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Stavrosis there a way to have bzr store branches in the same directory and switch uncommitted changes too?01:33
Stavrosbasically, colocated branches but with shelving01:33
lifelessbzr switch should just do that01:34
Stavroslifeless: last i tried, switch didn't switch uncommitted changes, was that added?01:35
Stavroslifeless: nope, it doesn't01:38
lifelesswhat do you mean by switch uncommitted changes then ?01:39
lifelessfor me, it keeps uncommitted changes in the tree, so I can commit them to another branch.01:39
Stavrosi mean shelve them in the branch01:39
Stavrosso i can have uncommitted changes per branch01:39
Stavrosfor example, i'm working on feature 1 but it's half done01:40
lifelessso, standard shelve is in the working tree01:40
Stavrosyes, but per-branch01:40
lifelessthe pipeline plugin adds a shelf per branch as well01:40
Stavrosnothing that will automatically shelve everything on swich, though?01:40
lifelesspipeline does when working with a pipeline01:41
Stavrosis pipeline good? i found it a bit confusing01:41
lifelesssome folk love it01:41
Stavroswhat i want to do is work on feature1, switch to feature 2 even if 1 is half finished, work on 2, switch back to 1 and finish and commit 101:41
lifelessits quite polished at the use case it aims to solve (a series of feature branches tackling one large problem)01:41
Stavrosright now i have to do some complicated shelving01:41
Stavroshmm yes01:41
Stavrosmaybe this is what i need, then01:41
lifelessStavros: what about just committing?:01:41
Stavrosi don't like committing half-working things :/01:42
lifelesswork on feature 1, commit, switch to feature 2, work, commit, switch to feature 1, *uncommit*, keep working.01:42
Stavrosi don't trust me to remember to uncommit :/01:42
Stavrosgood solution if you're not ocd, though01:42
lifelessa shelf per branch would be a good facility for core I think, perhaps file a bug ?01:43
Stavrosi will, thanks01:43
Stavrosi'll try pipeline in the mean time01:43
Stavrosshouldn't i post a feature request rather than a bug?01:44
lifelessStavros: there is no difference01:45
Stavrosah, thanks, i'm filing one now01:46
lifelessStavros: bugs.launchpad.net/bzr01:46
vilahi all !07:47
* fullermd waves at vila through the lightning.07:49
jammorning all08:20
jamMoggûh, jelmer (though you're probably not up yet :)08:21
jammorning vila08:21
vilahey jam !08:21
jamso vila, what are you working on these days? Still poking at the package importer mostly?08:22
vilaI've been catching up with mails and reviews so far, I will focus on the p-i again now08:23
vilajam: oh, and 2.3.1 should have been released last week so I need to catch up with that too08:27
jamwell, give it a sec, since I have a patch progressing through the stack :)08:27
vilajam: did you merge your fix up to trunk for the missing inventories ?08:27
jamI'm up to 2.308:27
jamwhich is where you get NEWS conflicts because of the split-out08:27
vilajam: I intend to work on 2.3.1 tomorrow only, I'd like to summarize all the mails about which plugins are carried by which distros first08:28
mr-russHi, I'm reading the smart http server documentation and setting up mod_python method of using http smart server.  Where do I find bzr-smart.py?08:41
mr-russrunning ubuntu 10.0408:43
vilamr-russ: which doc are you reading ? bzr-smart.py doesn't appear to be part of the bzr sources08:48
PengIt's more or less part of the docs.08:49
PengLast I checked.08:49
mr-russyeah, that was my complaint really.  http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/http_smart_server.html08:49
mr-russbut there is no way to easily find the source from that page.08:49
mr-russafter 10-15 minutes googling, I think https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2006q4/020376.html  has the details I need.08:49
Pengmr-russ: But the source is in that page.08:50
Pengmr-russ: Copy and paste it.08:50
mr-russthanks, excuse the dumb moment.08:50
PengIt's not ideal, of course. Maybe someone should stuff them all in contrib/ or somethuing.08:51
mr-russyeah, it would be nice to have an example as part of the bzr doc when you apt-get.08:52
mr-russI'm about to find out what I need to do to get modpywsgi installed.08:53
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jamvila: on the plus side, it seems this was the only patch that needs merging-up09:17
jamso you've kept the branches fairly in-sync09:17
mr-russmodpywsgi seems difficult to find, links don't work.09:20
jammr-russ: http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/ ?09:21
vilamr-russ: :-/ patch welcome !09:21
jamif you can give updates to the docs, that would be great09:21
mr-russwhat branch would I checkout?09:21
vilafor http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/ it should be the bzr trunk itself09:22
mr-russso there is no python file, I need an apache module now?09:23
vilaand then follow the path from the url doc/en/user-guide, once there, there should be a .txt corresponding to the .html09:23
vilamr-russ: could very well be the case, that's why we generally encourage the use of bzr+ssh09:23
mr-russokay.  I was trying to keep away from having server accounts for each user.09:24
vilayeah, that's the other missing bit...09:25
mr-russwhat does lp use under the hood?09:25
vilassh :)09:25
mr-russI understand the authentication issues I think09:25
vilamr-russ: for lp you authenticate with one of your registered ssh keys09:26
mr-russmaybe I'll switch back to ssh.  But is there a tute on restricting the ssh commands users can run?09:26
PengLP doesn't use an ordinary sshd server, though.09:26
vilamr-russ: as in restricting the ssh command to bzr ?09:26
mr-russyou can only use bzr over ssh, no account login at all.09:27
vilaoh, it's in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys IIRC09:27
vilalet me check09:27
mr-russyes, with the funny commands out the front.09:27
