YoBoYgood morning06:00
Tm_Tmorning all06:54
dholbachgood morning08:33
dholbachmhall119, Happy Birthday! :)08:35
effie_jayxhello all09:57
dholbachhey effie_jayx09:57
mhall119hey effie_jayx 12:29
czajkowskiALOHA! 12:30
mhall119effie_jayx: was that you who posted about tano on the django ML?12:30
nigelbyay, the birthday boy is here :P12:30
* nigelb hides12:30
nigelboh ok12:31
nigelbdoes this mean we can give you birthday bumps over IRC12:31
mhall119I'm not sure what "birthday bumps" are12:31
mhall119brb, taking the kids to school12:31
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locodir-userhey guys, anyone15:36
mhall119i'm beginning to wonder if the embeded chat applet for locodir-user does more harm than good16:34
mhall119since none of them stick around long enough to actually talk to someone16:34
YoBoYperhaps a note about that on the topic, or on the web page16:39
cjohnston-1 for topic +1 for webpage16:39
mhall119cjohnston, Daviey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/SummitJam16:44
mhall119I can't remember what else we've discussed16:44
Davieymhall119, That last one might change... have to see what davidm produces. :)16:45
mhall119Daviey: true, but it's on the list for now16:45
mhall119dantalizing is going to join us remotely, he may be able to help with a custom mobile app if we don't go with conventionist16:46
dantalizingi'm going to *try* to join16:46
mhall119there is no try16:47
dantalizingsome of us work for a living16:47
Davieydantalizing, be there, or be square.16:47
Davieythe rest of us just pretend, right? :)16:47
mhall119ironically, this has been one of my most productive weeks at Moffitt16:48
mhall1192 production deployments and setup a new server16:49
cjohnstonczajkowski: ping16:50
czajkowskipong 16:50
cjohnstonstandby.. may not need you16:50
czajkowskidont flipping ping me then! 16:51
cjohnstonblame hauts16:51
czajkowskiI poked him for you 16:53
cjohnstonI'm talkin to him now... 16:53
dantalizingmmmm.. 4k16:54
cjohnstonBOOM BOOM16:54
cjohnstonits comin home16:54
* mhall119 didn't hear it16:55
cjohnstonmhall119: do you get to hear it?16:55
mhall119too far west I guess16:55
cjohnstonguess that answers16:55
mhall119cjohnston: in Lakeland I usually can16:55
cjohnstonit was quiet today16:55
cjohnstonthats cool16:55
cjohnstonI love it16:55
cjohnstonI will miss it16:55
mhall119scares the crap out of me every time16:55
mhall119yeah, it'll be missed16:55
cjohnstonit was very quiet like I said, so didnt scare me this time16:55
cjohnstonShe's home safely.. That's it.. She has served well16:57
cjohnstonmhall119: we plan on doing whatever it takes to get the kids over to see the final launch... (not going to the cape, but going prolly to our condo in ormond) if yall are interested16:59
cjohnstonthink its important for them to witness it even if they may not remember16:59
cjohnstonmhall119: Paige every once in a while will tell me that if the shuttle goes off at night that i *have to* wake her up so she can watch... she doesn't understand that there wont be anymore night landings17:00
YoBoYdantalizing: we already break this number when sabdfl came :)17:01
dantalizingwait, when is the final launch?17:02
cjohnstonlate summer or sept iirc17:02
dantalizingoh, ok, i have time17:02
dantalizingSmita has never seen a launch, and wanted to go17:02
dantalizingwe should do an ubuntu shuttle(worth) launch party17:03
cjohnstondantalizing: yall could meet us too.. We wont go near the cape though... wayyyyy too much traffic17:03
cjohnstonlol.. that'd be cool17:03
cjohnstonunique opportunity to be the only team to (easially) do that live17:03
dantalizingcjohnston: you can see from ormond?17:05
cjohnstonyes (weather depending)17:05
cjohnstonI can see if from my back yard in orlando if there arent too many clouds17:05
dantalizingnice ... sounds like a plan17:05
cjohnstonduanedesign: just hang out here.. this is where we talk... 17:09
cjohnstonduanedesign: mhall119 is in charge, so just ping him about every 45 seconds and you will be good17:11
duanedesigncjohnston: when is the final launch?17:11
duanedesigncjohnston: this mission was the last for Discovery, wasn't it?17:11
cjohnstoni dont think its set in stone... summer/sept17:11
duanedesignseems weird. There have been shuttle launches for as long as i can remember17:12
cjohnstonlonger than ive been alive17:12
cjohnstonlooks like atlantis is june 2817:12
duanedesigni tihink i was in grade school when the Challenger accident happened17:13
cjohnstonI was 2... my sister was born 3 days before17:13
cjohnstonduanedesign dantalizing mhall119 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_space_shuttle_missions#Planned_missions17:13
