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pleia2metta: the meerkat stickers came from the linux pro magazine folks02:44
mettapleia2: ohhhhhh02:47
metta"human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"03:37
mettamike starr's death is hitting me harder than it should03:47
mettathe dude kind of reminds me of my brother, in terms of looks03:47
mettaand i've been running around saying "dope schmick/ey" everywhere i go03:48
mettaan allusion to "celebrity rehab" when tom sizemore said "dope sick, schmick" when mike starr was complaining about heroine withdrawals03:49
MarkDudeHmmm for some people fame can be gasoline on already bad problems03:51
mettaMarkDude: there is nothing on Gilgamesh's plan to get back out of hell on wikipedia03:52
mettanavigating to hell is one thing, finding a way out is a whole new problem :|03:52
mettai suppose i could check torrents for the whole book03:53
MarkDudemetta- there are a few versions of the story03:53
MarkDudeThe important part of the story- is that civilization could only understand so much03:54
MarkDudeHumankind could only see problems at the time of their 1st epic03:55
mettaMarkDude: this doesn't sound very practical.  is it?03:55
* MarkDude thinks it is03:56
MarkDudeLAter solutions offered answers- many of them had payoffs after one was dead03:56
MarkDudeGilgamesh is very honest in pointing out that yes- sometimes you are just screwed- COPE on it03:57
mettacoping isn't the problem03:58
mettai'm not *that* screwed03:58
MarkDudeAnd there in lies the beauty- most of us are NOT that screwed03:59
MarkDudeLife is not that bad, things can always be worse03:59
MarkDudeTHAT is the reason you should at least listen to it on Librivox04:00
mettai'll read it04:00
MarkDudeTakes a weekend at most04:00
mettaassuming i can find a copy04:00
* MarkDude had got it at the library04:01
mettamy notebook is my library04:03
mettaas it should be04:03
mettafound a copy :D04:03
MarkDudeGood deal04:13
* MarkDude wishes he knew more about the differing versions04:13
akkOf Gilgamesh? (It's been hard to figure out what this convo is about.)04:16
akkIt was an eye-opener for me -- I didn't know the story of Noah (and a few other Bible stories too) had been stolen from an older source.04:17
MarkDudeIt gives good context on human civilization for numerous reasons. Studying how the languages brought differing takes to stories brings an interesting perspective, IMO04:19
akkWe had to search a bit to find a copy. I see Gutenberg claims to have one, but it seems to be all notes and not the actual story.04:20
akkI forget where I found our copy, maybe amazon used.04:20
MarkDudeSometimes stories are so interesting- folks feel the need to borrow it as their own04:21
akkThey say there are no new stories, they all borrow from earlier ones ...04:22
* MarkDude agrees- they maybe came up with a few new twists in the 1920s maybe 70s- as tech grew04:23
mettathat's kind of an interesting thing about sentences, supposedly this sentence that i am typing has never been typed before04:25
mettaso in a sense stories are different when they are rewritten, but yeah, it's probably a "hero of a thousand faces" kind of thing.04:25
MarkDudeShakespeare took borrowed from earlier stuff supposedly too. Maybe most of this all was written was written by a few people in a tent04:25
mettano story is written in a bubble04:26
MarkDudeGeorge Carlin has a funny NSFW bit about sentences never said before04:26
akkOne that was wouldn't be very interesting.04:26
mettahere it will make it more official.  "no story is written in a bubble."04:26
MarkDudeEven that is no man is an island ;)04:27
mettaGeorge Carlin isn't really dead04:27
MarkDudeHis words carry on04:27
* MarkDude thinks we need more comedians/humorists that are willing to take things to the Supreme Court04:28
mettaSo do Rufus'04:28
MarkDudeEspecially the non-tragic types04:28
MarkDudeNot as much the Lenny Bruce- more so the Carlin04:29
