTS - Lucid Lynx - Firefox Flash Plugin crashed randomly, but works when page es reloaded.10:59
Amozdr0id, it's a common thing, if your connection is unstable then it will time out sometimes10:59
Amozdr0id, happens to me all the time10:59
openbeesi am still getting error while i am connected to internet10:59
dr0idit doesn't happens when I am on my laptop10:59
frimendMy computer freezes when I watch youtube sometimes. Or other web-based video.10:59
dr0idthough laptop is on a different ISP10:59
frimendIt happends very randomly.10:59
Amozdr0id, compared to what?10:59
frimendIt happend in windows7, windows xp and now in ubuntu 64bit10:59
dr0idAmoz: eh ?11:00
Amozdr0id, it works on your laptop you say. What does it not work on then11:00
dr0idthe PC11:00
frimendthe monitor gets stuck at the current frame, and the audio starts to loop the last 0.1seconds of audio, very loud and corrupted.11:00
dr0idfrom which I am on IRC right now11:00
openbeesamoz blackshirt????11:00
frimendI suspect it is some hardware error, but I can't figure out why it only effects streaming video...11:00
Amozfrimend, checked your RAM lately?11:01
frimendI have runned memtest, did not find anything.11:01
Amozopenbees, apprently you can't resolve adresses11:01
frimendI didn't run it overnight though, just a few hours.11:01
frimendAmoz: Do you think this sounds like a RAM-related error?11:01
frimendIs there any perticular piece of hardware that I can rule out?11:02
Amozfrimend, you tried different OS', probably you can rule out the HDDs, ODD11:02
Amozopenbees, can you ping for example, google.com?11:03
Amozfrimend, optical disk drives11:03
callaghanfrimend: to me it sounds like a problem with your graphics card... since it happens on different os', it has something to do with hardware, maybe even a temperature problem11:03
frimendI have tried touching it after, neither ram, gpu or cpu is especially hot.11:04
frimendcan the cpu / motherboard be the error?11:05
frimendor is ram/graphics card much more likely?11:05
callaghanfrimend: I even had one case of a bad PSU that caused the graphics card to black out randomly, causing in a computer crash11:06
frimendIt's annoying that it's such a random error, very hard to find.11:06
frimendI can watch hours of video without a problem at times.11:07
callaghanfrimend: you can never be sure unless you replace one piece after the other and see if that did it...11:07
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
kersurkCould anyone suggests good documentation for developing indicator applications?11:09
dr0idAmoz: was easy to fix :P had to set ServerAliveInterval to 60 in /etc/ssh/ssh_config11:09
Amozdr0id, lol11:10
=== julie is now known as antoine[zen]
callaghanfrimend: you can try to take out all ram blocks but one and if your motherboard has onboard graphics you can try using it to see if it's got something to do with your graphics hardware11:10
dr0idhow do I remove all the directories and files in the current folder ? :P11:10
dr0idrm -are * not working11:10
frimendI'll try something like that.11:11
frimendThank you for your feedback.11:11
callaghanfrimend: no problem, hope it helps11:12
kersurkdroid: rm -r .11:12
dr0idnah, no luck11:12
kersurkdot refers to current folder11:12
dr0idrm: cannot remove directory `.'11:12
=== Guest35796 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest82376
kersurkdr0id,  rm -r *11:14
wcsdrOid: do something like rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty <dir-name>11:14
callaghandr0id: rm -r ./*11:14
dr0idthat didn't work, that's what I tried initially heh11:14
kersurkwhat does it say11:15
kersurkyou could also use -f11:15
kersurkto force11:15
dr0idcallaghan: gr811:15
callaghandr0id: :)11:16
dr0idcallaghan: but it's not deleting hidden files :P11:16
turneralexI made a mistake an upgraded to 11.04 and Ugh, it seems buggier than windows.11:17
txbdr0id, just leave the directory and call rm -r /path/whatever11:17
turneralexIs it possible to downgrade?11:17
callaghandr0id: hm, one moment, please11:17
visual1cei run windows 7 @ 4.2ghz (w3520 2.66 stock) and i'm not aware of any problem but when i try and run the same clock on ubuntu livecd i get an MCE.11:17
dr0idlol, I performed rm on the server terminal by mistake :S can I get the files back :P11:18
callaghandr0id: rm -r ./* && rm -r .??*11:19
callaghandr0id: :O that's bad11:19
=== Thru_ is now known as thru
callaghandr0id: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howtorecover-and-undelete-text-file-in.html11:20
dr0idthank you buddy11:21
callaghandr0id: maybe the foremost part helps11:21
callaghandr0id: np11:21
patryqany polish here?11:21
patryqanyway, who want to have some phone fun?:>11:22
patryqssijcie wszyscy chuja11:22
juk!ot | patryq11:22
dr0idphone fun in what sense ? :/11:22
ubottupatryq: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:22
ceoneed help11:23
ceoam have error11:24
ceoam can't login on my ubuntu11:24
ceognome error11:24
ceoam used ubuntu 10.1011:24
dr0id"am" :D11:24
KrahmerHello, I am trying to set up a hostname script that sets hostnames according to their MAC address. This list of MAC address and respective hostnames is derived from a properly formatted text file. The script works, we just need to have it working upon startup, any ideas?11:24
kersurkceo,  what kind of error11:25
ceoid don;t know, am have install skype and some codex and affter am restar am can't login back11:25
ceothe error is "Gnome error, that am ramember11:26
Krahmerreinstakll lolz11:26
callaghanKrahmer: if you mean running it upon startup, call it in the ~/.bashrc file11:26
KrahmerIf you aren't losing much, save time and just reinstall11:26
Krahmercallaghan: We got it running on startup, but it says but it doesn't read the file.11:27
KrahmerWe are using a while read11:27
callaghanKrahmer: but it works when you run it manually? it's a bash script I suppose?11:29
KrahmerYes to both11:29
callaghanKrahmer: what's the error message? ;)11:29
KrahmerIt doesn't give an error, it just doesn't change the hostname, we did some debugging and established that it does not read the file11:30
AtauaplaHello guys!))11:31
little-tuxhello, could anyone help me to change the view of the location bar?11:32
callaghanKrahmer: maybe the script is executed as a user who does not have read access to the file?11:32
little-tuxI want to display like /home/little-tux/mplampla and not with these boxes11:32
ddemurowhat version are you using?11:33
callaghanKrahmer: or the file is located on a drive that is mounted after your script executes11:33
halpbatmancan anyone help me set up ssh home server?11:34
callaghanKrahmer: but it's very strange there is no error, that'd indicate the file it reads is in fact empty :/11:34
rufsketch1Hey. Youtube videos no longer seem to store in /tmp11:35
rufsketch1what gives?11:35
rufsketch1and how can I download them11:36
rufsketch1I tried youtube-dl but it gives me an error11:36
AtauaplaFirefox and Flashgot11:37
KrahmerCould it be because the path name of the file it reads to get the addresses is relative and not absolute?11:37
rufsketch1Atauapla: thanks.11:37
AtauaplaOr with another addition, DownloadHelper11:37
halpbatmandoes anyone know how to set up ssh home server?11:37
callaghanKrahmer: it's possible, the working directory has to be the same (pwd)11:38
=== dr0id is now known as dr00b
Krahmercallaghan: We got it, path needed to be absolute11:40
KrahmerThanks a lot for your help, much appreciated.11:40
callaghanKrahmer: :) no problem11:40
ildgeHi guys11:42
ildgeHow to use "stat -c %s FILE" to get the total size in mega ?11:43
halpbatmanso I'm trying to set up ssh server. It works locally but i can't get it to work remotely... I did portforwarding on my router11:45
visual1cei really like the unity de in 11.0411:45
visual1cevery well thought out...11:45
HarryPotterI need some help. It's a newbie question.  I'm not using GUI and i'm wondering how can i make new "windows" and switch between them?11:46
phoenixsamprasis ubuntu 11 out?11:46
DJonesphoenixsampras: Its due in April11:46
jribildge: I suppose you could use something like the "units" command or roll your own solution11:46
HarryPotterI need some help. It's a newbie question.  I'm not using GUI and i'm wondering how can i make new "windows" and switch between them?11:47
Worgilhi anyone, i am usin ubuntu 10.10 gdm where is my xorg.conf file ?11:48
visual1cealthough i do miss the applications menu11:48
jrib!X | Worgil11:50
ubottuWorgil: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution11:50
visual1cefirefox seems so much better in unity11:50
jribWorgil: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config11:50
phoenixsampraswhere to get unity?11:50
Worgilthanks jrib, i am getting error kernel: [ 1495.742114] radeon 0000:01:05.0: DVI-D-1: EDID block 0 invalid11:51
Worgilcan anyone help me ?11:51
ddemuroworgil is that error a kernel panic error??11:52
ddemuroor just a kernel warning11:53
nirabWorgil you need to update11:53
nirabi got that error on my terminal before i updated11:54
cmyrlandHi d00ds. (and d00dettes) A laptop I'm ubuntufying says "Wireless is switched off" and I can't enable it from Ubuntu. The laptop has no physical switches, and the Fn+F1 toggle doesn't work. What do I do to awaken the wlan card? :/ I cannot even use usb wlan cards because of this issue..11:55
ildgejrib : Maybe I could use another command ? Like "du" or smthg else11:55
jribildge: I only know of "units".  You can ask #bash though11:56
bullgardWhere can I find a definition of the 9 timings displayed in EtherApe > File > Preferences > Timings?12:02
litianzhiHow can I add a new  ubuntu 's x64 kernel ?12:02
zorrolerocmyrland: first step for me would be updating the laptop-bios12:02
bullgardlitianzhi: Use Update Manager or Synaptic12:02
litianzhiMY is x3212:03
bullgardlitianzhi: In that case I'd suggest that you backup your /home directory, get a 64-bit Ubuntu CD and install Ubuntu anew.12:04
oliver_litianzhi , i agree with bullgard12:05
=== servet is now known as Worgil
litianzhibut I just want add!12:06
litianzhihi bullgard ,can you use java?12:10
ceoneed help12:11
ceoam can't login on my gnome12:11
ceohow do i fix it12:11
ljsoftnetis there a graphics driver for intel gma 3150?12:11
=== Guest82376 is now known as DarkDevil
litianzhireinstallation driver12:13
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest75105
teagehow do i dist-uprade everything exept one package. i want to update but not my wacom. last time upgrade messed my pad up.12:17
teagedui dur****** i just simply uncheck it in update manager12:18
teagei feel stupid now]12:18
jdenholmDon't worry, man, we've all been there. :)12:19
bullgardteage: Using Synaptic you can except the wacom package from dist-updating.12:19
patx i want to enable some cool compiz effects however when i  go to Change Desktop background -> Visual Effects -> Custom -> Prefs and change what i want (eg enabling scale making my windows fold into airplanes when open/closed). then i hit close however nothing is enable and when i click prefs again it looks as tho i have not saved because none of my changes stay. what am i do wrong?12:21
patxwhen i open ccsm i am not able to check any of the boxes either12:22
ljsoftnetis there a graphics driver for intel gma 3150?12:22
jukis natty coming with gnome shell 3?12:23
patxjuk, no12:23
bluenemohi guys. i'm trying to install virt-manager, installed qemu-kvm and libvrit-bin as well and am in libvirt in /etc/groups. anyhow i can only choose to start a vm with qemu, i cannot choose kvm in step 5 (of 5). please help12:23
