Roastedwhat's up fellas01:47
mhall119welcome back Roasted01:49
RoastedI'm here, I'm here01:49
Roastedinstalling Edubuntu on my test rig here at home01:49
mhall119they pay you for that?01:49
Roastedsucker takes a bit longer than ubuntu, but its 2.4gb in size01:49
Roastedha, of course not01:49
Roastedbut I'm curious...01:49
mhall119yeah, game files are big01:49
RoastedI'm anxious to try it out at work01:50
RoastedI have some old rigs I can use as thin clients instead01:50
Roastedfor testing01:50
RoastedI have to wonder though... if the edubuntu box is acting as a dhcp server, I wonder how it would act with another dhcp server on the network01:51
Roastedor if theres a way to make edubuntu use our regular dhcp server, yet somehow still get the pxe boot to the linux image01:51
mhall119I don't think so, pxe used dhcp/bootp as far as I know01:52
mhall119so unless your dhcp server is serving up linux images, you'll need to use the one with LTSP01:52
Roastedif thin clients are going to use edubuntu, fine, I just dont want our "regular" clients (non thin clients) to pull IP addresses from the wrong server01:52
mhall119it'd probably be easiest to segregate your networks01:54
RoastedI'm not sure how that's possible, if our users on the thin clients are going to authenticate ot he domain, get internet access, get network storag,e etc.01:54
Roastedthey'll cross SOMEWHERE01:54
roasted_anybody here?02:46
roasted_I fired up edubuntu but I can't seem to find wher LTSP is. I thought it was included.02:46
roasted_I installed the two objects I found in software center when I searched for LTSP02:46
roasted_One being "thin client manager"02:46
roasted_I opened it but I'm stuck on what to do now. I'm trying to set up a very small test environment.02:46
roasted_No, I have a full blown ISO install from Edubuntu 10 1002:46
Ahmuckso u've installed it02:47
roasted_Just trying to get my feet wet here so I can test it at work.02:47
Ahmuckthere is an installation option during setup iirc (it's been a year since i used edubuntu) where you need to select LTSP02:47
roasted_I did.02:47
roasted_I saw that.02:47
roasted_But now that I'm up and running I'm not sure what to do.02:47
roasted_Is it uh.. already done???02:47
Ahmuckah, so u need the ltsp primer02:48
Ahmuckhave you connected a thin or fat client to your server?02:48
roasted_hm, okay. any idea on how I can get going with that?02:48
roasted_I have a laptop here with a regular windows install on it. I was curious if I could use it to PXE boot as my guinea pig for tonight?02:48
roasted_I'm just trying to get my feet wet otnight. Tomorrow I'll have more hardware to work with at work.02:48
Ahmuckyes, u can, do you have pxe boot on the laptop?02:49
roasted_Sure do.02:49
roasted_do you work for rev linux?02:49
Ahmucku can also simulate in a vbox02:49
Ahmuckrevolution linux?02:49
Ahmucki am the revolution.  no i don't work for rev linux02:49
roasted_good deal02:49
roasted_well how do I get started from here?02:49
roasted_and what is a primer?02:50
Ahmucki'm a non reader of sorts.02:50
Ahmucki have a problem with lines in pages, however reading does get a person a lot further than random questions.  so, i assume you have a switch or router on your ltsp server?02:51
roasted_I have a switch02:51
roasted_8 port 10 10002:51
Ahmucker, between the server and your laptop02:51
Ahmuckkk, so set to boot via pxe first and make an effort to get a connection02:51
roasted_didnt find an IP02:53
roasted_dhcp3 is up though02:54
roasted_switch has nothing in it but the laptop + server02:54
roasted_no router02:54
Ahmuckiirc, you should be able to connect directly and eliminate the switch on a single machine02:55
Ahmuckprovided you don't need a crossover cable02:55
roasted_im stupid02:55
roasted_im so stupid02:55
roasted_so very stupid02:55
roasted_it looks like it gets one and it sticks at TFTP02:57