mettathe supreme court would just choose not to hear the case04:30
mettawhat case?  i have no idea04:30
* MarkDude PMed you a wikipedia link04:32
mettai vaguely remember this bit04:33
MarkDudeHis theory was that words were just words04:33
mettayeah,  i saw carlin's bit on this04:34
mettai think he was wearing a green turtleneck04:34
mettai should be making more youtube videos04:35
mettabut cheese is acting up04:35
mettaaside from that, i honestly don't know what to do with my life04:36
mettaaside from look for a job04:36
* MarkDude suggesxt you dont go looking for a *purpose in life* UNLESS you are ready to follow it04:37
mettai'll put that in the oblong suggestion box04:38
* MarkDude wondered the same thing a few years ago.... became a renunciate- let go of everything minus a backpack- all to find my purpose with helping others04:38
* MarkDude suggests hobbies take far less time :)04:39
mettai found my purpose, it is that i suck.  end of story.04:39
mettai think i should be focusing on trying to save myself04:39
MarkDudeWell so do I- does not mean it limits my helping04:39
akkI still can't decide what to do when I grow up, so I'm in no hurry to do so, and try to enjoy life in the meantime.04:39
MarkDudeGood point akk :)04:40
mettaif i am helping, it is hard to determine how04:40
mettabut maybe that's because i'm presently sitting behind a computer04:41
mettai don't feel very productive right now04:42
MarkDudeWell more than half of life is just showing up, imho04:44
iheartubuntuakk i recall there being an app in the reps a couple years back04:55
iheartubuntucant find it now!04:55
akkIt's possible kstars or stellarium can download satellite info.04:56
iheartubuntudo we have a spot on the net where I can pull up archived mailing list emails?07:03
iheartubuntupinging anyone? anyone? :)07:05
pleia2what mailing list?07:05
iheartubuntuthe california one?07:06
pleia2there is an archives page, one of the options should be to download as mbox07:06
iheartubuntuno way to just find one particular email as an html page07:07
iheartubuntuthanks pleia207:07
iheartubuntucool awesome07:07
iheartubuntualso, breaking news (sorta kinda). Richard Gaskin and I (he spoke at UbuCon) will be hosting an Ubuntu Hour in Pasadena and syncing it with the local LUG. So should be every first tuesday of the month.07:11
iheartubuntuhope to work something out with philip too for another SoCal location. And metta... did you see my twitter feed sunday night? i found a hot spot in lakewood for an ubuntu hour. thats not too far from you is it?07:19
iheartubuntuding dong07:19
* iheartubuntu is finally using all 4 workspaces in ubuntu07:20
iheartubuntuping - metta07:39
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iheartubuntu@NASA space shuttle coming in for landing... http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html16:56
akkI missed it going overhead last night -- got an alert about it just in time to see the ISS but not the shuttle preceding it.16:58
MarkDudeWe learn good stuff from space- I hope the US plan to stay up there works17:02
iheartubuntuso two more launches. one in april, last one in june17:08
iheartubuntuthats hard to believe17:08
iheartubuntui read a report that "generation Y" isnt interested in space or nasa17:09
iheartubuntu40% think its stupid17:09
akkI thought this was supposed to be the last launch?17:10
akkIt's hard to take "last launch" reports seriously because they cry wolf on every one (like Hubble repairs).17:11
MarkDude Fools have been and always will be the majority of mankind-  Denis Diderot17:11
* MarkDude blames lack of proper science teaching in school- what passes as a science reporter is sad17:12
iheartubuntulast launch for this vehicle17:14
akkHeard a great new term, "churnalism": reprinting press releases as news without editing or adding anything.17:14
akkWhich is, sadly, what most science reporting is now.17:14
