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HazRPGwow... apparently our lug isn't dead... apparently there was a meet yesterday (according to the facebook page)... but it wasn't mentioned on the site, nor on the mailing list... how odd...00:50
HazRPGanyone used aptoncd?01:07
HazRPGhmm, anyone know if the Ubuntu-UK facebook group is in anyway related to this ubuntu-uk?01:14
dutchieHazRPG: I think the admin is Gary (who is on irc now), so it looks at least semi-official01:22
HazRPGwinner :)01:22
dutchieand there are people posting on it who seem pretty uk-y01:23
dutchiee.g. tony spamming uupc releases from december01:23
HazRPGheh, see I don't know most of you guys by name, only handles :P01:27
ali1234every time i go on facebook they have completely redesigned the homepage01:28
HazRPGali1234: because they seem to think it's the "in thing" to do :/01:28
ali1234group joined anyway01:29
ali1234lol, 2 people unfriended me since last time i went on01:34
HazRPGwow, typical01:34
HazRPGali1234: just noticed you teletext post01:34
ali1234on facebook?01:35
HazRPGthat's wicked, your coding? Or others?01:35
HazRPGnah, blog01:35
HazRPGyour facebook is locked down01:35
ali1234oh. cos i didn't remember joining my blog to facebook01:35
HazRPG(even to the point of not being able to click "add")01:35
ali1234yeah that's 100% my own code01:35
ali1234oh really?01:35
ali1234hmm maybe i went a bit mad with the security panel01:35
HazRPGI wouldn't be surprised if mines the same01:36
ali1234oh joy they redesigned the security panel again and it's even moer confusing than before01:36
ali1234i don't think there is a setting to control "add"01:39
HazRPGthere is01:39
HazRPGbut its named obscurely01:39
ali1234any idea where it is?01:39
HazRPG"only let friends add me by e-mail" I think it shows up as01:40
HazRPGI'll have a dig, like you said they keep moving things around :/01:40
ali1234oh found it01:41
HazRPGPublic search,  by any chance?01:41
ali1234yeah there's a different page for all this stuff than the one i was on01:41
ali1234so yeah teletext, i have another project which does the reverse and rebuilds teletext pages from old VHS tapes01:42
HazRPGooo, apparently you can set it to send an e-mail when someone logs in to facebook :)01:42
HazRPGoh wow, so you saying that a VHS that was recorded straight from a TV stream back when teletext was enabled, you'd be able to view that data?01:43
ali1234so you can read the teletext news from way back01:44
HazRPGyou know, it never occurred to me that such info was actually hidden in there01:44
HazRPGnice :)01:44
ali1234it's not even hidden, it's just that the signal is too degraded for a standard TV to understand it01:44
ali1234but with powerful computers, it can be cleaned up somewhat01:44
HazRPGhmm, wait... does that mean if your watching a VHS tape and hit the teletext button - it would load that data up also?01:45
ali1234in theory yes, in practice no, because VHS is too low quality01:45
ali1234apparently that works with S-VHS01:45
ali1234but who has one of those?01:45
ali1234algorithm is not perfect yet: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/teletext.html01:46
HazRPGhmm, I just thought my betamax player died during the floods in 2005 :(01:46
HazRPGwow, those graphics look familiar01:47
HazRPGthose from tapes you own?01:47
HazRPGits a shame most of the teletext stuff wasn't datestamped01:48
ali1234it was01:48
ali1234the top line is freeform but everyone always used it as a clock01:49
HazRPGyeah I realised that after I hit enter and saw "25 Dec"01:49
ali1234that packet gets retransmitted about 10 times per second01:49
ali1234so there's plenty of chances to get a clean decode of that01:49
HazRPGdid you start doing this after the discussions of teletext a few nights back?01:50
ali1234i wrote the encoder a couple of years ago, and the decoder i wrote a few months ago01:51
HazRPGdo you use it often?01:52
ali1234no, never01:53
HazRPGhehe, proof of concept more than anything then?01:53
HazRPGor the "just because I can" factor01:53
* HazRPG does a lot of that one01:53
ali1234ah here we go, that tape is from 199601:53
ali1234so 15 years old01:53
ali1234yeah, recovering teletext from VHS is considered impossible by most people who think about these things01:54
HazRPGsaying that, some of my tapes might be older than that01:54
HazRPGI think I own robocop and stuff somewhere01:54
ali1234oh yeah, i have some tapes that are older than me01:54
ali1234it won't do anything with prerecodered tapes of course01:54
ali1234only stuff recorded from TV01:55
HazRPGoh yeah, I meant I had robocop recorded from TV streams01:55
HazRPGthink that might be one of the older tapes I still own01:55
ali1234my dad was an early adopter of VHS tech, he bought one for the world cup in 198201:56
ali1234so actually not older than me01:56
ali1234but close01:56
HazRPGheh I think my dad went with betamax originally01:57
ali1234i still have stuff like the young ones first series recorded from TV01:57
HazRPGbecause I still own a fair number of cartoons in betamax form01:57
ali1234that was 82, unless he recorded a repeat01:57
HazRPGman, that series is almost impossible to find!01:57
ali1234isn't it on DVD?01:58
ali1234you can even stream it from amazon01:58
ali1234$1 per episode01:59
HazRPGor at least it was at one point, when I was looking for it to prove to someone that one of the guys in it was in more than just drop dead fred01:59
HazRPGheh, so it is... hmm it was a few years back when I tried looking for it01:59
ali1234yeah rik mayall was massive in the late 80s early 90s... drop dead fred was his attempt to go all hollywood i guess02:01
ali1234like ricky gervais :/02:02
HazRPGsome of my friends just never saw black adder or young ones when the re-runs were on TV02:02
ali1234TV was so chilled out in the 80s02:07
ali1234where is the fast cuts and loud music?02:07
ali1234back when horizon was actually good as well02:08
HazRPGheh, TV in general was better in the 80's02:09
HazRPGcomedy was actually funny, and drama wasn't overly dramatic02:10
ali1234i dunno, there's always been bad sitcoms on BBC1 primetime... always02:10
HazRPGI wasn't counting BBC02:12
HazRPGI preferred channel 402:12
HazRPGBBC2 was alright sometimes02:13
HazRPGand ITV was good at times02:13
ali1234late night TV was better when nobody watched it and they just let anyone on :)02:13
HazRPGhaha yeah02:14
ali1234HazRPG: did you see the videos i posted yesterday? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbG0bqKzF9o02:31
HazRPGnope, but I will now :)02:32
HazRPGhaha wicked02:33
ali1234that chip is a 8051 core with hardware USB... close relative of the z8002:34
ali1234i think it runs at 12mhz02:34
HazRPGis the 8051 that old embedded intel chip?02:36
ali1234z80 was a copy with added features02:36
ali1234bit like AMD chips today02:36
ali1234anyway, that one chip runs my whole midi "keyboard"02:37
HazRPGhmm, do you not have a next button on your blog?02:40
ali1234what's a next button?02:40
HazRPGto see older posts... lol02:41
ali1234there aren't any02:41
HazRPGI can see that lol02:41
HazRPGwhy not?02:41
ali1234but you're supposed to use the navigation menu on the right02:41
ali1234took me *ages* to persuade drupal to do that02:41
ali1234or the menu along the top for that matter02:42
ali1234but yeah i never write any posts02:42
ali1234everything is in my "real" website under http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/02:42
ali1234which does not require me to fight with drupal02:42
HazRPGand remove the copyright information I'm guessing - since you don't have one02:42
ali1234but it also doesn't get me any page rank lol02:42
ali1234which copyright information is that?02:43
HazRPGyou don't have one :P02:43
ali1234well copyright is automatic anyway02:43
ali1234if chinese web spiders gonna steal my pages, a copyright message isn't going to stop them02:44
HazRPGand true02:46
ali1234i don't really have much respect for intellectual property anyway. i was actually thinking of releaseing all my software under a "no use by anyone anywhere" type licence just as a parody of people who use licences like http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/02:48
ali1234(and BSD)02:49
ali1234in this way, the only way you could use my software would be to reject software licencing in general and steal it :)02:50
ali1234but then i remembered i never wrote anything worth stealing...02:50
HazRPGhehe, yeah I recall seeing the WTFPL licence :P02:57
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HazRPGali1234: any idea what "Too man connections" means on startup?04:07
ali1234startup of what?04:07
HazRPGor how I can get the list of errors that popped up on start up too04:07
ali1234try dmesg04:07
HazRPGsystem just froze up and crashed unexpectedly :/04:07
ali1234or /var/log/messages04:08
ali1234"too many connections" sounds stranegly familiar though04:08
ali1234can't remember what it is that says it04:08
HazRPGwow, dmesg pops up with A LOT of stuff04:09
ali1234was it like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163527804:09
HazRPGthat message has been bugging me for a while04:10
HazRPGbut I figured it was fine04:10
ali1234grepping kernel source...04:10
ali1234i doubt it caused a crash04:11
HazRPGI got other error messages though this time04:11
HazRPGcouldn't tell you what they were, they popped up and disappeared before I had chance to read it04:11
ali1234pastebin dmesg04:11
HazRPGwas already on it ;)04:12
ali1234nothing in the kernel prints that exact message04:12
ali1234which is odd04:12
HazRPGseems to happen after "hda_codec: ALC892: BIOS auto-probing."04:13
ali1234i don't see anything particularly bad in that dmesg04:13
ali1234hda strikes again04:15
HazRPGI want to say hda = hard drive a, but I'm not sure04:16
ali1234ah here we go, ubuntu's kernel is different from mainline in that error message04:16
ali1234no, hda is high definition audio, intel's replacement for ac9704:16
ali1234hard drives haven't been called hda in linux since... well since they rewrote the ide driver to use the scsi layer and now everything is called sda04:17
ali1234so this message comes from: sound/pci/hda/hda_codec.c04:17
HazRPGyeah I did wonder why they started calling hard drives sda, sdb, etc04:17
HazRPGbecause I recall Red Hat use to call them hda way back when04:18
ballWhat were the main differences between AC97 and HDA?04:19
