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BentFranklinI'm accessing multiple hosts over ssh using putty.  They are behind a single router.  I think I need to have them all listen on different ports.  What's a good way to generate a range of port numbers that won't collide with anything else?02:04
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surunverihi can anyone here help me with: "How can I force Flash player to low quality?"04:19
surunverii tried googling but it04:19
surunveriit pretty much only results to how to do it with other OS04:19
surunverior other distro04:19
surunveriand i dont really get it anyway04:19
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Mase_wksurunveri: sorry don't have flash player installed. not really a kubuntu issue05:40
Mase_wkyou might like to ask on the adobe forums05:40
Mase_wkor somewhere specific to flash. as mentioned on install..flash is non-free software and as such there is a significant limit on the amount of support that anyone orther than adobe can provide05:41
Mase_wksurunveri: The only suggestion i can make is perhaps you could try gnash or light-something..can't remember the name of it. Both of those aim to provide Free flash implementations...they may or may not provide you with the option you are looking for.05:45
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JackStonerHello...i need help removing the "AMD unsupported hardware" watermark...PLLLZZZ HELP!!09:25
JackStonerDaskreech: i installed ATI drivers hence the watermark...09:27
DaskreechOh umm09:28
DaskreechI guess that's the closed driver?09:28
JackStoneryes the proprietery one09:28
JackStonerthe opensource one gives me a low screen resolution09:29
DaskreechAh well umm write to amd and ask them to stop it kindly please?09:29
noaXesshey all..09:29
JackStonerLol...i looked online and most people face this problem...but their solutions dont work for me :(09:30
noaXessstrange thing, since latest update to kde 4.6.1 the update manager looks not like it should...09:30
noaXesskpackagekit window look is not like all other kde apps..09:30
noaXessjust the update manager part of kpackagekit09:30
noaXessor wait.. hm... made an update.. and.. now it's fixed???..09:31
DaskreechnoaXess: I was about to say try updating it it :)09:31
DaskreechI find a lot of the stuff I don't like about kpackagekit gets sorted when I update09:31
noaXessDaskreech: yeah.. 6 updates.. but can't remember which one09:31
noaXesssome python-apt* packages are updated.. maybe that solved it..09:32
dobrecatalinHi there , I have a problem installing QTFramework on Kubuntu09:43
dobrecatalinI runed the script ./configure09:43
dobrecatalinand when i do > make install09:43
dobrecatalinI get this09:43
dobrecatalinmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default/qmake.conf', needed by `Makefile'.  Stop.09:43
dobrecatalinI checked .../mkspesc/09:44
dobrecatalinand it dosn't contain default09:44
dobrecatalinCan anybody help me make it run?09:45
Daskreechdid you run a build-dep already?09:46
dobrecatalindo you meen build dependecies?09:47
Daskreechwhere did you get QT framework?09:49
dobrecatalinfrom the official website09:51
dobrecatalinbut I copied it from my ubuntu partition09:51
dobrecatalinon Kubuntu09:51
Tm_Tdobrecatalin: why don't you use what you have in Kubuntu ?09:52
dobrecatalinI installed kubuntu last night09:52
dobrecatalinso I am a new user09:52
dobrecatalindoes it already come installed with Qt Framework?09:53
Daskreechruns on Qt09:53
Daskreechyou can apt-get install qt if you want as well09:53
ubottuthe Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev to compile Qt4 applications. Qt 4.4 is available in hardy-backports (see !backports)09:53
dobrecatalinlet me try :P09:53
Tm_Thow ... old information there, oh well09:53
DaskreechTm_T: Oh dear that needs some updating :)09:54
Tm_TDaskreech: please do09:54
Daskreech!Qt is the Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev to compile Qt4 applications.09:54
dobrecatalinI runned apt-get install qt09:57
dobrecatalinit dosn't work09:57
dobrecatalinalso libqt4-dev09:57
dobrecatalinand It installed09:57
dobrecatalinAt the moment I don't see the QT Creator anywhere09:58
Tm_Tdobrecatalin: qtcreator is in its own package09:58
Tm_T!info qtcreator09:58
ubottuqtcreator (source: qtcreator): lightweight integrated development environment (IDE) for Qt. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 8922 kB, installed size 24848 kB09:58
Daskreechapt-get install qtcreator09:58
dobrecatalinit seems to work09:59
dobrecatalinnow it is installing the package09:59
dobrecatalinthanks for the help , I quess it should work now09:59
debadityohello all10:20
debadityoany one free to chat?10:21
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finomodEven though I am logged in as root, I still cannot create any folder or delete any content from my mobile's memory card. Any idea why it is so?12:11
Tm_Tfinomod: is the lock on? there's small switch in side of the memory card12:13
finomodTm_T: No there is no such lock in my mobile.12:13
Tm_Tfinomod: then possibly it is mounted as read-only12:14
finomodTm_T: Would you please tell how do I mount it as writable?12:14
ubottuPartitioning programs !PartitionManager or !GParted (see also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mount partitions from System Settings -> (Advanced tab) Removable Devices. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter12:14
Tm_Thmmm, I don't think that is helpful12:15
finomodI need to find the ID of the device so I can umount and then mount again12:15
Tm_Tfinomod: I don't currently have related material at hand, sorry12:15
