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LLStarkshmm, here's a thought. how often do unity expo icons update?00:55
LLStarksi'm still getting the old chromium logo when searching.00:55
LLStarksnew logo in the bar after launching00:55
LLStarksi think new scrollbars in classic mode is a nautilus killer.03:20
LLStarksi'm getting an infinite kill loop.03:21
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victory747Hi, I'm having troubles with unity-2d, especially as there is no shutdown button and other notifiers on the top bar. Should I be running this out of the repos, or out of the ppa?06:25
victory747oh,I should mention I'm running natty06:26
didrocksgood morning07:24
coz_good day all07:48
MacSlowhey folks08:04
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didrockskamstrup: yeah, here for some xapian help? :)08:56
didrocksseems I have hyphen issues as well :)08:58
kamstrupdidrocks: hehe, right08:59
didrockskamstrup: so, basically all is fine09:00
didrocksI create the XX associated to an "exec" tag09:00
kamstrupdidrocks: xapian has some odd thing with hyphens - turns any word they're in into a Xapian::PhraseQuery making them match differnetly09:00
didrocksand exec=gnome-display-properties09:00
kamstrupdidrocks: the query string must be exec:gnome-display-properties09:00
didrocksso I guess that my request:09:00
didrocksyeah :)09:01
didrocksand I think it asks for:09:01
didrocksexec:gnome display properties09:01
didrocks(adding automatically AND between them)09:01
didrocksisn't it?09:01
didrocksI see that exec:gnomine works, so really a hyphen question :)09:01
kamstrupdidrocks: I think that query may be transformed into "XXgnome display properties" <- note the quotes, this is a phrase query09:02
kamstrupdidrocks: and phrase queries doesn't work with prefix matching09:02
didrockskamstrup: so, do you think I must transform hypens by space in the indexer?09:03
kamstrupdidrocks: oh wait, so you're saying that exec:gnome-display-properties still doesn't match even though it's the whole string?09:03
didrocksit works for exec:gnomine for instance09:03
didrocksit's a whole string, isn't it?09:03
kamstrupdidrocks: one trick I use in the zg-fts extension is to transform any any of the chars in " -/" into a "_"09:04
kamstrupthat seems to work well with prefix matching09:04
didrockskamstrup: ok, I wanted to avoid that, but ok. I'll do that in both side (indexer and request)09:04
kamstrupoh, and for some reason prefix matching doesn't work with Capital letters either, so you must .lower() the string before indexing and querying09:04
didrocksoh ok, thanks for the notice! :)09:05
didrockseven if for command line, I don't think it's needed :)09:05
kamstrupyeah, believe me I spend a good while debugging that :-)09:05
didrockskamstrup: so, on that prefix matching, as I have the whole command name09:05
didrockskamstrup: I want exact string matching, not prefix09:05
didrockslike exec:gnomi -> nothing exec:gnomine -> YEAH!09:05
kamstrupdidrocks: then create another set of QUERY_FLAGS for the query_parser and remove the prefix and partial flags from it09:06
didrockskamstrup: ok, I'll have a look at that. but the hyphen issues and such are still there isn't it? it's not a prefix matching thing only?09:07
* didrocks works on his netbook today :/09:07
kamstrupdidrocks: prolly not - so I'll recommand transformaing your terms like lower().replace(" ", "_")09:08
kamstrupdidrocks: for both index and query of course09:08
didrockskamstrup: ok, will do that on both side :)09:08
didrocksI wanted to be smarter than that if there was a trick09:08
didrockshence the fact I didn't do that yesterday09:08
kamstrupdidrocks: oh, wait sorry, i meant replace("-", "_")09:08
didrocksyeah, got it :)09:08
didrockskamstrup: so, I would say, apart from this (and activation), altf2 is nearly finished09:09
didrocksas for the activation, I'm waiting on njpatel :)09:09