mr-russIt's getting those commands right that is always painful.09:27
vilaindeed (searching for an example)09:27
mr-russI think I may have gone that route first if I found a clear example.09:28
mr-russI'm branching bzr now, so I'll see how I go with doc patches.09:28
mr-russI've not used bzr with launchpad before, how does patch contribution work?09:28
vilamr-russ: so, in the general case: branch; hack hack; commit; push lp:~<lpname>/<project>/<meaningful-branch-name>09:29
vilamr-russ: 'bzr lp-open' will open the pushed branch page from where you can select: 'propose for merging'09:30
mr-russI'm sure it's easy when I get the hang of it.09:30
vilamr-russ: for bzr you will need to go thru http://www.canonical.com/contributors09:31
mr-russOh the joy of the legal world :)09:33
vilamr-russ: yeah, the whole process is pretty easy, there is also 'bzr lp-propose' which further simplify some steps but I don't use it myself (for... various uninteresting reasons) so I can't comment precisely there09:33
vilamr-russ: yeah :-/ There is a work in progress to satisfy more people but as often with legal it takes time09:34
mr-russdoes that look right for the bzrssh server setup?09:35
spivmr-russ: looks highly plausible09:37
vilaroughly yes, I'm not sure about the options restrictions (but they shouldn't harm) and I can't find back my example locally (I could swear I used one at some point :-/)09:37
spivmr-russ: see also contrib/bzr_ssh_path_limiter in the bzr source tree09:37
vilaspiv: hey !09:37
spivHey :)09:37
mr-russI"m still waiting for my branch to finish downloading, not the greatest performance09:38
mr-russI'll see if the lucid package installed contrib.09:38
vilamr-russ: I don't think contrib is ever installed (apart from the bash completion stuff though...)09:38
mr-russthat's what I'm seeing on my server.  waiting for branch to complete.09:39
vilamr-russ: so you server is lucid, you know you can use the stable ppa to get newer releases right ?09:39
mr-russno.  As a standard kind of user, I use what's packaged by default.  That way it's 'supposed' to be support for 3-5 years.09:40
vilamr-russ: lucid provides bzr-2.1.1 while the ppa will gives you bzr-2.3.0 (and the associated plugins)09:40
mr-russI usually upgrade with all LTS releases though.09:40
vilathe stable PPA will support LTS as well09:41
mr-russbut LTS does not support the PPA :)09:41
vilathe PPA content ?  no :)09:42
vilabut *we* do :)09:42
mr-russThat is not what the average user will expect.09:42
mr-russI will consider upgrading once I actually have this working neatly.09:43
vilavia SRUs we may be able to provides 2.1.4 for lucid, but we are not there yet09:43
mr-russtoo many things that I and others are used to with SVN.09:43
vilamr-russ: and what clients are you using ?09:43
mr-russall lucid at the moment.09:44
mr-russcommand line bzr mostly.09:44
mr-russI'm hoping to convince my work to switch from svn to bzr in the next year.  But that will require evaluation of windows tools, particularly with regard eclipse and a setup for ssh for users, possibly against AD.09:45
vilaright, so, indeed, if you start using the PPA you'd better deploy it everywhere too, no urgency09:45
vilaAD ?09:45
vilaactive dir09:45
mr-russSo I have a lot of learning todo before I can encourage them towards that stance.09:45
mr-russActive Directory. ldap windows.09:45
vilaright, so we don't support 2.1 on windows, only the most recent stable release (2.3)09:46
vilathis shouldn't be a problem09:46
vilabut if you'll get better performance with 2.309:46
vilamr-russ: no pressure, just presenting the options09:47
mr-russokay, that will go with we use RedHat as a server and I'm sure it has and older version of bzr.09:47
mr-russah the joy of learning new stuff.09:48
vilaright, I've heard rumors about some bzr packaging on rh but I've never been able to get a contact there, pointers welcome !09:48
mr-russWell, I've backed back to using bzr+ssh, much easier.  No tricks with folder permissions when new branches are created?09:49
vilamr-russ: no, as  long as you use a single user on the server09:49
mr-russWe only have a regular education support contract and an account manager, so I'm not sure I can help you a lot with RH contacts.09:49
vilaas long as the same user owns the branch and is used to ssh connect, no permissions tricks are needed09:50
mr-russI've created a bzr group.  added relevant users to it, and set all permissions to group rw(x).09:50
vilamr-russ: no worries, but if you find some bzr packages for rh or centos or fedora, whatever, I'd be happy to hear about it09:51
mr-russnow when anybody pushes a new branch, will group stuff get set correctly, or do I need to set some sticky bits or something like that?09:51
mr-russvila: If I find anything or progress down that path, I'll report back.09:51
vilamr-russ: right, but the ssh server filters the group permissions bits IIRC which is the source of all the problems09:51
vilamr-russ: thx09:51
vilamr-russ: so the ssh setup is generally easier when a single user is created on the server and collect all authorized user keys09:52
fullermdOr use a real OS with simpler FS semantics   8-}09:52
vilafullermd: you mean... Windows ?09:53
fullermdYou'll still need to correct on pushing new branches.  The perms in the repo for new data are preserved, but new branches just run off umask.09:53
mr-russso user a single user account on server with shared ssh key, lock down to relevant command only and all the commit names are managed by bzr itself?09:53
mr-russand bzr won't mess with permissions/ you can't set a different umask for that folder?09:54
* mr-russ feels so out of his depth09:54
vilamr-russ: the commits always occur on local hosts and as long as you can push to a server, you can push your own commits or anybody else's09:54
vilamr-russ: think of it as a user with different roles, each role is associated to a key09:55
vilamr-russ: you give keys to users that can push to the server09:55
