bradmhead_victim: you might want to fix the links on your forum post for the website, you've put them all as https but http://www.ubuntu.com.au doesn't do https00:29
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head_victimbradm: that'll teach me for writing it out instead of copying it :/ Thanks though03:07
head_victimGday Unresolv3d 03:10
Unresolv3dgood after noon :) head_victim 03:12
head_victimHow are you today? Can we help with anything or just dropped in to say hi :)03:13
* Unresolv3d is bored 03:14
Unresolv3dso just surfing around03:14
head_victimAh good to see though. 03:15
Unresolv3dand i found an ubuntu team :P 03:16
Unresolv3di been running ubuntu my self 03:16
Unresolv3dfor a good 3/ 4 months now03:16
Unresolv3dmaybe more03:16
Unresolv3dand love it03:16
head_victimAh welcome to the fold03:17
Unresolv3di wish i discovered ubuntu when i was younget :P03:17
head_victimWe I hope you've checked out the links in the topic, it will give you some good places for our team.03:17
head_victimYeah I know what you mean, I wish I knew I was interested in this stuff about 2 years earlier so then I could have studied it properly.03:17
Unresolv3dhaha 03:18
Unresolv3dyea i been thinking 2 go school 03:18
Unresolv3dfor linux admin work03:18
Unresolv3dand just linux in general 03:19
Unresolv3dlove the effects hehe03:19
Unresolv3du cant get bored on this os :03:19
head_victimHeaps of stuff to play with, that's what I like.03:26
head_victimThe reason I chose Ubuntu over other Linux distros is that you only have to play with what you want rather than having to play with it all just to make it work03:29
Unresolv3dyea i get ya03:36
nisshhhead_victim, when you get this, i think ive chaired the last bunch of meetings, you can chair the next one if you like07:25
head_victimnisshh: no worries sounds fine07:25
head_victimI'm in the middle of 3 emails to the list :/07:25
nisshhoh, you are around :)07:25
head_victimI hate writing so many but if you don't put separate topics on separte email threads it gets too hard to read07:25
head_victimYay now down to 1 to write this time about the release party07:30
head_victimEveryone on the mailing list is going to hate me :/ 3 emails in 30 mins.07:41
elkyhead_victim, nah07:51
bradmhead_victim: hmm, there's a small possibility that I might be able to make a release party in Brisbane if it was on 6th or 7th of May, interesting.07:51
head_victimbradm: well send back a reply saying such, you might find others agree :)07:51
head_victimWould be good to catch up, I didn't even know you were a local07:51
bradmhead_victim: I'm not :)07:52
bradmhead_victim: I'm in Rockhampton07:52
bradmhead_victim: but I'll be in Brisbane for family reasons from the 2nd May for a couple of weeks07:52
head_victimAh, I thought your launchpad said brisbane.07:52
head_victim(I just approved your application ;) )07:52
bradmyeah, I saw.07:53
bradmI used to live in Brisbane, moved to Rocky for a job07:53
bradmah, the timezone is Australia/Brisbane07:53
head_victimAhah, at least you're not one of those weird daylight savings mob :P07:53
bradmoh, no.07:53
head_victimI know there is a CQLug that is fairly heavily Ubuntu focussed, not sure if that's in Rocky or elsewhere up that way thoguh07:54
bradmyeah, its here07:55
bradmI've been vaguely involved since the start07:55
head_victimAh k cool, I just know because I konw donak organises the linux-aus lug meeting sort of thing that I lurk around in07:56
head_victimI think we've actually had a few people in here for it as well.07:56
bradmah, yes07:57
bradmanyway, time for me to wander off for a while07:58
head_victimNo worries, catch you later07:58
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blahdeblahbradm: Got a minute for a PM?23:14
bradmblahdeblah: sure, whats up?23:17
carybA minute for a red head:-)23:19

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