didrocksthanks for your advise :)09:09
kamstrupdidrocks: wow, that's awesome!09:10
njpatelyes ,yes, I'll do it today09:10
njpatelman, you platform guys are insistent09:10
didrocksnjpatel: why? I didn't want to put any pressure on you dude09:11
didrocksI will have enough hard time to cook my graphic card this evening :/09:11
njpateldidrocks, I was joking dude, I missed the smiley :)09:12
didrocksoh ok :)09:12
didrocksgrrr, can't look at bugmails on a 1024 pixels netbook. Will postpone that for tomorrow09:13
njpateldidrocks, is your laptop still in warranty?09:28
njpatelor you'll need to get a new one?09:28
didrocksnjpatel: no, it has 3 years, so I'll need to get a new one09:28
njpatelah :(09:28
didrocksyeah, really sucks :/09:28
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aruizkenvandine, I've done a new release with a few fixes12:40
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lamalexdidrocks, email?14:21
didrockslamalex: do you have a shell access now?14:22
lamalexha oh maybe i forgot we were blocked on that :p14:23
lamalexdidrocks, yes14:25
didrockslamalex: ok, awesome! :)14:25
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coz_hey all14:32
kenvandinearuiz, including a fix for the bug i filed?14:34
aruizkenvandine, yup14:35
aruizkenvandine, it's a temporary fix, but it works14:35
apinheironjpatel, you here?14:39
njpatelapinheiro, hey14:40
apinheironjpatel, I have two merge proposals waiting for review14:41
kenvandinearuiz, wow... huge improvement!14:41
apinheirorodrigo is in holidays this week14:41
aruizkenvandine, thanks!14:41
apinheirobut it would be good if someone review it14:41
aruizkenvandine, I'm working on shortcuts now14:41
kenvandinearuiz, the submenus for New, Recent Documents,  etc are all there now... but clicking on anything doesn't work14:41
apinheiroas it also touchs non-a11y code14:41
kenvandineknown issue?14:41
aruizkenvandine, yes14:41
apinheironjpatel, but not sure who poke about it14:41
aruizkenvandine, Recent document is the one that doesn't work14:41
kenvandinearuiz, great work!14:41
aruizthe others should though14:41
kenvandinenew didn't14:41
* aruiz checks14:42
kenvandinearuiz, nm14:42
kenvandineit does14:42
apinheironjpatel, for the moment I have just "Unity Team" on the review request14:42
kenvandinei didn't expect it to replace the existing window14:42
kenvandinethat is kind of weird14:42
aruizkenvandine, yeah14:42
aruizkenvandine, so, basically, executing a command is sending one string to a service inside openoffice14:42
kenvandinehumm... how do you switch between them?14:43
kenvandineoh, so this is also lo-menubar related :)14:43
aruizshould be14:43
kenvandineok, i'll file a bug to make sure we address it14:43
njpatelapinheiro, when you've had a proposal up for some time with no one from the team looking14:45
njpatelapinheiro, you should just ping me and I can ask one of the guys to do it14:45
njpatelapinheiro, normally we deal witht hem ever one-two days14:45
njpatelbut it doesn't always work out like that, of cours14:46
apinheironjpatel, well, this is more or less what Im doing now, ;)14:46
njpatelright, I mean to say, your right :)14:46
njpatelgord, MacSlow could one of you please review apinheiro's pending branches?14:46
apinheiroyeah, just looking the bugzilla updates, a lot of activity these days14:46
apinheironjpatel, thanks14:47
njpatelapinheiro, launchpad! ;)14:47
apinheironjpatel, yeah sorry :P14:48
MacSlowgord, njpatel: I'm taking lp:~apinheiro/unity/launcher-icon-also-focused14:50
MacSlowgord, you can do the other... so it's evenly split load14:50
apinheiroMacSlow, take into account that this merge proposal depend of the other14:50
apinheiroI mean that I started with the fix-parent-blabla14:50
apinheiroand over it14:50
apinheiroI implemented the launcher-icon-blabla14:51
MacSlowapinheiro, this one launcher-icon-also-focused14:51
MacSlowapinheiro, ok14:51
MacSlowapinheiro, yeah it's clearly stated under "Prerequisite:"14:51
