ZombieRamenah, so i can just user my own username00:00
theprototypeneedlez well once i use clonezilla and get safe i'll play with it and figure it out Kamikaze style00:00
needleztheprototype: kk00:01
hiexponeedlez, and had a list of differant plymouth logos to choose from first time i picked number 7 and rebooted and was ok but didn't like i so reran command and picked number 8 than rebooted but it would reboot upon that is there  something i should have done before rebooting ?00:01
Nimrudanyone who has knowledge to configure Tor for Ubuntu 10.10 server00:01
Nimrudgive me a link , would be nice :)00:02
Nimrudfrom ubuntu forums if anyone know00:02
madfoxNimrud, you did read Tor's own tutorial right?00:02
ZombieRamenit gives an not enough disk space error00:02
remlabmhisto: got it thanks... was bad usb00:02
needlezhiexpo: yea theres a command to configure the initramfs, however no idea what the command is, sorry man00:02
ZombieRamencould i use an external drive?00:03
ZombieRamenfor the encryption migrator?00:03
hiexponeedlez, nevermind i see what i did wrong should have did  sudo update-initramfs -u00:03
needlezyea thats the command00:03
hiexpoyeppers thanx00:03
needlezcouldn't remember what it was off the top of my head00:04
sam555i'm using ubuntu 9.04.  If I use apt-get install mysql, which version of mysql would I get?00:04
ZombieRamencoz: can i make the encryption utility copy the data to an extenal drive?00:04
hiexpome neither got in panic mode lol thought i borked my system   lol to much work on building this my way00:04
bastidrazorsam555: find out before hand.. apt-cache policy mysql00:04
sam555why thank you bastidrazor !00:05
ZombieRamencan anyone help me?00:06
rammyIRChow to see the available disk space in linux00:06
ZombieRamenuse the disk usage analyzer00:06
psusirammyIRC, on the command line?  df00:06
joeb_rammyIRC- or sudo df -h00:06
psusirammyIRC, in the gui, right click on the disk in the computer and look the properties00:07
joeb_rammyIRC- or sudo df -h < -- cli00:07
tensorpuddingrammyIRC: System Monitor has a File Systems tab00:07
rammyIRCcool guyz .... thanks00:07
rammyIRCgot it00:07
NarcrammyIRC:  Or open the filesystem in a nautilus window, free space is written at the bottom.00:08
ZombieRamencan anyone help me encrypt?00:08
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sam555bastidrazor: that command didn't work :(00:09
bastidrazorsam555: are you using the correct package name?00:09
ZombieRamencan anyone help me encrypt my home folder?00:09
sam555bastidrazor: i literally typed in "apt-cache policy mysql"00:10
bastidrazorsam555: then the package is not called mysql00:10
Yadiraguys a have 3 linux headers in my systemcan i remove the 2 olds00:10
dubs_zombie: ecryptfs-migrate-home00:10
rwwYadira: yes00:10
Yadiraand keep the latest and do no damage to my system00:10
sam555i see00:10
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with encryption?00:10
tom____I just installed the KDE Desktop Environment and rebooted, it logged me into Kubuntu but all I have is a background image and a locked terminal window. What did I do wrong, and how can I get back to Gnome if I want to?00:10
sam555mysql-server did the trick rww and bastidrazor00:11
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tom____I just installed KDE and set it to default when it asked. I rebooted into KDE and all I have is a background image and a terminal window locked in the upper left corner. I'm stuck. How do I switch back to Gnome, or get my menu bars to show?00:15
Bennokay now i am in ubuntu ....00:16
nejodetom____, can you use the terminal?00:16
tom____nejode, yes I'm running IRSSI from it right now00:16
WebWalker3Dcan I run an Ubuntu Cloud on several VPS accounts?  or does the dynamics of cloud computing require a physical computer?00:17
nejodetom____, first try to fix the broken install, type "sudo apt-get -f install" + enter00:17
ozatomichey guys, when ever i try and setup a static route to a network i keep getting "SIOCADDRT: no such process"00:17
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luziel_CarvalhoBoa noite!00:18
tom____nejode, ok be right back00:18
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luziel_CarvalhoAlguém aqui?00:18
luziel_CarvalhoNesse chat?00:18
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tom____nejode, can I private query so I can paste the results?00:19
luziel_CarvalhoAlguém sabe00:19
luziel_Carvalhome dizer como configurar o microfone no ubuntu,00:20
luziel_Carvalhoo meu eu gravo as coisas e fica uma repetição,00:20
luziel_Carvalhode alguns trechos00:20
n0a1iashey, im trying to install openwrt, and im geting ERROR 2 at make, heres the past bin: http://pastebin.com/ar9yCDmJ i think i need to install ncurses, but im not sure00:20
luziel_Carvalhoo motivo eu não sei..00:20
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:21
n0a1ias!espanol luziel_Carvalho00:21
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:21
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luziel_CarvalhoI don't speak english very good00:22
luziel_CarvalhoI'm very bad...00:22
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest5417
n0a1ias(i don't know any spanish)00:23
luziel_Carvalhocomo faço para configurar mic no ubuntu?00:23
abstraktso I just got told by this guy who likes MS Exchange that anything other than MS Exchange is a joke and that e.g. postfix+dovecot isn't a viable solution for say a regular-ish business that needs basic POP/SMTP support for a few dozen emails00:23
ohzieIs there a channel for Natty?00:24
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hermes1908anyone know how i can move a windows installation from one partition to another?00:24
hermes1908the target partition is of a greater size00:24
hermes1908so dd wont work00:24
luziel_CarvalhoAlguém aí fala Português?00:24
hermes1908i tried copying all of the systems files, and chainloading but that wont work either00:24
Jordan_Uhermes1908: That's more of a question for ##windows.00:24
luziel_CarvalhoI need help in ubuntu 10.1000:25
n0a1iastu nessisetas una microphone? yo no conosco espanol, usas ubuntu-es porfavore00:25
hermes1908Jordan_U: actually im using linux, and most people that use windows dont know how to use linux00:25
Jordan_U!pt | luziel_Carvalho00:25
ubottuluziel_Carvalho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:25
NarcHello all. I'm testing Firefox 4 on Maverick (downloaded at Mozilla, no PPA) and fonts are not properly anti-aliased. Anybody know a fix ? Thanks.00:26
ohziehermes1908: is the source partition bigger or smaller than the destination?00:26
NicholasRogeI have a quick question.  I just installed Ubuntu (10.10) and it told me it needed to restart.  I did so, but I can't boot into it.  It just boots straight to Windows.00:26
n0a1iasany ideas on my make error? the pastbin is: http://pastebin.com/ar9yCDmJ00:26
hermes1908ohzie: bigger00:27
Jordan_Uhermes1908: Pretty much everyone in ##windows dual boots.00:27
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
bastidrazorn0a1ias: it said install 'flex' yet you attempted to install ncurses00:27
hermes1908Jordan_U: thanks for the tip, didnt know that00:27
Jordan_Uhermes1908: You're welcome.00:28
n0a1iasoh, all I saw was that ncurses failed. let me try and install that, thanks00:28
n0a1iaswhy didn't make install that for me? bastidrazor00:29
NicholasRogeI'm sorry to rush, but I'm in a bit of a hurry.  Anyone have any idea why either GRUB didn't install so I can't boot into ubuntu?00:29
yeatsn0a1ias: do 'apt-cache search <keyword>' (here ncurses) and you'll get a list of packages - two tips: the right package might begin with 'lib' as in 'libncurses' and often the needed package for building from source ends in '-dev'00:30
bastidrazorn0a1ias: make doesn't work that way.00:30
=== captn-brb is now known as captnmorgen
n0a1iasthanks yeats00:30
keith27Narc: that appears to be an issue. i just read if you uncheck 'allow websites to use their own fonts' it looks better.  just a work-around tho00:31
sougata_n0a1ias, sudo apt-get install flex libncurses5-dev00:32
Nimrudis Tor the best choice to protect or hide yourself from network or secure it00:32
ActionParsnipNimrud: there is no single best00:32
Narckeith27:  Yes, I already tried that, but it looks weird anyway. Thanks though.00:32
ActionParsnipNimrud: so in answer, no it's not00:32
n0a1iasthanks sougata_00:32
keith27Narc: do you need to run firefox 4?  maybe stick with another version or browser until thats fixed?00:33
Rohaqevening all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience using network manager with an openvpn server?00:33
Rohaqconnecting to one, I mean00:33
RohaqI installed network-manager-openvpn-gnome to let me config it, but it doesn't seem to work with DNS forwarding00:34
Jordan_UNicholasRoge: Most likely grub *did* get installed, but to a different drive than the one you're booting from.00:34
Jordan_UNicholasRoge: Try changing the boot order in the BIOS.00:34
Rohaqso I can't look up any hostnames00:34
Rohaqdisconnect and it's fine00:34
keith27Narc: http://irc.mozilla.org/00:34
Narckeith27:  Well, I just wanted to have a taste of it. It's faster and there's more screen space. Not really a big issue. Just kinda sad :)00:35
Rohaqalso, KVpnc will connect and do DNS just fine00:35
Narckeith27:  Oh, I'll try there.00:35
KGBWolfi have a backup.000 bakup.001 and backup.002 files i need to restore these files but havent got a clue how?00:35
Rohaqbut it'd be nice to get it working in Network Manager00:35
Narckeith27:  Thanks00:35
meowskiwhat program on python can i write code and it wont interpret it automatically like in terminal?00:35
sougata_meowski, I guess you need an IDE00:36
meowskiwooaahh, that was a typo. i mean, ubuntu now python.00:36
sougata_meowski, you need to write python programs in Ubuntu ? Am I correct ?00:38
keith27how can i get the volume control back in the taskbar00:38
meowskinono, i want to write C programs (i typed python cause i read something that said python) but i dont want them to be interpreted automatically (like terminal does)00:38
muellikeith27: run "gnome-volume-control-applet"00:39
ActionParsnipkeith27: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147063500:39
sougata_meowski, but C is not a interpreted language00:39
b0ng01how can I cp all the files in a directory to another directory without copying the directory?00:39
muellib0ng01: cp directory/* otherdirectory/00:39
sougata_meowski,  you can use vim00:40
sougata_or emacs00:40
ActionParsnipb0ng01: does the destination folder already exist and contain data?00:40
keith27thank you00:40
ActionParsnipb0ng01: then muelli's command will run00:40
meowskisougata_, im reading a book and the author gives examples of programs but he doesnt run them automatically. idk im confused :/00:40
meowskisougata_ and the programs are written in C00:41
trollboyis there a place I can buy a pre-configured laptop with 17"+ screen?00:41
ActionParsniptrollboy: dell00:41
keith27whats the command to make a task run as a process? nohup?00:41
sougata_meowski, go to your terminal and type gedit &00:41
trollboyActionParsnip, grudgingly or recommended?00:42
locustGood morning!00:42
sougata_copy paste the code, then use gcc to compile the code00:42
ActionParsnipkeith27: add an ampersand at the end when you run it. If you are launching the volume app, do it in an ALT+F2 dialouge00:42
muellikeith27: that question doesn't make any sense00:42
ActionParsniptrollboy: i like dell, millions also do, millions also don't00:42
meowskisougata_ i can write the C programs there then run them on terminal?00:42
trollboyI'm moving my home office to a real office, but need a machine that I can geek on here at home00:43
ActionParsniptrollboy: HP seem to be preinstalling SuSe: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/gadgetreviews/hp-debuts-probook-laptops-with-preinstalled-suse-linux/373200:43
keith27thank you. excuse my incorrect terminology00:43
sougata_meowski, I think I don't follow you correctly .00:43
sougata_If you need an IDE instead of running it in the terminal, you can use anjuta.00:45
keith27ActionParsnip: it didn't work form an alt+f2 but it did from terminal. i also added it back to startup applications. thank you00:45
cg2916I have a 03-08 19:24 ERROR  root: [Errno 13] Permission denied error with WUBI00:45
meowskisougata_, im reading a book on hacking. (hacking: the art of exploitation). the first part of the book is on programming. the book is ubuntu based, like all the examples are done on ubuntu. the first example the author gives is the hello, world program looped 10 times. but i dont think he does it on terminal cause it just gives text and it has comments which are written after // and you cant do that on terminal. what program can i r00:46
meowskithat program on?00:46
ActionParsnipkeith27: np :)00:46
ActionParsnipmeowski: what lanuauge are the programs in?00:46
cg2916can anyone please help me?00:47
muelli!ask | cg291600:47
ubottucg2916: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:47
ActionParsnipcg2916: is it a clean install?00:47
cg2916I have a 03-08 19:24 ERROR  root: [Errno 13] Permission denied error with wubi00:47
sougata_meowski, In Linux terminal is god .-)00:47
=== Aaron5367|detach is now known as Aaron5367
ActionParsnipsougata_: I'd say C, as C made the terminal ;)00:48
cg2916ActionParsnip: It's a "Install inside Windows" install00:48
ActionParsnipcg2916: sure, but one you just did?00:48
meowskiActionParsnip, theyre in C00:48
cg2916ActionParsnip: yes00:48
ActionParsnipmeowski: then I'd ask in ##c00:48
mohadibcan anyone suggest a service or software like gotomeeting that will work for linux and windows?00:48
meowskisougata_, then how do i get terminal not to run it automatically00:48
ActionParsnipcg2916: ok how did you do the install?00:48
meowskialright, thanks00:48
sougata_meowski, terminal does not runs your code automatically . Unless you invoke it yourself00:49
cg2916ActionParsnip: I burned the Natty Alpha 2 ISO to a DVD+R, opened WUBI, and clicked "Install inside Windows" it froze about halfway through the installation inside Windows. I never left Windows00:49
muellithat's the problem ;-) You have to leave windows ;-) *SCNR*00:50
meowskisougata_ everything i press enter to start a new line, it gives a response though..00:51
WintergrGood evening everyone. I'm trying to install Ubuntu x64 and I'm having some display issues, can anyone here help me with that?00:51
cg2916but it didn't even finish the installation00:51
cg2916Here's the error log: 03-08 19:24 ERROR  root: [Errno 13] Permission denied Traceback (most recent call last):   File "\lib\wubi\application.py", line 56, in run   File "\lib\wubi\application.py", line 128, in select_task   File "\lib\wubi\application.py", line 194, in run_cd_menu   File "\lib\wubi\application.py", line 118, in select_task   File "\lib\wubi\application.py", line 156, in run_installer   File "\lib\wubi\backends\common00:51
muelliWintergr: what are your issues?00:51
ActionParsnipcg2916: natty isn't supported here00:52
Lars_GCould someone help me turn this repo url into a deb line please? I can't figure out how since it doesn't have the deb distro subdir structure. http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/security:/OpenVAS:/STABLE:/v3/xUbuntu_10.10/00:52
ActionParsnipcg2916: ask in #ubuntu+100:52
sougata_meowski, paste the code in some paste bin00:52
ActionParsnipcg2916: natty is NOT released and NOT stable so you WILL get issues00:52
WintergrThe installation ends succesfully and the pc reboots, but when it loads for the first time, I can't change my resolution to anything but 60 Hz. My gfx card is an ATI 2600 HD and when I install the proprietary driver ant reboot, the computer shifts to some resolution/refresh rate my monitor doesn't support and goes blank. Dont know how to deal with that.00:53
WintergrAlso, thanks in advance for any help/advice/condolences. :p00:54
cg2916weird, nobody's active on #ubuntu+100:54
sougata_ActionParsnip, systemcalls are not in C statdard library :-). Shell is not entirely C00:54
ActionParsnipWintergr: remove the boot option: quiet splash    and add: nomodeset00:54
itaylor57cg2916: they are all rebooting00:54
WintergrWill try ASAP, thanks a lot.00:54
cg2916but there are people on the user list00:54
Lars_Gplease? :D00:55
ActionParsnipsougata_: sure, but if something makes a god, surely praise should be given to the creator as it is more powerful. Is my point00:55
* sougata_ agrees 00:55
speedyok I installed Ubuntu 10.04LTS to a dual boot WinXP machine Separate Partition everything installed fine no problems there but when done Restart it just sits at GRUB loding please wait but nothing happens00:55
ActionParsnipcg2916: then be patient. Your release is offtopic here00:55
speedyboot back to live cd00:55
speedygparted has flag the Ntfs to boot00:56
speedyshould it not b the linux partition to have boot flag00:56
sougata_ActionParsnip, My name is Linus Torvalds and I am your god.  -Jokingly introducing himself, at the 1998 Linux Expo in Durham, North Carolina00:56
joeb_http://twitpic.com/47mawc < -- pre200:56
meowskisougata_, it didnt work00:57
meowskii got errors00:57
sougata_meowski, I meant that I wanted to see your code00:57
meowskioh, i paste it in here?00:58
itaylor57sougata_: before linux there was unix which was closely entwined with C (without unix no linux ...)00:58
sougata_meowski, paste your code here http://pastebin.com/00:58
six2onehey guys, any grub2 people in here?00:58
muelli!any | six2one00:58
Lars_GCould someone help me turn this repo url into a deb line please? I can't figure out how since it doesn't have the deb distro subdir structure. http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/security:/OpenVAS:/STABLE:/v3/xUbuntu_10.10/00:58
sougata_itaylor57, I guess you know what GNU Linux means00:58
sougata_itaylor57, GNU not Unix00:59
itaylor57sougata_: thats one way to rewrite history00:59
Lars_Gitaylor57: And there is POSIX the std linux and unix are based on. Plus Linux was based on minix as inspiration, not unix00:59
WXZdoes anyone know a text editor with an option to format collapsible text01:00
Lars_GAltough Linus took an architectural route that Tannenbaum finds ridiculous01:00
nejodespeedy, do you have more than 1 harddrive?01:00
WXZlike for lists and stuff01:00
itaylor57sougata_: sorry but rewritten functionality is just that01:00
th0rWXZ: a desktop wiki like zim might do what you want01:00
=== justin is now known as jzero88
itaylor57but I am Ot01:01
WXZth0r: thanks, I'll check it out01:01
sougata_itaylor57, it was not free01:01
arandLars_G: That doesn't look like a standard debian repo. Don't know if it will work at all.01:01
* Lars_G nods01:01
civilordergoneis vmware workstation free in ubuntu?01:01
Lars_Garand: I think I'll just get the debs01:01
meowskisougata_, http://pastebin.com/BcxdzMjG01:01
sougata_itaylor57, and Torvals did not copy some source code01:01
gueriLLaPunKanyone know of a good network bandwidth monitor? i have 9.10 with fluxbox01:02
Lars_Gcivilordergone: No, vmware workstation is a paid program, for all distros01:02
gueriLLaPunKand im a total noob01:02
gueriLLaPunKlittle CLI experience01:02
civilordergonebut vm player should be free?01:02
needmoreramhello all01:02
six2onevmware server is "free"01:02
muelligratis maybe01:02
Lars_Gcivilordergone: Yes, vmplayer and vmware server and vmware esxi are free01:02
civilordergoneokay thanks!01:02
itaylor57sougata_: I am aware of that, but its off topic anyways01:02
Lars_Gcivilordergone: personally for desktop like use I'd suggest VirtualBox. for Servers Xen or XenServer01:02
* sougata_ agrees 01:03
civilordergonelars_g i'm currently using vbox right now, i just like vmware's unity coherence function01:03
civilordergonethe one in vbox is a little iffy01:03
inside-out-bunnyhow do i store ssh pubkeys in ldap?01:03
gueriLLaPunKanyone know of a good network bandwidth monitor? i have 9.10 with fluxbox. i want to know how fast im downloading/uploading on my box01:03
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: Most I know are cli01:03
inside-out-bunnygueriLLaPunK: bwm-ng01:03
meowskisougata_, did you see the pastebin?01:03
sougata_meowski, I will enumerate the steps and paste you the link01:03
gueriLLaPunKjust type bwm-ng in putty?01:04
meowskialright sougata_01:04
gueriLLaPunKLars_G, thats fine01:04
inside-out-bunnygueriLLaPunK: install it first via apt-get01:04
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: specifically bmon and iptraf both. Bmon is simpler01:04
inside-out-bunnyit's very rudimentary but it works01:04
gueriLLaPunKi have htop installed. dunno if that matters01:04
six2onehey everyone, got a new laptop (dell e6410) and there is a known issue with gfx. question: how can i edit grub2 to add something when i cant see anything. i have 10.10 live cd and 10.10 install.01:04
gueriLLaPunKwill try those out, thanks, inside-out-bunny and Lars_G01:04
gueriLLaPunKLars_G, apt-get install bmon?01:04
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: yep01:04
gueriLLaPunKLars_G, its installed... how do i run it? (sorry for noob questions)01:05
sico"/alias hidelist set activity_hide_targets"01:06
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: just type bmon01:06
gueriLLaPunKguerillapunk@ns213472:~$ bmon01:06
gueriLLaPunKUnable to open file /proc/net/dev: No such file or directory01:06
Lars_Gsudo bmon01:06
=== sico is now known as s1c0
gueriLLaPunKright, lol01:06
Lars_GAnd enter your password01:06
gueriLLaPunKgot it!01:06
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: to see the interface select it with up/down and hit enter.01:06
Lars_Gyour interface might be eth0 for your wired one, or wlan0 for your wireless one01:07
Lars_Gto quit, enter "q" (without quotes)01:07
gueriLLaPunKi appreciate it01:07
Lars_GAnd sorry it was not enter. you can highlight the interface you want and hit g to see the graph01:07
sougata_meowski, http://pastebin.com/r2hNHqrE01:08
=== metaxy is now known as xiambax
gueriLLaPunKbwm-ng is nice too01:08
gueriLLaPunKbmon is more detailed01:09
gueriLLaPunKthanks inside-out-bunny01:09
Lars_GThere are many good tools.01:09
gueriLLaPunKyes, it would seem so01:09
Lars_GgueriLLaPunK: iptraf is MUCH more detailed, it shows connection streams, but it's also much harder to use01:09
gueriLLaPunKyeah, i just need to know how fast im sending and receiving.01:09
Lars_Gbtw there are little tools for windows managers like fluxbox that show your constant rate of net use but I don't know any off the top of my head01:10
gueriLLaPunKbecause the website im using doesnt provide a progress bar with speed so i dont know how fast im uploading01:10
KGBWolfneed help restoring gparted image01:10
meowskisougata_, what are those instructions for?01:11
sougata_meowski, you should first compile your program and then run it.01:11
sougata_Please read a tutorial01:11
Lone-rangerHi peeps01:12
phoenixsamprashow to intall ubuntu on a Xen citrix server? it doesnt boot01:13
Lone-rangerI had a couple of Qs regarding Ubuntu, am thinking of installing it01:13
ZiberWhat are common causes and commons solutions to a server forgetting how to display PHP with apache?01:13
Lone-rangerlol, my questiion is much more noobish then these hitec ones01:13
Lone-rangerI am a very basic user01:13
sartani've got a number of USB nics that i want to come up when i plug them in for later virtualization usage, but they always join my system in the down state.  what's the best way to make this happen? /etc/network/interfaces -> auto usb-NIC1; iface usb-NIC1 inet manual.  (i rename them with udev.d out of scope of question).  ultimately i want them to be in the state they would be with 'ifconfig usb-NIC1 up'01:14
