jcastrocjohnston: hey00:34
jcastrowrt. your partitions showing up in unity bug report ^00:34
doctormonigelb: ready?01:53
doctormonigelb: Myabe we'll play tomorrow or next week?04:07
nigelbdoctormo: oh, sorry sorry05:32
nigelbdoctormo: I got everything installed yesterday05:32
nigelbdoctormo: but last night I was meeting Riddell and Nightrose and the whole KDE gang.  They're here for conf.kde.in05:32
nigelbended up getting back home close to midnight05:33
nigelboh, boy, app dev week is coming!05:59
kim0Morning folk07:47
nigelbmorning kim0, ara :)07:57
kim0nigelb: hey :)07:58
aramorning all!07:58
kim0ara: morning o/07:59
dpmgood morning all08:15
kim0dpm: morning :)08:18
dpmhey kim0!08:18
kim0dholbach: o/08:33
dholbachgood morning08:33
dholbachhey kim008:33
dpmmorgen dholbach!08:35
nigelbhey dholbach \o/08:39
dholbachhi dpm, hey nigelb08:39
nigelbconf.kde.in :D08:39
nigelbmet all the kde geeks last night :D08:40
dholbachhey huats09:25
huatsmorning everyone09:25
huatshello dholbach !09:25
kim0bleh :)09:49
dpmKicking off UADW, could someone give a hand spreading the word for the call of sessions on the Internets?10:35
czajkowskiwill do10:40
* dpm hugs czajkowski10:40
kim0o/ I need help too :) Ubuntu Cloud Days is even closer10:43
kim0http://twitter.com/#!/ubuntucloud/status/45433509040488448  http://identi.ca/notice/6652970010:43
kim0Please RT the hell out of it .. Thanks10:43
Pendulumkim0: done10:45
kim0Pendulum: Thanks :)10:45
kim0czajkowski: thanks :)10:51
czajkowskikim0: np10:51
nigelbdone :D11:18
kim0nigelb: :)11:37
dpmI think we should change the #uds hashtag to something like #ubuntuds or something along those lines. Most of the tweets on http://summit.ubuntu.com/ are totally unrelated11:59
czajkowskidpm: aye we';ve said it before11:59
czajkowskiit's not gneric enough to UDS11:59
czajkowskiit picks up crap/spam11:59
popeyI personally think it should just be #ubuntu11:59
* czajkowski loves #locoteams :) 12:00
czajkowskislightly biased mind you12:00
dpmyeah, #locoteams looks good on the LD :)12:00
czajkowskiit does doesn't it :D12:01
m4n1shwho is handling ApplicationDeveloperWeek?12:28
nigelbdpm I guess12:28
nigelbbut its a wiki, if you want to take a session, just add your name12:28
dpmm4n1sh, nigelb yeah, feel free to add or suggest a session. If you've got any questions, I'll be glad to help12:29
m4n1shdpm: added one12:29
nigelberr, there was a prep page....12:30
dpmnigelb, m4n1sh, that's fine, I was recommending using the timetable as well12:31
m4n1shdpm: yeah. I am not in city on monday12:32
m4n1shand having a very late session is tough for me12:32
dpmm4n1sh, thanks a lot for signing up for the session!12:32
dpmyeah, pick up the slot that suits you best then12:32
duanedesignmorning all12:38
kim0duanedesign: morning12:52
nigelbok --> https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite#_security12:53
duanedesignnigelb: i started a sandbox page for the Parental Control wiki page. I have one more person helping with it. A mentee on the Beginners team interested in doing wiki work12:57
nigelbduanedesign: yay13:02
nigelbduanedesign: I'm meeting up all the kde geeks again today13:02
Pendulumnigelb: are you going to start using kubuntu then? :P13:10
nigelbPendulum: I think they might all convince me :p13:11
nigelbI switched on my laptop and they go --> OMG! Gnome :P13:12
m4n1shnigelb: you trolled them :P13:12
nigelbm4n1sh: nah, I got trolled!13:13
m4n1shso basically you tried to troll them and got trolled :)13:13
nigelbI wanted to copy stuff, or else I'd have left it in a corner13:14
m4n1shI wanted to attend kdeconf13:14
nigelbme too :(13:14
m4n1shbut too much work13:14
nigelbat least I got to attend the before-party last night ;)13:14
m4n1shnigelb: called by whom?13:14
nigelb(actually, sort of organize it, but meh)13:14
nigelbm4n1sh: no one, we all went there and decided we'll all go out for dinner and that was the party :P13:15
m4n1shwho all went where?13:15
m4n1shyou were with whom? Surya?13:15
nigelbnah, shadeslayer and Riddel13:15
nigelband Hobbes`13:15
m4n1shthey are in Bangalore?13:15
nigelboh, and tazz13:15
m4n1shyou should have called me13:15
nigelbwhich world are you in13:15
nigelbwe planned this all over IRC13:16
m4n1shwhich channel?13:16
m4n1sh##linux-india or #ubuntu-in ?13:16
m4n1shI didnt notice :(13:16
m4n1shnigelb: you have to participate in global jam13:17
m4n1shwe in #u-i are having high hopes from you13:17
m4n1shesp Nitesh13:17
nigelbm4n1sh: depends on work, but I'll be on IRC anyway for sure13:17
m4n1shwhy? its on sat and sunday13:17
nigelbYes, but sometimes they decide to screw you over :|13:18