roasted_then exits02:57
roasted_I've seen this before with PXE boot imaging...02:57
Ahmuckdo you have another machine to test with?02:58
Ahmuckclient side02:58
roasted_I have a netbook02:58
roasted_same thing02:59
roasted_I changed the network interface file tho02:59
roasted_thats probably it, sec02:59
roasted_its loading ubuntu now03:00
roasted_Im in03:01
roasted_now what? lol...03:02
roasted_this can't be this easy that I just install edubuntu and connect a few pcs/clients to it03:02
Ahmuckyes, it's that easy03:03
Ahmuckcreate users03:03
roasted_I'm calling BS03:03
roasted_linux is hard, come on now.03:03
roasted_Ahmuck, here's a question for ya03:04
Ahmuckwell, u'll have to manage resources, fat or thin clients, etc.03:04
roasted_I'm a little concerned how this will work networking wise03:04
roasted_because of it acting as a DHCP server and we already have a DHCP server at work.03:05
Ahmuckchange the ip range03:05
roasted_on the edubuntu box itself?03:05
Ahmuckso if your ip range at work is
roasted_we're on 10.52 at work03:05
Ahmuckthen make sure your ip range of the ltps dhcp server is on a different subnet03:05
roasted_so if its on a different subnet the dhcp services wont clash?03:06
roasted_from edubuntu vs main dhcp03:06
Ahmucki assume you are the sysadmin at work or have sysadmin privelages03:06
roasted_I am a technician.03:06
roasted_I'm not the network admin.03:06
roasted_I do desktop support with a hair of server work.03:06
Ahmuckrun it by your network admin03:06
Ahmuckexplain fully what you want to do03:06
Ahmuckand buy him a cup of coffee03:06
roasted_or a beer03:07
roasted_but was I right tho03:07
roasted_if we're on a different subnet, we'd be all right?03:07
roasted_with multiple dhcp servers03:07
Ahmucki've run multiple dhcp servers, yes03:07
Ahmuckur going to need permission from your network admin anyway03:07
roasted_now... at work we currently have an ncomputing setup. it has 4 gigabit network cards03:08
Ahmuckso it's better if he understands what your doing03:08
roasted_and that ncomputing lab runs on 192.16803:08
roasted_even tho the main network is 10.5203:08
roasted_oh yeah, he and I work close anyway03:08
Ahmuckso "if" you break something he can take a handy pair of side cutters and cut the wire so to speak03:08
roasted_here's my question tho03:08
roasted_and thi smay be a stupid one03:08
roasted_but I'm asking it03:08
roasted_if the edubuntu lab runs on 192.16803:09
roasted_yet our main network is 10.5203:09
roasted_how does the 192 lab get external access?03:09
Ahmucki assume your speaking of internet03:09
roasted_so I just have to edit the config file for the gateway and dns, etc.03:09
roasted_and file servers03:09
roasted_would they be able to get to our file servers in the 10.52 range03:09
Ahmuckur ISP normally runs at the 10.10.x.x range, and serves 192.168.x.x address to you.03:10
Ahmuckit wouldn't be any different here03:11
roasted_yeah, I just want to make sure if we use the 192 range on edubuntu labs that they can hit our file servers03:11
roasted_the file servers being 10.5203:11
Ahmuckcept mine.  mine tends to run address in the 192.168.x.x range and sometimes i'll punch in an address on my network and start getting private routers of other people that should be behind a proper network.  it's weird how my ISP works03:12
roasted_so if Im not on a domain, I need to create local users on the server itself03:12
Ahmucklinux doesn't really use domains, but you do have that option03:12
Ahmuckdomains is a windows thing03:13
roasted_I'd be adding ubuntu to the domain03:13
roasted_via likewise open03:13
roasted_its a project I was working on when I stumbled across LTSP03:13
roasted_I was able to authenticate with domain users, etc, so I have a feeling if I add the main edubuntu server to the domain, Im hoping it'll authenticate downward to the thin client boxes accordingly03:14
