silver-- my ftp client . had a problem to connection on SSL explicit..     i tried with several servers..and  always the same problem.. i  can connect without any problem.. but  the folders listing not working00:03
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* kenvandine hugs chrisccoulson for the awesome dbusmenu fix!02:41
kenvandine3 line patch fixed at least 3 bugs!02:42
kenvandinechrisccoulson == hero!02:42
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kenvandinechrisccoulson, lets make that 4 bugs fixed in that 3 line patch!03:23
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robert_ancellRAOF, does this look familiar? http://imgur.com/QkB1j05:04
RAOFMmmm, static.05:04
RAOFWhat did you do to get this?05:04
RAOFIt looks basically like your card is trying to scan out from totally uninitialised memory, such as you might find after a sufficiently cold reboot.05:05
robert_ancellit happens after a while of usage, possibly related to interacting with the unity dock05:07
robert_ancellit used to happen within a minute of running in Unity, I thought it was fixed, but I just triggered it then05:08
robert_ancellalways the same pattern, and it flickers like white noise05:08
robert_ancellit also flashes to black every minute or so like it's trying to change mode05:08
RAOFIt flickers?  Hm.05:09
RAOFGah.  I thought those flashes were fixed!  (It's a kernel bug)05:09
robert_ancellI don't get the problem if I run metacity05:09
RAOFThe flashing-to-black, or the crazy static?05:09
robert_ancellonce it displays like this I have to do a hard reboot05:10
RAOFOk.  Then the flash to back is not what I was thinking of.05:10
RAOFDoes dmesg or Xorg.0.log have anything interesting?05:10
RAOF(This is radeon, right?)05:11
robert_ancellradeon, yes05:12
robert_ancellnothing in dmesg (but this is after a reboot, so shouldn't be right?)05:13
RAOFRight.  You'd need to ssh in to grab dmesg.05:14
RAOFOf course, just to make this easier, dmesg is more likely to contain interesting stuff :)05:14
robert_ancellXorg.*.log doesn't contain anything interesting05:14
RAOFIt'd be .log.old if you've restarted.\05:14
RAOFBut if there's something there it's likely to be less interesting than what's in dmesg.05:15
RAOFYeah, nothing particularly smoking-gun.05:18
RAOFInteresting that Synaptics seems to be complaining at the end; possibly this is the kernel going totally mental and confusing multiple things?05:19
robert_ancellyeah, that looked odd to me too05:21
robert_ancellalso, why the RADEON entry so late after the first ones?05:22
RAOFThat'll be something probing RandR05:22
RAOFCausing radeon to probe the EDID of the lvds display.  Which, unsurprisingly, won't have changed.05:23
* RAOF goes out to collect his car from the servicəååšlccc55505:29
didrocksgood morning07:24
kenvandinegood morning didrocks07:25
didrockshey kenvandine :)07:25
RAOFHeydi ho, didrocks07:29
pittiGood morning07:34
pittihey didrocks07:34
pittihello RAOF07:34
RAOFHey there pitti!07:35
didrockshey RAOF, pitti!07:40
pittididrocks: I think I can work on bug 723782 next week; is that early enough?07:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 723782 in gnome-session "Finalize gnome-session fallback detection" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72378207:41
didrocksactually, having the notifications on the second monitor is quite nice, I can work on emails without being distraction as I miss them all :)07:41
didrockspitti: oh really? That would be awesome. I planned to tackle that next week if nobody jumped on it07:42
didrockspitti: next week is good enough, the remaining pieces from unity for that will land not this week but next week :)07:42
didrockspitti: if you are trading that for other tasks, I still an try working on that "off IRC" time07:43
* didrocks has done 80% of the alt-F2 work yesterday, now time to tackle the remaining and harder 20% :)07:43
didrocksre, sorry have an hardware issue I guess…07:54
didrocksso, didn't receive anything after my last words07:54
didrocksseems my nvidia card is in a bad shape07:54
didrocksartefacts everyone (even in bios boot)07:55
didrocksno way to start 3D anymore, I'm in failsafe mode…07:55
* RAOF screams hardware problem! At didrocks' crazy magnetic flicker problem :)07:55
RAOFHowever, that sucks.07:55
didrocksRAOF: the magnetic issue is not hardware, it has been confirmed by loicm07:55
RAOFOh.  So your failing card doesn't have *any* upside :(07:57
didrocksRAOF: http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/Capture-10.png07:57
didrockssee the small "aubergine" repeated motif?07:58
didrocksthe weird thing is that it's only on the background07:58
didrocksnot in the panel07:58
didrocksor in the apps07:58
didrocksRAOF: and when I try to start with the nvidia driver, it stalls in the nvidia logo07:58
didrocksno way to switch to a tty or whatever…07:59
RAOFUm, that looks right to me?07:59
didrocksRAOF: hum… can you try to zoom in?07:59
didrocksas it zoomed here, I assumed it was visible07:59
didrockshum, maybe not07:59
didrocksno, it doesn't zoom, so yeah, I'm the only one to see it08:00
RAOFI see some of the icons being smeared, but that may well just be the crappy VGA output.08:00
RAOFHurray for problems on scanout!08:00
didrocksok, so not that…08:00
didrocksno idea at all to see what happens?08:00
RAOFSometimes you need to take an actual picture of the screen because the problem isn't caught on the download-from-vram path.08:01
didrocksok, let's try to cool it a little bit, waiting for 15 minutes08:02
RAOFWhen's your laptop refresh?08:02
didrocks2 years?08:03
didrocksok, overheating apparently…08:04
RAOFActually, that's not bad.  Maybe you can fix it with some judiciously applied thermal paste and compressed air.08:05
didrocksso, from a french forum, with 30 people posting…08:08
didrocksoverheating and they put it in the hoven08:08
didrocks180°C, 6 minutes08:09
RAOFThat was a different problem, wasn't it?08:09
didrocksto redo the join…08:09
RAOFThat was when the solder would degrade causing craziness.08:09
RAOFBut just plain overheating sounds like a job for Dust Removal Man!08:10
