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kim0hallyn: another thing, couldn't get audio to work. When using ac97 card, spicec disconnects with "Warning: Invalid mode". When using es1370 card, it boots, and windows update installed its drivers, however still no audio is output00:19
* kim0 reboots brain00:19
kim0might be best to update to 0.8 and re-test00:26
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koolhead17|afkkim0, hellos04:21
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Kyle__Does a proper UEC setup need to have two (or more) different subnets?  I ask because I have asimple setup, and it _seems_ OK, but I can only connect to the VMs from the master-node of the cloud/cluster.16:29
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kim0Howdy everyone18:01
kim0Any new members around, feel free to ping me18:02
kim0Kyle__: hey, so the min setup is 2 machines, which to me means one subnet besides the public network18:03
jahil1is there any training/certification for ubuntu-cloud18:12
kim0thesheff17_:  hey18:13
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kim0jahil1: are you looking for professional training18:14
kim0yes there is18:14
kim0let me find the link18:14
kim0jahil1: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/training/course-descriptions18:16
kim0scroll down to the bottom18:17
kim0jahil1: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/training/course-descriptions/deploying-enterprise-cloud18:17
kim0jahil1: are you already using UEC ?18:18
jahil1we are using it for our development env18:19
thesheff17_kim0: hello18:19
kim0thesheff17_: Hi there18:19
kim0thesheff17_: are you new in #ubuntu-cloud ?18:21
thesheff17_kim0: this is the first time I have been in this irc chat room but I have been using ubuntu & KVM virtualization for years.18:21
kim0thesheff17_: ah a guru in disguise :)18:21
kim0jahil1: I'm interested to learn more about how you're using UEC if that's ok18:22
thesheff17_I am systems admin for small tech company located in Chicago....money is tight UEC takes are of using every available resource we own.18:25
thesheff17_*takes care18:25
jahil1basically we are one of biggest broadcaster in middle east - we normally need short term websites for various competitions promos etc - from our development environment we build our custom ami as per hour need18:26
kim0thesheff17_: that's great indeed18:26
thesheff17_One area I'm interested in learning more is if people are running UEC on top of the amazon EC2 cloud just for testing.18:26
jahil1before i was doing manually bootstarop and build ami18:26
kim0thesheff17_: you mean like http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2010/10/cloud-on-cloud-uec-on-ec2.html18:27
kim0jahil1: interesting, I'm based in the middle-east as well :)18:27
kim0jahil1: are you familiar with cloud-init18:28
jahil1still ami build process is little bit complicated for thats why i was looking for training18:28
kim0jahil1: that might help you dynamically configure an instance as it boots18:28
jahil1not really i saw in your blog18:28
kim0jahil1: the idea is not to build a different AMI every time you need some different website18:29
kim0jahil1: instead you supply instructions to the VM as it boots, on how to "Set itself up"18:29
jahil1is it like user-data script for aws?18:29
kim0jahil1: cloud-init is built on top of user-data18:30
kim0with it .. you can install software, import ssh keys, run random scripts, install boot jobs ...etc18:30
kim0jahil1: what is different between the different images you create18:31
kim0I mean is it only a few php files for example18:31
jahil1not really for some projects we need ruby/rail stack - for some lamp and sometime django18:32
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kim0jahil1: while those might seem "too different" it probably isn't18:32
kim0just a few different packages installed18:33
kim0If you're interested in exploring modularizing and automating your workflow, I'd help18:33
jahil1can you give me some hints what we can do with cloud-init where user-date cannot do it18:34
kim0jahil1: how exactly are you using user-data now18:36
kim0gfmty: howdy18:38
gfmtyI would like to know about UEC pricing18:38
kim0not my speciality, but I'll try to help18:38
jahil1we have base images for different distributions while creating instance we provide user-data to make our lives easy18:39
kim0nijaba: might be able to help too I think18:39
gfmtycurrently we're using aws but would like to try uec18:39
gfmtybut I can't find pricing info in the website like aws18:39
kim0gfmty: UEC is free to download and use18:40
kim0are you asking about support ? or just usage18:40
jahil1we also have some custom repositories for legacy packages which current distro's dont have like php 5.1 etc18:40
kim0jahil1: well if you're running custom scripts to configure everything. Well, custom scripts can do everything indeed, cloud-init is just a cleaner more modular way to enfore customizations18:41
kim0smoser might have some comments on the topic as well18:41
kim0gfmty: is that ok?18:42
gfmtywhat I mean is, in aws you pay hourly for a determinated instance type, so I would like to know what instance types and pricing is available at UEC18:43
kim0gfmty: you do understand that you run UEC on your own hardware right ? so there is no one else to pay :)18:43
kim0gfmty: if you are the provider, you can put your own custom payment rules18:44
gfmtyoh I see18:45
gfmtythat helps18:45
kim0cool :)18:45
gfmtythanks kim018:45
kim0most welcome18:45
gfmtyhave a great day18:45
kim0you too18:45
Kyle__kim0: So two different networks minimum, one for the nodes that run the cluster, and one "public" network for the vms to be accessed on?18:47
Kyle__(sorry was AFK)18:47
kim0Kyle__: yeah that makes sense to me18:47
kim0Kyle__: knowing that CLC DNATs connections back n forth, they'd have to be different subnets18:48
kim0Kyle__: note that I'm talking about the default networking mode18:48
kim0there are other modes, but then they aren't very well supported18:48
Kyle__kim0: Ah.  So I need to use a different network if I wont this to work right?18:48
kim0Kyle__: yeah, just plug all nodes into a switch :)18:49
kim0CLC should plug into both networks18:49
* kim0 is no UEC expert, just trying to be helpful :)18:49
Kyle__Hey, I'm far from expert myself, hence why I'm here.18:50
kim0Kyle__: what are you building with UEC18:52
Kyle__kim0: a test-cluster, for students to experience using a cloud.18:55
kim0Kyle__: sounds great!18:56
kim0Kyle__: are you guys teaching something that relates t ocloud18:57
Kyle__kim0: Seminar class in cloud computing.  Covered mapreduce, movign towards proper clouds, then letting the students loose on projects using one, the other, or both.19:00
kim0Kyle__: might wanna let your students know about Ubuntu Cloud Days https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays19:01
kim0it's basically IRC sessions about everything cloud/ubuntu19:01
kim0actually, if someone would like to hold a session, I'd be happy to help :)19:01
Kyle__Thank you.  Reading now :)19:02
kim0Kyle__: if any of your students would be interested in working on a reallife cloud tool .. read this one too :) http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2011/03/cloud-python-hackers-wanted.html19:04
kim0again I'd be happy to help get them kickstarted19:04
kim0Kyle__: btw such a tool is bite-sized, so basically quite adequate for someone still starting19:07
kim0awesome, let your students come bug me any time :)19:08
kim0Kyle__: why the Hum :)19:11
Kyle__Digging through the settings instead of re-installing on my little cluster.19:12
kim0good luck :)19:13
nijabakim0: how can I help?19:25
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navanjrwhat is the trick to getting windows server 2008 running? is it necessary to bundle a bootdisk even if my kernel image boots?20:27
kim0nijaba: nvm, thanks :)21:32
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