iheartubuntu(from nasa twitter) STS-133 was the 39th and final flight for Discovery, which spent 365 days in space, orbited Earth 5,830 times and traveled 148,221,675 miles17:15
akkAh, I guess this is just Discovery's last mission, not the last shuttle mission.17:15
iheartubuntuim becoming a twitter fanboy. its great i can follow the people and things im interested in, without having to get emails from every single one17:17
akkI like twitter for following breaking news, but I don't like it much for conversations -- if you're not around when someone @ addresses you, you can miss a note entirely.17:18
akkI finally wrote a little python script to ask twitter for @akkakk references, been thinking about running it as a cron job.17:19
* MarkDude would consider that a common sense filter akk17:20
akkToo many times I've checked and found out somebody said something to me 3 days ago and I didn't know.17:20
MarkDudeYou and your reasonableness- being what it is :)17:20
MarkDudeSounds like a better option than Gwibber for most- fine line between keeping track- and needing to know- the exact moment someone says stuff17:21
iheartubuntuwould be a great addition to gwibber actually17:24
iheartubuntuif someone mentions you, gwibber will have a green icon or something just for mentions to you or direct messages17:24
akkThe twitter client I wrote had that -- it always showed you recent mentions and direct messages, highlghted.17:26
akkBut then they changed the authentication and I didn't have time to figure out how to rewrite it, and bitlbee got twitter support so I switched.17:26
akkBut that's the problem with twitter: you can write an app that does what you want, but that doesn't mean other people will see your message, 'cause their client might not show them.17:27
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, you can set that up as a search17:30
* MarkDude had that for ZA- I could see mentions of the company via Facebook, Twitter- all of it17:30
iheartubuntucant seem to find the info online. would anyone know how to send a message to someone on IRC who is not currently online?17:31
akkIn general, you can't. Many channels have a bot that has commands to do that. I don't know if there's one here.17:32
pleia2iheartubuntu: you can use memoserv, but it can be hard to see alerts from it telling you you have a memo (they scroll by with other login stuff, I never see them)17:33
iheartubuntuohh yes thats it thanks17:34
iheartubuntuso looks like the first ubuntu hour in pasadena is set up!17:34
pleia2great :)17:34
iheartubunturichard gaskin and i will be hosting it every second tuesday of the month in line with the LUG at Cal Tech nearby17:35
iheartubuntuso after the UH, we can trod over to cal tech a block away17:35
iheartubuntutrying to get a hold of jbermudes now since i think he is also near to the area17:35
iheartubuntuhope to get philip together for a claremont UH as well17:36
iheartubuntuwhat do all of you think of doing a UH while a farmers market is going on? there is a starbucks right in claremont where the weekly farmers market is17:37
iheartubuntumassive amounts of people :)17:37
pleia2iheartubuntu: a lug around here had a booth at a farmer's market, they did very well :)17:37
pleia2lots of new people17:37
iheartubuntua monthly UH on a sunday there at the starbucks would be big i think. and philip was saying he comes up to the area sometimes on the weekends so it would work out pretty good.17:38
iheartubuntutheres even a metrolink train station nearby17:38
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, I had a few people not be happy when I used memoserv17:54
iheartubuntui guess i shouldnt expect a reply :)17:54
MarkDudeDepends on the person of course17:54
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MarkDudebuddha-juice, great nick18:37
* MarkDude would wear it on a shirt :)18:37
iheartubuntua.k.a. metta?18:39
* MarkDude guesses so18:48
iheartubuntuwhat percentage of alcohol is buddha juice?19:04