m4n1shmeeting on monday  9 IST13:18
m4n1shask shadeslayer to attend it too13:18
m4n1shUGJ also includes Kubuntu13:19
doctormoLooks like planet ubuntu is broken :-(13:30
kim0doctormo: yeah, not updating for me13:58
mhall119someone hacked the planet?14:02
mhall119....sorry, couldn't resist....14:02
kim0bleh, the new flash beta is only 32bit .. is Adobe living under a rock15:32
nigelbhah, I switched to 32 bit Ubuntu a long time because of these issues :p15:35
dholbachhey jono15:47
jonohey dholbach15:48
dholbachjono, kim0, jcastro, dpm: 2m?15:58
jcastroI AM ALL SET!15:58
czajkowskijcastro: I'M NOT DEAF15:58
jcastrooh sorry15:58
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 15:58
jonodholbach, yup15:59
dpmdholbach, yep!15:59
dholbachgo go go :)16:00
duanedesigndholbach: you did your dj set last night? How was it?16:47
dholbachduanedesign, no, not last night - I'll play at the GNOME 3 release party on April 8th16:47
duanedesigndholbach: hehe, dont know wht i thought las night16:48
dholbachno worries :)16:49
dholbachmaybe I'll record it16:49
dholbachlet's see16:49
duanedesignthat would be neat16:49
duanedesigni have trouble finding people to play music with16:50
dholbachI put up some of my mixtapes on my blog16:50
dholbachthere's a page for it (not on planet ubuntu, etc.)16:50
nigelbyes yes16:50
dholbachnot sure if it's your cup of tea though :)16:50
duanedesigncomputer technology has helped a lot. Now you can create your fellow musicians :)16:50
nigelb<3 mixtapes16:51
nigelb<3 dholbach's mixtapes16:51
duanedesigndholbach: i will look. I am very open when it some to music.16:51
duanedesigni have not put up anything new in awhile, but i put a few samples of some electronic music i made up on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/fogomusic16:58
dholbachnice, I'll take a look later on16:59
* dholbach now calls it a day16:59
dholbachhave a great rest of your day and see you all tomorrow16:59
* dholbach hugs you all17:00
cjohnstonjcastro: just heard the boom boom of Discovery coming home.. Another cool thing about living in FL!17:01
duanedesigncjohnston: cool. There was once not too long ago it flew over the central U.S. and you could hear it here in Tulsa17:03
cjohnstonduanedesign: thats awesome.. the one that was lost back like 8 years ago was pretty far north too17:04
czajkowskiakgraner: seen AW yet ?17:05
duanedesigncjohnston: i have a person joining the Beginners team who is interested in web development. I know you work on a lot of similar stuff. Can you recommend any projects that might need help?17:06
cjohnstonwhat type of web dev? loco directory summit hall of fame always need help... django and python mostly17:06
duanedesigncjohnston: ok, cool. Anything with PHP and/or javascript.17:07
cjohnstontheres the community themes which are html... there isnt much thats php.. wordpress and drupal are php, so maybe those themes, but there isn't huge amounts of work17:08
cjohnstonif he is interested in learning python/django he can play with us and we will get him started17:08
cjohnstonI didnt know django when i started17:08
cjohnstoni still dont17:08
duanedesigni have been learning django so i might check out the loco directory summit hall of fame17:09
cjohnstonplease.. we can always use help17:09
duanedesigncjohnston: awesome. thank you much17:10
cjohnstonwe are always looking for help, and willing to teach17:10
greg-ghuh, appears some email were in a queue for ubuntu-devel that just came through17:43
nigelbmoderation queue17:44
greg-gyeah, I guess some people forgot to join the list :)17:45
nigelbgreg-g: ubuntu-devel doesn't let you post unless you're member of ~ubuntu-dev17:46
nigelbthere are a few exceptions that cjwatson's added for people who mail often but aren't ~ubuntu-dev yet17:47
greg-gohhhh, huh, I didn't know that17:50
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AlanBell18:04 < AlanBell> squinky: is planet.ubuntu.com a known issue?18:09
AlanBell18:05 < squinky> AlanBell: uh, no18:09
AlanBell18:05 < squinky> AlanBell: what's wrong with it?18:09
AlanBellthat has now been reported18:09
kim0gah I did mention it a few hours back18:11
AlanBellyup, and I mentioned it in #canonical-sysadmin, but they don't look at scrollback there it seems18:12
AlanBell18:12 < squinky> AlanBell: ok, I've dislodged it.  It should update in the next 15-30 min18:12
nigelbAlanBell: lol, dislodged.18:15
AlanBellnot much news on a wiki upgrade though, apparently it is hard, and possibly being worked on18:21
nigelbAlanBell: yeah, I asked elmo18:22
nigelbthe situation is rather difficult18:22
AlanBellin what way?18:22
