rsalvetiamelim: did you change the x-loader binary to be the one compatible with overo?01:24
rsalvetijust to be sure01:24
rsalvetiit seems that no display is recognized, and that's why X can't start itself01:24
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fairuzhrw: morning09:21
ograjanimo, is your local sfdisk lucid ?10:07
ogra(note that the build server runs lucid, if you test such changes you should use a chroot)10:07
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janimoogra, natty10:14
ograyeah, thought so10:14
ograit probably behaves differently between natty and lucid10:14
ograbut your partition table is created fine as the log shows10:14
janimoogra, I have no idea of the builds systems internal operations so my patch was best effort and Works For Me10:15
ograthe error message about the missing table is normal10:15
ograyou could just add an || true ;)10:15
ograthen set -e wont break on it10:15
janimoogra, so on lucid sfdisk actually returns non-0 there?10:20
ograno idea10:20
janimoI put an echo $? after that line and it was 010:20
janimoif that is ocnfirmed than indeed || true is a workaround10:21
ograi guess its simply that it outputs to stderr10:21
janimobut set -e does care about exit code only10:21
ograthe original line redirects both, stderr and stdout to null10:21
janimocan I log in and try a build on the server?10:21
janimoI cannot debug easily this way10:21
ograi dont think you can if you arent in the cdimage team10:22
janimoah, the team I woved to avoid being tricked into joining10:23
ograwith a lucid chroot on an x86 machine you should have the same setup ... though note that builds dont run as root10:23
janimoogra, does the script behave the same otherwise?10:24
janimois it the same as inthe public bzr branch?10:24
janimoogra, ah, I completely missed the >/dev/null thing. Even after being told before10:26
janimothat may be it10:26
janimoI coudl only test this by pasting bits of the script locally somehow that poart gt dropped10:26
janimoeven if this is not the cause of the bug it still needs to be there for consistency10:26
ograthough i would suspect its the cause10:28
ograjanimo, for headless you will also need a line in debian-cd Makefile10:49
ograin tools/boot/natty/common.sh too10:51
ogra(not that important since we dont use preseeding (yet))10:51
looljanimo, ogra: Ah you folks are reviewing the debian-cd changes?11:05
ogralool, yes, i'm actually integrating them atm, needs a bunch of additional changes11:06
loolOk; I was about to review it, but I see Michael applied, and then revertede11:07
loolAnd you seem to be reviewing11:07
ogralool, oh, that change11:07
ograyeah, he blindly applied and ran a testbuild11:08
ograthen reverted when it failed11:08
ogralool, i'm on the headless image changes, not the partition alignment ones11:09
loolOh actually I thought I had written parts of tools/boot/*/post-boot-armel+omap, but I did not11:12
loolThere are some oddities there11:12
ogralool, tell me11:14
loolit mixes bc and $(()) for computation, there is no check on data overlaps11:15
ograh, te mix is likely because two persons worked on it11:16
loolThis might give rounding errors:11:16
loolIMG_SIZE_BLOCKS="$((($BOOT_SIZE + $IMAGE_SIZE + 512 - 1) / 512))"11:16
loolIt's ok because BOOT_SIZE is a multiple of 512, but would it not be, it would give a too small number11:16
ograwe never had any since lucid11:16
ograthe script is two releases old already, it has at least no blocker bugs ...11:17
loolIn janimo's changes, I preferred 0x0C and ",,,-" instead of "C" and ",+" but that's cosmetic11:17
ograwell, janimo's changes fail atm11:18
ograi suspect its simply because the sfdisk output of stderr isnt redirected11:18
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loolah there is a bug11:19
loologra: This seems like fdisk failing to me11:20
loolProbably because it's confused11:20
ograwell, it creates the part table11:20
ograwhich looks fine in the output11:20
ograimho its just ignorable11:21
loolYes, but it wont help your failure11:21
loolI'd rather keep the stderr/stdout output11:21
ograand add || true ?11:21
loolYou can pass -L to sfdisk to avoid some warnings11:21
loologra: I don't think sfdisk fails11:21
ograbut sfdisk is the only thing that changed11:22