HazRPGwow I'm not liking the /var/log/messages04:19
ali1234HDA supports things that didn't exist in 1997 :)04:20
HazRPGball: I have a feeling had must stand for High Definition Audio04:21
ballWhat sort of things?04:21
ali1234more channels, higher sampling rates04:21
HazRPGsince the headers on the motherboard had hda written on them, along with headers for ac9704:21
ali1234yeah, they have ac97 in legacy mode04:21
HazRPGso my dmesg looks fine you say?04:22
ali1234nothing serious in there04:22
HazRPGwish I knew how to decode it like many of you on here can04:22
ball48 kHz?04:22
HazRPGball: I recall in windows that I could set it up for 96 kHz04:23
HazRPGor possibly more04:23
ali1234hda = 192khz/32 bit/8 channels, ac97 = 48khz/20-bit/6 channels04:23
ali1234according to the page i just linked04:23
HazRPGah, must have been 192 kHz I saw then04:24
HazRPGI knew it was a high number with 9 in it04:24
ali1234not all hardware has to support the full spec04:24
HazRPGI always thought audible sound couldn't be heard higher than 44 kHz (ear-wise)04:25
ali1234perhaps, but harmonics can04:25
ali1234you can't really put a fixed limit on it04:26
HazRPGis it bad that I keep getting this message every couple of seconds in /var/log/messages :: koala pulseaudio[1971]: ratelimit.c: 2490 events suppressed04:26
ali1234192khz is probably "enough" though04:26
ali1234yeah it's bad04:27
ali1234but seems like everyone with hda gets that04:27
ali1234because hda + pulse = bad times04:27
HazRPGguessing there's no fix or workaround for that yet then04:27
ali1234don't know04:28
ali1234i just stopped using pulse04:28
ali1234alsa seems to work perfectly with hda04:28
ali1234and there is no noticable difference for 99% of apps04:28
HazRPGI thought pulseaudio was meant to just be in the middle of alsa + input/output04:31
HazRPGno wait that's wrong04:31
ali1234it is04:32
HazRPGinput/output devices (audio) <-> pulseaudio <-> alsa <-> kernel04:32
ali1234which is why it makes no sense for it to mess up so regularly04:32
HazRPGor something like that04:32
ali1234alsa is two things04:32
ali1234the kernel drivers04:32
ali1234and also a library for apps04:32
ali1234pulseaudio sits in between those two things04:32
ali1234actually, it reimplements the alsa userspace library i think04:33
ali1234either way you are always using alsa for drivers04:33
HazRPGso I was sorta close04:33
HazRPGI knew it was a middle-man for alsa :)04:33
ali1234alsa has a program called dmix which does the same thing as pulse04:33
ali1234except it doesn't have as many features04:34
HazRPGdoes pulseaudio still use HAL?04:37
ali1234hal is dead and buried afaik04:37
HazRPGsince I recall it was planning to remove it04:37
HazRPGyeah I know it is, however I recall pulse was modelled with it04:38
HazRPGjust remembered after seeing this diagram: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pulseaudio-diagram.svg04:38
HazRPGI thought pulse had taken it out!04:38
exobuzzim not dead dave.. http://spyhunter007.com/Images/hal_9000b.jpg04:38
HazRPGali1234: wow, skilled programmer and 3D drawer!04:52
HazRPGjust noticed your hexapod robot by mistake on youtube (was looking for some blender stuff)04:53
ali1234that's actually very simple04:53
ali1234it's based on a real one04:53
ali1234and the real one is cut from sheets of metal04:54
ali1234so all the parts are actually flat04:54
ali1234the full source code is on my site somewhere04:54
HazRPGwhat's the source code made with?04:56
HazRPGis that source basically a Orge3D to render the 3D?04:56
ali1234ogre and bullet04:57
ali1234it simulates walking motion04:57
ali1234check out the videos04:57
HazRPGI have :)04:57
* HazRPG finding it hard to believe that the bot is actually flat04:57
HazRPGor rather made out of flat pieces04:58
ali1234not only that but there is only 5 different pieces04:58
HazRPGhaha nice, just scrolling through your videos and noticed FF7 running on a n90005:00
ali1234the parts: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/robotkit/robot.png05:02
ali1234the circles/rectangles with arrows are where the servos fit in05:02
ali1234should you want to buy a real one: http://www.lynxmotion.com/c-117-phoenix.aspx05:03
ali1234only $100005:03
HazRPGonly :P05:05
HazRPGArgh! This is really boggling my mind! Pattern animations done in trackers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkfrtNcXMgg05:26
HazRPGalthough this one has music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOvoZcxQFeQ05:26
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AlanBellmorning all07:59
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: I will pop round after taking the sprogs to school08:00
TheOpenSourcererOK - I have to do the school run this afternoon but should be clear until then.08:00
TheOpenSourcererOne of our neighbours has a funeral this afternoon - Helen got the short straw.08:01
scoundrel50I am trying to move a program from one desktop to another, normaly I would click on the titlebar and just skide across and grab it in the new desktop. For some reason I cant do that, the open program doesnt appear in the desktop I am moving it to. How can I change that? Thank you.08:08
Myrttimmmmmmmmmm semla08:09
DJonesMorning all08:15
AlanBellscoundrel50: right click on the title bar to move it about. The draggy thing only works if you have compiz running08:15
scoundrel50Ah, I cant get compiz to mwork on this machine. Thank you anyway.08:28
scoundrel50How do i find out what my graphics card is, and if there is an update?08:30
DJonesscoundrel50: To check what your graphics card is, open a terminal and type "lspci | pastebinit" & post the link, this is a link to mine http://pastebin.com/imy91NDt You'll see a line with VGA compatible controller, that will be you graphics card08:35
scoundrel50thank you08:42
nigelbAlanBell: traitor.  hard question :p08:43
DJonesscoundrel50: Looking at that, Line 22 is "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 [Chrome 9 HC] (rev 01)"  so it looks like a VIA technologies graphics card, unfortunately, I've not come across those so I'm not sure which graphics driver you may need to install, but hopefully somebody else will be aware of which you need08:46
scoundrel50Oh right, ok, thank you.08:47
DJonesscoundrel50: Plus, all of my computers are so old that I've not had much sucess with compiz, and I don't want to suggest something that causes problems, but at least knowing which graphics card you've got is a start08:48
DJonesscoundrel50: What model computer is it out interest08:50
scoundrel50Thank you, I just made a copy of that to keep. So I know for the future, this is an old laptop, which I havent updating the graphics card since I got it. Its a Windows partition, could I update the graphics card via the windows partition?08:50
scoundrel50Its made by Hi-Grade, how do you work out what model it is?08:51
DJonesscoundrel50: No worries, I just thought it may be something you knew off the top of your head, I was just trying google & the ubuntu forums to see if anything came up with advise08:52
scoundrel50I'll see if I can work out what it is, in the windows isde it runs XP08:53
DJonesscoundrel50: ok, any changes you made to the windows side wouldn't affect the drivers needed for ubuntu though08:54
scoundrel50I wondered about that. I hardly ever go on the windows side, only to update my iPhone08:54
scoundrel50I just went to the via website, they have drivers but only for Ubuntu 10.04, dont know if I looking at the right page though, but they dont seem to have updated to 10.10 yet08:55
AlanBellvia uses openchrome, I don't think that is going to run compiz ever08:55
scoundrel50ah, I see08:56
AlanBellthere were some binary drivers that did unlock the 3d stuff but they were not maintained and no longer work08:56
MooDoohello all09:01
DJonesMorning MooDoo09:05
BigRedSgoood morning!09:07
davmor2morning all09:19
* davmor2 prods czajkowski to see if she is awake yet09:19
caulkzwhat im clients on 10.10 support out m8 the webcam?09:20
caulkzhello? [poke]09:22
mungojerryhow was the rms talk AlanBell?09:22
davmor2caulkz: depends if you webcam is supported, if so all of them09:22
caulkzpidgin good for webcams?09:22
caulkzim looking at a webcam atm, logitech pro 9k09:24
caulkzshould have ubuntu and win7 support09:24
caulkzoh yea, morning all xD09:25
BigRedScaulkz: m8?09:26
czajkowskidavmor2: meh09:29
caulkzlocal slang, sorry :/09:30
caulkz'our friend the webcam'09:30
davmor2BigRedS: Text speak, should be banned :)09:31
davmor2czajkowski: take that as a NO! then09:32
screen-xmorning all :)09:32
BigRedSAhhh, I did briefly wonder that, then wondered if it was a model or soemthing...09:34
BigRedSthough, thinking it through, I've not actually used my camera with an IM client, so I've no idea09:34
dogmatic69what is the notification system thingy called?09:35
DJonesdogmatic69: notify-osd?09:37
dogmatic69could be, tx09:37
JamesTaitBuenos días a todos!09:47
screen-xMessages to the monitor manufacturing industry: 1920x1080 <-- Wrong    1920x1200 <-- Right09:52
AlanBellmungojerry: RMS was great09:52
hamitronscreen-x: 16:9 vs 16:1009:56
screen-x\o/ Colleague just bought me some rasin toast :D09:57
hamitronI wish the widescreen hype would just go tbh09:57
hamitronup/down is the direction I read webpages, documents and stuff09:58
screen-xyah. Standard Aspect monitors are too expensive :(09:58
hamitrongood ones at least09:58
screen-xThey are compared to wide screen.09:59
hamitronI was lucky to get mine 2nd hand, when my sister wanted to upgrade to widescreen09:59
hamitronbut she mostly uses it for dvd movies10:00
hamitronso i can see the point of that10:00
screen-xwide can be good for having stuff side by side... but 2 or 3x standard aspect would prob be better :)10:01
* hamitron has 2 CRT side by side10:02
hamitronat least you can get larger widescreen displays for the desktop10:03
hamitronI hate the laptop market now10:04
dogmatic69you want a laptop with CRT?10:04
hamitron768 pixel height is just not enough10:04
dogmatic69hamitron: crt's suck10:05
hamitrondogmatic69: give me one good reason my CRT were not a good deal when they were free?10:05
dogmatic69my 2 full HD 23@" LCD's are awesome10:05
popey _   _ _ _10:05
popey| | | (_) |10:05
popey| |_| | | |10:05
popey|  _  | |_|10:05
popey|_| |_|_(_)10:05
popey           10:05
