karniI think I like coding during night because nobody's disturbing me. That's much more comfortable.02:56
karniNo phone calls, no gtalk chats, no nothing.02:56
duanedesignkarni: ping03:04
karniduanedesign: hey!03:04
karniit's ok ;)03:04
karniit's just music, code, and.. not so evil duanedesign03:04
duanedesignkarni: i was aobut to catch a few zzzz03:04
duanedesignkarni: yeah i am having trouble getting used to ircclouc03:05
duanedesignkarni: i have used irssi for so long03:05
karniwhat do you mean :)? oh. it's another irc client?03:05
duanedesignoh yeah03:05
duanedesignoh, yeah. That is the evilduanedesign03:05
karniI see heheh :)03:06
duanedesignthis is me on my irssi/screen setup on my VPS. evilduanedesign is me when I am using irccloud.com, or my phone03:06
duanedesignit has a neat interface and if i did not have a VPS or server I would really consider using it all the time03:07
karnioh, it looks kinda nice03:07
duanedesignit has the advantage of being always on03:08
duanedesignso you get the scrollback like you do with ruuning irssi in GNU Screen03:08
karnioh this is cool, like screen!03:08
* duanedesign nods03:08
karnidoes it integrate with desktop notifications ;D ?03:08
karniI might give it a try one day03:09
karniI kinda like the raw edge and terminal-like funcitonality of screen+irssi, but this is definitely worth checking out03:09
duanedesignand irssi is very fast03:10
karnias fast as you can type, indeed :)03:11
duanedesignGUI tend to, in my experience, lag a second or so03:11
karnigotta get back to eclipse, I'm getting more red underlines than I should03:13
karnihave some good sleep duanedesign!03:13
duanedesignthanks happy coding karni03:13
karnithanks duanedesign !03:13
kklimondaoh god03:26
kklimondait's after 4 am03:26
kklimondaI've just spent over 4 hours writing code in Qt.. for fun..03:26
karnikklimonda: :)03:34
karnikklimonda: any eye-candy results?03:35
karniI guess you just fell asleep ;]03:38
kklimondakarni: not really, it's a simple media player03:38
kklimondato watch movies from gomtv03:38
kklimondabut I have to say I've never had so much fun with C++ in my life.03:39
kklimondaIt's like I've discovered it for the first time.03:39
karniand I managed to break the notification, ops.03:41
kklimondawow, I just ran out of ram..03:51
kklimondaok, I still have like 600M left.. but still..03:52
karniokey, time to get some sleep. night guys!04:22
JamesTaitAh, good morning, all! :D10:24
duanedesignhello all10:34
Lunar_Lamp09:40:35 <    jesterina> what's the new dos2unix called again?10:41
Lunar_Lamp09:40:56 <       idimmu> isnt it just called10:41
Lunar_Lamp09:40:58 <       idimmu> dos2unix ?10:41
Lunar_LampYes :-/10:41
Lunar_LampUnless you want to re-implement it in sed or something :-s10:42
Lunar_LampEr, wrong channel/o\10:45
duanedesignaquarius: good morning11:32
aquariushi duanedesign11:37
duanedesignaquarius: I am looking for some advice on an application I am making. I realize you are awfully busy but on the off chance that you had time in the near future I thoght I would ask.11:40
duanedesignaquarius: so if you find yourself with the rare opporunity of a little free time maybe take a peak https://launchpad.net/stipple11:45
aquariusduanedesign, I discovered that at the weekend; haven't had a chance to try it yet!11:47
aquariusduanedesign, I like the idea of it :)11:50
duanedesignaquarius: cool. Just kinda stuck thinking "This could be doing its job in a better fashion". Just not sure what that better way is. I thought this is where I could benefit from some advice from someone who has been down the road before11:51
aquariusduanedesign, talk to me about the issues you're thinking about11:51
aquarius(I don't want to say: this is how I would design such a thing, because it's not my project. But if you say, I am struggling with this problem, I am more than happy to give you my thoughts)11:52
duanedesignaquarius: my biggest concern is you currently launch the app. Click 'Sync to DB' That puts the .config files for the selected apps in Couch11:52
duanedesignaquarius: then you launch the app on Computer B. Open the app and click "Sync from DB'11:53
duanedesignaquarius: I think it should probablly be a daemon?11:55
aquariusI do not think so.11:56
aquariusIf you write a daemon which (a) runs all the time (b) requires Ubuntu One (c) monitors config files for changes (d) syncs them between machines...11:56
aquariusthen what you've done is reinvented the syncdaemon. :-)11:56
aquariusstoring the occasional attachment in desktopcouch is OK, but it's really not for storing many many files (that's what file sync is for).11:56
* duanedesign nods11:57
duanedesignaquarius: that makes sense. might be a better idea to switch to file sync.  Because some of the plugins are syncing directories. like the emacs plug in syncs your .emcs file and emacs.d directory12:01
aquariusif you're syncing files, using filesync is the way forward; that's what it's for :)12:02
