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RAOFMan this regex is getting evil.03:30
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RAOFIt's aliveā€¦ it's ALIVE!05:03
RAOFThat's rather nice.  3 build failures, two of which were an insufficiently sentient regex.05:12
tjaaltonsigh, chromium is not that usable (for my workflow), and firefox keeps "hanging" every 10s for 1s, what else is there.. opera?07:34
RAOFThat firefox thing seems pretty awful.  What's it doing?07:35
RAOFIt's not doing something brain-dead like fsyncing the history database again?07:36
tjaaltonbeats me. the cpu-usage spikes every few seconds, and that's when scrolling etc is paused07:36
tjaaltoneven typing a comment on a bug..07:37
RAOFKnow of any useful ati cherry-picks offhand while I'm patching it to build against 1.10?07:37
tjaaltonah there's no 6.14-branch for bugfixes..07:38
tjaaltonthere was something on debian-x@ iirc, unless it was that build-fix07:39
RAOFProbably the build-fix.07:39
RAOFThe changelog entries post-6.14 don't link to any bugs not caused by commits post-6.14.  I think I'll just fix the build then :)07:40
tjaaltonyeah, can't seem to find it either07:41
RAOFOoh.  I should add Sarvatt's disable-pageflip-on-palm patch.07:50
bryceh_yeah that firefox laggy behavior is really irritating.  I'm using chromium now because of that.07:59
tjaaltonI'm trying with some extensions disabled, but we'll see if it helps or not07:59
tjaaltonwhat's most irritating with chromium is that typing '/' doesn't initiate search, and tabbing on the address bar doesn't select the next one on the list, need to use the cursor keys08:01
tjaaltonand there's a limit of tabs per window, since you can't see the title08:02
tjaaltonthere should be a 'firefox compatibility' -extension for it :)08:03
bryceh_I do like that the location bar doubles as a search field, but I miss the reliable autocomplete08:03
RAOFThe awesome bar is actually pretty awesome, yeah.08:03
bryceh_best thing so far about chromium is I can right click on my bug graph svg's and choose "Open in a new window"08:04
bryceh_the fact I can't do that in firefox has been a bit of a bummer08:04
tjaaltonbtw, since when does neither of them open the windows on the correct workspace?08:04
tjaaltonprobably a compiz bug, annoying08:05
RAOFAlright.  Once the builds are done, ubuntu-x-swat/ppa should be nicely installable.08:06
tjaaltonhum, I should prepare -fpit08:06
bryceh_RAOF,  :-)08:06
RAOFLet's go make some pasta!08:09
Amaranthyay mesa 7.10.108:11
tjaaltonbuilding xinput-calibrator_0.7.5-108:18
Amaranthdang, still can't do fullscreen youtube08:20
Amaranthwill have to try intel-drm-next tomorrow08:20
tjaaltonbryceh_, RAOF: objections for pushing xinput-calibrator to natty? it's not in debian yet for some reason (been on the mentors-queue for some time), sent an email to Tias about the status but haven't heard back yet08:23
bryceh_tjaalton, no objections, in fact I think packaging it was down in my todo list somewhere08:24
tjaaltonbryceh_: yeah I was about to do it too, then noticed that tias had done it himself08:25
tjaaltonbuilt without any warnings/errors08:25
RAOFNo objections, but you'll need the obvious FFe.08:25
bryceh_tjaalton, IIRC when I played with it, it spit out stuff you paste into xorg.conf.  I thought it could use a bit more integration so it actually would offer to store that info to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ or some such08:26
bryceh_tjaalton, of course that was like >1 yr ago so maybe it's changed08:26
tjaaltonbryceh_: yeah, would be nice to integrate that with the installer08:26
tjaaltonfor now it'd just be a replacement for the calibrator in evtouch08:27
* bryceh_ nods08:27
lagbug 73181008:42
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731810 in linux (Ubuntu) "X is broken post upgrade to Natty (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73181008:42
lagmvo: tjaalton: Take a look at the currentDmesg.txt08:43
tjaaltonlag: attach Xorg.0.log too08:45
lagtjaalton: It just says out of memory08:46
tjaaltondid you get your upgrade issues sorted?08:47
lagtjaalton: Uploaded08:48
lagtjaalton: This is my upgrade issue08:48
