judgenyofel: FFE00:00
gordonjcpjudgen: bit of a beast00:00
yofel!ffe | judgen00:00
ubottujudgen: Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.00:00
gordonjcpjudgen: I must go and pick up my old Mega STE from my mate's studio00:00
judgenyofel: Could it possible to add it to the update list for ocelot then?00:00
judgenamiwm is tiny. Making the binary only takes a few seconds on a 2ghz machine.00:01
yofeljudgen: we only sync amiwn from debian currently, so it should preferebly be updated there, it will be auto-synced for O then00:01
judgenyofel: aah so "when he gets time for it" is the way it is.00:02
gordonjcpright, thanks for all the help00:03
gordonjcpthe grub thing is a bit of a nasty gotcha00:03
judgenthe debian people probably have more important things to do than cater to a few amiga expatriates.00:03
gordonjcpI haven't got FreeBSD and Haiku working again yet, but at least I've got Arch back00:04
judgengordonjcp: How can haiku not work? what did you do?!00:04
gordonjcpjudgen: I just haven't put the entries back into grub yet00:04
judgengordonjcp: aaah...00:04
judgengordonjcp: coded anything with BeIDE(or equivalent) in beos or haiku?00:05
coz_ooo I havent worked with BeOs for some time00:05
judgencoz_: BeOS in it self is dead but the legacy lives on in Haiku00:06
gordonjcpjudgen: not yet, I plan on porting my SDR app across00:06
judgengordonjcp: what kind of app?00:06
coz_judgen,  I know I have had it installed but I still have BeOs 5.1 here in its orginal box :)00:06
gordonjcpjudgen: software-defined radio00:07
judgencoz_: no you do not. 5.1 was never released except as on a single CD to beta testers.00:07
gordonjcpjudgen: it actually does work in Ubuntu, but because it requires jack it does Bad Things to the Ubuntu sound system00:07
coz_judgen,  it comes with the update00:07
judgencoz_: 5.01 sounds probable00:07
coz_judgen,  rather  yes sorry  5.0100:07
coz_well actuall y let me op0en the box00:08
coz_judgen,  it is 5.0.300:08
gordonjcpjudgen: https://github.com/gordonjcp/lysdr00:08
judgencoz_: Gobe CD?00:08
coz_judgen,  yes00:09
judgencoz_:  =D00:09
judgencoz_: then you got CL-Amp for free00:09
judgenawsome app00:09
coz_judgen,  also bought all of the books  including BeOS bible lol00:09
judgencoz_: Scot Hacker is a good writer.00:10
judgentoo bad that he mostly does macos X books now00:10
coz_ah BeOs memories :)00:11
judgenHe is a aquaintance of mine, i will ask him if he could not do a Haiku bible once it is R1 released.00:11
judgeni think he will.. that BeOS bible sold more than a million copies.00:11
coz_judgen,  ooo cool00:11
gordonjcpjudgen: heh00:11
coz_judgen,  I have said this many times... I am only on ubuntu because of sun java :)  and my nephew who worked with alleheny ludlum steel who ran BeOs with a minimal java installation woujld not give me the cd :)00:12
judgenAnyone that has not had the priviligie of reading thtat book. IT IS HUGE! and it is also awsome.00:12
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* gordonjcp turns to look at the bookshelf - ah, there it is beside the Citro├źn CX workshop manual and some Python books, The BeOS Bible00:13
judgencoz_: Bryan Varner has a total working java+swing working on BeOS.00:13
judgenbut he can not release it00:13
coz_judgen,  damn him lol00:13
gordonjcplicensing issues?00:13
judgenif everyone could settle on the basics. 1 MIT/BSD/LTH license, 2.GPL and others like them and finally NOTHING!00:15
judgenI mean i can just keep my code, but it should be illegal to sell people food without an declaration of content.00:16
gordonjcpjudgen: maybe he can port Dalvik instead00:16
judgensame with code00:16
judgengordonjcp: I think java will die for certain now that oracle owns it.00:16
gordonjcpjudgen: I only have a P4 3GHz, so it's not like I'll miss it much00:17
judgenit will be not for "c.o.r.e" but create once run on oracle producs.00:17
gordonjcpcreate once, run like a two-legged dog on anything less than an eight-core nuclear-powered ubermachine00:17
judgenjava has a few strengths that is har too look by, but the flaws is surely insurmountable when looking at modular and portable c code.00:18
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gordonjcpjudgen: I seriously wonder what will happen if Oracle get nasty over Android's java-like Dalvik00:18
judgengordonjcp: They will kill java for googles own language00:19