dogmatic69i would not use a crt even it you paid me, not enough space on them10:06
davmor2popey: that's sad and amusing at the same time :)10:06
hamitron1600x1200 + 1600x120010:06
* screen-x attacks popey with rm $(which figlet)10:06
* popey hands screen-x some sudo10:07
screen-xI'm just jealous because I wouldnt get away with it :p10:07
popeyyeah you would10:07
dogmatic69hamitron: just 3840x108010:07
popeyits fine now and then10:07
popeyjust not when everyone is doing it ;)10:07
hamitrondogmatic69: I intend to use these till they break, a shame to send working parts to their death10:07
dogmatic69hamitron: much better to strip them and use the high voltage CRT gun thing for arduino projects10:08
mungojerryi'm glad about the death of CRTs because when i worked in banks, bankers used to often use 2 x 21' CRTs10:09
hamitronwell, I was tempted with an LCD for an upgrade, but have instead gone for new cpu, mobo and ram :/10:09
mungojerryrather bad for your back lugging those around10:09
czajkowski▌▘▌▌ ▌▌ ▌10:09
czajkowski▌ ▌▌ ▌▌ ▌10:09
czajkowski▘ ▘▝▀ ▝▀10:09
hamitronthe weight and desk space is the worst thing10:09
MooDooczajkowski: behave :)10:09
czajkowskialways best if you're going to CC me to not include the mail where you were extremely rude about me in it  >:(10:10
MooDooczajkowski: sigh!10:10
screen-xczajkowski: mail fail :(10:10
* hamitron hates CC10:10
hamitronwell, CC abuse anyway10:11
MooDooscreen-x: cc czajkowski isn't she always whining ;)10:11
screen-xMooDoo: don't drag me in :p10:11
dogmatic69hamitron: i got 2 of these at work http://www.247pleasure.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=530610:11
mungojerryworries about clicking a url like that!10:11
shaunoheh, I was just thinking that10:12
screen-xmungojerry: my thoughts exactly10:12
MooDoomungojerry: it's a lcd10:12
dogmatic69lol, its just a shop...10:12
MooDooi click whilly nilly me :)10:12
hamitronOH YES BABY ;/10:12
hamitronbut I still like 1200 pixels down10:12
dogmatic69more than enough10:13
* mungojerry only has an intel onboard vga on his work pc :(10:13
dogmatic69if you really want length just turn it side ways..10:13
* czajkowski stabs MooDoo 10:13
dogmatic69mungojerry: unlucky :D10:14
* MooDoo gives czajkowski big kiss for being so nice :)10:14
hamitrondogmatic69: when these break, I may ;)10:14
mungojerrydogmatic69: i'm in charge of the IT budget so i should buy myself something nice with it :)10:14
davmor2czajkowski: Moo failed10:14
hamitronI am hoping my p120 comp breaks sometime10:14
dogmatic69mungojerry: obviously you need to GT480's to run the IT department10:15
MooDoodavmor2: she just stabbed me10:15
bigcalmI has a cold *achoo*10:15
MooDoobigcalm: bless you10:15
hamitronfor CUDA performance ofc ;/10:15
screen-xI specified my workstation at work with a dual head graphics card, when it arrived, it head three display outputs on the motherboard!10:15
ali12341200 pixels is worth the extra money10:15
mungojerryprobably why i'm within budget every year...plus oodles of open source usage10:16
davmor2MooDoo: Don't kiss her she won't stab you :D10:16
ali1234also, a matte screen with a small bezel is worth the extra money too10:16
* MooDoo just connects my laptop to the 32' telly in the living room10:16
dogmatic69screen-x: o.o10:16
MooDoodavmor2: i'm not that stupid.....:D10:16
MooDoodavmor2: ok maybe a little10:17
davmor2MooDoo: You deserve all the stabbing you get then :D10:17
hamitrondo you guys upgrade display when your old one breaks, or when you feel like it?10:17
ali1234when the old one breaks and nobody wants to give me a new one for free10:17
hamitronyeh, same :)10:17
ali1234or once every 10 years10:17
shaunousually don't upgrade, just ditch old stuff when I move10:18
mungojerrypwn2own content starts today10:18
ali1234so i get a good monitor when i buy it. by the time it breaks i can usually replace it with equivalent for free10:18
hamitronfree = win10:18
* mungojerry likes free stuff10:19
hamitronI did pay £20 for this lcd though :/10:19
screen-xfreecycle usually has a load of CRTs..10:19
* daubers is upgrading his laptop today \o/10:19
daubers250GB drive--, 1TB drive++10:20
hamitronmain problem with getting CRT, is you need a decent one locally10:20
screen-xdaubers: moar spinny disk?10:20
daubersscreen-x: Indeedly10:20
mungojerryi have a few 6yr old machines for disposal.. when i send an email, staff can't get enough of them10:20
daubersscreen-x: Need the space, not the performance in this case :)10:20
screen-xdaubers: finished bbc project?10:20
daubersscreen-x: Nearly! Moving into the comissioning stages now10:21
* popey upgraded his mbp to 1tb10:21
daubersKit's racked and installed, just comissioning the software over the next week10:21
dogmatic69anyone have some tips to build a ubuntu instance on aws, i cant get it going :(10:22
screen-xdogmatic69: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ami/10:23
screen-xdaubers: so do you get a rest in a weeks time, or more big projects coming?10:23
daubersscreen-x: Moar big projects in the pipe :( Also business is booming, so the general day to day stuff is becoming a bigger workload too10:24
daubersNeed moar minions10:25
screen-xdaubers: sounds like it.. any chance?10:25
daubersscreen-x: Yup, discussions are on the off of hiring a C developer to take on some kernel dev stuff10:26
daubersand possibly someone to do box builds10:26
MooDoodaubers: need a tea boy?10:26
daubersMooDoo: :p10:26
MooDoodaubers: what?  i make nice tea?10:27
screen-xSetting up ldap-kerberos auth clients is much easier in 10.04, compared to 8.04.. progress++10:27
MooDooczajkowski: do you need a tea boy?  that way i can annoy you all day every day :)10:27
daubersMooDoo: Not that much money in the kitty yet10:27
mungojerryscreen-x: ldap support is klunky in ubuntu generally though10:28
MooDoodaubers: hee hee10:28
screen-xmungojerry: getting better though. I still have my ldap servers on 8.04 as I'm slightly confused about in-directory config.10:29
dogmatic69screen-x: ec2-run-instances ami-a01bb0a1 --instance-type t1.micro --region ap-northeast-1 did something but dont see it in aws10:29
mungojerryscreen-x: i have to do a post-install fudgery to get ldap-tls working. redhat et al allow ldap during install10:29
screen-xdogmatic69: I don't actually use ec2 at the moment, I just thought that page would be useful for you..10:31
dogmatic69k, thanks10:31
dogmatic69seem to be getting there10:31
screen-xdogmatic69: are you using the aws free tier?10:32
dogmatic69paid stuff10:33
dogmatic69what does the address mean?11:22
jpdsdogmatic69: All possible v4 addresses.11:22
dogmatic69ah, thanks11:22
brobostigonmorning everyone.11:41
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: AlanBell fancy a BBQ :)11:44
DJonesHeh, I like this idea http://random.irb.hr/signup.php Look at the "Qualifying question".... How many humans would be able to answer that off the top of their head11:44
daubersStupid apt just overwrote my postfix conf without asking me if I wanted it too11:49
screen-xdaubers: thats not good, upgrading postfix package?11:49
popeyI need a word that means "problems" "issues" "brokenness" but starts with K11:49
daubersscreen-x: yup11:50
popeyreal words would be more useful11:50
mungojerryknots, knotted, knotty11:50
popeyoh, I like knots11:50
popeysomething more like the words I mentioned11:51
mungojerrygordian knot :P11:51
nigelbpopey: KDE :P11:51
popeyso i can say "Fixing computer <word>"11:51
* nigelb runs11:51
mungojerry"It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem solved by a bold stroke"11:51
=== denny- is now known as denny
mungojerrypopey: koan :P11:51
mungojerry"a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no solution; used in Zen Buddhism to show the inadequacy of logical reasoning"11:52
popeythe context is "Fixing Ubuntu Computer K_"11:52
popeywhere K is "brokenness"11:52
DJones"kicked the bucket"11:53
jpdspopey: http://translate.google.co.uk/#de|en|Kaputt11:53
popeykludges implies intentional11:53
popeyI'm talking about accidents like broken grub11:53
screen-xkinks.. but that is quite similar to knots11:53
popeyoooo kinks!11:53
directhexpopey, kinks11:54
mungojerryquizzes are fun :P11:54
czajkowskipopey: why  K11:54
popeyExcellent, my document is now called Fixing Ubuntu Computer Kinks11:54
popeyor knots11:54
popeycant decide11:55
AlanBellczajkowski: yes to the bbq11:55
screen-xpopey: what is this document for?11:55
czajkowskiAlanBell: toying with an idea to do a BBQ on document freedom day11:55
czajkowskiyou up for it ?11:55
brobostigonkinks sounds good to the ear.11:55
* daubers is very thankful he backed up his postfix conf after finishing configuring it11:55
* screen-x has a metric tonne of spagbol for lunch, not sure I need this much. 11:56
popeyThe nations favorite dish, Spag Bol11:57
* brobostigon puts PMQ's on.11:57
czajkowskiohhh I want spag bol11:57
* brobostigon is ready to throw things metaphoriclly, at mp's.11:58
popeywhy's that?11:58
screen-xbrobostigon: twitter at the ready?11:58
* daubers has rice+leftovers for lunch again11:58
brobostigonpopey: when idont like some stuff they say.11:58
brobostigonscreen-x: yep, :)11:58
* brobostigon is liking android gingerbread(2.3.3)'s new power controls.12:01
bigcalmcm7rc2 ftw \o/12:02
screen-xwhats new in gingerbread?12:03
bigcalmSugar and spice12:03
bigcalm(and all things nice)12:03
brobostigonscreen-x: theming, power controls, mainly,12:03
popeypower controls?12:04
brobostigonpower manaegement*12:04
* czajkowski has an itchy nose and now wants spag bol 12:04
czajkowskinot good12:04
popeybrobostigon: internal stuff to make battery last longer?12:05
brobostigonpopey: yes, as well as finding out what is using battery, and the control of such.12:06
mungojerrygoogles way of improving android is to look at sense and user mods and provide them in the next version12:07
brobostigonpopey: like, seeing what keeps you phone awake.12:07
popeysounds useful to see what's keeping your phone awake, I'm just missing understanding what the "control" bit is12:11
popeywhat do you get to control?12:11
brobostigonpopey: how apps behave.12:12
BigRedSpopey: I think you just get to kill power-hungry processes12:12
czajkowskihttp://www.makerfaireuk.com/  looks like fun12:13
MooDooczajkowski: ubuntu stickers on robots :)12:14
mungojerrydid anyone manage to surreptitiously slap an ubuntu sticker on RMS sandal sole yesterday?12:15