loolHmm I wonder if this is because it's a sparse file11:22
ograthe error it spills about the missing partition table is normal11:23
ograi really think its set -e thats stops it because there is output on stderr11:23
loolsfdisk doesn't fail for me here11:25
loolI tried running the commands locally11:25
loolI did get BLKRRPART: Ioctl() inappropré pour un périphérique11:25
loolwith -L I avoid the warning: Warning: partition 1 does not end at a cylinder boundary11:26
loologra: set -e doesn't care about stderr11:26
ograare you sure ? i know it doesnt in bash, how about dash ?11:27
loolVATSIZE gets set to 73696+11:27
loolthat's bogus11:27
loolproblem is that all commands are silenced, so you don't see the actual errors11:28
loolthe problem is with the mkdosfs call failing11:28
loolIt fails because VATSIZE is set to 73696+ instead of 73696 or so11:29
ograhmm, yeah11:29
loolSo the issues are a) fdisk output is in cylinders, that is not suited for partitions not aligned to cylinders as is the case here11:30
loolYou can use fdisk -u to use sectors instead (but of course you need to multiply the size)11:30
loolb) all commands are run with stderr closed, which makes it hard to see failures or to debug11:31
loolc) mixture of sfdisk, parted, and fdisk11:31
ograi wouldnt call c an issue :)11:31
loolThis is definitely shooting yourself in the foot IMO11:32
ograwell, then everything would have to be sfdisk, the other two dont provide the needed felxibility11:32
loologra: Yes I'm sure about stderr and set -e  :-)  this is POSIX; search for errexit in the dash man page to get a description of how set -e works11:33
janimolool, I put C instead of 0xC as that was in manpage examples too (it said those numbers are hex) but I agree it is cosmetic and I am fine either way11:33
ograbeyond that we dont know if the code works at all yet, it needs to be generic enough to not break the ROM code if you dd the image to a totally random SD11:33
looljanimo: I find it confusing if the part id is "12", so I prefer always prefixing hex with 0x11:33
loolSo I've worked recently on the OMAP boot layout11:34
loolI can say that you're not checking for a possible error condition11:34
loolI don't have OMAP4, so I don't know whether OMAP4 ROMS are affected11:34
loolBut OMAP3 ROMs are11:34
loolif the boot partition (first fat partition with bootable flag set => your first partition) has an odd number of sectors, the ROM can't read MLO from it and fails11:35
loolthis is unrelated to placement11:35
loolJust size11:35
loolBasically size needs to be a multiple of 1KiB on OMAP3 for MLO to be picked up11:35
ograi think the rom code looks at CHS though11:35
loolIt does not11:35
ograhmm, i thought TI told me so11:35
ograat least for omap311:36
loolwhich is the other think I was going to suggest: if you don't care about support for older x-loader, then I wouldn't worry about 255/63; you could use 128/32 for instance, and that would avoid the warnings11:36
loologra: The only piece of code which I've found to care about the CHS was x-loader, and this was in old version of x-loader; in fact, it didn't really care about CHS11:36
loolIt hardcoded the vfat partition to be at +63s (start at sector 63)11:37
ograi thought the rom code had the same to find x-loader11:37
loolI don't think you have any x-loader in OMAP4, and you don't care since you're providing x-loader anyway11:37
loolI can say that the x-loader in maverick for instance was still broken11:37
ograwe indeed do have x-loader in omap411:37
loolso for Linaro, I keep support for creating the boot partition at +63s just for maverick images11:37
loolSo I'm pretty sure your images wont boot on OMAP311:38
ograand we do care about older ones since we provide upgrade capability nowadays11:38
loolI can't say for OMAP4, would love to know11:38
ograor rather we do care about older partitioning with newer code11:38
ograwe dont care about old code with new partitioning11:39
loolaligning at 4 MiB means that the start sector is even, while the boot partition's start sector is odd (63) so it's guaranteed that your boot partition, if it goes up to the rootfs, will be an odd number of sectors11:39
loologra: What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter because you provide MLO in your images11:39
