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dArKd3ViL_can anyone help me with pushing bzr branch ?18:53
abhinav-dArKd3ViL_,  what is the problem ?18:55
dArKd3ViL_i downloaded a branch,18:56
dArKd3ViL_then, bzr branch <folder name> <bug name>18:56
dArKd3ViL_cd <bug name>18:56
dArKd3ViL_made the changes18:56
dArKd3ViL_bzr commit18:56
dArKd3ViL_and then when I push:18:57
dArKd3ViL_it says No such project18:57
abhinav-what url u use for pushing ?18:57
dArKd3ViL_bzr push lp:~myid/foldername/bugname18:58
abhinav-and u branched from an Ubuntu package ?18:58
dArKd3ViL_i downloaded the branch18:59
abhinav-i think you did: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/packagename ?18:59
dArKd3ViL_bzr branch lp:packagename19:00
dArKd3ViL_no ubuntu19:00
abhinav-ah ok19:01
dArKd3ViL_because the location was lp:packagename19:01
abhinav-well, I am not sure about it then. in Ubuntu development, they say to use debcommit instead of bzr commit for the first time. It automatically sets up some values. and then we can use bzr push lp:packagename/branchname to push the changes19:03
abhinav-did you attend the ubuntu developer week ?19:03
dArKd3ViL_that's when i tried it first19:03
dArKd3ViL_it worked19:04
dArKd3ViL_debcommit is for upstream commit19:04
abhinav-how ?19:07
dArKd3ViL_bzr push lp:~myid/<lp branch-location >/bugname19:07
dArKd3ViL_sko basically its not package name that u put after myid..19:08
dArKd3ViL_its the branch location19:08
dArKd3ViL_from launchpad19:08
dArKd3ViL_@abhinav: thnx man!19:09
meetingologydArKd3ViL_: Error: "abhinav:" is not a valid command.19:09
abhinav-yeah, right. :)19:09
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GOG_alguem do brasil?20:11
ubot2Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.20:12
macoGOG_: /join #ubuntu-br20:22
dArKd3ViL_difference between fix committed and fix released?20:36

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