mathbenje suis encore sur mon histoire de can avec slcan01:42
mathbença ne marche toujours pas, il a une chose que je n'ai pas compris. Comment un module fait pour démarrer au démarrage?01:42
mathbenj'ai ajouté un fichier slcan.ko dans //lib/modules/2.6.32-21-generic-pae/socketcan/slcan.ko01:43
mathbenun / de trop01:43
mathbenensuite, j'ai fait depmod -a01:43
mathbenau démarrage, je dois obligatoirement faire modprobe slcan pour le voir dans la liste des modules01:44
mathbenet je ne vois toujours pas mon matériel can :(01:44
mathbenet la plus part des tutoriaux que je trouve, c'est sur du canusb, moi j'ai une carte isa01:45
deuxpimathben: la plupart des modules se font chargé à partir du concept d'"alias"01:53
deuxpideux sec. j'essaie de trouver l'info, mais le site est lent à répondre....01:56
deuxpiah pis zut... je suis même pas certain où ça s'en allait02:01
deuxpimathben: le plus simple est peut-être bien d'ajouter le nom du module au fichier /etc/modules02:02
mathbendeuxpi: merci, ça marche02:08
mathben(même si mon problème initial n'est pas résolu ^^)02:08
mathbendeuxpi: c'est quoi un fichier ko? est-ce qu'un fichier ko peut contenir d'autre fichier ko?02:16
deuxpiko = kernel object, je crois02:18
deuxpioù "object" veut essentiellement dire code binaire02:18
deuxpipeut-être qu'un fichier ko peut fournir plus qu'un module02:19
Musashimarunon, un module c'est un module (une fichier)02:43
Musashimaruaprés, qu'un module convient à plusieurs materiel, c'est possible02:43
deuxpioki, merci !02:54
mathbenc'est pas bien cette commande : cat /dev/cpu003:20
mathbenha, c'est juste sur arch linux :o03:25
cyphermoxhey MagicFab 15:24
MagicFabcyphermox, salut!15:30
MagicFabhighvoltage, nice pics :)15:31
MagicFabIdleOne, Mobidoy_, sipherdee, deuxpi, avoine, moustafa  o/15:32
moustafaMagicFab: Yo15:32
IdleOneGood morning15:33
* MagicFab -> back from +3 days of flu + gastro15:33
highvoltageMagicFab: :)15:34
highvoltageMagicFab: ouch!15:34
MagicFabI *need* an Android tablet to keep up :D15:35
highvoltageI keep telling myself that too.15:35
MagicFabJ'ai une question pour les "réguliers' ici - j'aimerais passer le flambeau de "team contact Québec" à quelqu'un.15:39
MagicFabje pensais à demander aux intérressés de se postuler sur le wiki, puis ensuite on pourrait procéder à un vote (pas sur Launchpad, mais un autre mécanisme)...15:39
MagicFabamorphous1, avoine cyphermox deuxpi highvoltage IdleOne Lrrr_ Mobidoy_ moustafa nekohayo sipherdee starcraftman stgraber txwikinger ^15:40
MagicFabj'aimerais avoir votre avis avant d'en parler sur la liste15:40
nekohayoperso j'ai pas d'avis particulier excepté que je vais probablement pas postuler pour la présidence ;P15:41
highvoltageMagicFab: yeah I guess it would have to be someone who can at least speak half-decent French so it won't be me :)15:41
MagicFabhighvoltage, y u no French courses ?15:42
* txwikinger ne parle pas fracais aussi15:42
IdleOneI won't be adding myself but I would nominate either Mobidoy_, cyphermox or moustafa 15:43
MagicFabtxwikinger, highvoltage your opininon as regulars here is appreciated nonetheless15:43
cyphermoxMagicFab, yep, condorcet voting15:43
avoineMagicFab: c'est intéressant15:43
IdleOneoh! deuxpi  also15:44
MagicFabok, so cyphermox just volunteered to manage the voting, good :)15:44
MagicFabIdleOne is taking care of nominations, excellent15:44
cyphermoxMagicFab, huh, no. I volunteered to point someone to manage the voting15:45
cyphermoxI can't manage the voting if I'm a nomination ;)15:45
IdleOnenominations are done. I gave 415:45
MagicFabanyways, we can't only do this here, as you know many people/members never come here. I need some more opinions on how to proceed.15:45
* MagicFab reads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condorcet_criterion15:46