didrocksyeah, seems to fix people's issue for some weeks…08:10
didrockslet's cool it down for now, switching to my netbook :/08:11
aramorning all!08:26
* bryceh_ waves to ara08:27
araquick question: is there any gconf key(s) to set up switching to classic-desktop on next boot?08:29
ara(or any other way to set it up trough the command line)08:30
pittiara: not very user-friendly, but you can set Session=gnome-2d in ~/.dmrc08:30
arapitti, awesome, thanks!08:30
* ara hugs pitti08:31
pittiara: I take it that's for automatic testing?08:31
pittiara: that's actually the canonical way to select it (it's what gdm writes when you change the session there)08:31
* pitti hugs back ara08:31
arapitti, yes, we need to switch back to classic-desktop to take bootchart metrics with the 2d desktop to compare08:32
pittiara: actually we do have an user-friendly way as well, in gdmsetup :)08:32
araand we can only access trough ssh08:32
didrocksRAOF: FYI, what I'm seeing is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wINkdSpU2o08:47
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:29
pittihey chrisccoulson09:29
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, which other bugs did it fix? :)09:30
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?09:30
pittichrisccoulson: I'm great, thanks! new natty langpacks with 4.0 XPIs uploaded09:30
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks!09:30
pittichrisccoulson: did upstream respond already wrt. maxVersion?09:31
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i think they plan to fix it, but the rc1 builds have already been spun09:31
chrisccoulsonand the branch is closed right now anyway09:32
seb128hey pitti chrisccoulson09:33
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, how are you?09:33
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks, how are you?09:34
seb128had fun on libdbusmenu it seems09:34
chrisccoulsonyeah, apparently i fixed a few bugs ;)09:34
chrisccoulsonseb128 - oh, i think i fixed your pidgin bug too109:37
seb128which one?09:37
seb128the one after activating an account which asks for a pwd?09:37
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i don't get that now09:39
seb128chrisccoulson, btw is the fix ken uploaded yours?09:39
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, that's the one09:40
seb128ok great09:40
chrisccoulsoni didn't realise he uploaded it already09:40
seb128I will get that installed and do another round of testing09:40
seb128do you have issues remaining or did that just fix the set?09:40
chrisccoulsoni fixed the unity-panel-service crash too09:40
chrisccoulsonthat was easily reproducible once i fixed the dbusmenu bug :)09:41
chrisccoulsoni just ran an application that added and removed menus every 50ms, whilst i scrubbed the menubar ;)09:41
chrisccoulsonit crashed repeatedly every few seconds09:41
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks a lot for working on those issues, nice to get that sorted09:45
seb128there is still the indicator-datetime crasher ;-)09:46
didrockskenvandine: did you merge the commit you proposed in the packaging branch? seems to be only one commit looking at bzr history. This breaks daily builds, next time, can you do it in two commits please?09:47
seb128didrocks, what do you mean by 2 commits?09:48
* pitti is out for ~ 45 mins09:48
didrocksseb128: I mean, bzr merge ../upstream-change09:49
didrocksbzr commit09:49
didrocksthen packaging change09:49
didrocksbzr commit09:49
didrocks(and eventuall dch -r "" && debcommit -r for a big bonus :))09:49
seb128I tend to do one commit as well09:50
seb128like bzr merge, dch -i, commit09:50
didrocksthis confuses bzr when you merge back09:50
didrocks(so, merging the packaging branch in upstream trunk)09:51
didrockswhich is what daily builds do09:51
didrocksit tells "ohhh, changes in both side (conflicting most of the time because of version bump), what to do"09:51
seb128ok, makes sense09:52
seb128thanks for the explanation09:52
didrocksyw :)09:52
didrockskenvandine: also, you didn't propose the libunity change09:54
didrocks(or I miss something, maybe)09:54
Ampelbeinhi! with unity and thunderbird-globalmenu I have the problem that some menu items are not selectable, for example the 'Message filters'. If I remove the package 'thunderbird-globalmenu', I can access those items again. Is this a known issue or should I file a new bug against 'thunderbird'?10:16
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, are you sure you're not fully updated? I'm sure I fixed that one already10:20
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: updated this morning, 2 hours ago. I'll check again, just to be sure.10:20
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: thunderbird is 3.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu110:21
chrisccoulsonso, if you select a message in your inbox and go to tools, "Message filters" is not active? it should activate as you open the menu10:22
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: yes, that's my problem. it doesn't activate, let me make a screenshot10:23
chrisccoulsonhmmm, it works here. do you have any other extensions installed?10:24
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: I have enigmail installed, too. http://tinypic.com/r/33ff1mx/710:25
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: it works if I remove the -globalmenu package10:25
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, hmmm, i can't reproduce that :/10:28
chrisccoulsondo bookmarks work in firefox?10:28
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: I use chromium, but let me try10:28
chrisccoulson(with firefox-globalmenu)10:28
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: yes, in firefox the bookmarks menu works10:29
chrisccoulsonok, that's good then10:29
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: any commandline switch I can activate to get some info?10:31
chrisccoulsonunfortunately not10:32
chrisccoulsonyou can set GLOBALMENU_DEBUG=1 in your environment though, and that will show both menubars10:32