finomodNp, thanks for the help.12:15
Tm_Tfinomod: but you can see what is mounted by using the command "mount"12:15
Tm_Tthe same command with device and related parameters would mount12:16
finomodTm_T: Whoah! thanks. mount command listed the device as /dev/sdb/ I umounted and mounted it again on /media/disk. It works now. Thanks12:18
Tm_Tfinomod: nice (:12:19
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assetany body else?12:53
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v3ctorany body else what?12:56
clupusHello to everybody!12:56
clupusCan anybody help me as my kontact seems to do something in background and the kalender is pretty slow?12:59
clupusI've read something about soprano/virtuoso/nepomuk to be a candidate (I used to installed some of these.)13:03
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legnaleurcHi, do any one know how to use a script to send a message to knotify?13:18
legnaleurci tried qdbus, dbus-send, but all failed13:19
legnaleurckdialog --passivepopup works, but it's not what i want /_\13:20
naturalpsychichellow everybody13:32
naturalpsychicreply if you get this, i am testing my irc application13:32
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tazzhey... i need to get a few kubuntu stickers printed where do i find them ?14:24
james147tazz: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=41814:29
tazzjames147, perhaps you didnt understand i dont wish to buy them, i wish to print them, and distribute at my presentation.14:31
james147then you just need to get hold of the kubuntu logo ^^14:31
MrChainsawdid anyone set up µblog for twitter?14:32
MrChainsawdoesn't work for me14:32
MrChainsawis there nobody who can help?!14:51
MrChainsawthis sucks, because you cant search using tags like 'µblog' or twitter14:51
MrChainsawand with the different versions of kde how am i supposed to find a solution14:52
MrChainsawusing kde 4.6 right now14:52
westymy screen is cracked i have windows and kubuntu on grub, i have no idea how many times i need to push down to get to  the windows partition is there a way to have it set as a button to push?14:59
finomodMrChainsaw: I can't help you much, but last time I checked, it did not work for me too.14:59
FloridaGuyConfiguration file "/home/mike/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc" not writable.Please contact your system administrator.14:59
MrChainsawFloridaGuy: just change rights of that file15:00
FloridaGuyMrChainsaw: thanks works15:02
FloridaGuyMrChainsaw: is there an easyer way to change the permissions...im geting it here now...  Configuration file "/home/mike/.kde/share/config/systemsettingsrc" not writable.Please contact your system administrator.15:08
c2tarunFloridaGuy: you tried chmod?15:10
FloridaGuyc2tarun: i just did the whole folder15:11
MrChainsawyou can use chmod recursivly by adding -R15:11
FloridaGuyinstalled the gtk-qt engine....i have synaptic....no matter what i cant get it to look like my kde themeing...even with the gtk-qt4 engine15:36
james147FloridaGuy: do you have .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 and .gtkrc-2.0 in you home?15:37
FloridaGuyjames147: .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 is there....but not gtkrc-2.015:39
FloridaGuyjames147: where do i find this one..  gtkrc-2.0...its not in the /home15:43
james147FloridaGuy: symlink it to the other15:43
james147(ln -s .gtkrc-2.0 .gtkrc-2.0-kde4)15:44
FloridaGuyjames147: where do i find it at15:44
james147^^ sorry the pother way aroubnd15:44
james147run: ln -s .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 .gtkrc-2.015:44
FloridaGuyas root15:45
james147as user15:45
FloridaGuyok its there now....now should the gtk-qt4 engine work right..or should i logout and back in 1st15:46
james147FloridaGuy: not sure ^^ you may need to log out and back in...15:46
james147FloridaGuy: at the very least you need to restart the applications :)15:47
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Fieldyhello, when updating packages I get several errors about building kernel images. I don't have a /boot partition and my / partition is not full, so it's not a file space issue. how can I get past this? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/350895/16:40
Fieldyyet... gzip: stdout: No space left on device16:41
Fieldyyou know what I found it, this system DOES have a /boot and it's full -- i'm accustomed to seeing /boot listed first in mount, how silly. derp derp derp :)16:41
* BluesKaj fiddles with non cooperative scripts17:07
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rosco_yWhen I try to mount my sda2 partition, I get an error in my "dmesg | tail" EXT4-fs (sda2): unable to read superblock, will fsck help me with this problem?17:24
rosco_yWhen I try to mount my sda2 partition, I get an error in my "dmesg | tail":   "EXT4-fs (sda2): unable to read superblock" -- will fsck help me with this problem?17:30
Fieldyhi, i'm using 10.04.2 LTS. sudo apt-get uprade updated kernel 2.6.32-27-generic-pae to 2.6.32-29-generic-pae. Rebooting meant xorg didn't have the nvidia driver, so while running 2.6.32-29-generic-pae (console) i installed nvidia-glx-185, but nvidia.ko isn't anywhere in lib/modules/2.6.32-29-generic-pae/ . how do I get nvidia working again with -29?17:53
zippydid you try nvidia-xconfig?18:00
Fieldyzippy: nope, wasn't aware of that, let me boot back into that kernel and give it a try, thanks!18:01