vilamr-russ: and you define a single user on the server for this role09:55
mr-russssh account developer has (x) ssh keys that can run bzr.09:56
vilaon the server, yes09:56
mr-russAll developers on remote boxes  use;  bzr push bzr+ssh://user@my-bzr-server/path/to/bzr/branch/09:57
mr-russwhere user is the common user.  Their ssh key is of course already setup properly.09:57
vilawith an appropriate ~/.ssh/config you can even use bzr push bzr+ssh://my-bzr-server/path/to/bzr/branch/09:57
mr-russI just wish I could short circuit the /path/to/bzr/branch to /branch.09:58
mr-russI think I need to write a tutorial for this kind of setup.09:58
vila'~' will expand to the ssh user home directory on the server09:59
mr-russthe URL I sent before fixes taht.09:59
mr-russas the command forces the folder for you.09:59
vilamr-russ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577750/ is an excerpt of my ~/.ssh/config09:59
mr-russI think I have found a winning configuration.  Thanks all for your help.10:00
vilamr-russ: good !10:00
mr-russand after 3 years of trying to really understand dvcs and how to set it up, I think I'm finally over the line.  I'm sure I'll find some merging issues and fun ahead.  But we are much further down the load.10:01
mr-russSo if I created a tutorial on a central bzr setup as we have discussed, should it go in bzr/doc/en/tutorial?10:02
vilamr-russ: sounds like it, that would be awesome !10:03
catphishis it possible to create a shared / default branch.conf?10:04
vilamr-russ: may be check in admin-guide too10:04
vilacatphish: what's your use case ?10:04
catphisheg. repo.conf or just plain bzr.conf10:04
vilacatphish: there is a work in progress to allow that10:05
catphishwell i am setting up some hooks, and i want them to run on all branches in a particular  repository10:05
mr-russvila: can I send the contributor form to you, or to Mr Pool?10:05
vilacatphish: see configurations.txt in lp:~bzr-core/bzr/devnotes for an almost up-to-date description10:05
vilamr-russ: poolie10:06
vilamr-russ: err, yeah, Martin Pool10:06
mr-russyes, I know poolie is Martin Pool :)10:06
catphishthanks vila, bazaar.conf will probably do, i was really hoping to do it per-repo10:06
vilacatphish: me too :)10:07
vilacatphish: but out of curiosity (and to help ensure your use case is addressed in the future), can you tell me what kind of feature you're implementing with these hooks ?10:07
catphishvila: i run a repository hosting service, and i am using the post_change_branch_tip hook to update a log when people push10:09
catphishnow, i could use a single hook globally, however in every other SCM, hooks are defined per-repository10:10
catphishi can't define it per-branch easily because users can dynamically create branches within their repository10:10
catphishmy hook currently reads the name of a shell script from the [hooks] configuration parameter and executes it10:11
mr-russvila: I've sent the agreement, so that mean magic happens and my contributions will be considered for merging?10:12
catphishso ideally, for compatibility with the way other SCM's work, I would like to be able to define the [hooks] configuration per repository10:12
vilamr-russ: yup, poolie should process it and from there we will land your contributions after reviewing them10:13
mr-russvila: what's the ppa address?10:16
vilathe various ppas are described at https://launchpad.net/bzr10:23
mr-russand it's stable, even though it's labelled for developers?10:23
mr-russokay, reading that page says it's stable releases.10:25
vilamr-russ: oh, it's labeled for 'Bazaar Developers' because they are the maintainers not the targeted users10:26
catphishi am having problems with locking12:35
catphishbzr: ERROR: No such file: '/data/repos2/b5/70ff4d-c20f-d082-210b-d51b37b6bb92/default/.bzr/branch/lock/held'12:35
catphisha directory that quite clearly does exist12:36
jelmerhi catphish12:40
jelmercatphish: when do you get that error, what are you trying to do?12:40
catphishjelmer: http://paste.codebasehq.com/pastes/xpt7u0ga715212:43
jelmercatphish: is it perhaps a path that exists remotely?12:43
catphishit DOES exist remotely, see the ls12:44
jelmercatphish: sorry, I missed that that was on the remote host12:48
jelmercatphish: This is probably a bug in the smart server, can you file a bug report?12:49
catphishideally i'd like to be able to confirm whether it's a bug in my http server first12:49
jelmercatphish: It could be, but I think a bug in the bzr smart server is a lot more likely12:50
catphishjelmer: the error certainly implies an error in the smart server12:51
catphishthe file it is complaining about clearly exists12:51
jelmerjam: Goeiesmorgens!12:51
catphishwhere do i report it?12:51
jamjelmer: when you sleep in, boy do you sleep in :)12:51
jelmerjam: :)12:52
jelmercatphish: it might be that the path is being sent across the wire and the bzr client tries to access it locally12:52
catphishgood point12:53
catphishi'm using a sucky old client12:53
catphishwill try upgrading first12:53
jelmerjam: I'm having fun with the CommitBuilder.. do you know what fast deltas are, and why they are a reason for avoiding record_iter_changes() ?12:53
jamjelmer: dirstate can compute deltas quickly, and 2a can store deltas quickly12:54
jamso rather than build the whole inventory12:54
jamand save it12:54
jamwe build a delta and apply it12:54
jamit was slower in pre-2a12:54
jamand didn't handle merge commits for a while12:54
jamI think that has been fixed12:54
jambut I'm not positive12:55
jelmerah, thanks12:55
jamI'm pretty sure record_iter_changes is the recommended path right now12:56
jelmerjam: at the moment we seem to use record_entry_contents() if the repository format supports nested trees, the commit has excludes or if the format doesn't support fast deltas /and/ there is more than one parent12:57
jelmerThe last condition is the one you mentioned, I assume?12:58