chrisccoulsoncould you please do that, then try opening the tools menu inside thunderbird, and then try the tools menu from the panel?10:33
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: hmm 'andreas@anubis:~$ GLOBALMENU_DEBUG=1 thunderbird' but no menubar in thunderbird10:35
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, oops - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~extension-hackers/globalmenu-extension/trunk/view/head:/extensions/globalmenu/components/src/uGlobalMenuService.cpp#L20010:36
chrisccoulsonGLOBAL_MENU_DEBUG ;)10:37
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: ah ;-)10:37
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: inside thunderbird works, global does not10:38
chrisccoulsonok, that rules out 1 issue then10:38
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: I'm on amd64 if that's any help10:38
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, have you ever used chromebug before?10:45
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: no10:46
chrisccoulsonactually, first it might be a good idea to check there are no errors thrown in the error console when you open the tools menu10:47
Ampelbeinchrisccoulson: I looked already, error console is empty10:47
seb128pitti, pygobject 2.28 is out btw10:56
pittiyeah, saw yesterday on #python10:57
seb128ok, I was pointing it because I don't know if you notice GNOME tarballs updates or not10:57
pittiseb128: it's on my list after I'm done beating up langpacks10:58
seb128pitti, ok10:59
chrisccoulsonAmpelbein, i might need to get you to use chromebug in a bit. in the meantime, i've got some other things to work on11:02
chrisccoulsonbrb, need to start classic session :/11:03
geserseb128: re bug #731832: as you set the bug to "Fix Committed" any sponsoring isn't needed anymore, right? the bug sumitter askes in #ubuntu-motu how to move on with it11:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 731832 in dee "Comma at end of enumerator list" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73183211:03
seb128geser, no, it will part of the weekly dx updates tomorrow11:04
seb128geser, it seems fixing -pedentic builds in an unstable distro can wait a day11:04
seb128geser, wouldn't bother doing sponsoring today11:04
geserok, will forward this information to him11:05
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, i'm struggling to recreate this indicator-applet-appmenu crash :(11:20
seb128chrisccoulson, don't bother much, seems it doesn't happen often and the unity case is fixed11:45
Sweetsharkpitti: I am still a bit confused by the |-Depends. In openoffice.org-dictionaries we add "| language-support-writing-*" at the end, so that we do not pull in openoffice.org-core. But should it not be the first alternative then?11:56
vishseb128: wrt Bug 721121, and mark's comment about the folder+pointer icon. i've removed that icon now. the upload is ready in ~ubuntu-art-pkg/humanity/release/ fixes that bug and a few other bugs, no other major changes, i had asked kenvandine to upload it when he is free, either you or kenvandine can upload when free ;)11:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 721121 in unity "Icon in Launcher should be home folder icon" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72112111:56
pittiSweetshark: the order only really matters if you have neither LibO nor the l-support package installed; in a default install you'd have both11:57
seb128vish, what do you use instead of this one?11:57
pittiSweetshark: so the main point of that thing is that you are able to uninstall LibO without having to remove the entire language-support for your language11:57
vishseb128: the gnome icon will be used, the one with the file cabinet11:57
seb128they don't have the same style though?11:58
pittiSweetshark: the only point where the order matters is if you have a very stripped down system where you have neitehr LibO nor lang support, and you do e. g. apt-get install libreoffice-hyphenation-de11:58
seb128but it's orthogonal to the fix there?11:58
vishseb128: yea, orthogonal, but style is not a major issue.. neither me or Danrabbit had any better ideas :p11:58
pittiSweetshark: right now this will pull in LibO instead of language-support, which I think is slightly "more" expected and correct11:58
vishseb128: style is nearly similar11:58
Sweetsharkpitti: understood12:02
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pittichrisccoulson: hm, the current langpacks for lucid/maverick ship stuff in usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/langpack-de@firefox-3.6.ubuntu.com/, but the XPIs have langpack-de@firefox.mozilla.org12:51
pittichrisccoulson: I assume this is because we mangled them through xpi2xpi12:52
pittichrisccoulson: but I suppose we can/should just use langpack-de@firefox.mozilla.org now/12:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - hmmm, i'm not sure how that works :/12:53
pittichrisccoulson: I think my actual question is: does lucid's/maverick's firefox have a special patch to look for different langpack IDs?12:53
seb128pitti, bug #731007 btw12:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - don't we swap out the install.rdf with po2xpi (or whatever it is that gets run)12:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 731007 in shotwell "Update to 0.9" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73100712:53
seb128pitti, not sure who can ack it12:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - the firefox source package generates a template install.rdf, which gets exported from launchpad i think (with the en-US.xpi)12:54
pittichrisccoulson: yes, I suppose it does that; but we don't use po2xpi (which would take the LP translations into account), just xpi2xpi (which is a horribly complicated way of repacking)12:54
pittiseb128: queued12:54
chrisccoulsonpitti - 1 second, i'll just have a look on my lucid machine behind me12:54
pittichrisccoulson: for natty using the upstream ID works fine; did that change in natty?12:54
pittichrisccoulson: right, I guess I'll build some local ones and try them in my chroot12:55