aquariusmaybe creating a custom UDF and still having manual "back up my config"/"restore my config" (which copies them in and out of the UDF)?12:02
duanedesignaquarius: yeah, that makes sense. Thinking through i think that solves a lot of my iinitial concerns12:04
duanedesignaquarius: thank you that was very helpful.12:05
ralsinagood morning everyone12:10
thisfreddobey: mandel: stand up in the place where you are!14:02
dobeythisfred: it's the end of the world as we know it.14:03
thisfred* DONE bug #723227 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/use-single-notification/+merge/5214714:03
thisfred* DONE bug #702183 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/attention-seeking/+merge/5213114:03
thisfred* NEEDSREVIEW bug #729055 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/filenames-in-notifications/+merge/5248314:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS bug #702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS bug #728722 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/dbusify14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 723227 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "SD creates new notifications instead of updating one (affects: 1) (heat: 283)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72322714:03
thisfred* TODO bug #70200714:03
thisfred* TODO bug #73066114:03
thisfredNEXT: mandel14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702183 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Syncdaemon needs to open the control panel in the background and change the launcher icon to urgent when the user exceeds their quota (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70218314:03
thisfreddobey: I feel fine14:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729055 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "File names should be shown on notifications (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72905514:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702172 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Syncdaemon needs to send a notification when a folder shared to the user exceeds the owning user's quota (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70217214:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 728722 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "control panel should have a .service file so it can be opened through dbus (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72872214:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702007 in desktopcouch (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "get_all_records does not return records with their attachments (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70200714:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 730661 in ubuntuone-client "progress bar does not show up in Unity or something (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73066114:03
mandelDONE: bindwood reviews. ubutu_sso teting.14:03
mandelTODO: ubuntu_sso UI nad installer UI14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no, confused by twisted trial, yes14:03
mandeldobey: please14:03
dobeyλ DONE: started mp3 install checking14:04
dobeyλ TODO: bug #727558, mp3 install in banshee14:04
dobeyλ BLCK: Need webdev help.14:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727558 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Need to notify user when Purchased Music folder is not subscribed (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72755814:04
mandeldobey, thisfred: can I have a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/run_tests_windows/+merge/52081 14:11
thisfredmandel: sure, can I have one (or two) for https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/filenames-in-notifications/+merge/52483 ?14:11
mandelthisfred: on it14:11
dobeywtf keeps causing ubuntuone-syncdaemon to keep respawning when it crashes?14:27
gorddobey, looks like gir from libdee to me14:39
=== Chex_ is now known as Chex
dobeygord: it's because gir1.2-unity-3.0 isn't depending on the dee gir package, from what i see, and seems to be correct from what kenvandine said14:49
kenvandinethere is a warning in the libunity build about the dee namespace14:52
kenvandinedee-1.0.vapi:4.1-4.13: warning: Namespace Dee does not have a GIR namespace and version annotation14:52
kenvandinenamespace Dee {14:52
CardinalFangUgh.  natty-update reboots aren't making things much better lately.14:53
kenvandinewhich seems to be why the include isn't make it into the gir14:53
kenvandinethe question i have is if installing that gir is enough14:53
dobeygord: or were you suggesting it is what is causing the crashing?14:53
gorddobey, yup, but it seems that the gir wasn't installed here as you suggested, installing it stops the crashing14:53
dobeygord: it might cause the crash, but it shouldn't cause a respawn. it should just crash and burn14:53