txwikingerlaunchpad voting is anonymous.. I don't think it makes any difference who sets it up15:46
MagicFabmhhh tldr15:46
IdleOnedid they re-add polls to LP?15:46
MagicFabLP voting is disabled now, isn't it ?15:46
IdleOneI thought they got removed15:46
cyphermoxtxwikinger, it's more about how it deals with polls and votes than whether it's anonymous15:46
txwikingeroh.. did not know they disabled it15:46
IdleOneMagicFab: I read something about them maybe being enabled15:46
* txwikinger wonders why lp has ever been open sourced.. nobody wants to do anything with it anyway15:47
MagicFabSeems to be there: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qc/+newpoll (for admins)15:47
IdleOnebut condorcet has been used for IRCC elections so...15:47
MagicFabtxwikinger, "can't afford not to" :)15:47
cyphermoxIdleOne, right. and a few other cases for other elections15:47
IdleOneMagicFab: ask akgraner or elky about them. they have experience with condorcet15:48
txwikingerMagicFab: I put it in the category "irrelevant"15:48
MagicFabtxwikinger, depends. Some governments don't.15:48
cyphermoxso, MagicFab you'll write something up for the list?15:48
cyphermoxI also re-nominate MagicFab , he's been doing a great job :)15:48
IdleOnethat is 5 nominations 15:49
txwikingerYeah.. I just mean on the point of feasibility.. I have deleted all the launchpad stuff I put on my laptop at lucid UDS15:49
txwikingerNever did anything with it15:49
IdleOnefirst start with an email to the list, ask people to nominate themselves or to nominate someone, give that a week or two. then create poll, give people two weeks to vote.15:50
* txwikinger seconds IdleOne's suggestion15:50
cyphermoxyeah, sounds like a great plan15:50
IdleOneI would also detail what being "team contact" entails15:51
IdleOneall my ideas are great, if I had any will to execute my ideas I would be rich today :)15:51
txwikingerhmm.. not sure if you get rich by being an Ubuntu LoCo contact15:52
IdleOneMagicFab: can I ask why you decided to give up the position?15:52
* txwikinger would be twice rich otherwise15:52
MagicFabtxwikinger, I see your point15:52
IdleOnetxwikinger: well not all my ideas would make me rich but all my ideas are great :P15:52
MagicFabtxwikinger, it's actually the other way around :)15:53
IdleOnebtw someone should take notes and add this "meeting" to the team reports 15:54
* IdleOne is on a roll with the ideas today15:54
IdleOneI better go take a nap before I burn out lol15:54
MagicFabIdleOne, I'd love to become a regular user again - and having another face there would be nice IMO.15:55
* txwikinger needs to gain an hour of sleep in advance of the stupid DST coming up15:55
IdleOneMagicFab: sounds good.15:55
MagicFabnaps are good15:55
MagicFabtxwikinger, :D15:55
MagicFabIdleOne, this is logged AFAIK so no need for notes - not informal, just asking the regular IRC people, whose opinions I value a lot.15:56
txwikingerUh.. just started snowing again15:56
IdleOneWhat does the team contact do anyway?15:57
IdleOnebesides being a rock star like MagicFab 15:57
txwikingerDepends on the group15:57
txwikingerIn one LoCo I am facilitating merely the communication between the LoCo and Ubuntu/LoCo Council/Canonical/new users15:58
txwikingerIn the other LoCo I am very busy organising stuff 15:58
* deuxpi lit les 72 pages de backlog... bon matin !15:59
txwikingerAllo deuxpi15:59
IdleOneyeah, seems like it would be opposite of what I need to be doing.15:59
cyphermoxdeuxpi, salut15:59
IdleOnebonjour Mr. deuxpi.15:59
txwikingerEst-ce que deuxpi = 6.28.... ?16:00
* IdleOne needs to distance himself from the computer some16:00
cyphermoxIdleOne, sit farther :D16:00
IdleOnecyphermox: tried that but my keyboard wire is very long16:00
cyphermoxbluetooth keyboards and mice are great for that :)16:00