chrisccouls0nwow, i don't think jo has applied any updates on this machine in weeks12:57
seb128chrisccoulson, the pidgin issue is not fixed it seems there btw12:57
chrisccouls0ni log in, and update-manager provides me with a whole bunch of security updates12:57
chrisccouls0nseb128 - oh, that's not good :(12:57
mvoset her to auto-updates12:57
chrisccouls0ngaaaaah, syncdaemon12:58
chrisccouls0ni clicked to open gedit over 1 minute ago, it shouldn't take this long12:58
seb128chrisccoulson, will restart in a bit to verify but now the items are listed but the accounts one don't have their submenu12:58
chrisccouls0npitti - ok, the lucid langpacks actually have em:id="langpack-de@firefox-3.6.ubuntu.com" in their install.rdf12:59
seb128session restart brb12:59
pittichrisccouls0n: yes, I know; but not the ones I'm building with the fixed langpack-o-matic12:59
pittichrisccouls0n: unfortunately the langpacks in the current PPA (with the old method) are now completely hosed, so I thought I'd move them all to the new (and much much simpler) way of doing things13:00
chrisccouls0npitti - yeah, that makes sense. the same constraints will apply (install folder == em:id)13:00
pittichrisccouls0n: so ffox doesn't have a builtin schema for the langpacks, the only condition is that id == folder?13:01
chrisccouls0npitti - yeah,  ffox will only load extensions when the folder name is the same as the id13:01
pittichrisccouls0n: ok, thanks; I'll double-check in my lucid chroot13:02
chrisccouls0ni might update this machine to maverick13:02
chrisccouls0nlucid feels so old ;)13:02
pittiI now have test cases for both lucid and natty builds \o/13:03
lagIt's broke! It's all broke!!13:03
ogra_stop whining, fix it :P13:04
lag bug 73181013:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 731810 in nvidia-graphics-drivers ""conflicting memory types" -> "Failed to allocate primary buffer: out of memory"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73181013:04
lagogra_: :D13:04
ogra_get more memory :P13:04
lagWith no nVidia driver it works okay13:07
lagI get a desktop, but no Compiz and everything looks just a little bit rubbish13:08
mterrychrisccoulson, so I remember seb128 saying that you were working on some libdbusmenu stuff that may fix some of the issues I have assigned.  I saw a new libdbusmenu go through, was that it?13:08
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lagWith nVidia I get the first application start to start then nothing13:08
chrisccoulsonmterry, yeah, i found a bug last night that was causing some weirdness and ken uploaded it after i went to bed13:08
mterrychrisccoulson, nice.  UBUNTU_MENUPROXY is now undefined for me when I logged in, is that a separate issue?13:09
chrisccoulsonmterry, possibly. i'm not sure where that gets set13:10
seb128mterry, weird, it's a /etc/Xsession.d wrapper which sets it13:11
seb128mterry, the new libdbusmenu with the fixes landed in natty, that fixed some of the issues with gnome-bt and empathy13:15
seb128mterry, the shotwell issue is still there though so you can work on that13:16
mterryguh, shotwell.  the funny thing is I remember having this exact problem when I first enabled shotwell and fixing it.  but i can't remember what the problem wass13:16
seb128mterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-appmenu/less-racy-window-closing13:17
pittichrisccoulson: confirmed, works fine here with the upstream ID13:17
seb128mterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-appmenu/less-racy-window-closing/+merge/4838113:17
seb128mterry, it seems13:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks13:18
pittichrisccoulson: this is soooo much easier now13:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - doing the thunderbird translations is even easier too :-)13:18
chrisccoulson(we just have a tb-locales package with the upstream xpi's in) ;)13:18
seb128mterry, out of this indicator-datetime needs some bug fixing, karl is out until the end of the week and seems to make slow progress, so if you feel like tackling some bugs there as well feel free13:19
pittichrisccoulson: of course it's a step backwards from using our own LP-translated XPIs, but since we didn't have them anyway..13:19
Sweetsharkdidrocks: "Conflict/Replaces: openoffice.org-thesaurus << 0.6 in -fr for BE" <- What does tha mean? (from the openoffice.org-dictionaries changelog)13:19
mterryseb128, yeah, I have unfinished business in datetime from my preference FF run13:19
chrisccoulsonyeah, it doesn't make sense to go through all that effort when we aren't using them anyway13:19
pittichrisccoulson: ah, we do? that requires some extra language-selector magic, though13:19
seb128mterry, I can give you issues from it if you want, there is some translation issues, the events time not respecting the format and some crashers13:19
pittichrisccoulson: actually it's quite easy now -- if you add the tbird XPIs to po2xpi/data, it'll Just Work (tm) now13:19
didrocksSweetshark: it means that we probably move some files between packages13:19
mterryseb128, that merge sounds familiar, but is about multiple runss of shotwell, which this new issue isn't...  hmm, will dig13:19
seb128mterry, ok, so from my side please investigate on the shotwell issue and then feel free to go back to indicator-datetime13:20
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, language-selector has some magic to pull in the the thunderbird-locales-* packages13:20
didrocksSweetshark: and on upgrade, you don't know in which order the packages will be installed13:20
seb128mterry, right, seems that's what you proposed to fix the shotwell issues last time so I was just pointing it13:20
chrisccoulsonpitti - perhaps we should ship the tb xpi's in the language packs too ;)13:20
didrocksSweetshark: the conflicts/replaces is there to ensure that you get both new packages and that dpkg won't yell at you because you are trying to overwrite a file from another package13:20
chrisccoulson(and remove the evo ones) ;)13:20
pittichrisccoulson: yeah, as I was saying it'd be trivial now to ship tbird XPIs right in the langpacks13:21
