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lvhwgrant: this is the most concise I think I'll ever get a rule that matches virtually all of my feedback01:03
lvhwgrant: It seems to me Github people use Github as a coping mechanism for git, and Launchpad people use Bazaar and a coping mechanism for Launchpad.01:03
lvhwgrant: github users except lp to do lots of things lp users just defer to bzr for01:03
wgrantlvh: I think that's a very good summary.01:04
wgrantAnd sort of matches what I would expect, although I'd never thought of it quite like that before.01:04
lvhwgrant: It's true! Every workflow I've seen relies on github intricately01:04
lvhwgrant: git is just a tool of getting a bunch of revisioned working trees into github01:05
lvhso that magic can happen to it01:05
lvhthat being said pull requests 2.0 are better than I thought they were01:07
lvhapart from the bug tracker integration -- but that's just the bugtracker being useless01:07
wgrantI haven't looked at them much, but they seem pretty nice.01:07
wgrantMuch better than when I looked at GitHub in depth a year or so ago, when 2.0 wasn't here yet.01:07
lvhwgrant: This is where the difference becomes obvious01:08
lvhlp sort of hides the diff all the way at the bottom01:08
lvhgithub shoves it in your face01:08
lvhWhen people on lp see a merge request they fire up bzr log, bzr diff...01:08
lvhor at least i do01:08
wgrantI tend to scroll awkwardly between the comment box and diff.01:09
lvhwhat is good though is that they give you a timeline: you make a comment, some guy adds some commits, more comments01:09
wgrantWe have that too.01:09
wgrantWe also have intermediate diffs for pushes after the first comment, but they're not shown at the moment :(01:09
lvhI haven't seen that01:09
lvhoh, one more complaint that I hear a *lot* is that lp is slow01:10
lvhI don't notice it so much01:10
wgrantIt is slow.01:10
lifelessits being worked on01:10
wgrantIt was *very* slow.01:10
wgrantIt's better now.01:10
lifeless-major- focus01:10
wgrantIt is, indeed, THE focus at the moment.01:10
spivwgrant: yeah, I know what you mean about "scroll awkwardly"01:11
spivwgrant: sometimes I just open the same page in two tabs :/01:11
wgrantIt almost seems like we need frames!01:12
StevenKI tend to make notes in gedit as I read the diff, and then cut-n-waste into the comment box01:12
wgrantStevenK: ie. you need frames or a separate page.01:12
lvhwgrant: a similar complaint is actually about loggerhead being bad: it takes less clicks to get to a useful representation of a file in github01:12
lvhwgrant: Again, something which I would just use bzr for01:12
spivwgrant: there are other options01:12
spivwgrant: a UI that allows you to write comments directly attached to the bit of the diff you are commenting on, for instance </handwave>01:13
lvhwgrant: about merge proposals: you're saying if I comment and then more commits are made  and then there's another comment, you'll see the following: comment, commit, commit, commit, comment01:13
wgrantspiv: Indeed. Google Code has a nice thing for that.01:13
wgrantlvh: yes.01:13
wgrantI was finding an example...01:13
wgrantIt may be hideously wide and not as pretty as GitHub's, but it's there :)01:15
lvhwgrant: Aha01:16
lvhthen it's just basically about the diff view being off (but again I just use bzr diff already)01:17
lvhbecause blue lines are better than a red line and a green line01:17
lvhwgrant: I suppose the diff could be a bit nicer: right now it's one diff, github has per-file diffs01:17
lvhIt's minor, it's polish but polish counts :)01:17
benjiStevenK: you might like "It's All Text" a Firefox plugin that lets you edit text areas in your editor of choice (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/its-all-text/)01:18
lvhwgrant: then the only real difference left is per-line comments01:18
wgrantlvh: How does GitHub handle those with mutating diffs?01:18
lvhwgrant: Not well. Comment vanishes.01:19
lvhwgrant: The idea is understandable though01:19
wgrantOh, sure, it's a really nice feature.01:19
wgrantAs long as it doesn't do stuff like that.01:19
lvhwgrant: If someone commented on it, and then someone commits a change to it, they probably fixed the comment.01:19
lvhExcept when they didn't, of course.01:19
lvhthe most disheartening thing is that there is just so much hatred and vitriol01:21
nhandlerI'm trying to debug a small script. When Launchpad's +members page says there are X direct members of a team, does that include teams that are direct members of the team (the teams themselves, not the indirect members)01:21
wgrantMeh, a year ago LP was even slower and going nowhere and the hatred and vitriol was probably justified.01:21
lvhwgrant: Yeah I think that's actually a really big part of the problem01:22
lvhwgrant: People used bzr like *years* ago01:22
lvhlp like *years* ago01:22
wgrantnhandler: Yes, the teams themselves are included.01:22
lvhwgrant: this is a sample of the disheartening things I was talking about: https://twitter.com/#!/ewornj/status/4512673167743795301:22
lvhat least this guy is constructive01:23
wgrantlvh: And those people tell everyone else that bzr sucks and git is the One True VCS.01:23
wgrantBut then when you show the new people bzr... they love it.01:23
lvhI swear some of the feedback01:23
lvhI just thought01:23
lvhscrew all of you people I'm going to go use SCCS01:23