catphishjelmer: i think i found my problem by looking closer at the protocol log12:58
jamI'm not sure what is ANDed and what is ORed in that statement12:58
jambut sure12:58
jamI trust that you're looking at it more closely than I12:59
jamwe don't support it with nested trees, because it isn't well defined12:59
jamso no work was actually done on it12:59
jelmerfilter_iter_changes() does actually handle kind == 'tree-reference' though, strangely enough12:59
jamjelmer: that doesn't mean that all the other bits of the stack do13:00
catphishjelmer: the smart protocol was being sent this by my http server: ["rename", "default/.bzr/branch/lock/held", ".bzr/branch/lock/broken.8y5qi3f3qq5hft5r28km.tmp"]13:00
jelmerjam: right13:00
catphishthe branch name wasn't appended to the second parameter, the error it returns is misleading13:01
jelmerjam: anyway, it seems like the only thing that really matters for me is the exclude parameter, the others can't be triggered for foreign formats.13:01
jamjelmer: well, if you want to implement --exclude handling for record_iter_changes, I'd be ok with that13:02
jelmercatphish: Ah, I see13:02
jamI think there was some discussion about how it should be done13:02
jamthat it should be passed into iter_changse13:02
jamrather than filtered on top, etc.13:02
catphishi guess my code that injects branch names needs to be a little more intelligent13:03
jelmercatphish: you're running a custom http server?13:03
catphishjelmer: yes13:03
catphishit just accepts http requests and passes them on to bzr serve --inet13:05
catphishunfortunately because my url structure contains a repo and a branch, it is necessary to inject the branch name into commands13:06
catphishright now i just have (ruby code): command[1] = branch + '/' + command[1] if branch13:06
catphishassuming the second parameter is always a path13:06
catphishunfortunately the smart protocol isn't all that well documented, so i'm not sure which commands have more than one path as parameters13:09
catphishthough i'd appreciate it if anyone who knows could tell me :)13:09
* jelmer isn't all that familiar with the smart protocol either, unfortunately13:10
catphishi can just address them as i find them13:10
catphishlooks like my original problem is fixed anyway :)13:42
ChrisCauserHi guys, have I come to the right place for bzr-svn help?13:50
ChrisCausercatphish Thanks13:51
catphishby the way, is this room affiliated with canonical and launchpad directly?13:51
ChrisCauserBasically, I'm getting weird things with bzr 2.4 dev and was wondering if anyone had seen it before?13:51
ChrisCauser$ bzr commit13:51
ChrisCauserCommitting to: svn+https://SVN_REPO13:51
ChrisCausermodified FILES13:51
ChrisCauserbzr: ERROR: Layout CustomLayout([PATH_FROM_SVN_ROOT],[]) does not support custom branch paths.13:51
ChrisCauserArgh, stupid formatting13:52
vilacatphish: not per se, but many people haunt the same channels13:52
ChrisCauserBasically, If I checkout a svn repo, I get the error above13:52
ChrisCauserIf I unbind it and push to it, there is no error13:52
ChrisCauserDoes anyone know what I'm doing wrong? The svn layout is indeed a little strange13:52
catphishi wasn't really sure how closely bazaar was tied to canonical and to launchpad13:53
catphishbut it's not really important13:54
jelmerChrisCauser: PATH_FROM_SVN_ROOT is not the path you have checked out?13:57
ChrisCauserjelmer: Apologies that wasn't clear.  the svn root is at SVN_ROOT. I checkout SVN_ROOT/masterfiles/production and PATH_FROM_SVN_ROOT comes up as ['masterfiles/production']13:58
jelmerChrisCauser: but "bzr commit" says "Committing to SVN_ROOT" ?13:59
ChrisCauserjelmer: No. It says "Committing to SVN_ROOT/PATH_FROM_SVN_ROOT"14:00
jelmerChrisCauser: hmm, that's odd. Do you perhaps have push_merged_revisions enabled? Does the branch have tags?14:02
ChrisCauserjelmer: It's a pretty bog standard bazaar install. The checkout is fresh so has no tags. Interestingly, I have a second svn repo that I'm committing to just fine which has a standard trunk/branches/tags layout14:04
jelmerChrisCauser: Can you try that commit again with BZR_PDB=1 set and pastebin a backtrace?14:05
vilacatphish: bzr is a GNU project for which Canonical is the copyright holder14:08
ChrisCauserjelmer: Thanks for that. It has entered the debugger but the lines prior to that are at http://pastebin.com/3fX6dTQP14:08
catphishthat's fine then, it was primarily the integration with launchpad that concerned me, seemed that a bit of a commercial injection14:09
vilacatphish: look harder :) 1) launchpad is free software, 2) the integration is done via a single plugin (bundled with bzr core though)14:10
catphishvila: that's cool, it hadn't occurred to me that LP was free / multihomed :)14:10
catphishi won't concern myself then14:11
vilacatphish: see https://launchpad.net/launchpad, licence: GNU Affero GPL v314:12
catphishi did :)14:12
catphishhow do i read global config? right now i am using TreeConfig to read branch config but it doesn't fall back to the user or system config14:14
catphishJust Config?14:16
jelmercatphish: bzrlib.config.GlobalConfig14:20
jelmerChrisCauser: can you run "bt" in the python debugger and pastebin the output?14:21
ChrisCauserjelmer: http://pastebin.com/Ak7e0m2N14:22
catphishjelmer: sorry to be dumb but how do actually use the GlobalConfig class to read a config option?14:24
jelmercatphish: GlobalConfig().get_user_option('bar') IIRC14:24
jelmerChrisCauser: hmm, that's odd. It's trying to push a non-mainline revision for some reason. What does "bzr missing SVN_URL" report?14:24
catphishjelmer: works like a charm, thanks14:26
ChrisCauserjelmer: I appear to get back the entire history of the repo. There is an svn revno right up to the point I see my first [merge]. Could this be a clue? I have two branches which I merge via bzr locally and push to svn separately. Any merges I have done purely in svn don't seem to have revno: number [merge] written on them.14:32