seb128trying to sneak another email client?!13:21
dpmchrisccoulson, pitti please let's not write off FF LP translations yet, I understand this is just some temporary measure to get the langpacks working, but it'd be good to be able to use LP in the future again. We did use devmode during the development cycle in the past, and this helped some teams, such as the Asturian guys, to have their translations shipped in Ubuntu easily and eventually they submitted them upstream13:21
pittidpm: right, it is13:22
Sweetsharkdidrocks: it is just that I dont see such Conflict in the control file13:22
pittidpm: I'm just permanently writing off xpi2xpi13:22
dpmpitti, :)13:22
didrocksSweetshark: well, it can has been removed in a further update13:22
pittidpm: as I now have that in langpack-o-matic itself, with about 1/20th of the code, and with automatic test cases13:22
Sweetsharkdidrocks: ok, I will remove it then from the comment in the changelog for the next release13:23
pittidpm: there's now just one rather short central function to install all XPIs for a given release into a langpack, so we can hook in po2xpi there in the future (without all the extra buggy scriptery around it)13:23
didrocksSweetshark: you mean, you want to remove it in a past changelog?13:23
didrocksSweetshark: or is in the the tip of it?13:23
pittidpm: I also have test LP XPI export tarballs in the tests/ directory now (but not used yet)13:24
dpmpitti, ok, cool13:25
Sweetsharkdidrocks: I leave it in the old changelog entries, I will just not keep it as a "remaining difference to debian" in the new release13:25
didrocksSweetshark: right13:26
didrocksif it's not there anymore, you can remove it :)13:26
didrockshope that the remove was done with in mind that people will still have to upgrade between LTS though13:26
seb128mterry, btw ted approved your appmenu-gtk fix so don't forget to merge it13:31
seb128so it's in tomorrow's tarball13:31
mterryI can do that?  I don't think I'm part of DX13:32
seb128or is someone from dx supposed to do that? it's always confusing why they approve things without merge them directly13:32
seb128ok, will ping ted about that when he's there13:32
seb128mterry, btw https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mterry/indicator-me/gsettings/+merge/38005 is set as "on hold", do you know why?13:33
mterryseb128, oh I don't have a pending appmenu-gtk fix.  But also, apparently I am in the DX LP team through Unity13:33
seb128mterry, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mterry/appmenu-gtk/cancellable-register-window/+merge/5224813:34
seb128mterry, that one is not merged it seems?13:34
mterrythat got merged13:34
mterryseb128, if you look at trunk.  the merge proposal didn't notice thoughj13:35
seb128mterry, seems ted recommited it rather than merging your vcs13:35
mterryseb128, the gsettings branch isn't merged because I never went back and changed the gsettings paths13:35
seb128ok, setting it as merged then13:35
mterryseb128, arguably a FF breakage though to do it now13:36
seb128mterry, small one though13:36
mterryseb128, yeah, but do we care this cycle whether it's gconf or gsettings?13:36
seb128not really right13:36
seb128I was just cleaning a bug the list of assigned bugs for desktopers13:37
seb128bug -> bit13:37
seb128mterry, it's also that less gconf = faster login, but that's not like the 1 key from the indicator was going to make a difference13:37
seb128let's wait next cycle for it now13:37
seb128mterry, you still have some oem bugs on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~mterry/+assignedbugs13:38
seb128mterry, do you plan to still work on those? if not maybe you should unassign those?13:38
mterryseb128, heh, that page is pretty useless, isn't it, with all that cruft  :)13:41
mterryI'm supposed to be doing 56 things13:41
seb128slacker! ;-)13:42
seb128kenvandine, hey13:43
Sweetsharkpitti: I merged the current debian unstable into openoffice.org-dictionaries-1:3.3.0~rc10-2ubuntu1. Should I push the bzr branch somewhere now?13:45
pittiseb128: just acked shotwell, FYI13:45
pittiSweetshark: is it still called that way? Rene didn't rename it to libo-dicts?13:46
pittiSweetshark: where did you merge it to? lp:ubuntu/openoffice.org-dictionaries ?13:46
Sweetsharkpitti: still called openoffice.org dicts at debian as it will provide dicts for LO and OOo, I guess.13:47
pittiSweetshark: if so, please push it to LP as lp:~bjoern/ubuntu/natty/openoffice.org-dictionaries/libo-update (or invent another name), and set up a merge proplsal13:47
pittiSweetshark: does it build libo binaries now? or will the oo.o work for both?13:47
seb128pitti, thanks13:48
Sweetsharkpitti: the dicts will work for both and the binary packages have neutral names now. there are transitionals in the openoffice.org source package for those, but _rene_ hasnt released that yet.13:50
pittiSweetshark: ah, nice13:50
Sweetsharkpitti: Ok, I dputted the source package to my personal testing ppa for now. I will push the branch when I return from lunch.13:53
pittiSweetshark: late luch.. enjoy!13:53
pittiSweetshark: I'll process the MP once you're done13:53
chrisccoulsontedg, when i run unity-panel-service in valgrind, i'm seeing this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577851/14:07
chrisccoulsonhave you seen that before? it doesn't look like our bug does it?14:08
tedgchrisccoulson, No, I haven't seen that one before.  First blush I'd say it's not, but it could be us holding onto a variant reference too long.14:09
tedgchrisccoulson, There's definitely a memory leak in something unity-panel-service is doing though.  It's getting too big.14:09
chrisccoulsonyeah, this one is a fairly sizeable leak14:09
chrisccoulsonthere's a few others, but none of them on this scale14:09
tedgchrisccoulson, That's where the memory is allocated, it would seem that we might not be unref'ing a variant that gets created there.14:09
tedgchrisccoulson, So, it could be our fault :)14:10
chrisccoulsontedg, yeah, that's the bit i'm trying to figure out :(14:10