roasted_so that way students can come in, log in as THEMSELVES, and dot heir thing03:14
roasted_do their*03:14
Ahmucku have gigabyte networking?03:15
roasted_we do, but we have cat5 :(03:15
roasted_we have gig switches and gear tho03:15
Ahmuckare you talking authenticating to AD03:15
Ahmucki'd read up03:16
roasted_on what03:16
Ahmucki've never authenticated linux boxes on AD03:16
roasted_I'm not worried about that03:16
roasted_likewise open is recommended by canonical03:16
Ahmuckso i don't know how it works.  i know of people that have03:16
roasted_and its worked great for me so far03:16
* Ahmuck searches on likewise open03:16
roasted_I'm just ASSUMING that in this case since thin client users would be working from the edubuntu server, that if the edubuntu server is on the domain... it would authenticate them accordingly to Win AD03:17
Ahmucklooks like things have moved along quite well03:17
roasted_I have to edit a concfig file03:17
roasted_other than that, I install likewise open 6 and its good tog o03:17
roasted_the version in software center is 5.4, which requires FAR more tweaking to work. 6 is more streamlined.03:18
Ahmuckso are you planning on using network storage on another windows server?03:18
Ahmuckwhat do you hope to gain by using ltsp?03:19
Ahmuckwhy use ltsp?03:19
roasted_remember that ncomputing lab I spoke about?03:19
roasted_it sucks03:19
roasted_absolutely sucks03:19
roasted_the district is trying to scale back spending costs hardcore, so my boss said "what if we add ubuntu to a few systems and see how it goes?"03:20
roasted_I got ubuntu on a few systems and it works with AD. I have more testing to do, but Im more confident about using it on end systems than I originally was.03:20
roasted_As a result, I got crossed up with LTSP and got a little curious.03:20
roasted_It made me think of our ncomputing lab, whcih is used for general research and openoffice. Other than that it does nothing else.03:20
roasted_We have to reboot it nearly twice a day for it to work.03:20
roasted_It just sucks. So I thought, well what if we can incorporate LTSP there to replace ncomputing boxes03:21
Ahmuckwell, when i had my ltsp server i didn't reboot unless i wanted to03:21
roasted_so I have 2 ideas going on here. Adding Ubuntu (or even Edubuntu) onto ACTUAL laptops/desktops, and LTSP with thin clients03:21
roasted_for labs03:21
Ahmucki ran a community lab as a test for a little bit03:21
Ahmuckfor about a year03:21
roasted_is there a way to reboot LTSP without rebooting the system?03:21
Ahmuckthat'd be a question for a more experienced user03:22
Ahmucker, admin of ltsp03:22
roasted_I'm the one in the department who messes with linux the most03:23
roasted_I've used it for years03:23
roasted_so even tho Im a desktop tech, this might get something dumped on my head as my boss wants met o start doing server stuff more03:23
roasted_I've used linux file servers and whatnot for a long time. In fact, I'm more at home with linux in general than I am with windows03:24
roasted_so that's why this project has my name all over it03:24
roasted_I'm just curious if LTSP has a service associated with it, so I can just /etc/init.d/ltsp restart or something.03:24
Ahmuckhrm, i don't recall if i still have ltsp running on this box or not03:26
roasted_how manys ystems did you have on LTSP at that lab03:26
roasted_that you ran03:26
Ahmuckif you mean clients03:27
roasted_did you run LTSP on a regular desktop?03:28
roasted_the server that is03:28
roasted_was the server a regular desktop?03:28
roasted_cause I'm trying to gauge if LTSP would do a better job handling 30 clients than ncomputing does03:28
Ahmuckit was a gaming system with raided drives03:28
Ahmucki'd planned to get server, but bank screwed financing up, and so i gave it up after two weeks, put in on a gaming system i had, souped up, and never got around to ordering the server03:29