deuxpitxwikinger: yep... old nick I got when doing my physics degree :)16:01
MagicFabIdleOne, my role has been different as I saw the team get from zero to today. Next contact would probably need to focus on events/delegating 16:01
IdleOneI don't like wireless peripherals16:01
MagicFabthat's a good question16:01
txwikingerdeuxpi: cool16:01
MagicFabtxwikinger, you're contact for -ca no ?16:01
txwikingerMagicFab: yes16:01
txwikingerand Kubuntu-de.org16:02
* MagicFab realizes how that illustrates the "distance" between -ca and -qc :)16:02
MagicFabpfew at least I knew that one :D16:02
IdleOneI think the distance between -ca and -qc is mostly cultural16:03
IdleOnebut -qc still likes -ca16:03
txwikingerMagicFab: Yeah.. -ca and -qc should do more stuff  together16:03
IdleOnelong as you guys don't put up any English signs 16:03
MagicFabagreed - right now I can't helpmuch there16:04
* txwikinger is an immigrant who has no stakes in the language wars16:04
MagicFabIdleOne, Y U NO LIKE SPANISH !?@!!16:04
IdleOneI love spanish16:04
* txwikinger proposes German as the new ond only Canadian official language :p16:04
IdleOneI speak Spanish as often as I can16:04
* txwikinger habla un poquito d'espanol16:05
deuxpimandarin +1 :)16:05
IdleOneheck I learned to speak Spanish when I lived in the US16:06
txwikingerIdleOne: We can out up anything in French too as long as y'all translate it.. I just do not speak French well enough to do that16:06
IdleOneI have no problem with French or English. One of the many benefits of having grown up in QC16:07
sipherdeetxwikinger: yea, it takes time.16:07
txwikingerWell.. English is already my second language even I would call it my first one nowadays16:07
txwikingerAnd the Ontarian government is very discriminatory :D16:08
sipherdeeIdleOne: i grew up in quebec, qc and i must say that my english could be better.  it's more of a montreal thing than quebec. :)16:08
txwikingerWhen we immigrated we wanted to have French language classes from the immigration centre, but they only provided English which we did not need16:09
sipherdeetxwikinger: wow... :(16:09
IdleOnesipherdee: I guess you are right about that, it is a regional thing but there are more French people who speak English in QC than there are English people who speak French in the rest of Canada.16:09
txwikingerIdleOne: That is not truwe16:10
IdleOnepercentage wise16:10
IdleOnesheer numbers maybe not16:10
txwikingerWe have 2 French school distrcits here16:10
txwikingerAnd 2 English ones16:10
IdleOneDid you folks hear that QC wants to force students who went to French high school to go to French CEGEP.16:11
txwikingerAs I am told there is a group of French Ontarians here that btw. do not speak Quebequois ;)16:11
IdleOnethey say that too many students are going to English CEGEP16:11
txwikingerwhat is CEGEP? college?16:12
IdleOnetxwikinger: I own a home in Lancaster and the majority of the people in that town speak French.16:12
txwikingerWell.. the majority of people in this town here used to speak German16:12
sipherdeethat is stupid... this kind of crap is what fuels the language war.16:12
IdleOnesipherdee: exactly16:13
IdleOneWhen a person reaches college they have to pay for it, they should be allowed to chose what they are paying for.16:13
* txwikinger thinks it is better to speak more languages than less16:13
IdleOnetxwikinger: that is why I speak 416:13
txwikingerIdleOne: cool16:14
* txwikinger does not have the time to keep current with all 4 languages he has learned16:14
MagicFabsipherdee, pls. tone down. I'd suggest that if this off-topic goes for too long, you guys move it to, well, #ubuntu-offtopic - or else16:14
IdleOneI think sipherdee was agreeing with me 16:14
IdleOnebut yeah we better change the subject16:15