tedgchrisccoulson, Try downgrading glib and see if it goes away.  That'd be a quick check to see if it's in GDBus or something else.14:11
kenvandinehey seb12814:22
didrockshey kenvandine14:22
didrockskenvandine: did you read my comments about dee and libunity? :)14:23
kenvandinenot yet14:23
kenvandinedidrocks, did i break something?14:23
seb128hey kenvandine14:23
seb128kenvandine, how are you?14:23
kenvandineand you?14:23
didrockskenvandine: daily-build, but otherwise fine, I'll let your scrollback :)14:23
* kenvandine needs more coffee14:23
SpamapS14413 clint     20   0 2722m 2.2g 5648 R   93 56.6  72:47.79 /usr/lib/unity/unity-panel-service14:23
SpamapSrun roh14:23
didrocksSpamapS: restart it, should be fine :)14:24
SpamapSrestart as in, kill and let it be restarted?14:24
kenvandinedidrocks, ack on the 2 commits, sorry14:24
didrocksSpamapS: right14:24
didrockskenvandine: no worry, just keep in mind for next time14:24
kenvandinedidrocks, i didn't propose the libunity change because i think that file is getting generated in the dist isn't it?14:25
didrockskenvandine: and on libunity? I saw no merge proposal14:25
* kenvandine would rather it build with the package14:25
didrockskenvandine: I think the gir is static there14:25
didrockskenvandine: anyway, we can't keep that change :)14:25
kenvandineok... why?14:25
seb128kenvandine, I'm fine thanks14:25
kenvandineif i delete the gir and run make14:25
kenvandineit generates that gir14:26
seb128kenvandine, seems you have stack of fix commited gwibber bugs on your assigned bugs list, should those be closed?14:26
kenvandineif the fixed libdee is installed14:26
seb128kenvandine, some got commited for weeks I guess they are in natty by now?14:26
didrockskenvandine: but you fixed a generated file?14:26
kenvandineseb128, i'll look over them, i think i need to do a release14:26
didrockskenvandine: so next file the file will be generated, it will be wrong14:26
kenvandinedidrocks, sort of... the file is included in the dist14:26
kenvandinedidrocks, no... it won't14:26
kenvandinedidrocks, the change i made wasn't static14:27
kenvandinei fixed libdee14:27
kenvandineand ran make :)14:27
kenvandineit generated that14:27
didrockskenvandine: oh ok :)14:27
didrockskenvandine: fine then!14:27
kenvandinelibdee was broken14:27
didrockssorry for the noise, thanks ;)14:27
kenvandineno worries14:27
didrocksjust think about the "2 commits" for daily build14:27
kenvandineseb128, a gwibber bug fix release is on my todo list for this week14:27
kenvandinedidrocks, noted, i hadn't thought about what that would mean for daily builds14:28
kenvandinei always do it in one commit :)14:28
didrocksno worry, thanks for the fix :)14:28
* kenvandine will adapt14:28
kenvandinevish, i promise i'll get to that upload early today (my time)14:29
seb128kenvandine, but I don't get it, see for example https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/52299114:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 522991 in gwibber "Gwibber does not display recipient of "wall to wall" posts [Facebook]" [Wishlist,Fix committed]14:29
seb128kenvandine, it was fix commited in octobre, shouldn't it be in the current natty version which is 2 weeks old?14:29
seb128kenvandine, you are several bugs in similar cases14:29
seb128kenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/51939514:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 519395 in gwibber "Flickr doesn't work for some usernames" [Wishlist,Fix committed]14:29
kenvandineoh... i'll look over those14:30
seb128kenvandine, thanks14:30
seb128trying to bring to sanity to assignedbugs list for desktopers14:31
seb128kenvandine, i.e https://launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+assignedbugs14:31
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
vishkenvandine: no worries, no hurry for me ;) … seb-128 had commented on that bug so was just letting him know "its ready" :)14:56
Sweetsharkpitti: pushed as lp:~bjoern-michaelsen/ubuntu/natty/openoffice.org-dictionaries/libo-update14:59
SweetsharkYay! Blizzard!15:11
chrisccoulsontedg - so, after looking through the code and at exactly what appears to be leaked, it's almost certainly a signal handler ref'ing a GVariant15:15
chrisccoulsonthe words needle and haystack spring to mind here ;)15:15
tedgchrisccoulson, Did you see my patch for glib regarding those?  They shouldn't cause a leak, but it might be confusing valgrind.15:16
ubot2Gnome bug 643624 in gdbus "Can g_variant_unref() on an already free'd variant" [Normal,New]15:17
seb128tedg, ^15:17
chrisccoulsonoh, i hadn't seen thatr15:18
tedgseb128, chrisccoulson, Yeah, it looks like it's going to be fixed a different way long term.15:19
tedgBut short term my patch fixes things.15:19
tedg(in that limited case)15:19
seb128tedg, well current comment on bz suggest they will backport their fix to the stable serie15:20
seb128tedg, so we should rather wait on that and backport that commit15:20
tedgseb128, Yes, but chrisccoulson could use my patch for now to make sure that isn't going to effect what he's debugging.15:21
kenvandinevish, wow, building humanity takes a while :)15:21
seb128tedg, right15:21
tedgseb128, And, also, noting they haven't yet *done* that ;)15:21
seb128tedg, they have a patch they seem to agree on so it will likely be fixed before natty15:21
seb128but yeah let's see15:21
chrisccoulsontedg - hmmm, your patch looks like it fixes a different issue. in the signal emission i'm looking at, the caller of g_signal_emit already calls ref_sink on the variant and then unrefs it afterwards15:28
chrisccoulsonso, this might be a genuine leak ;)15:29
tedgchrisccoulson, Ah, okay.  Thanks for checking that, wanted to be sure.15:30
seb128kenvandine, should the ubuntuone-client conflicts on the unity gir be dropped?15:36
kenvandinedobey said he would do that15:37
kenvandinedobey, ^^15:37
seb128that was a stupid thing to do to start with15:37
seb128the code obviously has fallbacking for when the import is not working, would have been easier to force that test rather than conflict on something other might use15:37
kenvandineyeah, instead of breaking updates15:38
dobeyyeah i will do that15:43