roasted_did it dot he job?03:29
Ahmucki had some client problems, and PR problems as well.  when people heard "linux" they didn't show up often03:31
roasted_I changed my IP range in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf, but when I PXE boot its still pulling the old IP03:33
roasted_where else should I change?03:33
Ahmucki don't recall.  i don't have a ltsp system running anymore to check03:34
Ahmuckheh, so i took the server to a LUG meeting, and connected it up to the switch, without realizing i'd connected the ltsp side.  so it was serving IP addresses, and the router was trying to serve as well and it took two of us about 8 minutes to figure out i'd connected to the wrong nic03:38
roasted_I wonder why this pxe is pulling the old range03:40
Ahmuckgtg, sorry03:41
Ahmuckhave work to complete this evening03:41
roasted_thanks for the help bro03:41
roasted_much appreciated03:41
roasted_ping highvoltage03:41
roasted_I thought italc was part of edubuntu?05:10
alkisgYes, it is05:21
roasted_what? where is it?05:22
alkisgIt should be preinstalled. If not, apt-get install italc-master05:23
roasted_whats crazy is I can see the benefit of LTSP in a home environment........05:24
roasted_flippin great05:25
roasted_I get the same error with italc as I got before on ubuntu when I tried it a few months ago05:25
roasted_no italc service running blah blah blah05:25
alkisgThat problem is easily solved... what I don't like about italc is that it crashes very, very frequently05:27
roasted_how can I solve it05:27
alkisgOpen a terminal and run: ica-launcher & italc-launcher05:28
roasted_same error05:28
alkisgPut the output to pastebin05:29
roasted_btw, is it not advised to run LTSP with the same username on each box?05:29
alkisgOr here if it's just 1-2 lines05:29
alkisgYes, it's not05:29
roasted_it comes back with [1] 3389 and goes back to terminal.05:29
roasted_then it tries to start and errors05:29
roasted_hm that may be a problem05:29
roasted_as we have a guest account for users to access with05:29
alkisgYou can have different guest accounts for each station05:30
roasted_this will be on a domain05:30
roasted_our ubuntu setup that is05:30
alkisgFirefox, gnome etc etc don't like the same user to be logged on multiple times05:30
alkisgIt's not related to LTSP, it's a more general problem05:30
roasted_I see05:30
roasted_I think we have the same problem on our ncomputing lab05:30
roasted_ah well05:31
roasted_well italc is still failing but its 123005:31
roasted_screw it :P05:31
alkisgThe same is true for windows, it's not adviced to logon everywhere with the same user05:31
alkisgYou need different directories for the logged on users05:31
roasted_yeah, we just have a generic domain account that we use for training days at work with the teachers05:32
roasted_that was just a thought05:32
roasted_anxious to get a real test environment set up tomorrow with LTSP05:32
roasted_seems to be real solid05:32
alkisgWhat are your client specs? cpu/ram?05:34
roasted_well I dont have any thin client boxes. I'll probably be using some old towers at work. I know we have a few compaqs laying around with a 1.8ghz Pentium 4 proc with 512mb ram.05:35
roasted_my test server will be a dual core box with 2gb of ram. This will be just a bench test in the tech room.05:35
alkisgI'd use fat clients with that, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/FatClients05:36
roasted_Our production server (if this takes off hardcore) is beefy. two quad cores, 32gb ram, and 4 gigabit network cards.05:36
roasted_why would you use fat clients?05:36
alkisgA full screen HD video needs half a gigabit bandwidth05:37
roasted_these compaqs have 10/100 cards05:37
roasted_bottlenecked @ 100 meg then05:37
alkisgA classic divx video, 50 mbps bandwidth05:38