iheartubuntuor is it mostly #tigerblood19:04
MarkDudeSevered Fifth live at Noon http://www.ustream.tv/channel/severed-fifth-live-in-the-studio - be there :)19:16
iheartubuntunoon our time?19:17
iheartubuntuid imagine :)19:17
* MarkDude almost included PST19:18
iheartubuntuim good at the dumb questions19:19
* MarkDude is GREAT at it19:20
buddha-juiceif you say buddha-juice 3x does buddha-juice appear?19:46
buddha-juiceallusions to beetlejuice19:46
MarkDudeMaybe if sitting under the Bodhi tree ;)19:47
buddha-juicestaring Kevin Demarest19:47
buddha-juicedude, bummed about mike starr19:47
MarkDudeHow are you doing?19:47
buddha-juicethere is only a weeping fig here19:47
buddha-juicei dunno19:47
buddha-juicehe kind of looked like my brother, now he's dead.19:47
MarkDudeWell, Rock has quite a bit of it19:50
buddha-juiceyeah, true19:51
buddha-juicehell-o iheartubuntu19:51
* iheartubuntu in live chat with DELL - no more ubuntu apparently19:51
buddha-juicei believe i heard something about an ubuntu hour in csula19:51
buddha-juiceDELL has no ubuntu T_T19:52
buddha-juicei don't have any ubuntu either19:52
buddha-juicei do have this software on my computer though19:52
MarkDudeDell- we have no Ubuntu- but at least we have 50% less leaky capacitors19:53
iheartubuntuseidos, so what do u think about an UH down in lakewood mall starbutts>19:53
buddha-juicei'd go19:53
buddha-juicei am looking to sell my car19:53
iheartubuntujust got a dell business catalog in the mail right now. no ubuntu and big i mean BIG Microsoft logos on every other page19:53
iheartubuntuhow much?19:53
buddha-juicei'll take public transportation19:54
iheartubuntui have some bitcoins ;)19:54
buddha-juicethe processing was too expensive19:54
buddha-juicei'm selling because i can't afford registration19:54
iheartubuntuwhen people no longer laugh, then bitcoins will make it big\. until then. i am laughing also :)19:54
buddha-juiceit's like $190 i think...what is that in bitcoins?19:54
iheartubuntu200 bitcoins19:54
buddha-juicei set it up but there was too much thrashing of the hdd19:54
buddha-juicei'm not willing to wear down my hdd for a pipe dream19:55
iheartubuntufrom DELL just now :) --->"Dear Mr Appleseed, my manager has already sent word about Ubuntu computers as we  speak. Johnny, currently, he has no information yet, rest assured that  we will give you notice on that since we have your email address already."19:56
iheartubuntushes calling me johnny appleseed :)19:57
MarkDudeAre you wearing a pan on your head currently?19:57
iheartubuntuno, tinfoil19:57
iheartubuntutuning in now to Severed Fifth19:58
* MarkDude had a great tinfoil hat slide in my Upscale talk20:00
buddha-juicewell, if you are Dell, why would you pay canonical when you can just hire someone to make "Dell Linux" or whatever they'll call it20:03
buddha-juicei guess you'd be paying for the community behind ubuntu...20:04
buddha-juiceoh why does software have to be some complicated20:05
MarkDudeBecause when software is smart- it will be Skynet time20:06
iheartubuntuis this our jono?20:06
buddha-juiceoh why does psychology have to be so complicated20:06
buddha-juiceberkeley jono, yeah20:07
buddha-juicecanonical's jono :D20:07
MarkDudeSame chap.20:07
iheartubuntuwhee is he broadcasting from?20:08
iheartubuntuis markdude off to the side of the camera? :)20:08
MarkDudeHe will be have a bugjam April 1st at Saxbys in Walnut Creek20:08
buddha-juiceapril fool's20:08
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, no.20:08
buddha-juicewell dpkg-buildpackage seems to have worked20:08
buddha-juicebut where the binary is...beats me20:08
MarkDudeI am in some other of the concert - taking pictures20:09
buddha-juiceand now it doesn't20:10
buddha-juicemaybe because i moved the binary20:10
buddha-juiceanyone know where i can get an maudio box cheap?20:11
buddha-juicei think i'd rather be singing than figuring out how to compile empathy20:11
buddha-juiceit is not behaving logically20:12