jelmerChrisCauser: yes, that's probably related. Was the branch you're working in currently based on the remote svn repo?14:35
jelmerChrisCauser: Is there a difference in any way between the local and the remote commits reported by "bzr missing"14:35
ChrisCauserjelmer: So basically I had two branches, development and production. I branched both of them and merged back and forth and pushed to the svn repo.14:41
ChrisCauserjelmer: On the same machine, but in a completely new bzr repo, I have checked out the production branch and it seems to have checked out the branch but the missing command reports that the 200 commits I have made on svn are not commited locally yet I have 200 identical commits locally.14:43
ChrisCauserjelmer: There are no local commits as yet. This is a fresh checkout that I haven't changed.14:44
catphishjelmer: it appears that the problem with my http server isn't as simple as i thought, the bzr client is (sometimes) sending duplicate identical HTTP requests at once14:46
catphishso it sends 2 lock requests, the first succeeds and the second one of course fails14:46
catphishi'm sure there's a reason, just can't see what it is :(14:47
jelmercatphish: is there any reason for using a custom http server rather than e.g. just apache with wsgi?14:48
vilacatphish: highly suspicious, there shouldn't be multiple lock requests coming from a bzr client14:49
vilaany gentoo packager around ?14:49
jelmerChrisCauser: can you spot any differences in the revisions present locally and remotely?14:49
catphishi'll get a full packet dump and see if i'm doing something to upset it14:49
vilahttp://packages.gentoo.org/category/dev-vcs?full_cat seem to imply (I'm a gentoo noob) that 2.3.0 is not available (hardmask). What's the rationale ?14:50
jelmervila: They filed some bugs earlier about several plugins not having a compatible release with 2.3 out yet14:51
vilajelmer: ho ! thanks. Now that you mention it...14:51
ChrisCauserjelmer: I've just realized, when you say SVN_URL, is that the path to the SVN_ROOT or does it include the path? If it includes the path then bzr is reporting that the branch is up to date.14:52
jelmerah, hmm.. time for my afternoon tea!14:52
* jelmer runs off14:52
jelmerChrisCauser: including the path14:52
jelmerChrisCauser: even in the original branch?14:53
ChrisCauserjelmer: Hope you have a nice tea! I'm afraid there is no original bazaar branch as I suffered data loss.14:53
jelmerChrisCauser: I was just teasing vila since he was going to ask me about doing a bzr-svn release...14:54
vilajelmer: haha14:54
ChrisCauserjelmer: Ooops. Sorry14:54
vilajelmer: I haven't made the connection yet, but I plan to freeze 2.3.1 tomorrow, be ready ;-D14:54
jelmerChrisCauser: I mean, the original branch in which you tried to run "bzr commit"14:54
ChrisCauserjelmer: Oh, there is now only one bzr branch checked out at the moment, the "production branch." I originally had on my last computer two branches "production" and "development" (both in svn) which have now gone and these were the ones that I merged back and forth14:58
jelmerChrisCauser: Hmm, ok14:58
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jelmerI wonder why it's trying to commit to a non-mainline branch then14:58
jelmerthe change you're trying to commit, what sort of change is it?14:59
ChrisCauserjelmer: I've just tried to check out the development branch and that is causing another error on checkout: http://pastebin.com/XrQmAQet (hopefully nothing too incriminating here ;) )14:59
jelmerChrisCauser: but it still did the checkout I presume (those are just warnings)?15:00
ChrisCauserjelmer: Yes, it still did the checkout15:00
jelmerChrisCauser: the change you're trying to commit, what sort of change is it?15:01
ChrisCauserjelmer: It happens on modifying, adding and removing15:02
jelmerChrisCauser: any merges involved?15:02
jelmerah, I see what's happening15:06
jelmerChrisCauser: this is a regression caused by bzr 2.415:06
jelmerChrisCauser: please file a bug15:07
ChrisCauserjelmer: Brilliant :) Will do.15:07
ChrisCauserjelmer: Is there any information that will help describe the situation?15:07
jelmerChrisCauser: bzr-svn doesn't implement Branch.import_last_revision_info_and_tags(), which was added recently15:08
jelmerhmm, Branch.import_last_revision_info_and_tags doesn't make sense15:10
jelmerChrisCauser: can you try trunk?15:12
ChrisCauserof bzr-svn or bzr?15:12
jelmerChrisCauser: bzr-svn15:12
ChrisCauserjelmer: :-$ I'm having a bit of difficulty here. I got a "AttributeError: 'SvnBranch' object has no attribute 'source'" when I commited to the same checkout and when I checkout a new branch and commit I get an invalid http code (401)15:18
ChrisCauserjelmer: Did I not supply enough flags to the setup script?15:19
jelmerChrisCauser: I've committed a fix, please try again15:35
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catphishdoes anyone know if bzr with http has problems with keepalive? i'm pretty sure it tries to send requests down connections that have already been closed15:57
vilacatphish: it's been a very long time since we had reports about problems with keep-alive16:06
vilacatphish: you can use -Dhttp on your bzr client commands to get a debug output of all requests16:07
vilacatphish: the output should go to ~/.bzr.log IIRC16:07
catphishyeah, i tried that, the duplicates i'm seeing don't appear there16:07
catphishbut i see them in a packet dump16:07
catphishso i'm a little confused at the moment16:07
vilado you have some proxy may be ?16:07
catphishwill post some info if it persists16:08
catphishi do have a proxy, which was my first suspicion, but the duplicate requests are visible at the client too16:08
vilacatphish: if -Dhttp doesn't output the faulty request, bzr is out of the equation16:08
vilawhat do you mean by 'visible at the client' ?16:09
catphishi mean, wireshark on my client shows 2 http requests to lock a repo16:09