alkisg3D acceleration doesn't work well over the network05:38
roasted_how do I throttle to use fat client or thin client05:38
alkisgEtc, there are some drawbacks that made me decide, "if a client is good enough to run ubuntu from a usb stick, use it as a fat client, else, if it's too old, as a thin client'05:38
roasted_can I make these adjustments on the fly?05:39
roasted_can I set a lab to be fat clients and if its slow, switch them to thin clients?05:39
roasted_wheres that done at?05:39
alkisgThey also switch automatically, i.e. if you boot a 256 ram client, it'll automatically boot as thin05:39
alkisgLTSP_FATCLIENT=false in lts.conf05:39
alkisgRead the docs. Just keep that link above in mind, so if thin clients don't behave very good for you, you can also test fat clients.05:40
roasted_so anything above 256 defaults to fat?05:40
alkisgFAT_RAM_THRESHOLD is the lts.conf directive for that05:40
alkisgYou can define it yourself05:41
roasted_good deal05:41
roasted_wheres lts.conf at05:41
roasted_(I powered off my ltsp box)05:41
roasted_I meant like05:42
roasted_or what05:42
roasted_appreciate it05:43
roasted_with that said, its bedtime05:44
roasted_have a good one!05:44
roasted_thanks again for your time05:44
alkisgYou're welcome05:44
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highvoltageroasted_: pong13:14
mgariepygood morning everyone13:19
mgariepyhey highvoltage finally got inside ?13:27
doctormohey highvoltage and everyone13:29
highvoltagemgariepy: yep, eventually14:09
highvoltagedoctormo: hey there, did you see the feedback I left you on the artwork channel yesterday?14:09
Roastedwhats up fellas14:09
Roastedtest drive of edubuntu is on the way.14:09
doctormohighvoltage: The first batch, which I quickly modified the image for. did you see the next update?14:10
highvoltagedoctormo: oooh!14:10
highvoltagedoctormo: can I put that into the daily builds so long?14:11
highvoltagedoctormo: I like that you slanted that blue gradient a bit, it looks better considering the position of the sun, the stars closer to the bottom should probably be slightly dimmer though14:12
highvoltage(and maybe the sun should be slightly lower again so that it looks more like a sunrise, not 100% sure)14:13
doctormohighvoltage: easy to fix. Best hold off on the daily build until the graphic is more done.14:13
highvoltagedoctormo: ok14:20
Roastedhey guys. I found some asus thin client boxes for 232 online. 1gb ram, 1.6ghz atom, no hdd from what I can tell. Are there any other companies that make comparable ones in the same price range of cheaper? Just trying to find some alternatives to compare here, even though I AM kind of an ASUS fanboy.14:24
mgariepyRoasted, i got the info, those thin client a more like 275$ then 200$ with the ram.14:30
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
Roastedmgariepy, the ASUS ones I was looking at?14:33
Roastedin fact that has a hdd14:33
RoastedI thought it didnt14:33
AhmuckRoasted: u can build ur own fairly cheap14:50
RoastedAhmuck, hm, never thought about that.14:50
Roastedif the cost savings are there to warrant it, I'd definitely be game for that. Did you have anything in particular in mind for doing it? Or were you talking going on newegg and getting a slew of cheap towers, cheap mobos, etc?14:51
Ahmuckhighvoltage: ?14:51
Roasteduh oh14:52
highvoltageAhmuck: those have Via Unichrome cards on board! No one should ever buy them. EVER!14:52
highvoltageAhmuck: if pure evil would exist, that would be it!14:52
Roastedthe work of the devil14:52
Roastedare those video cards?14:52
Roastedhighvoltage, are there any alternatives in the 200 or less range that compare to the ASUS EEE Box? 1.6ghz atom and 1gb RAM is what I'm aiming for with my research here.14:53
highvoltagethe problem is that no one ever finished writing drivers for those cards14:53
