brouschone of my friend's proxy servers got blocked earlier today00:05
brouschone his company was using00:05
rick_h_xwell I'm connecting with xchat from home00:06
rick_h_xmy irssi connection/colo can't connect00:06
rick_h_xit's like it's getting filtered00:06
brouschthat's what happened to him00:06
rick_h_how about this00:09
rick_h_bah, colorscheme doesn't play nice with byobu at all00:09
rick_h_there we go, that looks better00:13
greg-gwelcome back00:28
rick_h_moved irssi to my EC2 instance :(00:28
snap-lHello world01:25
jrwrenyou keep and EC2 instance up all the time?01:40
rick_h_yea, have a pair of them01:40
rick_h_bmark.us, semiww.org, some other sites/etc01:41
jrwrenthat is $$$01:42
jrwreni take it you don't personally pay for 'em?01:42
rick_h_micro instance is about $15/mo01:42
rick_h_yea, personally pay for them01:42
jrwrenwow, cool.01:46
jrwreni thought micro was about $30/mo... but that was probably old pricing.01:46
rick_h_no, that's the small instance01:46
jrwrenplus free micro for a year, I guess I should be running some.01:46
jrwrenAMZ is always cutting prices on that, I think my pricing was old info01:46
rick_h_anyway, yea handy to have around. Setup a second one for my jenkins instance and such for bmark01:47
rick_h_and working on some blog migrations/etc01:47
jrwrenhave you heard of htis free oprating system "lee knocks" ?02:07
rick_h_nope, must be something from communist countries02:08
_stink_yikes, github down!03:34
_stink_and right when i actually wanna look at stuff. :P03:34
greg-gsnap-l: how'd it go? splendidly I assume?04:02
snap-lPresentation went well, thanks04:07
snap-lLots of good questions about podcasting04:07
snap-lHad only one snafu where I forgot the right music. ;)04:09
greg-gSorry I couldn't make it :/04:12
snap-lIt's the thought that counts. ;)04:17
greg-gwell, then you've always got it from me :)04:17
snap-lHeading to bed. TTYL!04:18
rick_h_snap-l: so it went well?13:41
rick_h_a whole new array of podcasts about to be born13:42
snap-lHope so13:56
wolfgerwhat kind of array?13:56
snap-lkrondor: You weren't at MUG?13:57
snap-lI had presents for you.13:57
rick_h_yea, krondor ping'd me, but it was when I was having my irc problems13:58
krondorYeah sorry I was actually out the door toward mug when Em asked me to run some errands and it all derailed14:00
krondorHow was the talk?14:00
snap-lComing to CHC tonight?14:00
snap-lTalk went well14:00
snap-lPretty good turnout as well, all things considered.14:00
krondorI'll try to make chc, I can guilt Em about mug too so that helps14:01
rick_h_the good ole guilt trip14:01
snap-lAwesome. I'll bring the stuff then14:02
snap-llmk if situations change.14:02
snap-lrick_h_: 8pm14:02
snap-lnot 7pm14:02
rick_h_trying to multi-task too much right now14:03
snap-lProof that rick_h_ only copy and pastes!14:03
snap-lYou must make penance, my son14:04
snap-l1 day with Eclipse, no plugins.14:04
snap-lonly then shall you redeem yourself.14:04
snap-land psh14:04
snap-lI'm sure there's a shell called psh out there. ;)14:04
wolfgerperl shell, isn't it?14:05
snap-lWhy yes, yes it is. :)14:06
* snap-l feels an evil streak coming14:06
* wolfger feel 'sudo apt-get install psh' in his near future14:08
wolfgersnap-l: evil streak? You mean like altering somebody's environment to pipe STDOUT through cowsay?14:11
rick_h_ don't leave your laptop unattended at CHC tonight14:12
rick_h_might be a chsh in your future14:12
wolfger(actually, I'm plotting to pipe my STDERR through cowsay, which I think will be cool)14:12
brouschrick_h_: do you think a micro EC2 could run an instance of plone?14:27
rick_h_brousch: probably, I mean I'm running hudson on it14:29
snap-lYay, fed Ex has made my package take a three day journey from Wisconsin14:33
snap-lHere's how that works14:33
snap-lOh, even better, it'll probably take an additional day.14:34
snap-lInitially the delivery date was 5/914:37