brobostigonmungojerry: interesting idea, :)12:15
* brobostigon sniggers atthe idea.12:16
mungojerryor hide a tux in his beard hair12:16
popeyBigRedS: thats it? that's not exactly "control"12:16
czajkowskimungojerry: didnt fancy getting that close to him tbh12:16
mungojerryczajkowski: were there any other females there?12:17
daubersczajkowski: How else are you supposed to beat him with the baton of useability?12:17
AlanBellczajkowski: you know me, I am up for anything12:18
AlanBellespecially if there is beer12:18
czajkowskimungojerry: yes12:18
czajkowskiAlanBell: right working on invites now for partners12:18
czajkowskimungojerry: why do you say wow ?12:19
czajkowskidaubers: trust me after watching him eat his fingers, beard, picking things off himself and eating, I was less than inclined to go anywhere near him12:19
mungojerryczajkowski: i just had impressions of an all-male beardy geek fest12:19
czajkowskimungojerry: eh no12:19
mungojerrydespite the subject topic which crosses all genders12:19
czajkowskivery few beared men as well12:19
AlanBellmungojerry: I have no beard12:20
mungojerryjulian assange wasn't there too?12:20
AlanBellit was at the IEEE12:20
mungojerryassange est dans l'arbre12:20
AlanBellhe has no beard either12:20
mungojerrywhat colour is his hair?12:20
mungojerrycan't work it out12:20
mungojerrygrey, white , bottle blonde, blond?12:20
cbx33hey up all12:24
brobostigonafternoonings cbx3312:24
cbx33howz it all going12:26
mungojerryyou can learn a lot from google search suggestions...was typing julian assange, and saw that the second suggestion was julian assange okcupid12:26
brobostigoncbx33: no bad, just found an interesting job over in oxford, which i am reseraching, howa about you?12:27
cbx33thinking more about the Git book I am writing12:27
ali1234mungojerry: i wouldn't expect many neckbeards at a maker faire. macbook-toting guardian-reading hipsters with jewellery made from recycled electronics components probably strongly represented though.12:37
* mungojerry has a circuit board coaster, and disk platter coaster/mirror12:38
mungojerrythe magnets you get out of hard drives are brilliant, if ugly12:38
ali1234but do you have earrings made out of resistors?12:39
shaunobah.  nowt wrong with my macbook12:39
mungojerryali1234: i'm a man :)12:41
mungojerrylooks like they might chafe too12:41
ali1234see, that's what a *real* geek would say. always practical.12:42
mungojerrycapacitors would make better dangly earrings12:42
popeydischarged ones, yes12:42
popey"try these on"12:43
mungojerrythey do a line in cufflinks too12:44
screen-x\o/ rainbow ribon cable earrings12:45
brobostigonrecycling, :)12:45
popeysome of them look quite heavy12:45
mungojerrymy vim session has hung :(12:45
ali1234what have i done.......... *facepalm*12:45
screen-xhardcore jpg compression in the header :(12:45
mungojerryscreen-x: yeah, lose geek cred there bigtime12:46
* mungojerry looks to popey for a topic change12:46
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 17th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz Night poll: http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p Gord fixed Bug 721447 \o/ | (
mungojerryby the way...how can a bug reported in launchpad get reported as a duplicate of a higher numbered bug?12:50
popeyit happens12:50
ali1234because duplicate field is set at any time in any direction12:50
mungojerryalso, the higher number bug seems to be private :S12:50
ali1234security bug then12:51
mungojerryor maybe the bug reporter who did the higher number bug has privileges :)12:51
ali1234no, anyone can make a bug like that12:51
bigcalmA ticket might be worked upon and then somebody finds a previous ticket with similar properties and so closes it as a duplicate of the one being worked upon12:51
ali1234or the newer report might just be more detailed12:51
* brobostigon made to much tea, so offers everyone a cuppa.12:51
bigcalmNever too much tea12:52
mungojerryyeah, i can't see it :-S i don't think there's a security issue, but crash logs often get marked private by default ,12:52
ali1234yes if there is a core it will12:52
ali1234since it can contain just about anything12:52
* mungojerry likes to submit crash logs from a scapegoat machine12:53
* brobostigon is dissappointed at apt, empathy seems to have package inconsistencies.12:55
* popey is reminded of the totem bug report containing a list of videos the person had watched12:55
popeyincluding disney films and pr0n12:55
shaunowhat's wrong with watching disney films?12:57
brobostigonshauno: maybe they were ripped off?12:58
shaunothat's what we did for new years this year.  10 hours of singalongs & wine12:59
shaunobut without the pr0ns, I don't know my neighbours /that/ well12:59
mungojerrypopey: i remember that one...classic13:04
ali1234there are in fact several such bug reports, and not just with totem, and not even just from cores13:07
DJonesHi johnny_mckenzie13:16
* brobostigon returns.13:16
johnny_mckenziewhat's happenin'?13:17
screen-xjohnny_mckenzie: we are fighting the inbalance in the topic )13:17
johnny_mckenziewhat topic?13:18
screen-x /topic13:18
* screen-x is trying to use javaws to start an ipmi viewer but gets 90 lines of stacktrace :(13:22
mungojerrywhat's all this census gubbins? i haven't received any letter yet13:30
screen-xmungojerry: I've got two, you can have my welsh copy ;-)13:30
mungojerrypobol y cwm and all that13:30
screen-xapparently "ffynhonnell agored" ~= open source :)13:33
mungojerryLOL @ paper media...metro has big story on front page re: google that's about 3 days old13:33
mungojerryscreen-x: that's not a religion13:34
mungojerrywell it is to some13:34
* daubers doesn't belong to a religion13:34
mungojerrythought maybe you were thinking of entering ffynhonnell agored as your religion on the welsh census13:35
daubersI belong to the Cult of Irssi13:35
mungojerrythe welsh probably have more druids too13:35
MooDoomungojerry: we got our census pack the other day, i'm not going jedi this year13:35
screen-xmungojerry: ahh, no I was just playing with google translate..13:35
daubersFilled mine in and sent it back already :)13:35
mungojerrysurprised if anyone goes jedi since jar jar binks13:35
* mungojerry is feeling left out13:35
screen-xdaubers: elektronical?13:35
MooDoodaubers: i'm doing mine on the net, can't be bother filling 32 pages13:35
* shauno stab stab firefox13:35
* screen-x passes chromium to shauno13:36
* czajkowski needs to order another Census pack there are 7 of us in the house and only 6 spaces13:36
mungojerryczajkowski: cats don't count13:36
shaunoscreen-x: tried that, doesn't work with an in-house app :/13:36
czajkowskimungojerry: eh ?13:36
X3Nis recce the same "I'm going for a recce around town" ?13:36
daubersscreen-x: No, paper13:37
screen-xczajkowski: living in a commune?13:37
daubersMooDoo: You don't fill in all 32 pages....13:37
shaunotried raising it as a bug & got a lecture about installing unapproved software.  pfft.13:37
MooDoodaubers: phew!13:37
screen-xshauno: :(13:37
mungojerrymy parents in law have facebook accounts for their dogs and will probably try to enter them on the census13:37
screen-xI quit facebook shortlyl after getting a friend request from a friend's dog.13:38
shaunowe've got unauthorized servers running unauthorized attempts at reverse-engineering our own products, and I get told off for running chrome.  daft buggers.13:38
brobostigonmungojerry: my mum has a facebook account for her toy bear,13:38
mungojerryscreen-x: yeah, a lot of "you might know this person"..are pictures of dogs now13:38
shaunoon the plus side, just found out my annual bonus is way over target, so I get to go shopping for a new laptop :D13:42
TommehAm I right in thinking that, if KMS isn't available when booting Natty -- it falls-back to Gnome instead of Unity?13:42
Tommehi.e. if using the Nvidia GLX driver.13:42
mungojerryany natty users check if software-center is working?13:49
MooDoomungojerry: not here sorry13:51
mungojerryMooDoo: thanks...i think it's mid-update13:52
mungojerrynext apt-get saw some update manager stuff13:52
MooDoomungojerry: is natty gnome 3?13:52
MooDoonot really read much yet13:52
BigRedSIf I'm installing to /usr/local an alternative version to a dpkg-installed app, where would I sensibly put the config files? /usr/local/etc?13:54
lubotu3Unity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity13:55
daubersMooDoo: ^13:56
MooDoodaubers: thanks13:56
mungojerryBigRedS: IMHO that's sensible and commonly done13:57
mungojerry/usr/local/bin, /usr/local/etc ,13:57
BigRedSmungojerry: ah, cool, that looked about right, but I don't recall seeing it before13:57
mungojerryBigRedS: used to do it a lot, but mainly on solaris/redhat boxes..it's good to use packages where possible13:58
mungojerryever read the centos article about packages vs compiling ur own?13:59
BigRedSmungojerry: yeah, I want php5.2.x and php5.3.x on the same machine13:59
BigRedSand no, I've not. I'll see if I can find it13:59
=== denny- is now known as denny
=== zoe is now known as ZoeR
ZoeRHi! even14:20
brobostigonhi ZoeR14:21
DJonesAfternoon ZoeR14:22
ZoeRHow are you all today?14:22
* popey cuddles gord based on bug 72144714:22
lubotu3Launchpad bug 721447 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unable to scroll in Applications/Files and Folders Place using mouse wheel" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72144714:22
davmor2popey: creep14:22
gordyeah was fix committed on monday but i am lazy and didn't change the bug14:22
brobostigonZoeR: not bad, trying fix an empathy natty package inconsistency. and you?14:23
screen-xhmmm, cant run jnlp file from chrome, cant launch with javaws in terminal, but can start from firefox. strange. )14:23
MyrttiI'm feeling strangely pissed off even when my vacation starts in about 36 hours14:24
* Pendulum hugs Myrtti 14:24
Pendulumwhy shouldn't you feel pissed off?14:24
dogmatic69i just set up vsftp and made a new user that has /var/www set as its home dir (main ftp to 'sites') but it cant list anything in filezilla14:25
dogmatic69user is in www-data group and files are owned by the www-data group14:25
dogmatic69is that all wrong? and how can i get it to list in ftp now14:26
* ZoeR is being distracted by a cat14:26
popey\o/ cats14:28
screen-xpopey:) )  )    )        )                )                                )14:28