loolIt's only relevant if you're providing a broken old NLO11:39
loolbut I would hope you have a new x-loader at this point11:39
ograwhich is the case for pre-XM beagles11:39
ograsince they ship MLO in nand which is relevant for first boot11:40
ogranot so much afterwards anymore though11:40
loologra: But do they read MLO from SD or from NAND when SD is available?11:43
looljanimo: Didn't hear much from you, did the above make any sense?11:45
ograthey read MLO from nand, then read u-boot from nand and then try to read boot.scr from sd11:45
loolThen the question is which MLO version they have in NAND11:46
loolWell actually it doesn't matter11:46
loolsince they read u-boot from NAND too11:46
looland u-boot isn't affected11:46
ograwell, someone should merge it with the fixes and do a testbuild11:48
ograi'm still concerned about having enough testing with random SD cards though11:48
loolI don't see how it relates11:49
ograthe existing code is proven to work with any SD card today, i dont want to lose that capability11:49
ograbecause our image isnt aligned at all to the hardware11:49
ograi dont trust the TI rom code until i have enough test data11:50
loolI don't understand what you mean11:50
loollike SanDisk versus Patriot etc.?11:50
janimolool, yes the above makes sense11:50
ograthe image isnt aligned to any actual CHS value of the HW11:50
janimoI'll try to make some more tests locally11:50
ograthat only happens during jasper repartitioning11:51
loologra: Uh the hardware doesn't have any CHS11:51
janimoI did not look into changing fdisk parted to keep the diff small but apparently that is not enough11:51
loologra: CHS is a concept related to the format of the partition table, it dates from the 70s or so11:51
ograi know11:51
loolbut the SD card only sees reads and writes at various offsets11:51
ograi'm talking about the rom code11:51
ograi know you said above that it shouldnt care about CHS11:52
ograbut io really only trust that after i have seen testing data11:52
janimothe info above is more than I could find on various omap wikis11:52
janimoI was also under the impression it needs VFAT starting at 63 and that is 'somehow' cares about old style CHS11:52
looljanimo: I gathered it in my brain with a lot of pain over the last year  :-)  it's also in the linaro-image-tools' comments11:52
loolI wish we had some boot design documents for boards/SoCs11:53
janimolool, actually the comments in the script still state that :)11:53
ograthe rom code is a super fragile pile of possible errors, that scares me, today we have a working concept which i dont want to risk11:53
looljanimo: You might be looking at the packaged version11:53
looljanimo: the one in bzr is very different11:53
ograthats why i want to see test data before saying we make the new code our default11:53
janimolool the public bzr branch11:53
janimoOMAP3 requires very specific CHS partitioning that can't easy be done with parted11:53
janimoso we'll use sfdisk to properly make the necessary partition layout11:53
looljanimo: yup, the main lp:linaro-image-tools one11:54
janimoby specific I assumed it meant the 255/63/1011:54
looljanimo: I don't think OMAP3 requires any CHS partitioning11:54
loolIt's just these two limitations I mentioned11:54
janimolool, not the image crate tool, the debian-cd scrip6t I modified has this comment11:54
ogralool, linaro-image-tools operates on hardware (existing SD cards), no ?11:54
loolthe documentation which states that you have to use 255/63 is just to allow creating the boot partition at +63s11:54
looljanimo: Oh ok11:54
looljanimo: Yeah, that's likely; it's what all the wikis say, but it's just completely wrong historical assumptions  :-)11:55
loologra: I don't understand the Q.11:55
janimo" the first primary partition must contain a FAT32 partition formatted with 255 heads and 63 sectors"11:55
loologra: you can write image files or straight to SD11:55
janimoomapzoom wiki11:55
janimomaybe not the most authoritative sources I admit11:55
looljanimo: Yeah, that's bullshit  :-)11:55
janimobut the only ones I could find11:55
ogralool, files that work on every SD card i dd them to ?11:55
loolIt's very hard to get the straight dope on how the SoCs boot like11:56