MacSlowapinheiro, gord, njpatel: oh Rodrigo is also on both of them14:52
apinheiroMacSlow, yeah, normally for all a11 things14:52
njpatelMacSlow, that's for the a11y stuff, one of us needs to checkt he actual unity code14:52
apinheiroa11y I mean14:52
apinheirowe reaview the other14:52
apinheirobut as this also modifies some non-a11y things14:52
apinheiroI ask for a second opinion14:52
apinheiroMacSlow, in the same way14:53
apinheirorodrigo is in holidays14:53
MacSlowapinheiro, ok... just want to make sure we're not doing duplicate work here :)14:53
MacSlowapinheiro, I see14:53
apinheiroin fact, if you both gave an ok14:53
apinheiroprobably I will ask dbarth to go on without waiting to rodrigo (next week)14:53
gordMacSlow, apinheiro - sorry was on a call, you still need me to check one?14:55
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MacSlowgord, apinheiro: there's a small merge-conflict with the lp:~apinheiro/unity/fix-parent-child-hierarchy one in src/PlacesController.h14:56
MacSlowgord, np... I'll do both14:56
MacSlowgord, would be too much back and forth otherwise14:57
gordoh okay, have fun :)14:57
apinheiroMacSlow, odd14:57
apinheiroMacSlow, ok, I will update both and upload a new version14:58
apinheiroI will try to solve that merge proposal14:58
apinheiroprobably the trunk has diverged too much14:58
MacSlowapinheiro, see comment on the fix-parent one14:58
* apinheiro looking14:58
apinheiroMacSlow, well yes, this is one of the examples of "non-a11y" code that I needed to add14:59
apinheiroas I said I will update both branches, in order to solve the merge error15:00
MacSlowapinheiro, ping me when done15:00
apinheiroMacSlow, ok, thanks15:00
apinheiroMacSlow, done, sorry for the delay, just testing that things keep compiling and so on15:19
MacSlowapinheiro, ok... I'll switch back to the review of your two branchs15:26
apinheiroMacSlow, ok, thanks15:28
MacSlowapinheiro, njpatel: Alejandro's two branches are approved. All encountered issues solved... there was actually only one small one.15:54
apinheiroMacSlow, ok thanks15:55
apinheirodbarth_, you here?15:55
njpatelMacSlow, excellent, thank you15:55
apinheironjpatel, well, as dbarth_ is not available, should I merge both branches? after all rodrigo is not back until next week16:02
njpatelapinheiro, yes, please do16:04
apinheironjpatel, ok16:04
lamalexdidrocks, can I mark https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/710609 confirmed?16:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 710609 in unity "Unity performance regression on Intel i915 graphic chipset (Asus EeePC 900)" [High,Incomplete]16:11
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didrockslamalex: yes, please16:12
apinheirodidrocks, I have just fixed bugs 729165, 727908, 72713316:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 729165 in unity (Ubuntu) "Regression: Orca doesn't speech out the selection changes on the Launcher" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72916516:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 727908 in unity (Ubuntu) "Accessibility object parent-child hierarchy on unity is broken" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72790816:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 727133 in unity "Orca doesn't report that the Launcher receives the focus" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72713316:24
apinheiroshould I update the milestone?16:24
didrocksapinheiro: yes please as well as set the unity upstream task as fix committed16:25
apinheirodidrocks, well, this "in progress" that report ubot5 is just for the "unity (Ubuntu)"16:27
didrocksEnfin, les pâtes thermiques contenant des particules métalliques (la plupart du temps de l'argent) en suspens dans d'autres composants. Du fait de la présence de métal, ces pâtes ont également une capacité électrique plus ou moins importante, ce qui peut poser problème si la pâte venait à entrer en contact avec des connexions.16:27