gordonjcpit's supposed to be a clean-room implementation of JVM opcodes in a not-very-Java-like framework00:19
judgenand thus not be the bad guy00:19
judgenand all will conform00:19
gordonjcpI can easily see how Google will then go "O RLY?" and bring out a drop-in replacement that looks like Python00:19
judgenoracle had the possibility to rule the office world with openoffice but went "nah i do not care" and now libreoffice is the highest downloaded product on cnet even for windows.00:20
judgenthe linguistics of the libreoffice supporters helped alot though... even lied and said that the ooo.o would not be updated as much00:21
coz_what is ibm's office suite named ... sorry for temporary change of topic00:21
judgencoz_: Lotus00:21
judgencoz_: they bought the company at max value and ruined it.00:21
judgenIBM is good at that.00:21
coz_judgen,  oh?  darn I was hoping to try it out00:22
Patrickdkya, ms is totally pushing against openoffice with the whole, 30day trial pre-installed on all win7 systems00:22
Patrickdkmost all my coworkers are confused and think the system comes with office00:22
judgencoz_: it is still available, but i would say it is just as outdated as os/200:22
coz_judgen,  ah ok  , darn00:22
judgenPatrickdk: they are in for a treat when they have used it for 30 days and can not open their files.00:23
coz_blackmail of sorts00:23
Patrickdkthey don't believe me till I pop the about screen up00:23
judgenand no other office suite supports the lousy crap xml format that microsoft tried to make the standard00:24
judgenODF for the win there.00:24
coz_judgen,  mm  I though abiword did  ,,, I am probably wrong00:24
itaylor57came in late what is the topic?00:24
judgencoz_: it supports office 2007 WORD documents.00:24
judgennothing more00:24
coz_judgen,   ah ok  I havent used that in a while either00:25
Random832how broken is +1 today?00:25
judgenthe only suite i use nowdays is koffice. I know it is not as sophisticated as many other apps,, but until now i did fine with just sc and nano00:25
judgenRandom832: Not at all at the time of my install.00:26
judgeni still hate the indicator crap though..00:26
Random832indicator crap?00:26
itaylor57how is libre?00:26
judgenRandom832: indicator service... horrible idea. Also i dislike pulseaudio, but for purely different reasons.00:27
coz_itaylor57,  in all honesty ,, since I never really used openoffice much  they look the same and function the same as far as I can tell00:27
DaekdroomCurrently, I'm hating appmenu the most.00:27
* Random832 has no idea anything about the New Ubuntu UI00:27
judgenitaylor57: atm, it is pretty much a close fork to ooo.o but with a few changes.00:27
DaekdroomBecause it's losing the application's menu when I minimize the app =/00:27
Daekdroomjudgen, well, it has more than a few changes00:28
DaekdroomUbuntu never shipped the original OpenOffice.00:28
itaylor57judgen: will I have installed it, but haven't used it much yet00:28
coz_Daekdroom,  you mean the global menu hicky?00:28
Daekdroomcoz_, yeah00:28
charlie-tcaRandom832: it is only a little bit broken today00:28
judgenDaekdroom: The problem with gnome apps will be solved.. no more minimize button =D00:28
Random832hey, should i install 32 bit or 64?00:28
coz_Daekdroom,  yeah I understand the frustration with it00:28
judgenRandom832: how much memory do you have?00:28
charlie-tcasmall things like the desktop not coming up when you login, etc00:28
Daekdroomjudgen, lack of minimize button is not planed for unity. Only Gnome Shell. >.>00:29
psusiRandom832, if you have a 64bit processor, then you should install 64bit00:29
Random832is there any benefit to _not_ installing 64-bit?00:29
judgenRandom832: then go with 32 bit as you will have better speeds an less overhead.00:29
DaekdroomRandom832, less RAM usage, Wine doesn't give you headaches?00:29
Random832if i want to run windows apps i'll run in virtualbox00:29
psusiRandom832, mostly if you want to install third party proprietary software that only comes as 32bit00:29
Random832psusi: can't you get 32-bit libraries?00:30
psusijudgen, 64bit is generally faster00:30
charlie-tcaRandom832: with 4 gb or less ram, there is little gain installing 64bit00:30
judgenpsusi: no because you have memory access blocks that are bigger. so you are wrong.00:30
psusiRandom832, you CAN, but it's a royal pain in the arse00:30
