hajourmm bad connections ?01:17
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phillwPendulum: could you PM me when you have time please.12:02
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phillwPendulum: ping17:19
cprofitthey jono 17:47
Pendulumphillw: I'm dealing with some RL stuff, will you be around later?17:48
phillwPendulum: Indeed I will be.17:49
hajourhai all17:51
hajourfor to be clear i don't need a liasion17:53
hajouri can talk for myself thank you for the offer but no17:53
hajouri not want a other person between17:55
hajour<hajour> it makes things slow down and often things are give true wrong17:55
hajourwhat gives misunderstandings and problems17:55
jledbetterhajour, Understood :)18:14
Pendulumhajour: since I have no idea what anyone wants to talk to me about, know that I'm happy to talk to you too (I'm just not in any shape to do it right at this moment)18:16
hajouri know Pendulum  it was mend for info foe everybody18:20
hajourfor i meant18:20
hajouri wonder who have that kind ideas often18:21
hajouri have already enough meetings don t need more18:21
hajourhow shorter the line is.how faster things can be arranged18:22
hajouro btw jledbetter  could you help me with to check 1 of this days from something i need to write for the next ubt meeting?18:24
hajouror it is good english18:24
jledbetterhajour, Of course. I was wondering if this was related to last night's meeting or not. I'd be happy to help.18:25
hajouri have note s what need to be make better in ubt18:25
hajourfor to be able to help people better18:26
jledbetterhajour, Sounds great. 18:26
hajouri will explain later i have to eat in about 10 minutes18:27
hajouro btw do they already know who become the 2 new council members?18:27
jledbetterhajour, No worries. I have a meeting soon anyway :) Can always email it to me.18:27
jledbetterhajour, Nope. Voting just opened. There are 5 up for it and one is me.18:28
hajouri not sure i have your email jledbetter 18:28
jledbetterInc then :)18:28
hajourhave you got a link jledbetter ? if i may vote18:28
jledbetterhajour, I got an email with a link generated just for me so I assumed everyone in the team did. Hm.18:29
hajourwhat means inc?18:29
hajouri will go check after diner then 18:30
jledbetterSorry about that. inc means "incoming." I just gave it to you via PM18:30
hajoura ok thank you jledbetter 18:30
jledbetterVery welcome hajour 18:30
hajouro and Pendulum  i hope you will feel some better soon18:31
AlanBelljledbetter: is there a list of the candidates?18:42
jledbetterAlanBell, I only know of the list on the url where I vote and that's unique so I can't pass it around. Not sure why it's not in the email sent to everyone. Let me check the list again.18:43
AlanBellI am not on the UBT mailing list18:45
AlanBellif it is civs you should have a link to the results page which is not personal I think18:45
AlanBellthat part, without the key is the poll ID18:46
cprofitthey AlanBell 18:47
AlanBellhi cprofitt 18:47
jledbetterAh, didn't know. Great :)18:52
jledbetterNope, it wants both. 18:53
jledbetterIt was: hggdh, silverfox, darkwingduck, pablo, me18:55
AlanBellI think results.pl is fine without the key, but vote.pl needs both18:57
AlanBellhowever that is the info I was after18:57
AlanBelltestimonials could do with some padding out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/jledbetter18:58
jledbetterAlanBell, Results page says "This poll (Ubuntu Beginners Team Council Election 2011) has not yet been ended by its supervisor, Nathan Handler (nhandler) (nhandler@ubuntu.com). The poll has been announced to end Wed Mar 23 23:59:59 UTC 2011." so that wouldn't work for seeing people either.18:58
jledbetterAlanBell, I know. I'm horrible about asking for them and only just added that a bit ago.18:59
AlanBellah, ok18:59
AlanBellit is a good bit to add :)18:59
AlanBellhave you announced to your loco team that you are standing and would appreciate testimonials?19:00
jledbetterNope. Good idea again :) 19:05
phillwPendulum: are you about, as this tired little drone needs to get some sleep :D22:18
Pendulumphillw: yep22:18
phillwjono: could you have a read of http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nocloakonjoin22:19
phillwPendulum: would you PM me please22:20
jonophillw, eh?22:20
phillwjono your cloak is not being applied!22:20
jonophillw, weird, I am registered with nickserv22:20
jonois it a big deal/22:21
phillwjono: not to me, but it gives your IP address away!22:21
jonophillw, I am not that bothered about that :-)22:22
jonoone sec22:22
jonophillw, weird I am reg with nickserv, it should work22:23
hajourjono if they know your ip adress then its easier to hack you22:26