apinheiroon unity upstreams it is fixed16:27
didrocksapinheiro: ok, nice16:27
didrocksoupss, wrong copy/paste :)16:27
apinheirodidrocks, hmm, can I edit the milestone?16:27
apinheirobecause I don't see the way to do that16:27
dbarthapinheiro: ping?16:27
didrocksapinheiro: not sure, if not, I'll do it, but later…16:28
apinheirodidrocks, ok16:28
apinheirodbarth, pong?16:28
LLStarksdidrocks, new scrollbars are crashing nautilus infinitely in classic mode.16:37
didrocksLLStarks: ask this to Cimi_16:52
Cimi_didrocks: GO TO BED16:53
didrocksCimi_: need to finish some stuff :)16:53
ffkkfjganyone there?17:04
mterrytedg, do you have ideas for how the preference for showing the clock in the menu bar or not should work on a technical level?17:08
njpatelmterry, tedg Alt+F, Alt+E et al being broken, is there a bug tracking progress of that?17:34
mterrynjpatel, yeah, hold on17:34
mterrynjpatel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/66303017:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 663030 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu Natty) "indicator-appmenu breaks Alt accelerator keys" [High,Triaged]17:34
mterry(assigned to you :))17:35
njpatelI'm pretty sure I haven't broken anything17:35
jcastronew contributor!17:35
tedgmterry, I'd think we should just not have an IndicatorObjectEntry... I think we need to keep the .so loaded.17:36
tedgmterry, That way we can track the change in the key.17:36
mterrytedg, sure, k17:36
mterrynjpatel, ?17:36
njpatelmterry, so your saying the Alt+F is broken inside Unity, and that the stack is working?17:37
mterrynjpatel, uh, weren't we talking about this just the other day?  it's the show-now-changed work17:37
DaekdroomHm, am I supposed to not be able to use mouse scroll wheel in Dash?17:37
njpatelmterry, indicator-object is meant to be sending out "show-menu" when Alt+F (or friends) is activated17:37
njpatelmterry, no, show-me is different17:37
njpatelmterry, show-me means "I'd like my entry to be presented to the user", "show-menu" means "I'd like my entries menu to be presented"17:38
njpatelmterry, the former happens when you press Alt, the latter when you press alt+417:38
njpatelalt+f, even17:38
mterrynjpatel, sure, but I thought unity was going to take things from there (since it had mnemonic info) but upon reflection, you probably can't because you don't have focus at that point17:39
mterrynjpatel, ok, so I still have to do the show-menu bits17:39
njpatelmterry, so, the thing is that show-me was added specifically so we could replicate the "show mnenomics on Alt press" behavious. Show-menu has been there for ages and just broke17:40
njpatelwhere just = a few months ago17:40
njpateltedg, correct me if I'm wrong^17:40
njpateland I don't think anything has changed in the panel service there17:41
mterrynjpatel, oh really?  I never noticed it working, but may have just not tried17:41
Daekdroomand why does systray still exist in unity-2d?17:41
njpatelmterry, yes, I mean we shipped it working in maverick and it worked early in natty and then just stopped17:41
tedgnjpatel, Correct, it did work.  I figured you hadn't implemented it in the unity-panel-service?17:43
njpateltedg, I'm very, very sure I have, but let me see it again17:43
njpateltedg, I've connected to INDICATOR_OBJECT_SIGNAL_MENU_SHOW, it doesn't get activated when I press Alt+Foo17:46
* njpatel adds some printfs17:46
njpateltedg, mterry nope, signal never get's called for me17:47
mterryI'm looking now17:48
njpatelyeah, it doesn't work in gnome-panel without unity either17:49
dbarthsorry for the noise, i've downgraded to a version of connamn that doesn't kill konversation anymore (or so i hope)17:49
JohnLeanjpatel; do you know if Jason is going to be around today or tomorrow?17:53
LLStarkscimi_, you're that murrine guy, right?17:55
magciusUnity keeps freezing windows: I have to kill unity-panel-service like every 10 seconds17:56
