xubuntu526hola, alguien que hable español...?01:52
xubuntu526somebody speak spanish???01:52
charlie-tcano, sorry. This is an english language channel.01:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:53
charlie-tcathe #ubuntu-es can help you, though01:53
mrluksomHi, is it possible to modify the width of empty spaces in the XFCE4 panel?04:18
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Sysisuccesfully compiled xfce 4.8 to kubuntu 10.0412:07
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MaizeyAnyone know a good howto for setting up folder quotas for an ftp server using proftpd??13:57
searchingps aux and /usr/bin/python use 46% cpu that freeze my pc is there a bug or something or a solution ?15:07
Sysido you have python program running15:08
searchingI have kill the proces15:09
searchingI use some programs like Firefox15:09
searchingand begin the freeze15:10
b0ss8055i just changed frm ubuntu to xubuntu,my ntfs partitions r nt shwng in places15:39
b0ss8055help me pls15:39
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.15:39
Sysib0ss8055: you need to mount them with "mount"-command or create fstab entry15:47
b0ss8055sysi:its mounted automatically at startup15:52
Sysiyou can drag mountpoint folder to sidepanel15:52
b0ss8055Sysi:tnx a lot,its so simple15:54
b0ss8055Sysi:how can i make it show on desktop15:55
just_some_guestxubuntu 10.04 -- i installed some stuff to make a webcam work, but now when i play videos in stand-alone players, the video is messed up.16:33
just_some_guestsee: http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/2440/badvideo.png16:33
just_some_guestcan anyone help?16:33
just_some_guestxubuntu 10.04 -- how can i fix this? http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/2440/badvideo.png18:25
Sysiwhat video player, have you tried different?18:25
just_some_guestall video players18:26
just_some_guestvlc, xine, gxine, movie player18:26
drcjust_some_guest: Do all videos do this or just this one?18:26
drcjust_some_guest: It's impolite to PM without permission. Asking here in channel will 1) get you more help (it's not <real> busy here), and 2) may help others with similiar problems18:28
drcjust_some_guest: No, I did not pm you, the color change was because I used your nick in the reply (most irc clients do something like this, it makes it easier for you to pick answers to your question that way18:32
drcnp :)18:33
just_some_guesti'm not irc savvy18:33
drcjust_some_guest: or maybe your client does open a new window when your nick is used (I've heard of this, but never used one before). If that's the case (and your client opened a new window on its own), I apologise18:35
drchuh...what happend to my text :(  Let's try this again :)18:36
drcjust_some_guest: or maybe your client does open a new window when your nick is used (I've heard of this, but never used one before). If that's the case (and your client opened a new window on its own), I apologise18:36
just_some_guestdrc: no, nothing like that, just the different colored text18:36
just_some_guestdid my text change color for you?18:36
drcjust_some_guest: ok, so all videos or just this one?18:36
just_some_guestall videos.18:37
drcjust_some_guest: yes, the color changed18:37
just_some_guesti've read about editing xorg.conf, but i don't have that file18:37
drcjust_some_guest: did you install the restricted codecs (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats) and medibuntu (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu) ? These <usually> solve video problems18:39
drcjust_some_guest: what video card?18:39
just_some_guestyes, this is a recent problem18:39
just_some_guestVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]18:40
drcjust_some_guest: and were there any drivers listed in Additional Drivers/Hardware and if so did you install them?18:41
just_some_guesti don't remember18:41
just_some_guestthis started when i tried to install a webcam18:41
just_some_guesti've since uninstalled cheese and its related stuff, but nothing changed18:42
drcjust_some_guest: ah...tried asking in the main channel (#ubuntu)? There are many people much more experienced than I in this sort of thing.18:43
just_some_guestno, but i think i will18:43
drcjust_some_guest: I would, you'd probably get better help (I was just doing some triage :)18:44
just_some_guesti think things may have started after libgl1-mesa-... were upgraded18:44
just_some_guestok, thanks anyway18:44
drcjust_some_guest: I'll watch there to see what the answer is :)18:44
drcjust_some_guest: n your original question, make sure to include all the facts as you know them, it will save answering them again)18:45
drcjust_some_guest: most people want you to include their nick when you answer their question.  In a busy channel like #ubuntu, it helps them, many people don't pay much attention to non-nicked responses. Hint, use tab completion18:49
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Guest69840Buonasera a tutti!18:58
ElderDryasAnyone know of an xfce/xubuntu version of this:  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/touchpad-indicator-lets-you-quickly.html   It doesn't appear to work with xfce/xubuntu (unless I'm doing something wrong)22:48
charlie-tcaI believe that22:48
ElderDryasI didn't think it would, but hey, worth a shot :)22:49
charlie-tcaIt is made specifically for Ubuntu Maverick 10.1022:49
charlie-tcaWhy not ask the developer to create an Xfce version, too22:50
ElderDryasI had planned to, but decided to ask first, just in case there was something out there already22:51
noscript4iAnyone know how to reset the wlan0 address if i replaced/removed it through ifconfig ?23:14

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