ryanakcarww: Aye, thank AlanBell for fixing it :)01:32
* tonyyarusso is being assaulted by ubottu02:04
jussiMorning all02:11
Picih00k: you may want to keep an eye on freenode too, as it looks like hes trying to get a claok.02:14
Picia cloak too02:14
PiciAnd maybe a clock.02:14
h00kPici: gotcha.02:14
elkyand maybe a cloaca.02:18
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
rww!virus =~ s/,/./05:16
ubottuI'll remember that rww05:16
rwwheh, pen's connection stopped bouncing as soon as I opped to banforward them :\06:41
* topyli ponders mrdebuntu's nick choice06:46
rwwwhat about it?06:47
topylinot sure, but doesn't it translate to shitbuntu?06:47
topyliexcuse my near-total lack of french skillz :)06:48
rwwnot that I know of. I parsed it to Mr. Deb(ian) Ubuntu06:48
rwwno, that's merde.06:48
rwwoh. lol.06:48
rwwcoincidence, I think.06:48
topylion yeah. let's assume the best :)06:48
elky'mrde' is a nick i remember somehow07:00
ubottuIn #kubuntu, Daskreech said: !Qt is the Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev to compile Qt4 applications.09:54
Daskreechhello :)09:54
Daskreech Just updating the !qt infomatic to not mention numbered releases09:55
Tm_TDaskreech: I'm sure there's something more to add about it, like, some neat metapackage that pulls the building tools and stuff09:55
Tm_Tso if you have time, I would greatly appreciate that bit (:09:55
DaskreechLike Libqt4-dev09:55
Daskreechoh the building tools09:55
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:56
DaskreechQt is the Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev to !build Qt4 applications.09:56
Daskreechbetter ?09:56
LjLmind swatsicle on #ubuntu please15:07
Junglismou la la la la ule lo18:28
oCean<Junglism> hail ubuntu guess who18:30
LjLoCean: don't worry, he already announced himself18:30
LjL[19:27:59] --> Junglism has joined this channel (~loc0@
LjL[19:28:14] <Junglism> ou la la la la ule lo[19:28:22] <-- Junglism has left this channel.18:30
oCeanunbelievable this guy18:31
LjLhe's taken this habit of joining here, yodeling and parting, it seems18:31
oCeananyway, good to know he's noticed18:32
jtrucksstaff is aware of the jungli problem.19:05
Picijtrucks: Thanks for letting us know.19:13
popeyuh, ignore me ;)19:49
erUSULajf in ubuntu just posted a potentially dangerous command in #ubuntu ?20:45
erUSULwhat can be that png be? anyone dares to aplay it ?20:46
erUSULPici: did you take a look?20:48
PicierUSUL: I don't know what that is.20:49
erUSULok it is a valid png... what i dunno is what happens if you feed it to aplay20:50
* LjL dares20:52
LjLit plays a song20:52
LjLafter a little bit of garbage due to the image data20:53
erUSULso a clever hack ;)20:53
LjLwell, it did hurt me psychologically to listen to audio at 8000hz20:54
LjLbut aside from that it didn't seem malicious :P20:54
* erUSUL stops Pixies20:54
PiciWhats the picture of?20:54
erUSULand the music seems to be from that manga too20:55
erUSULok; i am off; thanks LjL ;P20:57
m_fulderanyone in here knows how an IRC bot works?22:19
m_fulderhow do I make myself an operator?22:19
topylim_fulder: for studying bots, this is not really an appropriate channel. please see the channel topic :)22:21
m_fulderah right sry :(22:22
topyliwhere would you like to be an op?22:22
m_fulderon my own channel22:22
m_fulderor my communitys channel22:22
topyliah. on freenode?22:23
m_fulderthe thing is now nobody has the operator22:23
m_fulderno QuackeNet22:23
topylidon't know about that either then, sorry22:23
m_fuldernps :)22:23
topylicheers :)22:24
m_fulderthanks anyway22:25
topylihappy ircing!22:25

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