magciusWhen I run unity through --advanced-debug it segfaults17:56
Cimi_LLStarks: also17:57
Cimi_LLStarks: I'm the lead developer for overlay-scrollbars17:57
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LLStarksso yeah, how do i file a bug against a ppa? the ayatana mailing list?17:57
dbarth_aruiz: ping?18:08
coz_hey all18:10
aruizdbarth_, pong18:14
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njpatelJohnLea, he's unwell today hopefully will be back tomorrow18:21
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kklimondatedg: hey, is dbusmenu going to support menus that have items enabled/disabled dynamically like VirtualBox or Qt Creator in 11.04?20:36
tedgkklimonda, It should... does it not?20:57
kklimondatedg: it doesn't20:58
kklimondaI think at least VirtualBox case has been reported20:59
aruizkklimonda, then it's a bug on the Qt integration21:00
aruizkklimonda, dbusmenu supports that perfectly :-)21:00
tedgkklimonda, Yeah, please make sure there's a bug filled.  Now that it's beyond feature freeze we're trying to get through them all :)21:01
kklimondaok, will check and report :)21:03
htorque_kklimonda, bug 64120921:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 641209 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "With appmenu-gtk some menus are blacked out in VirtualBox" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64120921:10
kklimondahtorque_: thanks, couldn't find it now :)21:11
nmarqueskenvandine: ping, you around ?21:15
nmarquesanyone can tell me how much 'required' glib patch is for Unity (60_wait-longer-for-threads-to-die.patch) ?21:16
kenvandinenmarques, hey21:19
kenvandinei can't say for sure, but i suspect it is a must have21:19
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MrQuick question. I've got a win 7 machine and I want to get rid of explorer and run Unity instead.23:23
magciusMr, Unity is Linux only.23:24
MrWhere should I start looking for instructions?23:24
Mryeah, but it's GNOME right?23:24
magciusIt's compiz-based.23:24
magciuswhich means it needs X windows23:24
magciusWindows doesn't have X23:24
magciusYou need an X server, and a lot of libraries. The easiest way to do that is to use a proper Linux distribution.23:24
RAOF(Well, it kinda does, but that's not the point ☺)23:24
magciusRAOF, cygwin doesn't count :)23:25
Daekdroomand hell, Unity is still rather buggy in Linux23:25
MrI've seen people run KDE ontop of vista23:25
DaekdroomI've seen people run Openbox.23:25
magciusMr, that's because KDE is based on Qt, sort of.23:25
DaekdroomBut that doesn't mean anything.23:25
magciusThey're basically running KDE applications, but not running KWin23:25
magciusEither way, you can't replace explorer with Unity, or compiz, or metacity, or compiz.23:26
magciuser, "or mutter"23:26
MrWell crappy.23:26
magciusThat's how it works.23:26
MrWhat CAN I replace explorer with?23:26
MrOther than litestep >_>23:26
magciusDo you want to replace the shell part of explorer, or the file manager?23:26
MrMostly the shell :/23:27
magciusI use Directory Opus when I run Windows.23:27
magciusBut that's a file manager.23:27
magciusunity keeps crashing for me anyway23:28
MrOh. It's commercial software isn't it?23:28
magciusMr, Directory Opus? Yes.23:28
magciusI paid for it.23:28
MrFor shame.23:28
magciusIt doesn't replace the shell part, just the file manager part.23:28
MrI gathered >_> hahah23:28
magciusPaying for goods and services that I consider worthy, what a concept/23:28
MrI have a netbook running ubuntu with unity, and I just love the shell so much23:29
MrAnd I have nothing against paying for software you know. I'm just damn near broke :(23:29
Mr(That "for shame" was for the software being commercial, not for you paying for it >_<)23:29
MrWell, maybe litestep got some of the more serious bugs fixed...23:33

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