loologra: Sure, well it wont boot an imx51 with an OMAP image11:56
ogralool, right, but it creates a partitioned img file i can dd ?11:56
loologra: Sure11:57
loologra: It can do that with --image-file11:57
ograah, i thought it needs an SD as target media11:57
loolor --image_file rather11:57
loologra: nope, you can create images and dd them later, or boot them in QEMU; give it a try!11:57
ograi will once i have some spare time :)11:58
ograi'm still fighting with the debian-cd changes for headless atm11:58
ograjanimo, we really need to get you access to antimony (cdimage) for future projects11:58
janimoogra, ok11:59
ograthe private vs public stuff means that i have to add a good bunch of stuff11:59
janimoor I should just pick task which are not related to image building :)11:59
ograand etc/config seems to actually be totally different12:00
ograjanimo, haha, yeah, indeed12:00
looljanimo: that's a sane choice  :-)12:00
* ogra must admit that he actually never looks at the public branch12:00
ograi have merged all your code now ... now on to the headdache bits ... make-web-indicies is a pain12:02
ograhmm, i wasnt aware we have a preinstalled-mobile image12:02
ograi dont think anyone has ever built that, why is there code12:03
loolWhere's the other debian-cd branch?12:03
ograThe Mobile Image allows you to unpack a preinstalled preview of the12:03
ograPlasma Mobile workspace onto an SD card.12:03
ograkde stuff :)12:03
ogralool, its all on antimony12:04
loolI mean what other changes are being proposed?12:04
janimoogra, indeed I saw a lot of confusing dead-looking code in the build scripts12:06
ogralool, one sec12:07
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ogra_janimo, livecd-rootfs changed, applied to trunk, packaged and uploaded12:53
ogra_i'll do a new test after it was published12:53
janimoogra_, thanks12:55
ogra_i always forget if BuildLiveCD changes need lamont or if trhats automatically ... but we'll see12:55
* ogra_ sighs about the slow publisher13:28
apacheloggerrsalveti: seems your qt gles change is incomplete13:30
apacheloggerp   libqt4-dev        Depends  libglu1-xorg-dev | libglu1-mesa-dev | libglu-dev13:30
rsalvetiapachelogger: well, I believe it was properly changed for a previous revision13:32
rsalvetididn't check the current one13:32
rsalvetilet me see13:32
apacheloggerthe ubuntu11 upload only features changes to opengl-dev13:32
* apachelogger wonders why -dev should have any relationship with gl stuff actually13:33
rsalvetiapachelogger: the original patch had libglu1-mesa-dev [!armel] | libglu-dev [!armel],13:34
apacheloggerrsalveti: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65213847/qt4-x11_4:4.7.1-0ubuntu10_4:4.7.1-0ubuntu11.diff.gz13:35
apacheloggeronly for qt4-opengl-dev13:35
rsalvetiapachelogger: -dev and build-depends13:38
apacheloggerthen the upload is flawed13:38
rsalvetiapachelogger: why?13:38
rsalveti-dev is just to avoid installing the wrong headers and such13:40
apacheloggerrsalveti: the first hunk of the ubuntu11 diff is build-deps the second hunk is -opengl-dev13:40
rsalvetiand build-depends enough to build with the proper support13:40
apachelogger-dev however remained unchanged13:40
* apachelogger might have been in a wrong chroot13:40
rsalvetiqt4-x11_4.7.1-0ubuntu12 seems fine here13:40
apacheloggerlet me check again13:40
apacheloggerrsalveti: ok, my bad13:43
* apachelogger now faces the question why kdelibs then installed glu as build-dep :S13:43
rsalvetikde needs further changes, not sure kdelibs13:44
apacheloggerrsalveti: possibly not that many changes13:44
apacheloggerlibplasma links against libgl (due to a silly glapplet class, which is actually unmaintained...)13:44
apacheloggerI think this causes runtime problems13:45
rsalvetiapachelogger: I believe this was removed at trunk already13:45
rsalvetiat least linaro was working on it13:45
apacheloggerrsalveti: the glapplet?13:46
rsalvetiapachelogger: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdelibs/repository/revisions/46b3025245ee6b22cfa8d2a898756f5c075d822e13:46
apacheloggerpatchy patchy patchy :D13:47
ogra_grmbl ... now the source is published but the binary isnt13:50
* ogra_ hates the publisher13:50
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apacheloggerrsalveti: uploaded kde4libs with that patch14:33