duanedesigni rememberall the horribly inappropriatte school yard jokes kids used to tell about the shuttle disaster17:14
duanedesignyeah, not cool17:14
duanedesignthanks for the info cjohnston. Better get back to my tutorials17:15
cjohnstonmhall119: just got approved by management to get access to LD stats.. now just gotta wait for it to be done17:41
dantalizingjune 28 ... hmm17:50
dantalizinggonna be  hawt17:50
cjohnstondantalizing: that's why its the beach17:50
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openiduser313I am thinking of going to the ubuntu jam in london next month18:30
openiduser313what is the usual agenda for the day?18:31
mhall119cjohnston: every 45 seconds?18:31
czajkowskiopeniduser313: what one in London ?18:31
openiduser3132nd of april in Weybridge18:32
czajkowskiopeniduser313: ahh ok18:32
czajkowskisurrey 18:32
czajkowskiopeniduser313: AlanBell will be there as will I 18:33
czajkowskiI'm going t install Natty 18:33
czajkowskiand see how I get on 18:33
czajkowskiwe'll report some bugs 18:33
czajkowskiand help anyone who turns up 18:33
openiduser313sounds good :)18:33
openiduser313is the venue nice?18:35
openiduser313can we order food?18:35
mhall119cjohnston: schedule a team event for the shuttle launch, I'd like to go18:35
czajkowskiopeniduser313: venue is fine 18:39
czajkowskipub down the road 18:40
openiduser313ok thanks18:41
effie_jayxmhall119: srry for the delay20:06
effie_jayxmhall119: yes it was me20:06
mhall119effie_jayx: cool20:07
mhall119we've talked about adding tweeting/denting support into loco-directory20:07
mhall119might have to figure out how to integrate tano20:08
effie_jayxmhall119: it's pretty simple20:08
effie_jayxthe app that holds the models is called larky20:08
effie_jayxand there ae no views nor anything20:09
effie_jayxfor now20:09
effie_jayxit is al in a command executed by cron20:09
effie_jayxsomething like python mananage.py cron_exec20:09
mhall119which is all we'd need, we already have cron running some management commands20:09
effie_jayxshould be simple enought to integrate then20:10
mhall119I'll have to look into it more when I have time20:10
effie_jayxI am trying to clean things up a bit20:10
mhall119your email said you were going to have it in bzr?20:10
mhall119on Launchpad?20:10
effie_jayxjust have bzr import my git branch20:11
effie_jayxI am ot planign on having trees or anything so keep compatibility cool20:11
effie_jayxI'll do that tonight so you can play around with it20:11
effie_jayxI left clear instructions on how to make it work20:12
effie_jayxi have to be clear on one issue20:12
effie_jayxwe have to find a way to save the passwords better for identi.ca20:12
effie_jayxsince it uses simple authentication20:12
effie_jayxand django can only mask the password20:13
effie_jayxlike I said20:13
effie_jayxlots of clean up20:13
effie_jayxthat and facebook posting support20:13
effie_jayxwhich is next on my list20:13
effie_jayxit's my weekend thing20:14
mhall119cjohnston: ^^ might be interested in looking at this too20:14
mhall119can you post a link to the project?20:14
effie_jayxlet me do the bzr branch ow20:14
effie_jayxdarn typo, this keyboard is killing me :P20:15
effie_jayxmhall119: it's a great idea. I hadn't thought of LD integraton20:18
effie_jayxit would be cool to do it so that future versions of tuno can be rolled in seemlessly20:19
effie_jayxmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~effie-jayx/+junk/tuno20:31
effie_jayxI'll set up a proper project later20:31
effie_jayxwait till it mirrors20:32
mhall119effie_jayx: I'll also look into integrating it with ubuntu-django-foundations20:35
effie_jayxI am unfamiliar with it20:37
* effie_jayx googles it20:38
effie_jayxgot it20:38
effie_jayxinteresting, It really is just a simple app, I need to create some simple methods for doing stuff and you ae good to go20:39
effie_jayxI can see LD and other apps just posting triggered by actions20:40
effie_jayxso just giving you a method to call with the message is a good start20:41
effie_jayxscheduled status updates are good for promoting events and meetings20:42
nhandlerDo you think it would make sense to change ~locoteams-approved, ~locoteams, and ~ubuntu-us (I know the last one isn't LC managed) to be Delegated Teams? This is a new subscription policy that they added that requires admin approval for new direct memberships, but allows subteams to remain open. This would allow LoCos to be Open teams, but require the LC to manually approve additions of new teams to ...22:58
nhandler... ~locoteams-approved and ~locoteams22:58

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