kenvandinegord, great.. so until we can figure out why is keeping the include from getting added, i can just add a depends14:54
dobeykenvandine: well you had another crash, so it's probably not enough, but not sure what is :(14:54
kenvandinethat seems different14:54
dobeymaybe i should change the recommends to a conflicts14:54
dobeykenvandine: the include needs to be specifide in the makefile probably14:55
kenvandineit is something that changed yesterday14:55
kenvandinedobey, no, that isn't the problem14:55
kenvandine dee-1.0.vapi:4.1-4.13: warning: Namespace Dee does not have a GIR namespace and version annotation14:55
kenvandinethat is why it isn't getting added to the gir14:55
dobeykenvandine: i was looking into fixing the webkit gir similarly, but all the ones it depends on are also broken14:55
gorddobey, well syncdaemon-exceptions definitely had an exception on looking up the gir for dee and it was definitely restarting constantly - thats all i know ;)14:55
dobeykenvandine: the vapi has nothing to do with the gir14:55
kenvandineyes it does14:55
kenvandinelibunity is written in vala14:56
kenvandineit generated the gir from the vapi14:56
dobeythe gir is generated from the vapi?14:56
dobeyso the dee gir is broken also14:57
dobeyis libdee in C or Vala?14:57
dobeywhere is libdee hosted?14:58
dobeyno it isn't :)14:58
kenvandineyes it is14:59
kenvandinedobey, it looks like the gir generation stuff can be simplified quite a bit15:00
kenvandinethis was all done a while back with lots of work arounds15:00
dobeyoh yeah15:00
dobeythe dee gir build is nasty15:00
kenvandinethis was done back when gir generation was undergoing lots of change15:02
kenvandinei'll fix that up in a few15:03
kenvandinein a meeting now15:03
lamalexguys. you've just blown my mind. I know I've been in here and said this before, but you have so much NON. Stuff I can't even find on blogs.15:35
lamalexI am amazed :D screw the haters, u1 rules15:35
lamalexand $2 cheaper than amazon15:41
lamalexive never bought digital music before, this ..  doesn't feel right15:41
lamalexwhere is the packaging.. where is the disc?15:41
* lamalex shudders15:41
lamalexhmmm but it has me logged in with my gmail account and not my u1 account which is on my canonical.com address15:43
lamalexdobey, how do I re-sign in?15:43
lamalexI've been toying with starting a company that sells slips for digital downloads, but in LP packaging. So the millenials can have their digital music but still have some of the good parts of buying records15:44
dobeyuhm. do you have 2 accounts?15:44
lamalexor in 7" packaging more likely15:44
lamalexdobey, i dont think so15:44
lamalexactually I guess I maybe could15:45
lamalexthe canonical.com one is the one signed in according to the control panel15:45
dobeyheh, that's why Apple did that thing with the box set junk, where you get a bunch of artwork and junk with the mp3s15:45
lamalexugh freaking apple. i swear i thought of it first :P15:46
dobeyamazon also has that for some albums now too15:46
lamalexcd packaging though, right15:46
lamalexI'm talking LPs. Full 12" record sleeves15:46
dobeyit's all digital, no physical anything15:46
dobeyit's like a magical tarball with a bunch of useless crap in it :)15:46
lamalexyeah I'm talking about the physical packaging15:47
dobeyyou know, it's like open source, but you pay for it :P15:47
lamalexa 12" record sleeve with a slip of paper inside the size of a record with yor download code on it15:47
dobeyis your gmail address your default contact on lp?15:47
dobeyoh weird15:47
dobeyso where are you seeing gmail being used?15:48
lamalexin the checkout15:48
lamalexsoo if I buy this will it be associated with my account?16:01
lamalexi dont want to pay $8 and then lose it, you know?16:01
dobeyi am not sure16:02
dobeyjoshuahoover: ^^ do you know anything about that?16:02
joshuahooverlamalex: did your account used to have the gmail address as the default at one time?16:03
joshuahooverlamalex: did you see my last question? did your account used to have the gmail address as the default at one time?16:06
lamalexjoshuahoover, no I hard locked :(16:07
lamalexmy lp account had gmail as default months ago16:07
dobeylamalex: probably when you first signed up for a u1 account it did16:08
dobeyso that's what got pulled into the u1 accounts db16:08
dobeyso it should be the same account16:08
lamalexu1 shows canonical though16:08
dobeylamalex: what does it show on https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/account/16:09
lamalexon the web and in the gtk client shows canonical16:09
lamalexwhich is why i'm unsure16:09
Chipacalamalex: let me look at your account16:10
dobeylunch time, bbiab16:26
joshuahooverChipaca, dobey: i seem to recall a bug about this issue lamalex is experiencing but i can't find it :(16:26
Chipacajoshuahoover: 7d are keeping a copy of the account details16:26
Chipacajoshuahoover: not sure if there is an api to update we're not using, or if we need to ask them to stop caching16:27