snap-ler, 3/914:37
snap-lSorry, it was 3-8 business days.14:52
rick_h_sql help with brain fart this morning14:53
rick_h_I want to SELECT id, score = 1 FROM table14:54
rick_h_where score isn't a col in the table14:54
rick_h_what's it called so I can google mysql and the dippy thing?14:54
_stink_1 as score14:55
rick_h_no, error there too14:56
rick_h_ah, nvm14:56
snap-lWouldn't that be SELECT id, 1 as score from table?14:56
rick_h_thats right14:56
rick_h_yea, thanks14:56
snap-li remember hating SQL like crazy in college, now it's almost second nature14:57
snap-lOnly things I have to look up are permissions14:58
rick_h_ah, got it, ugh15:00
rick_h_sometimes getting things into sqlalchemy can be fun15:01
binbrainon hold for the sec of state, there are "Yes, Michigan" ad is looping reminding me how awesome snow is15:19
jcastrohey rick_h_16:03
jcastroI have a guest from work coming to CHC16:03
jcastrohe's from canonical and is in town to do some tech support for a customer16:04
rick_h_jcastro: awesome, I won't be there though16:04
rick_h_packing for pycon16:04
rick_h_but snap-l and company can take care of him16:04
rick_h_jcastro: yea, I know. priorities :)16:05
jcastrorick_h_: say hi to the crew there pls.16:05
jcastroI'm sure barry is going?16:05
snap-lJesus, that damn opencore thread is going crazy.16:05
rick_h_will do, got voidspace to agree to an interview16:05
rick_h_and yea, barry is heading down. Will hopefully run into/meet up with him at some point16:05
snap-ljcastro: Who's coming to dinner?16:05
rick_h_damn, this missing CHC is starting to suck16:07
snap-lrick_h_: We'll help you pack? :)16:08
rick_h_actually hopefully have it all done16:09
rick_h_if work will lighten up today ugh16:09
jcastrosnap-l: his name is Mark16:09
wolfgerPacking: put laptop in backpack with change of underwear. Done.16:09
snap-lwolfger: You're too kind16:11
snap-ljcastro: Last name: Shuttleworth? :)16:12
rick_h_pack 2 laptops, 4 mics, power, xlr cables, clothes, cards16:12
jcastroheh no16:12
jrwrengreg-g: we are good for Apr 3rd17:01
greg-gjrwren: rock!17:01
greg-gthanks buddy17:01
snap-lAwesome! Thanks jrwren17:02
jrwreni may even have to attend.17:02
greg-gjrwren: even better17:03
jrwrenocelot... awesome.17:03
jrwrenoneric, i have to use a dictionary17:03
jrwrenwow, just googled it to Mirriam Webster. That is a great adjective.17:04
jrwrenthat womans body is oneiric <-- for the filthy word of the day version17:05
rick_h_yea, actually used the 'pronouce' on there to say it to me17:05
snap-lOnerous. ;)17:07
jrwreni had to double check the phonetics to learn to say it.17:08
snap-lhttp://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/oneiric <- Other Psychology terms made me laugh17:08
jrwrenoh-nie-rick is how I read it.17:08
snap-lanxiety, conscience, fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, libido, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, personality, phobia, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal17:08
snap-loneiromancy - Divination by means of dreams17:09
wolfgerOnery Ocelot?17:09
wolfgerto follow Naughty Narwhal?17:10
brouschOrnery Ocelot17:10
brouschfollows Pissed-off Piglet17:10
wolfgerbrousch++ for correct spelling; brousch-- for incorrect grasp of which letter follows which in the alphabet17:11
snap-lPerturbed Phytocondrian.17:11
brouschi use the canadian alphabet17:12
brouschbunch of backwards dorks17:12
wolfgerCanadian alphabet... every letter is follow by "A"....17:13
wolfgerA, eh? B, eh? C, eh?17:13
snap-lJust sent out a link to the MUG list with the podcasting links that came up during the presentation17:13
snap-lAlso, Audio Technica's website can die in a fire.17:14
rick_h_heh, why the fire/dying?17:28
snap-lThey make you have to chose your global location17:40
jcastrohey rick_h_17:44
jcastrowhen you go to pycon17:44
jcastrofind Evan Dandrea and say hi17:44
rick_h_k, will do17:48
