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dwa_if i do a search in the dash, how do i use the keyboard to go through the results?08:25
dwa_for instance, if i want to launch firefox i press <super>, type in firefox and now i'd have to click on the icon to launch it08:26
dwa_while i would just like to do <tab> <enter>08:26
dwa_i'm really hoping it will get anywhere near gnome-do in terms of usefulness08:27
dwa_but it's a long way from it now08:27
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m3ph1s"HOW TO" spy remote screen? i guess my secretary is going lazy. 20:55
m3ph1sof couser i'll let her know that i can see what she does.20:56
m3ph1sany keyword to google? please20:59
BDaughtrywe are looking at using ubuntu server as a platform to run a new software we are buying. the software company wants to know what the glib c for ubuntu server is so that can tell us if their software will support it. can anyone help?21:55
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m3ph1s@<BDaughtry> testing is the mother of science ;(23:11

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