Random832is it possible to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit?00:30
Random832or, from 64-bit to 32-bit?00:30
judgenpsusi: on large memory systems 4+gb you are very correct00:30
coz_Random832, that sounds like a reinstallation thingy there :)00:31
psusijudgen, not really, no, you don't... and it is faster because it has a heck of a lot more general purpose registers and thus, has to rely IO to the stack less00:31
charlie-tcaactually, it is not much faster, since it still uses so many 32bit libraries00:31
Daekdroompsusi, that makes a difference in, let me see, video decoding, (de)compressing files and such?00:31
judgencharlie-tca: gp00:31
psusicharlie-tca, what does?00:31
Daekdroomif you don't want any of those..00:31
charlie-tca64bit linux00:32
psusiDaekdroom, yea, those are generally the areas where you will notice it the most00:32
DaekdroomI don't think it pays off, honestly.00:32
charlie-tcaThere still are not a ton of 64bit libraries to support it, thus the performance gains are not there without big ram00:32
DaekdroomI have 4G and I'm using x86.00:32
psusicharlie-tca, no... only 32 bit apps use 32 bit libs and those generally only are seen for the aforementioned 32 bit only proprietary third party software00:32
Daekdroomand it takes so much RAM.00:33
charlie-tcathat is not true, since the libraries are copied from 32bit directory to the 64bit directory00:33
psusicharlie-tca, every single library on a default 64 bit Ubuntu install is 64 bit00:33
DaekdroomIf he's talking about 2G running VirtualBox VMs? Forget about 64bits.00:33
itaylor57will I am a programmer so I like being able to create 32/64 bit code00:33
gordonjcpyou kids with your 32-bit processors00:33
judgenpsusi: The problem with 64bit adressing unless it is done correctly (all amd, and intel core2 or later) does not have this problem but all that is still using core1 and older systems will actually bebefit from both binary size (thus reducin cache activity) and much more.00:33
gordonjcp22-bit ftw00:33
judgengordonjcp: Extended windows 3.11?00:34
Random832can i share a firefox profile between linux and windows if i symlink it00:34
coz_a milkshake with 32 straws or a milshake with 64 straws00:34
psusijudgen, the more ample register supply tends to more than make up for the slightly larger code size00:34
judgenRandom832: no, but depends on who symlinks it anf if it is a folder, yes.00:35
Random832wait, huh?00:35
judgenRandom832: It this on an an ntfsvolume?00:35
gordonjcpx86 is bloat00:35
gordonjcpwant a prediction for the second decade of the 21st century?00:36
gordonjcpwe're going to see transputers coming back00:36
DaekdroomThat sounds obscene.00:36
judgengordonjcp: Return of atari? =D00:36
gordonjcpyup, transputers00:36
gordonjcpjudgen: maiko \o/00:36
DaekdroomI have no idea of what a transputer is, tho00:36
gordonjcpmeiko, even00:36
gordonjcpDaekdroom: lots and lots of small, simple CPUs with very fast networking between them00:37
Random832judgen: i would be symlinking _from_ my linux homedir _to_ the existing firefox profile on windows00:37
judgengordonjcp: i would liken it more to small clusters of computers00:37
judgenbut that would be incorrect00:37
gordonjcpjudgen: kind of, kind of not00:37
judgenRandom832: windows can not read yourfiles from an ext4 partition... you have to do it the other way around00:38
Random832if i wanted to symlink from windows i would make the symlink in windows, since windows symlinks carry an attribute over whether they link to a file or a directory00:38
Random832and it'd need to live on an ntfs or fat32 volume00:38
gordonjcpthey were like microcontrollers, in that they typically had a small amount of RAM, a small amount of code storage either RAM or ROM, a certain amount of GPIO and some on-chip networking00:38
gordonjcpeach transputer needed basically a clock source to run, and that's it00:38
judgenRandom832: why00:39
cg2916hey, i need help with a wubi installation error00:39
judgenRandom832: just make your profile writable and symlink let say your firefox settings folder to the windows partition...00:40
gordonjcpDaekdroom: have you seen the simple little ARM microcontrollers that you get really cheaply these days?00:40
judgenit is even possible to do it by copying the windows ff folder staright  over into .mozilla00:40
Random832well if i copied it then i couldn't use it from windows anymore00:40
