jibelprimes2h, good morning09:16
jibelprimes2h, the laptop testing tracker has been updated, can you give it a review ?09:18
jibelprimes2h, per your comments on the merge request I did the following updates:09:19
jibel* add laptoptesting_logo.png in the qawebsite_site table09:19
jibel* delete Ubuntu Netbook Edition as product in qatracker_product09:19
jibel* delete Input/Output - Trackpad (Mac only) testcase from qatracker_testcase for each product since I merged it in Input/Output - Touchpad testcase.09:19
jibeland enlarged "pci device list" , "usb device list" and "hw configuration list" to 100 chars wide.09:20
jibellarger fields will break the layout of the pagE.09:21
jibelI've let them to 15 chars height to not make a monstrous page length but you can paste up to 64K character in each field.09:22
jibelprimes2h, let me know if I missed something.09:23
primes2hHey jibel, good morning.09:27
primes2hjibel: No problem about fields, we can start with that in our trial tests, if it needs some adjustments I'll let you know.09:31
primes2hjibel: Just a couple of things09:31
primes2hcommand description have to be changed to "lspci -v"09:32
primes2has it's now used in the wiki. (e.g. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Reports/AsusF7Se)09:34
primes2hjibel: hold on, you did it, sorry09:35
jibelprimes2h, you're welcome :-)09:37
primes2hjibel: it should be ok for now, but we need to do some tests firstly. If it needs some finishing or bug fixing I'll let you know.09:38
primes2hjibel: ehm09:40
primes2hjibel: a last thing.09:40
primes2hMilestone names for tests should be added in the form09:40
primes2h  "Release-name milestone-name"09:40
primes2hCould you change it from "LaptopFakeMilestone" in "Natty laptopFakeMilestone" ?09:41
primes2hor "Natty FakeMilestone"09:41
primes2hor something similar09:41
primes2he.g. "Natty Fake Milestone"09:42
jibelprimes2h, done09:44
primes2hjibel: Thanks a lot.09:45
primes2hjibel: I found out a bug in the tracker and I have a patch. Do I have to open a bug and create a new branch for the fix?13:42
primes2hand the request a merge?13:43
jibelprimes2h, yes please file a bug and create a new branch for this fix.13:45
primes2hjibel: Done. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~primes2h/ubuntu-qa-website/bug_731999/+merge/5269215:14
rpsIf I wanted to beg someone to have IPv6 default to Automatic instead of explicitly having to turn it on for the next release, who would I beg? :-)23:12
rpsAlso, it would be nice to see ubuntu.com (and the update servers) get IPv6 addresses :o23:13

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