cjwatsonhadess: ah, thinking about it, I suspect ev is on his way to pycon01:26
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hadesscjwatson: ha, ok13:14
hadesscjwatson: apparently otto has the code, still waiting...13:14
evHi, and14:16
evIndeed I was travelling to Pycon14:17
evhadess: If Ken doesn't have them, we may be out of luck. Last I checked, I didn't, but they may be in one of my backups, which will unfortunately be entirely inaccessible to me until next Thursday night.14:17
hadessev: sladen seems to have found the original file14:19
hadessbut still didn't upload it14:19
evcjwatson: Regarding switching architecture, I'm presuming that will break if repacked debs are needed. I'll convert that into a bug for the installer to check for a matching arch.14:20
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evcjwatson: Bug 732013 for the arch thing14:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 732013 in partman-auto "Installer should check the architecture of the existing OS for the reuse option" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73201314:32
cjwatsonta, no rush14:32
superm1ev, if the underlying system is is 11.04 or newer, you might need to take into account multiarch too15:00
CarlFKev: you here at PyCon?  if so, got a sec to pop over to Chicago A... I could use some preseed help: how do I use the existing partition table?19:21
evCarlFK: I'm in the VM summit. Can you elaborate on what you mean by using the existing partition table?19:23
evIf you mean reusing a Ubuntu install without formatting it, thats now a partman-auto auto partitioning option. I can't recall how possible it is with the recipes offhand, and don't have access to the source right now.19:26
evMy gut instinct is not very19:27
CarlFKev: I don't want it trying to create a new one.  I want it to use /dev/sda2 for /, sda5 for swap19:27
CarlFKsda5 is marked/mkswap by the maverick install.19:28
cjwatsonunfortunately there's no way to reuse existing partitions in partman recipes19:33
CarlFKcjwatson: ah.  that's why I couldn't figure it out.  I feel better now :)19:33
CarlFKplan: 16 machines, I can do that step by hand 16 times19:34
CIA-7debian-installer: cjwatson * r1424 ubuntu/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Move to 2.6.38-6 kernels.23:06
CIA-7debian-installer: cjwatson * r1425 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20101020ubuntu2223:08

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