highvoltageso you have very poor 2D performance and basically non-existant 3D capabilities14:53
highvoltage(as in, you can't even run compiz or play a youtube video with them)14:53
Roastedany others you recommend looking at?14:55
AhmuckRoasted: tell me which Asus box and i might be able to get you a discount14:55
Ahmuckya, sorry, i misread the brand14:56
RoastedI'm an ASUS fanboy so I dig that unit, I'm just trying to look for other alternatives14:56
Roastedits funny that the NComputing boxes we got were 224, and the ASUS ones I posted above are 233.14:59
Roastedyet the ASUS is clearly better from a spec point of view14:59
* Ahmuck sells aopen/acer15:01
Roastedwell, I'm open to all brands.15:04
Roastedis there anything in aopen/acer thats int he price range?15:04
Roasted200 bones or so, 1gb ram, 1.6ghz atom?15:04
Roastedthanks bro15:08
Roastedappreciate it15:08
Ahmuckso far nothing15:09
Roastedyeah I have a feeling that ASUS is quite a steal at that price15:09
Roastedespecially since its the same we paid for the L300';s from NComputing anyway15:09
Ahmuckmight try newegg and see what you can patch togather15:09
Roastedyeah newegg kinda failed on me15:10
Roastedwasnt able to find much15:10
highvoltageAhmuck: that looks very nice, all it needs is cpu and ram!15:34
Roastedhighvoltage, what say you? should I bite it and go the asus route?15:42
highvoltageRoasted: I don't know, I don't usually trust something until I've had a unit on my desk and I've seen it working with my own two eyes :)15:49
highvoltageRoasted: usually it's best to just get one for testing and if it doesn't work satisfactory, return it15:51
Roastedhighvoltage, that's the plan. I'm just curious if there's a better-bang-for-the-buck, even from a testing standpoint, than this ASUS I'm eyeing up15:51
Roastedsince I know so little about thin client boxes I wasn't sure if there was something else I was missing, like another manufacturer that offers a better deal, etc.15:51
Roastedall right... Edubuntu server is on the domain, however my thin client test subjects cannot log in to a domain account. MAJOR problem for us... any ideas on what it could be?16:00
Roastedlol. wait. I need two back slashes it looks like16:01
doctormohighvoltage: ping18:05
doctormohighvoltage: There is an updated version for you to review, I'm happier now with how the leaf and the middle ground18:08
doctormothey are more in line with the same art style18:08
highvoltagedoctormo: love the bug :)18:12
highvoltagedoctormo: yes it's much more rounded now18:12
doctormohighvoltage: Yep, working on adding some subtle filling to the foreground to complete it.18:13
doctormoHopefully we'll have this done today...18:13
doctormothen you can package?18:13
highvoltagedoctormo: yep, great18:15
doctormohighvoltage: OK, after some wrangling with the artwork team (peer review) that draft 4 done.18:57
Ahmuckmay i preview the art?18:57
Ahmuckheh, cpu and ram ... ug18:58
doctormoAhmuck: http://divajutta.com/doctormo/art/edu/perspective.png18:58
highvoltagedoctormo: yeah the ground does look better like that18:59
doctormoAhmuck: did you see the picture?19:11
highvoltagedoctormo: what's the license for this wallpaper?19:18
doctormohighvoltage: It's CC-BY-SA, unless that's a problem19:19
highvoltagedoctormo: cc-by-sa would probably ideal since we already have it in the copyright file :)19:19
highvoltagedoctormo: great :)19:19
Ahmuck-Sryes, seen it just now20:18
doctormoAhmuck-Sr: What are your thoughts?20:28
Roastedhey fellas. anyone around? I don't seem to have sound on my clients :(20:50
doctormoRoasted: Do your clients have sound cards and are the devices supported by drivers?21:17
Roasteddoctormo, they should... I tried booting to the edubuntu livedvd but they only have cd drives :(21:26
RoastedI'm nearly positive they support sound tho. I thought I had Ubuntu on one at my desk a few months back.21:26