tjaaltonyesterday you said that sources.list was still on maverick, and nvidia wouldn't install due to that08:49
tjaaltonanyway, try putting 'nopat' to the kernel cmdline08:49
tjaaltonas a kernel boot option08:50
lagtjaalton: I saw that on a previous bug report08:50
lagtjaalton: I have just installed the latest nVidia driver from their website08:51
tjaaltonit won't work08:51
lagWhy not?08:51
tjaaltonunless it's the beta driver08:52
tjaaltonthis is a kernel bug08:52
tjaaltondoes 'nopat' help?08:52
lagDon't know yet08:53
tjaaltondoes the nouveau driver work?08:53
tjaaltonif you purge nvidia08:53
lagtjaalton: Trying nopat now08:54
lagtjaalton: I think I'm going to have to uninstall nVidia's driver08:59
tjaaltonplease :)08:59
lagOkay, that's now uninstalled - trying nopat09:04
tjaaltonnopat with nvidia didn't work?09:05
lagNot with nVidia's driver09:05
lagTrying it with nvidia-current09:06
lagJust a purple screen09:09
tjaaltontry without nvidia09:10
lagNow some flashing (after 5muns)09:10
tjaaltonso it'd load nouveau09:10
lagnvidia-cirrent is still installed09:10
tjaaltonpurge it09:10
lag[    43.639] (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)09:17
tjaaltonremove xorg.conf09:17
lagWe have a login prompt 09:21
lagWe have desktop09:22
tjaaltonok so it's a bug in nvidia after all..09:22
lagSo what aren't I going to get?09:22
tjaaltonthere's libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental, but it's pretty much unsupported09:23
lagAnd I don't get a choice as to which desktop I want09:24
lagAnd everything looks just a little bit crap09:24
lagDo you think I should try to install nvidia-current again?09:24
tjaaltonunity2d should work09:24
lagI don't get a choice09:25
lagNo selection items at the bottom09:25
lagI'm going to try and install nvidia-current again09:27
lagNo joy09:39
lagThat sucks ass09:39
lagWho picks up nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) bugs?09:40
tseliotwhat's up?09:40
lagtseliot: bug 73181009:40
ubot4`Launchpad bug 731810 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) ""conflicting memory types" -> "Failed to allocate primary buffer: out of memory" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73181009:40
tjaaltontseliot: nouveau works, nvidia fails :)09:41
tseliotlag: can you try to disable grub's bootsplash?09:41
lagtseliot: I took out splash from the cmdline09:42
lagNo difference 09:42
tseliotlag: that would be plymouth's splash09:42
tseliotit's not the same thing09:42
lagtseliot: Okay, how do I take out Grub's?09:42
tseliotlag: can you attach your grub.cfg, please?09:44
lagtseliot: Done09:46
tseliotlag: since this is just a temporary thing, please try editing that file as in this patch:09:51
tseliotthen do *not* update grub but just reboot09:51
tseliotif this works I think I can fix it in the nvidia package09:52
lagtseliot: Do I have to install nvidia again then?09:59
tseliotlag: no, if it's already installed there's nothing else you should do but reboot09:59
lagIt's not09:59
lagI had to uninstall it to get a desktop up09:59
tseliotlag: ok, reinstall it then10:01
lagtseliot: Doing that now10:02
lagtseliot: How do I change back settings - will they rectify after one reboot or will I have to revert the patch?10:02
tseliotlag: if you do update-grub your changes will go away10:03
lagtseliot: Nope10:10
lagtseliot: I received a loging10:11
lagtseliot: After logging in, the first window opened (Xchat) then crashed10:11
lagtseliot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577753/10:11
tseliotlag: can I see your dmesg, please?10:26
lagtseliot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577762/10:31
tseliotlag: the framebuffer is still there. Can I see your grub.cfg?10:36
lagtseliot: Which one? The edited, or non-edited?10:39
tseliotlag: the one that you used when booting10:39
lagtseliot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577768/10:40
tseliothmm... let me see how I did it in my natty machine10:42
tjaaltonx loaded fine this time did it not?10:42
lagtjaalton: Well, I don't think fine is the word I'd use10:48
lagThe whole thing locked up on login10:48
tjaaltonlag: but x loaded up10:51
lagtjaalton: Something did10:51
lagI saw the outline of the first app that was visible (XChat)10:51