Random832or it'd get out of sync00:40
cg2916I have a 03-08 19:24 ERROR  root: [Errno 13] Permission denied Traceback error00:41
judgenRandom832: simple then. make sure your ntfs partition is r+w then symlink the entire settings dir of firefox to that dir that includes the settings for windwos. simple as that.00:41
judgenyou can just as well have been using the same browser all the time00:42
Random832ok i guess then i don't get why you said "no"00:42
Random83219:32 <judgen> Random832: no, but depends on who symlinks it anf if it is a folder, yes.00:42
judgenif it is a folder it works mostly00:42
Random832so does +1 support proper permissions and owners on ntfs yet?00:43
judgenfiles as symlinks might be difficult in windows 7 as they contain FS-metadata.00:43
Random832i _know_ ntfs-3g _has_ support for it in latest versions00:43
judgeni am sorry if i have misled you00:47
judgenI did not mean to00:48
cg2916I have a 03-08 19:24 ERROR  root: [Errno 13] Permission denied error in WUBI00:52
h00kboo, nautilus is failing for me.00:58
h00kand by failing, I mean it won't open;) Attempting to jump start it opening with terminal....oh...a dbus issue00:58
h00khttp://pastie.org/1649607 Is this...anyone come across this yet?00:59
h00kdbus is apparently running01:00
coz_h00k,  does  gksudo nautilus work?01:01
h00kI never remember if I should gksudo or gksu01:02
h00kcoz_: yes, it does launch now01:02
coz_h00k,  ok that was expected ,, and in terminal      nautilus     does it spit anything out?01:03
h00kcoz_: see the pastie above ^01:03
h00kcoz_: http://pastie.org/164960701:04
cozziemotoh00k,  yeah  mm  not sure then01:04
cozziemotosorry my other machine is giving me issues in xchat :( have to log  off01:05
coz_what  dummy,, my one key was stuck,,, time to clean the keyboard01:05
coz_h00k,  I am not sure ,,, I am sure one of the guys here could handle that one01:06
coz_I have to break here as coz_    be back a bit later01:06
h00kubottu: bug 73170801:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 731708 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "nautilus doesn't run, Unique-DBus-WARNING, assertion 'watcher_id > 0' failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73170801:08
aromanhello, is anyone here using compiz 0.9 with the desktop switcher plugin, and noticing that the dock/panels aren't being excluded?02:09
Daekdroomaroman, desktop switcher? Is that the default?02:11
aromanDaekdroom: don't think so02:12
aromannot actually using Unity, but Natty used compiz 0.9, so I figured i'd ask02:12
shaneohey ubuntu one is killing my speed how can i get it to stop constantly syncing i cant even open a folder it takes like 5 min02:41
robin0800shaneo, killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon02:42
shaneostill there and running the crap out of my processors02:43
shaneoomg it wont stop02:44
shaneopc is getting so hot02:44
robin0800shaneo, I had to uninstall all of it02:44
shaneodid u reinstall ??02:45
robin0800shaneo, no02:45
shaneodarn too bad its a speed killer for me i find it very useful guess ill have to do it manually on the site02:46
IdleOneshaneo: try removing it from the startup apps02:47
robin0800shaneo, I think what happens is that if its syncing and you log off or shutdown it corrupts something so even reinstalling does not work02:47
shaneoyeah thats what happened before this battery died and had a hella time booting up and then bam pc killagr02:52
shaneoim getting this annoying samba 4 message too can anyone help me with that02:55
Random832alps touchpad no work04:12
Random832is this a known issue? is it +1-specific?04:12
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MasterUHi all04:45
MasterUCan anyone tell me how to reorder icons in unity?04:46
DanaGsAY, is the current nm-applet known to be totally broken?04:56
DanaGOr rather, it sometimes seems broken.04:59
DanaGLong: http://pastebin.com/f8YxzNG605:00
edgyHi, I install falshplugin-installer but still no flash, tested firefox and chromium in youtube, any hint?05:05
MasterUHi all05:08
MasterUHas anyone been able to reorder there icons in unity?05:09
MasterUall the blogs say you can do it by drag and drop05:09
MasterUbut it oly slides the whole list up and down05:10
MasterUHas anyone been able to reorder there icons in unity?05:10