lvhI don't *want* your stinking contributions01:23
lvhSCCS: At Least It's Not ClearCase!01:24
wgrantI think the LP barrier would be somewhat lower if it supported third-party OpenID providers.01:24
lvhI use launchpad.net/~lvh for everything openid01:25
wgrantThat way people wouldn't really have to do much to use it.01:25
lvheasy to type01:25
nhandlerwgrant: Thanks a lot01:25
lvhwgrant: Don't you read hacker news01:26
lvhOpenID is DYING!!!01:26
wgrantyes, it sort of sucks, but it's not that bad.01:27
wgrantFacebook Connect is the future!01:27
wgrantlifeless: Let's move LP to Facebook Connect.01:27
wgrantWhat could go wrong.01:27
lvhI started implementing oauth2.001:29
lvhAnd I ended up learning how to just get password storage right01:29
lvhbecuase MAN.01:29
lvhIt is seriously not possible for accessing people's tweets or facebook photos to be sufficiently profitable01:30
X3lectricis there a way to completly remove deleted pas from showing?06:27
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jfiHello, a very easy bug to confirm and fix: #73183209:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 731832 in dee (Ubuntu) "Comma at end of enumerator list" [Undecided,New]09:11
PengI hope someone will fix it, but it's not on-topic here. This is #launchpad, not an Ubuntu channel.09:12
jfiooops right, wrong channel, I am sorry for the noise:(09:13
Peng(I need to practice saying things without sounding like an ass.)09:13
Pengjfi: You livened up a very boring morning. :)09:13
jfiPeng, there is no problem, I am very open to critic:)09:15
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X3lectricvery open to critic? my ex wife as well they were very close10:04
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alopenerpHello Forgotten your password?15:37
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alopenerpHello I dont receive my "Forgotten your password email account": for account ~openerp-online online@openerp.com but i receive all other noreply@launchpad.net notifications15:40
alopenerpAny one alive from launchpad here ?15:53
* benji checks his pulse.15:58
jcsackettalopenerp: what's up?15:59
jcsackettbenji: pulse racing yet? :-P15:59
alopenerpjcsackett: I dont receive my "Forgotten your password email account": for account ~openerp-online online@openerp.com but i receive all other noreply@launchpad.net notifications16:01
alopenerpjcsackett: it'an non-human account we registered with a ssh key to commit things16:02
alopenerpjcsackett: and i dont remember it's password but i have access to its mailbox and the mailserver, i tail the logs of the mailserver and i dont see the mail16:02
jcsackettalopenerp: do you have any sort of spam or junk filtering? while it's the same address, content and other attributes on the email might vary.16:03
jcsackettso despite receiving other noreply msgs, that might get flagged.16:03
jcsackettalopenerp: i would also suggest checking out https://forms.canonical.com/lp-login-support/16:06
alopenerpjcsackett: i tried for my account al@openerp.com ~al-openerp i receive the mail immediatly and it's the same server and same spamassin config16:09
jcsackettalopenerp: you have already used the lp-login-support?16:09
alopenerpjcsackett: but for online@openerp.com it doesnt work i'm not sure that ~openerp-online is linked to online@openerp.com16:10
alopenerpThank you for your interest in Canonical Global Support Services.16:10
alopenerpA member of the Global Support Services team will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.16:10
alopenerpBut he cannot he doesnt even ask me my email16:10
jcsackettalopenerp: i'm looking into this; login however is handled by a separate SSO tool.16:13
jcsackettalopenerp: i have sent the ~openerp-online account an email from my account through the lp interface. can you verify that you receive an email (subject Test) from me?16:16
jcsackettor you can reply to it. :-)16:18
jcsackettalopenerp: so, this appears to be something i can't help you with. you can however get help with the sign on service in #canonical-isd16:29
jcsackettsorry i couldn't be more of a help.16:29
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thotypousHi. Launchpad didn't sign the packages I submitted to my PPA. The Release.gpg file wasn't generated: http://ppa.launchpad.net/paulo-matias/lua/ubuntu/dists/maverick. What should I do? Bump ppa1 to ppa2 and resubmit using dput? Or is there a better way to force a rebuild?19:50
maxbthotypous: Launchpad only starts generating a key for a PPA when the first package is uploaded. (This is because lots of people activate PPAs but never upload anything :-/ )19:58
maxbBecause of this, if the first package builds quickly, it may publish before there is a key19:58
maxbAnything which causes launchpad to republish the distroseries will cause signing to happen19:58
maxbA new upload will do, so will copying or deleting a package19:59
thotypousmaxb: thanks :)19:59
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rsalvetiquick question, is it possible to have a team owning more than one PPA and restrict which users from that team could upload to a specific PPA?23:12
rsalvetior is the PPA access tight with the team itself23:12
Ursinharsalveti, I guess it's tied to the team23:14
sinzuirsalveti: access rights are for the whole team23:14
rsalvetiUrsinha: sinzui: thanks :-)23:14
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