joshuahooverChipaca: ah, ok...which is (obviously) confusing...i'll make a note to ask 7d on our call with them this week16:27
Chipacajoshuahoover: ty16:29
joshuahooverlamalex: so, this is something that needs fixed (either by us or 7digital), but your purchases will be on your ubuntu one account under your canonical email address16:30
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
Chipacajoshuahoover: ah, sorry, should've said: what i just said was after i went over it all with lamalex in private :)16:31
Chipaca(just to make sure this was the case)16:31
joshuahooverChipaca: ah, ok :)16:31
lamalexthanks guys :)16:34
joshuahooverCardinalFang: ping17:20
CardinalFangjoshuahoover, hi17:39
joshuahooverCardinalFang: hi! anyway we can get your branch approved since you incorporated the feedback from the first review? https://code.launchpad.net/~cmiller/ubuntu/lucid/desktopcouch/lp726597/+merge/5224917:49
CardinalFangjoshuahoover, I'll ping the previous reviewer.  I thought he'd come back by now.17:50
joshuahooverCardinalFang: cool, thanks! :)17:50
CardinalFangkenvandine, who should I ping for SRU reviews?17:54
dobeyCardinalFang: you should subscribe ubuntu-sru to the bug iirc17:55
dobeyCardinalFang: hrmm, the merge is wrong though. it needs to get uploaded to lucid-proposed (which i think anyone can do), an archive admin approve it there, bugs verified, then it will get released to -updates if everything passes17:57
dobeyCardinalFang: also, there's already a 0ubuntu3.1 in -updates i believe17:58
nhainesSince yesterday's natty updates, ubuntuone-syncdaemon uses all my CPU and crashes and restarts constantly.17:58
dobeynhaines: apt-get remove gir1.2-unity-3.0 for now17:58
nhainesdobey: that fixed the problem immediately.  :)18:00
dobeyCardinalFang: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/desktopcouch/0.6.4-0ubuntu3.118:00
nhainesIt doubtless introduced other problems, but since this is a laptop I'll deal with that for a bit.  :)18:00
dobeynhaines: i don't think anything else is using unity via gir right now, so it shouldn't have caused any more issues by removing it18:01
ryedobey, hi, I am not really here but what's the bug number for current unity-introduced syncdaemon crashing?18:02
dobeyi don't remember18:02
dobeylooks like bug #73102318:03
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731023 in libunity (Ubuntu) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with ImportError in get_interfaces_for_object(): No module named Dee (affects: 104) (dups: 42) (heat: 450)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73102318:03
ryedobey, thanks, will do a bugpattern now18:05
ryevim is broken18:08
dobeyi've been saying that for years!18:09
ryedobey, no, well, today it is broken due to package dependency and this is the first time my lovely vim is handled by command-not-found18:10
nhaines10:08 < rye> great18:13
nhaines10:08 < rye> vim is broken18:13
nhaines10:09 < dobey> i've been saying that for years!18:13
nhaines10:09 < dobey> </zing>18:13
nhainesYay, I hate using PuTTY and Windows18:14
ryeok, bugpattern is set18:14
ryedobey, will add your workaround to the bug report18:19
dobeyi did18:20
dobeywhat i really want is for it to stop respawning18:20
ryedobey, hm, yes, argh, did not update the page before posting :(18:22
apware we aware that U1 is DOSing our users on login?18:22
ryeapw, yes, bug #73102318:22
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731023 in libunity (Ubuntu) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with ImportError in get_interfaces_for_object(): No module named Dee (affects: 105) (dups: 43) (heat: 458)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73102318:22
ryeapw, unity is to blame18:22
apwit is restarting the daemon on crash every 30s?18:24
dobeyevery 30 seconds?18:24
dobeythat seems like a long time18:24
dobeyand not in line with what everyone else is seeing18:24
joshuahooverdobey: so i tested bug #661292 with the latest ubuntuone-client package installed 1.4.6-0ubuntu2 and it still doesn't appear to work without killing nautilus18:25
ubot4`Launchpad bug 661292 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) "Nautilus is not aware of published files (affects: 7) (dups: 4) (heat: 40)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66129218:25
CardinalFangdobey, thanks for the tip about the version.  It appears there's a lp:ubuntu/lucid-updates/.... source-package tree.18:25
apwwell it may be more often, but whoever is respawning it is fail regardless of why its restarting18:25
dobeyjoshuahoover: did you wait?18:25
ryeapw, sudo apt-get remove gir1.2-unity-3.018:26
dobeyCardinalFang: yeah there is, also one for lucid-proposed18:26
joshuahooverdobey: yeah...i waited...tried it a few times just to be sure18:26
dobeyle sigh18:26
dobeyjoshuahoover: are you using i386 or amd64 in the vm?18:29
joshuahooverdobey: i38618:29
ryeok, bugpattern is already in action18:30