hytreem!register | Hohochet12:23
ubottuHohochet: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:23
jdenholmHey guys. I think I might have accidentally blanked my $PATH variable: Full console dump and explanation here for readability's sake: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577436/12:26
jdenholmAny help would not only be appreciated, but may also prevent heart attack.12:27
sipiorjdenholm: "$", not "#"12:27
jdenholmYou're kidding me...12:27
jribjdenholm: get rid of the . in /etc/profile too12:27
jdenholmYou mean "./usr/local/bin"?12:28
ljsoftnetis there a graphics driver for intel gma 3150?12:28
jribjdenholm: yeah, unless that's really what you want...?12:28
jdenholmThat was already there, so...12:28
jdenholmI just copy-pasta'd.12:28
jribjdenholm: no it wasn't12:28
jdenholmFirst echo $PATH:12:29
jdenholmecho $PATH12:29
jribjdenholm: yeah, that's likely not what you want.12:29
=== Hohochet is now known as Timak
jdenholmRighty. Well, awesome! Thanks.12:29
jribjdenholm: standard place to do this is /etc/environment, not /etc/profile12:29
jdenholmIs /ect/environment global, though?12:30
jribjdenholm: yes12:30
jdenholmetc, rather.12:30
jdenholmHum... Well, thanks again also.12:30
jribjdenholm: on ubuntu, that's where the PATH is set.  What you have done will work, but just use /etc/environment12:30
ljsoftnetis there a graphics driver for intel gma 3150?12:31
jdenholmjrib: Ah, I see. Thanks - I was wondering why there was no PATH in profile. Is this a recent change?12:31
jdenholmjrib: Or a change at all?12:31
jribjdenholm: yeah, it was introduced at some point.  Can't remember exactly when, but probably around 8.0412:32
jdenholmjrib: Yeah, that'd be it. Lookin' at old posts and stuff.12:32
mohit_I am trying to update cache but it shows an error fail to install repository information and my system is hang with out any reason12:32
jribjdenholm: you should figure out what's putting that ./usr/local/bin in your path12:33
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:34
mika___hi, is there a way to lock the screen but keeping show what's open without show all black?12:34
jdenholmjrib: Yeah, I'll check it in a few days and Whoooooah.12:34
jdenholmWell, that's one way to get people's attention.12:34
theprototypeHello. I was wondering if someone could answer a simple question for me. I just installed ubuntu 1010 x64. I have nvidia 9500 GT. I want to know if i should download the drivers using the "Additional Drivers" option in ubuntu, or download the linux drivers on the nvidia website. (heres the link http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-256.35-driver.html)12:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1010 in drivel (Ubuntu) "out-of-date" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101012:35
jribtheprototype: the former12:36
ceoneed help12:36
jribtheprototype: use additional drivers12:36
ceoany body can help me...12:36
jribceo: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:36
ceooi. need help.!12:37
theprototypejrib Can i get a possible quick explanation why? Just so this noob can start understanding ubuntu better. Is it because doing it that way they'll get updated automatically ??12:37
ceoam need list hosting with xcpanel12:37
jribtheprototype: exactly12:37
ceocan share the link for me...12:37
theprototypejrib your awesome12:37
ceojrib, need you help12:37
jribceo: ask your question12:37
ceothe question is am need the xcpanel list12:38
ceoam need it12:38
candreatheprototype: also, using software provided by ubuntu, you are sure that this software is tested and supported12:38
jribtheprototype: in the past if you didn't use the repositories, your nvidia drivers would break everytime you received a new kernel.  Don't know if that's still the case too12:38
mehdi_does ubuntu have enlightment in repos?12:38
jribceo: I don't know what "xcpanel list" is12:38
ceooke thanks jrib12:39
jribmix22891: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:39
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mix22891some body call 91112:39
jribmix22891: stop and just ask your ubuntu-related support question12:39
mix22891i'm using hebrew in ubuntu12:40
hiexpoyes i still believe it's still there12:40
mohit_I am trying to update cache but it shows an error fail to install repository information and my system is hang with out any reason12:40
mix22891i'm using hebrew in ubuntu12:40
mix22891so mess12:41
jribmix22891: please ask your question on a single line (don't press enter)12:41
jribmohit_: pastebin the error12:41
theprototypeWhat exactly are the differences between drivers from the Nvidia site and the ones obtained from ubuntu? Is it an older version of the driver that was just tested by ubuntu to work properly ?12:41
ceolow09@hotmail.com < who email that ?12:41
jribtheprototype: might be older, might be the same.  It's just the nvidia driver as a package12:41
mix22891i have a mess with hebrew fonts12:41
ceolow09@hotmail.com < who email that ?12:42
jribceo: that isn't ubuntu-related12:42
jribmix22891: you have to be more specific12:42
mix22891my english is bad12:42
jribmix22891: what language would you prefer?12:42
mix22891i can't explain12:42
theprototypejrib So, in actuality, if i didn't mind removing the driver before updating the kernal in the future, i may see better performance or less bugs by downloading the official nvidia drivers?12:42
jrib!hebrew | mix2289112:43
ubottumix22891: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:12:43
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il12:43
jribtheprototype: probably not.  You can give it a try if you want though.  You also don't have to remove anything, just (at worst) reinstall the driver in a non-X environment everytime your kernel gets upgraded or (at best) dkms takes care of that for you12:44
mix22891thank you jrib12:44
jribtheprototype: but that way you also have to handle upgrading it all the time12:44
mix22891but thy don't unsure12:44
theprototypei only ask this because i notice when i enable full desktop effects the application i'm dragging will blur a little bit. Been downloading via ubuntu12:45
mix22891no help in -il channel12:45
jribmix22891: not every channel is as active as this one.  You must be more patient.  The people there are probably more knowledgeable about hebrew font issues as well12:45
mix22891i see12:46
mix22891tahnk you12:46
mix22891thank you12:46
theprototypejrib Last question then i'm off (probably gonna stick with ubuntu drivers). My gpu is easily overclockable using the software from the website, but its Windows based. Will these overclock settings carry over to ubuntu if i perform the overclock in my dual booted windows 7 ?12:46
jribtheprototype: I don't know12:46
theprototypei'm probably in the wrong chat for that  question. Know where to send me ?12:47
juk!nv | theprototype12:47
ubottutheprototype: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:47
jribtheprototype: I don't know that there's a better place to ask, maybe check the documentation on how to overclock in linux12:47
RobospotHi guys! I did irrecord (lirc`s component) for my Com-port and Remote Control. But when i am test it whith irw i get same reaction for pressing "1" and "2" buttons. What I doing wrong? Codes in lirc.conf.myremore for 1,2 are different12:48
inckieAnyone who knows some two factor authentication product: It's has to work with hardware tokens, SMS, and has to be open source.12:48
theprototypejrib ty12:49
theprototypejuk ty12:49
juktheprototype: NP12:49
doodoois launchpad down? i am not able to download packages from any ppa12:51
jdenholmjrib: Found the problem. It was actually Nautilus Elementary not inheriting the $PATH variable. Of course, I now learn that the project is dead and that they've moved on to greater things.12:51
jribjdenholm: hmm12:51
theprototypei'm only 5 days in to this ubuntu thing. gonna take a looong time for me to get saavy with it like i am with 712:51
jdenholmjrib: I guess that's a good bit of trivia if someone else as silly as myself comes running this way.12:52
Fjodortheprototype: Well, the learning curve is a bit steep, but it pays off :-)12:52
doodoocan smone test launchpad is down or not?12:52
candreadoodoo: try reading here: http://blog.launchpad.net/ppa/failed-to-fetch-errors-for-ppas12:53
candreadoodoo: if it doesn't help, then it'd be better to ask in #launchpad12:53
theprototypefjodor i like linux. its awesome. i am enjoying myself learning. and the google resources from ubuntu and the irc are most helpful12:53
doodoocandrea, thanks xD12:54
Fjodortheprototype: Good to hear :-)12:54
candreadoodoo: you're welcome :)12:54
theprototypefjodor i must admit, a lot of information out there is out-dated though. Which can be frustrating12:54
Fjodortheprototype: That is true, unfortunately, but there's always IRC, then :-)12:55
candreatheprototype: consider that things are evolving quickly, especially in ubuntu12:55
theprototypeFjodor : candrea of course, this is technology we're talking about here.12:55
Fjodortheprototype, candrea: Indeed :-)12:56
theprototypewell thanks everyone. You've been more help than the nvidia channel lol12:56
mix22891תקשרו 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:57
FloodBot1mix22891: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:57
mix22891לפני שני12:57
dkamHi guys - trying to mount an NFS share with pretty default values - get "mount(2) invalid argument"12:57
Fjodordkam: Which arguments do you give to mount?12:57
mix22891give me a women after midnight12:57
dkamFjodor:  mount -t nfs <ip>:/path /local/path -v12:58
theprototypeI really wish i could figure out if the overclocking of my GPU will carry over from Win7 to ubuntu dual booted. From what i've heard, some methods flash the bios on the card itself, which i would think should most definately carry over.12:58
dkammount.nfs: mount(2): Invalid argument12:58
dkammount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified12:58
dkamFjodor: sudo naturally.12:58
dkamFjodor: same options work on another host12:59
theprototypei may then need to use the drivers from nvidia, since i can't find the specifics on the drivers downloaded from ubuntu. Another project. Yay!12:59
Fjodordkam: -v just gives the version. I don't think that it accepts other options with -v12:59
Fjodordkam: Sorry, wrong info12:59
dkamFjodor: without -v I get mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified12:59
jribtheprototype: did you see if nvidia-settings gets you information about the card you want?12:59
dkamFjodor: yeah - it's verbose12:59
jribdkam: what are you actually typing?13:00
dkamsudo mount -t nfs /var/www/booko.com.au/booko/public/images/covers/13:00
theprototypei can know everything about my card, even what i can overclock it up to without overheating or worrying about anything. Figuring out if it will cause issues under ubuntu is another deal. Haven't used nvidia-settings, but i've google searched the info and found people that used the software and had images.13:01
Fjodordkam: Is nfs-common installed on the machine?13:01
jribdkam: hmm... try dropping final '/' in the paths?13:01
bobo123i installed a driver on linux but when i do modprobe name_of_driver, it says device not found, can it be because the device is not on the computer?13:02
dkamFjodor: yep13:02
dkamjrib: no dice13:02
Dr_Willisbobo123:  what sort of device?13:03
