kidsodatelessAll, Magandang Hapon! 10:11
zakamehi hi10:34
kidsodatelesshello zakame, the next Ubuntu Global Jam for natty is on april 1st to 3rd. any plans?10:37
kidsodatelessping zeroseven018310:37
zeroseven0183Yo kidsodateless10:38
zeroseven0183I see UGJ is the topic for tonight?10:39
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, No, i'm just asking if we have plans for the next UGJ.10:43
zeroseven0183Ahhh... ok10:43
kidsodatelessor  anyone who could lead organizing the jam? :D you might want to give a BugTiagging talk.? hehe10:43
zeroseven0183Meron ba? Sorry kadarating ko lang10:43
zeroseven0183It's on April 1 to 3, right?10:44
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, wala pa. :D yup.10:44
zeroseven0183Tsk.. Hindi ako pwede, that's Summer Outing and Sister's wedding days10:44
zeroseven0183Pero it doesn't need to be big naman, kidsodateless10:45
zeroseven0183at least three people siguro OK na yun :-)10:45
zeroseven0183Saan ka ba ngayon, Efren?10:47
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, yup. ofcourse, we need lead organizer :)10:50
zakamesorry got dc'd10:51
zakamethen again tweaking the gw always has that ;)10:51
zakameyeah I guess we can have an activity on the ugj days, dholbach sent me an email earlier about it10:52
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, andito pa ko sa palawan. sa 30 nasa manila na ko.10:52
zeroseven0183Baka sa 30 nasa Palawan naman ako :-)10:53
zeroseven0183zakame, last UGJ sa O&B ginawa di ba?10:54
kidsodatelesszakame, yeah! where would be the venue?10:54
zakamehmm I haven't thought through it yet... suggestions?10:55
zakameI'll let the office be last resort this time10:56
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, my date is not fix yet, so if got a time magkikita pa tayo dito. :)10:57
zeroseven0183No, I was just kidding. I'm still here sa Laguna or Manila area nun. :-)10:57
zeroseven0183Yun nga lang my calendar is already blocked on those dates10:57
kidsodatelesszakame, none could i think of, except g2ix and O&B :)10:58
zeroseven0183Pwede naman sa isang restaurant lang :-)10:58
zeroseven0183then food, dala ng kanya-kanyang laptop10:59
zakameI could ask jsgotangco if g2ix is ok10:59
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, pwede rin yun. but the expenses for that resturant is the problem. 10:59
zeroseven0183Kung tayong tatlo lang nina zakame, sagot ko na ang expenses. hehehe11:00
kidsodatelesszakame, thanks. that will be my first ugj with you guys hehe, 11:00
zeroseven0183My idea kasi of UGJ is gathering then everyone participates triaging bugs11:01
zeroseven0183I'm not sure if that's exactly correct11:01
zeroseven0183As I see it sa mga photos na submitted before11:01
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, yeah it is. so we need to have machine that time. but unfortunely i don't have one. so if you have spare machine, lend me hehe.11:03
zeroseven0183I can spare you an old server :-)11:04
zeroseven0183Siguro an announcement in the Forums will help11:05
zeroseven0183kasi most of the pips doon tumatambay11:06
kidsodatelesszeroseven0183, yeah. I believe. 11:12
* kidsodateless about to go11:20
zeroseven0183Ooopppsss See you next time11:22
zeroseven0183I'll think about April 1 and 2, ayt11:22

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