rsalvetiapachelogger: cool14:34
* rsalveti lunch15:32
sabayonuser2hi has any one tried kubuntu mobile  with motorola charm15:34
dcordes_sabayonuser2: what's the CPU architecture ?15:44
sabayonuser2its an android phone so I guess it should be ARM15:46
alfrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-omap4-extras-graphics/+bug/73205315:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 732053 in ubuntu-omap4-extras-graphics "GLES2 drivers don't advertise the GL_OES_texture_npot extension" [Undecided,New]15:46
rsalvetialf: cool, will take a look15:47
GrueMastersabayonuser2: Try the #kubuntu-mobile channel.  That's where they focus on that image.15:48
dcordes_sabayonuser2: the question is which arm version (what instruction set is supported)15:49
Neko_hey guys15:58
dcordes_sabayonuser2: you will first have to sort out what processor you have no matter what kind of image15:59
amelimrsalveti: In regards to the x-loader for the overo, I compiled the one found here and uploaded it as the MLO on the SD card git://www.sakoman.com/git/x-loader.git16:04
amelimsame with the u-boot16:05
rsalvetiamelim: you could just grab the package x-loader-omap3-overo17:11
ograrsalveti, good question why we dont speak here :)18:34
ograhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-headless/daily-preinstalled/20110309.1 should actually get an image now18:34
rsalvetiwill need a blog post after this18:35
rsalvetimaybe today18:35
rsalvetisomething the arm community is waiting for months18:35
ograas soon as we know it builds and boots :)18:35
rsalvetisure sure :-)18:35
ograyears :)18:35
alfrsalveti: ogra: I am considering using a natty image (replacing maverick) with the SDP (omap4). Would you recommend it?18:35
ograalf, works, kind of18:36
rsalvetialf: keep same kernel18:36
rsalvetino proper x-loader support for sdp yet, so you should also use the one you're using now18:36
rsalvetibut, give it a try18:36
rsalvetialf: you can also wait the headless image18:37
ograwhats the SDP ?18:37
ograblaze ?18:37
rsalvetiogra: like blaze18:37
rsalvetibut without that beautiful case18:37
ogra"like" ?18:37
rsalvetiit's huge18:37
rsalvetilike old omap boards18:37
rsalvetialf: headless should be a very small image18:37
rsalvetialf: then you can install what ever you need18:37
* alf shudders18:38
rsalvetidon't know what you currently need :-)18:38
alfI 'd rather get it up front than wait for it to install :)18:38
alfrsalveti: ogra: I 'll try it (tomorrow) and let you know how it goes18:40
GrueMasteralf: I have the natty alpha 3 image running on my blaze, using the x-loader & u-boot.bin from http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/maverick/blaze/18:40
ogratake the alpha18:40
alfGrueMaster: ogra: nice, thanks18:41
ogragrmpf, still something missing it seems18:42
GrueMasterI don't think the publisher knows how to handle .raw files.18:43
ograthere are no raw files this time18:44
ograand the publisher never gets to see a raw file18:45
ScottKjanimo: Why did you still build Qt with gc4.4 on armel?  I thought the gcc4.5 fix was in?18:47
* ogra fires off a full build, somehow i lost my rootfs18:47
* ogra hopes http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-headless/daily-preinstalled/...9.2 will work now18:49
janimoScottK, the Qt build started before the gcc build had finished18:55
ScottKjanimo: Ah.  Makes sense.  Are you going to upload it again once the build is done?18:55
janimobut more importantly to have a 4.7.2 built with a known working gcc, in case something is weird we know whether to look for the issue in Qt or gcc18:56
janimoScottK, if no other Kubuntu patches are queued we will do an upload18:56
janimoalthough I'd rather let people with more Qt packaging experience do the next upload. There is a 7Mb patch now in debian/ whih I think was not meant to be there18:57
janimowas noticed by cnd yesterday18:57
janimoScottK, so hopefully we'll see whether the neon/smp issues are cleared with the new 2.4.7 build and then next upload should switch back to 4.518:58
ScottKRiddell is the best one to do it, but he's at a conference this week.18:59
ScottKQt build system is funky, so the patch doesn't suprise me.18:59