dobeyjoshuahoover: hrmm, something is not right then, because my patch is being applied in the build log, so it's there18:31
joshuahooverdobey: is there something i can check?18:31
joshuahooverdobey: i know i have the latest proposed package installed according to apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client but is there something else i should check?18:32
dobeyjoshuahoover: and it's 0ubuntu2?18:33
joshuahooverdobey: yep18:33
dobeyi don't know18:34
ryewe won't receive any more bug reports for this issue18:34
dobeyi think something is maybe not right in your vm perhaps18:34
ryebecause apport breaks on that18:35
ryeso sweet18:35
dobeyi wonder if rick can verify it18:35
* dobey uploads a quick change to u1client to make the unity caused crashiness stop18:52
nhainesdobey: yay19:28
sinzuihelp ubuntuone-syncd is taking 100% CPU. it is respawning every 1.5 seconds. I cannot work. What can I do?19:30
sinzuiI could uninstall all ubuntuone, but I just want to stop it today19:30
dobeysinzui: uninstall gir1.2-unity-3.019:31
* dobey wonders if the u1 update is published yet19:32
dobeylooks like it is for i386/amd64 at least19:32
dobeyhooray me for making that upload19:33
sinzui\o/ thanks dobey19:34
lamalexChipaca, it's been 3 hours and I still don't have my album :\19:35
lamalexit made a music folder19:35
lamalexbut that's it19:35
=== facundobatista is now known as rule
dobeylamalex: in ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk in the folders tab, is the music folder subscribed?19:42
dobeyi suspect it isn't :)19:42
lamalexthat appears to be the problem19:44
lamalexknown bug?19:44
dobeywell "bug"19:46
dobeybut yeah, i know of it :)19:47
karnibeuno: hi there! I started late today and would like to finally move the sync to action queue, which is hell important - how about I provide the apk then? I'll be working late today, so perhaps I'll manage before tomorrow evening.19:53
beunokarni, hey, I've been off yesterday and today19:53
beunosure, send away  :)19:53
karnirule: available for one question :) ?19:53
karnibeuno: ok, I'll continue to work on that and sync should be much more robust. I'll get back to you once that's ready.19:55
karni__lucio__: perhaps you're available for one question?19:55
=== ajmitch_ is now known as ajmitch
beunokarni, I'll be back later, when my girlfriend isn't looking19:55
beunootherwise, tomorrow19:56
karnibeuno: haha sure! I don't think I'll finish in 4-5 hours at least, so is safe to assume I'll ping you by tomorrow19:56
rulekarni, tell me19:57
=== rule is now known as facundobatista
karnifacundobatista: thanks. Is there anything holding me from thinging about sync as ActionCommandQueue commands? Let me shortly justify.19:57
karnifacundobatista: u1 desktop client does some work in the background, and then uploads/downloads some data, etc. so it's not very imporant what's it's detailed state.19:58
karnithinking, sorry ;)19:58
karnifacundobatista: what I want to do is implement such commands: (apart from ListVolumes and ListShares), SyncVolumeFromScrach, SyncVolume19:59
karnifacundobatista: that way, I can put neccessary Sync* commands on the queue, and each will further add any up/downloads that are neccessary to sync19:59
facundobatistakarni, for those there is the GetDeltas19:59
karniright, yes. that's not what I mean.19:59
karniok, I'll try to be even more precise :)19:59
facundobatistawhat the SyncVolume will do?20:00
karniall the sync logic for that volume, and add any uploads/downloads neccessary to the queue20:00
karniwhat this gives me is much easier handling of the service that is running to do all that work - when the queues are busy20:01
karniI easily update the UI, add notifications, etc20:01
facundobatistakarni, well, we explicitly put the sync logic in Sync, not in the queue20:01
facundobatistakarni, it was our design decission, you can mix that.... but I don't know if it's a good idea (maybe it is!)20:01
karniif I do the sync logic off the queues (i.e. exactly, in Sync, not queue) then my queue is idle20:01
karnifacundobatista: I see. Right. Too bad I don't know as much as you guys! ;)20:02
CardinalFangfacundobatista, karni, I'm about to need to create a volume, if one does not exist.  The path part worries me, in that I don't know if I need the full path as u1sdclient shows it to me.  On a phone, i don't know what comes after /home/- and before -/Music (or whatever).  I guess I need to read up how this works.20:02
karnifacundobatista: I'm quite sure that handling sync logic that way might streamline how I manage all actions (commands)20:02
facundobatistakarni, I wouldn't take the decission of where to put the Sync logic based in the notification of when the queue is idle or not... the former is way more complicated and the decission should be based on more heavy stuff20:03
karniCardinalFang: I get it, I'll get back to you shortly once I finish with facundobatista ! ok?20:03