popeywhy screen-x, what a big chin you have14:28
popeys/chin/set of chins/14:29
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday March 17th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | Quiz Night poll: http://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p Gord fixed Bug 721447 \o/ | ( )
kazadeanyone seen that HP will be shipping WebOS on all its PCs next year?14:29
kazade(alongside Windows)14:30
ZoeRWebOS? I don't think I've seen that one.14:30
screen-xIt'll be interesting to see how they do that.. like a splashtop thing?14:30
screen-xZoeR: originally on the palm pre14:31
kazadescreen-x, I guess so14:31
Myrttiwe went to have my mums cat castrated today14:31
Myrttipoor thing is lying senseless on a towel in the bathroom14:31
* screen-x winces14:31
* DJones sheds a tear for the poor cat14:32
AlanBellkazade: http://twitter.com/#!/keybuk/status/4360105838313881614:32
AlanBellis that true do you think?14:33
Myrttiwell, if he hadn't peed in my nephews football gear bag twice and on our shoes once, he'd still have his family jewels14:33
Myrttiso I think his demise is selfinflicted...14:33
brobostigonhormone driven, self-inflication.14:34
kazadeAlanBell, sounds plausible...14:34
screen-xMyrtti: is the idea that after the event, they CBA to mark out their teritory any more?14:34
Myrttiscreen-x: yup14:34
* AlanBell will take care not to pee on Myrtti's shoes14:35
Myrttiit was my nephews football gear that was the last straw methinks14:35
andypiperwell, marvellous... software-center is segfaulting on my Natty install14:35
MyrttiI just had to check and my laptop indeed doesn't have a windows licence sticker on it14:35
Myrttiin fact, it doesn't have a windows sticker of anykind, only a windows key14:36
andypipernot that it matters when I can't actually use the trackpad per bug 73082314:36
lubotu3Launchpad bug 730823 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Input device button/click not working on fresh Natty Alpha 3 install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73082314:36
* popey tickles andypiper 14:36
* brobostigon has salt and vinager, potato twirly, snacky thingies.14:37
* Myrtti should go make thai curry14:38
popey\o/ cury14:38
* andypiper wonders if he should raise bugs for all the applications that don't have (any|nice-looking decent res) icons in the Unity panel14:42
czajkowskiandypiper: so hows natty  going for you14:44
andypiperhonestly, were it not for the unity niggles (which are being worked on, and bugs reported), and critically, the touchpad... it's a *lot* better than I'd expected14:45
andypiperquite liking - on netbook14:45
andypipernot tried the full-sized experience yet14:45
popeyi quite like it, even though (grrr) I have had to switch of ffm14:46
popeyFocus Follows Mouse14:47
screen-xevil nasty14:47
DJonesSheesh, how dumb do spammers/phishers/internet con's think people are http://pastebin.com/i413wrER Sending an email saying "HMRC have upgraded their equipment and we're due a refund, please fill in your details"....14:53
hamitronDJones: nice one \o/14:54
popeyDJones: enough to make it worth sending, clearly14:54
Myrttipoor thing14:54
popeycute overload14:54
DJonesI'm just debating whether to sign the "buskaronikal34@gmail.com" and "abcdursulica@gmail.com" email addresses that get pulled out from the form to some mass marketing/spam lists :)14:56
andypiperoh yeah, and lots of apps that haven't switched to app indicators yet are a bit of a pain14:56
AlanBellDJones: you have an unjustly high opinion of society at large14:56
andypiperand bug 729563 on chromium is a bit of annoyance14:56
lubotu3Launchpad bug 729563 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Does not register itself as a handler for http URIs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72956314:56
DJonesAlanBell: Quite possibly14:57
AlanBellI am freezing14:57
andypiper... but the ticker on my Android launcher screen says 50 days to go14:57
andypiperplenty of time14:57
czajkowskiMyrtti: need to tag pics as tag then I dont click and go eep in the office14:59
* davmor2 has an image of czajkowski dancing a jig going eep eep eep15:00
* czajkowski stabs davmor2 15:01
Myrttiwell atleast I didn't put the pictures of the snipped rear end out in public...15:02
Myrtti"count your blessings"15:02
davmor2czajkowski: the sad thing it now people who read that will have the same image :P15:03
MyrttiI'm still processing that sentence... I've not had enough sugar/caffeine today15:03
czajkowskidavmor2: too tired! shhhh go have a nap or a time out15:04
MooDooczajkowski: your violent today, i don't approve15:05
davmor2MooDoo: you're only jealous that it's not directed at you ;)15:05
MooDoodavmor2: it was earlier15:05
czajkowskiWould folks be interested in having a BBQ for the Natty release party here in Weybridge on Saturday 30th april ? if interested raise your hand? curious to see numbers15:18
MooDooworking :(15:18
bigcalmczajkowski: Mum and Gran's birthdays are that weekend :(15:18
czajkowskicause I know the 29th is the royal wedding15:19
bigcalmMum will be 60, so better no miss it15:19
czajkowskiand the thursday is usually london and drinks15:19
popeybigcalm: you have 2.3 on your phone?15:21
popeydoes it support multiple active sync accounts?15:21
popeyi think thats the term15:21
bigcalmpopey: 2.3.3 :)15:21
popeyfor connecting to exchange servers15:21
bigcalmErm, dunno. I only have one such account (hotmail)15:21
bigcalmAs far as I knew, I could have added more than one since before now15:22
popeynot on 2.215:22
popeybloke here is asking, he has it15:22
* dutchie wonders why blog.canonical.com is not on planet.u.c15:23
bigcalmI click Add an account and I can add another Corporate one15:23
bigcalmpopey: yes I can add more if I had more, but I rarely use my one hotmail account as it is :)15:24
mungojerryBigRedS: which OS are you using?15:24
mungojerryregarding php52 /5315:24
bigcalmdutchie: too much spam?15:25
dutchiewell afaict no news of the netbook edition disappearing has made it onto the planet15:26
AlanBelldutchie: well I don't think any of the authors are Ubuntu Members, but there is a process for getting corporate blogs approved15:28
AlanBellor going for Membership15:28
dutchiewould have thought that canonical is something of a special case though15:28
ZoeRwell, got to go. cya later! :D15:28
mungojerrydutchie: i think planet is broken15:28
mungojerrylast message 11:47 yesterday15:29
TommehAnyone here with experience on using cgroups with libvirt?15:29
AlanBelldutchie: in theory it isn't15:30
dutchieAlanBell: i appreciate that, but "in theory"15:30
AlanBell"in theory" means "not really"15:30
HazRPGhi all :)15:30
bigcalmIn this case, but not always15:31
mungojerryubuntu planet has no new posts for over 24 hrs..certainly a technical issue based on usual post frequency15:33
=== denny- is now known as denny
HazRPGeither that or nothing to report yet lol15:34
andylockranhowdy guys15:34
andylockranjust got myself a nice little sata->>usb/eSata docking station15:35
HazRPGhi-diddily-ho andylockran15:35
brobostigonafternoonings HazRPG :)15:37
HazRPGbrobostigon: afternoonings to you too :)15:37
mungojerryquestion: do people normally eat the navel from navel oranges?15:37
brobostigonHazRPG: :)15:38
HazRPGmungojerry: the what now?15:38
hamitronmungojerry: the small seperate bit inside is fine15:38
mungojerrymy mum told me not to when i was a kid...and i've always felt unsure since15:39
hamitronbit chewy but not to be wasted :)15:39
soneillis it not true that people used to eat oranges peel and all?15:40
hamitrona lot still do15:40
* screen-x learnt to swallow tabbles by practicing with progressively larger pieces of orange peel15:40
hamitronpeel can't be bad for you, when there are puddings with it sprinkled on top for decoration15:41
hamitrontbh, I don't like the skin ;)15:42
HazRPGmost fruits you can eat the whole thing tbh15:42
hamitronpineapple and coconut I am not sure15:43
mungojerrycoconut is a nut15:43
hamitronit is?15:43
HazRPGe.g. the white skin between each pomegranate seed inside is good for the immune system - however most don't eat it because its sour in taste, and also causes you to get dry mouth15:43
hamitronoh well ;)15:43
mungojerryHazRPG: i don't even like pomegranate seeds15:44
hamitronpicking the cells from pomegranate must take more energy than they give...15:44
HazRPGI love the stuff, white skin included15:44
HazRPGhamitron: heh, see I don't pick them - I just eat it as is15:45
mungojerrythey are pricey in the UK15:45
hamitronHazRPG: so not as hard work :)15:45
HazRPGcut into 4 quarters, then <om-nom-nom>15:45
hamitronI wouldn't advise swallowing the seed in a peach either15:46
HazRPGI use to cut it into halves when I was a kid, peel the white bits then munch on the seeds, then peel white bits again15:46
* screen-x eats a crunchy pear but leaves the core..15:46
HazRPGbut as I grew up, and also as my nan made me soup out of the white bit, I realised that the skin was quite nice too15:47
HazRPGmungojerry: yeah I know they are :(15:48
HazRPGmungojerry: I mainly ate them in egypt and in saudi because they're very cheap over there15:48
DJonesWhen I was a kid, I was always told never to eat the seeds in apples etc because the might grow inside me, it put me off fruit for life :)15:48
mungojerryi guess you eat figs whole too then15:48
hamitronhaha DJones15:48
screen-xDJones: I fell for that as well :(15:48
hamitronI recall been told that15:48
HazRPGmungojerry: over here, I get them every now and then - but its hard to find them in the normal sourish taste (just before they're fully ripe)15:48
HazRPGI don't like it when its sweet15:49
mungojerryDJones: yeah..plus the navel thing, my mum said something about bugs laying eggs in the navel..i didn't want a caterpillar inside me15:49
HazRPGmainly because I never had them when it was sweet when I first started to eat them15:49
screen-xmungojerry: sounds like something from the matrix15:49
kazadehmm, what's the best way to migrate an SVN server permanently over to Bzr? svn2bzr or bzr-svn?15:49
davmor2kazade: find the lp channel on freenode and ask their they can give you the definitive answer :)15:51
HazRPGwoah, this must have taken a lot of time to make: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PjlnK1iWj8&NR=115:52
