coz_doctormo,  sorry guy did you ask me to revive that desktop background?00:50
coz_I know i just realized you had asked that and my attention was taken away from irc with family stuff00:51
coz_oh review that background00:51
coz_good day all07:49
coz_doctormo,  are you available?09:02
coz_hey all14:32
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coz_hey all18:10
coz_doctormo, `  did you want me to see something?18:10
doctormocoz_: yes I did18:10
coz_doctormo,  oh! you added a lady bug :)18:11
doctormoladybird, lady-bird! ;-)18:11
coz_doctormo,  one problem I see,,, to the right of the tree,, even though I know its meant to be a snow capped peak...it appears at first glance to be a piece of paper  to the right of the tree18:12
coz_doctormo, is th is an svg image originally?18:12
doctormocoz_: It is18:12
coz_doctormo,  a peice of paper?18:12
doctormono, it is an svg18:13
coz_oh :)18:13
coz_doctormo,  my opinion is to fill that w hie area to the right of the tree with the lightest or darkest green of the hills18:13
coz_white area rather18:13
coz_doctormo,  other than that the composition is pretty solid..18:14
coz_doctormo,  are you doing this in inkscape?18:16
coz_doctormo,  that must be painful to save ... it is slow in rendering with all of the gradients?18:17
doctormonot that many gradients, but blue in the back is a killer18:17
doctormoPut each part in a layer and switch off while I work on it18:18
doctormototal is only 100KB svg so far18:18
vishdoctormo: (since opinions are free ;p ).. you might wanna also add a hint of shadow for the tentacles..18:18
doctormono wait 1.2MB18:18
vishdoctormo: also, technically the moon cannot be visible when the sun in right next to it, its not a light source it reflects light, and the sickle-shape moon is not possible at the angle the shadow is what forms the sickle.. :)18:18
coz_doctormo,  wow  yeah dont for get to vacuum defs18:18
doctormovish: I know it's not physically possible.18:19
vishdoctormo: if you want to show the moon, you could consider the shape as not a sickle, to the other half..18:19
coz_well the composition  is pretty solid regardless of its non -naturalistic look18:19
doctormovish: Can you provide an example shape?18:19
* vish looks..18:19
coz_well the sun is shining on the correct side of the moon18:21
coz_I dont see much of a visual discrepancy here18:21
vishdoctormo: http://visual.merriam-webster.com/images/astronomy/celestial-bodies/moon/phases-moon.jpg something like the second and fourth in the bottom row..18:22
darkmatterdoctormo: interesting composition, but it's lacking a powerpuff girl ;D *ducks*18:22
coz_naked bodies18:22
coz_doctormo,  do you have something in mind for this image   Edubuntu maybe?18:23
coz_oh I see ... vish wants more realizm in an otherwise unrealistic piece :)18:24
coz_vish,  you are definitly evil dude :)18:24
vishcoz_: nah, just an opinion, i dont expect doctormo to listen to me :)18:25
vishlets just leave it as an observation, rather than a critique.. ;)18:25
coz_vish,  ok but that doesnt sound as evil :)18:26
coz_vish,  I think you will not lose that  adjective18:26
darkmattercoz_: realism in the unrealistic is awesome. I do it daily ;)18:26
vishwhere are my evil pills!18:26
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evilvishmuuhhhaaaa! :D18:27
coz_doctormo,  one thing you could "trY'  if you decide on the whole moon or not..is to set it behind the tree18:27
coz_evilvish,  lol18:27
coz_evilvish,  now I feel at home :)18:27
coz_but the main thing I see as a problem is that white portion bottom right poking out from the tree18:28
darkmatterevilvish: welcome back, I missed you! let's go barbecue some kittens and catch up :D18:29
evilvishhuh, "dark"matter , "evil"vish … maybe we are clones ;p18:31
coz_evilvish,   ah doctormo  must be editing the image as to our specifications...things are going as planned   :)18:35
evilvishoh no! people should really not be listening to me :D18:35