jribdkam: does it work if you don't pass "-t nfs" explicitly?13:03
bobo123Dr_Willis, i'm not sure, a friend of mine told me can you try to install this driver on linux, i said i will try i made, make ,make install, everything went ok, but when i do modprobe i get device not found13:04
dkamjrib: no - nor if I run mount.nfs13:04
=== brian is now known as Guest69259
Fjodordkam: Hmmm, and both dirs actually exist?13:05
wn1zidI have a dilemma, firefox displays right in xp, but not in ubuntu, what is it missing, some pages don't display properly13:05
Dr_Willisbobo123:  what gives device not found? modprobe? the module may be working fine then. its seeing its not there and sayiong so...13:05
decafrom where can i add or delete programs shortcuts at the applications bar ?13:05
bobo123Dr_Willis, yes when i do modprobe name_of_module13:05
Dr_Willisdeca:  the alacarte menu editor program can let you edit the menus. or right click on themenu i think..13:05
Fjodordeca: Right-clicking on the menu should have an edit option13:06
dkamFjodor: yep - file reports the target is a direcotry13:06
Dr_Willisbobo123:  makes sence to m e it would say somthing about the hardware not being there.13:06
bobo123but i'm sure that the .ko  file is in /kernel/drivers/misc13:06
Fjodordkam: And your machine is on the subnet?13:06
bobo123Dr_Willis, ok, than i should make any further thoughts, looks like i finished my job13:06
decaDr_Willis thank u but with right click only let me add shortcut to the main panel13:06
Dr_Willisdeca:  open the applicatuions menu, right click in there.. or just run 'alacarte' if you wan tto edit your menus.. (its the same program both ways)13:08
decaDr_Willis ok i have it13:08
decaright click13:08
dkamFjodor: It's a linode's private address - it's pingable13:08
Dr_Willis'the other right....' :P13:08
Fjodordkam: Then I'm stumped, unfortunately :-(13:08
dkamFjodor: (It's not actually
Fjodordkam: Oki13:09
dkamFjodor: Are there different nfs clients?13:09
dkamFjodor: I'm using nfs-client13:09
Fjodordkam: There are different versions. I think 3 and 4 are both in use...13:09
=== ericm-dinner is now known as ericm|ubuntu
dkamFjodor: client reports 3 is not support, 4 returns the incorrect mount option13:10
FjodorTry with -t nfs4, perhaps then?13:10
dkamFjodor: mount.nfs4: no such device. Weird error.13:11
jribdkam: with -v, the full output is just that one line "mount(2) invalid argument"?13:12
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dkamjrib: https://gist.github.com/c85b36ce04ccac505b8f13:14
immadaistjuten tach13:14
jribdkam: looks like http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=568288, there's a workaround with adding -o nfsversionblahblah in there13:14
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=== dmart_ is now known as dmart
* theprototype on phone with Nvidia tech support to answer previous question (it was free)13:15
Fjodordkam: Try lsmod|grep nfs and see if the module is actually loaded13:15
dkamFjodor: Ahhaha! No nfs module13:16
Fjodordkam: ;-)13:16
dkamFjodor: Ahh. Well - neither does the other host.13:16
dkamFjodor: must be built into the linode kernel13:16
=== dmart_ is now known as dmart
dkamjrib: adding "-o nfsvers-3" or "-o nfsvers-4" doesn't help13:17
dkamjrib: it is correctly parsed though because -v displays it13:17
Fjodordkam: Possibly, but try sudo modprobe nfs on the client. Also be aware that : defaults to :/export with v413:17
dkamFjodor: module not found13:18
jribdkam: '=', not '-'13:18
Fjodordkam: Ok, that's weird13:18
Fjodordkam: Custom kernel or something?13:19
dkamFjodor: Linode kernel13:19
Fjodordkam: On the client?13:19
dkamAnd server13:19
theprototypeIts official. People at nvidia have no knowledge of anything related to computers or graphics.13:19
theprototypeatleast the outsourced tech support they provided doesn't.13:20
dkamFjodor: and both clients have the same kernel.  I must be missing something erhere13:20
Fjodordkam: http://forum.linode.com/viewtopic.php?t=5549 perhaps?13:21
Fjodordkam: Seems the kernel has v3 built in but no v4 support13:22
dkamFjodor: yeah - good point.13:23
dkamSo - I need a v3 client13:23
jribdkam: not sure if you missed it, you need to use nfsvers=3, not nfsvers-313:23
dkamjrib: that certainly does give a different error...13:24
jribdkam: ha13:24
ljsoftnetwhere can i see my graphics driver?13:24
dkamNo I get teh portmap kind of error. Plus:  mount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported13:25
Paddy_NIhmm.. the version of Quanta Plus in the repos is 3.5.10,  is there a newer version using qt4?13:25
Fjodordkam: I have very limited experience with nfs so I think I'll leave you to jrib13:26
elteseHi. Im having some problem that is preventing me from going in to the world of linux fulltime. Since I'm a pretty big CS player I need to use an anti-cheat called EAC. However I have no way of making this work in wine. For my programming I use virtualbox. Could I possibly do the same with this? (You get banned if eac fails to authenticate thats why I havent simply tried it)13:26
nyx0anyone can help me with some advice about a forum that was and is constantly  flooded?13:26
jribFjodor, dkam: I have 0 experience with nfs13:26
dkamFjodor: thanks - error has now moved to portmap permissions on the server! So getting somewhere13:27
Fjodorjrib: Ok, but I also need to get going and you seemed to have some points ;-)13:27
jribFjodor: sure, I'll be around a bit more13:28
Fjodorjrib: :-)13:28
dkamjrib: Humiliation. 1. /etc/hosts.allow on the server wasn't configured with the host.  2. had to force version 3 - even though the other client doesn't require that.13:30
dkamjrib: but - original client is Ubuntu 10.04 and new client is 10.1013:31
dkamjrib: so - the default must have changed.13:31
dkamjrib: thanks for your help13:31
jribdkam: maybe default nfs version changed13:31
dkamFjodor: thanks for your help13:31
dkamjrib: I guess it must have.13:31
mix22891more then a hour. no one help me in -il channel13:31
PhoenixSTFhey guys, i got some folder permitions questions, i got a folder that i put 770 but eache time someone copies somehting there it gos 70013:32
[segfault]eltese: : When you are using virtualbox, you are running the actual OS that you have installed there, ie Windows.  If EAC runs on Windows, there is no reason to believe it won't run on Virtualbox with that same OS installed.13:32
jribPhoenixSTF: that's likely because of the user's umask13:32
PhoenixSTFjrib: how do i change it?13:32
ljsoftnetwhere can i see my graphics driver?13:33
eltese[segfault]: Yes I know that much=) I failed pretty hard in my description of the problem though. I need to make it work with cs1.6. The actual anti cheat takes pictures and uploads them from my game and I would imagine it also do system checks as well as dlls13:33
ubuntu_Hi! I have very serious problem: i've had encrypted home directory. After i've disable to require enter password on logout, after reboot, when I log in to my account, it was decrypted :/13:33
ubuntu_some errors that there is no access to some files of my home directory appeard13:34
ubuntu_but i've had access to console, so i've tried to turn of it13:34
ubuntu_so i've deleted ~/.ecryptfs13:34
ubuntu_and now i can't event there encrypt my home dir :/13:34
kontagiousljsoftnet, lspci -nn | grep VGA13:34
Fjodorljsoftnet: Have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:34
[segfault]eltese: well the os doesn't know that its running a VM.  Unless EAC has some BIOS checks or something to determine if it is running under VB, I don't see that it will have any problem taking screenshots, etc.13:34
ubuntu_i have had there very important data13:35
Fjodorkontagious: That's the card, not the driver, isn't it?13:35
kontagioussorry my bad13:35
ubuntu_if I've deleted .ecryptfs, my home dir is lost? :/13:35
jribPhoenixSTF: well default umask isn't 077, so you should make sure that's the issue first.  You can check a user's umask by running « umask »13:35
OerHeksubuntu_, why did you deleted ~/.ecryptfs ?13:35
PhoenixSTFjrib: ty :)13:36
ubuntu_OerHeks, when i was running my ubuntu, some errors appears, and in console i was able to decrypt it via ecrypt-mount-private13:36
ubuntu_but i couldnt run my ubuntu normally, i've had only wallpaper13:36
ubuntu_my only rescue was CTRL+ALT+T13:37
eltese[segfault]: nope, but that will require me to actually run 1.6 from vb as well right?13:37
ubuntu_so, in order to turn off that stupid encrypting, i've just deleted ~/.ecryptfs13:37
ubuntu_becouse i found in some ubuntu forum that it is a way to turn off it13:37
ubuntu_So, Is there any way to rescue my home dir?13:38
ubuntu_i'm talking now from live cd13:38
v3ctorubuntu_: join #ecryptfs13:38
[segfault]eltese: You should run everything the same way you would if you were on a Windows box, just do it in VM.  If it is that important to you, I recommend asking the EAC folks on their website.  I do know that some virus writers do checks like this to check for a virtual environment.13:38
ubuntu_v3ctor, there is one person13:38
v3ctorubuntu_: that is the official support channel13:39
bullgardWhere can I find a definition of the 9 timings displayed in EtherApe > File > Preferences > Timings?13:39
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
[segfault]!enter | ubuntu_13:39
ubottuubuntu_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:39
MaddethHey, i have been doing some googling, can anyone tell me the standard lines in the latest sources.list?13:40
eltese[segfault]: ok, thank you.13:40
ubuntu_v3ctor, but this is releated to ubuntu, i've checked 'encrypt home directory' while installing, and now, after a few months, after turning off requiring to enter password, that broke my system13:40
ubuntu_and now I haven't even access to my home dir13:40
t0rnHey what's up guys.  I currently run a lab with 16 pc's and a 2008 R2 Windows server hosting Active Directory.  I wanted to integrate a ubuntu server for the sole purpose of introducing CUPs with Active directory integration.  The reason being why I wanted to go down this route is because I can't find a free solution to password protect printing from the workstations.  I've heard people are able to do it with CUPS.  Any thoughts?13:40
jrib!encrypt | ubuntu_13:40
ubottuubuntu_: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory13:40
[segfault]eltese: not a huge help with a y/n answer for you there, sorry.  I do hope you get it working w/o a ban, though :)13:41
tuxnanihey i need set up a VPN in ubuntu, how to do that?13:41
jribubuntu_: that wiki page describes how to properly migrate your data away from encrypted directories.  I couldn't follow your description of what you did earlier13:41
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN13:41
BluesKaj!cups | t0rn13:42
ubottut0rn: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows13:42
ljsoftnetkontagious it didnt show anything13:43
jrib!repositories | Maddeth13:43
ubottuMaddeth: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories13:43
t0rnBlueKaj, I'm aware there are write-up's regarding CUPs in general.  But my question was more direct and hopefully to get insight from another network admin who has gone down the same route for password protected printing13:43
Maddethjrib, thank you kindly13:43
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BluesKajt0rn, maybe the #cups chat might have some admins , if you can't find an answer here.13:45