jibelmvo, is bug 731724 on your radar. We received a bunch of those today. It looks like an issue with xapian.15:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 731724 in update-manager-core "software-center crashed with SIGSEGV in __cxa_allocate_exception()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73172415:43
kenvandinedobey, thx15:46
seb128kenvandine, btw if you need to update telepathy-glib debian got the upload in their incoming15:57
seb128kenvandine, just mentioning it so you don't work for nothing15:57
kenvandineseb128, yup... was planning to sync that15:59
mvothanks jibel! I saw it already, but I was not able yet to reproduce16:03
mvojibel: I have some rought idea16:03
bcurtiswxseb128, im getting 2.33.3 ready16:03
seb128bcurtiswx, you will need the new telepathy-glib then16:03
seb128it nees .6 and we have .516:03
bcurtiswxseb128, yup, someone going to sync it ?16:04
seb128bcurtiswx, did you read the few lines just before what you said?16:04
bcurtiswxno, reading now16:04
bcurtiswxah, kenvandine thx. could you let me know when that's all set?16:05
zygamvo, hi, running software-center --debug segvfaults python on natty i386, right after refresh with days_delta: 016:05
kenvandinebcurtiswx, yeah...16:05
seb128bcurtiswx, kenvandine: build it locally if you need it, we can do a sync when it hits the debian mirror16:06
seb128kenvandine, i.e I will sync-source it later if you wait16:06
dbarth_pitti: ping? quick check: are you also effectively working on patching the session menu for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/727823 or should that be tedg?16:06
kenvandineseb128, that would be cool16:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 727823 in indicator-session "Enable Gnome-Control-Center in Unity, and add "System Settings" link to the session indicator menu" [Wishlist,In progress]16:06
kenvandinei didn't want to start it just yet, need to run an errand at lunch in about 20m :)16:06
pittidbarth_: hey16:07
seb128kenvandine, well just saying don't bother with it, I will direct sync later on16:07
pittidbarth_: I'm going to, yes; just didn't start yet16:07
jibelmvo, That's easy here, let me know if you need more details like better trace.16:07
pittidbarth_: that's easy enough for me to handle, let tedg do the guru stuff :)16:07
dbarth_pitti: thanks for your help, much appreciated16:07
bcurtiswxwell, will I need a bug report for 2.33.3 i can get one set now?16:07
mvojibel, zyga: so for your guys just starting it is enough to crash it?16:08
zygamvo, the crash is in Xapian:Database::Database(...) ctor16:08
zygamvo, yes, the crash is in __cxa_allocate_exception16:08
zygamvo, any chance you try to allocate -1 ?16:08
tedgdbarth_, BTW, I still don't consider the design task done until the spec gets updated.16:08
kenvandinebcurtiswx, yes please16:08
bcurtiswxkenvandine, OK i'll get that done now16:09
tedgdbarth_, We need a way to reject those.  Ridiculous.16:09
kenvandinebcurtiswx, when you prepare it, ping me and i'll review and sponsor16:09
mvozyga: not me personally, the bindings probably. I will look into it after the meeting16:09
bcurtiswxit'll just need to depwait for tp-glib16:09
mvojibel: is it i386 for you as ell?16:09
bcurtiswxso it shouldn't be hard at all16:09
jibelmvo, yes16:10
tedgdbarth_, For instance, pitti has no idea where in the menu it should go :)16:10
pittitedg: they said "at the very end"16:10
jibelmvo, but the master report on amd6416:10
pittitedg: but that's why I'm waiting a bit, to have the design part settled16:11
tedgpitti, Ah, I see that now.16:11
tedgThe spec should be updated though :)16:11
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pittiSweetshark: hm, you didn't use bzr merge-upstream, so the bzr doesn't have the orig.tar.gz16:18
pittiSweetshark: no need to re-do it now, but I won't actually push it to lp:ubuntu/, but let the package importer sort it out16:18
bcurtiswxkenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/732077 all set16:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 732077 in empathy "Please update empathy natty to 2.33.3" [Wishlist,In progress]16:19
bcurtiswxwell actually i need to add that bug # into the changelog :X16:19
bcurtiswxi'll push that in a sec16:19
Sweetsharkpitti: I dont know if there was any upstream branch at all. Given that, how can I use merge-upstream?16:22
pittiSweetshark: it just takes a tarball (Debian's orig.tar.gz) and a version number; you can optionally specify an upstream bzr branch, but that's not the common case for our packages16:23
Sweetsharkpitti: is theis stuff documented somewhere?16:24
pittiSweetshark: yes, on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/16:24
pittiSweetshark: in particular, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/Documentation/NewUpstreamVersion16:25
Sweetsharkbookmarked. I had only "TrackingUpstream" on the bzr wiki16:26
mvojibel: if you can reproduce it, could you please try http://paste.ubuntu.com/577903/ ?16:26
mvoor zyga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577903/ <- does that help with the crash?16:28
zygamvo, checking16:29
seb128tedg, mterry, do you have any clue if bug #727892 is appmenu-gtk or libdbusmenu?16:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 727892 in appmenu-gtk "totem's sound>languages is empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72789216:29
jibelmvo, sure, as soon as my gvim window stops being invisible :/16:29
mterryseb128, that's likely libdbusmenu16:30
seb128mterry, ok thanks, reassigned there16:30
jibelmvo, which version of software-center should I apply this patch to ? There's no such code in my version of s-c16:32
zygamvo, same here,16:33
zygamvo, I have
jibelmvo, same version here16:33
* mvo scratches head16:34
mvothen I'm on the wrong track, sorry for the noise16:34
mvoI thought it was a locking issue with code that got added recently, but apparently I have not uploaded that yet16:34
mvomaybe that is the fix ;)16:34
mvojibel: could you please do a "bzr get lp:software-center ; cd softare-cener ; ./software-center" and see if that crashes too?16:44