jcastrorick_h_: he's the installer guy, I need to send a message17:48
jcastro"Go Wings!" or something of that sort17:49
jcastrothen he will know I sent you17:49
rick_h_note added17:49
wolfgerGreg Grossmeier has joined identi.ca ?17:57
=== ebarch_ is now known as ebarch
snap-lyay, book arrived18:22
snap-lwolfger: gre-g has been on identi.ca for a while now18:22
snap-lHell, he got me on idenit.ca18:22
snap-lYay, book arrived early18:23
rick_h_what book?18:23
snap-l(*cough*True20 Adventures in Role Playing(*cough*)18:23
snap-lRevised edition18:23
rick_h_man, I'm going to look goofy heading to DTW in shorts18:25
snap-lgreg-g's UID on identi.ca is 158, mine is 16018:25
wolfgersnap-l: According to Linkdin, he just joined18:27
snap-lLinkedin is not the best gauge of this18:27
greg-gwolfger: heh, yeah, the group on linkedin18:29
brouschrick_h_: you leave today for pycon?18:36
rick_h_brousch: tomorrow18:36
rick_h_getting packed up today18:36
brouschgood. there's still time for me to stuff you in a trunk and take your spot18:37
rick_h_brousch: hah!18:38
rick_h_not likely, I'm getting stoked18:38
rick_h_seeing the twitter feed flying today18:38
rick_h_snap-l: ping, was it pro python you were talking about that was a bit much?19:19
rick_h_a bit heavy19:19
snap-lIt was Pro Python, yes19:21
snap-lSeemed to get a little dense in the third chapter19:21
snap-lBut maybe it is because I am weak19:21
rick_h_debating between pro python v python algorightms19:22
rick_h_for some on the trip reading19:22
snap-lCheaper than picking up the PDF version from Apress19:23
snap-lPro Python19:23
snap-l$27.99 Kindle vs $34.99 PDF on Apress19:24
rick_h_ah, gotcha19:24
rick_h_suprisingly little amz reviews on both19:24
snap-lGod, I hate SOAP19:38
snap-lMaybe it's more that I hate SoapUI19:43
rick_h_no, stick with your first instinct19:45
binbrainsnap-l: SOAP is awful19:49
snap-lYeah, no shit. :)19:50
binbrainI wish it'd hurry up and DIAF19:51
brouschmaking a logo for west MI linux users group. what do you think? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/wmlug-3.2.png20:42
snap-lnice! ;)20:42
rick_h_yea, good stuff20:43
brouschif he farts it will hit detroit20:44
binbrainbrousch: what's wrong with the old one?21:14
binbrainI was going to the west MI LUG back when we made the 1st logo21:15
binbrain10 years ago I guess21:15
brouschit has no logo21:17
brouschyou are probably thinking of the grand rapids linux users group, which does have a logo21:17
binbrainahh, your right21:18
binbrainwhere does the WMUG meet?21:18
brouschnew horizons learning center on the east side of town21:19
brouschit formed during a multi-year lull in grlug activity. now grlug is also active and we have double the linux group21:19
brouschthe grlug web site is even crappier than the wmlug one21:24
jcastrojrwren: http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/09/founder-stories-stack-exchange-spolsky-vc/21:35
gamerchick02Yay, a new Rick's Rant!21:45
snap-lSeriously, Facebook comments?22:10
snap-lI can't read comments on a site without allowing Facebook into my life?22:10
AndIrc_heh, yep22:11
AndIrc_it's coming22:11
=== AndIrc_ is now known as rick_h_droid
snap-lWell, Techcrunch just entered my shitlist again22:12
rick_h_droidheh, party22:17
rick_h_droidlococast ep 14 out. get it while it's hot. sorry for the audio22:21
snap-lrick_h_: Wooooooooot22:45
snap-llococast release.22:45
gamerchick02techcrunch is crap. you can't read comments without having a fB account?22:55
gamerchick02dangit, ya'll i just listened to Rick's Rants...22:56
BlazeixI sort of think of it as a plus. If you have a facebook account, you're subjected to techcrunch's comments.22:58
BlazeixIf you don't, you're spared.22:58
gamerchick02good point.22:58
gamerchick02hrm. my brother's fudge is actually pretty good. very sweet (moreso than regular fudge) but good...23:04

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