* andypiper raises his hand and yells at czajkowski so she doesn't miss his vote...16:00
andypiper(that's assuming she's not all a'maaaaaad at me...)16:01
DJonesdutchie: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/09/canonical_ubuntu_editions/ There may be some comments now its appeared on el reg16:01
czajkowskiandypiper: ohh16:02
czajkowskiandypiper: we shall finally meet!16:03
* andypiper prepares his disguise16:03
andypiper(of course if I'm the only invitee, the disguise may not help)16:04
davmor2czajkowski: how did Jon get on trying to put Fedora on gorgamon (netbook)16:04
czajkowskidavmor2: never tried and gorgamon is well hidden fro fedora going anywhre near it16:04
czajkowskidont be giving him ideas16:04
HazRPGthat sounds like a digimon :/16:05
czajkowskiI just thought for the Ubuntu UK loco we could do something FUn for a release party that is for the LoCo and run by the LoCo and thought of a BBQ....16:05
davmor2czajkowski: I thought gorgamon was dead so it wouldn't matter if it brought it back to life surely :D16:05
czajkowskidavmor2: eh not fedora16:06
czajkowskiI'd never hear the end of it16:06
HazRPGah, I never got round to watching season 3 of bones yet16:06
diploIt's on like 8 now ?16:10
HazRPGyeah I don't watch an awful lot of TV16:10
HazRPGI'm usually too engrossed in my projects I always have going on16:11
HazRPGstill haven't figured out how to make this spare blu-ray drive from a PS3 work on the PC :/16:11
HazRPGI know its definitely just using an IDE ribbon cable that appears to be the wrong way round16:12
HazRPGand extra pins16:12
iulianczajkowski: Thought of London as well?16:14
czajkowskiwell it'd be down in Weyrbridge16:15
HazRPGmy sister just recently bought the friends trivia game (for the PS2)16:18
HazRPGshe's currently playing it now16:18
HazRPGhow silly lol16:18
morleypotterMay I ask a quick question please? When you end a remote ssh session are you also automatically logged out of the machine you are connecting to?16:19
morleypotterwere connected to, rather16:19
HazRPGshould be16:19
popeydepends :)16:19
popeythere may still be processes running as you at the other end16:19
popeydepending upon what you did16:20
popeye.g. I have stuff running all over the place, yet I am not currently connected to those boxes16:20
popeyhowever if all you do is "ssh remotehost" and then "exit" there's probably nothing running16:20
popey(unless you use byobu / screen, in which case there might be) :D16:20
morleypotterIt's a web server (Ubuntu 10.4 server) & I have no way of checking16:20
morleypotteroh wait16:21
morleypotteri can just do 'exit' can't i16:21
morleypotter[feels stupid]16:21
morleypotterApologies chaps16:22
mungojerrygormogon...that was a super lame ending to the Bones series, due to the writers strike16:22
mungojerrynew ubuntu one logo..http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=80916:24
Azelphurnow this is interesting...I'm running 2 X screens. One of them is completely frozen, the other one is fine16:28
hamitronAzelphur: these the ones on seperate graphics cards?16:29
HazRPGAzelphur: you seem to be getting a bit of jip recently lol16:29
Azelphurhamitron: yea16:30
AzelphurHazRPG: indeed, I thought I'd fixed my issues with a fresh install :(16:30
hamitronI was just thinking, I could try when i get my new comp... only the ITX board only has 1 slot ;)16:30
Azelphuryay I recovered the other X session16:31
mungojerryhttp://design.canonical.com/2011/03/quit/ - not sure i really agree with the argument16:45
DJonesmungojerry: I don't like not having a quit button on android, I find it hammers memory over time and I end up using a task killer to shut app's down16:51
kazademungojerry, I'm all for dropping the Quit menu item, and ending the application when all it's windows are closed. It gets confusing with the whole tray thing, and I'm not convinced that MPT is going the right way with it16:55
mungojerryDJones: mobile OS functionality is only that way because of limitations, i don't think a fully fledged desktop OS should copy it16:56
kazadeI think basically, if an application can run in the indicator applet, it should continue running when all it's windows are closed, but I *don't* think that they should quit depending on what they are doing (e.g. quitting when there is no music playing) and I do think that for those applications there should be a way to end them completely16:56
kazadeso basically, the indicator is like having another window. Closing all windows ends the program. Apps in the indicator applet should gain a little close button.16:57
mungojerryit is also claimed that "hardly any applications have a quit button"16:59
mungojerrymaybe we're all missing the point somewhere17:00
brobostigonis 30mins an acceptable poll time, for k9 on android, to pick up my mail. ?17:00
HazRPGhaha I might have to get the soundtrack for Gun Loco :P17:00
screen-xI like the idea of splitting interface from function. It is nasty to have separate mail clients and notifiers.17:00
HazRPGif the homepage is anything to go by :P17:00
screen-xbrobostigon: you decide17:01
brobostigonscreen-x: i am trying to decide, i dont want it too often, as it will use too much power, however i dont want it to such huge length, i have masses to pickup and read, and use quallyhuge amounts of power.17:02
screen-xbrobostigon: can you use an imap idle type thing? or is that unacceptably power hungry?17:03
popeybrobostigon: i dont know how often my mail client polls :)17:03
popeyand dont care :)17:03
screen-xpopey: presumably yours "pulls" in some magical apple way.17:04
brobostigonscreen-x: imap push, yes, that is possible.17:04
AlanBellimap IDLE17:04
brobostigonpopey: :)17:04
popeyi have 6 mail accounts on my phone17:04
popey4 are imap, 3 are exchange17:05
screen-xhmm I meant pushes..17:05
popeythere does seem to be some kind of push thing happening in some magical way, yes17:05
AlanBellit isn't a push17:05
AlanBellit just looks like it17:05
screen-xI only have one and its gmail/exchange. It consistently picks up new mail before the gmail web interface.17:05
AlanBellit is more like a very very slow pull17:05
brobostigonAlanBell: what is  itlike, compared to the other methods?17:06
screen-xAlanBell: idle?17:06
popeyoh, mines set to manual17:06
popeyi have 15, 30 and 60 mins as options, but dont use any of them it seems17:06
AlanBellif the server supports it you connect and give the idle command and the server sits there tapping it's fingers and not responding17:07
AlanBelluntil you get an email then it completes the response17:07
AlanBellthen you pull17:07
screen-xAlanBell: but it is push, as the server notifies the phone by responding17:07
brobostigonAlanBell: do the gmail imap servers support it?17:07
screen-xeven though the phone has to setup the request initially.17:07
popeybrobostigon: yes but you set it up differently to do that17:08
popey"active sync" I think it's called on android17:08
popey"exchange" is what it's called on iphone17:08
* andypiper throws terminology into a blender and presses the big button17:08
brobostigonpopey: ok, let me look inside k9.17:08
AlanBellhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMAP_IDLE#Software not on the list17:08
popeybrobostigon: I'm talking about the default mail app, not k917:09
screen-xbrobostigon: I'd just use the official gmail app on android and not worry about it.17:09
brobostigonpopey: i am not using the standerd app, i have to have sync on, and it uses too much power.17:09
popeywhy do you care how much power it uses?17:10
screen-xbrobostigon: but if you turn sync off, your calendars dont get updated :(17:10
brobostigonpopey: battery life.17:10
popeydon't you have your phone plugged into a usb port/charger when you're at a desk?17:10
popeymy phone is 100% more often then it is any other state17:10
brobostigonscreen-x: thats doesnt worry me too much, once a day, is fine,17:10
Azelphur^ is why I overclock my G2 :D17:10
brobostigonpopey: my concern is when i am, not.17:11
AzelphurI charge it every night, and it gets charged at my desk, it holds fine17:11
popeyhow often is that brobostigon17:11
AzelphurI carry a spare battery if I'm going a long time without a charge17:11
brobostigonpopey: every day pretty much, for a few hours, and thenmuch longer other days,17:11
popeyi am rarely far from power17:11
popeyand if the phone dies.. meh17:12
screen-xpopey: friends in high places?17:12
popeyscreen-x: bless you17:12
DJonesbrobostigon: What phone have you got? I charge my desire hd overnight, use it during the day for email/bit of web browsing etc, maybe na hours reading at dinner time, another hour reading in the evening, and the batter rarely drops below 50%17:13
brobostigonpopey: i can be far away from the possibility of plugging it in sometimes, so amworking out, for those occasions.17:13
popey\o/ batter17:13
brobostigonDJones: i also charge at night, and then plugin whenever possible.17:14
popeyi have a charger by my bed, one in the den, one in the car and one at work on my desk :)17:14
screen-xbrobostigon: sounds like you need a usb battery thing, for extended away from desk.17:14
DJonesI migt get one for the car so that using the driving directions wouldn't kill the battery17:15
brobostigonscreen-x: a solar charger maybe, or a hydrogen fuel cell.17:15
popeysolar seems less optimal17:15
popeyyou'd need to be sat still in the sun17:15
shaunoI have a little external battery, but only really use it when traveling. only usually need to charge while I sleep17:15
* popey looks out the window17:15
brobostigonagreed. popey17:15
popeyplus for those times I'm away from power, I'm near a computer :)17:16
davmor2brobostigon: If it's pre android 2.1 makes sure you have APNdroid installed and knock off the 3g when there is a wireless signal you'll double your batterylife17:16
popeyUSB charging ftw17:16
brobostigondavmor2: its android 2.2.117:16
popeyyeah, i used to disable 3g when i was at home17:16
popeyyou dont need extra apps for that17:16
popeyi had it on my hero 1.617:16
davmor2brobostigon: have you thought of investing in a new battery in that case?17:17
brobostigondavmor2: i have a new bettery since xmas. and have it set to use 2g only.17:17
davmor2brobostigon: I'm on 2.1 and I can use google maps satnav long than you can use your phone.  I'd say you have an issue somewhere17:18