RoastedBut I'll do an install tomorrow when I have the rest of my gear to see.21:26
RoastedIs sound technically supported out of box with LTSP?21:27
doctormoRoasted: You should keep an Ubuntu livecd handy21:27
alkisgRoasted: you can netboot the edubuntu live dvd easily21:27
alkisgSound is supported out of the box, yes21:27
Roasteddoctormo, I normally do, but I dont have all of my stuff with me. Some of it is at my desk in another building 3-4 miles away.21:29
RoastedI wonder whats up with sound on those systems then... hmm...21:29
doctormoRoasted: where are you based in the world (curious)21:29
RoastedPA USA21:30
doctormoRoasted: ah the Paine state.21:30
doctormoHave you checked if the sound is muted?21:31
Roastedits not :(21:31
doctormoAnd there are speakers plugged in, turned on, power up?21:31
Roastedgot headphones here21:31
RoastedIll do some more testing21:31
RoastedI may have goofed something after all21:32
Roastedbesides, the only music I have on me is mp3. I normally carry a flash drive with a OGG track so ubuntu can play it from livecd21:32
RoastedI do have a question though.21:32
alkisgYou can test sound with gstreamer-properties21:32
Roastedif I want to add a desktop for use with 5 systems here in the library for a little pod of useable systems... the desktop would be acting as a dhcp server.21:32
RoastedI'm a little concerned about handing out addresses to regular clients with having a 2nd dhcp server on the network21:33
Roastedhow can I remedy this?21:33
alkisgDidn't get the idea, why 2 dhcp servers?21:33
doctormoRoasted: you need to configure your primary dhcp server really.21:33
doctormo2 dhcp servers are a pain and unless you know what you're doing, best avoided.21:33
doctormoYour desktop/edubuntu server doesn't have to be the dhcp machine, it just needs to point to it in the config.21:34
doctormoI presume LTSP uses PXE booting?21:34
RoastedI see21:34
Roastedso if I just edit the config file to point to our main DHCP server...21:34
Roastedand disable DHCP3 on the LTSP box...21:34
RoastedI'm golden?21:34
doctormoRoasted: you need to edit the configuration on your DHCP server, add in the PXE settings.21:35
doctormoand disable DHCP3 on the LTSP box.21:35
Roastedso I need to go to my windows DHCP server for this...21:35
doctormoRoasted: Oh it's a windows dhcp server? shut it down and replace it ;-)21:35
RoastedI can't go that far man21:36
RoastedIt's here and it's not moving.21:36
Roastedfor now anyway :P21:36
alkisgEither that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPWindowsDHCP21:36
alkisgOr that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/ProxyDHCP21:36
doctormoIn a lab here in Boston, we shut down the dhcp windows box and replaced it with a dedicated server.21:36
Roastedwell we have a dedicated server here21:36
Roastedfile, print, and dhcp21:36
Roastedit just happens to be windows21:36
Roastedregardless, can it work?21:36
RoastedWindows Server + DHCP + LTSP with no DHCP21:37
doctormoHarder to help you with unfortunately and I have a heavy bias against Microsoft so you'll have to pick over my hatred.21:37
Roastedyou and I share similar feelings my friend21:37
Roastedbut I'm a believer in baby steps21:37
doctormoI can't see why it shouldn't work, if you know how to change windows dhcp, I don't though.21:37
Roastedso to rip out an existing server just doesnt make sense to me. yet.21:37
* alkisg posted 2 solutions above, salutes for now21:37
Roastedreading over them now21:38
RoastedI was just hoping for a quick "no problem, it's possible" answer so I can stop panicing :P21:38
doctormoRoasted: Well, not rip... so much. You could 'transfer the network configuration to the LTSP server' and temporally mothball the windows dhcp service.21:38
Roastedbut again21:38
Roastedits currently working21:38
Roastedlarge changes aren't on the table as of now21:39