ubuntu_jrib, following these instructions, i cant mount my home dir13:46
Maddethjrib, that gives me all the info i already know :) What are the actual lines in a standard ubuntu sources list?13:46
ubuntu_as I said, i've deleted .ecryptfs, so my data is lost?13:46
t0rnBluesKaj: I appreciate that, thanks13:46
jribubuntu_: presumably because of what you did before.  You shouldn't be mounting anything if you don't want an encrypted home13:46
ljsoftnetkontagious it didnt show anything13:46
ROsmanovMaddeth, http://paste.ubuntu.com/577460/13:46
MaddethROsmanov, thank you very much13:47
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jribubuntu_: do you still have your data  in /home/.ecryptfs?13:47
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t0rnArgg, I really can't find anyone to discuss this with.  Has anyone here integrated a CUPs ubuntu server with active directory?13:50
ljsoftnethow do i see my graphic card drivers?13:51
EndafyI hooked a new monitor to my computer, the card is an NVIDIA 6100, I want to set the resolution to 1600x900 I am running Ubuntu 10.10 with latest NVidia drivers13:51
ljsoftnetkontagious: how do i see my graphic card drivers?13:52
ruanljsoftnet: nvidia or ati?13:52
Endafyit works in Windows just fine13:52
ljsoftnetruan its an intel gma 315013:52
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wn1zidwhat is firefox missing when it wont load my banks page properly ??13:52
Endafyit is calling it a CRT when it is obviously an LED monitor13:52
Fjodorljsoftnet: Have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log - as I said before13:53
ljsoftnetFjodor in in Xorg.0.log but where can i find it, its a long page13:54
Endafythis is seriously bothersome13:54
Endafyit says "Monitor Unknown" how do I change it?13:54
xgt001i bought a new laptop and want to install ubuntu in it .. it has windows 7 preinstalled sadly i dint get a windows 7 install disc but a recovery partition instead pls sugegst how to install ubuntu keeping windows intact!13:55
Rolk1i need help! i have IBM T42. Then i make upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 my mouse and speakers stopped to work (sry for bad eng)13:55
Endafyxgt001, WUBI13:55
ljsoftnetFjodor im in Xorg.0.log but where can i find it, its a long page13:55
Fjodorljsoftnet: Search for "Module class: X.Org Video Driver". It's a few lines above that13:55
Abhijitwn1zid, bank? then ff may be missing some garbage monopolistic closed source thingies by ms. try using IE13:55
Endafysame issue on my t42, just use latest 10.1013:56
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* Abhijit slaps himself for recommending IE13:56
ruanlol IE13:56
wn1zidmaybe, but ff works in xp, and, opera on ubuntu does also13:56
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xgt001Endafy:i heard wubi is slowr than original install13:56
Rolk1i am trying to upgrade to 10.0413:56
Endafyits also 100% safer13:57
xgt001i want to perform partitioning without losing any thing13:57
xgt001pls help13:57
Endafythen backup13:57
Endafybuy a disk from Microsoft for $15USD13:57
ruanyou'll need to partition from livecd13:57
Abhijit!gparted | xgt00113:57
ubottuxgt001: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php13:57
xgt001Abhijit: i tried gparted13:58
Endafyrepartitioning is always risky business13:58
ljsoftnetFjodor there's two of them what should i look for?13:58
ruanxgt001: did you do it from disk?13:58
Endafymake sure you have all your stuff backed up in a secure location13:58
FjodorEndafy: WUBI can be bothersome if the ntfs on which the fs file resides on gets corrupted by unclean shutdown...13:58
ruanpartitioning on a mounted volume will _not_ work13:58
ruani believe13:58
Abhijitxgt001, whats wrong then?13:58
EndafyFjodor, not an issue with Windows 713:58
xgt001it says that i cant create another primary partition as that freaking HP guys already somehw created 4 primary partitions :(13:58
Endafyif an unclean shutdown happens you simply scandisk it and it fixes it13:59
ruanxgt001: did you do it from disk?13:59
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Fjodorljsoftnet: The second one13:59
xgt001ruan: i tried from life cd13:59
xgt001it gave me tat prompt13:59
Endafyyou have 2 options13:59
Endafy1, buy a disk from Microsoft13:59
Endafyor 213:59
Endafyuse Wubi13:59
dr00bor 313:59
Rolk1i need gnucap in .deb13:59
ruanwhy buy a disk from microsoft?14:00
Endafybecause it is illegal to download it14:00
FjodorEndafy: Well, I had a friend use it, although under Vista, and scandisk corrupted the fs file after starting after the unclean shutdown...14:00
ruanyou can buy a 16gb usb and backup all of your data on there14:00
ruanor larger14:00
Endafylol @ vista14:00
ljsoftnetFjodor is this the one im looking for         Module vesa: vendor="X.Org Foundation" compiled for 1.7.6, module version = 2.3.014:00
Rolk1******* win14:01
Fjodorljsoftnet: Then that would mean that you are using the "vesa" driver14:01
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xgt001@ALL : can u guys tell me wat are the differences especially regarding performance of  a clean install and a wubi install14:01
Rolk1win is ******* ************ ******** ********** ***** ********** *********** ********14:01
ROsmanovRolk1, instead of make install, checkinstall it, then dpkg -i your.deb14:01
ljsoftnetFjodor is it a good driver?14:01
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends14:01
jpdsRolk1: Hello.14:02
Endafyxgt001, its not generally performance, but more of unclean shutdown issues with old NTFS 5.114:02
Endafybut with Windows 7 it is NTFS 5.2 and they have fixed the issue14:02
Fjodorljsoftnet: It's rather basic, but I don't really know which one you could use alternatively. I have only used nvidia and ati cards...14:02
Fjodorljsoftnet: You could try asking in #xorg14:02
ljsoftnetFjodor ok thanks14:03
Endafydoes ANYONE know how to correctly configure a new monitor? this is seriously miffing me off14:03
kothaguy_ubuntui have an issue with my hard disk,today i formatted my 160gb harddisk into three parts,1st drive is 70 gb,second one 25 gb,and the third one is 25 gb,from the first one i am unable to do copy/paste into 2nd and third drives which are mounted,i mountd them with extrenally14:03
xgt001Endafy: if i create a backup of recovery partition14:03
xgt001on a pendrive14:03
Abhijit!dualhead | Endafy14:03
ubottuEndafy: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama14:03
Endafythat wont work14:03
Endafythere are special boot sectors for PC Angel14:04
xgt001how about creating the image of recovery partition14:04
[TK]D-FenderEndafy: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/error-enabling-1600x900@60hz-resolution-in-xorg-conf-762836/14:04
ljsoftnetFjodor i did this code lspci -nn | grep vga          will it hurt my system?14:04
Endafy[TK]D-Fender, you are amazing KISSES*14:04
Endafywell if you know how to image your HDD just do it14:04
xgt001and then moving to the base partition so that  i can use that space for ubuntu install?14:04
Fjodorljsoftnet: No, it merely lists what pci cards are in the system, and then limits the output to lines containg "VGA" - ie you graphics card14:05
ROsmanovRolk1, what's about Oregano?14:05
ljsoftnetFjodor ok thanks man14:05
Fjodorljsoftnet: No problem :-)14:05
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Endafyuse Acronis or something, image your HDD and simply try Linux14:05
AStyxI have a Pen that has been driven. Question, why should i use Ubuntu when i have someone to drive my pen?14:06
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,what is the difference between mounting an harddrive externally and mounting an harddrive internally?14:06
Abhijit!ot | AStyx14:06
ubottuAStyx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:06
BluesKajkothaguy_ubuntu, the hdd location14:07
flax^_When i was running arch two-finger scrolling worked out of the box but under ubuntu the option is greyed out. Is there an easy way to enable it? I've found a tutorial on how to set up the two-finger emulation manually but I would like an easier way (ubuntu 10.10, asus eeepc 1001px)14:07
jnlsnl_anyone here use kTimeTracker?14:07
jnlsnl_i want to add a custom time to a new task14:07
coz_jnlsnl_,  I do not  but did you ask about it in #kubuntu?14:07
Endafyflax^_, a lot of things seem to work in Arch that don't in Ubuntu14:08
EndafyI use kTimeTracker on Gnome whats your question jnlsnl_14:08
kothaguy_ubuntuBluesKaj, :i have dev/sda1, dev/sda3 ,dev/sda4 three drives, i am unable to do copy/paste the contents of sda1 to remaining two,what is the problem,how to do them,i want to keep  my some important folders into second and third drives14:09
jnlsnl_Endafy i want to add time to a new task14:09
AStyxkothaguy_ubuntu, sudo chmod -fR 777 /mount/point14:09
JessDDoes anyone know of a way to set Ubuntu to peform a script whenver one connects to a particular wireless access point ssid?  Kind of like udev for wireless...14:09
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, df -h14:10
BluesKajkothaguy_ubuntu, those look like partitions , not separate harddrives14:10
CiSensehey guys ... error while loading shared libraries: libz.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:10
Endafyjnlsnl_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/57482014:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 574820 in KDE PIM "ktimetracker: manually edting task times is a pain (regression, fixed upstream)" [Medium,Confirmed]14:10
Endafyits a pain in the rear end, but it works14:10
EndafyI keep this bookmarked lol14:10
hedinHi, i'm looking for a pastebin server app... does the ubuntu repos have such an app?14:11
kothaguy_ubuntuBluesKaj, :sorry,yes they are partitions,i want to move my imp folders to other two partitions,what should i want to do?14:11
EndafyI miss PIM14:11
jribJessD: do you mind a roundabout way of learning how to do that?14:11
JessDjrib : As long as it's not a cron job, nope, I'm game.14:11
jnlsnl_Endafy damn, do you know of any other time tracking programs?14:11
jribJessD: here's how to load iptables rules when networkmanager connects: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo#Configuration%20on%20Startup%20for%20NetworkManager You can probably google /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d and get some official docs14:12
MonkeyDusthedin: yes, pastebin and python-pastebin14:12
jribJessD: by the way, wicd has a gui option for this14:12
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, i got filesystem info with that command,what should i do14:12
[TK]D-Fenderhedin: That is just a web-script, not an "app"14:12
BluesKajkothaguy_ubuntu, do the partitions show up in  nautilus/places ? if so then you should be able to copy from one partiion to the other if you have permissions setup to do so.14:12
[TK]D-Fenderhedin: Go download the source from pastebin.com or something14:12
hedin[TK]D-Fender, okay14:13
JessDjrib : reading....14:13
b0otI used to be able to install asterisk for the ubuntu software center but it doesn't look like it is there anymore... where did it go?14:13
[TK]D-Fenderhedin: It is easy to use...14:13
Endafygnome has nothing14:13
Endafyyou can install old PIM14:13
kothaguy_ubuntuBluesKaj, :yes they are shown in places,as drive 1 and drive 2,i mounted both them,but i cant copy/paste14:13
Endafyold PIM works wonders14:14
AStyxas i said kothaguy_ubuntu, lack of premission14:14
Endafyjnlsnl_, either that or scrap KDE 4.x altogether and use http://trinity.pearsoncomputing.net/14:14