brobostigonearlier, while on 2g, and sync and background data turned off, and k9 polling every 30mins, it drained 1% in just over an hour.17:19
* screen-x unplugs phone and goes home ;-)17:19
* MartijnVdS gave up and now recharches his n1 at every opportunity17:20
popeythats my method, then I dont have to worry about it17:21
popeyjust plug it in at every opportunity :)17:21
brobostigoni think 1% an hour, is probebly the best i can achieve,17:21
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: set display brightness to minimal, set to airplane mode ;)17:22
brobostigonMartijnVdS: brightness i have fully down, flight mode,defeats the point.17:22
* MartijnVdS is still waiting for the Dutch price of the Xoom17:23
davmor2MartijnVdS: just change the dollars for Euros you'll be somewhere near close17:25
MartijnVdSdavmor2: probably, yes17:25
MartijnVdSI saw PC world sells them for £50017:26
MartijnVdSwell pre-sells17:26
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czajkowskiregion 1 or region 2 for dvd buying for UK ?18:39
HazRPGregion 218:40
HazRPGregion 1 is USA18:40
HazRPGno problem :)18:40
HazRPGRegion 2 btw, is for Europe, Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland a few a few others - so you'll be able to get a DVD that was released in any of those :)18:41
czajkowskiyes I always seem to froget18:42
gingall those greenlanders coming over here stealing our dvds!18:43
HazRPGczajkowski: region 0 or (all) should work too without much faffing around with your DVD drive too :)18:44
czajkowskiyeahb trying to find region 2 of the closer18:45
gingand they rigged all the world's maps to make greenland look way bigger than it really is to scare off would be invaders18:45
HazRPGging: hehe18:45
czajkowskiging: aloha!18:45
gingoh hi, just realised this isnt #surrey where i was last talking to you18:47
czajkowskiging: eh no18:47
czajkowskithis is #ubuntu-uk18:48
czajkowskinot many surrey folks in here18:48
gingwell irc channels all look a like18:48
AlanBellis #surrey on some other network?18:49
brobostigonaccept for the tony little tag, tthe bottom of irssi to show what channel you are in.18:49
brobostigontiny little*18:49
gingAlanBell: irc networks all look alike too18:49
czajkowskiAlanBell: aye18:49
AlanBellthey do, but I get confused by multiple networks18:49
brobostigoni am a two network man,18:50
AlanBellI connected to the gnome or debian one a few times but just ended up joining empty channels on the wrong networks so I don't bother now18:50
gingi used to be on 4 but i lost 118:50
popeyAlanBell: irc.lug.org.uk18:51
popeyas is #hants18:51
AlanBellgwibber is on some other network18:51
gingdo people talk in #hants now?18:51
AlanBellok, so I did /connect irc.lug.org.uk18:52
popeyor irc.blitzed.org18:52
popey^ prob better18:52
AlanBellnow I want to /join #surrey on that network, not freenode. How do I do that?18:52
czajkowski   /connect server18:53
AlanBelldid that part18:53
brobostigonctrl + x to change network,18:53
czajkowskithen as normal18:53
brobostigononthe status window.18:53
czajkowskiwell youre joined to that network automatically18:53
czajkowskithen /j #surrey18:54
* czajkowski await the influx 18:54
AlanBellawesome brobostigon, thanks18:54
shaunoyaknow, I usually don't whine about people using whatever they want, software-wise.  but "/usr/bin/python^M: bad interpreter"  is a good sign someone's Doing It Wrong™19:02
directhexshauno, dos2unix19:07
shaunodirecthex: oddly, that doesn't seem to be in lucid.  so tr it is :/19:17
directhexshauno, tofrodos.19:20
directhex"fromdos" command19:20
shaunohuh, funky19:22
shaunoapparently pre-lucid that was linked from dos2unix, after lucid dos2unix is it's own package, so the command 'dos2unix' disappears for a single release19:22
shaunooh well.  tr's everywhere, so may as well learn to use it :)19:30
shauno(after a false start because I didn't realise it uses octal?)19:31
phonex01 im using ubuntu 10.10 and virtualbox so i wanna add a com port to my virtual machine19:32
phonex01what to do  ?19:32
phonex01im using win xp in the virtual machine19:33
phonex01i can see serial port in linux as ttyUSB4 coz i use usb converter19:33
phonex01anyone hear me !19:34
directhexphonex01, you want to pass through a device in virtualbox?19:34
directhexphonex01, which version of virtualbox?19:34
phonex01version 3.2.819:35
AlanBellis that the open source edition, or the Virtualbox.org/sun/oracle one?19:35
phonex01ya im using usb serial converter and i can see it in ubuntu as ttyUSB419:35
directhexhttp://www.howtoforge.com/virtualbox-2-how-to-pass-through-usb-devices-to-guests-on-an-ubuntu-8.10-host doesn't work?19:35
phonex01i saw all of these stuff !19:36
phonex01nothing help !19:36
phonex01i can not even see USB Tab !19:36
phonex01how can i update vitual box to virtual box PUEL19:38
directhexthere's no usb tab in 3.2.8 ose. it might be a feature of 4, or the sun virtualbox19:38
phonex01so ?19:39
directhexoh, but you can pass through a serial device19:39
* brobostigon haz chocolate bar, :)19:39
phonex01how ?19:39
directhexmachine settings, serial ports, enable serial port, port mode host device, port path /dev/ttyUSB419:40
phonex01i went to serial tab and i added a host device19:40
phonex01i did that19:40
phonex01but i can not see it when run windows19:40
AlanBelllike this http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/Screenshot.png19:40
phonex01i did the same19:41
phonex01but i cant not see it with devices when i run windows !19:41
directhexAlanBell, that's sun vbox, with the usb menu?19:42
ali1234directhex: OSE doesn't support USB passthrough - and if you install the not-free version, there's a bug with file permissions that you have to fix before it works (or there was last time i tried it)19:42
directhexdon't ask me, i use kvm19:42
phonex01so what now19:43
shaunofwiw I have sun's 3.1.6, and there's a usb tab, so ose's the gotcha, not 4.x19:43
phonex01drop my laptop through the window ?19:43
directhexphonex01, that sounds like a completely sensible thing to do19:43
ali1234phonex01: did you install the guest drivers?19:43
phonex01you guest additions ?19:44
phonex01mean *19:44
phonex01ya i did that19:44
ali1234and do they match the virtualbox version?19:44
phonex01yes !19:44
AlanBelldirecthex: yeah, Oracle virtualbox 4.0.4 r7011219:44
phonex01i installed them normally19:44
phonex01no it is 3.2.819:44
phonex01from ubuntu repositers19:44
AlanBellsure, 4.0.4 is the one I took the screenshot in19:45
ali1234you have to install them inside the guest OS19:45
phonex01i told you i did19:45
phonex01guest additions is installed19:45
AlanBellI don't think serial is a feature of the guest additions ali123419:45
directhexi agree19:46
directhexit's a basic windows thing19:46
ali1234ok, dunno then19:46
phonex01plz guys19:46
directhexphonex01, is the serial device listed in windows device manager?19:46
phonex01i have to use ICD2 kit programmer !19:46
phonex01no it is not19:46
AlanBellhave you tried with a linux guest?19:46
phonex01i see just LPT1 !19:46
AlanBelljust a live CD would do19:46
directhexphonex01, and if you add new device?19:46
phonex01wait i will try19:47
phonex01how to add new device ?19:47
phonex01i dont even see anything need drivers19:47
directhexphonex01, which windows?19:47
phonex01i can see LPT1 !! even i dont need it !19:48
directhexphonex01, see it where?19:48
phonex01Port(Com,LPT) Tab19:48
phonex01i just see LPT119:48
directhexodd, that doesn't sound familiar. tab in what?19:48
phonex01ok i see LPT119:49
phonex01on device manager19:49
phonex01like that " Printer Port LPT1 "19:49
directhexoh, right, yeah.19:49
phonex01so i expect COM1 or somthing like that !19:49
phonex01but i cant see it19:50
directhexstart, control panel, printers and other hardware, add device19:50
* popey wonders if he's in the wrong channel19:50
directhexbottom option, "add new hardware device"19:50
directhexpopey, clearly19:50
phonex01add mardware wizerd ?19:51
phonex01sorry hardware wizered ?19:51
directhexphonex01, y'know, it'd likely be much quicker/easier to install sun virtualbox rather than ose, and pass through the usb device.19:51
directhexphonex01, yes, hardware wizard.19:51
phonex01then waht ?19:51
phonex01there is two options19:52
phonex01the first one said " i have connect the device19:52
phonex01somthing like that19:52
popeyI though there was only one version of virtualbox now19:52
directhexthat one.19:52
popeyand you just add the extras19:52
phonex01so whats next ?19:52
phonex01i have the devices list19:52
directhexbottom option to add a device not on the list19:53
directhexi can;t believe i'm supporting a decade-old non-free os i haven't run myself for about 4 years19:53
directhexfree of charge19:53
phonex01ok then ?19:53
AlanBellpopey: there is now, but this is the one in the repos19:53
phonex01search for19:53
phonex01installed manuly19:53
phonex01hi directhex19:54
phonex01whats next ?19:54
directhexphonex01, manually. i think. i'm guessing!19:54
popeyAlanBell: I have never used the one in the repo19:54
phonex01hahaha ok19:54
phonex01i have long night !19:55
popey1) uninstall virtualbox19:55
popey2) go to virtualbox.org, install their version19:55
popey3) install extras on that site too19:55
popey4) pass through usb device to guest OS19:56
popey5) win19:56
phonex01i will do that popy19:56
popeyin my opinion :)19:56
AlanBelland that won't damage your guest machine19:56
phonex01i will copy my gust machine harddisk19:56
brobostigonevening livingdaylight19:57
* popey goes back to work19:57
shaunoyou shouldn't have to touch your guest machine; it's expecting to find it right where it is19:57
livingdaylightguys, I launched VB and was told that there was an update to v4. but when I tried to install said .deb file i got error message of conflict? anyone?19:57
phonex01just for safety  !19:57
livingdaylightevening indeed brobostigon19:57
livingdaylight*VB = virtual box19:57
directhexffs why do people keep using virtualbox? -_-19:58
phonex01i use it for some PIC programmer softwares19:58
shaunobecause it's free & easy19:58
phonex01like MPlab !19:58
AlanBelldoes that not run on Linux?19:58
directhexshauno, unlike, say, kvm?19:59
phonex01they dont have a version for linux19:59
phonex01and i dont like to use Wine19:59
phonex01so thats it !19:59
shaunodirecthex: I've not looked into what it'd take to move a kvm guest to my mac.  or my xp machine at work19:59