victory747Hi, I'm having troubles with unity-2d, especially as there is no shutdown button and other notifiers on the top bar. Should I be running this out of the repos, or out of the ppa?05:45
mrdebuntuis nn ready to install?05:56
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judgenaaah this theme restored singleclik in konqueror06:14
judgenhow do i get vitualbox tp recognize a folger=06:56
judgenthe man page is not good in this coneritn06:56
judgen"windows shares" or cif.06:57
mrsunough updating to latest was the stupidest thing i could do i think :P07:46
coz_good day all07:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.08:09
Severianjudgen, I may not quite get your questions.  The first one is something about VirtualBox toliet paper and coffee.  The second question is about cifs shares and I use those all the time in VirtualBox VMs.  What is your problem there?09:21
Severiantoliet -> toilet09:22
JohnFluxHey all09:38
JohnFluxshouldn't this be ubuntu +0.5   since version numbers go up by 0.5 each time09:38
JohnFluxanyway, is Narwhal safe-ish to upgrade to right now?09:38
Severianno and no09:39
SeverianNarwhal is for testing and experimentation.  If you use it on an important computer, you are asking for trouble.09:40
SeverianAnd, the version actually goes up by 6 each release.  6 months, that is.  If you want to call it +.5, that is your business.09:41
will_hey guys. i was using natty fine with my newish evergreen card and the radeon drivers. compiz, unity, the works. now i've reinstalled natty alpha 3 again (and updated everything) onto a new harddrive and i simply can't get anything other than software rendering. running compiz --replace from the command line tells me "Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing. Fatal: software rendering detected. then it dumps me back into 10:27
will_any ideas? why wouldn't it work now?10:27
coz_will_,  the video drivers may be broken10:28
coz_will_,  not absolutely sure about that though10:28
will_coz_: it would've have to have happened in the last few days. shame! maybe if i install the xorg-edgers and update'll be available10:28
coz_will_,   well I would stick around here and ask one of the regular guys here about that10:29
will_coz_: cool, i'll do that. thanks :)10:30
coz_will_,  no problem... you already know that in this state,, the prerelease is most likely going to have issues especially video driver issues10:30
will_here we go: latest news from the radeon drivers10:30
will_evergreen accel disabled explicitly,10:30
will_I wonder why? it was working pretty well10:31
coz_will_,  not sure ,, did you check in #radeon  channel?10:31
will_no, i'll do that10:31
will_oh whoops, i was looking at the news from 2010 :P10:33
veloc1tywill_, i think your problem is related to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/70950510:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 709505 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] fglrx failed to install/upgrade due to being incompatible with 2.6.38 kernel" [Critical,Triaged]10:38
veloc1tythe fglrx (ati radeon driver) doesn't work at all at the moment10:38
will_veloc1ty: i'm using the radeon open source drivers :) got my ATI cards specifically for it (that and the fact that they're passive!)10:42
veloc1tyah okay ;)10:46
will_veloc1ty: thanks for the link though, i'm scouring the bug lists now10:46
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gaelfxI can't install nvidia drivers on a liveusb, is that by design or what?12:29
Ian_Corneis this related with ubuntu 11.04?12:30
gaelfxyes indeedy12:30
Ian_Cornewell I don't know any design choices for that12:31
gaelfxand it is a persistent usb, btw12:31
Ian_Cornebut you should give more information about the error you're getting12:31
gaelfxwell, when I tried to install via Synaptic, it tried, but gave an exit status: 1, but now I can't boot the liveusb again, so I can't get more information than that12:37
gaelfxI guess it's just something I'll have to forget about until later12:37
jmlif the unity WM crashes (no more window borders etc), what's the quickest way to recover?12:50
htorquejml: alt+f1, log in, run: (unity --replace &)12:52
jmlhtorque: thanks.12:52
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coz_hey all14:32
h00kSO, I'm not terribly familiar with indicators and how they're supposed to work with Unity's panel15:11
h00kfor instance, I just installed indicator-weather, and found it in the unity menu (ubuntu logo -> search -> click)15:12