ActionParsnipZiber: common cause is services not running01:14
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Lap_dragon
ZiberActionParsnip: hm?01:14
KGBWolfneed help restoring partimage image01:14
sartanit becomes tiresome to continually find parts of my network dying because usb nics unplug and plug back in =(01:14
Ziberphp doesnt 'run' and apache, which does, is.01:14
Lone-rangerbasically, does Ubuntu have the same registry issues that Windows has, that the registry keeps growing and eventually slows down the system?01:14
meowskisougata_, what do you mean?01:14
phoenixsamprasLone-ranger: linux doesnt have a registry, its more advanced01:15
ActionParsnipZiber: try asking a proper question with some details rather than ambigiousity. You may get a better reply then01:15
jzero88If you come to an error while compiling source, when you issue "make" again, does it start off where it stopped/01:15
* sougata_ surrenders 01:15
Lone-rangerso phoenix, if I install a software, and then delete it, my system is good as new?01:15
ZiberActionParsnip: My question was specific. I performed a release upgrade from ubuntu server 9.04 to 10.04.2 lts, and now apache doesnt seem to be aware of PHP. :/01:15
bilal_hi guyz, i have a problem, i have ubuntu 10.10 when i run my computer, it directly boots ubuntu and donot show me bootloader and other options01:16
Lone-rangeror do I need to do more of a cleanup to get rid of any residue?01:16
gueriLLaPunKlol whoa... iptraf is hardcore01:16
Lone-rangerHi bilal01:16
bilal_<Lone-ranger> hi01:16
Lone-rangerBilal, where you at, if I may ask? Your name sounds very local to me01:16
Skaperenanyone here running 10.04 and could install a package to test it?01:17
ActionParsnipZiber: 01:13 < Ziber> What are common causes and commons solutions to a server forgetting how to display PHP with apache?01:17
phoenixsamprasLone-ranger: yeah, the 'packages' are removed properly01:17
ActionParsnipZiber: thats ALL you said..01:17
bilal_<Lone-ranger> yes, may b01:17
Lone-rangermay I priv msg you Bilal?01:17
ZiberActionParsnip: I've since clarified. Can you assist please?01:17
bilal_<Lone-ranger> yes01:17
jribZiber: how did you upgrade exactly?01:17
stojaati drivers " fgrlx " , still crashing with ubuntu 11.04 ?01:18
phoenixsamprasoh now help me plz01:18
phoenixsamprashow to intall ubuntu on a Xen citrix server? it doesnt boot01:18
ActionParsnipZiber: can you accept that "Ziber> ActionParsnip: My question was specific." is nonesense then?01:18
jribZiber: so two-step upgrade?  Did php get handled properly on 9.10?  What exactly happens when you visit a php page now?01:18
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: did you MD5 test the ISO you installed with?01:19
Random832jrib: visit a php page? you know php isn't a client-side language right/01:19
dejan_how to downlod only files in folder example.com01:19
jribRandom832: yes, I know this01:19
dejan_in root folder01:19
dejan_not deeper01:19
phoenixsamprasActionParsnip: yeh, its md5 verified... the problem is with the boot string... what should i use?01:19
ActionParsnipZiber: if you ask really obscue questions how can anyone possibly help you?01:19
ZiberActionParsnip: I thought it was enough information to begin with.01:19
Ziberjrib: Its a webserver - ie: I'm not browsing pages on it, I'm hosting pages on it. When I go to a page that only HTML, it displays fine, but any page with HTML + PHP only shows the HTML01:20
jribZiber: I asked 3 questions01:20
needhelp1im having issues with easytag,  I am having issues with the error "unable to rename file, file already exists". I have hundreds of files that end up being the same file names so .. i cant get past this. I wish easytag had an option to add file numbers to duplicates 2 . 3. 4. ..01:20
sougata_dejan_, wget01:21
needhelp1any ideas01:21
Ziberjrib: Sorry. Yes, I honestly didnt try it on 9.10... And the third question isnt applicable.01:21
dejan_sougata_: i know but how01:21
sougata_python code, urllib201:21
dejan_i want only files in root folder not in other folders01:21
ActionParsnipZiber: there are possibly hundreds of things it can be. If you provide even basic information you narrow the possibilities down drastically, like the detail you just give is hugely helpful and will help others rather than some vague nothingness. I'd bear it in mind in future question01:21
dejan_can I list directories ?01:21
ZiberActionParsnip: Alright. Based on my specifying it, what are some of your ideas for narrowing it down further?01:22
muellidejan_: yes01:22
dejan_muelli:  how01:22
jribZiber: by "any page with HTML + PHP only shows the HTML" do you mean that you actually see php code as html when you visit the page?01:22
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Ziberjrib: No, it just doesnt display what it is supposed to.01:23
KGBWolfim trying to restore an image to /dev/sdb its telling me that /de/sdb is mounted and i need to unmount but when i try unmount /dev/sdb nothing happends01:23
jribZiber: so does the php just ignored?01:23
ActionParsnipZiber: if you make a really simple test page, does it work?01:23
Ziberjrib: Seemingly, yes.01:23
ActionParsnipZiber: html + php01:23
ZiberActionParsnip: It does not, for html + php.01:23
dejan_how to list directories of a website?01:24
KGBWolfthen it says partion is too small to be restored01:24
ZiberKGBWolf: umount. not unmount01:24
needhelp1im having issues with easytag,  I am having issues with the error "unable to rename file, file already exists". I have hundreds of files that end up being the same file names so .. i cant get past this. I wish easytag had an option to add file numbers to duplicates 2 . 3. 4. ..  can anyone help with this. any ideas?01:24
ActionParsnipZiber: have you asked in #php too?01:25
bilal_hi guyz can anybody help me?01:25
muellidejan_: There is no way to deterministically list "directories" of a website. What does that mean anyway....01:25
ActionParsnipbilal_: ask and see01:25
KGBWolfi tried unmount01:25
KGBWolfit does not recognize that command01:25
ZiberActionParsnip: No, based on the assumption (and past experience) that channel is geared towards coding, is it not?01:25
ZiberKGBWolf: umount01:25
ZiberKGBWolf: not unmount01:26
jribZiber: is libapache2-mod-php5 installed? What php* files are in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/?  Are they broken links?  Have you restarted apache?01:26
bilal_i have ubuntu 10.10 installed, when i stars my computer it donot show me the grub boot loader and other options01:26
ActionParsnipZiber: its worth an ask01:26
ActionParsnipbilal_: if you hold shift at boot does it show?01:26
bilal_it directly boots ubuntu01:26
sougata_dejan_, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3173372/download-files-from-a-list-if-not-already-downloaded01:26
KGBWolfit says /livemount/boot device is busy01:26
Ziberjrib: Yes. php5.load, php5.conf. Not broken. Restarted apache a few times.01:26
bilal_well, i didnot try it01:26
sougata_dejan_, Its something similar , I guess you can figure out01:27
dejan_sougata_:  thanks01:27
WXZdoes anyone know how to write a collapseable list in zim?01:28
bilal_<ActionParsnip> one thing more01:28
jribZiber: similar to what ActionParsnip suggests, can you create a test.php with the contents " <?php phpinfo(); ?>" and see what happens?01:28
Ziberjrib: Alright. Sec.01:28
bilal_<ActionParsnip> when power failed or ubuntu shutsdown without confirmation, it starts disk checking after checking it reboots my computer again, why it is so01:29
dejan_i am trying to list webfolders and content of a website that allow this01:29
Ziberjrib: It prompts me to download any .php file.01:29
dejan_how i do this?01:29
ActionParsnipbilal_: sounds like the power fail may have damaged your data. You can boot to a livecd and fsck from there01:29
Ziberjrib: Rather than displaying it.01:29
oscar__hi all I have a problem with latexila: i have some .tex files i'd like to compile with it but when i open it, latexila shows a blank file... can anyone help?01:30
jribZiber: so earlier when you described the behavior, you were not using a .php file?  What was different?01:30
Ziberjrib: I embedded PHP in a .html01:30
jribZiber: but apache won't parse that by default01:30
bilal_<ActionParsnip> no it checks the hard disk automatically like windows but after checking why it reboots again?01:30
ZiberIt has in the past, when I ran 9.04...01:30
jack_^Anybody have any recommendations for a video editing software?01:30
ActionParsnipZiber: maybe: http://forums.devshed.com/php-development-5/downloads-rather-than-opens-php-w-apache-213640.html01:31
Lone-rangervideo editing software is something I want too01:31
oscar__hi all I have a problem with latexila: i have some .tex files i'd like to compile with it but when i open it, latexila shows a blank file... can anyone help?01:31
Lone-rangeron ubuntu01:31
jribZiber: only if you told it to.  The default php5.conf only matches ".ph(p3?|tml)" it seems01:31
ActionParsnipLone-ranger: http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/01:31
UNewdoes anyone have experience with XChat? I'm having a weird problem where every time I start up the program it automatically connects to networks it shouldn't01:32
jribZiber: pastebin relevant virtual host file and apache2.conf01:32
bilal_ <ActionParsnip> no it checks the hard disk automatically like windows but after checking why it reboots again?01:33
resnomy hdd continues to hard reset, i have googled but havent seen anything helpful yet. heres a dpaste of the complete error: http://dpaste.com/482146/01:33
bilal_ActionParsnip: no it checks the hard disk automatically like windows but after checking why it reboots again?01:33
Lone-rangerthanks parsnip01:34
oscar__please some one help!!! I have a problem with latexila: i have some .tex files i'd like to compile with it but when i open it, latexila shows a blank file... can anyone help?01:34
slaxnoobhey isn't there a guest addon for vb where you can manualy change the size of the window running?01:34
ActionParsnipbilal_: not sure, try a livecd boot and fsck there with some extra options01:34
ZiberActionParsnip: I dont see any other "addtype" lines in my apache config file, but I do in mods-enabled/mime.conf...01:34
slaxnoobhey isn't there a guest addon for vb where you can manualy change the size of the window running?01:35
bilal_<ActionParsnip> ok thanx01:35
ActionParsnipslaxnoob: once you install the guest additions you can use the normal display dialogue to set the res01:35
dejan_can I download all files in a web folder that have extension .jpg with wget?01:36
slaxnoobi got it, thank you ActionParsnip01:36
jribdejan_: yes, see -A option in « man wget »01:36
bittyx-desktopis there a default unix alias for "mkdir NAME && cd NAME"? i seem to do that often, and if there was a built-in command, it'd be helpful. (if not, i'll probably make one myself)01:36
ZiberActionParsnip: I've added those lines to apache2.conf, restarted. Same thing.01:36
ActionParsnipZiber: i'd ask in #php they may have the key :)01:37
red2kicbittyx-desktop: Make an alias. :)01:37
ZiberActionParsnip: alright. thanks for your help.01:37
nejodeUNew, try renaming the ~/.xchat2 directory, start xchat and reconfigure01:37
jribZiber: you don't need those lines. .php should be parsed without any configuration changes whatsoever01:37
bittyx-desktopUNew: also, try #xchat for more specific help01:38
jribbittyx-desktop: nope, write your own :)01:38
UNewok thanks bittyx-desktop01:38
bittyx-desktopred2kic, jrib: thanks!01:38
Lone-rangerok guys, thanks for the help, will be back if I have more Qs01:38
Ziberjrib: I'd've thought so. But, its not.01:41
jribZiber: right, in any case I still need to understand the configuration changes you made.  Can you pastebin the relevant virtual host file and apache2.conf?01:42
Ziberjrib: Sure, sec.01:42
Ziberjrib: apache2 conf. http://pastebin.com/Eh7mgNb701:44
Ziberjrib: pasting a vhost now01:44
Ziberjrib: vhost: http://pastebin.com/dr5kbwFY01:45
resnohow complicated is it to setup raid?01:46
resnomaybe this is an offtopic conversatoin.... ill go there instead01:46
landingonwater_using ndiswrapper on a pavilion tx1000. visat has wifi, but Ubunto claims the hardware is not present ???01:46
landingonwater_vista has wifi01:47
trollboyActionParsnip, dell doesn't have any 17" ubuntu boxes, they've got a couple of 15"'s with hardware I'd give to a teenage girl to sort her mp3's and email boys..01:47
blackrockHello! I've installed 10.04 on my new ThinkPad T410. But I think there are a few hardware incompatibilties.01:47
blackrockI have a few "unclaimed" hardwares. Where do I find their drivers?01:48
resnoblackrock: have you enabled restricted drivers?01:48
jribZiber: is userdir module enabled?01:48
blackrockresno: no, how to do that?01:48
sougata_landingonwater_, sudo lshw -C network01:48
resnoblackrock: system -> administration -> additonal drivers01:49
berto-how do i configure a hard drive to come up as a particular device; e.g. i want the first drive i ever installed to remain at /dev/sda, not jump to /dev/sdd after i install more drives.01:49
ActionParsniptrollboy: http://www.system76.com/01:49
ActionParsniptrollboy: why not just see which laptops accept linux installs well and buy that, rather than one preinstalled01:49
bastidrazorberto-: i assume you're having issues with fstab not seeing it correctly.. use UUID's instead. it will negate which /device it is seen as.01:50
blackrockresno: you mean "Hardware Drivers"? It has no driver info there01:50
landingonwater_PCI (sysfs)01:50
landingonwater_and then it dissappears.01:51
resnoblackrock: what version?01:51
tensorpuddingcan you run debian unstable in an ubuntu chroot?01:51
resnotensorpudding: unlikely01:51
landingonwater_bluetooth turns on though when i hit the wifi switch. so the hardware is there alright :S01:51
tensorpuddinginstalling a vm seems like a terrible terrible waste of space01:51
landingonwater_or maybe thats just the bluetooth hardware ?01:51
berto-bastidrazor: no, i'm just pedantic and it's annoying the hell out of me that my root drive is /dev/sdd.01:52
blackrockresno: it's lucid01:52
sougata_landingonwater_, are you using hp pavillion ?01:52
resnoblackrock: whats not working for you?01:53
br0seidonHey, can someone explain what exactly squid is and what it does? It's apparently a proxy of some sort01:53
landingonwater_sougata_:  yes.. hp pavilion tx1000. bcmwl5 driver. but ndiswrapper says: hardware not present01:53
Ziberjrib: any ideas?01:53
sougata_landingonwater_, I too had one, the hardware was damaged due to over heat01:53
br0seidonCan anybody help with my squid question?01:53
landingonwater_sougata_: im running ubuntu 10.1001:53
landingonwater_sougata_: but i have dualboot, and vista has wifi. so... can it be damaged then ?01:54
sougata_landingonwater_, cool01:54
nejodelandingonwater_, do you have a wired conection?01:55
landingonwater_sougata_: i know.. the tx1000 is running way too hot. the GPU is in the red01:55
landingonwater_sougata_: yes.. i have a wired connection01:55
sougata_landingonwater_, That is one bad laptop01:55
FishraperHow do I install and run a .exe windows file? With Wine?01:55
landingonwater_and the ndiswrapper gui as well. installed the driver manually though.01:55
br0seidonWith wine fishraper01:56
br0seidonWine never works for me tho01:56
landingonwater_sougata_: haha.. yes.. i know.. horrible laptop. but only one I've got :(01:56
FishraperIs there a better solution than Wine?01:56
sougata_Yes, and lets try to get the wifi working01:56
br0seidonNo, wine is the best linux software for running window's executable files01:56
ibnuif wine has already been installed, just double click to setup.exe of windows01:56
jribZiber: yes, I asked earlier if userdir module is enabled01:56
nejodelandingonwater_, install the bcmwl-kernel-source package01:57
landingonwater_sougata_: okay01:57
ActionParsnipFishraper: there is cedega and crossover office01:57
FishraperI'm using the netbook version of ubuntu, doesn't seem to be pre-installed. I'll get it now. Thanks br0seidon ^^01:57
ActionParsnipFishraper: none are better, each have appdbs and some aps may work in one but not another01:58
ActionParsnipFishraper: cedega and crossover are not free01:58
sougata_landingonwater_, are both the modules installed , ndiswrapper bcm43xx01:58
landingonwater_nejode: E: Unable to locate package package01:58
landingonwater_sougata_: ahh.. i will check for bcm 43xx. in the package manager ?01:59
FishraperIs there a Serial to USB driver for this? I mean USB going into this ubuntu netbook, and serial going to a different device02:00
nejodelandingonwater_, you should have all standard repositories enabled and update them02:00
nejodelandingonwater_, source code included02:01
landingonwater_sougata_: what about b43 and b43-fwcutter ? should i uninstall those ?02:01
sougata_landingonwater_, I am not sure02:02
skutr3do the plugins go in firefox 3.6.15/plugins?02:02
skutr3for firefox02:02
landingonwater_what about the sta wireless driver ?02:02
nejodelandingonwater_, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bcmwl-kernel-source&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all02:02
skutr3becuase firefox is not reading them in the current directory02:02
pcypherwhat is the name of the cli only version of ubuntu and where can I get a copy?02:03
BlueBomber7pcypher: Ubuntu Server?02:03
voglsteranyone here work with amazon ec2?02:03
DDwiany idea why my apple bluetooth keyboard would work perfectly in the login screen (GDM) but fail once I login?02:03
pcypherBlueBomber7: yessir... is that all I am looking for?02:03
skutr3http://ubuntu.com/, pcypher02:03
famrnanyone else having problems viewing gsick.com with chrome?02:04
skutr3ok so i basically screwed up all of my plugins02:04
skutr3on firefox02:04
skutr3and dont have any of them working02:05
skutr3can someone help me fix?02:05
pcypherso ubuntu server has  no GUI, correct?02:05
landingonwater_nejode: (bcmwl-kernel-source) installed ;)02:05
pcypherI am trying to learn how to sys admin linux, so I want to do thin VM's02:06
Matthew11skutr3: use this directory: "$HOME/.mozilla/plugins/"02:06
nejodelandingonwater_, reboot and run the restricted driver utility again, and enable the sta driver02:06
SEG_FAULTdoes this irc support hostmask cloaking?02:06
skutr3Matthew11: ok02:06
arrrghhhok, did something really stupid with regex and apt-get remove.  i have NO kernels in GRUB now.  can i fix this from a liveCD?02:07
skutr3Matthew11: is there anyway to move the plugins with a GUI cause moving all of them via command line would take a while02:07
AutonomiserITM all!02:07
landingonwater_nejode: run the restricted driver ?? sorry.. how ?02:07
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, thats a very detailed description you just gave02:07
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, so I gues: probably02:08
Matthew11skutr3: yes, use the filemanager wath you like02:08
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, do you want more?  i removed all kernels.  NOTHING in GRUB except memtest and win7.02:08
skutr3Matthew11: but the file manager always says i dont have permissioin02:08
ActionParsnip!cloak | SEG_FAULT02:08
ubottuSEG_FAULT: Want to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks - More information available in #freenode02:08
FishraperIs there a serial to USB driver for ubuntu? Or is one already pre-installed?02:09
ActionParsnipSEG_FAULT: yes it does, ubuntu members get them too ;)02:09
SEG_FAULTdamnit why doesnt it just support mode +x02:09
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile02:09
SEG_FAULTi can see my IP and everyone elses02:09
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks - More information available in #freenode02:09
ActionParsnipSEG_FAULT: can't see mine02:09
SEG_FAULTyoure right02:09
SEG_FAULThow did you do that02:09
dejan_what this means Removing index.php?option=com_banners&task=click&bid=8&lang=mk since it should be rejected.02:09
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, i'd prefer to avoid compiling if i can02:09
arrrghhhSEG_FAULT, read that freakin link.02:09
ActionParsnipSEG_FAULT: I became an ubuntu member02:09
dejan_why it is rejecting to dowlaod file i told ?02:09
dejan_with wget02:10
ActionParsnipFishraper: you'll need a piece of hardware02:10
SEG_FAULTfor fuck sakes slashnet supports mode +x by default, what kind of gay irc network doesnt automatically apply hostname cloaks?02:10
FishraperWhat piece of hardware?02:10
arrrghhhSEG_FAULT, neither the time nor the place to talk about that.02:11
PiciSEG_FAULT: Mind your language and attitude here.  If you have a question for freenode, ask in #freenode02:11
ActionParsnipFishraper: so you want to plug a device into a usb port and change it to an rs-232 ort (serial)?02:11
SEG_FAULTsuck my dick. windows 7 > all linux. WINDOWS 4 LYFE02:11
JasonnWhat was the command to search for all irc bots in the apt-get repo???02:11
ActionParsnipSEG_FAULT: the worlds largest irc network02:11
ActionParsniparrrghhh: agreed02:11
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, is reinstall my only option?02:12
bl4ckcombdamn sorry about that02:12
napalmxcan anyone help me with an issue i'm having with unrar'ing files on ubuntu server?02:12
FishraperI want to plug my AEM EMS, (ecu for car) which has a serial port on it, plug that into a usb port on my laptop, serial on the device, and usb on this laptop02:12
arrrghhhi don't really want to if i can help it.  no way to just reinstall the kernel?02:12
landingonwaterback... what do i do now ? how to run the restricted driver ?02:12
ActionParsnipnapalmx: install: rar unrar pkzip-full pkzip-rar and unp02:12
JasonnWhat was the command to search for all irc bots in the apt-get repo???02:12
ActionParsnipnapalmx: you'll be able to extract pretty much anything02:13
arrrghhhJasonn, only one i know of is supybot02:13
nejodelandingonwater_, system>administration menu02:13
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, compiling a kernel isn't that hard02:13
bl4ckcombyou could also just reinstall your system02:13
FishraperDid that make sense Action?02:13
napalmxActionParsnip: there's an unrar and an unrar-free in apt repository02:13
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, i know it's not that hard, but i want to be able to update it later :P02:13
ActionParsnipFishraper: http://blog.mypapit.net/2008/05/how-to-use-usb-serial-port-converter-in-ubuntu.html02:13
Jasonnarrrghhh: I have supybot, do you know how I can make it give a message to all people that join?02:13
ActionParsnipFishraper: address text to me so it highlights, just as I am doing to you02:13
arrrghhhJasonn, not within the scope of this room, sorry.02:14
ActionParsnipnapalmx: use which you desire. I always use unrar personally02:14
FishraperActionParsnip: kay, thx02:14
ActionParsnipFishraper: :D02:14
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, maybe you can use clonezilla to move your current disk content to a separate medium, reinstall ubuntu, copy the kernel files to another disk, put your image back and then inject the kernel files you copied02:14
napalmxok, i wasn't sure what the difference was, i erred on the side of the free version02:14
napalmxbut it was failing to extract for me, every tiem02:14
ActionParsnipnapalmx: does the archive have a password?02:14
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, holy crap.  i can't believe it's so easy to remove the kernel, but impossible to apt-get install it?02:15
bl4ckcombarrrghhh, I'm not sure whether you can apt-get install it at the right location02:15