catphishone at the end of a kept-alive http session16:09
catphishand another at the start of a new http connection16:09
catphishhowever i will confirm that and get some logs and evidence together to make sure i'm not being stupid16:10
catphishi have no doubt it's the result of one of my proxies, but i need to establish exactly why16:10
catphishvila: actually the duplicate http requests do show up in the http log16:16
vilacatphish: ha ! now we've got something :)16:17
catphishbut the response doesn't appear16:17
vilacatphish: can you pastebin the relevant part making sure you remmo... you're too fast :)16:17
catphishi didn't remove my auth details16:18
vilacatphish: argh, change your password, the Auth header is only lightly protected16:18
catphishi know that all too well16:18
* vila should really obfuscate these headers...16:19
catphishseems wise16:20
vilacatphish: can you paste a bit more ?16:20
fullermdBah.  Silly diff algorithm, picking the wrong bit of code to leave in place.16:20
vilafullermd: ha, one of those cases, painful heh ?16:21
fullermdThe "oh crap, why and how did I delete that important code?!" sudden-panic is particularly fun.16:22
catphishpasswords changed, dunce cap applied16:23
vilaerr, didn't I just say that ?16:23
vilacatphish: so, the first thing that catch my eye is that the keep-alive is reset far too early (at 92 !)16:24
catphishvila: what's odd is that the request is sent, the reply is received (at least to the packet sniffer on my pc), but bzr misses the reply and opens a new connection to send the request again16:26
vilaha crap, the pieces I'm searching for are logged only when _debuglevel is set16:26
vilacatphish: can you edit bzrlib/transport/http/_urllib2_wrappers.py for a test /16:26
catphishbut you'll need to guide me in the right direction since i'm not a python developer16:28
vilathere is a DEBUG variable at the top the file set to 0, setting it to 3 will give us more data16:28
vilano worries, you just have to change 0 to 3 :)16:28
vilahmm, is upgrading to bzr-2.3.0 an option too ?16:28
catphishthat's a lot of info16:29
vilaI don't remember related fixes since 2.1.1 but it's quite old so I may be wrong16:29
vilacatphish: I don't remember the details, but 3 should output a lot about proxies but only once whereas 2 will output for requests but not significantly more than -Dhttp16:30
ChrisCauserjelmer: Thank you so much. That did the trick wonderfully. I can now checkout and commit to an svn repository.16:32
vilacatphish: concretely, I suspect some transient error trigering a resent of the same request16:33
catphishi have a full log now16:33
catphishjust going to clean the passwords and paste it16:33
vilacatphish: in your case, it could be that the request went through to the server but we still get what looks like a transient error16:33
catphishReceived exception: [BadStatusLine('0\r\n',)]16:34
vilaurgh, the infamous :(16:34
catphishyou know it well?16:34
vilacatphish: more or less, it generally means a bug somewhere else :-/16:35
vilacatphish: the status line is something like 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK' , if we got a bad one... it could mean we didn't consume the socket content properly16:36
catphishi wonder if it's bad handling of the chunked encoding16:37
catphishsince all responses end with 0\r\n16:39
catphishit may have still had 0\r\n in the buffer from the previous request16:39
catphishand read it as the start of the next response16:39
vilacatphish: that would trigger with the second request then16:40
catphishvila: http://paste.codebasehq.com/pastes/eaoht6hslbts16:41
catphishthere's the log snipper16:41
vilawhere is that 'reply:' coming from ?16:44
catphishthat's the data on the tcp socket16:46
catphishonly the bottom is relevent (the lock_write) request16:47
catphishbut the response appears the same as the others, nothing unusual16:48
vilacatphish: I mean, did you type that or is it coming from bzr ?16:48
catphishfrom bzr16:48
vilagrep 'reply:' returns no matches16:49
catphishwhat are you grepping?16:50
vilathe bzr sources for 2.1.116:50
catphishyou're right, but i can see it clearly on my screen16:50
vilaho ! probably from httplib itself16:51
catphish'send:' doesn't appear either16:51
vilahmm, what python version are you using ?16:51
vilaconfirmed, from httplib when debuglevel is set (via DEBUG)16:52
catphishPython 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Apr 16 2010, 13:09:56)16:52
vila0\r\n is an empty chunk no ?16:54
catphishmore than that, it's the end of the response16:54
vilaone possible cause would be that the server issues an empty chunk wrongly (as in bzr doesn't expect it), but we've never encountered such servers...16:55
catphishempty chunks are necessary as far as i know16:55
catphishthey mark then end of the chunked response16:55
catphishThe response ends with a zero-length last chunk: "0\r\n" and the final "\r\n".16:56
vilasure, but what if the sever is sending two of them instead of one16:56
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vilacatphish: just throwing ideas there16:56
catphishit's not on this occasion16:56
vilacatphish: ok16:57
catphishi sent the raw tcp dump16:57
vilawhere ?16:57
catphishthat's just one tcp connection16:58
vilawow, I missed that16:58
catphishspecifically the one that is terminated prematurely16:58
catphishyou see it send the successful response at the end16:58
catphishthe one that is never received by bzr16:58
vilaindeed, so you got that from the server side ?17:00
catphishpacket sniffer on the client17:00
catphishit's 100% what the http library is seeing17:00
catphishi'd love to hear that my server is doing something dumb17:02
vilathe status lines appears at the end of the lines in a weird form17:02
vilamay be just some formatting wart of the packet sniffer but...17:03
catphishthe response status lines are just on the same line as the end of the request17:03
