h00khello, hello.00:49
h00kI'm glad nobody got confused and that I didn't say the meeting was tonight02:36
lostsonwell look what got build in milwaukee http://hackaday.com/2011/03/08/on-the-go-desktop/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hackaday%2FLgoM+%28Hack+a+Day%2902:47
lostsongot ion3 running on ubuntu 10.10 now seeing as the developer abandoned it and it has a special circumstance in the license i have to change the name and then i can release to the world and continue to develop it04:40
lostsonso i guess i will go through all the source files and remove ion or ion3 from them all and replace them with the name i wish to call my new project04:41
lostsonwell time for some sleep hopefully i can make the meeting tomorrow night04:49
h00klostson: good luck :/06:46
h00kuberushaximus: heyyo06:46
h00kand greetings, greppy06:47
h00kI'm working on webdesign stuffs.06:48
greppyh00k: ello :) a little late, but meh :)07:23
h00kgreppy: :D07:25
h00kgreppy: I haven't met you yet, that I know of07:25
greppyh00k: probably not :) I kind of idle here, but also in #lopsa, #vbox, #ubuntu, etc etc :)07:26
h00kgreppy: cool. What part of the state are you in?07:26
greppysouthern, work in Madison, live in Brooklyn07:26
h00kgreppy: gotcha. I'm up in Rhinelander07:26
greppylong way away :)07:27
greppyso glad I don't have to go up there to work on stuff lol07:27
h00kwe actually have the internet all the way up here, which makes things nice ;)07:27
greppyyeah I know, part of my job is supporting some of that :)07:28
h00kMine too, I work in IT at a company up here07:28
greppydoing desktop support?07:31
greppyand now, to go blow up some routers :)07:41
* greppy &07:41
h00kgreppy: desktop support, network design/engineering/support07:42
h00kgreppy: systems design/engineering/support, servers, etc07:45
greppyh00k: cool12:23
h00kI need coffee.14:17
* greppy had coffee14:20
* greppy wants dinner.14:20
h00kgreppy: have you been up all night?14:20
h00kI need to fix the time on my server.14:21
greppyI work 3rd shift :)14:21
greppy00:00 - 09:0014:21
h00kphew, getting close14:21
greppybut I think I need to climb back into the van and go pick up some hardware yet this morning before I go home, since I need to drop it off tomorrow.14:21
greppygotta love upgrades.14:21
h00kalways fun, besides, they never go wrong14:22
greppyoh of course not....14:23
greppywhich is why I end up leaving the PRE's on site for a day or two normally :)14:23
* h00k helps a client recover from a power outage14:26
greppyeww those can be evil.14:26
greppyfried hardware, or just stuff not saved?14:26
h00kHopefully nothing, so far, I'm just getting their servers up14:27
greppysooo glad all my stuff for work is on battery backup and generator14:27
greppyand my personal stuff is spread across 3 UPSs :)14:27
greppyand now, back out into the snow.14:28
* greppy &14:28
h00kgood luck14:28
h00kThey're also 3 hours away, so I'm really trying to avoid the drive if I can14:29
h00kso far, okay...14:43
h00ktwo of 5 powered up14:43
mikeputnamjoin this: http://groups.google.com/group/barcampfoxvalley-discuss    for this reason: http://barcampfoxvalley.org18:03
lostsonok i joined it18:28
lostsongood thing i came home for lunch18:28
mikeputnamshalomoreo: welcome over here too19:06
h00kmikeputnam: you spammer, you.20:55
* h00k joins20:55
mikeputnamit's the good kind of spam20:58
mikeputnamsocial media!20:58
h00kthe cloud!20:58
intokAnyone who is for the cloud shall receive death by lolcat21:05
h00kfor which definition of cloud :D21:06
h00kPeople that confuse the CLOUD for internets21:06
uberushaximusinternets =/= webz =/= cloud21:07
h00kHas anyone any experience with SheevaPlugs or small embedded devices? I see some documentation on the GuruPlug, but there was some concerns about heat21:19

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