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SpamapSHmm.. didn't somebody provide a workaround script for bug #406397 ?13:33
SpamapSion: ty14:08
apwjhunt, yo ... i have a mad situation where gdm seems to start when its pre-dependancies have not been run (or at least logged as such) ... any suggestions on how to diagnose15:36
jhuntapw: Adding, "set >> /tmp/gdm.log" in a script section might be useful. What scenario is it starting in where you would not expect it to?15:37
apwjhunt, it is dependant on startup and (graphics device or stopped fallback-job)15:39
apwjhunt, i have rm my drm modules and there are none of those events, and fallback-job also does not get logged at all15:39
jhuntapw: If you use the "set" as above, you can see what the value of UPSTART_EVENTS was (ie what triggered the start on condition to become true).15:40
apwso gdm should not have started ... ok will do15:40
ionexec >/tmp/gdm.log 2>&115:41
ionset -x  # perhaps15:41
SpamapSapw: sometimes the started event is fired before a service is actually ready unfortunately15:41
apwSpamapS, hmm, but in this case the service never starts15:43
apwits never even mentioned in --verbose output15:44
apwjhunt, so what the heck does 'filesystem started stopped' in U_E tell me?15:45
apwstart on (filesystem15:45
apw          and started dbus15:45
apw          and (drm-device-added card0 PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY=115:45
apw               or stopped fallback-framebuffer))15:45
jhuntthose were the events that triggered gdm to start: "filesystem + started (dbus) and stopped (fallback-framebuffer)"15:46
jhuntlooks like the fallback-framebuffer is your problem there.15:47
jhuntdid it ever start? You might need to use the technique I mentioned to you the other day.15:47
apwjhunt, but fallback-frambuffer doesn't even appear in the --verbose output15:47
jhuntright, it never started: hence it was stopped.15:47
apwjhunt, that should not be correct... these are events not states15:48
apwit would have to actually start and then stop to get a stopped event surely15:48
apwjhunt, is there soem synthetic event at upstart init15:51
jhuntapw: "startup" is what kicks the whole thing off15:51
apwjhunt, no i think i am miss understanding15:52
apwjhunt, how in an event based system is something which never run emitting a stopped event15:52
jhuntI'm just looking to see how it is doing the matching...16:07
jhuntapw: is there a "stop on" condition for this job?16:22
apwjhunt, for gdm or fallback-*16:22
apwjhunt, fallback-* not as it is a 'task'16:23
jhuntapw: gdm. is it just runlevel?16:23
apwstop on runlevel [016]16:24
jhuntapw: can you send me your *.conf files, along with your syslog + gdm.log?16:32
apwjhunt, can do16:34
apwjhunt, location in privmsg16:40
apwjhunt, its pretty big :)16:45
apwjhunt, this 'stopped udevtrigger' form is the one i followed here ... and it makes little sense if that can occur before it starts too16:46
apwjhunt, that _may_ have been a 'few' off, very confusing17:51

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