czajkowskiShaneM: hows you10:23
ShaneMAll good, nice day :)10:23
czajkowskigood thanks10:25
czajkowskinice and sunny here today10:25
* daxroc god bless screen 10:30
daxrocMorning all10:30
czajkowskihows folks10:49
tdr112so how are we doing Miss czajkowski11:02
* tdr112 is heading to the uk for the weekend 11:02
czajkowskitdr112: where about ?11:02
czajkowskiam good11:02
czajkowskigoing to surrey lug meet up11:02
tdr112newcastle for http://www.makerfaireuk.com/11:03
tdr112 a bit of a group of us are going11:04
czajkowskihows college going11:04
tdr112lots of work to do , doing a web dev project at the moment11:07
czajkowskioh ?11:08
czajkowskion ?11:08
tdr112anything i want , just has to have over 4 pages , using html 4.01 strict and css 2.111:09
tdr112i am think of making up a cv site11:15
tdr112a page for each section11:15
* ebel has been learning more of html5 and css3. some nice fancy stuff there11:15
czajkowskiebel: when do ye head off on yer travels12:12
slashtomnext year, after ramadam12:13
czajkowskithought you were heading away in April some time12:13
ebelczajkowski: yes AU12:13
ebelat easter time12:13
slashtomi'm not really counting AU as traveling12:14
ebelMy mum once remarked that Australia was "so culturally different"12:15
ebelabout as culturally different as Cork IMO :P12:15
slashtomor Wales12:16
* slashtom considers .eu as the local area :P12:16
slashtomwe now have 1 main travel plan and 3 backup plans (to allow for political instability)12:24
czajkowskidont forget to plan for volcanos as well12:25
czajkowskior snow12:25
slashtomno volcanos12:25
slashtombut earthquakes could be a problem12:25
ebelwe'll be on motorbikes. ash clouds less likely to be a problem12:26
ebelalthough flying the bikes back....12:26
slashtomand in the month after ramadam there shouldn't be much snow12:27
slashtomebel: just had a phone call from courier, i think our new PC has arrived12:27
slashtomalthough if we do backup plan 2 or 2.1 we won't need to fly anything12:29
ebelhttp://i.imgur.com/fGHd7.jpg "I'm so gay I can't even drink straight"12:32
ebelslashtom: ah cool, new hardware!12:32
slashtomyep, i will bring a monitor home from work12:33
daxrocyay new desktop arrived. need to burn 10.1014:29
moylandaxroc:you don't have a usb drive with ubuntu with you at all times?14:32
daxrocmoylan: no need to make one, have the ultimate boot disk near by tho17:21
infoturtleguys, anyone know a way of running a .jar on a hosting server I don't have ssh access to? the .jar is minecraft_server.jar so it's to stay running and allow people to connect to it but have the program still run22:13

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