bl4ckcombwhen you compile it, you can choose the location02:15
arrrghhhbl4ckcomb, hrm.  i thought i reinstalled it yesterday... evidently not.02:15
napalmxseems to be working now though, thanks02:16
napalmxnot sure what the problem is with unrar-free02:16
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ActionParsnipnapalmx: you can use: rar x filename    and it wil extract. or: unp filename02:18
FishraperActionParsnip: How to disable the join/left room notification ;x02:18
napalmxwhats unp?02:18
Logan_!ot | Fishraper02:18
ubottuFishraper: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:18
ActionParsnipFishraper: which client?02:18
napalmxunpack eh..02:19
ActionParsnipnapalmx: no, just unp02:19
ActionParsnip!info unp02:19
FishraperActionParsnip: Empathy02:19
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre4 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 100 kB02:19
napalmxnah thats the description in apt02:19
AfflictoHey guys, I use Rythmbox for my music and radio. Is there any other client that can access itunes podcasts? I really wanna listen to my podcasts :P02:19
napalmxunp - unpack (almost) everything with one command02:19
napalmxhandy, thanks02:19
dejan_how can I check what kind of os and server is some website using?02:19
ActionParsnipFishraper: not sure, maybe others know. I don't use empathy02:20
ActionParsnipLogan_: empathy is supported fully here as its in the repos02:20
ActionParsnipnapalmx: very handy :D02:20
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Logan_dejan_: http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph02:23
dejan_Logan_:  thanks02:23
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest61443
Logan_ActionParsnip: irc.gimp.org #empathy ;)02:24
aktcould i find some answers02:24
FishraperSo helpful^_^02:25
Logan_!ask | akt02:25
ubottuakt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:25
[FTW]Landimalok noob question, I just installed Chrome, but I can't find it, where do installed programs go?02:25
ActionParsnipLogan_: true but any app in the repos is also supported here02:25
ActionParsnip[FTW]Landimal: chrome the game, or the web browser?02:26
aktif i wanted to store my music and other files what sjould i do.. in windows i have separate partitions for that.. what to do in linux02:26
jack_^[FTW]Landimal, try # sudo updatedb # locate chrome02:26
[FTW]Landimalthe web  browser02:26
jack_^akt, why cant you do that in linux?02:26
aromanhello, is anyone here using compiz 0.9 with the desktop switcher plugin, and noticing that the dock/panels aren't being excluded?02:26
ActionParsnip[FTW]Landimal: if you press alt+f2 and run: chromium-browser     does it run?02:26
Logan_!compiz | aroman02:27
ubottuaroman: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz02:27
ActionParsnipakt: you can have seperate partitions in ubuntu and they can be mounted to folder so will be seamless. The default install just has one big partition for everything02:27
aktshould i create a separate partitions for it.. what should i do???02:27
aromanLogan_: what was the point of that?02:27
ActionParsnipakt: if you wish, sure02:27
Logan_aroman: support is in #compiz02:27
ActionParsnipLogan_: and here02:27
[FTW]Landimalalt-f2 run: chromium-browser - no luck, trying the udatedb thing02:27
aktthanks man... which do u think is a good chat client02:27
aromanyeah this is an ubuntu thing, not a compiz thing really02:28
Logan_ActionParsnip: I think it's ok to redirect people to another channel on Freenode, at least02:28
Logan_especially if an active one exists02:28
aromanit's ubuntu not playing nice with compiz. though interestingly, I already asked in #compiz and they told me to come here02:28
ActionParsnipLogan_: sure so they can ask as well but the apps are supported here also02:28
ActionParsniparoman: how do you mean "aren't being excluded"?02:29
aromanActionParsnip: you know how in compiz02:29
aromanwhen you switch desktops (not the 3D cube), gnome-panel is excluded from the parts of the screen that are animated?02:29
ActionParsnip[FTW]Landimal: how did you install the browser?02:29
jack_^aroman, are you using expo?02:29
jack_^aroman, the 'expo' effect?02:29
aromanthat is, gnome-panel floats above the other screen elements, rather than being moved like a normal window02:29
aromanjack_^: yes02:30
jack_^aroman, thats strange. so the panels are not animated along with the rest of the screen?02:30
[FTW]LandimalI installed the browser by downloading a .deb through firefox. It ran yesterday, now I'm not finding it02:30
aromanjack_^: they _are_ animated; that02:30
jack_^[FTW]Landimal, the deb is installed in /opt i believe02:30
aroman's the problem :)02:30
jack_^aroman, you want the gnome panel to stay still?02:30
aromanas it should normally02:30
jack_^mine doens't behave that way with expo02:31
aromanrather than be moved like a normal window02:31
ActionParsnip[FTW]Landimal: try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install chromium-browser02:31
aromanjack_^: really? hmm02:31
jack_^perhaps i dont understand02:31
[FTW]LandimalAwesome, thanks guys it was in opt, something must be damaged with it02:31
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ZacLnxNewbI can't get desktop effects to work.02:32
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, you probably dont have the correct video drivers02:32
ActionParsnip[FTW]Landimal: then make a symlink to /usr/bin   if you use that long command I gave you will get the daily build and it will be ok02:32
jack_^[FTW]Landimal, i doubt it. heh02:32
=== JeremyCL is now known as QJuery
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  I've installed them.02:32
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  nVidia ION gpu02:32
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, what card do you have?02:32
jack_^what did you install?02:33
FishraperActionParsnip: I clicked on the .exe I downloaded from the site, and wine is telling me that it's not marked as an executable, how do I mark it?02:33
jack_^aroman, is this what you're seeing? http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/4163/screenshot11ww.png02:33
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  I isntalled the proprietary drivers.02:33
needhelp1how are audo files determined to be podcasts? is this metadata? im having some issues where some of my podcasts are showing up in my music and not under the podcast directory02:34
aromanjack_^: sorry, it's not expo actually. it's "Desktop Wall"02:34
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, gimmie output of: # lsmod | grep nvidia02:34
aromani thought the two were related02:34
[FTW]Landimalthanks all, I'm off and working now02:34
jack_^aroman, ah. i am unfamiliar with desktop wall02:34
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:   nvidia               9329739  30  agpgart                32011  1 nvidia02:34
=== QJuery is now known as Blueberries
etswhello, i'm newbie at C++ , i used DevC++ at windows before, can you suggest me a program at ubuntu ?02:34
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, what happens when you try to enable desktop effects?02:35
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  The options for turning them on are greyed out02:35
etswC or C++ compiler at ubuntu?02:36
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  YES, Believe it or not! :D02:36
=== Blueberries is now known as maf
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, I would try installing fusion-icon to see if i could do it that way02:36
ZacLnxNewbjack_^: What's that?02:36
J_Cetsw: gcc is the standard compiler, there are many different ide's02:36
jack_^its an notification icon you can enable compiz with02:36
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  how do I install it?02:37
etswJ_C:  do i need to download? or it come default ?02:37
=== Lap_dragon is now known as ExplodingPiglets
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, sudo apt-get install fusion-icon?02:37
FishraperHow do I mark a .exe as an executable? I'm using ubuntu netbook.02:37
jack_^etsw, gcc is in the repo02:37
J_Cit should comy by default. Use Synaptic to search and download02:37
jack_^Fishraper, .exe file are usually for windows. you'll need an emulator such as wine02:37
etswthere is GGcov in ubuntu software center ?02:38
Fishraperjack_^: I do have wine, it's telling me the .exe I'm trying to run is not marked as an executable02:38
ZacLnxNewbjack_^: installing it.. >.>02:38
ZacLnxNewbjack_^:  What do I do after it's installed?02:38
jack_^Fishraper, wine says that? try:   wine /path/to/file.exe02:38
jzero88Question: When you add a directory to $PATH, how can you run a program without using " ./ " first infront of it??02:38
jack_^ZacLnxNewb, open it02:38
J_Cman chmod, chmod is the program to se to mark something as executable02:38
jack_^jzero88, if the path is set correctly, it should be automagic.02:38
jack_^jzero88, if its not a standard path, you can setup an alias also02:39
jzero88jack_^, even so, even when I am in the folder, I still have to use ./02:39
jack_^jzero88, perhaps your path is not setup correctly. type:   which <command>02:39
J_Cjzero88: then it's not in your path02:39
jack_^if it doesn't give you the path its not working heh02:39
jzero88jack_^, J_C  yeah not giving the path02:40
jzero88how do I fix this02:40
jzero88if you know02:40
jack_^jzero88, type this02:40
J_Cyou could set the path, log out and log back in, or use the "source" command02:40
leagrisjzero88, the command path does not (never) includes ./ because of security concerns. That's it, don't try to mess modify this.02:41
jack_^jzero88, pwd; echo $PATH; ll <command>;02:41
J_Cas in "source your_bash_profile" file02:41
Fishraperjack_^: That command made it work through terminal. How come it wouldn't work if I simply clicked on the file? Is it a user permission thing?02:42
jzero88jack_^, J_C leagris  this was the command I did.  " export PATH=$PATH:/android/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools02:42
jack_^Fishraper, your exe files are probably set to open with gedit or something02:42
jack_^jzero88, type the command i just mentioned and gimmie the output02:42
jzero88am I missing the / at end of tools02:42
Fishraperjack_^: Is there a way to check/change that?02:42
landingonwateri think i must try tomorrow with a usb ubuntu, to make sure i didnt mess up the system. to make certain if its a hardware problem that is the reaon i dont have any wifi.02:43
jack_^Fishraper, im not sure. i think there is a GUI for it somewhere02:43
ActionParsnipjack_^: is the android folder in $HOME02:43
sougata_landingonwater, your wifi did not work ?02:43
ActionParsnipFishraper: they need marking executable with:  chmod +x filename.exe02:43
J_Cjzero88: that should work, until you log out. Then you would have to re-run that command in a new terminal. Why not just set the path in your .bash_profile file02:43
jack_^ActionParsnip, fishraper is trying to open an .exe with wine.02:44
jzero88 : /android/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools   /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/android/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools    ls: cannot access adb: No such file or directory02:44
jack_^jzero88, it says the file does not exist02:44
jzero88jack_^, holy, your right02:45
jzero88let me check something02:45
FishraperActionParsnip: jack_^ made the suggestion to type wine /path/filename.exe through the termal, and it worked fine. My question now I guess would be how come it didn't work by just simply click on the file in the folder through the GUI?02:45
landingonwatersougata_: it still wont work. messed around with It. It refuses to see the hardware.02:45
* jzero88 feels bashful02:45
ActionParsnipFishraper: the file wasn't executable, but the wine binary is02:45
ActionParsnipFishraper: if you make the windows binary executable it will work as expected02:46
ActionParsnip!cookie ! jzero8802:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:46
leagrisFishraper, the gnome file manager let you change permissions on files and even more settings as extended attributes or ACL if you use that. Through it may be useful for single file at times, you may enjoy the versatility and power of shell commands when dealing with mass changes.02:46
jack_^Fishraper, try right click the file and clicking 'open with other application'. choose wine and select 'remember this'02:46
J_Cchmod +x filename.exe02:46
FishraperActionParsnip: So if I want to install a .exe, I'll have to chmod +x filename.exe if I want to install it through the GUI?02:46
ActionParsnip!cookie | jzero8802:46
ubottujzero88: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:46
Jasonnhow do i see the running processes?02:46
J_Cps aux02:46
ActionParsnipFishraper: yes, or right click it and mark as executable. I use the cli personally but both are fine02:46
jack_^Jasonn, to, or ps aux02:46
jack_^jasonjang, of ps -ef02:46
ActionParsnipJasonn: ps -ef | less02:46
landingonwatersougata_: thanks so far. haha.. the tx1000 was created to ruin lives :D02:47
sougata_landingonwater, lspci -vnn | grep -i Network02:47
landingonwatersougata_: will try :)02:47
sougata_landingonwater, but your wifi is working on vista , that means that it should work02:47
FishraperActionParsnip: It may be my netbooks touchpad, not sure, but right clicking doesn't seem to do anything lol02:48
ActionParsnipFishraper: possibly. i'd look into that with: xev   in a terminal. see if it makes events02:48
x404xis there a good gui frontend for iptables ? I use firestarter now , it seems iptables has a lot of rules that fire doesnt show however and i cant flush them, I get an error about smb.conf02:48
sougata_landingonwater, does it show anything ?02:48
landingonwatersougata_: lspci -vnn | grep -i Network returns nothing at all !!02:49
sougata_landingonwater, yes somehow the harware is not detected02:49
jzero88jack_^, J_C leagris  got it working guys thanks!02:49
jack_^jzero88, :)02:49
landingonwatersougata_: should i try my USB Ubuntu ? or a mint ?02:50
EmuAlertHow do I install mp3 for encoding with ffmpeg? I can decode it and play it just fine, but I need to encode it in mp3 for my phone02:50
ActionParsnipFishFace: what make / model is the netbook?02:50
jack_^landingonwater, do you have bad breath? if so, go with the mint02:50
J_Cno prob02:51
KGBWolfwhen restoring from partimage i have .000 .001 and .00202:51
x404xiptables -f * gives me "bad argument smb.conf" is there an error in the config ?02:51
landingonwaterjack_^: lol.. very funny02:51
KGBWolfdo i need to restore each one?02:51
J_CEmuAlert: lame02:51
sougata_landingonwater, you mean an USB wifi dongle ?02:51
J_Clame is the name of the program you want02:51
landingonwatersougata_: i have a live Ubuntu on USB02:51
jack_^x404x, check your iptables file. maybe you put smb.conf in there02:51
landingonwatersougata_: thats how i installed the one i have running here.02:51
x404xwhere is that file ?02:52
sougata_landingonwater, why not, but I don't think it will be of any help02:52
=== marcelo is now known as Guest20818
jack_^x404x, eeeh in fedora its in /etc/sysconfig/iptables02:52
sougata_landingonwater, the harware itself is not visible02:52
landingonwatersougata_: hm. you are right.. tomorrow I should to borrow a usb dongle and see if it works.02:52
jack_^x404x, oh wait. what are you trying to do?02:52
x404xget samba to work02:53
sougata_landingonwater, sure , all luck :-)02:53
x404xit used to work before i installed the firewall, not sure what mayhen firestarter has done ;(02:53
landingonwatersougata_: if i can get a dongle working, then I must be the software making spaghetti02:53
Wickedanyone know a nice gui ftp client?02:53
jack_^x404x, you should try 'iptables -F' to flush all your rules, or 'service iptables stop'02:53
edwardgftp is fine02:53
* sougata_ agrees 02:53
jack_^x404x, currently, i believe you are telling it to import all files in your current directory02:54
psusix404x, then stop messing with the firewall.. this isn't windows.  if you don't know WHY you need to mess with the firewall, then you don't.02:54
landingonwatersougata_: thanks alot for you help :) some good old scientific trial and error is needed. damn.. worst thing about linux is the hardware. and also why many give up I guess.02:54
x404xon ubuntu there is no etc/sysconfig dir02:54
mekaruE ai... só tem gringo aki?02:54
jack_^x404x, -fmatch second or further fragments only02:54
x404xhm i did try flush, it gives me that smb.conf error, i guess smb should not be mentioned in iptables ?02:54
jack_^psusi, he just said he cant connect to his samba share after enabling it02:54
sougata_landingonwater, that is how we learn, ;-)02:55
x404xservice stop gives me ubrecogninzed service02:55
jack_^x404x, you did lowercase 'f' in IRC. try uppercase. it matters.02:55
jack_^x404x, and dont put a star02:55
mekarudare ga nihonjin desuka??02:55
mekaruore burajiru desu...02:55
psusijack_^, well duh... that's like the old joke about going to the doctor and saying it hurts when I do this...  well don't do that!02:55
landingonwatersougata_: true.. but the girl im seing, she is buying a Macbook, because she things It looks good . haha.. that is what we are up against :D02:56
bl4ckcombmekaru, switch your locale to English02:56
mekarugomen sorry...02:56
Ben65landingonwater: find new girl02:56
Wickededward, is it still being updated? i know a while back it was stagnent and would always freeze02:56
landingonwaterBent65: A good looking *nix-chick ? hmm.. what are the odds :D02:57
jack_^landingonwater, linus runs fedora on a macbook :)02:57
macolandingonwater: not bad?02:57
needhelp1is it possible to extend partitons ?02:57
sougata_landingonwater, I use a Macbook too , but I run Linux in it. Anyways Mac too is built on OpenBSD02:57
jack_^my gf is wearing an 'ask me about ubuntu' shirt right now :O02:57
x404xhm i assumed the star meant all chains, when i try just -F i get disconnected hm guess i removed all the allow rules as well02:57
jack_^needhelp1, yes02:57
needhelp1jack_^, is it safe?02:58
landingonwatersougata_: true.. i had 2 of the old macs before they hijacked unix.02:58
Logan_!pt | mekaru02:58
ubottumekaru: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:58
jack_^x404x, it removes everything02:58
jack_^needhelp1, messing with storage is always dangerous02:58
needhelp1jack_^, safe like, i wont loose any data thats already on that partition02:58
jack_^needhelp1, messing with storage is always dangerous02:58
landingonwatersougata_: hmm.. and Ubuntu on Macbook ? hmm.. because I like the hardware, but I have the Mac OS. would be sweet to run Ubuntu and win7 on a Macbook02:59
needhelp1jack_^, true .. any recomendations? i have a 60 gig extra store partition on my hdd, and i have 30 gigs free that i need to add to that partition02:59
jack_^needhelp1, if you're asking if linux re-partioning applications are more likely to destroy data than windows equivalents. then no. its fine02:59
kphi all02:59
jack_^needhelp1, gparted02:59
jack_^kp, hi there02:59
x404xhow to set iptables to allow everything ? i have a router blocking outsiders anyway02:59
needhelp1jack_^, thanks, brb02:59
kpCan you tell me more about this forum02:59
Logan_mekaru: oh wait, do you speak Fijian?02:59
sougata_landingonwater, I am happy for the Ububtu part but not quit sure for the win7 part :-)02:59
jack_^x404x, you can insert an 'allow all' at the begining of your rules. it will allow everything03:00
mekarunão, falo portugues e japones...03:00
mekarufoi mal...03:00
jack_^yo soy muy triste03:00
kpIs this the Ubuntu support forum03:00
x404xin what dir is the rules file ?03:00
landingonwatersougata_: well.... Since Im a pro photographer I cant really avoid using windows from time to time. Darktable still has a long way to go, and Lightzone can be a bitch. I wont even mention the grumpy Gimp :D03:01
jack_^kp wat03:01
jack_^x404x, im not sure. im running fedora :O03:01
ActionParsnipmekaru: yes03:01
kpI just wanted to know something about the forum03:01
acovrigIf I save a OpenOfficePresentation as a .ppt to a USBDisk, open it on a PC, I get left w/ a .TMP-487KB file and the .ppt-now 4KB file; is there something like /tmp that I can recover?03:01
sougata_landingonwater, :-). Well I can Undestand03:01
Logan_!language | landingonwater03:01
ubottulandingonwater: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:01
jack_^landingonwater, that sounds like an excuse to me. there are most likely open source equivalents.03:01
x404xhm i wish all linux versions would use same dir structure...03:01
jack_^x404x, indeed :)03:02
x404xalways they include instructions for other versions in the guides making them useless03:02
jack_^well, the main ones are like... debian based and redhat based03:02
jack_^x404x, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:02
jack_^x404x, lucky for you, ubuntu has the best documentation :)03:02
jack_^x404x, from that doc i would try /etc/iptables.rules03:03
jack_^kp, this is a ubuntu help channel.03:03
sougata_landingonwater, did you come across solang03:03
x404xlol if only they would supply me some of it hehe, i remember wasting atleast a day before setting up something and then realizing the instructions where for another version of linux and nothing made sence lol03:03
landingonwaterI am watching my language ! Im just pointing out that even though Darktable is a nice project, Its got a long way to go. Alot of people edit RAW files now, so a complete switch to Ubuntu is very difficult as long as the interface designs are so horrible on the graphic tools for Ubuntu.03:03
sougata_landingonwater, its more of a photo manager03:04
landingonwaterIm using lightzone as well. very nice approach. but not user friendly for noobs.03:04
jack_^landingonwater, if you stick around in here too long you're bound to get hassled :)03:04
jack_^landingonwater, also, i got photoshop running in wine in ubuntu. im not sure what tools you're using03:04
landingonwaterjack_^: haha.. okay. I asked for It.03:05
axscodehi guys, anyone know a net tools that redirects/bounce all connections/sessions to a sock4 or sock5 ?03:05
jack_^axscode, maybe squid?03:05
x404xhm doesnt seem to be a iptables.rules file, did the -F delete the whole file ?03:06
jack_^i think there is a place you can set it in the config actually03:06
axscodehttp://linux.downloadatoz.com/kernel-socks-bouncer/ <- something like this on ubuntu?03:06
melfyI got a user account and it doesn't seem like bash is loading anymore :/03:06
landingonwaterjack_^: I like photoshop, but I hate the workflow. Photoshop is a great pixelpusher, and I use It for print stuff. But for photography work It is horrible.03:06
axscodejack: squid is only for port 80 right?03:06
jack_^landingonwater, that doesn't answer the question to what you ARE using. :P03:06
jack_^axscode, unsure. i think you can set it up for any port.03:06
landingonwaterjack_^: I use DxO Pro and Lightroom.03:06
jack_^axscode, it IS possible. i've done it before03:07
axscodejack:agree, what i mean is not only for web, all connections/ all proto03:07
jack_^axscode, export http_proxy="http://username:password@host:port/"03:07
axscodejack: without configuring any client,03:07
Scunizisomething is wacky... I can't even ping my router from inside my LAN.. any ideas?03:07
jack_^thats 80 though03:07
ScuniziI do have internet though03:08
jack_^Scunizi, your router does not respond ot icmp requests? heh03:08
jack_^ylmf, hi there03:08
axscodejack: if i used that export, will it proxied my telnet, ssh, ftp and the rest?03:08
