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mahgiaz47is ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 the latest?04:17
aveilleuxmahgiaz47: I believe so. The latest testing version, anyway. The latest stable is 10.10.04:18
mahgiaz47ya i accidently upgraded, and quite honestly some features are great but others are not that good04:20
aveilleuxmahgiaz47: How did you accidentally upgrade to 11.04? It's not in the normal upgrade path yet.04:21
mahgiaz47through terminal, it wasnt actually accidentally but i was just a little curious, then i just ended up upgrading04:22
mahgiaz47"upgrade-manager -d" in terminal04:23
nlsthznI seem unable to force apt-get to install packages it is saying it is holding back... I read the man page but none of the switches seem to do the trick04:43
holsteini usually try aptitude in that scenario04:44
nlsthznholstein: me too... forgot :p (got to go install it then :D)04:44
halpbatmandoes anyone here use tonido?05:56
bioterrorTue13:51*<halpbatman> has anyone else tried setting up ssh server?05:58
bioterrordid you install it?05:58
halpbatmani have ssh server set up05:58
halpbatmanas well as tonido05:58
halpbatmanbioterror: the problem i was having was the the dsl modem at home goes through a VoIP adaptor and then to a router06:04
halpbatmanbioterror: so the port forwarding was bit tricky06:05
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reedyyhaving trouble with Ubuntu install,installs fine but when it boots I get the terminal screen asking for my username and login..I log in but then my screen goes black and laptop does nothing :(06:43
reedyydual boot on a toshiba laptop,win 7 and ubuntu 10.1006:44
bioterrorproblems with X06:47
bioterrorcheck what you have in /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:48
bioterrorif you can enter another virtual console by pressing ctrl alt and f206:49
beachbuddahhi all - anybody got any special knowledge about cd/dvd drives07:06
yax51does anyone know anything about the asus g50 oled daemon?07:10
yax51I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10, and now I can't get my mic working, or headphone jack to work07:39
yax51I've gone through the comprehensive sound guide in the forums, but that didn't help07:40
zkriesseyax51: What type of mic/headphone?07:43
zkriesseUSB or regular plug in07:43
yax51internal mic, regular headphone jack07:44
yax51I think it might be the drivers, my card is actually a Realtek07:45
zkriesseGood man for using pastebin!07:45
zkriesseI can do some quick research07:46
yax51this isn;t my first rodeo :p07:46
zkriesseAh ok07:46
yax51I've actually just re-installed it, I had all of it working at one point, but cant remember how I did, it was a long time ago07:46
zkriesseOh ok07:47
yax51zkriesse: I ended up putting the line "options snd-hda-intel model=g71v" in the file "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf" and rebooting. This got my headphone jack working properly on my Asus g50vt-x5. Good luck!07:52
yax51Thanks, Tinka. It worked for me on Asus g50vt-x607:52
yax51I found this in the forums....going to try a reboot07:52
yax51this does look familiar....07:53
yax51ok got that going and the mic too07:58
yax51however with the mic, I can only control it via alsamixer, not in sound preferences at all07:59
zkriesseThat sucks08:02
yax51yeah, might need to tweak it a little, but I remember it was really easy, almost too easy, and I know it had to do with the model....08:03
yax51yay! got it!!08:10
yax51it WAS the model!08:10
zkriesseyax51: Awesome08:16
zkriesseyax51: Lol, not many people come here and then solve their own issues :D08:16
zkriesseyax51: Maybe you should right a doc on it or improve existing docs08:16
yax51zkriesse: I know right, but I find just giving voice to the question, and usuing others as a sounding board helps to to look at the problem differently08:18
zkriesseI find that helps...indeed it does.08:18
yax51zkriesse: mayeb I should just post a new thread on the forums.....or is there another way I should go about doing it08:18
zkriesseForums would be ideal08:19
zkriesseUnder the How-To section for sure08:19
yax51yay my first thread!!08:28
yax51now that that is taken care of, anyone know anything about asusg50oled daemon?08:29
yax51check it out it's pretty frakkin sweet!08:34
yax51I just wish there was something like that for windows08:44