karnifacundobatista: That sounded a little childish of me. What I meant is that, syncdaemon on Android is very different form the one on desktop.20:04
karnifacundobatista: It is quite often shutdown/killed, mostly when the app is idle and not in the foreground20:04
facundobatistakarni, so?20:05
karnifacundobatista: I was thinking about it for quite some time. And I thought that if I can put 'Sync' command on the queue, and it'll do the rest for me20:05
facundobatistakarni, ok20:05
karnithen all sync-logic is not done on the background, and kind of meaningless for the rest of the app20:05
karniif I ran for few hours, then I wouldn't mind having the sync logic totally disconnected from all the rest, and just dispatching events20:06
karnibut in that case, I feel it gives the sync-logic a somewhat strong presence and importance to the service20:06
karnipurely based on how it's implemented (as ActionQueueCommands)20:07
karnifacundobatista: What's your opinion?20:07
facundobatistakarni, I'm not following how where the logic is put is affected by the application being often shutdown/killed, or running idle20:07
lamalexCan I tell u1 not to send notifications? it sends so freaking many20:08
karnifacundobatista: The service has a 90-second idle timeout (*if* it is not in the foreground)20:08
karnifacundobatista: The sync (currently) is run on a separate thread.20:08
dobeylamalex: install the nightlies20:08
lamalexdobey, thanks20:09
dobeylamalex: i think it has an option, and it's also a lot better about notifying20:09
karnifacundobatista: If the user leaves the app, and the sync becomes slow (which has been the case for some time), then the service itself shutdown20:09
karnialthough the sync was running. You could think 'it's a bug' - certainly20:09
karnifacundobatista: It's easy for me to check a boolean flag isSyncRunning or something like that20:09
karnifacundobatista: but it's much easier to put something on the queue, which, on it's own and automatically not only keeps the service running, but also20:10
karniprovides feedback to the UI (*if* it's present)20:10
karnifacundobatista: I could decouple those things. I certainly want to improve my sync logic at present.20:10
facundobatistakarni, ok, but you're taking distance of the desktop's client architecture20:11
ryedobey, our ubuntuone-client-crashdb.conf crashes apport now20:11
ryedobey, preparing branch now20:11
dobeyshen me niao20:11
ryeshen me niao: command not found20:11
dobeyit's "wtf" in mandarin20:12
karnifacundobatista: I'm aware of that. That's why I'm asking of this rather big steop is sensible. Still, having in mind, that Android is indeed _very_ far from the desktop impl.20:12
ryedobey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/73152620:12
ubot4`rye: Error: Bug #731526 is private.20:12
ryebug #731526 ?20:13
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731526 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport-gtk crashed with KeyError in get_crashdb(): 'bug_pattern_url' for ubuntuone bugpattern (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73152620:13
karniCardinalFang: I'm getting around to your question. I'll check if makeVolume is implemented in u1-java-sp20:13
facundobatistakarni, ok20:13
dobeyrye: that seems like a regression in apport20:13
karniCardinalFang: ok, CreateUDF, there it is. Indeed it takes the path as argument.20:14
ryedobey, no, they have switched to bug_pattern_url from bug_pattern_base since now they have single bugpatterns.xml file.20:14
dobeyrye: yes20:14
dobeyrye: and if old files cause a crash, that is a regression20:14
CardinalFangkarni, a relative path, maybe.20:14
dobeybecause it didn't crash before20:14
dobeyif it's not using it, it should ignore it, not crash.20:15
karniCardinalFang: so your question is, where to put this on the phone and what path to provide to CreateUDF, is that right?20:15
CardinalFangkarni, yes.20:15
karniCardinalFang: ok, gimme 1"20:15
ryedobey, it also affects indicator applet and indicator-appmenu20:15
ryedobey, well, i think we need to update our thing and let apport guys fix the default values for bugpatterns20:15
dobeyyes, apport needs fixed20:15
dobeythe code is just broken20:16
dobeyit should try: except KeyError: there20:16
karniCardinalFang: com.ubuntuone.android.files.syncdaemon.SyncDaemon.init() -- on the phone, you can use sharesDir (just a name. same as UDFs dir)20:16
karniCardinalFang: this, in fact, is simply /mnt/sdcard/u1/20:17
karninow how about the path provided to the server..20:18
karniCardinalFang: com.ubuntuone.android.files.syncdaemon.SyncManager line 502 - when _receiving_, I trim the "~/" from path. would it be safe just to append that to a folder name and submit as the path of your UDF ?20:20
karnifacundobatista: how about I spend few hours on that and see how well this serves the Android app? I can always improve this later.20:23
facundobatistakarni, ok20:23
karniCardinalFang: please ask as much as you need, as in 3 days I will be probably unavailable for 9 days [I'll _try_ to chech my mail though]20:24