lagThen nothing ...10:51
tjaaltonso you autoload apps on your session?10:52
tseliotlag: I lost the changes to my grub.cfg file but I guess we can edit the file a little better10:52
lagtjaalton: I do10:52
lagtjaalton: If I had to load them all by hand every day, I'd shoot myself!10:52
tjaaltonlag: so the system locks up completely, or does for instance the mouse cursor move?10:53
lagMouse moves and even changes to the resize cursor when over the edges of the window10:53
lagBut I can't actually resize10:53
tjaaltonso the session is broken, not the driver10:54
lagEverything's working in the background, I can SSH in10:54
tjaaltonthat's natty for you10:54
tjaaltontry with a classic desktop10:54
lagThat is with the Classic Desktop10:54
tjaaltonunity is broken here as well10:54
tjaaltonthen with a clean session10:54
lagHow do you mean?10:55
tjaaltonfailsafe gnome session10:55
tjaaltonfor instance10:55
tjaaltondunno where the session stuff is stored10:56
tjaaltonah, seems to be .config/gnome-session10:56
lagtjaalton: I'll have to do it in a minute, as I have a meeting now10:57
tjaalton.config/autostart maybe10:57
tseliotlag: please try this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/577777/10:57
tjaaltontseliot: X is up10:57
tseliottjaalton: yes, it is but vesafb can cause a number of problems with some nvidia and amd cards, not only prevent X from starting10:59
tseliotand vesafb is still in his dmesg10:59
tseliottjaalton: if it's a bug in Unity i.e. it can't be reproduced using the classic desktop, then it's a different issue11:00
lagHi honey, I'm home12:24
lagtseliot: 12:24
lag[    44.690] (EE) Failed to load module "nv" (module does not exist, 0)12:24
lag[    44.690] (II) LoadModule: "vesa"12:24
tseliotlag: that's not a problem12:24
tseliotit's just the autoloading stuff12:24
tseliotlag: you have to make sure that dmesg | grep vesa doesn't return anything12:25
tseliotlag: the last diff that I gave you should help12:25
lag        set gfxpayload=text12:25
lagI did that12:25
tseliotlag: and remove the line that loads the modules12:26
tselioti.e. if [ "$linux_gfx_mode" != "text" ]; then load_video; fi12:26
lagtseliot: Yep, it's gone12:26
tseliotlag: so, what's the output of "dmesg | grep vesa"?12:27
lagtseliot: Rebooting now - the dmesg was full of crap12:27
lagtseliot: No Vesa stuff12:28
tseliotlag: good. Now see if you can reproduce the problem12:28
tseliotif you still can, then it's a different issue12:28
lagYep, still there12:29
tjaaltonhow do you know you're starting the classic desktop?12:29
lagWhat log will be most useful now?12:29
tjaaltonunless you've chosen it from the gdm menu12:29
lagI did choose it from the menu, the same thing happened12:29
tjaaltonthen move your .config/autostart away12:29
tjaaltonfurther advice probably from #ubuntu-desktop12:30
tseliotthis command should tell you whether you're running unity "grep -i unity ~/.xsession-errors"12:31
tseliotinstead of the classic desktop12:31
lagOkay, rebooting12:31
tjaaltonclassic still shows unity-window-decorator there12:32
lagIn fact, with the driver installed I don't get a choice 12:33
lagNo option at the bottom of the login prompt12:33
tjaaltondo you still have maverick on sources.list?12:34
lagStarting unity-window-decorator12:37
lagThat's the only thing it says12:37
tjaaltoncreate a new user and try with that12:38
lagtjaalton: Lookup12:55
lagtjaalton: Lockup*12:55
tjaaltonthen it's something for #ubuntu-desktop12:56
lagtjaalton: Nice demonstration of your Teflon shoulders there :D12:59
tjaaltonlag: well debugging this started over 4h ago13:03
tjaaltonand debugging user sessions is not my expertise13:04
apwdoes anyone know if vesafb does content handoff to the X server; like the drm drivers do?13:39
jcristaudoubt it.13:45
cndtjaalton, heard of any trackpad issues lately?13:53
cnda bunch of fixes were pushed to xorg-server yesterday and Kaleo is reporting issues with his trackpad13:53
cndI'm wondering if anyone else is having issues13:54
tjaaltoncnd: haven't seen any new bugs related to that13:55
cndtjaalton, ok, thanks!13:55
Sarvattlag: try booting with nopat added to grub14:01
lagSarvatt: I did14:01
tjaaltonsuggested already :)14:01