txwikingerI think this is a discussion of how to bring -ca and -qc closer16:15
sipherdeeyes, i did.  but let's move on. :)16:15
MagicFabIdleOne, I agree. No need for name-calling or else. Out of context (like just happened to me), someone new here may be offended.16:15
IdleOneMagicFab: agreed16:15
MagicFabjust keep the CoC in mind.. and any new users here who may not come here for such display of arguments :)16:16
* txwikinger needs to get back to work anyway16:16
IdleOnetxwikinger: don't work too much, boss expects it all the time if you do.16:16
MagicFabtxwikinger, thanks for hanging around btw - anyone interested in getting both LoCos close should also hang out on #ubuntu-ca16:16
txwikingerIdleOne: txwikinger is my boss16:17
IdleOnehaha in that case ask him for a raise16:17
txwikingerIdleOne: I do all the time.. he always says no16:17
sipherdeeMagicFab: i came here in regards to the team contact vote. i will follow this closely.16:18
txwikingerbtw.. in regards to working closer together16:18
txwikingerHave y'all any plans for Global Jam? We probably have an event on Saturday16:19
IdleOneI think Mobidoy_ and cyphermox are working on something16:20
IdleOnenot sure16:20
deuxpiYes... we received a proposition for a location by the DevLab guys16:20
deuxpiduring the GeekFest event :)16:20
MagicFabcyphermox, aviez-vous une table au geekfest finallement ? J'attends le rapport :)16:20
deuxpirapport ?!?16:21
MagicFabdeuxpi, devlab people are great - met them last month16:21
cyphermoxactually, it didn't quite happen that way, but I thought devLab was a nice group to deal with for stuff like the global jam16:21
deuxpibon bon... je paraphrasais ;)16:21
MagicFabdeuxpi, ben oui, un petit message pour au moins dire ce qui s'est passé sur la liste ou un blog post.. question d'en intéresser d'autres :)16:21
cyphermoxMagicFab, j'écris une entrée de blogue tantot, ce midi16:21
MagicFabrapport!!?? :)16:21
cyphermoxhein, rapport?16:22
MagicFabcyphermox, +116:22
MagicFablast year: http://www.actionti.com/accueil/octas/octas-201116:22
cyphermoxavec un peu de chance on aura même du monde du geekfest pour venir au hour ce soir16:22
MagicFab--> http://idle-one.blogspot.com/2010/03/geekfest-montreal.html16:22
deuxpije peux mettre à jour le wiki ce midi16:23
MagicFabok, gotta go - merci pour les idées16:24
MagicFab...à suivre16:24
IdleOneI didn't know my little blog post was a report16:26
deuxpij'ai pas fini d'éditer mes photos, mais ça s'en vient16:27
IdleOnebtw guys, sorry I didn't make it to geekfest (I said I would be there) but things came up and I just wasn't able to come help you folks.16:29
sipherdeeIdleOne: i hope to see you again soon. maybe at the ubuntu hour in the next weeks...16:52
cyphermoxdeuxpi, don't mind if I put your name in my blog post?17:00
cyphermoxMobidoy, même question, ca te dérange si je met ton nom dans mon article sur le blog?17:01
cyphermoxca sera sur planet.ubuntu.com17:01
cyphermoxsipherdee, ^ même question17:02
deuxpicyphermox: pas de problème17:04
Mobidoyno problemo17:05
deuxpij'avais déjà 17:06
deuxpiécrit un petit billet, mais c'était pas tout à fait "wrap up"/rapport17:07
sipherdeecyphermox: pas de problème!17:09
sipherdeebien que je considère que ma contribution a été minimale mais j'ai appris à vous connaître un peu plus et vu comment vous vous adressez aux gens.  je suis content d'être passé!17:10
cyphermoxmoi je met pas mal de tout, en résumé.17:10
cyphermoxsipherdee, cool, ca fait plaisir que tu sois passé17:10
IdleOnedid cyphermox kiss everybody who stopped at the table again this year?17:14
sipherdeeIdleOne: yes, the usual...17:16
cyphermoxIdleOne, kiss? you clearly weren't aware of *everything* :)17:17
IdleOnedeuxpi: se demande pourquoi ya pas eu de bec17:17
sipherdeeyes, there was a fur contest on sunday.17:17