* brandin just installed Redshift08:48
brandincan really see just how bad these TN panels are with this.08:48
brandinmuch better on the eyes tho.08:49
ray_I got a some what dumb question12:59
duanedesignno dumb questions, only answers13:00
ray_Is there a google free search engine13:00
ray_I mean13:00
ray_that searches for things that are only free13:00
ray_Never mind13:00
ray_I will ask a different question13:01
ray_I am a drummer13:01
ray_and I am looking for free drum samples13:01
duanedesignthere are google search sites that search Ubuntu related stuff13:02
ray_specifically roto tom samples in wave or what ever format like mp3 ogg whatever can be played through a music player13:02
duanedesignohh, you are looking for free (non software) stuff13:02
ray_I looked and looked13:02
ray_it says it's free but then I don't find what I am looking for that it says it has13:03
ray_like that bing commercial13:03
ray_anyways I really really like google13:03
ray_I don't use Bing13:03
ray_Bing = Microsoft13:04
ray_Microsoft = scammers, lol13:04
ray_he he13:04
JoeMaverickSetthttp://duckduckgo.com/ ?13:04
ray_I will check it out13:04
ray_Part of the problem is I should be limiting what the search is so "free drum samples -loops -tracks" and so forth13:06
JoeMaverickSettray_: how about http://soundcloud.com/ ?13:08
ray_Dang, at this point maybe I should just try to create my own roto tom drum samples. I have roto toms but the middle toms head broke apart from the hoop13:10
ray_it had drum tracks13:11
ray_I should try gluing the head back ti itself separate from the hoop of coarse13:11
ray_I have a garbage mic  though13:12
ray_computer mic13:12
ray_hmm, maybe I should shoot for rack tom samples13:17
ray_I was going to post this though I know you guys must know of it:13:20
ray_I found this:13:23
ray_I am going to try it13:23
ray_nope, I can't no credit card13:23
ray_well I am going to just go, thank you guys for trying13:24
ray_That's basically what I was looking for13:28
KinkyPinkieHey! I just chaged desktoptheme, and the minimize/maximize/close buttons on the windows now apear on the upper right hand side. is it any way I can hack the code to  move them back, but keep the rest of the theme?13:50
ray_I am not sure, I was looking for how to move them to the right:13:52
ray_however, I like clearlooks so it didn't matter to me in the end but I understand13:53
KinkyPinkiethank you :)13:54
ray_no problem13:55
KinkyPinkieI heard that in future versions they are going to make app-panel in the top right corner, so I woulnt want to get used to having them there again :p13:55
ray_I want more features for themes13:55
ray_I want to change the purple to black13:56
ray_with white as the Ubuntu and the Ubuntu logo13:56
ray_or have the ability with ease to be able to change it to any color like blue or slightly darker blue or some color13:57
KinkyPinkiei got this theme today http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?action=content&content=87004 apart from messing up sytaxhilighting in eclipse i totally love it13:57
ray_gloss whould be a nice added feature for any color any kind of theme13:57
ray_With icon themes I just drag and drop them into themes under apprearance13:58
ray_I didn't know this but in order to get Emerald themes to work I had to have compiz fusion13:59
ray_just sharing some info13:59
ray_It makes installing icon themes a breeze, in fact I don't know how to install icon themes otherwise14:00
KinkyPinkiecompizfuison looks a bit facier than what i managed to do with compizconfig (source google pictures) am I right?14:01
ray_what does facier mean?14:01
KinkyPinkieand round cube14:02
ray_I found compiz fusion to be too much of a resource hog so I stopped usingit14:02
KinkyPinkiei just managed to get mine to turn fullscreen14:02
bioterrorhorrible compiz cube14:02
bioterrorI've never seen the benefit of that14:03
bioterrorexcept it looks cool in the eyes of 14 year old kid14:03
KinkyPinkiehaha true14:03
bioterroryou spin it around two itmes and ditch it14:03
KinkyPinkiestill I like to play around with everything I can possibly play with :p14:04
ray_Ya, I can control which workspace I am in without compiz14:04
bioterrorI have better use for my graphics card ;)14:04
ray_I used compiz fusion to display a movie on my TV screen through an s-video cord and a video game on my monitor14:05