Sarvattoh, missed that14:01
lagSarvatt: I also found that on an old bug report :)14:01
Amaranthbtw, I found the cause of my excessive i915 wakeups14:11
AmaranthApparently both evolution and thunderbird are drawing a _lot_, I'm guessing it's the constant progress spinners14:12
codemagicianbjsnider, hi. I have a new xorg.log from todays crash. did you add more debug to it?15:50
codemagicianbjsnider, http://pastebin.com/jjHCe0FR15:50
codemagicianThis was X hanging on bootup before any applications started up.  My hardware is Asus EN210 (GeForce 210) Nvidia card with 10.10 ubuntu desktop.  If anyone can help diagnose why X keeps hanging and reaching 100% cpu, would be most appreciated...15:53
bjsniderthere's a generic error message printed on line 32715:54
bjsnidercodemagician, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=4667815:55
bjsniderdo that thing15:55
codemagicianbjsnider, I guess I should read the link on part 1 for stability?15:59
bjsnidercouldn't hurt15:59
bjsnidercodemagician, you know you can use the nouveau driver instead of nvidia right?16:00
codemagicianmay I ask.. why does the log show different version of the kernel to my uname output?16:00
codemagicianbjsnider, i didn't know that.16:00
bjsniderif you remove nvidia-current and delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf and then reboot you'll get nouveau16:01
codemagicianhow to I remove the nvidia-current with sudo apt-get remove ?16:02
codemagicianis nouveau another alternative driver?16:03
codemagiciani mean... why are there two 16:03
bjsnideryou must be very new to linux if you're asking why there are two16:04
codemagicianbjsnider, yes, I recently switched from imac16:05
codemagiciani guess its open source16:05
codemagicianand nvidia are proprietary?16:05
bjsnidernvidia is a proprietary driver produced by nvidia. its license is incompatible with the gpl. nouveau is an open gpl driver already in the kernel produced by many developers16:05
codemagicianaha, I see 16:06
bjsniderbut mostly ben skeggs of red hat (i think that's his name)16:06
codemagiciando I need to remove nvidia-current-modaliases  nvidia-settings ?16:06
codemagicianso now I just delete the xorg.conf and reboot?16:07
bjsnidercodemagician, why didn't you want to use the excellent mac osx?16:07
codemagicianbjsnider, I like to get my hands dirty16:07
bjsniderit's such fun to use and so delightfully expensive16:07
codemagicianbjsnider, linux seems more fun to learn16:08
bjsnideris this situation you're in now fun?16:08
codemagicianbjsnider, actually the most annoying thing about the iMac was the mouse acceleration16:08
codemagicianbjsnider, ha ha. good point. well its new install, so I should give it a chance16:09
bjsnideryou're installing ubuntu on an imac?16:09
codemagicianbjsnider, rome wasn't built in a day16:09
codemagicianbjsnider, i gave the mac to my sister and built a new machine16:09
bjsnideryou built this computer from scratch?16:09
codemagicianbjsnider, yeah, built from parts16:09
codemagicianbjsnider, i7 core, P6 asus Mobo, X-25 SSD16:10
codemagicianbjsnider, I went for the graphics card because its got a big heatsink with no fan16:10
codemagicianbjsnider, i like the silence16:10
bjsniderthat should work fine16:10
bjsnideryou nough all-intel, which is the right move16:11
bjsniderbought, i mean16:11
codemagiciani checked on linux compatible websites first16:11
codemagiciani was tempted to go for the i5 with built in GPU16:11
codemagicianbut I thought having nvidia was going to give me more flexibility in future16:11
bjsniderand you're using maverick?16:12
codemagiciani've always had nvidia graphics cards and they've always been great16:12
codemagicianyes, maverick16:12
bjsniderhow did you install ubuntu? where did you get it?16:13
codemagicianwould it have been better to go for LTS version16:13
codemagicianI downloaded from ubuntu directly and made a USB pen16:13
codemagicianusing the windows USB installer app16:13
bjsniderare you dual-booting or something?16:14
codemagicianno, i used a separate laptop16:15
codemagiciani have a windows laptop so I can test websites with IE16:16
codemagicianI'll try a reboot now16:16
codemagicianhopefully i'll be back in a moment16:16
