charlie-tcamr_pouit: powerpc builds are stopped15:27
ochosigood news everyone, there'll be a new release of the elementary icons really soon (as in: within the next days) and my patch for the bug with the appfinder (appfinder-icon == catfish-icon) is included16:26
micahgochosi: is the missing education icon known?16:26
ochosimicahg: is it also missing in bzr?16:27
micahgochosi: idk, haven't checked yet16:27
ochosii'll quickly have a look16:27
ochosimicahg: sry, can't say whether it's known, it seems to be missing though: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~elementarydesign/elementaryicons/trunk/files/head:/elementary-icon-theme/elementary/categories/24/?file_id=categories-20091112072358-d8c4uieo922x9z6k-2016:31
micahgochosi: do you want me to file a bug, if so where16:31
ochosii'm not sure, i quickly have to reboot to get from my testing to my working env and then i'll get back to you16:32
micahgochosi: I also wanted to make sure the category should be there according to the spec16:32
ochosii'll try to communicate with upstream directly and see whether we can fix it before the release16:32
ochosihm yeah, probably taking a look at the spec beforehands makes sense :)16:32
ochosimicahg: so we have to check the fd.org specs for icons, right?16:40
micahgochosi: idk :)16:41
ochositwo experts talking :)16:41
micahgI'm just starting to get involved here :)16:41
ochosimicahg: http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html   go to "Table 5."16:41
ochosiwhat apps are using the category education?16:42
micahgjust anki ATM, which leads me to believe it's wrong16:42
ochosiright, never heard of anki before16:42
ochosiprobably file the bug there ,)16:42
charlie-tcaum, gcompris uses Education too16:43
charlie-tcaIt is an application aimed at helping kids learn the computer16:43
charlie-tcaas well as teaching numbers and alphabet16:44
ochosihm, well somehow it doesn't seem fd.org compliant to use that category16:45
ochosibut hey, basically anyone can create categories as they please :)16:46
charlie-tcaUbuntu uses education also16:46
ochosito the worst we can fix that bug by throwing ubuntu's education icon into elementaryXubuntu16:47
charlie-tcaThat might be the best way to do it, there are other education applications, but I can't remember them now16:48
charlie-tcaand, I just re-formatted the drive with them... :-(16:48
micahgmaybe we should ask dobey since he wrote the spec :)16:48
ochosimicahg: sure, go ahead :)16:49
charlie-tcathe other side will be the number of reports we get based on the category without an icon16:49
micahgcharlie-tca: well, if the category shouldn't be there, we should fix the packages16:50
charlie-tcaGreat idea. Can we start with gcompris, which I install for kids to use?16:50
micahgcharlie-tca: sure, I can fix it, once we confirm where the issue is16:51
charlie-tcaI take it back, Ubuntu no longer uses menus for anything17:08
charlie-tcamr_pouit, ochosi : slideshow in today's desktop image is only the last page17:28
charlie-tcahm, then it appears to actually start and go throguh slides17:30
charlie-tcamicahg: yes, pidgin starts from the indicator-plugin on the live desktop17:31
mr_pouitslideshows haven't been touched yet, anyway17:55
charlie-tcathey are acting weird for some reason17:55
mr_pouitmicahg: if it's not supposed to be here, I can remove the education category from the default xubuntu menu file17:55
mr_pouitbut afaik, this category exists and is valid17:56
charlie-tcaIt starts as a blank, goes to the last page, then starts over and works17:56
micahgmr_pouit: yeah, I'll have to talk to dobey, it's not on the freedesktop spec17:56
mr_pouitit's here, at least17:56
micahgmr_pouit: ah, that's probably the more recent one, ochosi gave me an outdated link :)17:57
mr_pouitno, that wasn't the same spec17:57
mr_pouit(icon vs. menu)17:57
micahgmr_pouit: how do we resolve the 217:57
micahgmr_pouit: I got the ACK from mythbuntu on updating xfce4-mixer, I'll file the paperwork soon, builds fine as well, but needs merge due to epoch18:03
micahgmr_pouit: do you have a branch for it, or can I just upload?18:03
charlie-tcaAt least I don't need Alt+sysRq+k to get the desktop in Xubuntu18:06
charlie-tcamr_pouit: desktop image works today; install completed without crashes; restarted to the desktop without crashes18:07
charlie-tcaochosi: got two workspaces in the live cd, 4 workspaces in the installed desktop18:07
mr_pouitmicahg: I used bzr branches for one release, and then I threw everything to /dev/null, the launchpad importer was never up to date when I needed it18:09
mr_pouitso, no branch18:10
micahgmr_pouit: heh, ok, do you want to maintain in Debian git?18:10
micahgor is it not worth it for these minor diffs?18:10
mr_pouityeah, we'll put branches in debian git, when pkg-xfce uses it too (for the moment it's still svn and no migration has been planned ;-)18:11
mr_pouitI don't even remember why xfce4-mixer has an epoch18:11
mr_pouitiirc, it's not even said in debian/changelog18:11
mr_pouitthat's a great epic fail18:11
mr_pouitso feel free to upload directly18:12
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: nice, thanks for testing18:12
micahgmr_pouit:  * Sync with os-works.com.18:12
micahgalmost 6 yrs ago18:12
mr_pouitmicahg: where do you see that? I can't find it in debian/changelog apparently18:15
mr_pouitah indeed18:16
mr_pouitthat was a bad move :(18:17
micahgapparently Ubuntu was much looser with epoch bumps in the past, now they are frowned upon18:18
mr_pouit(tbh, ubuntu was much looser with everything, especially badly/undocumented merges :)18:18
mr_pouitoops, I should refresh the pages before replying to a bug :>18:38
charlie-tcaI hate when I do that18:40
mr_pouitwell, I just did that to the claws-indicator bug ;>18:41
charlie-tcaOf course, with all the advances made in browser technology, you would think they would refresh automatically by now18:41
charlie-tcaThey can do it on pages full of garbage, why not on pages you care about?18:41
charlie-tcaHm, I would file that as a suggestion/wishlist, but mozilla won t allow me to file anything greater than a stupid 140 characters18:53
micahgcharlie-tca: ?18:53
charlie-tcayou can click feedback in 4.0b12, and give a 140 character comment. Nothing else works18:53
Sysii think there's been automatic reload since like 2.0, but i dunno how to use it18:54
charlie-tcawhich makes it useless?18:55
Sysii've never needed it..18:55
charlie-tcanot built in, ?18:57
micahgcharlie-tca: idk, ask chrisccoulson about that19:05

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