Unit193Can't help but ask: Why don't we have a ubot?04:54
BiosElementProbably because we've never needed it?05:07
BiosElementAnd wow, gnome fanboys probably don't wanna read this" http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2011/03/collaborations-demise.html05:07
Unit193*some of the LoCo teams have them05:08
BiosElementSeems like I was backing the right side after all, honestly.05:09
BiosElementSo my takeaway from that is all the Canonical bashing with people claiming canon doesn't work with gnome is more the fault of gnome then canonical, since the kde folks get the same issues. >.>05:12
* BiosElement looks forward to being told he's an idiot ;)05:12
Unit193BiosElement: You're an idiot! ;)05:12
* BiosElement adds Unit193 to his list of people to never buy lunch for05:13
BiosElementSee, I don't need to be mean. I'll just buy everyone 'else' lunch :P05:13
* BiosElement is such a nice, caring dude05:13
Unit193ok ok ok, You're a very nice person! now can I have lunch too?05:14
BiosElementhahaha, yes :P05:14
BiosElementThough I probably should have dinner first, i'm hungry heh05:14
* Unit193 doesn't use Gnome05:14
BiosElementTHis article is great though05:14
BiosElementReading the comments now05:14
BiosElementI'm a KDE fanboy, not a gnome hater. But I've also noticed this gnome wall05:15
BiosElementEveryone always uses gnome to bash canonical, but it makes me wonder if gnome shouldn't be getting more flack over this.05:15
Unit193I'm using XFCE and LXDE on different computers (I would/have/will use KDE on the main)05:17
BiosElementThese comments are amazing05:19
BiosElementA gnome dude comes over05:19
BiosElementand goes "Aseigo is a nut who's making this up"05:19
BiosElementAnd at least 3 other gnome devs have come and said Aaron's totally right haha05:20
thafreakMorning Ohio14:53
thafreakAnyone a puppet or chef fanboy, and want to convince me which one to use?14:55
djoepeople I respect like puppet over chef, but I'm not sure I have a dog in that fight18:11
Cheri703the chef IS a puppet: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Swedish_chef18:11
djoeI think the way it goes is that programmers and other sysadmins-by-accident like chef because they can goo it up with all their own stuff, but that puppet does things the Right Way18:11
djoeor, at least, more things, if not everything.18:12
Unit193[nolog] Just gotta try this...18:31
kyanardag_i would like to prepare a deb package for a scientific software to make it available for community, anybody can guide me for debian packaging system and how to create packages?18:31
djoekyanardag_: what documentation have you been trying to use?18:48
kyanardag_i followed the community documentation for personal package archive (PPA) but it was over my head18:52
djoekyanardag_: well, there's packaging the software, then there's distributing it19:27
djoePPA is more a method of distribution.19:28
djoekyanardag_: what is the software?19:28
djoedo you have a link to the upstream?19:28
kyanardag_this is the software: http://code.google.com/p/bedtools/19:29
djoeoh, awesome19:29
djoeI'd try to catch mbanck, for instance, on #debian to ask for help, were I you.19:29
kyanardag_there's rpm package available but debian package is missing, i wanted to contribute to scientific community by preparing a deb file19:29
kyanardag_ok.. i think i'll start with basics, only packaging for now.. distribution can be done later i guess..19:30
djoeconsider, for instance, that things like the ncbi tools and BLAST and hmmer etc are already packaged19:32
djoeyou might be interested to look at them as examples, and ask for help from their packagers, perhaps.19:32
djoekyanardag_: http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/hmmer for example19:32
kyanardag_that's a good idea..19:33
kyanardag_version 3 of hmmer was released.. it needs to be packaged as well :)19:33
djoekyanardag_: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq#Packaging19:34
djoethat might be a little heavy19:35
kyanardag_it's good reading.. nice tips.. orphaned packages.. request for package..19:36

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