evilvishcoz_: do you know how to change the timing for the trailfocus compiz plugin?18:48
coz_evilvish,   ah let me check hold on18:48
evilvish it takes a couple of seconds to adjust when we bring the unfocussed window to focus.. i'm trying to see if i can have the change quicker18:48
coz_evilvish,  mm no settings in the plugin ..18:49
coz_evilvish,   of course you could go the hard way and edit the xml for that plugin18:49
coz_evilvish,  you want this slowed down ,,, more speedy??18:49
evilvishcoz_: faster.. would i have to rebuild something?18:50
coz_evilvish,  I trhink if you edit the xml and just restart compiz it should work18:50
* evilvish goes looking for the xml files..18:50
coz_evilvish,  check for the conf file also ...looking here myself18:50
coz_evilvish,  the xml should be under /usr/share/compiz18:51
coz_oo maybe the .so file as well let me open that to check18:52
evilvishcoz_: and the conf file?18:52
coz_evilvish,  well I did find the libtrailfocus.so   under /usr/lib/compiz  let me check that first18:53
doctormoYes the target is the Edubuntu wallpaper18:55
doctormoI've updated it with your suggestions18:55
coz_doctormo,  I suspected that :)18:55
doctormoAnd some of my own wrangling18:55
doctormocoz_: This was the concept they choose out of the 5 I presented to them18:55
coz_doctormo,  the biggest issue was that white area bottom right,,18:55
coz_doctormo,  ah ok  that's cool18:55
coz_doctormo,  it will work for younger kids :)18:55
coz_evilvish,  in the xml file I beieve line 185    <max>150</max>  would change the duration18:56
coz_let me make sure18:57
evilvishi think thats the number of windows to track..18:58
coz_yeah sorry18:58
evilvishlooks like the .so needs to be edited :(18:58
coz_I would think duration is in there somewhere18:58
coz_probably along with the xml18:58
coz_evilvish,  sam is probably asleep right now18:59
coz_evilvish,  well he is in austrailia and believe,, at least from this time zone it is 13 hours ahead of me18:59
coz_fo rnow 2 pm so sam is 3 am19:00
coz_evilvish,  i have not had to play with t his particular plugins xml or .so before19:00
coz_evilvish,  generally it was animations  before 0.9.x came out19:01
evilvishcoz_: ok, no worries ;)19:01
coz_evilvish,   is this 0.8 or 0.9 ?19:01
evilvishi'm still in maverick19:01
evilvishonly using VM for natty19:01
coz_evilvish,  you can install 0.9.x there with a script19:02
coz_evilvish,    git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts19:02
evilvishyea, i did think of getting compiz to 0.9 but then i just got lazy and was wondering if it might cause other problems..19:03
coz_evilvish,  just run  the ./build_compiz++  , it will then generate several more scripts in that folder ,, one for the compiz_addons++  for experimental ones19:03
evilvishcoz_: how has it been for you?19:03
coz_evilvish,  its fine  and that script will install it into /opt  so it doesnt interfere with the 0.8  installation19:03
coz_evilvish,  to start it would be  /opt/compiz++/bin/compiz++19:03
coz_evilvish,  you may find it much snappier and les resource intensive than 0.8.x19:04
evilvishcoz_: ok, so i'd need to start compiz .9 every time i boot?19:04
coz_evilvish,  one warning... it takes a fairly long time to compile19:04
coz_evilvish,  no19:04
coz_evilvish,  unless you wanted it to start up automatically19:04
coz_evilvish,  that soreau's script is about the only script I truly trust19:05
evilvishok.. :)19:05
coz_evilvish,  he is pretty diligent at keeping up with it19:06
coz_rather keeping it current19:07
evilvishhmm, deps fail :s19:08
coz_evilvish,  o019:08
darkmattercoz_: I used to use his script all the time :)19:08
coz_darkmatter,  very reliable19:08
evilvishoh wait, i had my own gtk19:08
coz_evilvish,   this is ubuntu ...yes?19:08
evilvishhehe! i had patch a gtk and the ~ppa is breaking it19:08
coz_ppapurge :)19:09
evilvishhmm, not a bad idea.. i can downgrade to stock and then again install my deb19:10