landingonwaterjack_^: Darktable was an attempt to make a Lightroom rip of some sort, but Its taking its own path, which is great. But programmers in general have no clue how to make user interfaces. so in Darktable there are hopeless icons instead of textnavigation. Thats mean the project is "sweet", but not even close to being something that can be used for actual work.03:08
jack_^axscode, that line is for all command line03:08
Scunizijack_^: yea... can't ping google.com either.. actually nothing03:08
jack_^Scunizi, you have internet but you cant ping google.com?03:08
=== lance_ is now known as Guest46161
jack_^Scunizi, can you ping
Scunizilandingonwater: I beg to differ... I like darktable03:09
Scunizijack_^: yep03:09
Logan_!zh | ylmf03:09
ubottuylmf: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk03:09
Scunizijack_^: hang on I'll check03:09
axscodeare you sure jack? can you point me to a  URL about this.03:09
jack_^axscode, try it :P03:09
jack_^axscode, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157503:09
Scunizijack_^: nope... to 74.125.xxxx.xxx03:09
TrabI have a question...if I have a monitor that isn't positioned correctly (CRT monitor) is there an easy way to get it to auto-adjust from say the commandline?03:10
jack_^Scunizi, then your network is not routing, or your box is not connected :O03:10
axscodechecking now.. thanks03:10
TrabI've tried googling like crazy. it's a stupid old emac that my friend is running.03:10
jack_^Trab, isn't that a hardware setting?03:10
landingonwaterScunizi: I like Darktable as well, and I update It all the time and play around with It. But I have no time for It when I have to chew through hundreds of RAW files.03:10
Trabjack_^: it's an emac, I can't adjust it anywhere....03:10
Scunizijack_^: more weirdness.. with the Network tools ping doesn't work.. on cli it does... ??03:10
jack_^Scunizi, you're not making any sense man! snap out of it!03:11
jasonjangActionParsnip; Called me?03:11
jack_^Scunizi, type:   route | grep default03:11
Scunizijack_^: no.. really.. System>admin>network tools doesn't work.. cli does..03:11
jasonjang route | grep default03:11
jack_^jasonjang, i think i may have mispinged you earlier03:11
harkenshirehello, ever since i upgraded to the new ubuntu...when i play videos.....my audio goes out every 5 - 10 min in vlc player03:11
harkenshireand when i play videos in movie player i get disconnection errors03:12
marciocosta78alguém do brasil????03:12
jasonjangOK. i C, THX, jack_^03:12
harkenshirei dont know what to do.....i have so many files on my comp and no time to reboot the older version03:12
Logan_!br | marciocosta7803:12
ubottumarciocosta78: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:12
jack_^harkenshire, back them up :)03:12
landingonwatersougata_: well.. my next machine will be from recompute with Ubuntu dualboot. them recycle machines are pretty cool. wont get me laid more often, but still cool :)03:14
ScuniziAny other takers?  System>Admin>Network tools> Ping doesn't work.. terminal or cli does .. I'm looking for why or how to fix03:14
harkenshirewhat was the ubuntu version just before this one?03:15
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100403:15
Ben65what can i do to free up space on the root partition? my laptop has a small hard drive and is running out of space03:16
haydenwhats the difrence between ubuntu and debian?03:16
Logan_!debian | hayden03:16
AbhijitBen65, use bleachbit autoremove autoclean03:16
ubottuhayden: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:16
x404xhm after i reboot i still have only the line i added in the iptables.rules file but iptables -L shows a pile of dropped chains still03:16
gumbewhere is the file03:16
x404xclearly its not using the file listed in the guide03:16
Ben65Abhijit: whats that? do i need to get bleachbit03:16
AbhijitBen65, bleach bit is cleaning software. use with care. autoremove and autoclean removes the downloaded packages which are no longer needed03:17
AbhijitBen65, you will find bleachbit in software center03:18
Ben65Abhijit: cool, thanks03:18
x404xis there no gui or config file for iptables ? do i need to manually add piles of commands and remember to save argh03:19
sougata_Scunizi, what is the version of ubuntu that you are running03:19
sougata_Scunizi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-nettool/+bug/66294703:19
Ben65x404x: you can export the current rules to a file, then import it later03:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 662947 in gnome-nettool (Ubuntu) "Network Tools - ping does not work (dup-of: 663014)" [Undecided,New]03:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 663014 in gnome-nettool (Ubuntu) "No result for ping in Gnome-Nettool" [Low,Triaged]03:19
haydenis there any place that i can learn for free how to be a more advanced user in linux?03:20
AbhijitBen65, welcome03:20
Ben65hayden: google is really good...03:20
Scunizisougata_: 10.1003:20
abstrakthow do I send and check local email?03:20
x404xhm so i need to save the rules, edit and then restore them ? that might work03:20
Ben65x404x: check out iptables-save and iptables-restore03:21
abstraktlike how do I send an email from say root@localhost to say john@localhost or e.g. from bob@localhost to mary@localhost03:21
ThomasB2kHow do I apply a changelog file that I created to packages in a PPA when building from recipe?03:21
Abhijithayden, linux.com tldp.org askubuntu.com also try hand on linux from scratch03:21
haydenBen65: i tried that :P just wanted to know if there was a more general place to learn things like advanced terminal commands.03:21
haydenAbhijit: thanks!03:22
Ben65hayden: wasn't trying to sound mean or anything, but i usually just google problems i have03:22
=== patrick is now known as Guest73242
jack_^x404x, there is a gui for firewall, but i think it conflicts with iptables.03:22
sougata_Scunizi, http://tinyurl.com/68zqz7y03:23
Ben65Also, using it more you tend to learn more. I've had Linux as my only desktop OS for about 10 years now03:23
haydenBen65: yes i know :P and thanks :)03:23
Tanthrix_AFKAnyone know how to setup a public, isolated network using a second router on an existing network? Just using a different ip structure is not sufficient, it seems.03:23
=== Tanthrix_AFK is now known as Tanthrix
jack_^abstrakt, try:  su - bob -c "echo 'hi root! my name is bob.' | mail root@localhost -s Subject03:23
Logan_!away | Tanthrix03:23
ubottuTanthrix: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:23
TanthrixLogan_: My apologies. Sorry about that.03:24
abstraktjack_^, ok thanks03:24
Scunizisougata_: interesting... never thought to look there.. weird bug03:24
x404xhm yeah why would the gui work lol, and the save wont accept a filename so nobody knows where it saved the settings, another useful command nooot03:24
jack_^wtf. what did he do? changed his name to afk? heh03:24
=== Guest61443 is now known as DarkDevil
x404xit sure isnt under /etc/iptables.rules03:24
Guest73242hi all03:24
jack_^x404x, what does 'service iptables save' do?03:24
jack_^oh nvm03:24
Tanthrixjack_^: I don't normally do it, got disconnected and reconnected. My existing nick was still in use, and so it went with the AFK one03:24
Logan_Hi Guestt73242.03:24
jack_^they dont have that service setup03:24
eternicodeJust recently did an upgrade from jaunty to karmic to lucid, no when I try to edit my (user) crontab, I get "Temporary crontab no longer owned by you."  Any ideas why?03:24
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest2350
abstraktjack_^, hrm, no mail command03:24
jack_^Tanthrix, i dont htink thats an issue03:25
abstraktjack_^, what package provides the mail command?03:25
Ben65Tanthrix: have you looked into VLANs?03:25
jack_^abstrakt, mailx-12.5-1.fc14.x86_6403:25
jack_^abstrakt, well... use the ubuntu version of course.   sudo apt-get install mailx03:25
x404xit unrecognizes the service, hm that doesnt sound promising, maybe try reinstall iptables ?03:25
TanthrixBen65: A litle bit, but I was hoping there was a simpler way. In fact, I would have thought a different subnet would do it, like a bunch of other people online.03:25
abstraktjack_^, why is it called mailx ? and not mail?03:25
jack_^x404x, it maybe a ubuntu thing. im unsure.03:25
jack_^abstrakt, because its EXTREME03:26
TanthrixBen65: Is a VLAN the only way to do it, as far as you know?03:26
abstrakter, ok03:26
x404xlol yeah im getting bored with it, what good is an os that denies the admin to change any settings03:26
Ben65Tanthrix: you could set a completely different ip range, then the routers would be able to allow routing or deny it03:26
abstraktso, there's no mailx package03:26
abstraktjack_^, there's bsd-mailx03:26
abstraktand there's heirloom-mailx03:26
jack_^let me see03:26
Ben65Tanthrix: for example, network 1 could be 192.168.x, and network 2 could be 10.x03:27
bc81is it possible to "Kill the Ubuntu Volume Control"?  it's what a VLC developer is suggesting to fix the hotkey situation as described in this thread: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8652403:27
bc81but i don't know what he's talking about03:27
ActionParsnipx404x: the admin can03:27
x404xeverytime i want to change network settings the apply button is greyed out and there is no way to "authenticate"03:27
jack_^abstrakt, i would check those 3 packages03:28
TanthrixBen65: I've tried that, but from the 10. network you can access the 192. network. (My current test setup is a WRT54G on 192., with a Netgear WNR3500l's wan port into that, with the Netgear on 10.03:28
sesopenkohi where do I go for help setting up postfix, dovecot and SASL?03:28
x404xi finally setup ubuntu to not nag me for password for every command and rather than respect that it denies any change lol03:28
harkenshirewhere is the best place to download the torrent version of 10.04?03:28
TanthrixBen65: Sittong on a 10. system now, connected through the netgear, and I can access the 192 network ahead of it. Every system on it, no problem.03:28
Ben65Tanthrix: that's because routers tend to route by default. you would have to configure them to not route, if that is your goal03:28
harkenshireits down on the official site03:28
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Zeku
jack_^x404x, it seems ubuntu doesn't have the iptables serbvice setup. try the init script03:29
Ben65harkenshire: down how?03:29
harkenshirelink points to an erroneous page03:29
x404xwhich init script ?03:29
x404xunder init.d ?03:29
harkenshireBen65: link appears corrupt03:29
sesopenkoI execute "sudo service start dovecot" then "ps -A | grep dovecot" and it's not running.03:30
haydendoes anyone know of a hacker-like Ubuntu compatible theme ? ,thanks.03:30
TanthrixBen65: Is setting up a static route teh way to fix the routing between the two routers?03:30
Ben65harkenshire: do you need torrent? or would http work03:30
=== Zeku is now known as ExplodingPiglet
jack_^x404x, i guess ubuntu doesnt have one of htose either :x sorry man. heh03:30
Ben65Tanthrix: not sure if it's possible with consumer level routers03:30
harkenshireBen65: i need torrent, the http is too low03:30
harkenshireBen65: slow*03:30
x404xdang , im getting very tempted to test centos...03:31
TanthrixBen65: Hrm. Well, both routers do have places to put in "static routes." But I'm afraid I really don't know what that means. They just list a destination ip, subnet, gateway, and metric on the netgear for instance.03:31
x404xfunny nobody running big serverfarms use ubuntu... i should take a hint03:31
sesopenkoharkenshire: which version are you looking for?  desktop?  server?03:31
harkenshiresesopenko: DT03:31
jack_^x404x, try this03:31
x404xit seems to be either centos or debian they run03:31
haydendoes anyone know of a hacker-like Ubuntu compatible theme ? ,thanks.03:32
TanthrixBen65: I think I'll stick DD-wrt on, and see if that gives me what I need. I'm sure it has to be able to do it.03:32
jack_^x404x, actually. you're just trying to get samba working right?03:32
ActionParsniphayden: what does "hacker-like" mean?03:32
Ben65x404x: ubuntu is really great for a server03:32
ScuniziTanthrix: sounds like you're looking for a VPN connection between two routers.03:32
Logan_!themes | hayden03:32
ubottuhayden: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:32
Abhijithayden, no. but you check out bisigi project03:32
haydenActionParsnip: somehting dark and perhaps even tron like.03:32
sesopenkoTanthrix: 64 or 32 bit?03:33
Ben65harkenshire: what if i gave you a http link?03:33
TanthrixScunizi: What I'm really trying to do is just setup an isolated public network on a 2nd router.03:33
x404xyeah for now anyway , i will also be building a redundant server as backup for when ubuntu gives up the ghost hehe, but now in broke so that will be a while.. hehe atleast the jfs raid 6 seems to hold out good after several crashes no data is corrupted03:33
jack_^x404x, this is for redhat distros, but it has accept rules for samba. http://troy.jdmz.net/samba/fw/03:33
harkenshireBen65: i already have an http link03:33
sesopenkoTanthrix: here's a mirror, you can find all the torrents there: http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu-releases/10.04.2/03:33
Ben65harkenshire: 32 or 64 bit?03:33
harkenshireBen65: 3203:33
ActionParsniphayden: http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/20-beautiful-dark-themes-for-gnome-and-ubuntu03:33
ActionParsniphayden: all I search for was: ubuntu dark theme03:33
sesopenkoOk so an anybody help me configure postfix/dovecot?03:34
TanthrixAlright, thanks for everyone's help. Much obliged.03:34
* acovrig likes x404x's username; 404:not found lol03:34
acovrigIf I save a OpenOfficePresentation as a .ppt to a USBDisk, open it on a PC, I get left w/ a .TMP-487KB file and the .ppt-now 4KB file; is there something like /tmp that I can recover?03:34
ScuniziTanthrix: if it's downstream from the main router and the secondary router allow you to serve DHCP addresses then make the address scheme different.. like 192.168.3.x instead of the main router like
sesopenkotanthrix: np03:34
Ben65harkenshire: http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.torrent03:34
haydenActionParsnip: thanks for the themes! :)03:34
x404xlol yeah i always feel lost03:34
x404xeither i am lost or my commands get lost or messed up03:34
ActionParsniphayden: there are loads around03:34
TanthrixScunizi: I thought that would do it, but it's not enough. You can still access the 192, even from the downstream 10. network03:35
x404xarend computers supposed to obey their masters ?03:35
harkenshirehow the heck did you do that?03:35
Ben65magic :P03:35
jack_^x404x, i think the problem is that they do :P03:35
sesopenkoharkenshire: (canadian mirror) http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu-releases/10.04.2/ubuntu-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.torrent03:35
TanthrixScunizi: It seems that it is a myth that double nats provide isolation.03:35
harkenshireBen65: seriously, it was down for me03:35
x404xseems for every command it either takes forever or fails ;(03:35
Ben65harkenshire: yeah i know, i see the problem03:35
x404xi think my pcs are haunted ;(03:35
harkenshireBen65: what was it?>03:35
rootalguien que hable espa;ol03:35
Logan_!es | root03:35
ubotturoot: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:35
Ben65they have the wrong link on the page03:35
ScuniziTanthrix: there are routers designed for "guest" access.. but dd-wrt might solve the problem03:36
=== root is now known as Guest31721
jack_^x404x, my ubuntu box has no iptables rules. what do you have by default/03:36
harkenshireBen65: ah, you are awesome03:36
TanthrixScunizi: Yah, I'm hoping so. Thanks for the help03:36
roasted_Question. I'm trying to PXE boot from my Ubuntu server. I changed the IP range to be 192.168.1.X instead of 192.168.0.X. But my client PXE booting is still grabbing the 0.X range. What else do I have to edit to pull 1.X?03:36
jack_^lawl @ root03:36
Logan_jack_^: ?03:36
haydenjust wanted to thank everyone for being so helpful. kinda cool how people just come here, to help other people.03:36
ianm_is there any way to initialize an iPhone 3G 8gb on ubuntu 10.04 ?  it doesn't put anything in /media, but it does show up in lsusb03:36
x404xi think firestarter is adding a lot of rules, i tryed to remove it now , i get atleast a page of drop rules that shouldnt be there03:37
ActionParsniphayden: its called a community for a reason03:37
Logan_!iphone | ianm_03:37
ubottuianm_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:37
x404xand i cant find a way to remove them03:37
ActionParsniphayden: you will probably help others too, strengthening the community03:37
jack_^im not familiar with firestarter03:37
ActionParsnipjack_^: its a gui for iptables03:38
ActionParsnipx404x: trie ufw ?03:38
ActionParsnip!info ufw03:38
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a Netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.30.0-1ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 140 kB, installed size 804 kB03:38
ljsoftnethow do i remove %20 in the names of videos in banshee?03:39
ianm_Logan: thanks but that doesn't talk of initializing it.  it was given to me, and it wants to be connected to iTunes before doing anything else03:39
Logan_ianm_: you're not going to have any luck setting up an iPhone using Ubuntu03:39
Logan_ianm_: you'll have to borrow a friend's Windows/Mac laptop at first to set it up03:40
ianm_Logan_: ok thanks03:40
Logan_!zh | liqingxi03:40
ubottuliqingxi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk03:40
IatagoreWhen I try and modify the shortcuts on the GNOME panel, it only allows me to revert changes03:40
x404xwill ufw allow me to edit all the rules and not mess them up more ?03:40
jack_^ianm_, you could always use virtualbox :)03:40
dribblenotify-send works most of the time other times it just quits any ideas?03:41
IatagoreWhoops, never mind :)03:41
jack_^Iatagore, revert? isn't htat in 'edit menus'?03:41
ActionParsnipx404x: should be fine03:41
ianm_is there any way to undo / rollback updates?03:41
Iatagorejack_^: I did something silly, don't mind me03:41
dribbleianm no :(03:41
ljsoftnethow do i remove %20 in the names of videos in banshee?03:42
ActionParsnipianm_: only if you have the debs for the old version, you may screw up your system though due to deps03:42
IatagoreIf I want to have access to my files from outside my network, how can I do this? ssh and commandline is fairly cumbersome03:42
jack_^ljsoftnet, i manually edit them03:42
jack_^Iatagore, wat. ssh is the bomb diggity03:42
ActionParsnipljsoftnet: remove it from the filename and add a space03:42
x404xnot sure how helpful the redhat info is for ubuntu /samba jack, it seems none of the commands or paths are used in ubuntu , they always need to make sure any info for another version is useless by changing everything lol , I especially enjoyed a previous ubuntu where they told people to install samba4 beta and supplied dox for samba3 and every settings was changed so clearly people are supposed to guess what developers changed , easy right ? ;=03:42
jack_^Iatagore, but it sounds like you're looking for VNC03:42
ssbplsthere is some problem when i use the commond "make oldconfig" to compile the kernel code tree. It tells me that scripts/kconfig/conf -o arch/x86/Kconfig # # configuration written to .config #03:42
ianm_ActionParsnip: there's no way to roll back ALL updates (including deps) back to some stable state/date?03:42
ssbplshow to solve it?03:42
ljsoftnetjack_^ ActionParsnip what if i have 100 videos03:43
Iatagorejack_^: Are there any GUIs for ssh/scp?03:43
roasted_Question. I'm trying to PXE boot from my Ubuntu server. I changed the IP range to be 192.168.1.X instead of 192.168.0.X. But my client PXE booting is still grabbing the 0.X range. What else do I have to edit to pull 1.X?03:43
jack_^x404x, the rules should be the same even if the commands are different. i would agree with ActionParsnip. If the gui is there, you should work through it. i wish i could tell you the exact commands but unfortunately i dont have experience with iptables under debian environments.03:43
Ben65Iatagore: ssh is text, dunno how you'd want it to be graphical. there are graphical scp clients.03:43
IatagoreBen65: Would you like to recommend one to me <:03:44
jack_^Iatagore, whats wrong with command line? this is linux man!03:44
Ben65Iatagore: for windows or linux?03:44
bc81hello.  is it possible to "Kill the Ubuntu Volume Control"?  it's what a VLC developer is suggesting to fix the hotkey situation as described in this thread: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=86524   what is he talking about, "Kill the Ubuntu Volume Control"?03:44
Kalmicljsoftnet: You could write a quite bash scrip that goes through and renames things with sed.03:44
Iatagorejack_^: It's just that when I want to access a lot of files, it becomes cumbersome to remember the names of each file03:44
IatagoreBen65: Linux03:44
jack_^Iatagore, how does gui help you with that? you can see the files in ocmmand line too right?03:45
jack_^*just curious*03:45
x404xhm yes i guess the rules are the same, im trying to find a gui now, shame none of the commands and paths are the same so i can edit it03:45
Ben65Iatagore: secpanel - graphical user interface for SSH and SCP03:45
ljsoftnetKalmic how do i do it?03:45
Logan_!info gftp | Iatagore03:46
ubottuIatagore: gftp (source: gftp): X/GTK+ and console FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.19-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 53 kB, installed size 84 kB03:46
IatagoreBen65: secpanel seems to only open a shell that asks for a password03:46
jack_^Iatagore, ssh will ask for a password03:46
=== jeremy is now known as Guest5686
Ben65Iatagore: gftp supports sftp, which might be more what you want03:46
jack_^Guest5686, hi03:47
=== Guest5686 is now known as spits
Kalmicljsoftnet: private messaging you.03:47
IatagoreBen65: I guess I'll have to look into ftp then. Is it possible to write as well as read though?03:47
ssbplshow to use "make menuconfig" to compile the linux kernel code tree?03:47
Ben65Iatagore: sftp is different from ftp, but yes ftp can read and write if set up properly03:47
IatagoreBen65: Thanks, I'll look it up03:48
x404xgufw seems to be a bit better than firestarter03:49
IatagoreLast question, I have two computers on my network and I'm sure that one of them has a networking problem (perhaps firewall) How can I tell which one is connected and which is not?03:49
ActionParsnip!kernel | ssbpls03:49
ubottussbpls: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages03:49
ssbplsubottu:i want to build my own code tree~03:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:50
roasted_Question. I'm trying to PXE boot from my Ubuntu server. I changed the IP range to be 192.168.1.X instead of 192.168.0.X. But my client PXE booting is still grabbing the 0.X range. What else do I have to edit to pull 1.X?03:51
droboleddbpls: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/compiling-linux-kernel-26.html03:51
skrapsim rebuilding grub on a i386 32bit laptop that has winxp . when using grub-mkimage what target would I use?03:51
daweefolkhey is there a way i can enable colors in alpine?03:51
droboleddbpls: careful so you dont overwrite your existsin kernel :D03:51
x404xwow hot damn that did it, it was the damn firewall blocking samba, a little tuing in gufw and a reboot did the trick and samba works ;=)03:52
x404xthanks all for tips03:52
=== slerp_lerp is now known as Grandequeso
sougata_ssbpls, may I ask why do you need it ?03:52
drobolesougata: he is playing with writing hes own modules i think03:53
sougata_ssbpls, :-)03:53
ssbplssougata_:i want to study developing  the linux device drivers03:53