CardinalFangkarni, Okay.  Thanks.  I think I'm mostly good.20:24
karniCardinalFang: I'll add the CreateUDF action command queue -- you'll definitely need that! won't you :)20:25
ryedobey, hm, it looks like it is really broken in apport, the config does not get merged, the internal one gets simply overwritten, yes, apport is broken20:25
CardinalFangkarni, yeah, I will.20:25
karniCardinalFang: I'm on it20:25
ryeIMPORTANT: This changed the format of crashdb.conf: bug_pattern_base is now obsolete, and the new attribute bug_pattern_url now points to the full URL/path of the patterns file. T20:33
karniCardinalFang: I understand I can assume that preferred path is unique, since we can't create two UDF's with the same path. is that correct?20:40
karniCardinalFang: So I'll also check if the Volumes table already contains such UDF and, in case it does, not queue the command.20:40
karniCardinalFang: Please note the db structure await's cleanup. Most imporant table is the Files table, which contains the UDF preferred path in the 'file_name' column, and 'UDF' string as file_parent -- this is due to the fact, that20:52
karniCardinalFang: both list of regular volume contents _and_ list of volumes is presented using same CustomListActivity activity.20:53
karniCardinalFang: this gave much streamlining to fetch and populate data, but I'm considering making UDF and Shares list a separate activity, and they may use the Volumes table at that time. So Files table is the one you want to be looking at, if you need.20:54
karniCardinalFang: in case you wonder why things are that and not the other way around sync and meta entries in the database - it's probably because I was strongly optimizing, and brought down the sync time ~7x IIRC20:55
karniverterok: what is the 'name' argument in public CreateUDF(IRequestHandler handler, String path, String name)20:57
karniverterok: I assume the UDF name from the last segment of the preferredPath (path, in this case)20:57
CardinalFangkarni, ah.  Wow, 7x.20:58
karniCardinalFang: I used transactioning -- and I have separate methods for initial sync, and regular sync (initial sync writes the meta to tables without checking for their presence)20:58
karniI was quite happy back then, I must admit :)20:59
CardinalFangkarni, just to talk out loud:  The remaining things I worry about:  1) Downloaded photos being caught and sent back to the server.  2) Path of photos. Discovered locally can be anywhere.  2a) Name collisions if put in one dir on server. 2b) Eventually we might want automatic sync upload of other UDFs. 3) ... something else I can't remember now.21:06
CardinalFangkarni, so for #1, I need to watch what's requested somehow and ignore it when the media watcher wakes up to mention it.21:07
karniCardinalFang: thank you, I really appreciate your feedback21:07
* karni processes21:08
CardinalFangkarni, for #2, I think I need to hash or include the path as a prefix to the file stored in the UDF.21:08
CardinalFangEr, 2a.21:09
CardinalFang2b, probably can't do anything until we even think about it.  Ignore for now.21:09
karniCardinalFang: #1 -- you're right. That's your solution, and I'd love to see the sources. You might want to have a look on an alternative .util.MediaUtilities.java21:09
karni2b) is -- if I understand correctly -- local rescan of /sdcard/u1 for custom folders, treated as UDFs and auto synced-up ?21:10
karnior *to* other UDFs, and give user the choice. that's probably what you meant, right?21:11
CardinalFangkarni, well, the photos will be saved by some camera app, for instance. The will be in /sdcard/Photos or something completely different.21:11
* karni nods21:11
CardinalFangSo, local path can't be a factor in what I upload as.21:11
karniright. and if you upload all stuff to 1 folder, we can have filename conflicts21:12
ralsinadobey: ping21:12
CardinalFangAll photos generated should be candidates, regardless of local path.  I don't really want to make a /sdcard/u1 .21:12
karniCardinalFang: oh right. that's what is started in .util.MediaUtilities as a draft - it counds _all_ media taken since timestamp X21:13
CardinalFangkarni, right.  And that's what I made earlier this year too.  Your code is cleaner.  :)21:13
karnioh.. now that's a compliment ^ ^ thank you.21:14
CardinalFangMine is tightly bound to the media Observer.  Needed refactoring.21:14
karniCardinalFang: I'm also wondering if we should consider all media. icons and stuff populated but 3rd party apps - we obviously don't want to sync-up that.21:14
karniCardinalFang: I see21:14
dobeyralsina: yo21:15
ralsinahi, dobey, do you have a bug# for the "banshee doesn't tell you the music store udf is not being synced"?21:15
karniCardinalFang: from Uri perspective, 1) is indeed non-trivial, unless we decide on a fingerprint that could be build from the Files meta data entry and the file itself21:16
dobeyralsina: yes, bug #72755821:17