coz_evilvish,  the script should automatically detect which dependencies and install them19:11
evilvishyea it did.. but my gtk ppa was the prob :)19:11
coz_yuk    understood19:11
doctormoevilvish: At least you didn't have to build a dkms package today out of a fresh wacom kernel module :-(19:11
coz_I hate errors :)19:11
evilvishdoctormo: you still having problems with the wacom? is it fully supported yet?19:12
coz_it better be19:12
doctormoevilvish: These weren't for my problems, these were updated for other people. Lucid and Maverick kernel module upgrades19:13
doctormoI creamed a few people's wacom support by including my Makefile.19:13
coz_I would be very very angry with that :)19:13
doctormoand so I had to post a new version with that fixes and hopefully everyone will get the updated dkms today.19:13
coz_doctormo,   11.04 ?19:13
doctormoWell you can't be too angry, I'm looking after wacom-plus support for older ubuntu's. Much more than Ubuntu mainline is doing.19:14
doctormoIn my spare time, for an issue that doesn't actually effect me ;-)19:14
coz_doctormo,  oh  very nice of you19:14
doctormo10.04 and 10.10, 11.04 has the new kernel driver anyway.19:14
doctormoBasically it's to support all these newer bamboo devices that came out since 2.6.30 released.19:15
coz_doctormo,  ok yeah that I understand... I have intuos19:16
coz_so probably not effected19:16
doctormoprob not, if you find your keys cause the mouse to jump to 0,0 then you're suffering from the xorg driver bug.19:16
doctormoWhich I also fix in my ppa wacom-plus19:16
coz_doctormo,  oh I have seen on both lucid and maverick as well as natty a cursor jump like that  random it appears19:17
coz_doctormo,  then I will try your ppa19:17
doctormoWhat version of xserver-xorg-input-wacom are they shipping in natty?19:17
coz_ah  not sure let me try to check on that system19:18
coz_doctormo,  xorg-server
doctormocoz_: that's the version of xorg, what's the driver version?19:20
coz_oh wait wrong thing19:20
coz_doctormo,  1:0.10.11-ubuntu319:21
doctormoLooks like the same version as my ppa, perhaps I have a patch... although I don't think so.19:22
doctormocoz_: try it and let me know, it'll be fun to see if it fixes issues in natty. Although you should certainly report them too as a bug report.19:23
coz_doctormo,  sure no  problem... do you have ppa link?19:23
doctormoI published a natty version too, just in case19:24
coz_doctormo,  ok bookmarked,,, will try to get to it  t his evening19:24
darkmatterdamn. gotta think of a name for my wm/environment (technically a windowmanager based environment as opposed to a "omg! it's a desktop!" thingy :P)19:29
coz_darkmatter,  how about  "Darkmatter"19:30
evilvishcoz_: found the desktop team's ppa for 0.9, but does 0.9 have the show desktop plugin?  i cant see any -extra's package19:32
coz_evilvish,  well it should be in there... or the compiz ++ addons   are you not going to use the script?19:33
evilvishhehe! i'm lazy :D19:33
coz_evilvish,  the compi_addons++  script will install all of the extras and experimentals19:33
coz_evilvish,  there is quite a number of them19:33
evilvishcoz_: i tried to downgrade, but that broke the packages.. and ppa seemed easier than19:33
evilvishdowngrade the gtk19:33
coz_evilvish,  I believe there are tarballs  let me check19:34
* evilvish also looks in debian19:34
darkmattercoz_: lol. I was thinking something more "freedom inducing" n "open". since there is no "desktop" in the traditional sense (well there's the display area, which can host/embed a ton of junk, but it's decidedly not traditional), and since it's more of a "going places/doing things" mentality as opposed to "running apps" (you already know my "emotive metaphor" direction) I want something that damn near screams "I'M FREE AT LAST!"19:34
coz_evilvish,    http://lists.compiz.org/pipermail/community/2010-October/000253.html19:35
coz_wow he pushed in my icons..cool19:36
