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LLStarkshey, how do i get the minefield dropdown button?08:44
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chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, does the Tools -> Message Filters menu item in tbird work for you with the global menu?11:21
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ftajcastro, planet is still stuck :(16:57
ftawho's in charge of that?16:58
jcastrosomeone is likely looking at it17:02
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jcastrofta: they fixed it19:14
jcastrobut you probably know that by now19:14
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ftajcastro, thanks20:14
jcastrofta: and some progress on appmode stuff!20:14
ftajcastro, i'm turning crazy with the focus issues20:15
jcastrofor the webapps?20:15
ftano, everything20:15
ftaenough that i can't work anymore20:15
ftai will either switch to unity-2d or go back to classic with metacity20:16
ftai have some real work to do involving a lot of windows, and it's possible with unity20:17
ftalol, *not* possible20:17
ftaasac, i see a bunch of people looking for "chromium arm ppa" in my blog stats20:22
ftadpm, hi, fyi, a few words about Uyghur in http://ftagada.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/chromium-10-in-ubuntu/  I didn't have time to make a dedicated post about translations in a while :P20:24
dpmfta, need to run now, I'll have a read tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!20:42
LLStarkschris, do you have that bug number for the preferred app issues with tbird?20:57
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