TyrantI force ldconfig to scan /usr/local/lib where I have a .so I compiled, but with verbose mode i get nothing. What could be causing this?03:53
sougata_drobole, bingo03:53
ssbplssougata_: i have to use some kernel module to link to my drivers03:54
sougata_ssbpls, you can link your code with the object files already present in your distribution03:54
=== Grandequeso is now known as svm_invictvs
ssbplsit seems that there are just some headers in my ubuntu~~03:55
sougata_ssbpls, /lib/modules/$(KVERSION)/build03:56
sougata_where  KVERSION = $(shell uname -r)03:56
x404xhm dang, i spoke too soon, I can only read the samba shares, the write access still fails03:57
pdf_dudeis it possible to add a confirmation to "rm" command?03:58
edbianpdf_dude, Yes.  But it is probably not simple.  You could write a simple front-end for it.  That's probably the simplest way.03:58
sougata_ssbpls, did you find the object files ?03:58
Nisstyrepdf_dude, how are your C skills?03:58
pdf_dudeno im unskilled03:59
drobolepdf_dude: i guess you could do it by making a alias in ./bashrc and call the frontend with it03:59
rwwpdf_dude: look at 'man rm'. Consider the -i or -I options to it.03:59
edbianNisstyre, pdf_dude You could probably write a simple bash script that asks confirmation and only runs the rm command if you say 'yes'  Then name that script 'rm' (and rename rm)  Bit of a hack.03:59
rwwcombine with an alias in bash.03:59
ssbplssougata_:yes! i can find it in my ubuntu~ but so what?03:59
bgilbanyone ever had graphic artifact problems using VMWare and Ktorrent?04:00
Scunizipdf_dude: drobole although you can do an alias in ./bashrc it's easier to separate your person commands by putting them in ./bash_aliases04:00
sougata_ssbpls, then you can link your code with the kernel symbols04:00
bgilbhere is a screenshot with vmware open: http://i.imgur.com/T8ogi.jpg04:00
pdf_dudegreat rm -i :)04:00
bgilbboxes like that will show up with shadowing04:00
sougata_ssbpls, here is a small hello module demo http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/compiling-linux-kernel-module.html04:00
bgilbthe box is not interactive at all04:00
Kalmicpdf_dude: in .bashrc in your home directory you can add an alias;  "alias rm='rm -i'04:01
pdf_dudeyes Kalmic04:01
drobolepdf_dude: alias rm='rm -i'04:01
KalmicAh, I was too late.04:01
IatagoreI can ssh into two of my computers to each other on the network, but they don't appear on the Network window in the Places menu04:01
ssbplssougata_:aren't they just some linkers,not the kernel objects?04:01
bgilbanyone have any ideas where i could start?04:01
bgilbmaybe caused by compiz?04:01
keith27i need to convert avi to flv04:02
webs05anyone got time to help out a noob? I need to get a zimage into an Ubuntu.img file? I have searched around and so far running into walls04:02
pdf_dudei dont think it's working04:02
ssbplssougata_:it seems that are just some .h files, not the .o files~04:02
Scunizibgilb: samba, nfs, etc.. you don't have the sharing potocols installed04:03
Kalmicpdf_dude: if you put it in the .bashrc file you have to run the source .bashrc command.04:03
pdf_dudeisn't alias rm='rm -i $1'04:03
drobolepdf_dude: you need to restyart the shell after editing .bashrc04:03
keith27or i need web script for streaming avi04:03
pdf_dudedrobole: restart terminal?04:03
pdf_dudeI did.04:03
droboleand not $104:04
pdf_dudeyes and not $104:04
drobolejust rm='rm -i'04:04
kieppiehi guys. I'm looking for details on kernel versions: server, generic, virtual, preempt. where an I find details & differences re each?04:04
bgilbcan anyone hear me?04:04
pdf_dudeyes bgilb04:04
drobolepdf_dude: it should work04:04
pdf_dudedrobole: the problem was I restart one bash but another was open :P04:04
pdf_dudenow it works04:04
bullgardEtherApe shows that my Maverick computer connects to How can I determine what device is associated with the IP address
ssbplssougata_:yes~ i can run the hello module, but the book "Linux device drivers" requests me to build the linux kernel tree~~04:05
pdf_dudebullgard: ifconfig04:05
pdf_dudebullgard: in terminal04:05
sougata_ssbpls, trust me you don't need it intially04:06
bullgardpdf_dude: '~$ ifconfig' does not show "".04:06
webs05anyone have any experience with zimage files?04:06
pdf_dudebullgard: if you are connected it should show like "inet addr:192.168.*.*"04:07
ssbplssougata_: ok~ i trust you! thanks~04:07
adventure__I just installed a new mobo and I can't seem to start x. I get the error messages "[drm] failed to open device" followed by "VESA(0): No valid modes" followed by "Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration". How can I debug this?04:07
sougata_ssbpls, and I guess the linking process in Kernel is different than a std C library linker04:07
bgilbdoes anyone know if ktorrent and vmware use a different UI system or something compared to most applications?04:07
Loshkibullgard: does it show up in the output of 'lsof -i4tcp' ?04:08
sougata_ssbpls, yw04:08
DatzHi, how do I choose a default text editor on the command line? I tried "sudo update-alternatives --config editor" but the editor that I selected isn't used when I run something like "crontab -e"04:08
ssbplssougata_:yes! i should make my makefile to the linker to file the files to link them together04:09
pdf_dudeDatz: env EDITOR=nano crontab -e04:09
KalmicDatz: I usually just put an export to the EDITOR variable in my .bashrc file.04:09
droboleadventure__: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-configure-Xorg-in-Ubuntu04:09
sougata_ssbpls, its all there in the book :-), chapter 204:09
pdf_dudeKalmic: what do you use?04:09
Datzthanks pdf_dude, Kalmic04:09
bullgardLoshki: Yes: "firefox-b 2425 detlef   92u  IPv4 107456      0t0  TCP MD97600:46747-> (ESTABLISHED)"04:09
Wickedis there a way to find out what compile options a package was compiled with?04:09
ssbplssougata_:yes, that is it~04:10
Kalmicpdf_dude: vim.04:10
roasted_I'm running Ubuntu desktop with DHCP services. How do I change the IP range of the DHCP pool?04:10
ssbplssougata_:but in the chapter , it seems hard for me .04:10
Datzpdf_dude: I want it by default, I don't want to have to run that command with crontab -e04:11
pdf_dudeKalmic: I meant which variable you use04:11
ssbplssougata_:but in the chapter 3, it seems hard for me .is there any method to learn it well?04:11
DatzKalmic: is there a command to set that?04:11
Kalmicpdf_dude: Ah, in .bashrc : export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim04:11
sougata_ssbpls, read it, re read it. Play with the toy codes04:11
Loshkibullgard: that says it's a tcp connection from firefox running ircd (IRC chat). Are you running chatzilla perhaps?04:11
adventure__drobole, thanks. none of those solutions work though. also when it says "gdm is configured to help you configure your display when gdm fail to start", what is that supposed to mean?04:11
Kalmicpdf_dude,datz: then after that just run : source .bashrc04:12
bullgardLoshki:  Yes I do.04:12
pdf_dudeKalmic: what if the shell in is french or something and I want to set it to english?04:12
=== Abhijit is now known as Abhijith
sougata_ssbpls, all luck04:12
droboleadventure__: well gdm is the login facility, i guess it means it is smart about helping you to get X configured if it doesnt work04:12
adventure__drobole, hmm apparently not smart enough04:12
=== Abhijith is now known as Abhijit
Oooopshi, does anyone use pamusb here04:12
bgilbCan anyone point me in the right direction on where to start on figuring out what is causing this?04:13
droboleadventure__:  are you logged in as root?04:13
DatzKalmic: something like?  env EDITOR=nano crontab -e source .bashrc04:13
Kalmicpdf_dude: That one, I have no clue :(04:13
Random832it's dead in +1, and i didn't download another livecd to try it with - is alps touchpads not working a known issue?04:13
roasted_I'm running Ubuntu desktop with DHCP services. How do I change the IP range of the DHCP pool?04:13
Oooopswhy each user can only use one pamusb device.04:13
Loshkibullgard: then it's probably your end of the chat connection. It should go away if you close chatzilla...04:14
pdf_dudeDatz: no you add "export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano" to your ~/.bashrc04:14
adventure__drobole, no, I don't think this computer is configured with a root login04:14
macoroasted_: i'd ask in #ubuntu-server since you're talking about a dhcp server, even if it's running on something with a gui04:14
roasted_I did :/04:14
KalmicDatz: woah; Nah, just put the 'export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano' then run the command 'source .bashrc' (or restart the terminal) then you can run crontab -e and it should open in nano.04:14
bullgardLoshki:  Who owns the address Can the program chatzilla own an IP address?04:14
Datzpdf_dude: ok, sorry I didn't see .bashrc for some treason04:14
DatzKalmic: great thanks04:15
Yadirai updated my ubuntu and i dont have the sound pannel rythmbox controler,,how can i get it ?04:15
adventure__bullgard, 192.* is a local ip address04:15
pdf_dudeKalmic: tks :) learned some stuff with u04:15
droboleadventure__:  you could look at the xorg.conf file and see what modes and drivers it tries to load04:15
Kalmicpdf_dude: No problem; I'm actually surprised I could answer those.04:15
pdf_dudeKalmic: if i want that to every user I edit /etc/bash.bashrc right?04:16
adventure__drobole, apparently my xorg.conf file is now empty. let me see if i have a backup04:16
bullgardadventure__: Yes I know. But this is not enough to answer the question: "Who owns the address"04:16
kieppiehi guys. I'm looking for details on kernel versions: server, generic, virtual, preempt. where an I find details & differences re each?04:16
Oooopshi, does anyone use pamusb here. I feel strange that why each user can only use one pamusb device.04:16
Kalmicpdf_dude: I'm actualy not sure what takes precidence in that case. However that seems like it should work.04:16
DatzKalmic: great that worked. thanks.04:16
trollboyso my machine rebooted by itself 3 times today... usually while screensaver is kicking on.. is there a log somewhere I can check out04:17
adventure__drobole, yeah, it's empty and i didn't make a backup. I thought that `sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ` would create a new file from a template. apparently not in ubuntu 10.1004:17
Kalmicdatz: No problem.04:17
macotrollboy: /var/log has many ... i recommend syslog or messages04:17
pdf_dudeKalmic: shell language is in french how can I change it04:17
Yadirahow can i install the sound control menu for rythmbox,i updated from 9.4 to 10.4 LTS just because of that feature04:17
=== lance_ is now known as Guest3332
Abhijit!kernel | kieppie04:17
ubottukieppie: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages04:17
pdf_dudeKalmic: nano is in french!04:18
droboleadventure__:  http://pastebin.com/dz3aCvQU04:18
adventure__bullgard, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?04:18
Kalmicpdf_dude: Quick google found:http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/red-hat-31/change-language-450869/#post2274163 I don't know what string you should use to change to anything but english.04:18
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
adventure__drobole, hah it would be nice if i could copy and paste, but the computer i'm talking about is beside me04:19
Loshkibullgard: What is *your* local network address?04:19
Kalmicpdf_dude: You should be able to put that export into .bashrc (or maybe .bash_profile I always forget).04:19
adventure__drobole, let me type that in04:19
kieppiethanks for the explanaition, Abhijit, & would be great if I didn't know what a kernel was or how to compile one, but that does not answer my question04:19
mechanisthuh, this is very funny: the program GpartEd sees correctly all my partitions, but when I want to install Ubuntu, the installation manager in the desktop doesn't see anyone04:20
Abhijitkieppie, nvm then ignore it04:20
droboleadventure__:  might have to change "nvidia" if you dont have that driver loaded. (lsmod | grep nvidia)04:20
kieppieAbhijit: no details or docco's provided re virtual or preamp options available @ boot. Ihave a pretty decent idea what server & generic are04:21
trollboymaco, alas I'm unsure of the exact time of reboot.. as it happens while I'm smoking a cigarette, going to the bathroom, answering the door, etc04:21
=== koolhead17|afk is now known as koolhead17
adventure__drobole, by golly, it worked!04:21
droboleadventure__:  awsome04:22
droboleadventure__: unix is your friend :D04:22
trollboymaco, Mar  8 18:00:50 trollboy-desktop kernel: [510674.515527] hub 8-0:1.0: port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...  (does this looking bad?)04:23
mechanistguys, someone can help me? I need to find out what doesn't work04:23
trollboyits the only gap in the log...04:23
macotrollboy: no, looks like you unplugged a usb thumb drive04:23
adventure__drobole, thanks for your help, bud04:23
droboleadventure__: yw04:23
macotrollboy: a new boot makes a new dmesg04:24
trollboymaco, I didn't04:24
Loshkibullgard: I don't know why it says Or why it says MD97600:46747 for that matter. Does it make any difference if you run lsof with the -n flag?04:24
=== Guest2350 is now known as DarkDevil
mechanistthe program GpartEd sees correctly all my partitions, but when I want to install Ubuntu, the installation manager in the desktop doesn't see anyone04:25
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest93952
Scunizimechanist: how many partitions do you have?04:25
ruanmechanist: of what filesystem are the partitions?04:26
mechanistthree ntfs and one ext404:26
Scunizimechanist: are they all for windows or did you create partiitons for the install of ubuntu?04:26
mechanistI got one ext404:26
trollboymaco, I'm reading syslog not dmesg..04:26
Wingatehi !04:27
Wingatefor those who have sleep this night04:27
Scunizimechanist: with 4 primary partitions you've reached the max.. to get more you need to delete one (maybe ext4 if it's large enough) and recreate it as an extended partiiton.. then you can add multiple partitions below that for the install.. ubuntu takes a minimum of 2 partitons to install04:27
Wingatewhath's new ?04:28
adam__hello is this where i can get help with ubuntu?04:28
Yadirai need to see my rythmbox in indicator applet not on notification area,,is the reason why I updated to 10.4 LTS04:28
Nisstyreadam__, /topic04:28
Yadiraadam__, yes04:28
mechanistScunizi: excuse me for the dummy question, but how do you know that mine are all primary partitions?04:28
adam__ok, thanks, i need help, i have a built in microphone into my laptop and i cannot figure out how to get it working04:29
bullgardLoshki: Do you mean this? '~$ lsof -n | grep ircd; firefox-b 2425      detlef   92u     IPv4     107456      0t0        TCP> (ESTABLISHED)"04:29
djdojosHow do you add a user if you dont want to log in as root?04:30
Yadiraadam__,  i had the same issue and i installed pulse audio equalizer and then configure mic and work grate fot me04:30
mechanistScunizi: another thing: it's strange that Windows Seven neither sees my hard drive......04:31
adam__ok thanks i will try it04:31
ActionParsnipdjdojos: use sudo adduser name04:31
mechanistpardon: the seven's installation program04:31
kieppie1hi guys. I'm looking for details on kernel versions: server, generic, virtual, preempt. where an I find details & differences re each?04:31
Yadirai choose to upgrade because i like eyecandy and im not getting what i see on the ubuntu page about rythmbox04:32
Scunizimechanist: most people mentioning that they have 4 partitions typically have primary partitions.. if they know about extended partitions they know enough to mention that.  I can't explain win7 .. except it won't see the ext4 partition04:32
Wingatesorry, but do you know a PHP channel for me ?04:32
=== thurston_m is now known as thurston
syrinx_Wingate: #php?04:32
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo04:32
Wingatenot work04:33
syrinx_theres 400 people in #php04:33
viler. /j #php04:33
vilerwithout the ?04:33
vileroh it's invite only.04:33
pdf_dudeayone here uses viewnior?04:34
mechanistScunizi: ok, but in theorical line, would you assure me that, if Gparted sees all my partitions, ubuntu is installable on my hard drive?04:34
=== miketomdool is now known as _mike__
Yadiramy upgrade from ubuntu 9.4 to 10.4 left some features bejind,,,how can i get this features ?04:34
arlanderanyone: I need to connect to windows machine to reset one of account's password, the only way I can access the windows machine is using ubuntu, no remote desktop, no kde/gnome, I need help with commands that can help me to connect to windows machine remotely using administrator account to change password for user-x04:35
Loshkibullgard: ok, that helps. I can't remember how tcp reports the address of endpoint connections, but I'm pretty sure you're seeing the remote's ip address as it appears on the remote machine (e.g. behind a NAT router)04:35
Scunizimechanist: no.. because you only have one ext4 partition.. you need one ext4 or 3 and one /swap.. swap can be anywhere between 1gig and up..04:35
LeifDoes anyone know where flash videos are stored while being buffered?04:35
syrinx_arlander: you could try to telnet into it04:35
ruanLeif: depends on the browser04:35
shcherbakarlander: telnet?04:35
Leifruan, Okay, with chromium.04:35
madpropsthat was ivpn by using gsick by google04:36
Scunizimechanist: if it doesn't see you drive at all then that is strange.. is it a ssd? or standard HD (sata/pata)04:36
MeanEYEYadira: my guess is clean install. :/ But that's just a guess04:36
Leifruan, I'm using the daily builds, are you saying firefox would save it in the /tmp directory?04:36
arlanderI tried telnet using port 389, success but not sure what commands to use04:36
ruanLeif: firefox stores it in the cache04:36
YadiraMeanEYE, i will lost mu movies and song,,,that never04:36
syrinx_default telnet port is 23 i believe04:36
ruanLeif: not sure about chromium04:36
ActionParsnipLeif: there are addons for browsers and apps like youtube-dl to pull them down04:36
MeanEYELeif: ~/.cache/google-chrome/Media Cache I suppose04:36
LeifMeanEYE, Ah, okay, thanks04:37
LeifActionParsnip, It's not a youtube video, but thanks anyway. :)04:37
ruanalso cacheviewer for firefox04:37
Leifruan, Okay, thanks.04:37
Yadirabut how can i upgrade to a new vertion and miss OS componets04:37
MeanEYEYadira: am not quite sure about how you can get all the features and avoid installing system all over.04:37
mechanistit's a sata1, but listen: when I told "theorically line" I meant if it is possible just to install on my hard drive, not depending on what operations I have to do04:37
mechanistScunizi: it's a sata1, but listen: when I told "theorically line" I meant if it is possible just to install on my hard drive, not depending on what operations I have to do04:38
ruanYadira: which features were left behind?04:38
Scunizimechanist: if it runs in the "live cd" mode then yes.. it should install.. in some instances you need the "alternate" install cd instead of the live cd..04:38
YadiraMeanEYE, i be ok with the rythmbox on panel and not on indicator04:38
mechanistScunizi: that is: creating new partitions I really will be able to install, evend having found this issue?04:38
Yadirais not displayng the rythmbox controls on the volume icon on panel04:38
MeanEYEYadira: if it's only panel things missing, all you need to do is reset panel to its default settings04:39
Scunizimechanist: should be able to.  Is this going to be a dual boot system?04:39
Wingatehow can i sign in whit my registered nick ?04:39
bullgardLoshki: Inputting "" into the address line of my Firefox will show the website of "Aceldama Systems". A rather mysterious enterprise which I certainly did not want to communicate with.04:39
MeanEYEWingate: on IRC?04:39
arlanderif I telnet to default port, connection refused04:39
Wingateyes on IRC04:39
YadiraMeanEYE, but i havnt make any changes04:39
mechanistScunizi: nope, at the moment. I just need of ubuntu. So the maximum is four partitions??04:39
MeanEYEWingate: /msg nickserv help04:39
YadiraMeanEYE, it is as default04:39
MeanEYEYadira: but those are your settings from previous installation04:40
Logan_!identify > Wingate04:40
ubottuWingate, please see my private message04:40
Scunizimechanist: unless one of the 4 is changed to an extended partition.. which is kindof like a place holder where you can create more partitions within the extended partition04:40
Wingatethank you ubottu :)04:40
YadiraMeanEYE, i see where u coming from,,,how can i refres panel ?04:40
sougata_Leif, enter about:cache?device=disk in the firefox window , then find *.swf files :-)04:40
ruanLeif: also, flv04:41
mechanistScunizi: I can create two extended partitions instead of that ext4 one?04:41
MeanEYEYadira: I don't have the command at hand. Maybe someone else has it... he needs to reset panel settings04:41
Scunizimechanist: you don't need 2 extended partitions. just one.. then you create 2 partitions within the extended partition.. one ext4 or 3 and the other /swap04:42
drttI plugged in my external usb sata hd, and it says it found new hardware and is ready to be used... but I cannot seem to find where to open it in "my computer" or anything04:42
Leifsubone, ruan Cool, thanks.  (I'm currently digging through the cache now...)04:42
ActionParsnipdrtt: is that in windows?04:42
mechanistScunizi: ok, stay tuned, now I try it04:42
MeanEYEdrtt: that sounds like windows message :)04:42
adam__i am still having trouble getting my microphone to work, i am still new to this04:43
drtthaha, yes, but the thing is, it has linux on it04:43
Loshkibullgard: sorry, you've reached the limits of my knowledge about this stuff...04:43
Yadiracan someone be kind and tell me the panel refresh command04:43
ayakaI try to install nvidia driver(run file),but it need source file,I have unpack it,I tell run file,but still erro04:43
drttand windows wont read it04:43
MasterUanyone using natty?04:43
MeanEYEdrtt: windows doesn't support ext partitions04:43
drttI want to totally format this hd04:43
MeanEYEdrtt: natively :)04:43
ActionParsnipMasterU: I am but its offtopic here, ask about natty in #ubuntu+104:43
bullgardLoshki: Thank you very much for your help.04:43
mechanistScunizi: lol, the menu has only the primary enabled....04:43
Leifsubone, ruan Thanks, I found what I was looking for. :)04:43
MasterUthanks ActionParsnip04:44
ActionParsnipdrtt: windows is too native and cannot read or write ext4 or ext3. with software it can read ext204:44
MeanEYEdrtt: in Control Panel -> Administration -> Computer Management there's a drive manager or something like that... from there you can format that drive04:44
Scunizimechanist: you have to delete the ext4 partition. apply it and then recreate it as extended04:44
mechanistScunizi: maybe I can make 20 gigas primary and other 20 extended?04:44
Loshkibullgard: You're welcome. You always ask really interesting questions.04:44
Scunizimechanist: out of the ext4 partition?04:44
mechanistScunizi: I've already trid it04:44
ActionParsnipdrtt: if you want to format it then its a windows support issue and you will get help in ##windows04:44
mechanistScunizi:  yeah04:44
mechanistScunizi: but only primary is enabled04:45
skhow do I install the latest development releases for programs like wine and vlc? Is there a way to do this automatically through the Update Manager?04:45
Scunizimechanist: no.. because if it's 40 gigs and you try to split it into 20 primary and 20 extended then you're maxed with 4 primary partitions and it won't create an extended04:45
MeanEYEsk: one way is to compile the source, other is to get development ppa04:45
