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MutantTurkeyJonathanD: I know a man who works for clear01:19
JonathanDMutantTurkey: can he fix my drivers?02:02
MutantTurkeyI doubt it02:04
MutantTurkeyone time i actually started talking about the androidOS like, the core stuff, how its based on linux, bionic etc.02:05
MutantTurkeyyo he was lost.02:05
JonathanDHe isn't in marketing, by chance...02:05
JonathanDCause I'd like to talk to a marketing person.02:05
MutantTurkeyno :P02:05
MutantTurkeyuser to be a tower climber02:06
JonathanDcan't write a driver, isn't in marketing, what good is he :P02:06
MutantTurkeynow he is just a tech for each station02:06
MutantTurkeyruns around making sure it all works02:06
JonathanDWell I guess that helps02:06
JonathanDkeeps my internets up.02:06
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ChinnoDoghrm. UbuntuOne for Windows...20:55
andrewIs there an android client yet?20:56
andrewI love how Fios is cheaper when you add in a phone line.20:56
ChinnoDogThere is one for UbuntuOne music, but I don't use that21:32

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