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jribJessD: interesting info as well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RoamingProfilesWithNetworkManager14:15
EndafyKDE 3.5.12 is amazing I have it on my laptop14:15
JessDjrib : On the Network Manager front, since the rule activates on Nic start, I'm assuming I could check the SSID in the script and act based on result?  Or does it fire before association completes?14:15
ubuntu_jrib: no, i haven't .ecryptfs folder there, becouse i've deleted it14:15
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kothaguy_ubuntuastyx:how to set permission,i am the root14:15
gnomeSound comes out both headphones and speakers.14:15
gnomealsamixer was no help.14:15
jribJessD: yes, that was my original thought.  Though it seems some arguments are passed to the script as well, maybe that's helpful.  As for, when it fires, I'm not sure14:16
Endafybrb need to reboot14:16
b0ot[TK]D-Fender, Do you know why asterisk isn't showing up int the Ubuntu Software center any more?14:17
JessDjrib : I'll give it a whack; failing that, I'll take a look at wicd.  Thanks for the help!14:17
[TK]D-Fenderb0ot: No.  Did you look in synaptic?14:17
kothaguy_ubuntuAStyx, :can you help me to set permissions as root to my two partitions14:17
AStyxhave you tride to copy and paste as root kothaguy_ubuntu ?14:18
jribJessD: « man NetworkManager » seems to describe dispatcher.d as well14:18
hedin[TK]D-Fender, it doesn't seems like the pastebin.com code is FOSS14:18
kothaguy_ubuntuAStyx, :yes by typing sudo nautilus,and getting root permission i tried,but i am unable to do copy/paste14:19
gnomeSound comes out both headphones and speakers.14:19
gnomeany help14:19
v3ctorhedin: try http://sourceforge.net/projects/openpastebin/14:19
jribJessD: seems like when the "up" action is passed to the script it also passes information about dhcp, so should be ok for you14:19
b0ot[TK]D-Fender, They have it in synaptic... it is an old version, but it should do what I need it to do14:20
AStyxkothaguy_ubuntu, have you mounted the partitisions correctly? is it ntfs or what filesystem?14:20
ruanis network manager needed for the internet to work, or will it work without it? (ethernet connection)14:20
K4kgnome: open up terminal and type "alsamixer" check to see if there is an "MM" under it, if not, arrow over to speaker and press the "m" key on your keyboard to mute the speakers?14:20
kothaguy_ubuntuAStyx, :how to check that,i am new guy to ubuntu,i dont know how to check14:20
thenoobcan any1 tell me how to get a virtual keyboard up on ubuntu that is in russian, so i can practice?14:20
jribubuntu_: are you sure you deleted it.  I didn't ask for your ".ecryptfs folder".  Nor did I ask about your ~/.ecrypfts.  I specifically asked about /home/.ecryptfs.  This is NOT in your user's home directory14:21
JessDjrib : Yep, doesn't have SSID, but I can use search domain on the nework I'm conencting to as a differentiator.  That should do.14:21
AStyxkothaguy_ubuntu, try to copy in terminal, cp /mount/point/file into your homedir and from your homedir onto another partitision14:21
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nn102400gnome, what does lspci say about your sound card ?14:22
jribJessD: ok, there should be some way to obtain ssid.  Maybe with iwconfig?  Not on the laptop at the moment to test. For a script I had with wicd, I just used dbus, so you could hack something together like that for network manager as well (but I am sure there is a better way, like with iwconfig maybe)14:22
ruanis network manager needed for internet to function? (ethernet connection, no dhcp)14:22
jribruan: no14:22
ruanjrib: ok, thanks14:22
nn102400ruan, no, it is not required but it makes life easy ..14:22
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ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, Alt + F2 -- gnome-terminal14:22
ROsmanovtype: df -h14:23
JessDjrib : iwconfig does indeed do the job14:23
ruanwell, i've never used it due to the fact that i use eth014:23
blizzihi, any idea where the ssh log files are stored?14:23
blizziI need to see who's been trying to login14:23
jribblizzi: /var/log/auth.log will tell you14:23
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :i know how to open a terminal14:23
ubuntu_jrib, i have only a link in /home/myusername/.ecryptfs14:23
[TK]D-Fenderhedin: Yeah, I have an older version.... looks like they stoppe dsharing it14:23
t0rnshouldn't they be in var logs14:23
blizzijrib, that file doesn't exist14:23
jribubuntu_: what is the output of: ls -l /home/ecryptfs14:23
nn102400ruan, if you kill network manager, which may be necessary if your not using the gnome interface. you have to manually set up networking via config files14:23
jribubuntu_: what is the output of: ls -l /home/.ecryptfs14:23
t0rnlabeled secure14:23
[TK]D-Fenderhedin: Google up "free pastbin web script" or similar and you'll find a ton pretty quick14:23
ruannn102400: why?14:24
jribblizzi: are you sure?14:24
ruannn102400: i never needed to set it up14:24
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, just to make clear what I mean about df -h14:24
ubuntu_jrib: drwx------ 2 root root 16384 2011-02-03 21:41 lost+found14:24
ubuntu_dr-x------ 3 1000 1000  4096 2011-03-08 13:20 szymon14:24
jribubuntu_: then I guess you have it after all.14:24
ruannn102400: note that i'm using ethernet14:24
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, just check if the devices are mounted and where14:24
jribubuntu_: just recreate the symlink in your home pointing there14:24
kothaguy_ubuntuastyx,ROsmanov: by using gksudo nautilus,i can copy/paste now,every time i want to do like this only,how can i give them root permission?14:25
MyLynxhi there, how can I configure the Kmail to notify me if i have new messages?14:25
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nn102400ruan, Network managers job is to stream line networking and make it easy. It basically handels all network interfaces. If you take out Network manager from loading at boot up. The system reverts back to manual ( config file ) networking.14:25
ubuntu_jrib, ls /home/szymon:14:25
hedin[TK]D-Fender, thanks... i'm setting up openpaste atm.14:25
ruannn102400: my network doesn't need handling though14:26
AStyxkothaguy_ubuntu, as i said, sudo chmod -fR 777 /mount/point to your partition14:26
ubuntu_jrib: lrwxrwxrwx 1 1000 1000   56 2011-02-03 21:48 Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop -> /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.desktop14:26
ubuntu_drwx------ 7 1000 1000 4096 2011-03-08 12:21 .cache14:26
ubuntu_lrwxrwxrwx 1 1000 1000   32 2011-02-03 21:48 .ecryptfs -> /home/.ecryptfs/szymon/.ecryptfs14:26
ubuntu_lrwxrwxrwx 1 1000 1000   31 2011-02-03 21:48 .Private -> /home/.ecryptfs/szymon/.Private14:26
ubuntu_lrwxrwxrwx 1 1000 1000   52 2011-02-03 21:48 README.txt -> /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt14:26
FloodBot1ubuntu_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
v3ctorhedin: your welcome14:26
ubuntu_that's dead symlinks14:26
kothaguy_ubuntuwhat is /mount/point what should i type here, whether i have to type /dev/sda3 like that?14:27
ubuntu_they are on red14:27
jribubuntu_: how did you delete?  Using nautilus?14:27
ubuntu_no, console14:27
jribubuntu_: what did you execute exactly?14:27
AStyxkothaguy_ubuntu, do what ROsmanov said, df -h14:27
AStyxin your terminal14:27
AStyxto find out the mountpoints14:28
ubuntu_rm -r .ecryptfs14:28
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, /dev/sda3 is a device that should be mounted to a folder on filesystem14:28
jribkothaguy_ubuntu: mount point is some (usually empty) directory.  Create one with « sudo mkdir /media/mynewshinymountpoint » and then use that14:28
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:28
nn102400ruan, All desktop based systems use some sort of network handling setup. Network manager makes it very easy to set up your network connection how ever you want it. It does all the back end work for you. But if you like doing that back end work all your self. Go ahead, kill network manager, learn about /etc/network/interfaces file and set up manual configuration based management.14:28
jribubuntu_: well what was the current working directory when you executed tha?14:29
ruannn102400: alright, but i never needed to set it up, it doesn't use dhcp either14:29
ubuntu_jrib, /home14:29
jribubuntu_: then you've lost your data.  Restore from backups14:29
nn102400ruan, what exactly are you trying to do with network manager >14:30
ruannn102400: i removed it to save space14:30
ubuntu_jrib, how?14:30
jribubuntu_: do you have backups?14:30
ubuntu_i don't know14:30
ruannn102400: i've never used network manager before, so i was just wondering if it was safe to remove it14:30
ubuntu_if ubuntu isnt doing them automatically, then no14:31
AStyxwhy should ubuntu do them?14:31
jribubuntu_: then take it as an opportunity to learn that you should have backups of data you consider important and move on14:31
ruan /quit14:31
ruan!cn | wl46683390_14:32
ubottuwl46683390_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:32
jribubuntu_: I'll send you the !recover link but I doubt it will prove fruitful14:32
nn102400ruan, Yes, its perfectly safe to remove network manager.  I had a olpc which used it and I found my self having to kill it all the time from the terminal because I had no Gui to handle it with.14:32
jrib!recover | ubuntu_14:32
ubottuubuntu_: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel14:32
ruannn102400: ok thanks14:32
wl46683390_i am a chinese14:32
ruan!cn | wl46683390_14:32
ubottuwl46683390_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:32
wl46683390_where am i?14:33
wl46683390_who can tell me?aha14:33
AStyxin the heaven, wl4668339014:33
[TK]D-FenderMilky Way, Sol 3, Northern hemisphere :)14:33
wl46683390_in the heaven14:33
afeijohi guys14:33
wl46683390_oh ,my god14:33
imancyou have made it my son..14:33
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, never give 777 permissions. use it for tests only!14:33
ROsmanovu should write mount rules in /etc/fstab and just give appropriate permissions, e.g. chown $USER /mount/point14:33
BluesKaj!english | wl46683390_14:33
ubottuwl46683390_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:33
afeijoI set my crontab the line MAILTO=feijo@mydomain.com, but I'm still getting the emails internally at my feijo acct?14:34
CharlieSuIs it possible to use avahi-daemon to have two local hostnames?   box.local and other.local on the same server?14:34
wl46683390_you know that i am first using ubuntu14:34
wl46683390_and my english is very poor14:35
duckstarI have some questions about .mkv playback containing what i think is VC-1 codec not playing in mplayer / vlc/ xbmc  is this the right place to be asking them ?14:35
ROsmanovafeijo, make sure your MTA is working(exim4, sendmail ...)14:35
hytreemwl46683390_, see my PM14:35
afeijoROsmanov, my php sites send emails without problems14:35
=== koolhead11 is now known as koolhead17
wl46683390_what is pm?14:35
hytreem!pm | wl46683390_14:36
ubottuwl46683390_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:36
kothaguy_ubuntu ROsmanov,jrib :Sorry,if i am irritating you,i have to mount /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda3 whether i have to type sudo mkdir /dev/sda1/myfoldername14:36
AStyxwl46683390, join #ubuntu-cn14:36