IdleOnefur contest?17:17
IdleOneI don't think I want to know 17:18
cyphermoxIdleOne, uh... a furry contest17:18
deuxpiI was trying to attract people (to me) with World of Goo, but I see I failed :)17:18
IdleOnewhat is that?17:18
sipherdeeoops, hehe.17:18
sipherdeeworld of goo was really popular!17:19
IdleOneI still don't know what a furry contest is17:20
sipherdeei am looking for pictures.17:20
cyphermoxIdleOne, people in full-body animal suits17:20
cyphermoxe.g. a big cat or bear or whatever17:20
cyphermoxanyway, blog post preview: http://blog.cyphermox.net/b/post-preview?token=DH5XnS4BAAA.lmBt851MotVqri-ih8yLpA.AUeVh1W6rMr1m6vpFYYi5w&postId=5648806569540012372&type=POST17:21
IdleOnelooks good but the link to picasa does not work17:24
IdleOneoh, it's a preview. does that make a difference?17:25
deuxpiworks for me...17:25
IdleOneit's plain text here. no link17:26
sipherdeeyes, same thing for me with mozilla firefox.17:27
IdleOneactually none of the links on the page work for me17:28
deuxpio_O la première phrase sur le site ubuntu-qc.org présuppose que tous les systèmes viennent nécéssairement avec Windows ou Mac OS préinstallé18:42
cyphermoxdeuxpi, on peut surement le changer18:52
cyphermoxdeuxpi, le header du site est trop orange aussi19:00
deuxpiorange ?19:02
deuxpisi je compare à loco.ubuntu.com, il a l'air plus clair effectivement19:02
deuxpiwhoah et le système de commentaires est spammé à mort19:05
deuxpien gros, le site a l'ai abandonné... :(19:14
cyphermoxbon, modem cable remplacé19:33
cyphermoxen principe je devrais déconner moins souvent :)19:33
deuxpisi c'était permis par hydro-québec, j'aurais un système avec un backup par panneau solaire </geek> :)19:35
cyphermoxc'est pas permis?19:40
cyphermoxj'étais certain que oui19:40
cyphermoxca te prend une installation spéciale bien sûr mais tu peux avoir de bons rabais19:40
deuxpic'est que si il y a une panne d'hydro, on est obligé de couper l'output des panneaux19:46
deuxpiil faut pas fournir sur le réseau quand le réseau est en panne19:46
deuxpipour ce qui est des rabais, on devrait avoir 100% rabais :)19:47
cyphermoxmais normalement tu devrais avoir un transfer switch qui permet justement de pas fournir sur le réseau en panne19:55
deuxpiouais, mais $$$ :)19:56
cyphermoxouais... mais bon, y'a des avantages19:56
cyphermoxno such thing as a free lunch19:56
deuxpideux gars sur un channel d'OS libre qui se disent ça ;)19:57
cyphermoxsi ca t'intéresse, c'est pas spécifique à Hydro, mais Dustin Kirkland a sur son blog les détails de son setup pour des panneaux solaires19:57
deuxpije devrais blogger là dessus aussi, c'est très geek :)19:57
deuxpiKirkland a même packagé les outils de collecte de données pour Ubuntu... j'ai du chemin à faire19:58
deuxpiok... Montréal c'est pas Austin non plus20:00
cyphermoxen direct de l'heure Ubuntu de Longueuil :D23:12
MobidoyGood Bonne soirée :) Je te souhaite de la visite :) 23:14
cyphermoxMobidoy, on verra bien :)23:15
cyphermoxau pire je continue a coder sur nm-applet, je fais un gros cleanup et retravail de ma patch pour l'inclure upstream23:15
cyphermoxMobidoy, lui, il se porte bien?23:17
MobidoyOui, encore sur le dos pour +/- 40 heures mais ca va... C'est pls long qu'autre chose lol... 23:20
cyphermoxMobidoy, c'est pour ca que c'est pratique un laptop23:23
cyphermoxjuste 24 heures quand j'ai fait mon apendicite, j'étais en train de devenir fou... par contre après j'ai passé un mois à la maison à gosser sur Ubuntu :D23:24
Mobidoyapendicite, c'est pire qe moi ca lol.... moi c'est juste un minime trou dans la colonne pour reeuillir du liquide... 23:27
cyphermoxbah bah bah, c'est pas si pire, j'suis pas mourru23:30
Mobidoyroflf 23:32
cyphermoxProfNoel, bonsoir23:39
ProfNoelAllo cyphermox 23:39

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