AlanBellI tried booting natty with the accessible option today22:27
AlanBellnot a resounding success22:27
AlanBellyou press space shortly after boot (no audio prompt or feedback)22:33
TheMusoAlanBell: Whats up with it?22:33
AlanBellthen return for English, F5 for accessibility menu, down, down, down to choose screen reader, enter, enter to start running the live CD22:33
AlanBellthen you get the drums and it says "Welcome to Orca. Current desktop environment is Unity. Orca Screen Reader slash Magnifier Frame. Preferences Button"22:34
AlanBellfor a start, it isn't running Unity - I have no 3d drivers in the VM yet so it fell back to classic22:34
TheMusoWhoops, I need to address that a little better then. :)22:35
AlanBellit is just a crazy silent sequence to get it running22:35
AlanBelland it isn't helpful when it starts22:35
TheMusoAlanBell: Right, I have some ideas as to how that can be improved somewhat, but they will have to wait till the O cycle to do them.22:35
TheMusoHow is it not helpful when it starts?22:35
AlanBellfirst thing I want it to say is "Welcome to *Ubuntu*"22:35
TheMusoThat can be changed, but will break translations.22:36
TheMusoNot sure if its wise this late.22:36
AlanBellthen "this is the Orca Screen reader, would you like to know how to use me?"22:36
AlanBellor something like that22:36
TheMusoAlanBell: Again, agreed. I wish I knew this earlier.22:36
TheMusoI could have had more time and allowance to fix such issues.22:36
TheMusoAlanBell: Plesae file a bug against Orca detailing your suggestinos.22:37
TheMusognome-orca even22:37
AlanBellI will file a bug22:37
AlanBellor two22:37
TheMusoAlanBell: Thanks.22:37
hajourTheMuso,  have they solve the bug already?22:38
TheMusohajour: WHich one?22:38
hajourfrom orca 22:38
TheMusoWhich one?22:38
hajouryou install it22:38
hajourthen put it on22:38
hajourwe lost by the hack all info22:38
hajourthats why i describe it22:39
TheMusoI still don't understand.22:39
hajourafter a few seconds your pc shut down22:39
hajouryou get orca from your pc22:39
AlanBelldo you have a bug number hajour?22:39
hajourbut the pc stays over sand over shutting down22:39
hajournot anymore hack remember22:40
hajourmuch damage by undifineds pc22:40
hajourit was direct to gnome22:40
hajourwhere we have report the bug to22:40
AlanBellwho reported it?22:41
hajourUndiFineD, 22:41
hajouri hope it is resolved you see i need a speech program22:42
hajouri not remember good what i read22:42
hajourbut what i hear i remember22:42
hajouris that understandable?22:42
hajourAlanBell, ^22:44
hajouri mean have i explained it good?22:44
AlanBellI am unable to find any bugs on the gnome bugzilla containing an email address containing UndiFineD or dejong22:45
hajourTheMuso,  i not new you was informed of that,that's why i said it22:45
hajourbecause its probably his old email22:46
hajourand that email is destroyed22:46
AlanBellall I want to do is search for the bug22:47
hajourUndiFineD,  knows it his old email22:47
AlanBellis there anything you recall about the bug which might assist in searching for it?22:47
hajourits so bad we lost a lot by that hack22:47
hajouri have asked UndiFineD 22:48
hajourhe is typing22:48
ubot2Gnome bug 637621 in speech "Orca crashes, logs me out" [Major,Resolved: invalid]22:49
UndiFineDbut now that i have a different machine, and 2 reinstalls later, I cannot retreive any useful info anymore22:49
AlanBellok, so that bug isn't an orca bug22:50
AlanBelland is a configuration issue on whatever machine it is22:51
hajourit was am pc22:51
AlanBellLaunchpad is there so that bugs can be reproduced and improved before being pushed upstream22:51
hajourUndiFineD,  and by my eeepc to/notebook22:52
AlanBellbug 73231523:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 732315 in gnome-orca "Orca fails to pick up on fall back to 2d desktop from Unity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73231523:05
UndiFineDnot the same, we dont use unity (yet), no mention of odd behaviour like being logged out23:09
AlanBellbug 73231823:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 732318 in gnome-orca "Session starts with "Welcome to Orca" rather than "Welcome to Ubuntu"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73231823:09
AlanBellUndiFineD: I just filed that, your one would be solved with a clean install I expect23:10
phillwAlanBell: would you be so kind as to drop meetingology into ##sii-general (PM me if you want to what and why SII is).23:10
AlanBellit isn't a bug23:10
UndiFineDoh ok :)23:10
UndiFineDgot you there AlanBell , I misunderstood23:11
UndiFineDthe Welcome to Orca, isnt that a translation bug ? I think  I translated that to Orca in nl_NL too23:12
AlanBellno, it is going to be a controversial Ubuntu vs Gnome policy kind of bug I should think23:13
