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phoniclynxI have a I have a back end setup and a front end. The back end can see the videos and allows me to view the videos... but the front end doesn't show the videos option in the media library... Is there an option I've accidentally checked or something?10:12
Shadow__Xphoniclynx: are you saying the backend is a backend/frontend and on there you see your videos but on a different frontned you dont?10:13
phoniclynxthe backend/frontend sees the video options.. but the straight front end dosn't see them.. it used to.. but not any more10:14
Shadow__Xwhat do you mean by the video option.10:14
phoniclynxMedia Library - Watch Videos10:16
Shadow__Xthe option is not in the menu at all? or it is there but the videos are not showing up10:18
phoniclynxnot in the options menu10:22
Shadow__Xif thats the case then most likely the frontend does not have that plugin installed10:23
Shadow__Xi will also note that you want to make sure both the frontend and backend are running the same revision number and are using the same repo10:24
phoniclynxcongratulations.... 10 cookies to you10:24
phoniclynxi don't know how the plugin got turned off tho10:25
phoniclynxi turned them all on10:25
Shadow__Xi am not sure but perhaps in an upgrade it could of happen10:26
phoniclynxokay.. here's a curly one10:26
phoniclynxit now shows up10:26
phoniclynxbut won't let u go into it10:26
Shadow__Xcheck the logs then10:27
phoniclynxdw.. i think i solved it10:27
phoniclynxi rebooted it10:27
phoniclynxwhat the hell.. have another 3 cookies10:29
Zinnphoniclynx: Please watch your language.10:29
phoniclynxgotta love bots10:29
phoniclynxafter all that now its saying there are no video's10:32
Shadow__Xif thats the case then its either of 2 things. You are not using storage groups and need to mount the share locally or you are using storage groups and they are not setup correctly10:33
phoniclynxnow my server is going crazy10:35
Shadow__Xgive it some camomile tea10:38
phoniclynxhaha it needs more than that i think10:39
phoniclynxi restarted GDM10:39
phoniclynxnow mythfrontend just crashes every time it opens.. and then it tries to restart it.. and is in a loop10:40
Shadow__Xcheck the logs to see whats going on. You can open it from terminal as well10:41
phoniclynxno screen attached10:41
phoniclynxi'm havin to SSH to it10:41
phoniclynxbut i think i found the error10:41
phoniclynxsomehow the PPA's were set to lucid and not mavrick10:41
Shadow__Xperhaps that is it10:42
mycosysif you need to run x stuff remotely xpra/window switch works well10:42
phoniclynxbot nix10:42
phoniclynxboth nix*10:43
mycosysxpra is nix10:43
mycosystho ported10:43
mycosysprovides the ability to disconnect from the x session without closing the app10:43
mycosyslike screen10:43
phoniclynxdl in now10:43
mycosysalso allows the x app to be on 2 (or more) screens10:44
phoniclynxi have no idea how to use it tho10:44
mycosyswindow switch is a fgrontend for it10:44
phoniclynxi type xpra and it give me a help screen10:45
phoniclynxwhich realy isn't much help10:45
mycosysi have only used it via window switch - tho window switch does too much and i should learn its cl10:45
mycosystry man xpra i spose10:45
phoniclynxnat@NatLinux:/etc/apt$ xpra start mythtv10:47
phoniclynxEntering daemon mode; any further errors will be reported to:10:47
phoniclynx  /home/nat/.xpra/:mythtv.log10:47
Zinn[winswitch.org] Window Switch - Debian Repository10:51
phoniclynxtrying to wrap my head around the MAN pages10:58
phoniclynxso u have to have xpra on both client and server10:59
phoniclynxwell the PPA correction fixed it11:07

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