KinkyPinkieI dont atm :/14:05
ray_I agree bioterror14:05
ray_I can get twin view without it and  don't need independent screens, and there are workspaces for that if needed anyway14:06
ray_I am looking for an icon theme like the brave blue theme for splash, this is a wallpaper which looks like it:14:12
ray_oops I meant GDM theme14:14
ray_I guess it's not on gnome look anymore14:16
ray_I still have a copy14:16
ray_I need to chill14:17
jsk_I have a problem with grub. it is loading a grub file I can not find any where14:45
jsk_I have tried grubedit but that edits a grub file but when I reboot the system boot on to the grub I can not find14:47
bioterrorI'm not following14:48
jsk_My problem is the grub loader14:48
rajuhave u failed on grub loading14:49
jsk_No, the system boot from a grub file I can not find to edit14:50
rajuare you doing it from root14:50
jsk_No. I can not get root privilege14:51
rajuthen you can't edit it14:51
rajuu should be root ....14:52
jsk_I am using Grubedit14:52
jsk_Grugedit finds a grub file and edits it but it is not the grub file the system is using14:53
rajujsk_: http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/2007/05/ubuntu-how-to-edit-grub-boot-parameters.html14:53
jsk_Thanks I will give it a try now14:54
szczurmenu.lst is no longer in use since ubuntu 9.10 . The correct path will be /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:58
jsk_so I need to edit grub.cfg ?14:58
rajuszczur:  but we need to be root14:59
rajujsk_: Yes14:59
szczuryes, he needs to be root14:59
jsk_can I use gksudo14:59
rajuszczur:  but he have not root privis15:00
szczursudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg should give him one15:00
rajuno root privil's15:00
jsk_I will try now and come back to you.15:01
rajujsk_: u should be root15:01
szczuryou can become root with sudo su15:01
szczurthen he can edit anything15:01
bioterrorszczur, I would suggest just sudo15:03
raju- jsk_, 20:21 -15:03
rajuNo. I can not get root privilege15:03
bioterror!sudo | jsk_15:03
ubot2jsk_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:03
jsk_I have looked at Grub.cfg and it said do not edit this file?15:05
bioterrorunless you know what you're editing15:06
bioterrorcan you tell us what you're trying to do15:06
rajujsk_:  its for security15:06
rajujsk_:  what you wanna fo ?15:07
bioterrorgrub is something not to mess with, becouse then you come where complaining you cant access your ubuntu :D15:07
jsk_My motherboard packed up so I am using an old one and when I boot it up I could not get anything15:08
rajuis it a good one jsk_15:09
jsk_I have ubuntu 9 and 10 = windows xp and 2 HD15:09
jsk_I can get to 1 HD and no windows and my wife OU work in on windows15:10
jsk_OU = Open University15:11
bioterrorare you trying to say that you want to boot to windows?15:11
bioterrorsudo apt-get install os-prober15:12
bioterrorsudo os-prober15:12
bioterrorsudo grub-update15:12
bioterrorsudo reboot15:12
jsk_I see15:12
jsk_I will be back. thank you all15:13
jsk_I tried the os-prober and I get E: Invalid operation15:23
jsk_could I change the grub.cfg for a copy a file I know I has the right list15:26
jsk_I have nothing more to lose.15:28
bioterrormake copy of your current grub.cfg15:29
jsk_is this chat line open for what some might call really stupid questions15:30
jsk_I have 2 copys15:30
jsk_I have to keep going back to windows because I can not get some apps to work or they load and I can not find them15:34
jsk_I have a Velleman K8055 USB interface board. I down loaded the files and installed it but can not find where.15:38
johnny77jsk_: What apps are you having trouble with?15:38
jsk_johnny77_ the main one is the K8055 board15:39
johnny77jsk_: I'm not familiar with that applcation. What does it do?15:40
jsk_johnny77_ it is an experiment board for connecting the computer to the out side world15:42
jsk_I am using it for a MIDI controller15:43
jsk_If I could controll it with Gambas as I do with Visual Studio on windows that would make my world complete.15:44
johnny77jsk_: I'm not sure what you've tried and honestly, I'me not sure how much I can help you. I did find this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166013615:46
jsk_I did not see that one. thanks15:48
johnny77jsk_: How bout this one? http://gambaslinux.eg2.fr/articles.php?lng=en&pg=28915:49
