dpmgood morning all08:15
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dpmhey happyaron, how are you?12:09
dpmDid your team have the chance to review the maverick ubuntu-docs from OEM we talked about a while ago?12:09
dpmAs commented on the ML, we're aiming at a maverick langpack update tomorrow. It would have been great to include them there, but I think it's now too late. Perhaps we can include them in a later langpack update, but it'd be great to know if you're happy with them and they're safe to pick up12:12
happyarondpm: sorry, no, just me checked about the existing translations and think we need a full review of all docs, I'm okay now to push an update (will be back in 11.11 series, now we're really busy with gnome3...)12:37
dpmhappyaron, ok, so just to be clear, we can ask the docs team to export and include translations without having to wait on further review?12:41
happyarondpm: yes12:49
dpmhappyaron, ok, cool, thanks for confirming12:49
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askhldpm, hi19:30
askhldpm, is the langpack update affected by the firefox bug (do we need to test the updated langpack after it has been fixed)?19:31
dpmhi askhl, yeah, I'll do the call for testing tomorrow. Thanks to pitti we could keep to the schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/MaverickLanguagePackReleaseSchedule19:49
askhldpm, thanks, I'll test it in the weekend then19:50
dpmcool, thanks19:52
melodie_anyone in charge looking at his screen at the moment ? I found a problem in a yelp mo (fr) and would like to point at it20:27

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