jibelmvo, sure16:44
mvompt: did you had a chance to read about the "display commandline executables for technical items" mail from yesterday (from nzmm)16:46
mptmvo, not yet16:47
mvook, thanks16:47
jibelmvo, yes it crashes, segfault (core dumped). I guess that it is not the expected result.16:48
mvopitti: do you have a idea why there is no retrace output for #731724 ?16:48
mvojibel: well, at leeast its consitent with the rest16:48
mvojibel: what kind of machine is that, limited RAM or anything special like that?16:49
seb128mvo, because the submitter didn't send a .crash with the crashdump it seems16:52
jibelmvo, this one is a i386 testing vm with 1GB of memory allocated, but I can reproduce on the host which is an amd64 with 12GB of RAM.16:52
mvothanks seb12816:53
* mvo scratches head16:53
* jibel is installing symbols to get a better trace.16:54
seb128mterry, you won bug #621301 as well17:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 621301 in libdbusmenu "Underscores missing in menu item text" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62130117:04
seb128mterry, it's low priority but I think it's around some code you hacked on recently and you might have a clue about it17:05
mterryseb128, yar17:06
tkamppeterjasoncwarner, hi17:06
bentech4youmy wifi is not working..how to fix that.?17:12
mvojibel: sorry, still no luck, tried it in a VM now. I have dinner and check it out again17:12
bentech4youi tried to install the firmware..that also failed17:13
jibelmvo, bug 732128 includes a better trace17:14
ubot2jibel: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/732128)17:14
bcurtiswxbentech4you, ask that in #ubuntu thats the support channel :)17:17
tremoluxjibel: which is the bug that includes a better trace?17:21
jibeltremolux, bug 73212817:22
ubot2jibel: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/732128)17:22
jibeltremolux, which is now public17:22
tremoluxjibel: ah, thanks!17:23
jibeltremolux, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66003285/ThreadStacktrace.txt17:24
jibeltremolux, the coredump is attached if you want to play with gdb17:24
tremoluxjibel: thanks!17:24
pittimvo: could have been sent as reduced report perhaps (without coredump)?17:29
bentech4youplease check this http://pastebin.com/1nbTnrp6..please help me to solve my wifi issue17:29
pittimvo: bug 731681 has a good one17:29
ubot2pitti: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/731681)17:29
cyphermoxbentech4you, please ask in #ubuntu , but essentially, what this means is your chipset isn't supported by that driver17:30
bentech4youi asked..but i didn't get any help from there17:31
bentech4youno this the same driver i installed on my other linux17:31
bentech4youi got this command from that driver's readme.txt file17:32
bentech4youalso in my additional drivers ,t  it shows that driver is active but not currently in use"17:33
cyphermoxbentech4you, it's most likely outdated. what you should do would be to make sure you're connected to wired, then use the Restricted drivers tool under System -> Administration to install the Broadcom STA driver properly. but like I said, you really should be asking in #ubuntu, not here. This channel is for development17:33
cyphermoxthat would be because you need to reboot after installing the driver --- or that the driver doesn't support your wifi card17:34
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pittigood night everyone!18:42
bcurtiswxnite pitti18:42
tremolux'night pitti18:43
bcurtiswxkenvandine, when u get a minute, run pithos listen to a song and while listening load banshee.  my volume gets set to 0 upon banshee  loading18:47
kenvandinebcurtiswx, ok18:56
mvojibel: if you are still here, is there anything printed on the terminal before it crashes? anything odd in:19:04
mvols -ld ~/.cache/software-center/software-center-agent.db /var/cache/apt-xapian-index/index.* /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/index19:05
mvojibel: I looked at the source and it seems it raises this when it can't stat the database path19:05
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mterrydo we have any xulrunner or eclipse experts hanging out?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eclipse/+bug/728825 is really chafing my caboose20:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 728825 in eclipse "Eclipse cannot start: "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-gtk-3557 or swt-gtk"" [Critical,Confirmed]20:13
seb128mterry, you want to talk to chrisccoulson20:42
seb128well at least for xulrunner20:42
seb128dunno about eclipse, maybe doko has a clue about it but out of that...20:42
chrisccoulsonit's a linker problem20:44
chrisccoulsoni bet if you rebuild swt-gtk now without --as-needed, it works again ;)20:44
chrisccoulsoni tried it a few weeks ago, and that seemed to fix it20:44
jibelmvo, here is what is printed on the screen when I launch the bzr version http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578011/ , the version from the repo doesn't output anything.20:54
jibelmvo, downgrading libgl1-mesa-glx fixes the problem on i386.20:54
mterrychrisccoulson, ooh, awesome, will try20:55
mvothanks jibel20:55
mvojibel: its seems the -glx change is really the trigger, its consistent on my machine and in a vm20:56
tremoluxjibel: it fixes it for me too (I commented the bug)20:56
jibelmvo, I found at least one other app affected: bug 73182020:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 731820 in deluge "deluge-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in __cxa_allocate_exception()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73182020:59
tremoluxjibel: and after upgrading libgl1-mesa-glx agan, the crash returns (if the condition of an empty ./data/xapian directory, that is the condition for the error, is recreated)21:00
mvoI wonder what is special about s-c to trigger it21:00
bigoncould someone merge gnome-pkg-tools ?22:14
ari-tczewbigon: I could do it tomorrow, but I need sponsorship :P22:44
bigonwell same here actually :p22:45

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