mwhudsonojwb: you can start to acquire the downtown lifestyle block you've always wanted?01:28
ojwbmwhudson: jenny pointed out that we should have bought the house next door but one last year01:31
ojwbthen we could buy these two, and build a hotel01:32
mwhudsonif you want to own a hotel01:32
ojwbwell, they make more rent01:33
mwhudsongood morning20:01
ibeardsleeI should read the Ubuntu-NZ mailing list more often20:05
ajmitchthere were actually some messages sent to it recently20:07
ajmitchmore relevant to wellington people though20:07
ibeardsleeyeah busy replying to the guy wanting to get a Wellington Ubuntu user group going20:07
ibeardsleesuggesting that there may be more value to the greater community to focus on WellyLug20:08
ibeardsleebeing distro independent20:08
ajmitchand probably most of the wellylug people have some familiarity with ubuntu anyway?20:08
ajmitchI know a few of the dunlug people do20:08
ajmitchhads: quick service, modem just arrived :)20:45
hadsajmitch: Excellent22:54
hadsI think I might unsubscribe from NZlUG now that's it's turned into NZEarthquakeAndPoliticsEtcChat.22:55
* ajmitch hasn't been subscribed there for a couple of years now22:59

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