mix22891hello. why i can't save passwords on FireFox ?14:36
jribkothaguy_ubuntu: you can do « mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 » but you have to create /media/sda1 first.  To create /media/sda1, you do « mkdir /media/sda1 »14:36
nn102400duckstar, if it doesn't play in mplayer its most likely un-supported. mplayer has been able to play anything I have thrown at it. If it can play it, its most likely a bad encoding.14:37
nn102400duckstar, *if it can't play it, its a bad encoding14:37
dirty-d_sup peeps!14:37
mix22891hello. why i can't save passwords on FireFox ?14:38
ruanmix22891: why doesn't it save?14:38
duckstarnn102400,  Thanks for the reply.  I got the file from somewhere that confirms its working.  When i try and play the file using the mplayer test.mkv command it starts loading the file and then says Seek failed.14:38
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, for instance, make folder: mkdir /media/my_folder. Then add a line to /etc/fstab like UUID=/dev/sda1 /backup ext4 defaults 0 0  .... and mount it: sudo mount -a14:38
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, sorry I've an error in the fstab line. I'll post a sample for u ... wait a minute14:39
duckstarnn102400,  Also when trying to play it in XBMC it trys to play it as a audio file, but i think that is because XBMC does not support VC-114:39
ruanmix22891: so.. it doesn't save when you press Remember password?14:39
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :ok14:39
ruanmix22891: is it not in preferences > security > saved passwords?14:40
duckstarI have also installed the non-free codecs... i think...14:40
[TK]D-Fendermix22891: Ar you clearing them on exit, etc perhaps in your security opitons.....14:40
nn102400duckstar, in my experience if it says seek failed it normally means that its a incomplete file.14:41
BluesKajduckstar, xbmc is ok but try using vlc on it's own, if the media won't play then the codec is probly corrupted14:41
DiverdudeHello. I have some eps files created in matlab. I need to submit these to a journal, but in order to do this i need to somehow embed the fonts in the eps. how can i do this?14:41
nn102400duckstar, or its missing some sort of important headder14:41
duckstarOk.  Thanks for your help.  I might try redownloading it.  To be honest i did have alot of trouble extracting it14:41
mix22891thank you!14:41
duckstarnn102400, ,bluekaJ  But don't worry the questions dont end there..14:42
[TK]D-FenderDiverdude: Isn't the point of EPS that the fonts are already embedded?14:42
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :i got it,i just typed gksudo nautilus,and opened the .media/sda3 folder,and opened the properties and given them permission..it is working now,now i can do copy/paste...Thank you for your time14:42
[TK]D-FenderDiverdude: thats the "Encapsulated" part last I heard14:42
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :sorry /media/sda314:42
Diverdude[TK]D-Fender, well, it not14:42
[TK]D-FenderDiverdude: Interesting..14:42
CiSensehelp plz: error while loading shared libraries: libz.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:43
Diverdude[TK]D-Fender, otherwise i could publish it without problem...but the fonts are not embedded14:43
teweWorknot ubuntu related but can anyone tell me how can i find files with non-ascii characters in their filename and remove them, i can find them with find . -type d | grep -P '[^ -~\n]' but when trying to do xargs rm then the filenames are escaped and it doesn't work? or tell mer where should i ask these kind of questions :)14:43
PiciteweWork: #bash would be the best place imo.14:43
hwildeteweWork, you're probably just missing the right combination of single and double quotes but i dunno14:44
nn102400CiSense, looks like your missing a major compression library. -- Which program causes the error ?14:44
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/577475/14:44
duckstarOk.  Not that it bothers me, but mplayer or vlc can't play any .mkv files without being really choppy.  But XBMC is fine with them ?14:44
CiSensenn102400, imprudence  viewer14:45
wl46683390_ylmf linux14:45
teweWorkPici, hwilde: thx, gonna try14:45
ruan!cn | wl46683390_14:45
ubottuwl46683390_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:45
Curly_QJust curious folks, Is there a preference using VNC clients for Windows connecting to Linux? I have tried Tight VNC and Real VNC, I don't think Putty has a GUI with it though. The GUI is what I am interested in. I know that Putty tunnels though.14:45
wl46683390_my linux is ubuntu 9.0414:45
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, I already had /dev/sdb1 mounted on /backup14:45
greppyCurly_Q: tunnel vnc over a putty ssh connection14:46
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :today i am facing several issues,i am unable to open an ubuntu related sites in my browser,like launchpad,ubuntuforums.org ,but i can open other sites like google,facebook,rediff ,i tried on difeerent browsers,but i am unable to do,i deleted the browsing history,cache also,what to do?14:46
Curly_QGreppy is that possible?14:46
ubuntu-usrjoin #joomla14:46
wl46683390_how could rasiae it?14:46
huanglonghello,when i winetricks (wine1.3) ...but msxml3 failed :(14:46
greppyCurly_Q: yes.14:46
Curly_QI never tried it.14:46
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:46
MaddethCurly_Q, also have a look at xming or varients14:47
amateurok  too much boy14:47
Curly_QThanks. What are the advantages with tunneling with Putty?14:47
ruansee above link14:47
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, what stuff your browser outputs?14:47
v3ctorteweWork: use rm --14:47
nn102400CiSense, Open terminal --> run "sudo apt-get install zlib1g"14:47
duckstarSorry correction.  VLC stutters trying to play 1080p from a mounted NAS drive.  Its fine on WMV and avi14:47
CiSensenn102400, ta14:47
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, 404 Not Found, Server Not Found ...?14:48
greppyCurly_Q: encryption of the connection.14:48
CiSensenn102400, zlib1g is already the newest version.14:48
Curly_QGreppy that brings me to another question, can tunneling be used to surf the net with a Proxy server and are there proxy servers out there that are free?14:48
nn102400duckstar, I have played 1080p mkv files .. They work fine but use a bit of cpu. You really need a fast computer to keep up with the codec14:49
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :it is stating oops,google chrome cant found, in mozilla,it is problem loading page14:49
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, but i can open any other sites,whats going wrong with these sites for me?14:50
greppyCurly_Q: yes, and yes, but I don't have details on any open proxys14:50
Curly_QMaddeth, thanks for the heads up on Xming or varients. I am looking at that now.14:50
teweWorkv3ctor: thx, and how can i copy them?14:50
Curly_QThanks Greppy.14:50
MaddethCurly_Q, no worries, also for proxying look into the TOR project14:50
nn102400CiSense, run "sudo apt-get --reinstall install zlib1g"14:51
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, try to open in anonymizer14:51
duckstarnn102400,  Surely it would be some sort of codec problem if they work fine in xbmc ?14:51
AscavasaionHow do I get identd running on my laptop?  I installed pidentd through Synaptic and then tried to connect to an IRC server and it says I need to run identd14:51
andornautIs there anyway to check in linux what ide channels your HDs are using? My bios lists that info only when in IDE (not SATA) mode, and I suspect that one of my data drives shares a chan (if that's the correct term) with the boot drive.14:51
v3ctorteweWork: i have not done that, i have only ever removed them14:51
duckstarnn102400,  i run XBMC in the same session, not in its only session14:51
Curly_QGreppy, thanks for that link. I just bookmarked it.   :)14:51
nn102400duckstar, most likely btw where are you getting these videos from anyway14:51
hytreemwl46683390_, why did you try sending me a picture?14:51
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :what is that anonymizer,the other thing is i cant even update using update manager,they are showing errors in fetching?14:51
FloodBot1ku4eto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:52
blujdoes anyone know what it is that makes gdm in ubuntu (10.04 in my case) be in clone mode right out of the box when using dual-head? i'm trying to enforce this in a different environment (where it likes to use extended-span mode)14:52
duckstarnn102400, I get them from Usenet14:52
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, http://wellkin.info/ano/14:52
Pumpkin-Ascavasaion: the IRC server needs to be able to make the connection to your machine running identd (TCP/113). So if you are behind NAT, and not port forwarding TCP/113, it won't work.14:52
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :i cant paste in pastebin also14:52
AscavasaionPumpkin-: So in Firestarter I should open port 113?14:52
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, maybe a proxy or even ISP block connections to those sites14:53
nn102400duckstar, its possible that the format is just messed up on thoes piticular files.14:53
nn102400I got a lot of content from rolly.com .. All there mkv formats worked fine.14:53
kylelippCan anyone help me w/ Ubuntu on a CR-48?14:54
Pumpkin-I don't know firestarter, but yes, the IRC server needs to be able to connect to you on TCP/11314:54
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, does http://wellkin.info/ano/ open some of the sites?14:54
root_who is know hack14:54
Pumpkin-(and that includes getting past your NAT if you have NAT)14:54
BluesKaj!hack | root_14:55
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, it could be also your firewall14:55
AscavasaionPumpkin-: Okay, I allowed all connections through 11314:55
jfcaronWhen I use Synaptic or apt-get I get a huge list of errors, all referring to dpkg file lists being missing: "assuming package has no files installed".  This means that when I try to apt-get remove a package, the files are not removed because dpkg doesn't know about them!  Is there a way to "rebuild" the list of files?14:55
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :i am trying,one minute14:55
BluesKajroot_, no hacking here14:56
duckstarnn102400,  i am just testing between all the vieo files i have.  It seems any 720p or under works fine in vlc but anything 1080p isn't.  In XBMC everything plays.  Is there a cache setting that is maybe choking me ? since i am streaming these off  mount NAS drives14:56
nn102400duckstar, alright .. try  mplayer -cache 80000 /path/to/file14:57
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :yes they are opening in that browser,i dont know till evening i am browsing the sites,i disabled firewall,wait i will check and tell you14:57
AscavasaionPumpkin-: Never worked :(14:57
nn102400duckstar, I stream 1080p off of NFS and it works fine .. usually 1 to 2 MB/s though of data14:57
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :now also i am uanble to open in my browser,in anonymous i can open,why it is happening,does my isp blocked these sites?14:59
=== kornel is now known as Ibowi
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, hmm. It could be a firewall on a proxy... R U using a proxy?15:00
nishantdoes anyone feel ubuntu netbook GUI is slow ?15:00