buddha-juicehahahahaha "fwoop"20:12
buddha-juicethat's a good one20:12
MarkDudeakk is tooo cool20:13
MarkDudeI just cant imagine someone disliking her20:13
buddha-juicei can20:13
buddha-juiceit's hot in the desert today20:40
buddha-juicei think it's time for some npr20:40
buddha-juicewhat's going on in Bell.  the world's gone crazy.20:41
buddha-juiceLibya is asking for US involvement20:41
buddha-juicethat would be another disaster20:41
MarkDudeWe are already busy screwing around in toooo many places in the world right now20:49
MarkDudeI dont think the world was ever SANE tho20:50
iheartubuntushes nice21:02
iheartubuntuthe UN has like 180 countries and the US gives aid to 155 of them? Yikes.21:03
iheartubuntuWe have 50 mini countries right here.21:03
iheartubuntujono did a great job on the video today21:05
iheartubuntuvery impressed21:05
iheartubuntunot my fave music, but impressed. music is music21:05
MarkDudeWell my Grandma says she like what jono does- she does not however prefer to listen to it21:08
MarkDudeShe supports it in general- the idea of geeks making loud music appeals on many levels21:08
jonothanks iheartubuntu21:10
iheartubuntubuddha-juice can you make it to lakewood mall some day for a UH? with or without car? it was very crowded there last sunday night. i was surprised21:34
buddha-juiceiheartubuntu: yeah man21:34
iheartubuntuwe'll have to figure one out then and see how it does21:34
buddha-juiceall right21:34
buddha-juiceinteresting, chromium is in the software center21:38
MarkDudeYep buddha-juice it is the cutting edge version also21:39
buddha-juiceMarkDude: yeah, i'm not looking to use it.  i figure if it's so great, it would have replaced ff already21:40
buddha-juicethat is, in the default installation21:40
iheartubuntuwhat about tiger-juice21:40
iheartubuntuchromium is default in lubuntu i think21:40
buddha-juicelubuntu isn't ubuntu21:41
buddha-juicewhat's tiger-juice?21:41
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, #tigerblood is a channel on Freenode21:41
iheartubuntuim just saying it might not be far off21:41
buddha-juicei think i have spent too much time on undernet21:43
iheartubuntuwhats undernet another irc21:44
MarkDudejtatum, even better :)21:44
nhainesiheartubuntu: undernet is another IRC network.21:44
iheartubuntuwith a house built in 1916 i have spent too much time underhouse21:44
buddha-juicei've been underhouse before, when i had a place in long beach21:45
buddha-juicepulled cable...replaced a sewer pipe21:45
buddha-juicei bet a house built in 1916 probably isn't bolted to the foundation21:46
MarkDudeFolks to the east have cellars and basements- that weord stuff21:46
buddha-juicethe place in long beach was built in the 30s21:46
iheartubuntumy grandpappy in OH had a basement where he made wine21:48
buddha-juicei have only made whine21:48
buddha-juicemy grandpappy in sacramento had a stutter21:48
iheartubuntuok, so are we doing an ubuntu oktoberfest day up in big bear, CA this oktober?21:50
buddha-juiceblowvemberfest, where everyone drinks tea21:50
buddha-juiceto be entertaining, you really got blab rapidly21:55
buddha-juicei can't even blab rapidly on irc21:55
buddha-juiceno, really, you're blabbing just fine buddha-juice21:56
buddha-juicei think i'll practicing my throwing22:07
buddha-juicenot my typing though22:07
MarkDudeWhat are you throwing buddha-juice ?22:08
Torikun_jdeslip, yo, is there a meeting this Sunday?22:26
jdeslipTorikun: yep22:28
Torikun_How ya been22:28
jdeslip12pm at Bobby G's22:28
jdeslippretty good22:28
Torikun_Alright I will try to make this one22:29
jdesliperr... you did mean BerkeleyLUG right? Or maybe you meant IRC22:29
Torikun_jdeslip, you interested in ec2?22:29
Torikun_Berkeley Lug22:30
jdeslipNever really used it, but ya, I am interested22:30
jdeslipYou an expert?22:30
Torikun_I can hook you up with our community ec2 server22:30

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