GreenbeanHello all. You there Mitch?03:03
r2d2rogersHello Greenbean03:28
r2d2rogersLooks like a quiet chat night toonight03:28
* Ahmuck planning to be in AR in May03:30
GreenbeanSorry, was chasing the boy.03:30
GreenbeanBut I'm here for the duration.03:30
GreenbeanWow.  Don't everybody talk at once, huh?03:38
r2d2rogersno kidding03:45
r2d2rogersyeah I was getting our 6 year old to go back to bed myself03:45
GreenbeanI bet that was no end of fun.03:46
r2d2rogersLooks like I have a possibility of moving back to arkansas, depending on interview results03:46
r2d2rogersanyone in the Conway Area?03:46
zillahhey all03:46
zillahnea here r2d203:46
r2d2rogershey zillah03:47
GreenbeanFinally zillah shows03:47
r2d2rogersGreenbean: yeah he got back up and said he forgot to wash his hands after using the bathroom the last time he was up03:47
GreenbeanAnd so the circus begins, right? LOL03:47
GreenbeanI remember pulling whatever I could to stay up another minute.03:48
zillahlol r2d2rogers03:48
r2d2rogersthey always have good excuses03:48
zillahso Greenbean what happened with the sli stuff, does it just crash X?03:49
GreenbeanNo. Locks up the whole system and requires a hard restart.03:49
GreenbeanI thought it sounded like a memory issue.03:49
GreenbeanOn rare occasions I'd get a system reboot ... rather against my will.03:50
GreenbeanBut pulling the 2nd card solved the issue.03:50
zillahhmmm...does it work ok in Windows?03:51
GreenbeanWhat's Windows?03:51
zillahit's kinda like MacOS except it sucks03:52
GreenbeanIt would blue-screen Vista on boot.03:52
zillahso maybe a bad card then?03:53
GreenbeanI was thinking that maybe it was a memory allocation problem; those cards have 1GB of RAM each. That's a lot to hog.03:53
GreenbeanMight be a bad card, yeah. But I could grep both cards.03:54
GreenbeanJust the minute I tried to use one everything asplode.03:55
* Ahmuck looking for employment now in AR04:00
zillahi need a good repair tech Ahmuck04:00
az7hey everybody04:03
zillahhey az04:04
az7anybody go to the refresh conway?04:04
GreenbeanSo I'm giving up being Catholic for Lent this year...04:04
az7that sounds counterproductive for catholicism04:05
GreenbeanWell hey, if you're supposed to give up something important to you, why not go all the way?04:06
az7valid point04:06
zillahi think refresh conway was tonight04:08
az7anybody go?04:09
GreenbeanRefresh Conway? What did I miss?04:09
az7i think they did git tonight04:09
DoubleBI effing love Refresh Jonesboro!04:09
az7theres an arduino workshop in fayetteville this weekend too04:10
zillahGreenbean: you could go to refresh jonesboro  :P04:11
GreenbeanI could!  If I had any idea at all what it was.04:11
Greenbean... what is it?04:11
zillahwell...what it's supposed to be and what it really is may be two different things when it comes to jonesboro04:12
zillahright now i think it's mostly some people getting together and discussing web design04:12
GreenbeanI see.04:12
DoubleBI think that is the new site04:13
GreenbeanThanks BB04:13
GreenbeanHmm... It was my understanding that Twitter seems to be dying off.04:14
GreenbeanEither that or Facebook is devouring everything ... and that's a bubble about to pop I think.04:15
zillahi dunno man, i don't see it popping anytime soon04:17
GreenbeanThat might depend on how we define "soon." I'm just looking at the growth rate and the hype. At the very least, I don't see how it's possible to sustain this kind of growth. In fact, I predict Zuckerburg will cash out in the next couple of years.04:19
zillahgood point04:21
GreenbeanAnd if I'm wrong, you can make compromising photos of me in Photoshop or something.04:21
zillahi'll pass  :P04:22
Greenbeangirl on girl on girl on girl on girl on girl on girl on guy on sheep04:23
Ahmuckzillah, where u located?04:34
Ahmuckphysical repair, or software repair?04:35
zillahmostly virus/spyware removal04:37