nigelbcustom patches18:23
nigelbnot merged upstream18:23
AlanBellmeh, it is all python18:23
nigelbbut apt-get would fail18:23
nigelband an actual python openid + moinmoin person would need to overlook18:23
AlanBellonly stuff like openID has been hacked in18:23
nigelbyeah, the openID bit is the troublesome one18:24
AlanBellprobably not done that way, but it is only going to be that much code18:25
AlanBelland there are probably nicer ways of doing it by now anyway18:26
=== vish is now known as evilvish
AlanBellmight be better integration possibilities using oauth rather than openid18:27
AlanBellor maybe not as it should use canonical-identity-provider at login.ubuntu.com really18:30
nigelbAlanBell: see PM18:38
* nigelb hugs AlanBell 18:55
nigelb"< AlanBell> if you want me to come to millbank and help then do give me a shout"18:55
AlanBellplanet is fixed19:15
doctormoAlanBell: Great, I just delayed my blog to wait for the fix19:29
doctormoAlanBell: OAuth is great for site-to-site authorization, openid is good for site-to-site authentication.19:30
doctormoBoth are pretty problematic on the desktop.19:30
AlanBellalthough the python launchpad lib thing works ok19:33
AlanBellalthough I guess you have plenty of experience having jumped through all the hoops for groundcontrol19:34
czajkowskiit takes far too long to get home20:48
czajkowskiwhen it only takes 30 mins driving20:48
czajkowskiam pooped!20:48
macosurvey on women in open/participatory tech/culture:  http://adainitiative.org/projects/census/  men's and others' opinions welcome as well21:02
doctormoczajkowski: The jobs of England?21:22
jcastro<-- quick break21:23
doctormojcastro: Does that mean you're leaving irc or coming to chat?21:23
jcastroit means if I'm unresponsive I went out for chocolate. :)21:31
jcastro<-- back21:31
doctormojcastro: How's your day going?21:32
jcastrogood good21:35
jcastroanother new unity contributor today so thumbs up21:35
doctormojcastro: Still got contributors agreement restrictions?21:43
jcastropeople have to agree to the CLA, yes21:43
doctormojcastro: Have you complained at all about that? It's annoying as hell no being able to work on unity.21:44
doctormobtw, all who like art: draft edubuntu wallpaper http://divajutta.com/doctormo/art/edu/perspective.png21:44
jcastrodoctormo: other than people saying "I don't like CLA in general" I haven't had anyone who has contributed to Unity give any feedback (positive or negative) about the CLA21:45
doctormojcastro: I don't like the CLA in specific, I can't contribute, it'll never get into gnome, and it's just bloody stupid.21:45
doctormoOf course if you're going to select only people who can contribute, I'm sure you'll find less of a problem.21:46
jcastroI don't know what you want me to do about it, you know where to complain as much as I or the next person would21:46
doctormoI was trying to see if you were in support personally. I care about what you think.21:47
jcastroI'm not a lawyer21:47
jcastroI tend to not have opinions about things like that21:47
jcastroI don't really have opinions about licenses either21:47
doctormojcastro: Do you vote?21:47
jcastroof course21:47
doctormoBut you're not a politician.21:48
jcastroright, and I also don't talk about politics21:48
doctormoYes, like leftyfb, oh well. If the community team can't put pressure on Mark about the CLA, who will.21:49
jcastroyou have his email address, tell him21:50
jcastroyou don't think that people inside canonical haven't expressed their opinion (one way or the other) about CLA to management?21:51
doctormoI know various people who have.21:52
jcastrodoctormo: Unity Places are all your own code, they don't fall under CLA21:58
jcastroI mean, if you were to make your own unity place rather21:58
AlanBellI was going to ask that very question, thanks jcastro22:08
doctormojcastro: And package it, yes, plugins are fun.22:15
jcastrodoctormo: it all quicklyable22:19
jcastrothough it needs to be updated22:19
cjohnstonjcastro: could you please confirm that bug #709395 is fix released23:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 709395 in ubuntu-website "uds.ubuntu.com needs the use the Ubuntu font" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70939523:28
* AlanBell sees Lucida Grande23:31
AlanBellthere is some ubuntu font on the front page23:32
cjohnstonim not good with css.. AlanBell can you look into how to fix it?23:41
cjohnstonoh.. well. I see where it is23:42
cjohnstonI guess I can just change it to what LD uses.. thanks AlanBell23:42
mhall119does uds.u.c use the light-wordpress-theme?23:53

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