mechanistScunizi: let's see04:45
Scunizimechanist: delete the ext4 partition and make the whole thing extended04:46
mechanistScunizi: I've already tried to do it, that's what I'm trying to tell you04:46
abstrakthow do I check the postfix syslog on ubuntu?04:46
mechanistScunizi: but the Gparted's menu enables only primary04:46
Scunizimechanist: that's strange.. hang on04:46
MeanEYEabstrakt: all logs should be located in /var/log04:47
abstraktMeanEYE, postfix logs to "syslog" apparently04:47
roasted_I havent a 2nd PCI network card in my Ubuntu box, but ifconfig only shows LO and ETH0. Hmmmm?????????04:47
mechanistScunizi: trying to create two partitions04:47
abstraktMeanEYE, I was told to use grep -i `postconf -h syslog_facility` /etc/syslog.conf04:47
abstraktbut there is no /etc/syslog.conf04:47
skMeanEYE: thank you!04:48
pootietangsup peeps!04:48
ActionParsniproasted_: run: sudo lshw -C network   you wil see the chip, websearch for guides based on the nonfunctioning chip. It's not working as the default install doesn't have the driver for the chip. It's that simple.04:48
mechanistScunizi: funny as hell: both the partitions were created04:48
arlanderanyone: windows telnet server is no running, is there any way to connect via rpc, I just want to view one of the files on windows server, I have administrator account but no gnome/kde for remote desktop04:48
roasted_ActionParsnip, well I AM running Edubuntu as a DHCP server so I just wanted to check and see.04:48
Scunizimechanist: perhaps one of your other partitions is "extended"04:49
MeanEYEabstrakt: do you have /var/log/mail.log ?04:49
ActionParsniparlander: use rdesktop if remote logon is enabled04:49
sikilpaakehow do i associate a .sh file with the terminal?04:49
MeanEYEpootietang: :D nuthin04:49
ActionParsniproasted_: and see what?04:49
arlanderbut no gnoome/kde environment, its pure command line, will rdesktop work ?04:49
roasted_if it would work. I wasnt sure if edubuntu locks out additional cards by default or hwat04:49
roasted_ActionParsnip, ^04:49
mechanistScunizi: nope,  both here results primary... O_o04:49
Scunizimechanist: something is fishy here.04:50
mechanistScunizi: ok, both partitions, ext4 and swap, created. now I see if the installtion works04:50
mechanistScunizi: LOL, I think it too.04:50
ActionParsniproasted_: maybe not out of the box, but there may be drivers and you can certainly use ndiswrapper if necessary04:50
MeanEYEarlander: why not ssh in that case? am not sure if rdesktop will work04:50
Scuniziarlander: there is no desktop :)  .. ssh will work04:50
arlanderbut there is no ssh server running on windwos, I want to access windows command prompt from ubuntu04:51
mechanistScunizi: nothing, the installation program doesn't see my hard disk04:51
Scuniziarlander: and no gui on ubuntu?04:51
MeanEYEarlander: ooh, that... hm, then you'll need some desktop environment in order to use remote desktop application, or setup ssh on windows if you can04:52
mechanisti'm going mad04:52
roasted_ActionParsnip, I have another PCI LAN card here of a different brand. trying that quick.04:52
ceoany body need help please pm me kekeke04:52
MeanEYEceo: ask :D04:52
sougata_sikilpaake, what is that you exactly want04:52
arlandernopes, it's server, and I havent installed any desktop environ04:52
ActionParsniproasted_: you can make sub interfaces you know04:52
ceokekekek MeanEYE thanks no ask on this day04:52
Scunizimechanist: sorry I don't have any other answers for you.. perhaps someone else will chime in.04:52
Logan_!pm | ceo04:52
ubottuceo: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:52
sikilpaakesougata_: double click a script.sh file and have it run the script04:52
ActionParsniproasted_: you can have one interfaces with 2 IP addresses04:52
mechanistScunizi: ok, thank you anyway04:52
sikilpaakesougata_: thanks for helping me out04:53
roasted_ActionParsnip, look at you being a genius. eth2 is here now.04:53
roasted_ActionParsnip, lol really?04:53
roasted_ActionParsnip, hows that work04:53
MeanEYEarlander: do you have access to windows machine?04:53
ActionParsniproasted_: its a software thing. You can do it in Cisco switches too04:53
MeanEYEceo: lol sorry, I thought you needed help :P04:53
arlanderMeanEYE: I cant access windows machine directly, ubuntu server is the only way, actually I am working remotely, and I have only access to ubuntu ssh04:53
ActionParsniproasted_: you'd have eth0.0 and eth0.104:53
ceoMeanEYE, can i h elp you04:54
ActionParsniproasted_: obviously it makes the port get used more so goes slower04:54
MeanEYEarlander: which services does windows machine has installed04:54
MeanEYEceo: nope, thank you :D am good04:54
ceoMeanEYE, what you prblem04:54
roasted_ActionParsnip, this is in the network interface file right04:54
ceooke MeanEYE welcome04:54
arlanderMeanEYE: DNS, AD, Port 389 is open04:54
ActionParsniproasted_: http://www.wantlinux.net/2009/04/ubuntu-subinterfaces/04:54
ceooke say back :)04:55
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ceohelp open for all body just call me.!04:56
=== EP is now known as LP_
roasted_ActionParsnip, if I want the sub interface to be DHCP, what do I do when I need to assign it an IP?04:56
ceoActionParsnip, what up my bro04:56
MeanEYEarlander: one thing that comes to mind is to create ssh tunnel for remote desktop and then connect from some machine that actually has graphical environment04:56
arlanderMeanEYE: might work04:57
tkoodawhat package version should I use if I want to produce a patched version of say "3.2-0ubuntu18"?  -I'm trying to append stuff like "3.2-0ubuntu18.me1" and "3.2-0ubuntu18~me1" but neither the ".me1" or "~me1" seem to take preceidence over the absence of chars after the original "3.2-0ubuntu18".   -any ideas?04:57
mikeruWhere is vmlinuz on a USB startup disk?04:58
MeanEYEmikeru: /boot probably04:58
mikeruThe /vmlinuz symlink is broken04:58
mikeruIts not on /boot04:58
mikeruI need to install lvm204:59
mikeruI want to de-lvmize my partitions :)04:59
SudoKingis it possible yet to install oneiric?05:02
sougata_sikilpaake, create a launcher05:02
sikilpaakesougata_: how?05:02
sougata_right click05:02
sikilpaakesougata_: open with?05:03
sikilpaakesougata_: simply "terminal"?05:03
sacarlsonmikeru: ok so we should be able to do that with a liveusb I would think05:03
sikilpaakesougata_: how can i disassociate a file?05:03
mikerusacarlson: .?05:03
Logan_!oneiric | SudoKing05:03
ubottuSudoKing: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=64605:03
sougata_sikilpaake, I am not sure what is the requirement05:04
sikilpaakesougata_:  Could not find 'terminal' <-- says ubuntu05:04
SudoKingLogan_: i am aware... i want to know if there's a dev release05:04
sougata_right click on desktop05:04
Logan_!zh | sgl102205:04
ubottusgl1022: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk05:04
sougata_choose create launcher05:04
sacarlsonmikeru: de-lvm you system?  you will need to create a disk with none lvm and copy the files to that05:04
sikilpaakesougata_: i tried "gnome-terminal", but it doesn't work05:04
mikeruMy external HD05:04
sikilpaakesougata_: ok, got it, lemme try that way :)05:04
giikerHi everyone, just got an error from my remote box saying that the RSA host key has been changed, I did not make any changes to my remote box, could it be that Host RSA keys are changed after a reboot?05:04
mikeruI just resized its hfs partitioon05:05
sougata_sikilpaake, :-)05:05
mikeruCreated a ext4 one05:05
pdf_dudeis there ny big difference between sudo bash and sudo -i ?05:05
mikeru!zh | sgl102205:05
ubottusgl1022: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk05:05
giikeralso, I have some kind of Web remote access to the remote box, and everything seems fine!!05:05
sacarlsonmikeru: oh I guess I'm not sure what you want you can have ext4 on lvm05:06
mikerusacarlson: ? I want to copy all my diles from my partitions on my lvm to my external hd05:06
mikeruI want to insall lvm205:06
theprototypeCan anyone tell me how to properly install Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on to a USB external HDD ? Last time i installed BT4 it messed with GRUB on my internal HDD and would not allow me to boot in to ubuntu, only Win7. Do i have to put the /boot point on the external somewhere? im a newb...05:07
mikeruI cant because package watershed and initramfs-tools cant find vmlinuz05:07
sgl1022thanks you05:07
suowhere is here?05:07
sao-vikingthe drum05:07
kieppie1!linux-server !linux-generic !linux-virtual !linux-preempt05:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:07
sao-vikinghere is my face05:07
sacarlsonmikeru: ok the just sudo cp -a /root/of/sorce/mount/  /root/of/destination/moun/  and that will be done.  do you know how to mount partitions?05:08
sao-vikingno but i can hack a wap network05:08
sougata_sikilpaake, if you want to ensure that your shell script is being called add a " read xyz " in the last line , to ensure its working05:08
mikerusacarlson: Ummm... I can't mount them because lvm2 isnt installed05:09
sougata_sikilpaake, for debug purpose, and remove it later05:09
sikilpaakei'm going to try to associate it with "xterm" instead of "terminal"..05:09
sacarlsonmikeru: the disk is already in lvm2 format?05:09
sikilpaakesougata_: good idea05:09
mikerusacarlson: Yeah05:09
sao-vikinggo to The gui and unmount θen reboot05:09
sikilpaakesougata_: i'm going to try to associate it with "xterm" instead of "terminal"..05:09
jack_^mikeru, get a fedora live CD. it comes wiht LVM>05:09
mikerujack_^: I think ill just use the live cd05:10
sacarlsonmikeru: also the livecd iso for alternate adition has the lvm stuf built in05:10
sao-vikingdownload back track05:10
theprototypeCan anyone tell me how to properly install Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on to a USB external HDD ? Last time i installed BT4 it messed with GRUB on my internal HDD and would not allow me to boot in to ubuntu, only Win7. Do i have to put the /boot point on the external somewhere? im a newb but not a big one05:10
mikeruFor some reason on read only media i can install lvm2 even if temporarily yet on a usb rw i cant05:11
sacarlsonmikeru: but I think you can install the needed packages on that live session to do the job, I'll find the packages05:11
sao-vikinguse a little program called05:11
mikerusacarlson: I know the packages. They wont install because vmlinuz is not accessible from usb05:11
mikeruYet they are on the CD05:12
exxtremetheprototype..install ubuntu AND grub to your external partition05:12
sacarlsonmikeru: ok try the alternate adition then05:12
mikerusacarlson: Im using the desktop one05:12
sao-vikingyou get a program θat downloads any linux verː and mounts on usb or so on05:12
mikeruIt works05:12
mikeruThe desktop live cd05:12
exxtremei use a little trick of installing grub1 to mbr and chainloading ubuntu/grub2 on the partition.  I tend to liike grub1 better.05:13
mikeruIve already booted it05:13
theprototypeexxtreme using the "Advanced" option, correct?05:13
sao-vikingtell you what is just now05:13
sacarlsonmikeru: yes I understand but desktop live kernel seems to not have the needed stuf05:13
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sao-vikingget back track05:13
mikerusacarlson: Ive already installed it,05:13
sao-vikingget back track05:13
sao-vikingget back track05:13
FloodBot1sao-viking: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
mikerusacarlson: Ive already done this before. I just tried to do it from the usb startup disk, but apparently thats not possible05:14
sacarlsonmikeru: funny this link says it can be done http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem05:14
arlanderno choice but to isntall gnome, security concerns, will remove it later, lol05:15
pdf_dudehow do I list modules in use?05:15
jordan__hi, need help with installing an antivirus for ubuntu05:16
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:16
jordan__tried clamav but i guess im not doing it right05:16
kieppie1ubottu: BS05:16
mikerusacarlson: Are you not reading or are you trolling me? I've already told you I have done it before on the CD05:16
exxtremeclamscan is the executable: console:  clamscan --help05:16
jordan__i looked in the repository for clamtk but didnt see it05:16
pdf_dudejordan__: what do you mean with "im not doing it right"05:17
pdf_dudejordan__: you need to download it05:17
mikeruI was trying to do it on the USB, and it doesn't work as vmlinuz is I don't know where05:17
jordan__pdf_dude,  i mean that i prob did not install it correctly05:17
sacarlsonmikeru: and this line sudo apt-get install lvm2  gives you that error?05:17
mikerusacarlson: Cant stat /vmlinuz05:18
drobolepdf_dude: lsmod05:18
jordan__pdf_dude, such as in the manor offfffff.......05:18
pdf_dudejordan__: http://sourceforge.net/projects/clamtk/files/ClamTk/4.31/clamtk_4.31-1_all.deb/download05:18
mikeruAnd its not on /boot05:18
exxtrememikeru: firstly, do a file search for vmlinuz. If you can't find it, copy it from the .iso image05:18
pdf_dudejordan__: and you add the PPA to the repositories to update clamtk05:18
paranoiaki have problems with my microfone, the microfone is built-in my webcam its microsoft lifecam vx-1000. the webcam works fine, but why not the microphone??05:18
mikerulocate told me its on /boot05:18
mikeruIts  nit theree05:19
mikeruWhatever im already on the live cd I don't care anymore thank you05:19
jordan__pdf_dude, i just downloaded it , whats next05:20
pdf_dudejordan__: open it05:20
ActionParsnipparanoiak: if you run: alsamixer   are all levels cranked and unmuted. You may also want to head into sound prefs and set the webcam mic as the system mic05:20
pdf_dudeand install05:20
pdf_dudejordan__: take a read http://clamtk.sourceforge.net/05:20
jordan__pdf_dude, by just double clicking it?05:20
jordan__pdf_dude,  yeah before installing the xchat to get here, i was on the site05:20
pdf_dudejordan__: yes byw clamtk is the gui for clamav05:21
jordan__pdf_dude, trying to figure out how to install it and whanot05:21
pdf_dudejordan__: it will open in software center05:21
pdf_dudethen hit install05:21
jordan__pdf_dude,  is this msg bad "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clamav/ppa/ubuntu hardy main"05:21
jordan__wait wrong one05:21
pdf_dudejordan__: are you using hardy?05:22
jordan__pdf_dude,  got a msg saying something like dependency is not satisfiable05:22
pdf_dudeand what is the depedency05:22
jordan__is hardy 10.1005:22
pdf_dudejordan__: hardy is not 10.1005:22
pdf_dude10.10 is maverick05:23
jordan__pdf_dude,  oh then no05:23
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101005:23
trickhey guys how do i install the chromium web browser?05:23
jordan__pdf_dude,  i am running 10.10 32 bit live05:23
trickive installed 'chrome' but it's busted (video playback is weird, all colors are red) so i'd like to try chromium instead05:23
pdf_dudetrick: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser05:24
pdf_dudetrick: you want chromium or google chroem?05:24
paranoiakActionParsnip: i just ran that command but dident understand what to do there?? also my webcam IS chosed as the microphone.... :S05:24
pdf_dudeok jordan__05:24
trickpdf_dude: thanks, in your experience does it perform better than chrome?05:24
pdf_dudetrick: i never used chromium just chrome05:24
trickpdf_dude: i would like to use chrome, but (1) flash video playback is busted -- all the colors are red (2) flash video playback is more choppy than in firefox05:25
trickpdf_dude: if you can tell me how to fix those problems, i'd stick with chrome05:25
dirtydevil my laptop's webcam  is not working , can anybody help? I am using lucid05:25
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pdf_dudetrick: you need to download it from here http://www.google.com/chrome05:25
trickpdf_dude: that's where i got it from05:26
trickpdf_dude: but as i juts SAID (READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the flash video playback is busted05:26
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ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:26
z0rkHey guys, I'm going to install ubuntu directly on a flash drive and I don't want to boot up into a live session. I have a 8gb drive. What filesystem should I use? ext3 or ext4?05:26
pdf_dudeolV: /quit05:26
trickpdf_dude: what country are you from05:26
pdf_dudez0rk: i'd go with ext4 ..05:26
pdf_dudetrick: /whois pdf_dude05:27
pdf_dudetrick: maybe ur problem is flash you should uninstall it05:27
z0rkcool, thanks.05:27
trickpdf_dude: lol portugal05:27
MeanEYEtrick: in about:flash there are some options that might help with performance... but other than that, flash is just bad software, nothing to do with google05:27
italici'm trying to find a package for the "mean" dictionary program. any ideas? google fails me05:28
MeanEYEtrick: about:flags *05:28
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: trick: there is the mms.cfg file which can help05:28
trickMeanEYE: but flash works fine in firefox, it's just busted in chrome05:28
ActionParsnipitalic: dpkg -S mean | less05:28
pdf_dudeMeanEYE: doesnt work05:28
sikilpaakesougata_: Edit -> Preferences -> Behavior Tab -> Executable Text Files05:28
MeanEYEpdf_dude: gah, either way I've gave up on adobe long time ago... where I can play html5 great otherwise I just suffer05:29
pdf_dudetrick: my flash is sucking in firefox but it's fine in chrome lol.05:29
pdf_dudeMeanEYE: id like to know that 205:29
MeanEYEtrick: ff uses plugins while chrome has it embeded... using chromium might help but not sure05:29
trickpdf_dude: just talk in portugese we all knwo you have trouble with english LOL05:29
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: trick: sudo mkdir /etc/adobe; echo "OverrideGPUValidation=true" | sudo tee /etc/adobe/mms.cfg05:29
pdf_dudetrick: i dont05:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:29
jordan__pdf_dude, any idea what to do after the download and get that msg05:29
italicActionParsnip: no dice. apt-cache search doesn't turn it up either. it may not be in the repo i guess05:30
sougata_sikilpaake, is it working :-)05:30
sikilpaakesougata_: yes!05:30
sougata_sikilpaake, cool05:30
ActionParsnipitalic: could try apt-file05:30
sikilpaakesougata_: thanks for everything ;-)05:30
sougata_sikilpaake, yw05:31
trickhey guys, how come everytime i plug in my headphones my 'speaker' volume goes to zero, so that when i unplug my headphones i hvae to always make the speaker volume louder again?05:31
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: trick: can also add: http://pastie.org/1650225 to /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:31
MikeChelentrick: are they usb headphones?05:31
pdf_dudejordan__: sudo apt-get install clamav05:31
trickMikeChelen: no michael, they are not05:31
pdf_dudejordan__: then install clamtk05:31
MeanEYEActionParsnip: thanks :)... but I don't want to cripple my OS just so I could fix adobes problems. :) Am not that dependant on flash.05:31
italicwhat an unsearchable name for a program05:31
ActionParsniptrick: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh05:31
MikeChelentrick: hmm then idk D:05:31
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: its not crippling it05:32
MikeChelentrick: check the advanced controls and see if any devices are getting switched around?05:32
MeanEYEActionParsnip: I know, just saying... I don't want to do anything to fix problems they are suppose to05:32
jordan__pdf_dude,  "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:32
MikeChelentrick: did you install jack or make any other sound changes05:32
paranoiaki have problems with my microfone, the microfone is built-in my webcam its microsoft lifecam vx-1000. the webcam works fine, but why not the microphone?? i have chosed the webcam as the microphone, and its not muted or anything...05:32
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: fair point, that is different though :D05:32
ActionParsniptrick: select to upload to the site and provide the red url here05:33
pdf_dudejordan__: close ubuntu software window05:34
MikeChelenparanoiak: adjust input volume?05:34
MeanEYEActionParsnip: :)... I did a lot of flash programming some time ago. One time I saw drawing of simple circle took a huge chunk of my CPU. I thought I made a mistake somewhere. Turns out, Adobe just doesn't care about Linux users. Same Flash worked on windows on slower maching with far less CPU usage.05:34
pdf_dudejordan__: and synaptic if you have it opened05:34
pdf_dudejordan__: then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install clamav05:34
pdf_dudethen install clamtk05:34
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: theres lightspark too :)05:34
MeanEYEActionParsnip: that day I swore never to touch that stuff again...05:35
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: runs ok here but my OS is teaked to the hills05:35
paranoiakMikeChelen: i have done that, thats what i meant about "its not muted"05:35
jordan__pdf_dude, the first cmd ran fine but got this when installing clamtk "E: Unable to locate package clamtk"05:36
MeanEYEActionParsnip: runs ok here as well... I use it to watch anime here and there and youtube mostly playes html5 :) so am good05:36
pdf_dudejordan__: it's not clamtk it's clamav05:36
MikeChelenparanoiak: there is no movement on "input level" even with "input volume" set to max?05:36
trickwhich is better chrome or chromium?05:36
MikeChelen!better | trick05:36
ubottutrick: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:36
jordan__pdf_dude,  i loked at one of ur replys from a while ago my bad05:36
paranoiakMikeChelen: not moving at all05:36
MikeChelentrick: better for what?05:36
pdf_dudejordan__: then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install clamav05:36
MeanEYEtrick: chrome is based on chromium, difference is, chrome has propriatary plugins and stuff05:36
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: could use minitube, don't need flash for that05:37
MikeChelenparanoiak: tested the webcam on other comps?05:37
ActionParsniptrick: chromium also has fewer tracking stuffs in05:37
MeanEYEActionParsnip: you know, I tried that... but somehow that thing always fail to play videos. :/05:37
pdf_dudewow radio tray program is great05:37
trickMikeChelen: ubottu seems like a bit of a dick, just regurgitating meaningless platitudes as if they were insightful or interesting05:37
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: dang05:37
MeanEYEActionParsnip: weird thing is, different machines, different versions, different os versions... and never managed to play it :D05:38
JdGordonwhat do i need to fiddle with to get both my eth devices to show up? only eth0 is being found?05:38
regeyaubottu almost seems like some sort of drone, or a robot05:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:38
paranoiakMikeChelen: yes even talked with it on a windows machine earlier today, so i know its not broken, and the webcam works on here too, just not the microphone05:38
JdGordondmesg clearly shows both though05:38
MikeChelentrick: the same type of questions get asked repeatedly, and there is no way to answer05:38
MeanEYEJdGordon: ifconfig -a, your device might not be activated05:38
jordan__pdf_dude, cool its unpacking some mess right now05:38
MikeChelenparanoiak: do other mics work ok?05:38
MeanEYEJdGordon: if it's listed there... then ifconfig eth1 up (for example)05:39
trickMikeChelen: sure, there's HEAPS of criteria upon which to make a judgement, namely in the same sense you judge internet explorer versus firefox versus chrome. Magazines do these kind of comparisons all the time, and tehy are far from meaningless05:39
jordan__pdf_dude, k its done05:39