h00kI'm not sure if it crashed, or indicators aren't working right now15:12
h00kbut I don't see it :)15:12
royale1223__is unity as good as gnome?15:34
danyRroyale1223__: unity is gnome :) think of it as an addition to the standard GNOME environment15:36
royale1223__danyR, thanks15:37
royale1223__danyR, so you think its better right?15:37
danyRroyale1223__: you can use standard gnome. you can use gnome + the unity experience. i can't say which one is better, because they aren't comparable. GNOME is a full-fledged desktop environment, Unity is a shell, an overlay on top of GNOME15:39
Daekdroomroyale1223__, it's a matter of taste15:39
royale1223__danyR, how come natty is not using gnome 3?15:40
DaekdroomThe transition to GNOME 3 should be carefully done15:40
DaekdroomToo much to do in too little time.15:40
danyRroyale1223__: natty is using gnome 2.32. you'll be able to install gnome 3 through a PPA, though. which will guaranteee a nice experience gnome3 experience on natty +115:41
royale1223__danyR, so will future releases use gnome 3?15:42
royale1223__Daekdroom, thaks15:42
royale1223__Daekdroom, thanks15:42
Daekdroomroyale1223__, yes, they will use GNOME 315:43
danyRroyale1223__: 11.10 will use GNOME 3 (3.2, I believe). it won't using GNOME-Shell, but it'll use all other components: Gnome-control-center, gtk3, etc...15:43
royale1223__thanks Daekdroom, danyR.15:44
danyRroyale1223__: you welcome :)15:44
royale1223__is there any distro that ships with gnome 3?15:44
danyRroyale1223__: fedora 15 will ship with vanilla gnome3: gnome-shell included.15:45
danyRand there are already some gnome3 live images for testing.15:45
danyRover at gnome3.org15:46
royale1223__when will fedora 15 be released?15:47
DaekdroomI believe April15:47
danyRroyale1223__: 17 may, according to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/1515:47
royale1223__danyR, thanks15:51
royale1223__that will be before 11.10 right?15:52
royale1223__i'm thinking of switching to fedora. what do you think?15:52
Daekdroom11.10 is due October.15:54
danyRroyale1223__: yes, 11.10 is scheduled for October. Fedora is nice, but it hasn't such a large, popular community as Ubuntu and sometimes can be trouble for new users.15:54
danyRif you already have some linux knowledge, then I would recommend :)15:55
royale1223__danyR, i'm quite new. Been using ubuntu for only 6 months tops.15:56
royale1223__what do you think?15:56
danyRroyale1223__: it all comes down to personal choice. my advice is for you to get a live cd, try it, maybe install it on a spare partition, and then make your decision. I've never used fedora for more than a few hours too, so maybe I'm not the one you should be asking :)15:57
royale1223__is getting softwares easy in fedora as in ubuntu?15:57
royale1223__danyR, thanks for your help mate15:58
* nanomad is upgrading to 11.04 for 10.10. Let's see how bad it gets16:17
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dogukani can't see system tray icons on 11.04 unity17:25
dogukanis there a way to see them?17:26
Daekdroomdogukan, Unity?17:28
DaekdroomIn unity, the only systray icons that you're going to be able to see are Skype's, Wine apps and Java apps.17:28
DaekdroomEverything else is blacklisted17:29
dogukanhow can i see all of them?17:29
DaekdroomUse Classic Gnome instead.17:29
dogukanhmm, i think i can't see them for now on unity17:31
DaekdroomI don't think you'll ever be able to see them in unity.17:31
DaekdroomUnless they change their minds17:31
robin0800Daekdroom, its funny but with unity 2d update today I can see them now17:40
Daekdroomrobin0800, odd. I recall it was readded to Unity a few days ago (for wine, java and skype only)17:41
robin0800Daekdroom, Ive got cortina and Xchat up17:42
Daekdroombut unity-2d and unity have a lot of individual code.17:42
robin0800Daekdroom, well I was surprised but this is very good at the moment17:43
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coz_hey all18:10
eBittinsomone near Stockholm wants a powermac 4400/200?18:11
=== vish is now known as evilvish
coz_eBittin,   I have a couple of old power macs and an SE/30 :)18:36
evilvisheBittin: thats not really a topic for this channel.. ;)18:38
marlow59What is this channel exactly for?19:23
DaekdroomTechnicall support and discussion regarding Ubuntu Natty?19:23
robin0800marlow59, ubuntu 11.0419:23