bjsnideri would have used the amd64 desktop install cd16:16
codemagiciani have intel processor16:17
codemagiciani read online that 32bit version would give more choice of packages16:18
codemagiciani'll reboot. back in a moment!16:18
codemagicianI'm on Nouvea now16:20
bjsnidercodemagician, amd64 covers all 64-bit processors except the itanium16:20
codemagicianI assumed amd meant AMD processors only16:20
bjsniderintel uses amd's code that allows 32-bit code to run on a  64-bit processor16:22
codemagicianaha, i see16:23
codemagiciani followed the sheep16:23
codemagicianperformance isn't really an issue16:23
codemagicianjust stability16:23
bjsnideri386 gets you an easier time with flash, maybe some 3d games if that's your thing. otherwise amd64 is faster16:24
codemagicianthe adobe flash player crashes my firefox every other youtube video16:26
apwbryceh_, about?  i've almost got a PPA to test for the vesafb triggered GPU hangs18:06
SarvattAmaranth: ^^18:13
Amaranthis there a ppa for intel-drm-next?18:14
Sarvattjust http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/18:14
apwbryceh_, well once the kernels finish building my ppa:apw/purple is worth a test18:17
Amaranthwhoops, if you install an image without installing the headers first you get lots of dkms failure fun :)18:19
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bryceh_apw, awesome18:35
bryceh_apw, ok, I'll keep an eye on the build and go beat the bushes for testers once the .deb is ready.  thanks!18:52
Amaranthok so it seems drm-intel-next has some really weird failure18:58
Amaranthgdm starts and I even get a tooltip because the mouse is on something but the keyboard and mouse don't work and based on the way the power button and ctrl-alt-del work I think X isn't getting keyboard/mouse grabs18:59
Sarvatthmm, quite a lot of things on https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+uploaded-packages show failures to build in the archive now because they were copied to a screwed up test build archive but they built in ubuntu fine, what the heck21:45
RAOFAmaranth: That sounds like X just hasn't loaded any input drivers.21:51
AmaranthRAOF: why would changing the kernel cause that?21:52
RAOFDid you happen to change anything else at the same time?21:52
RAOFCan you flip the keyboard into raw mode and VT switch?21:53
Sarvattif you move the mouse, switch to a vt and come back is the mouse in a different spot?21:53
RAOFOf course, you can only switch to a VT if (a) X has loaded a keyboard driver or (b) you've raw-mode'd the keyboard :)21:53
Sarvattchvt over ssh21:57
RAOFWell, that too.21:57
Sarvattlooks like page flipping might be a problem on agp radeons too, need to keep an eye out on ati freeze reports and have them try disabling it22:35
Sarvattdarn, vish isn't here22:36
SarvattI remember him saying his rv515 was freezing on .3822:36
Sarvattmay end up having to make that disable pageflip on palm patch disable unconditionally by default22:39
RAOFSarvatt: Do we have any metrics on that?  Obviously my radeon hardware is perfectly happy with pageflip.\22:54
Sarvattnope, just something to keep an eye on for now22:55
Sarvattati bugs must be going to other packages, hardly anything in natty22:56
Sarvattcompiz/unity soaking up all our bugs? :P22:56
Sarvatthere's one potentially https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/72558023:02
ubot4`Launchpad bug 725580 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "black screen on boot on radeon 9200 (affects: 2) (heat: 347)" [Undecided,Incomplete]23:02
Sarvattinfo->ChipFamily <= CHIP_FAMILY_RV350 would cover a big chunk of the AGP's23:15
Sarvatterr can just do all agp directly instead of chip families if it turns out to be the case, yeah i need to get off the pc for the night :P23:17
Sarvattinfo->cardType == CARD_AGP23:21
Sarvatthmm https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30052#c10 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/727620 seem to conflict23:31
ubot4`bugzilla.kernel.org bug 30052 in Video(DRI - non Intel) "Fails to start X with intel+Ati video, whith modeset=1" [Normal,New]23:31
Sarvattahh acer, bah :)23:31

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