pdf_dudejordan__: it's downloading the packages and then it extracts and install it05:39
paranoiakMikeChelen: i dont have other microphones.....05:39
pdf_dudejordan__: now open clamtk.deb05:39
pdf_dudein software center05:39
JdGordonMeanEYE: ok thanks... as soon as gnome starts responding again i'll try it05:39
trickMikeChelen: so dont feed me that 'everything is equal' and 'there's no way to judge' bs, it's nothing than cliche05:39
jordan__pdf_dude, clamtk.deb: command not found05:39
MeanEYEJdGordon: lol, np :D05:39
ActionParsnippdf_dude: theres a ppa for latest clamav defs and engine05:39
jordan__whats a ppa05:40
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.05:40
JdGordonMeanEYE: if that does fix it, how do i get that to work on boot?05:40
MikeChelentrick: let us know what you are looking for and then we can make a better recommendation05:40
ActionParsnipjordan__: its a 3rd party repo, often they have later versions than the ubuntu repos05:41
trickMikeChelen: im like everyone else here, im just trying to organize domestic family life for myself, before i trip over an ant hill and fall down to the ground and to my grave05:41
MikeChelenparanoiak: you might want to check into pulseaudio or alsa troubleshooting depending what is installed on your system05:41
MeanEYEJdGordon: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html05:41
MikeChelentrick: haha!05:41
jordan__pdf_dude, gotcha, i entered just clamtk and it said it wasnt installed so i did the cmd to install it05:41
jordan__apt-get install clamtk05:42
MeanEYEJdGordon: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces file but you should just use network manager if you have gnome installed05:42
JdGordonMeanEYE: ah dammit... ifconfig -a was enough... i was trying to bring up the wrong device name :/05:42
ActionParsnipjordan__: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade   will give you the latest clamav with defs and engine05:42
MeanEYEJdGordon: glad you solved it :D05:42
* JdGordon feels silly05:42
MeanEYEJdGordon: no problemo :)... happy to help05:42
jordan__pdf_dude,  can i enter all of that on one line05:43
jordan__or sep05:43
MikeChelentrick: we can all discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic :D05:43
pdf_dudejordan__: open the .deb file you downloaded from clamtk website and open it (software center!)05:44
trickpdf_dude: do you think you are the most boring person in this channel05:44
pdf_dude!troll | trick05:44
trickpdf_dude: constantly invoking little '!bot commands to make up for your lack in creativity and imagination?05:44
jordan__trick, i take it u dont like pdf dude05:44
pdf_dude!rules | trick05:45
ubottutrick: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:45
eyesuckhello, Im working on an online bid type project and was wondering if anyone could give me advice, this is first time Ive worked on a site with anything more than basic contact form data etc... here is the code, what I want to happen is line 58 to call line 121 and create a bid object and relate it to the current auction..05:45
pdf_dudetrick: shut up and read the rules. respect other ppl05:45
trickpdf_dude: yeah keep your litlte '!help me bot im and idiot' going, one day you'll grow a personality05:45
pdf_dudeActionParsnip: +q trick05:45
eyesucka) im not sure if the args, kwargs of my method are correct05:45
jordan__trick, yes the bot crap is annoying but atleast you receive better help here then u would from microsft support in india, be greatful bro05:45
MeanEYEeyesuck: and this is related to ubuntu how?05:46
eyesuckah crap05:46
eyesuckthought this was django channel :x05:46
eyesuckmy bad05:46
pdf_dude!ot | eyesuck05:46
ubottueyesuck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:46
trickpdf_dude: wow im lucky this is just irc chat, so im not exposed to the full force of your bland personality as i would be in real life05:46
MeanEYEeyesuck: :) sorry I wish I had more experience with django...05:46
pdf_dudeActionParsnip: +b trick05:46
rwwpdf_dude: yes, that would be why they said "ah crap" ;)05:46
Peddytrick, you're trying too hard.05:46
trickpdf_dude: even the paint drying would get bored watching you05:46
rwwtrick, pdf_dude: Stop it.05:47
eyesuckme too :o05:47
trickpdf_dude: "!help_me !help_me"05:47
pdf_duderww: he started acting like a troll not me.05:47
rwwtrick, pdf_dude: Come back in 15 minutes.05:47
rwwpreferably with less annoying attitudes05:47
rwwand I'm getting tired of seeing telepac.pt hostnames in my action log.05:48
jordan__pdf_dude,  anyway, back toward people who appreciate the help, i see an install grayed out but not slectable05:48
jason_hello guys05:48
=== Fish is now known as Guest7985
jordan__rww, whats a telepac.pt05:49
jordan__sup jason05:49
paranoiaktake a look please http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170317705:49
Peddyparanoiak, is it you who posted that on the forums?05:50
jordan__rww, did u bump pdf dude outta here05:50
ActionParsnippdf_dude: whats +b trick?05:50
jason_Yo mate Im new to xchat and I wana ask something05:50
jordan__rww, if so he was trying to help me05:50
rwwActionParsnip: I think they thought you're a channel op.05:50
ActionParsniprww: nawww thad ain me :)05:50
rwwjordan__: hang around for about ten minutes, then.05:50
jason_Do you know how to set the variables of display brightness level?05:51
paranoiakPeddy: Yeah05:51
Peddyparanoiak, click on your volume icon > sound preferences > input05:51
Peddyparanoiak, and pick the webcam microphone.05:51
paranoiakPeddy: as u see i posted for 1 hour ago, and no answear... thats why i ask here if someone can take a look05:51
paranoiakPeddy: belive me i have done that05:51
jordan__is there a way to hit him up directly?05:51
Peddyparanoiak, does the microphone even show up? do the levels rise when you talk?05:52
Fish__hey, is there a way to make the Ubuntu gnome irc thing NOT automatically come here?05:53
paranoiakPeddy: yes the webcam shows up at the input, and its not muted or anything, and when i try to talk in the mic its not showing no movement05:53
PeddyFish__, is that xchat?05:53
jordan__rww, if pdf dude was booted could i still hit him up via a PM05:53
rwwjordan__: presumably05:53
overcluckerjordan__: as long as he hasn't left the network(rage quit)05:54
Peddyparanoiak, bizarre. I have the same webcam and it's working fine. You're sure nothing's muted, right?05:54
ActionParsnipFish__: disable autologon in your chosen client05:54
Fish__Peddy: ya it is05:54
paranoiakPeddy: yes.. did u install any drivers or did u just plug the webcam in and it worked?05:55
Peddyparanoiak, just worked05:55
Fish__ActionParsnip: i did that05:55
PeddyFish__, open the Xchat menu, click network list, find freenode, press edit, and remove #ubuntu from favourites05:55
ActionParsnipFish__: thats all I got personally, maybe others can help05:55
paranoiakPeddy: ok.. same here, just the microphone thats not working...05:55
Peddyparanoiak, could you give the output of dmesg when you plug the mic in?05:55
Peddythe cam*05:55
Fish__Peddy, i deleted freenode, i don't know how it can still come here05:56
halpbatmanjoin ubunto-beginners05:56
paranoiakPeddy: dmesg showed alot of text... what of it do u wanna see?05:56
Peddyparanoiak, can you tell which part is about the webcam? it should be the last 15 lines or so05:56
Peddyparanoiak, please pastebin.com them05:57
TanvirHello everyone, when I watched any video on youtube or any of this kind of sites, the video was automatically downloaded in my /temp directory, but now I cannot see them there. Where is those files gone?05:57
Fish__Peddy: i deleted freenode i don't know how it can still come here05:57
PeddyFish__, witch magic. Try moving ~/.xchat to ~/.xchat2, and then removing #ubuntu from favourites on freenode05:57
paranoiakPeddy: here: http://pastebin.com/LuNkncWA05:58
trickrww: pdf_dude is sending me offensive msgs in private05:58
trickpdf_dude: and he called you a p*ssy05:58
rwwtrick: then /ignore them. I don't care.05:58
ActionParsniptrick: put him/her on ignore05:58
trickyeah i will05:59
ActionParsniptrick: solves it on your own05:59
Peddyparanoiak, that's good. Could you also paste the 10 lines above where you started copying?05:59
trickActionParsnip: it puts the lotion on its skin05:59
Fish__Peddy: that sounds like alot of work that i don't know how to do but i'll take the small inconvenience for some occasional help05:59
Fish__Peddy: thanks anyway05:59
PeddyFish__, alrighty. just for knowledge, .xchat is a folder in your home directory that holds xchat configuration settings06:00
paranoiakPeddy: http://pastebin.com/e9zHgZQK06:00
\sharehello all06:00
jordan__hey, is pdf dude unbooted yet, aka, is he able to return yet06:00
pcyphercan someone please assist with an apache permissions issue?06:01
Peddyparanoiak, hmm. it seems to be loading the gspca driver OK, which is what I'm using too. I assume you've installed all updates?06:01
paranoiakPeddy: lately no..06:01
sacarlsonpcypher: that should be easy enuf06:01
MikeChelenpcypher: try #httpd ?06:01
paranoiakPeddy: should i install updates after i plugged in the webcam?06:01
pcypherMikeChelen: I did... silent room06:02
TanvirMikeChelen, can you help please?06:02
MikeChelen!repeat | Tanvir06:02
ubottuTanvir: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:02
Peddyparanoiak, it's worth a try. Are you on 10.10?06:02
paranoiakPeddy: searching if there is any new drivers now06:02
pcyphersacarlson: i cannot access any page after copying over a site I backed up06:02
paranoiakPeddy: yes, 10.1006:02
MeanEYEanyone has experience with MiniTube?06:02
pcyphersacarlson: i just rsynced the site to a remote drive and now cannot access any page06:03
MikeChelenpcypher: try to explain your question here and maybe some will know. also might try #ubuntu-server06:03
pcypherMikeChelen: Thank you.06:03
sacarlsonpcypher: ok maybe you need to look at who owns the file and change them and the permisions with chown and chmod  man those06:03
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: tiny bit06:03
Peddyparanoiak, are you used to working in the terminal?06:03
Fish__Peddy: and is there a way to get a custom server to work on empathy?06:03
smbhelpIf I have Samba 3.5.6 running on one machine and smbclient on another machine, shouldn't they be able to talk to each other and see the shares if the "security = SHARE" is set on the smb server?  When I open Places>Network>Workgroup I don't see anything (and the workgroup name is correct).  But from my Windows machines I can see the share and access it.06:03
pcyphersacarlson: the user name with ls -l is the same as it was before... maybe  a uid issue?06:03
paranoiakPeddy: just searched for new drivers, and updates, was nothing there06:03
sacarlsonpcypher: to see who own's them you can use ls -l06:03
MikeChelenpcypher: yeah what sacarlson says sounds right06:04
MeanEYEActionParsnip: it won't play selected video but, running it from console, I get Phonon error: "Cannot find demultiplexer plugin for MRL [file:///tmp/minitube-meaneye.mp4]" 206:04
paranoiakPeddy: no, i am not used to linux at all, have just tried it a little before, some years ago, just made fresh install on this computer today06:04
TanvirMikeChelen, thanks!06:04
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: minitube 1.4 is out but maverick repo only has 1.1 let me find a repo06:04
sacarlsonpcypher: well what is the username then,  and does that user exist on this new system?06:04
pcyphersacarlson: yes... the user does exist06:05
sacarlsonpcypher: if not you can create the missing user or change the user of all the files to one that does exist06:05
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/minitube; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade06:05
MeanEYEActionParsnip: hah, works now :) needed to remove sudo apt-get remove phonon-backend-xine06:05
Peddyparanoiak, unfortunately webcams are still quite difficult to get working (but it's improving!) on some machines.06:05
Peddyparanoiak, I've read up on it, and it seems that "the video and audio don't work at the same time because the video is opened before the audio and it takes all the USB bandwidth."06:06
sacarlsonpcypher: ok the user exists and what is the code for permisions on all or most of the files or the ones that can't be reached?06:06
paranoiakPeddy: but strange it works for u then and u have the same webcam06:06
sacarlsonpcypher: one other thing is if you put the files physicaly on a partition outside the apparrmor location that you have apache2 set at06:07
Peddyparanoiak, the mic works and video works, but not at the same time :/ it's the Lifecam thing, right06:07
pcyphersacarlson: this is the skinny... I set up lamp on my primary box... had cacti nagios, the whole 9. Then I tried learning backups and crons. Backed up the entire /var/www using rsync. DBAN'd the box, reimaged. then got 10.10 back up and running. then got virtualbox up, installed a 10.4 lts server set up lamp06:07
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: can you log a bug with 1.1 saying the 1.4 fixed it and it may get included :)06:07
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: in the default repos that is06:07
pcypherthen I rsynced the backups to /var/www on the vm06:07
MeanEYEActionParsnip: I did upgrade :)... didn't want to ask questions before I did that... I just needed to remove phonon xine package :D06:08
pcypherbefore copying over any files... lamp worked...06:08
paranoiakPeddy: yeah but my webcam is not using right now.. so shouldent audio work then? but i am getting no movement at the input adjustment?06:08
pcypherafter the copy,not at all06:08
Fish__can someone help me with the irc function of empathy?06:09
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: oic, ok log that so people know06:09
sacarlsonpcypher: so you put the right back to /var/www or did you just create a symbolic link to where you have the files?  if so is that in the apparmor location?06:09
Peddyparanoiak, I have no idea. We could try compiling the latest GSPCA from source code, if you're up to it06:10
MeanEYEActionParsnip: sudo apt-get remove phonon-backend-xine :)06:10
paranoiakPeddy: sure06:11
paranoiakPeddy: but i dont know what that is, GSPCA06:11
pcypherok... I think I might know whats going on here...06:11
pcyphergimme a sec06:11
Peddyparanoiak, it's the "driver" for your webcam. Please download this to your desktop: http://moinejf.free.fr/gspca-2.12.18.tar.gz06:11
sacarlsonpcypher: what does your apache2 configs point to?  and if /var/www  then what does this look like ls -l -d /var/www06:12
gewaldtest msg06:12
pcypherone sec... I work in a noc and shit is blowing up06:12
paranoiakPeddy: done06:12
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: log a bug and it lets the devs and such know06:13
MeanEYEthey already know06:13
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: cool06:13
Peddyparanoiak, OK, just for the record, how experienced are you with command line? can you navigate around places? extract tars?06:14
paranoiakPeddy: no never done it before06:14
djdojosafter i do adduser name and it creates a another user group how do i use the new user group i created?06:14
Peddyparanoiak, that's cool - let's PM.06:15
marekw2143hello, is there any good organiser for ubuntu?06:15
sikilpaakemarekw2143: what do you mean by "organizer"?06:15
marekw2143sikilpaake: a tool that will play some sound, when the lessons are soon :)06:16
sikilpaakemarekw2143: hmm06:16
MeanEYEmarekw2143: evolution has nice oranizer stuff, also google calendar is good (if you don't mind using it)06:16
marekw2143MeanEYE: I'd like to have offline tool06:17
sikilpaakemarekw2143: i use "tasque", but it only has "alarms" for each day, not set for specific hours06:17
marekw2143and would like not to use google if possible :)06:17
=== zeleftikaX is now known as zeleftikam
marekw2143so I see that using evolution or tunderbird would be required then06:18
MeanEYEmarekw2143: evolution will notify eve if it's not running06:18
sacarlsonmarekw2143: I'm not sure what you want but you can setup a cron event that will run play /path/to/your/sound/file.mp306:19
djdojosafter i do adduser name and it creates a another user group how do i use the new user group i created?06:19
iCodinghello there, I need help. I wanna custom my ubuntu installation, where can i get documents about "how the installation works"?06:20
marekw2143sacarlson: hehe, that's possible, but I'd like to make live easier and not harder06:20
marekw2143sacarlson: and to see graphically plan of a day06:21
sacarlsonmarekw2143: there is a gui to setup cron events gnome-schedule06:21
Secret31do i need to have additional drivers/ software for an Acer Aspire M1660?06:21
Secret31i just want to maximize it06:21
MeanEYEmarekw2143: evolution will do just fine, you can set sounds as well06:21
MeanEYEbut ;D do as you please06:21
marekw2143and is evolution comparable to thunderbird in terms of e-mail managing?06:22
=== Sosby is now known as eXXe
sacarlsonmarekw2143: oh ya that thing at the top has my scheduals but it won't make sounds or I should say I don't know how to make that happen06:22
gewaldThe main menu button that was in the lower left corner of my screen is gone.   I'm brand new with Ubuntu and don't know what's going on.  How do I get it back?  Do I have to do a whole new install?06:22
MeanEYEmarekw2143: email, yes, but thunderbird doesn't have running services in ubuntu06:22
marekw2143may be a silly question, but is evolution "secure application"?06:23
MeanEYEmarekw2143: secure in what sense? it does support ssl and other encryption methods06:23
marekw2143MeanEYE: in sense that it's easy to steal emails from that application easier than from thunderbird or other very popular email client06:24
eosshow do i see whos tried connecting to my router?06:24
m00nshinebleep bleep06:24
eossis there some log that shows who try connecting to me>?06:24
MeanEYEmarekw2143: then every application is not secure :)... since everything can be "stolen" if someone has your computer. On the bright side Ubuntu 10.10 supports encyption of home directory so even if someone gets your computer your data is safe. :)06:25
marekw2143nono, protecting data on a hard drive is not a task of email client06:26
tripelbbMy new phone LG 900g is not showing on my old computer Ub10.04 I plug it in USB and the phone sees a USB Connection and asks me if I want Mass Storage or Data Connection.  I choose Mass Storage and the screen says Connected but nothing new is in the Computer window in Places. (The other choice is Data Connection. Then the Screen goes back to the neutral screen on the phone.) I am stumped. I want to get some pictures off this phone. T06:26
tripelbbhere is no microSD card in the slot and never has been. -Where do I go from here.06:26
=== Guest61939 is now known as DarkDevil
marekw2143MeanEYE: I mean only email specific tasks06:26
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest29592
pcypherso it was way more simple then I thought.06:27
djdojosafter i do adduser name and it creates a another user group how do i use the new user group i created?06:27
MeanEYEmarekw2143: evolution supports ssl/tsl with mail servers. so transfering can be encrypted06:27
pcypheri just needed to chown to www-data06:27
pcypherthats the quick fix..06:27
MeanEYEmarekw2143: other than that I don't know what you mean06:27
marekw2143MeanEYE: I guess that's everyhing :)06:27
ActionParsniptripelbb: when you last removed it from a PC, what steps did you take?06:27
pcypherthe real fix is to create a group with www-data and my account  where they both have access to /var/www06:27
marekw2143MeanEYE, sacarlson : thanks for help :)06:28
MeanEYEmarekw2143: np... :)06:28
marekw2143sikilpaake: thanks too :)06:28
tripelbbActionParsnip, this was the first time I ever connected it. Each time before I disconnected it I pressed Cancel which was my only choice.06:28
sikilpaakemarekw2143: sure thing06:28
pcypherthank you all for your help yet again06:29
ActionParsniptripelbb: first time connected to anything?06:29
=== BATMAN is now known as Guest77204
tripelbbright AP06:29
ActionParsniptripelbb: ok well that makes life easy06:29
djdojosafter i do the "adduser name" command, how come when i do "su name" it says its an unknown id?06:30
ActionParsniptripelbb: if you run: sudo fdisk -l   do you see any partitions which are not on your system drive?06:30
ActionParsnipdjdojos: run:  sudo passwd name   to set the password too06:30
djdojosActionParsnip: it says user doesnt exist. but then when i do "adduser name" it says its already been created.06:31
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo06:31
Big_Brotheris there a way to recover a password from ubuntu (aside from the livecd hack) ?06:32
ActionParsnipdjdojos: i'd delete the user, then recreate it06:32
djdojosActionParsnip how do you delete it?06:32
Secret31anyone knows a good MMORPG?06:32
Secret31for ubuntu?06:33
MeanEYESecret31: what kind?06:33
ActionParsnipBig_Brother: boot to root recovery mode and run:  passwd name   and you can sen the password of 'name'06:33
Darkenvylol runescape? youll spend years on it06:33
DarkenvyEve online?06:33
ActionParsnipSecret31: http://www.brighthub.com/video-games/mmo/articles/20510.aspx06:33
Darkenvyall of those games works great on linux. gold stars on wine06:33
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/06:33
ActionParsnipSecret31: playdeb may have some too: http://www.playdeb.net/welcome/     there is a deb to add their repo06:34
PeddySecret31, Minecraft isn't quite an MMORPG but it's sandboxy06:35
tripelbbActionParsnip, I dont really understand what I am seeing. I have 7 things in "Computer" (ubuntu, windows, another win drive another win/wubi drive a floppy and two CD drives) The fdisk shows me /dev/ (all start with that) sdb1 then disk sdc ITB06:35
Secret31@ActionParsnip, tried those in playdeb, don't like e06:35
sacarlsonBig_Brother: you can boot to rescue mode and fix it from there06:36
tripelbbActionParsnip, I dont really understand what I am seeing. I have 7 things in "Computer" (ubuntu, windows, another win drive another win/wubi drive a floppy and two CD drives) The fdisk shows me /dev/ (all start with that) sdb1 then disk sdc ITB ---then devices sdc1,2, 5 and 6 --- respectively caaled HPGS/NTFS, same repeated, extended linus and last linux swap/Salaris  --- Huh?06:37
tripelbbActionParsnip, nothing is strange.06:38
Big_Brothersacarlson, how do i get into recovery mode? (i'm guessing this install is like 7.10 or so)06:38
djdojosActionParsnip, how do i make the new user i created have more access?06:39
sacarlsonBig_Brother: I'm not sure on 7.10 but on grub2 you hold shit at boot to get into grub maybe at that time it was esc key?06:42
Big_Brotheryou mean shift, sacarlson?06:42
ActionParsniptripelbb: if you think about how you partitioned your disks and what storage devices you have it is clear06:42
sacarlsonBig_Brother: opps yes shift06:42
blackshirtanybody here can help me ?06:43
ActionParsnipdjdojos: add it to the admin group06:43
MeanEYEwe can try L:D06:43
ActionParsnipblackshirt: without asking a question, no06:43
djdojosActionParsnip, how?06:43
ActionParsnip!admin | djdojos06:44
ActionParsnipdjdojos: useradd -G admin name06:44
blackshirtActionParsnip: thanks..06:44
ActionParsnipdjdojos: with a little websearching, you could have found that06:44
blackshirtActionParsnip: i have a problem with lsusb06:45
ActionParsnipblackshirt: ask and we'll see what we can do :)06:45
blackshirtActionParsnip: i have a usb modem, when i plugin the modem and issuing lsusb..nothing output show at terminal, but when i unplug them, lsusb show the output06:46
blackshirtprima@Aspire-4520:~$ lsusb06:46