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727558 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Need to notify user when Purchased Music folder is not subscribed (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72755821:17
ralsinathx dobey21:17
CardinalFangRight.  There's a good scheme for this.  Blacklist some locations.  Watch for .nomedia, assuming the system doesn't already do this for the Observer implementation.21:18
CardinalFang...a good scheme for "all media".21:19
karniCardinalFang: I'm not sure how heavy is file computation, but duruing each upload we first compute the hash and provide that along other meta when uploading a file. We could in theory compute a hash of the file that is candidate for upload and check if we already have it stored on the server (using Files table)21:19
dobeyralsina: what do you think about branching libu1, and fixing trunk to use the new webkit dom/js API, and stopping the build of nightlies of it on lucid/maverick?21:19
* karni nods21:19
CardinalFangkarni, Mmm, maybe.21:19
ralsinadobey: and avoid all that weird stuff about the title, for example?21:19
karniCardinalFang: I would assume the hash-computing load could be visible when a user started to download/sync whole folder with 200 pictures21:20
karniCardinalFang: but I can't really say for sure. We've been uploading single files till now, and that's when I compute the hash.21:20
dobeyralsina: yeah, do it The Proper Way (TM)21:21
ralsinadobey: it's ok by me. lucid/maverick would be ok because they still use rhythmbox, if I follow your reasoning correctly?21:21
CardinalFangkarni, I suspect IO uploading takes far longer than computing the hash.  We can chunk the work to be nice to the CPU and still be ahead of the radio.21:22
karnioh sure, that's definitely true21:22
dobeyralsina: no, but lucid/maverick have older webkit which doesn't have this API exposed (hence why the nasty hacks using the status text are in there)21:22
karniCardinalFang: (u1-java-sp) com.ubuntuone.storageprotocol.HashUtils.getHashInfo is the one21:23
ralsinadobey: well, ok, I guess.21:23
CardinalFangkarni, I'm going to branch that and pore over the source.  It's too much of a mystery to me to think about this clearly.21:24
karniCardinalFang: then I guess we can compute the hash for all sync-up candidates before we even try to upload them.21:24
karniCardinalFang: whatever you need. Please let me know if I can be of any help, I'll be happy to help.21:25
CardinalFangkarni, thanks.  You're already a huge help.21:25
karniCardinalFang: my pleasure21:25
dobeyralsina: not building new nightlies won't break them, but i don't want to waste time backporting webkit either21:26
dobeyand then having webkit break everything else21:27
ralsinadobey: yeah, that would be kinda useless.21:27
ralsinaLucid is lucid, you get what you get.21:27
* karni switches to windows for a short while21:27
dobeyok, that should make life somewhat better21:30
ralsinadobey: got any thoughts on bug #711317 ?21:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 711317 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store "Banshee - Link to purchased music folder sometimes duplicates songs to ~/Music (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71131721:30
ralsinaBasically it bothers me that if you sync the music store UDF, you don't get the songs on banshee's library21:30
dobeyralsina: it's a known bug. well, you do get them if you buy them in banshee, but yes, it is an annoying bug :)21:33
ralsinacan we tweak banshee's config to add the udf to their library?21:34
ralsinaSo, if you buy one song in banshee the whole lot of songs appear?21:34
dobeybanshee doesn't work that way21:34
dobeyit's a known issue, and it is on my radar21:35
ralsinaok then21:35
dobeybut you know, i have like 544353454 things to do :(21:35
ralsinais it in your radar as "ohmygodthatplaneiscomingrightthisway"? ;-)21:35
ralsinaYes, I know21:35
dobeymp3 codec install is a bigger change, so i'm trying to do it first21:37
dobeybut the 3 main things left for banshee u1ms are mp3 codec install, udf subscription, and the non-appearing songs issue21:37
* karni is back22:07
dobeyalright, i'm off. later all22:22
karnibye dobey22:23
karniCardinalFang: perhaps you know, I don't think verterok is around. createUdf in u1-java-sp takes 2 strins, name and path. I provided {name: 'custom-udf', path: 'custom-udf-path'} and it created such UDF on my PC: ~/custom-udf/custom-udf-path . We could use this to create ~/UbuntuOneFiles/udfs_here but if you want to crate ~/a_custom_udf with the same path, I can't tell how you can do that with verterok's implementation at the ...22:56
karni... moment.22:56
karniCardinalFang: oops. at the moment UDFs (i.e. synced folders) will land under /sdcard/u1/ anyway. We don't support custom UDF paths, but that's certaly place for future improvements. One thing at a time :)23:18

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