nuvolari_morning guyz/galz06:27
nuvolari_did anyone see this error before? "DHCP packet received on wlan0 which has no address"06:27
nuvolari_the wireless connection is established but no dynamic IP is received06:28
superflydoes the wireless network use static ips maybe?06:31
nuvolari_superfly: meh, dunno, we're contacting the guys that installed the server. It was fine last night.06:46
nuvolari_I blame python06:46
superflynuvolari_: that's just cause you're jealous06:48
nuvolari_jealous of what?06:49
nuvolari_the correct tool for the job06:49
superflyof how great Python is ;-)06:50
* Owkkuri pik vi nuvolari_06:50
nuvolari_python has its place06:51
Symmetriaok nginx is starting to piss me off07:05
Symmetriawell, this fancyindex module is starting to piss me off anyway07:06
nuvolari_lo sakhi 07:08
deegee_hi all19:02
deegee_i picked up a nick issue with this other dude in finland. is there a way to re=own a nick on freenode? i read sometime ago howto regain your nickname. help needed here...19:06
drubindeegee_: ask in #freenode they will help you out with the reowning19:12
nuvolaribleh. I came here to ask something... but it slipped my mind.19:37
inetpronuvolari: why?19:41
nuvolariinetpro: why did I forget or why did I came here?19:43
nuvolarilol @ http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/03/08/a-letter-on-behalf-of-the-worlds-pc-fixers/19:43
inetpronuvolari: pick-a-choose19:44
nuvolariinetpro: because.19:44
inetpronuvolari: fair enough19:44
inetpronuvolari: how's it going?19:45
nuvolariinetpro: busy busy, but it's going well :) you?19:47
inetpronuvolari: same here19:47
inetproa never ending story19:48
nuvolariinetpro: ya, and they want the work done yesteryear19:57
Symmetriasomeone needs to teach the guy who wrote nginx fancyindex module that goto is bad mmmk20:02
* inetpro loved goto in batch files back in the days 20:04
Symmetriaheh, I used goto all over the place in assembler20:06
Symmetriaand in many places in C it makes sense20:06
Symmetriathe way this dude is using it, not so much20:06
nuvolari:/ is it enough reason to quit when I'm eventually forced to use HTML email just for the sake of the signature?20:18
nuvolarilol @ http://www.thedoghousediaries.com/?p=2625 (Love-Hate Relationship)20:27
inetpronuvolari: Some email clients/services may block your html so they won’t even see the file or worse yet, it displays as raw html code21:19
* Symmetria bangs his head on the desk21:25
Symmetriaheh froztbyte was right about nginx, it performs21:25
Symmetriahowever, he was wrong about something else about it21:25
inetpronuvolari: oh and your messages are more likely to be tagged as SPAM apart from the fact that all messages will be bloated  21:25
Symmetriait has some of the worlds most horrible code :P21:25
Symmetriaand is actually fundementally broken internally in so many ways21:26
Symmetriaits entire status code return mechanism is fucked 21:26
inetproSymmetria: time to help fix it21:26
Symmetriaweekend job, I've shoved that job to some developers I know 21:26
Symmetria:p and if they get 2 bored to help for free, I'll find budget to pay them 21:27
SymmetriaI have no issues throwing some money at this21:27
inetprothat's the way to go21:27
SymmetriaSheen on Coke: http://www.munsterfans.com//uploads/images/Drick/253_sheencoke.jpg21:40
charlvnthat looks very illegal21:52

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