andornautchecked /proc/scsi/scsi and all my hds are listed on the same chan with the same id. Does that look right? Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0015:01
andornaut(they're sata drives, not scsi)15:01
Curly_QMaddeth is Xming a Windows tool VMware? Please tell me a bit about it?15:01
Curly_QI am on a website looking at it. It looks very attractive.15:01
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, no,till evening i am using those sites,i just run an clamtk scan,while running at that time,i am unable to do that,any link between clamtk scanner and these sites/15:02
MaddethXming is a windows tool, sorry I may have got confused as to what you were trying to do :)15:02
Maddeth@ Curly_Q ^15:02
duckstarnn102400, Takes ages to type the paths.  is there some sort of auto fill ?  like type the first part in then let the terminal autofill ?15:02
Curly_QMaddeth I am glad you mentioned it. I am very curious about Xming.15:02
nishantXming is a window manager ?15:02
nishantAnyway I find the Ubuntu netbook gui is slow15:03
Phong_hi guys15:03
nn102400duckstar, tab and dubble tab15:03
edbiannishant, xming is an Xserver that runs on windows15:03
edbianPhong_, hello15:03
duckstarnn102400,  Cheers.  Nope its still laggy15:03
Phong_i have off topic question what is it meant by : Recovery Audit Expert15:03
duckstarnn102400,  Less Laggy..15:03
Curly_QIs Xming a VMware application?15:03
nn102400duckstar, tab fills in ... dubble tab lists everything int that directory that is under the characters you already have down15:03
jfcaronnishant: Aye, I found that Ubuntu Desktop ran better on my eeepc than Ubuntu Netbook.15:04
edbianCurly_Q, What is a VMware application?  VMware runs virtual machines, not applications.  xming is an Xserver that runs on windows15:04
nishantExactly I find the Netbook GUI needs to be re designed for speed , jfcaron , do you have any suggestions for power saving ?15:05
nn102400duckstar, my experience is that broken formats usually spit out a lot of junk on the terminal about broken crc or somthing like that .. and dont play right with a lot of skips and glitches15:05
=== nyx0 is now known as nyx0_
Curly_QEdbian, sorry for the confusion. So Xming is an application that is not an OS but runs on top of Windows. Thanks for that info.15:05
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, I have never used clamtk/clamav. I guess clamav blocks connections. I'd turn it to scan on-demand, since IMHO Ubuntu is safe enough to get rid of antiviruses, until U don't send something to Windows users(U'd probably need clamav just to check emails to forward emails ...)15:05
nn102400duckstar, if its not the format try the -frameskip option to speed up the sound.15:05
edbianCurly_Q, that is right.  No worries :)15:05
Curly_QI learned something new today. Thanks.15:05
MaddethCurly_Q, sorry for confusing you15:05
Curly_QMaddeth, you enlightened me immensely. Thanks for the confusion.   hehe15:06
searchingps aux and /usr/bin/python use 46% cpu that freeze my pc is there a bug or something or solution ?15:06
kaushalis there a debug window while installing Ubuntu OS ?15:06
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, personally, I don't have antiviruses at all. Gmail does basic scans for me ;) I just try to keep FS permissions and firewall settings right15:07
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, : i am purely using ubuntu,i dont have any windows in my laptop,i installed it because,all my frnds r windows users,when they insert their usbs into mine,i thought i would get viruses,thats y i installed it15:07
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, windows viruses are nothing for Ubuntu15:08
jfcaronnishant: Nothing specifically, I found that I mostly use my netbook while it is plugged in, so power isn't an issue for me.  Apparently Leeenux (which I use - Ubuntu variant) does have extra power-related stuff though.15:08
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, ,can i remove that clamtk?15:08
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, I think yes. I'd remove it15:09
kothaguy_ubuntuROsmanov, :ok,thank you15:09
koolhead17searching, what application your running15:09
nishantLeenux right will chek out .15:09
ROsmanovkothaguy_ubuntu, however, not fact that just clamav blocks connections15:09
nishantso you dont use the netbook GUI any more jfcaron ? have you changed to desktop ?15:10
mati_ubuntu 10.1015:10
jfcaronnishant:  Indeed, just regular gnome-desktop is faster and more useful than the netbook GUI for me.15:11
Roasted_Question - Using an Ubuntu machine on a Windows domain, I somehow managed to change my default terminal to sh. I want it to be back to bash. I issued the chsh command to change it, but it failed because my domain user (obviously) does not reside in /etc/passwd. This is a problem because this happens on my account to EVERY Ubuntu computer on the domain. How can I fix it?15:12
nishantyes jfcaron thanks I was thinking the same and was wondeing why it had such a different GUI than desktop without much advantgae15:12
jfcaronnishant: The netbook GUI seems to be aimed at the "internet appliance" style of netbook user, who just wants one-click internets, but not much other functionality.  It's also difficult to customize.15:13
ROsmanovRoasted_, what about export SHELL=bash in ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile?15:13
Roasted_It's also slow15:13
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm-Zzz
speedyI tried the Natty-desktop iso and the DVD ISO and had issues with both ISO's d/l'ed fresh iso's still same thing it freezes up when tring to run stuff open terminal then locks can't do nothing very buggy it seems also ran updates stopped while trying to update oh well it is alpaha 3 but still has issues not to happy about the new look i like old GNOME better just my opinion15:13
Roasted_R0smanov, uhh fill in the gaps there a little bit. Are you suggesting I add SHELL=bash at... what... the bottom of all 3 of those config files?15:14
nishantRIght yes , seems more cloud type of OS15:14
Roasted_ROsmanov, my bad that's an O not a 0. I was wondering why tab didnt complete your name.15:14
ROsmanovRoasted_, no. add "export SHELL=bash in ~/.bashrc"15:14
Roasted_ROsmanov, okay. does it matter where within the file I add it?15:14
ROsmanovRoasted_, append it to the end of file15:15
=== Guest54052 is now known as DarkDevil
Roasted_ROsmanov, I gotta log out and in as my domain user. Ill try it now. thanks.15:15
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest98037
fixxxermetI'm on ubuntu 10.10 but want to use a Natty package (ntp).  What's the best way to do this?15:16
Roasted_ROsmanov, didn't work.15:17
speedyafter desktop loads seems fine then all off the borders window mangaer stops then locks me out of doing anything short of a cold reboot bummer15:17
ROsmanovRoasted_, then "source ~/.bashrc" should change your default shell instantly. However, for instance, sshd can load ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile or some other rc-file15:17
Roasted_ROsmanov, what I dont understand is how it triggers on WHEREVER my account logs in.15:17
Roasted_ROsmanov, I thought I could just delete the profile entry and I'd be good. But I logged on a different PC and it was still there. the sh is such a pita too when Im doing terminal.15:18
prodigy0987fixxxermet: Maverick has the ntp packages as well, will that do?15:18
jribRoasted_: you're using likewise open?15:19
Roasted_jrib, yes.15:19
ROsmanovRoasted_, I'd quote "man bash": When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, or as a non-interactive shell with the --login option, it first reads  and  executes15:19
ROsmanov       commands  from  the  file  /etc/profile, if that file exists.  After reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and15:19
ROsmanov       ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and executes commands from the first one that exists and is readable.15:19
jribROsmanov: isn't there an associated config file for likewise open where you can set users' shell?15:19
Roasted_jrib, the thing is, this changed after I ran a command in terminal under my domain user name.15:20
jribRoasted_: what command?15:20
Roasted_jrib, I was testing out a command to mount my share to gvfs. I ran gvfs-mount smb://server/users/#()15:20
anubarack_guys is there an alternative to gyazio for ubuntu ? or at least something similar15:20
Roasted_jrib, and bam. all downhill from there.15:20
Roasted_jrib, the command was suggested to me by a user here, as #() was supposedly a wild card for whoever was actively logged in.15:20
Roasted_jrib, but it obviously went south on me15:20
fixxxermetprodigy0987: I want the latest version, as it has some new options15:20
ROsmanovjrib, ~/.profile should keep user's settings. Mine loads ~/.bashrc15:21
prodigy0987fixxxermet: okie-doke, then you might be able to download it from http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/ntp and install it with 'dpkg -i'15:21
jribROsmanov: but by the time any of that is sourced, it's too late.  The user already has a shell.  No?15:21
prodigy0987fixxxermet: if that doesn't work (due to dependencies or whatnot), i'd install from source15:22
Roasted_jrib, do you think what I did is reversible?15:22
=== toto is now known as Guest52476
jribRoasted_: well I don't see how it could possibly change the shell.  But did you check if you've a setting for bash as users' shell in the config file for likewise open?15:22
Roasted_jrib, I'm not sure how I would have, as other domain users on likewise open do not exhibit the same issues.15:23
Roasted_jrib, its JUST my account, which is where I ran the command.15:23
jribRoasted_: in any case, does the setting exist there?15:23
Roasted_jrib, within likewise open config? I'm not sure. I'm looking for it now. Do you by chance know where it resides?15:23
anubarack_no one ? :(15:24
Roasted_what is gyazio?15:24
jribRoasted_: I found this mention: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1569865 I'm not familiar with likwise open, but I assume lwconfig just modifies a config file somewhere.  Or maybe you can query with lwconfig what current settings are15:24
Abhijitanubarack_, what does gyazio do?15:25
OerHeksGyazo lets you instantly grab the screen and upload the image to the web15:25
jribRoasted_: maybe this makes more sense to you than to me: http://www.likewise.com/resources/documentation_library/manuals/open/likewise-open-guide.html#SetHomeDirAndShell15:25
ruanhow do i close a PM tab with irssi?15:25
jpdsruan: /win close15:25
ruan /part didn't work15:25
v3ctorruan: /window close15:25
ruanjpds: thanks15:25
anubarack_it's gyazo, my bad, and it lets you select a part of the screen (like sniping tool in win7) and it uploads to their site, giving you the url15:26
dirty-d_to close a window, just do /wc15:26
jribRoasted_: here's someone modifying the lsassd.conf directly: http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2010/06/how-to-configure-likewise-open-ad.html15:26
ZacLnxNewbI'm trying to install grub boot loader, but seem to be having trouble15:27
ZacLnxNewbCurrently the error I'm getting is "not found or not a block device"15:27
ZacLnxNewbI'm trying to reinstall windows from a recovery partition15:27
Abhijitanubarack_, wait15:27
mr_chrisI have an Ubuntu 10.04 desktop that authenticates through ldap. GDM is keeping a list of previously logged in users. How do I clear that list?15:27