zillahwould be part time though04:37
Ahmuckvia remote?04:37
Ahmucki assumed windows04:38
GreenbeanI thought the standard fix for Windows viruses & spyware was to re-install Windows...04:39
GreenbeanShutting up/04:40
Ahmuck :p04:40
zillahno, in house on the bench04:40
Ahmucki've never had to re-install cept at customer's request04:40
zillahGreenbean: i hardly ever resort to format04:40
Ahmucki do a lot of remote virus cleanup04:40
zillahevery now and then i get a nasty rootkit that necessitates it though04:40
Ahmuckreally?  never had a rootkit i've not been able to get rid of04:41
GreenbeanI've got a buddy around here who wants me to go into business with him doing pretty much that.04:41
GreenbeanAnd by "going into business" I mean "he gets the customers and I do all the work."04:42
Ahmuckit works if you get 80/2004:42
Ahmuckwhere he get's 20%, and you get 8004:42
zillahhey i had a friend like that one time04:42
GreenbeanYeah, about that...04:42
zillahAhmuck: what do you use for rootkits?04:42
Ahmucki start with rkill04:42
Ahmuckand disable cd emulation04:42
GreenbeanWould you do this in safe mode or would it matter?04:43
zillahwow i feel dumb i've never heard of it, i'm looking it up now04:43
Ahmuckdoesn't matter04:43
Ahmucklike i said zillah, i can do it remotely, easy04:44
zillahi usually start with safe mode and run combofix then malwarebytes04:44
Ahmuckcombofix works, but if you don't get the rk killed it normally hides04:44
* Ahmuck doing this professionally since 9204:44
GreenbeanDon't you just love those linked processes that re-download the stuff you tried to remove?04:45
Ahmucki don't plug in the puter to the net till it's clean04:45
zillahawesome Ahmuck i'm gonna check that out...would you be interested in doing some contract work at night if i get covered up?04:45
Ahmuckhrm, that sounds weird04:46
Ahmucknot sure what you meant04:46
zillahremote into them04:46
zillahwhen i'm not at the store to work on them04:46
Ahmucksure.  what is the pay?04:46
Ahmuckwant to pm?04:46
* Ahmuck gtg for a bit04:47
Ahmuckabout 30 min04:47
GreenbeanFrankly it was dealing with viruses & spyware that made Linux so attractive.04:47
zillahthat's why i like my macbook  :)04:48
GreenbeanI'd take one if you gave it to me, but I'm not about to buy one.04:48
GreenbeanBesides, I've got Snow Leopard running in VirtualBox if I need it.04:49
DoubleBI just hate trying to keep all the software up to date on a window machine where is apt?04:49
GreenbeanIt's over by the common sense in the corner, in the box labeled "Linux"04:50
GreenbeanI do wish Microsoft could genius up a better way to handle upgrades than the auto-restart stuff they use now.04:51
zillahi do have to say, with Windows 7 there are so many less restarts required04:52
Greenbean"Your machine is going to restart in 10 minutes. F-you if you don't like it."04:52
GreenbeanI wonder why that is zillah04:52
GreenbeanFewer kernel patches?04:53
zillahit's probably just Darwin in the background now04:53
GreenbeanI've still got to figure out these kext files. It's weird.04:53
zillahwhat's weird about them?04:54
GreenbeanThe jargon mostly. I've got some audio issues and whatnot to fix and I haven't really read up on them to figure out what they actually do.04:55
zillahguys i've got to take some medicine and get some sleep04:56
GreenbeanWoo! Drugs!04:56
zillahGreenbean: drop by again sometime  :04:56
zillahnext time i'll probably be more coherent04:56
GreenbeanI'll do it.04:56
GreenbeanI need to ZZZZZ as well04:56
zillahand we can always mix it up with some QCD04:56
zillahor QED04:56
GreenbeanThat's your OCD04:57
zillahor aether theory04:57
GreenbeanLorentz contraction04:57
GreenbeanLater zilla, DoubleB04:57
zillahttyl man04:57
GreenbeanHey room21:04
GreenbeanKind of quiet at the moment, huh?21:27

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