catphishbecause technically there is no \n between them17:03
vilawell, they don't travel in the same part of the socket either17:03
catphishunfortunately i had no way to colour in the data in each direction17:03
catphishyou have to assume where they client and server packets start and end17:04
catphish"....d16:Software version5:2.1.1es...!l25:Branch.get_stacked_on_url1:.ee" << end of request17:04
catphishstart of response >> "HTTP/1.1 200 OK"17:04
vilacatphish: so from the send:/reply: in the full trace you should be able to match that no ?17:05
vilaha, well, no17:05
vilahttplib will only tell you that it read the headers but nothing about the body17:06
vilaso, try setting DEBUG to 917:06
catphisheek ok17:06
viladon't worry, only 1 2 3 9 are used17:06
vila9 will output a bunch of crap once at the beginning and then the bodies (well, some bodies IIRC :-/)17:07
catphishi'll try it17:07
vilamore precisely the bodies that the higher levels didn't consume...17:08
vila... damn, that's silly, we are indeed searching for a case where bzr fail to consume such bory remains :(17:08
catphishi don't think that made any difference to the log17:10
vilacatphish: did you see any 'Consumed body:' ?17:11
vilaI'm a bit lost :-/17:12
vilacatphish: looking at the modifications in _urllib2_wrappers *after* 2.1.1, I don't see clearly connected modifications but some may apply...17:12
vilacatphish: what os are you using on the client and the server ?17:13
catphishubuntu 10.0417:13
catphish32 and 64 respectively17:13
catphishthe server is actually an apache2 proxy and a backend server17:13
vilashudder... nothing weird there17:14
vilacatphish: anyway, there is a PPA you can use to upgrade both: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa17:15
catphishit's a complicated arrangement, which is why i'm focusing this discussion on what the client sees17:15
vilacatphish: sure, and you're doing well, it's just that remote debugging is.... hard :-/17:15
catphishthe server is running 2.3.0 from easy_install17:15
vilacatphish: and the extensions get compiled with easy_install ?17:16
catphishi honestly don't know17:16
vilanot that this should make a difference...17:16
catphishi haven't needed any17:16
vilacatphish: oh yes you need them :)17:16
vilacatphish: otherwise we use the python fallback implementation and the performance suffers17:17
vilacatphish: the ppa is the next best thing after the official Ubuntu releases17:18
vilacatphish: you just need to do 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bzr/ppa' and you'll get the repository added17:20
catphishnot sure what best to do17:22
catphishinterestingly if i disable keepalive at the server side, the client receives the connection: closed header and sends another request anyway17:22
catphishmaybe i'll just try the ppa and tell customers to do the same17:23
catphishi'm also trying to get my post_change_branch_tip hook on the server running when i push over http17:25
catphishbut hopefully that won't be a problem17:25
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vilacatphish: right, without keepalive, the things are far simpler, no need to babysit the socket content (but that's not enough evidence to confirm a bug in the bzr client side there :-/)17:26
vilacatphish: https is not involved here right ?17:27
catphishno, i pulled that ages ago because it was totally broken with my version17:28
catphishthe same problem exists with the 2.3.0 ppa version17:28
vilainstalled on both client and server ? (just checking)17:29
catphishno, the server is running the 2.3.0 from easy_install17:29
vilahmm, shouldn't be relevant17:29
catphishbut that's almost entirely irrelevant since the http stuff is done in ruby17:29
catphishand in apache17:29
catphishwell definitely a server problem17:34
vilacatphish: ? why ?17:34
catphishbecause i can't be the only person using the smart protocol over http17:35
vilaoh no, you aren't17:35
catphishand since i'm using the lastest version, something must be different about my server17:35
catphishnot a bug necessarily17:35
catphishbut something about my server that bzr or the http library doesn't like17:35
vilacatphish: try pinging spiv, he's in AU times and should arrive later, I'm about to EOD myself17:36
catphishwhere are you?17:36
vilacatphish: what is the most troubling for me is that your tcp dump looks fine17:36
vilacatphish: france17:37
catphishah ok17:37
catphishdefinitely home time then :)17:37
catphishi thought my tcp dump looked fine, and i don't do any of the keepalive or chunked encoding myself so i trust that it's correct17:37
vilacatphish: spiv should be able to validate this stream better than me17:37
vilacatphish: you mean your server do something between the bzr server and the client ?17:38
catphishin my case the 'bzr server' is just "bzr serve --inet"17:39
catphishand there's a ruby server sitting in front of it, with an apache proxy17:39
catphishone day i'll explain why that is17:40
vilabut in this case you're just relaying the bytes right ?17:40
lifelessso bzr+http:// uses a different encapsulation to bzr://17:40
catphishthe only thing i interfere with is the request, prepending the branch name to any paths17:40
jamvila: it is very funny to still see you online at 7pm my time. but I realize, you never were very good at stopping by 5/6 :)17:41
vilajam: :)17:41
catphishvila: i will try getting rid of the chunked encoding17:41
catphishthere's no need for it17:41
lifelesscatphish: you probably need to get a wsgi service up and forward to that, not to bzr serve --inet17:42
catphishlifeless: i hope i don't need to do that17:42
catphishsince my implementation works well, apart from these randomly dropped http sessions17:42
jamlifeless: I believe he wants to use a ruby server17:42
lifelessjam: sure, you can do that17:42
vilacatphish: worth a try, we don't it need it AFAIR but I think it's handled by httplib so we shouldn't care either... but may be not17:42