evilvishwheeee! lets see how this goes.. :D19:37
coz_evilvish,  make sure you dont install to the same directory as the 0.8.x19:37
coz_you dont want complications19:38
evilvishcoz_: i think if i do it with the ppa it will do that..19:38
coz_evilvish,  ppa for compiz 0.9?19:38
evilvishbut i'm not able to build either :(19:38
coz_evilvish,  oh no19:38
evilvishcoz_: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa19:38
coz_evilvish,  time for reinstallation19:38
evilvishcoz_: whaaaa?19:39
* evilvish stopped update ;)19:39
coz_evilvish,  doesnt look like a compiz ppa19:39
evilvishcoz_: thats from didrocks19:39
coz_evilvish,   last ppa was from sam and even he didnt suggest using it19:39
evilvishdesktop team19:39
coz_ah ok19:39
evilvish <coz_> evilvish,  time for reinstallation « this would be only for reinstallation of compiz right?19:40
coz_ah that ppa is naming the compiz-fusion-plugins-main incorrectly19:40
coz_evilvish,  no  silly,,, the entire system19:40
evilvishok.. not playing with compiz …19:41
coz_the plugins should now just be  compiz-plugins-main   compiz-plugins-extra   etc19:41
evilvishcoz_: thats how the plugins are in ubuntu19:41
coz_evilvish,    ah ok19:41
evilvishcoz_: http://releases.compiz.org/components/plugins-extra/19:41
coz_the project dropped  the "fusion" part quite a while ago19:41
evilvishwell, atleast the 0.8 ones.. so maybe he just made sure it re-wrote tbe old ones..19:42
coz_when I think back a few years about the headaches we had with the naming of the project and the in house arguing  ,, and now we are back to "compiz"19:43
evilvishheh, planet fedora is on fire! ;)19:43
coz_ok I have to break here ,, be back in about an hour hopefully less19:45
thorwilbitching about a so called "we know what's best for you" attitude is a common problem19:46
thorwilit's as if people don't get that designers *must* decide for others. there simply is no way around that19:47
evilvishactually shell has some interesting ideas, it is a start but not yet a complete concept..19:49
evilvishif people just want everything the same way, then what is gonna be changed?  we'd just have people going OOOHH ahhh over wallpapers ;p19:50
* evilvish goes back to readin thorwil's post..19:50
thorwili have no problem with people complaining about gnome shell. i might join, even. but that the criticism is presented so poorly, mixed with very dumb slogans is saddening19:52
evilvishyup.. i'm not saying shell is perfect.. :)  but yea criticism is horrid19:53
evilvishwe could just call it name calling ;p19:53
evilvishthe funny thing was someone commented on an Ubuntu bug today about Unity19:54
* evilvish finds the bugs..19:54
thorwilname calling is better, because there's no pretense of having an actual argument in it19:54
evilvishhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/715001/comments/6  one hr later he was filing another Unity bug!!!19:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 715001 in unity "DesktopMenu should have a title" [Medium,Opinion]19:56
evilvishas if Mark is going to get scared since he wants to switch to Win7 hehe!19:56
thorwilif mark can't collect enough souls, he can't transform into a super gagajin and steve ballmer might succeed instead!!!19:58
doctormothorwil: You mean Mark won't be able to go Malphas?20:19
thorwildoctormo: isn't the usual path in that direction via becoming a lawyer?20:21
doctormothorwil: No, collect 20 souls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk-S_6qt44c20:22
doctormoI enjoyed the time I went malphas and killed about 60 people, oh fun fun.20:23
doctormoLots of lovely souls, nom, nom.20:23
doctormoBy the way, have you seen this thorwil? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD5P7RsC9TI20:23
thorwildoctormo: i have, but it has been a while20:25
doctormoBill Baily is A+ in my book, his black books is great too.20:26

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