marlow59Natty? name of 11.04 like Lucid Lynx or Hardy ?19:24
marlow59ah thanks19:24
robin0800marlow59, but only open until release19:25
marlow59I just was wondering, why GNOME 3 was abandoned? If someone could give me a briefing... ;)19:25
marlow59 I just was wondering, why GNOME 3 was abandoned? If someone could give me a briefing... ;)19:27
marlow59Any Answers ?19:29
robin0800marlow59, abandoned by whom?19:29
genii-around!info gnome3-session19:35
ubottugnome3-session (source: gnome-session): The GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu15 (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 132 kB19:35
robin0800marlow59, wont be ready in time will be in 11.10 gnome shell wont be19:36
aLeSDhi all19:54
aLeSDmaybe this is not the right place .. but why are u not using AWN instead of Gnome-panel etc etc ...19:55
AmaranthaLeSD: You mean as default?19:56
aLeSDI have been using it for 1 year and I really enjoy my screen totally empty of panels and stuffs19:56
Amaranthnatty uses unity19:56
aLeSDAmaranth: yes by default ?19:56
AmaranthaLeSD: Yes, natty has unity by default19:57
aLeSDwhy unity ?19:57
AmaranthWhy awn?19:57
aLeSDwith AWN I havo nothing on the screen19:57
aLeSDit take me back to the fluxbox ages19:58
Amaranthunity has a bar at the top that merges with your titlebar19:58
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aLeSDAmaranth: http://imagebin.org/14202520:01
AmaranthaLeSD: If you have a window maximized unity uses zero screen real estate (except for a part that isn't used anyway)20:03
aLeSDand this when I go down20:03
AmaranthaLeSD: So if that is your requirement it's sorted20:03
Amaranthimagebin is horrible, it loads half the image then goes to a broken image icon20:03
AmaranthaLeSD: Otherwise use what you want but AWN will never be the default20:04
aLeSDoh yes .. Iu have to refresha couple of times20:04
aLeSDit was the first entry googling20:04
aLeSDAmaranth, I am not telling about AWN .. the concept is to have an empty screen20:05
AmaranthIf you are the kind of user that maximizes windows (everyone I know except me who isn't a programmer) unity doesn't use any space20:06
AmaranthIt has a dock on the left that autohides and the titlebar and top panel merge together on maximized windows20:06
AmaranthThe idea is useful minimalism, not just removing all UI :P20:07
aLeSDI will try it in the next version20:07
AmaranthWith your setup you can't see the time, network status, etc20:07
aLeSDwell I need UI only when I want to do something20:07
aLeSDor some notification arrives20:08
aLeSDso .. no reason to stay there if I am not searching for it20:08
AmaranthIt's nice to see it at a glance20:08
AmaranthAnd know where it is without randomly searching20:08
aLeSDI have to go20:09
levuHi, notify-osd doesn't show any bubble, how can i enable it?20:09
levuwell, i saw that volume change bubbles are shown but no other bubble, neither from pidgin nor bubbles i send with notify-send20:10
mrsungah can  downgrade ubuntu again ?: P20:17
DJHurakenhi everybody, i have a question, the ati drivers works in Natty ?20:25
marnuxfor me the open source drivers work => hd 487020:30
marnuxdual screen20:31
marnuxno experience with proprietary20:31
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DJHurakenmarnux: ok ok i going to try the proprietary driver and i see what happend xD20:38
marnuxgood luck20:41
zacwhite15hey guys need some advice :)21:06
zacwhite15i am trying to find a way to customize the top bar in unity21:06
zacwhite15got any suggestions?21:06
levuzacwhite15: it's not made for customizing21:08
zacwhite15i know... but it doesn't hurt too try :P21:09
levuzacwhite15: there's some gconf key, try googling for that :)21:10
zacwhite15kk :)21:10
zacwhite15hey anyone know whats going to be in the next round of updates for natty21:27
Ian_Cornehmm I've installed bootchart but it doesn't actually do anything..22:33
Ian_Cornecould that be because I have /var/log/ on a tmpfs?22:35
Patrickdkyep :)22:40
genii-aroundBah. After last round of updates today X isn't playing nice with nvidia again.22:43
KenBW2I'm struggling to install Natty using a memory stick. I've tried Maverick's default USB creator, as well as Unetbootin (including latest from PPA). I always get "No init found" while booting from the memory stick. Any ideas?23:26

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