ZacLnxNewbZacLnxNewb:  Basically, running the windows recovery partition seems to format, kill the mbr, restart, and then I get a grub error15:28
Roasted_jrib, well so far the global "change everybody to bash" command failed. :(15:28
Roasted_jrib, looking over more of those links now.15:28
ZacLnxNewbSo I'm trying to reinstall grub, but none of the google searches I've done have helped15:28
=== Claudinux_ is now known as Claudinux
OerHeksAnubArack, there is a linux client @ http://gyazo.com/en15:28
mr_chrisZacLnxNewb, which version of Ubuntu are you running?15:29
gandhijeecan i install a maverick package on karmic?15:30
anubarack_OerHeks, oh my bad :( when i did a google search i saw people asking about gyazo + wine so I thought it never had a linux version15:30
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I deleted and reconfigured all of my partitions15:30
Abhijitgandhijee, yes15:30
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I'm now using linux netbook live cd via a flash dri e15:30
OerHeksanubarack_, it needs imagemagic, and the download is just a script.15:30
mr_chrisSo you're trying to reinstall grub after deleting all of your partitions? Did you reinstall or did you just resize the partitions with gparted?15:31
moltendorfDoes anyone know what FTP server comes preinstalled on ubuntu server 10.10 and how I can configure it, even though I only configured the server to work with ssh?15:31
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris: I just deleted and made new partitions with gparted, and I'm not sure I configured them correctly at that15:31
fixxxermetprodigy0987: yeah, that didn't work due to dependencies.  I'll have to compile from source.15:31
blizzimoltendorf, you can use sftp as part of ssh15:31
mr_chrisZacLnkNewb: If that's the cased, you hosed your existing installation. You need to reinstall.15:32
jribRoasted_: there seem to be mentions of a "template shell= /bin/bash" setting in smb.conf on google.  So maybe check into that as well (since the command you issued involved samba).  I'm not sure how things interact with likewise open, but just throwing things out there for you to check15:32
moltendorfAh, so that explains sftp working but not regular ftp.15:32
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  Alright, how long are you going to be on?15:32
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I'll be back shortly15:32
Roasted_jrib, nothing is working. wow.15:32
Roasted_jrib, why did I run that fn command.15:32
moltendorfThanks, you just blew my mind (with an obvious statement), dang I'm tired. ^^15:33
RingZer0So, if I have screen open, and I ssh into another machine, then do screen -dr (take over screen on next host), how do i get my keyboard ctrl+a,n to work for the deepest level of ssh15:33
jribRoasted_: also, depending on whether you actually want to figure out how things work or whether you just want this thing to work because you have to do other things, you can just have sh point to bash... (sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash).  It's not ideal, but if you have more important things to do...15:33
anadonhey, anyone able to give grub help?15:33
Roasted_jrib, I would like to understand what the hell happened as well as fixing it. I hate to just fix them without knowing what in the world happened.15:34
RingZer0anadon: dont ask to ask, just ask your question.  if someone knows they will respond15:34
Abhijitanadon, ask15:34
anadonk, "update-grub" ignores my windows 7 installation15:34
anadonhow do I fix that?15:34
ROsmanovanadon, btw webmin is a good gui for that. U may add/modify grub entries there easily as well15:36
jribRoasted_: http://www.likewise.com/community/index.php/forums/viewthread/932/#2787 there's some talk there about clearing cache after changing shell15:36
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AStyxanadon, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103654715:38
Roasted_jrib, I did that :(15:38
Roasted_jrib, let me read over it though15:38
AStyxit costs only some seconds to google15:38
Roasted_jrib, Im also curious what user I have to be logged in as when I do those registry changes.15:39
Roasted_jrib, because I dont know how to set my domain user to have sudo rights, so I cant run sudo commands. So is local administrator on the ubuntu machine okay????15:39
jribRoasted_: your questions are my first exposure to likewise open, so don't know much.  Do you know if these settings are stored in the user's home or in some other way?  What are these .reg files that are always referred to?  What does lwconfig actually do?15:40
jfcaronWhen I am using apt-get interactively, is there a way to direct the output to a file while still being able to tell it [Y/n] when it asks for confirmation?15:41
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  Okay, I have 222 GB of hard drive space to allocate15:41
Roasted_jrib, I'm not sure what lwconfig does. I'm new to likewise open as well. I ran with it after I heard canonical recommends it for AD integration as we are flirting with introducing Ubuntu to "the wild" here at work. I do not believe settings are locally stored because I have deleted my profile dozens of times and logged into completely different computers with the exact same results, but again, only under MY username.15:41
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  and there's a recovery partition containing my windows 7 recovery that I want to install15:41
mr_chrisZacLnkNewb: What is it you're trying to do?15:41
edbianjfcaron, sudo apt-get -y install <something> >file.txt   ?  (just a guess)15:41
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  Install a fresh install of windows 7 as the primary operating system, using the recovery partition15:42
ROsmanovRoasted_, I didn't use likewise open. But for "sudo" rights in ubuntu user should be listed in /etc/sudoers15:42
jribRoasted_: this last link http://www.likewise.com/community/index.php/forums/viewthread/932/#2787 has Jonathan suggesting su - root for the lwconfig command and then running lw-ad-cache delete-all "on the client" which I suppose means "as the normal user"15:42
jfcaronedbian: But that assumes that I will want to say yes to each query..I guess that's generally the case.15:42
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  and after I get that work, I'm going to reinstall ubuntu netbook alongside it15:42
Roasted_ROsmanov, right, but I'm not sure how I add DOMAIN users to /etc/sudoers. Just DOMAIN\my_user??15:42
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I currently have 222GB of unallocated space15:42
Roasted_jrib, I tried running su -.... but I keep getting uathentication failure.15:42
mr_chrisZacLnkNewb: When you deleted your partitions, did you also delete the Recovery partition or leave it intact?15:42
edbianjfcaron, If you don't want to then do this: sudo apt-get install <something> >file.txt   what gets saved? I've never tried it15:43
jribRoasted_: do you know how to add users to groups?  Should be able to just add them to the "admin" group.  Sorry, when Jonathan says "su - root", on ubuntu, you can read that as "run with sudo"15:43
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I want to give 65 GB for the windows partition, 14 for ubuntu, and 1 GB for swap, and the rest will be "Storage"15:43
Roasted_jrib, it's not. It deletes the slash and makes it DOMAINmy_user15:43
edbianjfcaron, btw dpkg and apt keep logs in  /var/log (they log everything you do using each of them respectively)15:43
edbianjfcaron, And since every package manager uses dpkg the dpkg log is a complete history of all package management15:44
Abhijitanubarack_, i am unable to search for that software. some day ago there was an articlce on that software in omgubuntu. but i forget its name.  also omg site is down now. cant help15:44
jribRoasted_: so you're trying http://www.likewise.com/resources/documentation_library/manuals/open/likewise-open-guide.html#id2714877 and it doesn't work?15:45
anubarack_Abhijit, ty for your support ... i just downloaded Shutter15:45
Roasted_jrib, sec, I might have found how to add domain users as admins...15:45
anubarack_it's more advanced but it gets the job done15:45
Abhijitanubarack_, thats the one i am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:45
b0ss8055how to edit linux registry?15:45
mr_chrisb0ss8055: There isn't one.15:45
anubarack_b0ss8055, wtf? linux registry?15:45
jribb0ss8055: what do you want to accomplish exactly?  Why do you want to "edit linux registry"?15:46
anubarack_meybe he wants to edit wine registry15:46
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I understand this is a pain in the ass >.>15:46
b0ss8055der s no regstry for linux?15:46
jpdsb0ss8055: No.15:46
ROsmanovRoasted_, http://www.likewise.com/resources/documentation_library/manuals/open/likewise-open-guide.html#ConfigSudoers ?15:46
mr_chrisZacLnkNewb: You said "recovery partition". Did you leave that partition intact or delete it?15:46
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris:  I left that intact15:46
anadonStill having problems with grub finding windows15:46
compdocb0ss8055, are you having a problem youre trying to fix?15:46
Roasted_its fixed?15:46
mr_chrisSo you should have a recovery partition followed by your 222 GB of unallocated space, yes?15:47
jribRoasted_: eh?15:47
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Roasted_jrib, I read online when I add domain users to sudoers, I need to use DOMAIN\\ instead of DOMAIN\15:47
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris: it displays it as 222GB of unallocated space then followed by the partition, but yes15:47
Roasted_jrib, so I did, rebooted, and went into terminal, and my terminal prompt was normal. Oddly, I still dont have sudo rights.15:47
jribRoasted_: heh...15:48
b0ss8055b4 smedays i want to hide ntfs drives 4m ma desktop in ubuntu,i googld and found smethn wich is a subtitute for windws regstry in linux..it wrkd..nw i wnt to display drives in places on xubuntu15:48
jfcaronedbian: Then apt-get doesn't complete, and the file to which the output was directed contains the contents of the [Y/n] prompt.15:48
edbianjfcaron, Did you read what I said about the logs?  Does that solve your problem?15:48
Roasted_jrib, I brought sudoers file back to default. rebooting my VM now. If it works, Ill also try it on my ubuntu laptop here for a final test.15:48
Roasted_jrib, now THAT is confusing...15:48
jfcaronedbian: Ah sorry, I read that after I typed my thing.  Yes I think so.15:49
edbianjfcaron, no worries.  Glad I could help!15:49
mr_chrisSo use gparted to make a 65gb ntfs partition, a 14GB ext4 partition, and a 1GB swap partition, and assign the rest as NTFS so you can read it both from Windows and Ubuntu. Then install windows, then install Ubuntu and manually tell it to use the 14GB partition as /.15:49
edbianmr_chris,  and tell Ubuntu to use the swap.15:49
anubarack_wow! the new speedtest.net is so sexy <315:49
Roasted_jrib, worked again on VM when rebooted. Going to try my laptop now. I'll brb...15:49
mr_chrisedbian, ZacLnxNewb: Yes. Thanks.15:50
ZacLnxNewbmr_chris: How do I configure those paritions?  I can only have two primary partitions15:50
edbianZacLnxNewb, You are allowed 4 primary partitions.15:50
azertyyhello i got ubuntu15:50
mr_chrisZacLnxNewb: You can always add them as logical partitions.15:50
anadonneed help getting grub to recognize windows15:50
edbianazertyy, hi.  Do