alkisgRoasted: "no problem, it's possible" and with 2 different methods21:39
doctormoWell, that's great, but you have two dhcp servers running... there will be problems.21:39
Roastedalkisg, thanks :P21:39
Roasteddoctormo, oh no no, I dont currently have 2 dhcp servers running.21:39
Roasteddoctormo, well I do but theyre secluded21:39
RoastedIm only testing LTSP. its not in the labs yet. so Ive kept it secluded on my own little LAN21:39
doctormoRoasted: Ah right-o; Don't panic! and if anyone asks, changing dhcp services to other machines is something you do ever day as part of breathing.21:40
doctormoBut I do this sort of thing because I'm a cheeky bastard who can make sure to copy the dhcp configuration over.21:40
Roastedit just so happens theres a lab of 9 systems here in the library that are suffering. BADLY.21:41
doctormoI'm sure you have a much more delicate situation.21:41
Roastedtheyre running XP yet they absolutely suck21:41
RoastedI just did a speed test with my laptop acting as an LTSP server.21:41
Roastedit is significantly faster with LTSP than XP locally21:41
Roastedso I might rig up these 9 to work from a standard desktop system and see how they fair21:41
Roastedthen thats when I was like, ahh, network integration, crap... IP ranges/DHCP services/ehh21:41
doctormoRoasted: If you ever set up a wafer thin client instead of a paper thin client system... or maybe a meaty sync system as I have done before.21:42
doctormoLet me know.21:42
doctormo9 computers isn't hard to manage as thick systems with a bunch of good scripts.21:42
Roastedlike I said21:43
Roastedbaby steps :P21:43
Roastedthese 2 links aren't making much sense to me...21:43
RoastedI have to uninstall LTSP????????21:43
Roastedyeah I'm lost on this one21:43
Roastedand the 2nd link doesnt have too much information21:43
alkisgRoasted: quick explanation21:44
alkisg1st link: you change 2 settings in your windows dhcp serfver21:44
alkisgEither that, or the 2nd link:21:44
alkisgyou uninstall the dhcp server from your *ubuntu box21:45
alkisgNot ltsp. You uninstall dhcp.21:45
alkisg(dhcp is part of ltsp-server-standalone, but you don't uninstall the whole ltsp package, you still keep the ltsp-server package)21:45
Roastedis that it?21:45
alkisgYup, just follow the (baby :)) steps on the wiki page21:46
alkisgFor the 2nd link you need dnsmasq, it acts as a proxy (==helper) dhcp server21:46
alkisgSending the boot filename but not IP leases21:46
Roastedso wait21:46
Roastedif I just uninstall DHCP + server-standalone21:46
Roastedthat's it21:46
Roastedthat'll do the trick then21:47
alkisgNo, you also need the dnsmasq steps that are mentioned on that page21:47
alkisgFollow the whole page, not just the first paragraph21:47
Roastedwell when you said yup I was like wait21:47
RoastedIll save these links and check them out later tonight21:47
RoastedI gotta get outa here though21:47
Roastedmucho appreciated alkisg and doctormo21:48
Roastedhave a good one!21:48
doctormoRoasted: Are you in contact with the PA loco team?21:50
roasted_doctormo, whats up22:26
roasted_not sure what PA loco team is22:26
doctormoroasted_: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/pennsylvania22:31
roasted_what is it, just an in person pow-wow to talk about LTSP?22:32
doctormoroasted_: No, a local group involved in and working on Ubuntu22:32
doctormoIncluding Edubuntu22:32
roasted_I see22:32
roasted_I havent heard of it22:32
doctormoIt's like the local branch, where the'll be events and people to ask questions.22:32
roasted_is there a mailing list with it or something?22:33
doctormoThey'll normally be less specific than asking LTSP questions here, but you'll still have fun IMO22:33
doctormoroasted_: The website link above shows you the website, irc channel and everything else.22:33
roasted_good deal22:36

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