AlanBelland the tutorial thing would be a new feature really23:14
AlanBellbug 73232023:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 732320 in ubiquity "no audio clues on how to get into the accessible install with screen reader" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73232023:19
hajourwell AlanBell  will you let me know if the important bugs are  resolved from orca? and i hope the voice is more improved23:20
hajourwhen i mean23:20
hajouri go try to sleep good night23:22
AlanBellthe voice won't be improved in any orca bugs because that is not part of orca23:22
hajourwhere is the voice from then23:23
hajourAlanBell, 23:23
AlanBellespeak I think23:23
hajourmmm ok23:23
AlanBellbut orca uses speech-dispatcher and by default speech dispatcher uses espeak23:24
hajouri wil talk to rainct then23:24
AlanBellwhich sounds pretty nasty, but is small and fits on the CD23:24
hajourtomorrow i go put a mail to speechcontrol team in evening23:25
AlanBellif you want orca with a nice voice then that needs a speech dispatcher plugin to be written that sends the text that orca wants to say over to openMary or something else23:25
AlanBelland no, openMary won't ever end up on the CD23:25
hajouri thought it was already made?23:25
TheMusoAlanBell: Espeak certainly isn't the best sounding synth around, but it is hella efficient at high speeds, something jstu about all human sounding synths can't manage.23:26
AlanBellyes, I understand that23:26
AlanBellhow fast can you listen?23:26
TheMusoThe well known IBM ViaVoice/Eloquence is based on similar technology to espeak, which is why its so damn popular.23:27
TheMusoWell I currently have espeak with speech-dispatcher crankced up to full. Not sure how many words per minute that is,.23:27
TheMusogah typing.23:27
TheMusoAlanBell: And thanks for those bug refs, I will take a look at them now and process them accordingly.23:27
hajourthats the last i had get23:28
hajourAlanBell,  TheMuso ^23:29
AlanBellI don't understand hajour, what are we supposed to be looking at?23:29
hajouri dont know thats my question23:29
hajouri said i needed a light weight plugin23:30
hajourand get this link23:30
hajourso ....23:30
hajourwhat is the meaning from that23:30
hajourand how can that help me23:30
hajourthere by it have such small fonts i cant read that23:31
hajourmaybe weird questions23:33
hajouri don't know23:33
AlanBellI don't know either, it does not seem to relate to wanting a speech dispatcher interface to a different text to voice engine23:33
hajourwell they had suggest espeak i told it was to heavy for my eeepc23:34
AlanBellespeak is very light23:34
hajourthen they said there was a light waith plugin23:34
AlanBellI still think you need to get yourself a more suitable computer23:35
hajourespeak takes all on from gnome23:35
hajourwhat i not need 23:36
hajourand that makes it to heavy23:36
AlanBellespeak has gnome dependencies??23:36
AlanBellespeak-gui perhaps23:36
hajourwe had searched what was the problem you see23:37
hajourand discovered that if you instal espeak23:37
hajourespeak automatic download all from gnome23:37
hajouryou cant stop it23:38
AlanBellI am surprised23:38
hajourresult is you memory is full and then eeepc not working anyore result reinstall all23:38
AlanBellhowever, gnome is the default desktop23:38
hajourbut you need not all from gnome23:39
AlanBellI will try it on a minimal or server install tomorrow23:39
hajourresolve the automatic download and then will espeak be useble for light weight pc s23:39
AlanBellwhat desktop are you using?23:40
AlanBelldesktop environment, like KDE or something?23:40
hajoureeepc 90123:40
AlanBellhmm, lxde23:40
AlanBellI think we have an eeepc 901 somewhere23:41
AlanBellruns gnome just fine23:41
hajourKDE and ubuntu where to heavy23:41
hajour1gb menory23:41
hajour16 gb harddisk23:42
hajourAlanBell, ⁶23:42
AlanBellactually it isn't a 901 we have, it is an asus 1008HA23:43
AlanBellhowever 1gb memory is plenty for gnome, and 16GB disk is fine23:43
hajouri need also memory for files23:44
hajourlubuntu works good23:44
hajourbut it cant handle if all from gnome comes in23:44
AlanBellyeah, feel free to use lubuntu if you prefer that23:44
hajouri not have a choice AlanBell 23:45
hajourwith ubuntu i get many times screen freeze23:45
AlanBellhowever we are targetting the main audience on Ubuntu with Gnome23:45
hajouryes i know23:45
AlanBellnight all o/23:47
hajouro btw AlanBell  i go put in some to next ubuntu meeting about improve upstream guiding from ubt23:47
hajournight AlanBell 23:47
hajouri go sleep also23:48
hajourgood night all or anway i go try23:49

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