janimoScottK, I meant to drop the thumb build fix patch as the membarrier one is a superset of that but gave up because of a few faild patch attempts.19:01
janimoso they now stack19:01
ScottKThat works.  That's one of the primary use cases for quilt (stacked patches)19:02
* ogra always thought quilt was something to hide your bits 19:05
ograjanimo, GrueMaster, rsalveti http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-headless/daily-preinstalled/20110309.2/19:37
ograhappy playing :)19:37
rsalvetiogra: awesome19:38
janimoogra, wonder why omap3 is 8Mb larger? Any idea?19:38
janimoogra, indeed, you may as well have had this spec assigned to you19:38
janimono way I could have made that patch work without tweals without access to the servers19:38
ograjanimo, i would have postponed it without your preparation19:38
janimoogra, ah, good then19:39
ograthe changes i had to do were a lot last thanks to that19:39
ograGrueMaster, happy with the name ?19:40
GrueMasterWorks for me.19:41
ogralets just hope we never get a chicken arch ;)19:41
=== ogra changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARM Discussion & Development | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Want to Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | Build a rootfs from scratch: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch | wanna cross build ? http://42.pl/u/2u8U | Natty alpha 3 at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/releases/natty/alpha-3/
* ogra fixes A2 mentioning ...19:53
ograhmm, now to find a time when to build them from crontab19:55
janimoright after/before the netbook images?19:56
ograno, right after we have kubuntu19:56
ograright before kubuntu-mobile19:56
ograah, no, thats live19:56
ograpreinstalled is after kubuntu actually19:57
ogra7me puts it on 23:45 UTC19:57
GrueMasterToo bad we can't use them as a base for ubuntu/kubuntu preinstalled images.  Seems to me we are duplicating some effort as all of these images share the same base.19:58
ograhow would you solve that ?20:00
ograthe headless image is a good testbase for debconf based oem-config20:01
ogra23:45 might not be a good idea20:02
ograthe images will always be a day behind20:03
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GrueMasterWell, ubuntu-preinstalled-headless boots past jasper.  But that's it.  No oem-config, no serial terminal.  Just a console login with a hostname of sycamore (yea, that's another bug).20:54
GrueMasterBut it is a step in the right direction.20:54
ogradid you check all consoles ?20:54
ograoem-config might come up at an unexpected one20:54
ograi'm not sure the server team tests oem-config server installs20:55
GrueMasteryep.  login in f1-f6, nothing beyond that.20:55
GrueMasterAnd serial looks the same as it does on standard images.20:55
ograi mentioned that before20:56
ograwe dont have code that switches the cmdline between images yet20:56
ograit uses the same code netbook uses atm20:56
ograno oem-äconfig is indeed bad20:57
ograi see it in the manifest20:57
ograso i wonder why it doesnt start20:57
ogracan you check if /var/lib/oem-config/run exists so we can exclude jasper from being bad20:57
GrueMasterYea, it's there.20:59
GrueMasterI'll add a test user so I can at least log in.20:59
ograor a root pw :)21:03
ogramight be that the cmdline version of ubiquity-dm is just broken21:04
amelimrsalveti, GrueMaster: I'm able to boot on the Overo using Alpha 3, an overo u-boot I compiled earlier, and x-loader-omap3-overo21:04
amelimThanks for the assist21:04
GrueMasteramelim: Cool!21:04
GrueMasterGrr.  Need to get video to not suck.  Mainly blame my HDMI switch for autoswitching to a different system on reboot.21:06
GrueMasterOk, logging in as root (after mucking with the passwd) I can launch oem-config with "start oem-config", so it must be something in upstart or init.21:09
GrueMasterAlso, didn't ask for system name.  Odd.21:10
GrueMasterOh, nevermind.  Did the network time update first.21:10
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amelim:/ Now I have to figure out why my USB peripherals aren't working...21:18
amelimThey function fine on the same hardware setup during a boot of the preflashed angstrom image21:18
rsalvetiamelim: cool21:28
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