MrChrisDruifsilverlightning: What? (Btw, a meeting just started, so I might be slow to respond :)00:00
silverlightningits all right00:01
MrChrisDruifIf you wanna see what's going on: #ubuntu-meeting00:03
silverlightningam I allowed ?00:04
MrChrisDruifYes, you are allowed, might be just a good idea to just watch the first time....to get a sense of what's going on etc :)00:06
Dekkarddvd playback?00:58
MrChrisDruifDekkard: Should be possible, tried the lubuntu-restricted-extras?00:58
MrChrisDruifI thought it should be available in synaptic00:59
Dekkardinstalling now.. but cant find a dvdcss package..00:59
Unit193libdvdcss I don't think is in there..00:59
Dekkardim lookin..00:59
Unit193Dekkard: Mediubuntu has it00:59
MrChrisDruifBut otherwise libdvdcss indeed00:59
MrChrisDruifIsn't it in default repos, just libdvdcss...01:00
Unit193Dekkard: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs01:00
MrChrisDruifYeah, good one Unit193 :)01:00
Dekkardok.. now its called libdvdread..01:00
MrChrisDruifGood enough for me :P01:01
MrChrisDruifIf you just search for dvd you'd probably also find it :)01:01
Unit193Dekkard: If that doesn't work, run: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh01:02
Dekkardim coo with sudo bro01:05
* Dekkard started with ubuntu at warty..01:05
Dekkardstuff just keeps changin01:05
Dekkardgreat vdpau error..01:09
MrChrisDruifWarty....that's a while back.....01:10
Dekkardjust a bit01:10
MrChrisDruifWasn't it '06?01:10
szczurDekkard, in Gnome Mplayer go to Edit > Preferences01:10
Dekkardcant remember.. did slackware before that01:10
szczuron video ouput select gl or xv (check what will be fatser on your PC. i'm ok with xv) and the vdpau error will be gone01:11
Dekkardim getting a wierd error01:11
Dekkardfailed to open vdpau backend01:12
szczurDekkard, as i said, go to Edit > Preferences01:12
Dekkardwhere in the main menu?01:13
Dekkardor inmplayer01:13
szczurin mplayer01:14
Dekkardgot it01:14
Dekkardthanks dood01:14
Dekkardchose xv01:15
Dekkardand alsa01:15
szczurjust as i did on mine :)01:15
Dekkardwatching farscape..peacekeeper wars01:16
silverlightningdo anyone know what moonlight is? it's related to some kine of media palyer but I'm really not shore10:23
MrChrisDruifHai silverlightning :)10:23
silverlightningHi Mr.Chris10:23
silverlightning:- )10:24
MrChrisDruifMoonlight, did you ever hear of Microsoft's Silverlight?10:24
MrChrisDruifsilverlightning: ^10:24
silverlightningyes I suppose so, but is it a plugin or a more of a independant player?10:24
silverlightningsome new sites use silverlight10:24
silverlightningI am googeling it10:26
MrChrisDruifsilverlightning: I don't know what it is exactly (it's like flash at least), but Moonlight is the opensource version of silverlight :)10:26
MrChrisDruif*It's a bit like flash at least*10:27
* MrChrisDruif thinks that Microsoft was jealous of flash ;)10:28
silverlightningcould very well be10:29
silverlightningthey want to own it all10:29
MrChrisDruifOne of the reasons I REALLY don't like Microsoft :)10:32
silverlightningdo you know all the differences when comparing lubuntu and ubuntu?10:33
silverlightningI mean, I am trying to stay fairly light running, and wonder which application are pretty heavy on the system,10:34
silverlightningI stay a way from totem on this tiny laptop, it eats 1GB RAM alone10:34
silverlightningmany smaller applicatoins are gonome dependent I suspect10:35
leszeksilverlightning: not necessarily10:36
MrChrisDruifAnd sorry silverlightning; I don't know all the differences :)10:37
MrChrisDruifI know a few mayor ones: LXDE instead of Gnome, Gnumeric and AbiWord(?) instead of OpenOffice.org and no compiz of course :)10:38
silverlightninghi again12:32
silverlightningabi works fine I think12:32
silverlightningI haven't used it a lot yet12:33
silverlightningI have an issue with almost any non microsoft office stuff12:35
silverlightningthey are all fine except for smaller signs like "" '' () [] which universities are really particular about when it comes to referanses and form12:35
silverlightningit's like it's all made for Microsoft Office12:35
silverlightningweird really12:35
silverlightningdoes anyone know the Gnome project well?12:40
silverlightningI'm down loading a move to check if VLC or gnome player works12:40
silverlightningI have no sound?12:40
silverlightningI know this laptop could play youtube videos and dvd's a few years a go12:41
silverlightninghi wolfpack12:42
wolfpackhi silverlightning12:42
silverlightningare you good with old computers and lubuntu ?12:43
silverlightningI am trying to make it play dvd's12:43
leszeksilverlightning: whats the problem with the audio ?12:43
silverlightningno sound at all12:44
silverlightningit does play youtube videos, but no sound12:44
silverlightningand it will not play dvd12:44
silverlightningI am downloading a movie to see if it will play anything stored on the harddisk12:45