lifelessjam: I'm just trying to remember the exact framing changes for bzr over http17:43
catphishi think the problem is in httplib personally17:43
catphishchunked should never be necessary17:43
catphishvila: thanks very much for taking so long to help debug and tracing it to the 0\r\n17:44
vilacatphish: always happy to help (TM by jam ;)17:44
catphishvila: setting a content-length prevented my http server from using chunked encoding17:45
catphishand... it works17:45
catphishnow just to get the hook working and i have a fully working service :)17:46
vilacatphish: huh, how stupid ! I didn't check the Content-Length !17:46
catphishcontent-length is not required for chunked encoding, they're mutually exclusive17:46
catphishbut apparantly one works and the other doesn't :)17:46
catphishso that'll do17:47
catphishi prefer sending content-length anyway, much simpler approach17:47
vilacatphish: indeed, I used chunked encoding so long ago I forgot it *is* targeted at unknown length contents :-D17:50
catphishanyway i must get home17:50
catphishthanks again :)17:51
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guesthello, I have a question on hooks and was wandering if someone could have time to help ...17:56
lifelessask away17:56
guesttogether with source files I have a compiled file versioned as well, so need to not forget to compile before commiting17:57
guestso was thinking, can it be done in a hook (pre_commit etc) or I'll have to do it outside in a batch running compiler first then bzr commit?17:57
lifelessguest: you are storing the compiled versions in bzr?18:00
lifelessif you run 'bzr help hooks | less' and look for 'start_commit18:00
lifelessthat hook runs before bzr starts calculating the commit18:00
lifelessso it can change things however you like18:01
guestaha, I was just reading that, figured pre_commit is not good since it already has deltas, so start_ commit is the way to go. great, thanks a lot :)18:02
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briandealwishi jelmer.  I saw yesterday that you might try to add an env var to specify remote branch names in bzr-git?18:31
Stavroscan someone explain the pipeline plugin to me? it looks like it does exactly what i want, but i don't get all the pumping18:59
beunoStavros, have you seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HujoyGSq8n419:02
Stavrosi haven't, i'll watch that now, thanks19:02
Stavroshmm, that video mentions the same things as the docs19:17
Stavrosbasically what i want is colocated branches with uncommitted changes being stored in the branch19:17
Stavroswhich is exactly what pipes do19:17
Stavrosbut with colocated branches i can merge into trunk whenever i finish a feature in a branch19:18
Stavroswhereas pipes always go from top to bottom19:18
Stavroswhich is what i don't understand, what sort of workflow needs things to go from top to bottom?19:18
shakaranHi, I have a bzr repository, but I want merge a commit from a svn repository. It is possible? I try with bzr-svn merge -c 419 svn_url_repo, but it don't work19:27
shakaranI am doing a:19:38
shakaransvn diff -r 419 snv_url_repo19:38
shakaranFor get the diff, but this is tricky, someone with better solution?19:38
jelmerbriandealwis: hi22:14
briandealwishi jelmer22:14
jelmerbriandealwis: It's a gross hack so I won't add it to bzr-git itself, but I'm looking at providing a patch that does that22:14
briandealwisthat's cool, jelmer.  I hurt my brain trying to figure out git's push command line.  Gross hacks are preferrable.22:15
briandealwisI currently use Eclipse's EGit to do pushes :)22:16
* jelmer wished there were some more people to help with eclipse-bzr :-/22:16
mr-russeclipse has a git plugin?22:16
mr-russI wish that too.22:16
mr-russI'd like to make use of eclipse-bzr.  But my python and java skills don't exist.22:17
briandealwismr-russ: yeah.  They're moving to git.22:17
briandealwismr-russ: There are two Eclipse projects: JGit, equivalent to Dulwich, and EGit, providing Eclipse tooling22:17
mr-russOh, that's going to hurt.  Good eclipse support makes the game different.22:18
briandealwismr-russ: the good news is that the EGit tooling reflects Git.  My thoughts were that if bzr-git can push to branches, then BzrEclipse may be a happy medium.22:19
briandealwisGerrit looks pretty nice too.22:20
lifelessbriandealwis: which 'they' are moving to git?22:20
jelmereclipse itself I think?22:21
briandealwislifeless: There's a concerted effort to move all Eclipse projects to Git.22:21
lifelessbriandealwis: oh, interesting.22:21
briandealwisAlmost all projects are currently either still CVS or Subversion22:21
wolfpackHey, Can bzr push the code on launchpad with http protocol? I am working behind http proxy and cannot make ssh connection.22:32
spivwolfpack: no, Launchpad doesn't run the bzr service over http22:33
wolfpackspiv: but branching is allowed! So is there any options to work on the projects?22:34
wolfpackany other option *22:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 165087 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad should offer a bzr+http smart server" [Low,Triaged]22:34
spivwolfpack: you can sometimes convince http proxies to carry SSH traffic22:36
wolfpackspiv: How?22:36
spivIf you're using Ubuntu, try installing the 'corkscrew' package and using that22:36
spivIt can help to have an SSH server of your own somewhere listening on port 443 (i.e. the HTTPS port)22:38
spivOtherwise, I don't know that there's much you can do.22:38
wolfpackAre you referring to this "http://omappedia.org/wiki/Using_bzr_and_launchpad_behind_a_proxy "22:39
spivwolfpack: I hadn't seen that link before, but those instructions look reasonable22:40
wolfpackspiv: Well, I tried that but that does not works :(22:41
spivYour proxy is probably restricts access to ports other than 80 and 443 then :(22:42
wolfpackthanks for helping .23:08

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