ailoI just got the ubuntustudio web page working on my system, but only the main page. Nothing else. If someone wants to check it out, it's http://mousike.dyndns.org/ubuntustudio03:33
ailoholstein, ScottL scott-upstairs, or anyone else...03:34
holsteinailo: thanks03:35
holsteini like it03:35
ailoholstein, You think there's supposed to be any more pages working? 03:36
holsteinailo: probably not03:36
holsteinailo: do you see them in the structure?03:37
ailoholstein, Don't know how drupal works. I'm using a database file with mysql and the ubuntustudio look is a drupal theme, which will work even without the database file03:39
holsteinyeah, ive only dabbled briefly03:39
holsteinnot enough to be helpful03:39
ailoholstein, Who is hosting the website? How does that work?03:42
ailohttp://ubuntustudio.org/, I mean03:43
holsteinailo: not sure03:44
ailoholstein, ever tried mypaint?04:14
ailoDidn't even know about it before. Very simple app, but seems very useful for graphics04:15
holsteinailo: i like it :)04:20
ScottLsorry, been playing minecraft...ooooh, it's addictive04:53
ScottLi still wish this version of the website would manage vertical space better04:54
ailoScottL, I was thinking the same thing about the web page, though the whole page will fit if you have a 1280x1024 resolution06:41
ailoI'm using 1024x768 on one monitor, which I suppose is the minimum width for a webpage. 06:42
ailoScottL, Feels like the logo is taking up a lot of the space06:44
ailoIt's not being space-efficient06:44
ailoBy logo, I mean the text: ubuntustudio, Linux for creative humans07:04
ScottLailo, i absolutely agree, this is something i stressed before when we were choosing between the two submissions13:06
ScottL 13:07
ScottLit is tuesday morning for me, this afternoon i will be leaving to travel for business and will not be back until late, late friday night13:07
ScottLi doubt i will be online at all during this time13:08

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