jsk_johnny77_That looks good too. I will go and try changing the grub.cfg file and get my wife up for work.15:50
jsk_Chat to you all later. thanks once again15:51
johnny77jsk_: I'm sorry that I can't help you more... just out of my area of knowledge. But hang around there are a lot of smart people here. maybe try again later.15:51
jsk_johnny77_ OK15:51
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ShoryuTrying to find out how to use bootpd without making it a DHCP server. Its screwing with the DHCP server already on our network... help please? Any way to separate DHCP and BOOTP?16:49
bioterrorShoryu, good question16:57
Shoryuyeah it would be convenient to not have to go and start bootp on the server whenever i need to setup a machine16:59
bioterrormy pfSense supports configuration to point PXE to another machine17:00
Shoryui'm back17:04
Shoryui didn't miss a response did I ?17:04
bioterrorhttp://www.linuxgurru.com/2010/11/how-to-boot-system-from-network/ maybe I'll try that tonight17:05
bioterroras I have pfSense at my home17:05
Shoryuah thanks17:08
kristian-aalborghi all17:40
kristian-aalborgis it possible to download a kernel somewhere that supports apm? I'm not too good at building them17:40
bfvtechhow to get mouse to left click18:00
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johnny77I'm having trouble with flash plugin and chromium. chromium is crasshing in a bus error.20:22
ddecatori'm not sure how to help with chromium. isn't flash built-in now?20:23
bioterrorin chrome yes20:25
bioterrornot in chromium20:25
ddecatorwell either way, i'm not sure how to work with chromium20:25
johnny77bioterror: which browser you use, if you don't mind me asking.20:27
johnny77bioterror: I'm thinking that you where telling me the tracking stuff added to chrome.20:29
dArKd3ViL_difference between fix released and fix committed?20:39
yax51hello, does anyone know anything about nvclock?22:18
yax51I am trying to install nvclock, and when I go through the installation process it says that it needs xext22:49
yax51so I go to synaptic and search for xext and it finds x11proto-xext-dev so I installed that22:50
yax51but when I go back to the installation it still says that xext is missing22:51
yax51am I missing a step here somewhere to install xext?22:51
johnny77yax51: how are you installing nvclock?22:53
yax51johnny77: according to the install doc, running autogen.sh, then configure22:54
johnny77yax51: I just tried to install nvclock and it installed with no problem and not requiring anything else. What install doc are you refering to?22:56
yax51but when I get to the configure portion its checking for xext and I get the error message "xext required for nvcontrol support"22:56
yax51the basic installation directions22:57
yax51would you be able to walk me through what you did? maybe I am doing something wrong22:58
johnny77I'm not sure where you are getting the install directions. But I just typed in the terminal sudo apt-get install nvclock22:59
johnny77yax51: does this help any? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17543623:01
johnny77yax51: I would try to download it with the command I gave you, then configure as it says in the link.23:04
davidl_quick question for anyone out there...  I want to add an interface to /etc/network/interfaces (in this case eth1).  I want it to operate in promiscuous mode w/no IP address.  trying to figure out what the iface cmd is...23:05
yax51ok thanks!23:05
johnny77yax51: let me know if that works.23:06
yax51which version are you running? maybe the newest one doesn't like me?23:07
johnny77I'm not running nvclock. I just was trying to recreate the error you were getting by trying to install.23:08
johnny77yax51: where did you get your install instructions?23:08
yax51from the nvclock0.8b4 package23:09
davidl_think I may have figured it out...  http://goo.gl/on4H4  does this look right?23:10
johnny77yax51: I noticed there was a IRC channel #nvclock Maybe they can help you better over there.23:12
yax51oooh thanks!!23:12
johnny77yax51: sorry I couldn't help you more.23:13
yax51its ok, thanks!!23:22
yax51apparently my card isn't supported my nvclock23:23
johnny77yax51: sorry, man.23:37
Reaper50435I need help I have done something that has make my wallpaper not show up at all23:58

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