HazRPGhmm, composing music from scratch is hard - specially when you have to define the instruments yourself!19:59
HazRPGseemed so much easier on other programs that give you samples to work with lol20:00
phonex01oh i hope one day there will be a version from protuos simulator for ubuntu20:00
phonex01this will be amazing20:00
ali1234HazRPG: i reccomend this series of articles: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/allsynthsecrets.htm20:01
phonex01im hungryyyyyyy20:02
phonex01and i feel coldddddd20:02
AlanBell!info piklab20:02
lubotu3piklab (source: piklab): IDE for PIC-microcontroller development. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.15.7-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 3946 kB, installed size 32592 kB20:02
phonex01it is about snowing here20:02
phonex01oh good news20:02
livingdaylighthttp://img13.imageshack.us/i/screenshotpackageinstal.png/ if anyone cares to see error message20:03
phonex01<lubotu3> can i use it with ICD2 kit20:04
HazRPGali1234: thanks :)20:04
ali1234HazRPG: it's mainly about analogue synths but the theory is still useful20:04
HazRPGlivingdaylight: looks like you'll have to remove virtualbox-3.2 first before you can install 4.020:05
ali1234phonex01: yes you can20:05
phonex01no way20:05
AlanBellphonex01: http://piklab.sourceforge.net/20:05
phonex01are you serious ?20:05
ali1234yes way20:05
livingdaylightHazRPG, oh, I get you... I thought this was an update which would take care of that20:05
HazRPGali1234: hmm, that page doesn't seem to load up20:05
HazRPGlivingdaylight: some do, but some don't - it think it depends on its dependencies with other libraries20:06
AlanBellthe one in maverick is two point releases behind the latest version20:06
HazRPGlivingdaylight: if you remove 3.2, your settings should still be intact though20:06
livingdaylightHazRPG, trying to figure out how to remove it. Ubuntu software doesn't seem to 'see' it20:07
HazRPGhaha, someone covered freestyler on the c64! xD20:07
HazRPGlove that tune :)20:07
directhexlivingdaylight, dpkg --purge20:07
livingdaylightdirecthex, and how do I find where it is installed?20:08
HazRPGlivingdaylight: type that into terminal ;)20:08
directhexlivingdaylight, it's a package. dpkg --purge virtualbox-3.220:08
livingdaylightdirecthex, thx... I thought one had to cd into relevant file first20:10
livingdaylightshall I look for relevant .hidden files too?20:10
HazRPGlivingdaylight: another way of doing it is going into System -> Admin -> Synaptic Package Manager20:10
HazRPGthat's a gui app that will show you all packages you have installed, plus the ones you can grab from the repo20:11
livingdaylightHazRPG, of course! thx, for some reason I got used to using Ubuntu software20:11
HazRPGlivingdaylight: yeah ubuntu software centre can be quite useful20:11
HazRPGali1234: that site seems to hate me :/20:12
livingdaylightgonna reboot20:12
ali1234HazRPG: try this http://www.google.com/search?q=sound+on+sound+synth+secrets20:13
ali1234they might have some kind of strange paywall system20:13
cbx33hey guys20:13
cbx33howz it going20:13
HazRPGyeah, its just not working at all (even typing out soundonsound.com)20:14
HazRPGmust be a DNS issue on my side20:14
HazRPGisup.me says its up, so yeah must be a DNS issue20:14
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AlanBellwhat are some catchphrases from TV quiz shows?20:32
TheOpenSourcerer"You stupid boy!"20:33
DJonesAlanBell: Give me a number20:34
AlanBellquiz shows!20:34
TheOpenSourcerer"Oooh you are awful... But I like you!"20:34
DJonesAlanBell: "Can I have a P Please Bob?"20:35
AlanBellDJones has got the idea20:35
TheOpenSourcerer"You'll like this. . . Not a lot, but you'll like it".20:35
AlanBellperfect DJones, thanks20:35
TheOpenSourcerer"final answer?"20:36
* DJones bookmarks page ready for ubuntu-uk quiz20:36
TheOpenSourcerer"I've started so I'll finish"20:36
AlanBellDJones: I am not making a quiz of it (although you can) just writing a blog post20:36
DJonesAh well, worth a try anyway20:38
daubersOne from the bottom and two from the top please carol20:39
* DJones settles down to watch The Lost Boys with a bottle of pear cider20:40
popeythat looks _awesome_20:47
jgjones_Nice to see you.....20:47
jgjones_bah why should the kids have all the fun :)20:48
daubersRIght, how do I kill the u1sync daemon21:00
daubersIt's continously stop/starting21:00
daubersCan't kill it as it's process keeps reappearing21:00
Laneydid minecraft.net die :(21:01
daubersFinally killed the stupid thing21:03
daubersload average: 1.83, 2.80, 2.2721:03
daubersstupid ubuntu one21:04
bigcalmLaney: that is always likely21:06
bigcalmWorks for me21:07
LaneyYAY its back21:08
bigcalmAnd another addict gets their fix21:09
Laneybuilding an underground tree farm21:11
Laneysimple pleasures21:11
LaneySucks that a game I paid for relies on a crappy server to play on a server I host myself21:11
* Laney hmph21:11
shaunoif the server isn't public, just set online-mode=false in the server.properties file, and you'll be able to connect with or without mc.net21:16
shaunoit's apparently only discouraged for public servers because it means there's zero validation the client is who they claim they are21:17
shauno(which sounds like a gaping hole waiting to happen imho, but there ya go)21:18
Azelphur^ meaning that anyone can empty your inventory21:18
Azelphuralso minecraft is up now21:18
Azelphurmy server is going well :D21:18
shaunoyeah.  or log in as a name they know belongs to an op ..21:19
bigcalmNot sure why you'd run a server if you were the only person to connect21:19
AzelphurI'm not the only person :o, http://game.azelphur.com/minecraft-map21:19
Azelphurmaps live btw :D21:19
bigcalmI was thinking aloud, not pointing the finger21:20
shaunonot public doesn't have to mean not shared :)21:20
Azelphuroh :)21:20
* brobostigon returns21:25
shaunothat said, I've resorted to running a server locally so when the client dies, I don't log back in in the middle of a brick wall21:28
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brobostigoncyanogenmod.com is now ipv6, :)21:43
lloowenHI all :) I wanted to incorporate the 'inotifywait' command into a script, but I don't have it on my Ubuntu. What is the package name for this command? Thanks in advance.21:51
bigcalmiain@revo:~$ inotifywait21:52
bigcalmThe program 'inotifywait' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:21:52
bigcalmsudo apt-get install inotify-tools21:52
andylockranhow's things dude and dudettes ?22:16
zleapgood thanks22:18
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brobostigonnos da, sleep well.22:43
andylockranubuntu in VirtualBox on my mac23:10
andylockranthings are looking up :)23:10
andylockrananyone know how to page up/down using a mac keyboard on ubuntu...23:11
Ngandylockran: probably Fn and the cursor keys23:12
andylockranit was the simplest way of getting terminator on my mac23:12
andylockranNg: it's become an absolutely must-have for me23:12
andylockranNg: Do you think it would be difficult to port it to OSX?23:13
Ngandylockran: to make it a properly native app? hard I imagine, it would be a pretty full rewrite. porting it as a gtk2 app? unknown. gtk2 ports exist for things like banshee. python is already in osx, but the real killer would be vte23:14
andylockranvte - is that terminal emulator?23:14
Ngit must be fairly portable and at least OSX is a unix23:15
andylockranIt's probably not a sensible project for a programming n00b like myself - but I'll definitely take a look at it23:16
andylockranbest terminal app I've used by far - especially with larger screens it becomes uncannily handy23:16
NgI wish it was better, but it's been more than sufficient for my needs for quite some time, so the motivation to polish it further is difficult to find23:17
NgI'd hope that someone else would be inspired to push it further, but for now people seem happy enough ;)23:17
andylockranIt's just become invaluable for me.. not a massive fan of tabs and rarely rememeber which one I was on23:18
Ngif I'd stuck to my guns, we'd have never put tabs into it at all - it exists precisely because I hate tabs for terminals ;)23:19
andylockranso just launch a new window with either ctrl-o or ctrl-e depending on which suits best, then ctrl-x it to work on it23:19
Ngindeed :)23:19
andylockranthen ctrl-x it again to get the 'dashboard' mode of all the terminals you need23:19
andylockranwhat more could a (wo)man need.23:19
andylockranctrl-z is also useful for demoing23:20
andylockranas a quarter screen zoomed in tends to work out when when scaled :)23:20
andylockranbyobu just died during my upgrade.23:21
andylockranuncleverly it also killed the upgrade ;)23:22
andylockranright - off to bed... Nottingham tomorrow23:22
* hamitron is looking forward to his parts arriving 1 day earlier than planned23:25
HazRPGchinese + being human on iplayer = winner!23:26
hamitronchinese are human? ;)23:27
HazRPGer... yes23:28
shaunoa bit late, but re terminator on mac; if you're happy to install X on the mac, instead of going native, it's probably a very straightforward build23:31
shaunosomewhere around 2.2 I had the entire gnome-desktop (minus evo .. argh) built & working23:32
HazRPGshauno: nice23:39
shaunooh dear.  99% on /23:40
shaunolooks like springcleaning comes early23:40
jgjonesJust wondering....anyone got a WP7 phone?23:43
AlanBelldo you think anyone will admit to it?23:46
directhexAlanBell, i think it's an interesting, but crippled, platform23:47
HazRPGshauno: 99%??23:47
directhexAlanBell, i'd love to be able to review it on its merits... but its lockdown makes such a review impossible23:47
HazRPGshauno: is that all the applications you have installed23:48
HazRPGah... wait, your on Mac23:48
shaunono, $HOME is the glutton :)23:48
HazRPGhow much have you given /23:48
shaunoabout 450G23:48
HazRPGwoah, and you've filled up 99% of it :o!23:51
shauno$ du -sh ~23:54
* hamitron would consider a WP7 phone23:54
shaunoapparently I'm messy :)23:54
hamitronanyone got any free sand?23:57
hamitronerr, wrong chan23:57
HazRPGhamitron: er, what?23:57
HazRPGhamitron: I'm intrigued now! :P23:57
HazRPGoh... :(23:57
HazRPGthought you were going to say you were building sandcastles... or trying to make glass irl...23:58
hamitronI have more sand irl than in minecraft atm23:58

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