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blablahey, got a bit of a problem with install of kubuntu - disabled internal harddrive in bios thiniing it would stop the kubuntu install over writing boot record. instlled to kubuntu to usb external drive rebooted and unpluged the usb drive thinking vista would be fine. but no. is there anyway to get the boot loader to work without the external hard drive pluged in?18:16
Fieldyzippy: okay I booted to -29 and tried that, didn't change anything though, the nvidia module isn't loaded at boot, and modprobe nvidia doesn't find it. it's working with -27, but not -28 or -29. i'm not really sure what's going on here, I never had to worry about any of this in the past when updating. any idea what's going on?18:21
rorkblabla: you'll have to install the bootloader on your internal drive then18:24
blablaoh well18:25
rorkor, you have kubuntu on your usb drive and vista on your internal drive?18:25
blablais there anyway i can boot without haveing the external one pluged in cos it doesnt work18:25
blablarodger that18:26
rorkblabla: do you have kubuntu on your usb drive and vista on your internal drive?18:26
rorkand if you unplug the drive you want to run vista, and if you plug it in you want to run kubuntu?18:27
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blablaany idea what i could do to fix it so it boots vista without the external harddrive plugged in?18:31
blablaor were to start looking18:31
rorkblabla: ah, in that case installing grub from ubuntu doesn't work (for it can't find the config if you remove the usb-device). You'll have to recover your vista bootloader, plenty or options here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=restoring+vista+bootloader18:31
rorkthen in your bios set booting from usb higher then booting from harddisk18:32
blablaah cool that will give me a starting point thanks18:34
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filiptccan any of you help me out with a distrib update question?18:47
filiptc(from 10.04 to 10.10)18:47
filiptcI was doing a ssh update with do-release-upgrade and accidentaly hit ctrl-c18:49
filiptcrunning do-release-upgrade again tells me: No new release found18:49
zippyFieldy did you try the additional drivers program?19:01
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BlackAuraHey guys, had an interesting issue setting up a home server with a 2TB drive last night.  Kubuntu used a GUID Partition Table (which I had never really looked into before), and I didn't have a bios_grub partition set.19:19
BlackAuraSo after reading up on GPTs, I reinstalled Kubuntu with a 1mb (2 sector) bios_grub partition, but I'm still having troubles booting.  Does anyone else have much experience booting off GPT drives?19:19
BlackAuraGrub (1.98 I believe?  comes with kubuntu 10.10) said it installed successfully, however every time I boot I get an error "no boot partition found" (give or take)19:20
BlackAuracorrection: "no boot device found"19:21
jmuthi. I plan to migrate to kubuntu. is everything same as ubuntu apart of the X ?  I mean tutorials..readings etc19:43
james147jmut: mostly... but there are small variations... at elast when it comes to the gui side of things (ie, we use kdesudo instead of gksu, and kate instead of gedit19:44
jmutjames147:  thanks19:45
james147jmut: but the core system below the gui is identical (you can even install both kde and gnome side by side by installing kubuntu-desktop or gnome-desktop19:45
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jmutfrom what I see the official documentation is  actually on ubuntu website right?   http://www.kubuntu.org/support   in this page I see "Documentation site"20:07
jmutis that correct?20:07
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rorkjmut: yes, I suppose so20:10
surunverihi... is there any way to reduce mouse sensitivity below that what the system settings allow?20:22
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genii-aroundsurunveri: Have you tried using xset mouse setings?20:33
BlackAurafor anyone wondering about my GPT issues earlier, it sounds like my issue may in fact be regarding advanced format drives (4k sectors) and how I laid out my partitions (unknowingly using sectors that weren't properly aligned)20:34
JuJuBeeAnybody here familiar with tftp server?20:37
BlackAuraJuJuBee, unfortunately not, but I wanted to ask if you've considered sftp?20:38
JuJuBeeno, I need to transfer router/switch configs to a server20:39
JuJuBeethat needs tftp20:39
BlackAuraah okay, sorry20:39
BlackAuraI was thinking tftp was a specific ftp daemon, but a quick search tells me otherwise :p20:40
BlackAuraActually, reading some more, I think I did mess around with it a long time ago (at least 5 years?) when I was tinkering with PXE.20:41
surunverigenii-around: yea20:45
genii-aroundsurunveri: What is the result of: xset q | grep accel                        ?21:05
WXZdoes anyone know how to copy and paste notes in basket notes, so that the text content is copied as well not just the note structure21:33
surunveriis there any way to reduce mouse sensitivity below that what the system settings allow?21:37
surunverithe result of xset q | grep acel is 1/10 and 2021:37
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carles@find Libros22:24
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jf_hi, i'm on 10.10 and am getting the error message on boot "failed to get i915 symbols.  intel graphics turbo disabled". I have an nvidia card so everything else works fine, it's just that it booting doesn't have a splash screen, so it's only a minor nuisance23:45
jf_does anyone know how i can get the boot splash screen to appear?23:45
jf_(it's a laptop with an i7 processor which has intel graphics)23:46

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