leszeksilverlightning: have you tried executing the mixer and see if it is perhaps muted ?12:45
szczursilverlightning, for playing DVDs check this > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs12:46
silverlightningIt's very newly installed lubuntu, and I installed all the updates and restricted packages this morning12:46
silverlightningno, a good idea12:46
bioterrorfor dvd you need medibuntu12:46
bioterrorand libdvdcss212:46
leszekvlc includes libdvdcss I think12:46
bioterroror cat /dev/sr0 > image.iso and vlc :--)12:46
silverlightningI downloaded vlc,12:47
bioterrorvlc doesnt play it?12:47
silverlightningno, unfortunately12:47
bioterrorinstall libdvdcss212:47
silverlightningI might miss some packages ?12:47
silverlightningI will12:47
silverlightningI thought I installed moonlight too, but it never appeard anywhere?12:48
leszekand then check alsamixer to see if anything is muted there12:48
bioterrorbut read that szczur's pasted url12:48
bioterrorI rather not view pages with silverlight12:48
leszekmoonlight is a plugin for firefox to playback silverlight12:48
leszekso it will only show up in firefox12:48
leszekas a plugin12:48
bioterrorif someone decides to make broken webpages, they are now worth of displaying12:49
silverlightningoh I see, I though it might work with chromium?12:49
silverlightningso then I might have to get firefox or remove the packages12:49
leszeksilverlightning: there is no moonlight plugin for chromium12:49
silverlightningfirefox is very good that way, lots of stuff for it12:50
leszekin more details explained its not a simple plugin instead it is implemented as an firefox addon, therefore it cannot run elsewhere12:50
silverlightningI might have to go for firefox12:50
leszeksilverlightning: you are surfing silverlight websites ?12:51
silverlightningthere should be a way to make vlc work for anything in firefox too12:51
leszeksilverlightning: there is an addon for it just search the mozilla addons page12:51
silverlightningI have had to use silverlight for news sites12:51
leszekcongrats you are the first human I know who is surfing on sites which require silverlight ;)12:52
silverlightningI searched for libdvdcss2 in synaptic package manager, and only restricted extra packages show up12:53
silverlightningadn I have installed the lubuntu restricted extras12:53
silverlightningis chromium that much lighter than firefox?12:54
leszekchromium is faster then firefox 3.6 which ships currently with maverick12:57
leszeksilverlightning: just look at the howto here you need libdvdread4 and you need to execute a script: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs12:59
silverlightningagain ;- )13:57
silverlightningsound is working, movies play fine from torrent download13:58
silverlightninghowever, the DVD player resists13:58
silverlightningwell, yes, it will not play13:59
silverlightningI can live with it, but I am still trying to make it work13:59
silverlightninghi again bioterror14:00
silverlightningI am on a tiny old laptop, it boots up fine in lubuntu, maybe I should just settle for this14:00
silverlightningnetwork, java, flashplayer, vlc, gnome player, firefox is all fine14:01
silverlightningonly thing is dvd14:01
silverlightningabi wordprocessor too,14:01
silverlightningabi is all fine I mean14:02
MrChrisDruifsilverlightning: DVD playback is pretty CPU intensive afaik14:02
silverlightningthat might be it, but this laptop came with DVD player originally, and used to work14:02
silverlightningyes, and processor is tiny 700MHz14:03
silverlightningstill most thins run fine14:03
silverlightningthis is and extra work station that shall live on a table, and I can't be afraid that somebody will snatch it14:04
MrChrisDruifI've got no experience at that nor in the mood to find out....14:04
MrChrisDruifSome financial issues <_<"14:04
silverlightningI mean, it's not worth anything other than internet access and word processor access14:04
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bothamcityHi, all.  Could someone point me in the right direction for changing keyboard shortcuts in Lubuntu?  Specifically I want to make my Windows key open my Panel.20:05
bothamcitykeyboard shortcuts, that is. Looks like my message was cut off20:05
bonnyhello can someone help me with installing stuff on lubuntu22:17
mark76Use Synaptic22:18
kavinskyanyone got any ideas on why / how to fix partman failing with error 10 during lubuntu 10.10 install?22:36
Dekkardgot multiple disks?22:50
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kavinsky@dekkard no, just the one23:01
meetingologykavinsky: Error: "dekkard" is not a valid command.23:01
kavinskyDekkard - No, though it *might* be trying to pick up the ubuntu partitions on the disk23:01
kavinskyumount can't remove them - insufficient memory23:02

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