blackshirtBus 004 Device 002: ID 0a5c:2101 Broadcom Corp. Bluetooth Controller06:46
blackshirtBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub06:46
MeanEYEblackshirt: gsm modem?06:46
LorgonJortleThis isn06:47
blackshirtMeanEYE: no.. it's evdo cdma modem06:47
MeanEYEblackshirt: check if you have usb-modeswitch package installed06:48
blackshirtActionParsnip: i'm newbie here06:48
CanidHi, Need a little printer advice06:48
blackshirtMeanEYE: i have usb-modeswitch installed06:48
MeanEYEblackshirt: my guess is it's one of those modems that act both as usb stick and modem?06:48
LorgonJortleThis isn't directly Ubuntu related, but I've recorded an OGV file using RecordMyDesktop, and I'm wondering how I can view it as a stream from a website. Is there a plugin to do so? It seems that whenever I convert it to a more web-friendly format, the quality becomes too bad to handle. Suggestions?06:49
djdojosActionParsnip, it says the user group admin does not exist.06:49
blackshirtMeanEYE: can you guide me ? i'm still newbie06:49
MeanEYEblackshirt: your modem is not recognized at all?06:49
CanidWe just bought an HP Officejet 6500A ... having read that HP is very linux-friendly... and I've checked that this printer is on the list of fully supported printers, which it is06:49
MeanEYELorgonJortle: you want to embet ogv movie in web page?06:49
CanidBut my colour prints aren't turning out06:50
Tito0096wth freenode is acting weird. . . .06:50
LorgonJortleMeanEYE, If I could do that and allow anyone to stream it, that'd be lovely. Do you know of a way?06:50
CanidI don't think it's using the black cartridge at all.06:50
CanidWhat do I do?06:50
MeanEYELorgonJortle: you can use JwPlayer, but "streaming" is not really the word you are looking for. :)06:50
zee313how to download and install wordweb dictionary06:51
blackshirtMeanEYE: i have paste output lsubs when i unplug them06:51
MeanEYEblackshirt: you can't paste here... go to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/06:51
MeanEYEthen give the url06:51
LorgonJortleMeanEYE, Would that support Windows/Mac, too?06:51
MeanEYELorgonJortle: yes, it's flash based player06:52
ActionParsnipdjdojos: what is the output of: lsb_release -d06:52
LorgonJortleAhh... excellent. Musch appreciated, MeanEYE.06:52
LorgonJortleMuch, even.06:52
MeanEYELorgonJortle: NP06:52
djdojosDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS ActionParsnip06:52
zee313wordweb dictionary installation???06:52
blackshirtMeanEYE: ok, wait a minute06:52
ActionParsnipdjdojos: the admin group must exist so users can use sudo06:53
djdojosActionParsnip, so how would i add it?06:54
ActionParsnipdjdojos: not sure there dude, its probably got a special gid]06:54
MeanEYEActionParsnip: also /etc/sudoers needs to have specified users...06:56
blackshirtMeanEYE: here this is http://paste.ubuntu.com/577705/06:58
ActionParsnipMeanEYE: the admin group (by default) are allowed to use sudo and is defined in the sudoers file06:58
MeanEYEActionParsnip: hm, not sure about that...06:58
tarani want to check whether a range of mIPs can be accessed from my PC.Which command do I give?06:58
MeanEYEblackshirt: your system doesn't see your modem... which modem is it?06:59
MeanEYEtaran: mIPs?06:59
taranMeanEYE: I mean IPs06:59
ActionParsniptaran: ping07:00
taranI want to know whether my PC can ping IP addresses in my LAN ranging from to Which command do I give?07:01
tripelbbActionParsnip, nothing is strange. but the extra drives doent show at all. it only shows the 1T drive not the 2 other 40G drives or the phone.07:02
MeanEYEtaran: you mean more than one ping at a time?07:02
Crist_Toophermake download07:03
bakercan someone help me fix buc07:03
MeanEYECrist_Toopher: ?!07:03
bakerits not opening07:03
bakeramd64 or full07:03
rww!enter | Crist_Toopher07:04
ubottuCrist_Toopher: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:04
taranMeanEYE: No .I mean one at a time07:04
taranMeanEYE: I just dont want to type 200 times the ping command07:04
bakeri  had it working then reinstalled ubuntu07:04
ActionParsnipCrist_Toopher: quit hitting enter after every word07:05
MeanEYEtaran: ping :) or if you want to specify a range, you'll need to install fping07:05
bakeraction yo07:05
bakerhey i cant get buc to open07:05
rwwCrist_Toopher: why what?07:05
MeanEYEbaker: I didn't get you. what's BUC?07:05
bakerits need to run burg07:05
elFidelCrist_Toopher: if you want help - write as any other human being (>1 word per line)07:05
Crist_Toopherwhat is their mean07:05
rwwCrist_Toopher: What's your first language?07:06
MeanEYErww: :D \n is :P07:06
ActionParsnipCrist_Toopher: because it scrolls the channel and would make it unusable if everyone did it07:06
bakerso no one here is having the same ishue?07:06
ActionParsnipCrist_Toopher: plus it splits yuor details up which makes it hard to read07:07
MeanEYEbaker: am still not sure what seems to be the problem07:07
rwwnever mind then. only 4 people in there.07:07
tripelbbActionParsnip,  sorry. there was more output from fdisk than I realized. let me look again.07:07
ActionParsnipCrist_Toopher: so what is your issue, use one big long line to provide as much detail as you can and we will see what we can do07:07
bakerbuc is some programe needed to run burg manager its not opening07:08
ActionParsnipbaker: burg isn't supported here07:08
MeanEYEbaker: did you try starting it from the terminal... migth give you more information07:08
bakeri had it working07:08
bakerbefore i reinstall ubuntu07:08
dirtydevilwebcam is not working, its showing libv4l2: segmentation fault. I am using lucid, can anybody help?07:08
bakerone sec let me try07:09
ActionParsnipdirtydevil: run:   lsusb    and 1 line will identify the device, use the 8 character hex id to find guides07:09
jayhi all07:09
ActionParsnipdirtydevil: also install and run cheese, do you see yourself07:09
jayyea jay07:09
bakerpermision denied07:09
=== jay is now known as Guest50924
bakerin terminal07:09
hitmoonlike a star07:09
MeanEYEbaker: hm, does that application require root permissions?07:10
abhayk44which is the best  c++  compiler for ubuntu ?07:10
Guest50924@abhay: gcc07:10
dirtydevilActionParsnip: I tried on cheese07:10
bakerno just a install through software center07:10
MeanEYEabhayk44: gcc?07:10
bakernot shure07:10
Guest50924or gcc++07:10
bakerdo i need  to install root07:10
MeanEYEbaker: root is a user in ubuntu ... you don't install it...07:11
MeanEYEbaker: what does that application do ?07:11
Guest50924can anyone tell me how IRC work?07:11
bakerhit root in terminal07:11
Guest78778парни! внес нечаянно неверный адрес через apt-add-repository, теперь при попытке apt-get update выдает ошибку на одном из репозиториев. Смотрел внутрь /etc/apt/sources.list , там нет того неверного адреса, как подправить?07:11
abhayk44is g++ is an IDE ?07:11
bakerit will say something like install07:11
MeanEYEGuest50924: what exactly?07:11
hitmoonabhayk44: no07:11
Guest50924well abhay, you can use DOSBox07:11
dirtydevilActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577712/07:11
MeanEYEabhayk44: nope... compiler as well07:11
Crist_ToopherActionParsnip: thnkss..07:11
Guest50924its good and i'm using it07:11
hitmooncommand line07:11
Tm_T!ru | Guest7877807:11
ubottuGuest78778: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:11
Guest78778sorry, after holidays :)07:11
bakermeaneye google (burg manager)07:12
dirtydevilthis is the output on launching cheese07:12
Guest50924s gsgja07:12
Guest50924osgj aojga07:12
Guest50924gj a07:12
FloodBot1Guest50924: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:12
bakermaybe something in a update?07:12
Guest78778Hello! How i can edit address of repository for coomand 'apt-get update' ?07:12
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ActionParsnipdirtydevil: ok use     lsusb  to find guides07:12
bakerdid everyone get a new update?07:12
ActionParsnipGuest78778: thats offtopic here07:12
ActionParsnipbaker: indeed07:13
MeanEYEbaker: updated depend on servers :)07:13
ActionParsnipbaker: every day at midnight I do07:13
Guest78778ActionParsnip: how it can be offtopic here, it was question about Ubuntu07:13
dirtydevilActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577713/07:13
dirtydevilthis is the output07:13
Tm_TActionParsnip: I'm wondering the same as guest07:13
ActionParsnip Guest78778 sorry, wrong guest number07:14
DThoughtGuest78778: /etc/apt/apt.source(.d)07:14
bakerWhat update?07:14
ActionParsnipTm_T: guest some-other-number was asking how irc worked, which is offtopic07:14
DThoughtsorry - Guest78778 /etc/apt/sources.list or sources.list.d07:14
ActionParsnipGuest78778: you should register a nick dude07:14
Tm_TActionParsnip: yup, he's gone already07:14
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ActionParsnipTm_T: but i was right, but wrong target. The whole guest thing drives me nuts07:15
bakercant belive how fustrating this is07:15
ActionParsnipbaker: you really wanna know?07:15
Guest78778ActionParsnip: :)ok, my nick is in use now, i'm waiting when it will empty07:15
bakerya tell me07:15
tripelbbActionParsnip, The phone does not show in fdisk07:15
tripelbbGuest78778, just add a letter, like I did. make it easy.07:16
Guest78778DThought:  thx a lot07:16
ActionParsnipbaker: http://pastebin.com/AhQHbkB2   if I am reading my own log correctly07:17
dirtydevilActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577713/07:17
=== Guest78778 is now known as dimmm
ActionParsnipdirtydevil: ok use:     05a9:2640    to find guides07:18
baker32 bit though07:18
piercedwaterHas anyone here successfully exported a mp3fs share via samba? if so, how07:18
dirtydevilActionParsnip: can you tell me how?07:18
ActionParsnipdirtydevil: use an internet search engine07:19
gnomeCodec: Conexant ID 506907:22
gnomecard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: HDA Generic [HDA Generic]07:22
gnomeSound from speakers AND headphones.07:22
gnomedefeats the entire use of headphones, and when i use my decent stereo and the speakers are playing.... Annoying to say the least.07:23
DThoughtgnome: look at an mixer that works on alsa level (alsamixer on commandline e.g.) - maybe you can change volume independently07:25
gnomeDThought,  no help.07:25
gnomeDThought, first thought.07:25
nishantjava not loading this session07:25
gnomeNo avail.07:25
nishantjava is installed in my comp for some reason its not loading07:26
DThoughtgnome: then its something that must be done on module load, had that once ...07:26
gnome options snd-hda-intel model=thinkpad07:27
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest77159
WXZI need a note-taking application that can do collapseable lists07:27
WXZsomeone said zim desktop wiki, but I haven't found a way to get it to work07:28
ActionParsnipYou know its 0730 when darkdevil signs on07:28
tripelbbI have a phone LG 900g and it says connected (USB cord) but the computer does not see it. tested in Nautilus, in computer, and with fdisk -l07:28
sacarlsonpiercedwater: it apears it should work as long as your samba can read a fuse mounted file system07:28
Slarttripelbb: do you know if it's supposed to show up as a regular removable drive? or it uses some kind of special software to access the phone?07:29
nishantwhat FS in the USB any idea ?07:29
getyourtowel(My god, #redditdowntime is exploding)07:29
MeanEYEnishant: usually fat3207:30
nishantRight if its fat32 , then I think check in Places .... do you see a name for the us ?07:30
getyourtowelUSB flash drives are usually Fat32 (backing that up)07:30
nishantFAT 32 need to be mounted perhaps ?07:30
MeanEYEnishant: ubuntu mounts them automatically07:31
tripelbbslart, I know nothing. I've looked for manual. it's just the using a phone stuff. I'm googling but nothing.07:31
MeanEYEnishant: check with lsusb command if your usb is being recognized by the system07:31
tripelbbphones never been activated.07:31
Slarttripelbb: let me look around for a sec.. be back07:31
nishantcheck this perhaps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35994707:32
getyourtowel(maybe I can help - what is the issue here)07:33
gnomesound from speakers and headphones07:33
nishantno need paranthesis :)07:33
piercedwatersacarlson: what other settings would i need in my smb.conf to allow a fuse system, other than the "generic" settings? anything special?07:33
gnomenishant, agreed.07:33
tripelbbslart http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/straighttalk/home.seam?custId=STLG900G&locale=en_US07:33
gnomeCodec: Conexant ID 506907:33
gnomecard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: HDA Generic [HDA Generic]07:34
sacarlsonpiercedwater: none that I can think of just symbolic link your or mount the file system into where you point your shares07:34
=== Open is now known as Guest84529
nishantI dont understand why a USB like LG phone doesnt get detected ...hmmm07:34
Slarttripelbb: there might be a setting for how the phone handles usb connections.. one of the options for this might be "mass storage" or similar.. do you know of any setting like that?07:34
piercedwatersacarlson: im trying, but when i try to mount in os x i get a generic error message07:34
getyourtowelWhat model phone is it, exactly?07:35
sacarlsonpiercedwater: oh osx I know nothing about that, can you read from within ubuntu?07:35
piercedwateryes :(07:35
sacarlsonpiercedwater: can you read any files from osx from your ubuntu?07:36
tripelbbslart, says it's easy, plug and play http://saveonprepaidphones.com/lg900g_file_transfer_data_cable07:36
nishantSlart, thats interesting point , Does the phone show any Menu like do you want it to act like a storage device etc ?07:36
piercedwatersacarlson: yes, i have 2 ext3 partitions that i have mounted07:37
nishantIn Windows does it work fine tripelb just curious07:37
ActionParsnipnishant: probably some weird hardware. If you run: lsusb  you should see the 8 character hex id and can then find guides maybe07:37
tripelbbslart -- My new phone LG 900g is not showing on my old computer Ub10.04 I plug it in USB and the phone sees a USB Connection and asks me if I want Mass Storage or Data Connection.  I choose Mass Storage and the screen says Connected but nothing new is in the Computer window in Places. (The other choice is Data Connection. Then the Screen goes back to the neutral screen on the phone.) I am stumped. I want to get some pictures off this07:37
tripelbb phone. There is no microSD card in the slot and never has been. -Where do I go from here.07:37
getyourtowelIf it has a memory card you can change the USB settings on the phone to be "Mass Storage"07:37
getyourtowelSettings > Phone Settings > Connection07:37
_skpldoes anyone know of a supprt channel foer last-exit?07:37
getyourtowel(dunno, _skpl)07:38
nishanttripelb, just mount it manually then ... how does he find the Device file and mount it someone07:38
WXZI need a note taking application which allows collapseable text07:38
sacarlsonpiercedwater: I'm not sure,  as far as I know a fuse file system as long as the permisions are setup correctly should be readable by anything,  maybe the symbolic link is outside the apparmor settings?07:38
nishantdo something like ls -lrt in /dev/ directory and that might show the device file for the USB ....mount it to the filesystem tripelb07:38
Slarttripelbb: hmm.. sounds like you're doing the right thing there.. I get something similar with my samsung and when I choose "mass storage" I get a couple of new drives that show up in ubuntu.. just like a regular usb stick or external hard drive07:38
getyourtowelYou can always check: fdisk -l07:39
tripelbbnishant, never tried it in windows. I tried to find it in fdisk -l and it didnt find it.07:39
getyourtowelodds are, they are there if they exist (for the phone)07:39
koolhead17hi fez07:39
tripelbbslart the phone says "connected"07:39
getyourtowelnothing on lsusb?07:39
fezquick question07:39
sacarlsonpiercedwater: maybe try sshfs and see if the problem persists07:39
nishanttripelbb, can you check ls -lrt in /dev/ ?07:39
piercedwaterok thanks sacarlson07:40
=== atpa8a_ is now known as atpa8a
tripelbbslart sure07:40
fezwas linux-image-2.6.32-30-generic withdrawn from the repositories?07:40
Slarttripelbb: you could open a terminal and run "tail -f /var/log/syslog", then connect your phone etc.. then pastebin the output from the terminal window07:40
Slart!pastebin | tripelbb07:40
ubottutripelbb: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:40
fezcause I upgraded to it on one computer, but my other computer says there's no such package07:40
atpa8aseems like with upstart the services start starting before the network finished initializing... any cure for that?07:40
getyourtowelWhich version ubuntu Fez07:40
fez10.04 desktop amd6407:41
MeanEYEfez: you need to check which update server is your system using07:41
getyourtowelI see it in the repositories for 10.0407:41
livcd_Anyone know if arm cpus are binary compatible ?07:41
nishanttripelb, can you tell me /dev directory's ls -lrt output ? something should be created new which is the LG phone device file07:41
tripelbbnishant I did ls -lrt (but I didnt know what it means to do it in /dev/07:41
fezMeanEYE: how can I set the specific update server?07:41
Slartlivcd_: compatible with what? x86? each other?07:41
livcd_Slart each other07:42
nishantls -lrt lists the latest files i /dev/ directory which would be your USB device file most likely . You can just try mounting that device file Manually ....assuming the plug n play is not working for some reason .07:42
getyourtowelYou either set it in the GUI or in your /etc/apt/sources.list07:42
getyourtowelWhatever canonical calls synaptic these days07:42
nishantSo lets say check for files created right after you plugged the LG Phone .... and that should be the device file for the LG phone !07:42
MeanEYEfez: in Update Manager -> Settings -> Ubuntu Software -> Download from07:42
getyourtowelthat should be the gui method07:43
getyourtowelyou can edit, delete, add...07:43
natrixnatrix89ActinParsnip: Hi You recommended me the guide to fix the issue that in virtual terminal i have a very low resolution if nvidia proprietary drivers are enabled. It's http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/      The problem is that i tried it, but somehow mystically now in virtual terminal i the resolution i get is 1600x1200 which is to07:43
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: Hi You recommended me the guide to fix the issue that in virtual terminal i have a very low resolution if nvidia proprietary drivers are enabled. It's http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/      The problem is that i tried it, but somehow mystically now in virtual terminal i the resolution i get is 1600x1200 which is t07:43
Slartlivcd_: nhg.. I could have answered if you had chosen x86 =) I don't really know if all arm cpus can run the same binary code..07:43
livcd_Slart lol i m not tard x86 is another arch07:44
Slartlivcd_: =)07:44
fezit's justI tried "server in united states" and "main server" and linux-image-2.6.32-30-generic does not show up in synaptic (of course I did a reload after each repository change07:45
tripelbbslart, nishant -- I want to thank you so much for your time and trouble. There is so much to know. ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/577715/07:45
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: try reinstalling you Plymouth splash theme. Do you get a graphical desktop on boot?07:45
MeanEYEfez: not sure then07:45
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
getyourtowelHave you tried searching for just linux-image-2.6?07:46
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: I still get the desktop just like it was, but now the size of font is much smaller and it is located more in the top left corner.07:46
ActionParsnipFez: could manually pull it down from packages.ubuntu.com07:46
Slarttripelbb: you're welcome..  that error that comes up a couple of times.. error -71.. that seems like something to google for07:46
fezyes, I see 2.6.32-21 through 2.6.32-2907:46
nishantno problem , ls -lrt is one idea I think . You can ask about that to somebody here .. also check what Slart says07:46
getyourtowelAnd you've updated the list?07:47
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: then undo the changes07:47
getyourtowelhave you tried just running: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.32-30-generic07:47
fezI could download the package manually of course, I am just wondering if I've borked synaptic or if the repositories have pulled the packages from the list07:47
fezyes I tried that getyourtowel07:47
getyourtowelsorry man07:47
natrixnatrix89so i dont have to install Plymouth theme?07:47
getyourtowelThats odd, I dont know why thats happening07:48
MeanEYEfez: why is it important for you to have that version?07:48
fezit's just important that my update manager is not borked07:48
Slarttripelbb: this looks interesting http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79778907:48
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip: So you're saying there's nothing i can do?07:48
natrixnatrix89just disable proprietary drivers?07:48
MeanEYEfez: I wouldn't worry about that07:49
getyourtowelDo you have your restricted / non stable repositories enabled?07:49
ActionParsnipFez: someone on launchpad had a similar issus, not sure of version, so i gave a command to download and install the deb07:49
tripelbbthanks slart, I found nothing when I searched.07:49
Slarttripelbb: my google-fu is strong today.. it's the midichl.. coffeine in my bloodstream ;)07:50
maxagazis there a lightweight image viewer to be used in a cli on ubuntu (something like the command "play" for songs)07:50
Slarttripelbb: I would start with the one-liner on page 2 first.. the one with "old_scheme_first"07:51
livcd_U want view pics in ascii ?07:51
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: well, i'm only one of several million users and you only tried one solution, so do you seriously think that's it?07:51
coz_maxagaz,   well imagemagic has a display command07:51
Slartmaxagaz: you could perhaps use a framebuffer.. I've never tried it myself but I think those exist07:51
coz_maxagaz,   example would be   display nameof.png07:52
Slartmaxagaz: I mean.. framebuffer exists.. and I'm pretty sure there are imageviewers for it..07:52
maxagazcoz_: imagemagick would be great then07:52
natrixnatrix89ActionParsnip:  just found i had forgotten to uncomment GRUB_GFXMODE=1440x900 in grub07:52
coz_maxagaz,  also you could try   as an example     eog  nameof.png07:53
ActionParsnipnatrixnatrix89: using all of a guide helps huh :-)07:53
natrixnatrix89lets reboot and find out..07:53
tripelbbslart it said "permission denied"  -- did not ask for password07:54
coz_maxagaz,   mm I forgot about      feh07:54
ActionParsnipmaxagaz: www.text-image.com07:54
coz_maxagaz,  I havent tried feh though07:54
Slarttripelbb: which command did you run?  echo Y | sudo tee /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme_first   ?07:54
tripelbbslart sudo echo Y > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme_first07:54
maxagazcoz_: actually, I need to download an image, display it, redownload it, refresh display, etc...07:54
tripelbbslart no I did a different07:54
Slarttripelbb: read post #12 =)07:55
maxagazcoz_: display should be in full screen, so that I would get something like a movie07:55
ActionParsniptripelbb: that command won't work as you expect07:55
tripelbb ActionParsnip I dont expect? I dont understand.07:56
fezalright thx for the tips07:56
fezI will assume it's a temporary issue with the repo07:56
ActionParsniptripelbb: sudo won't go over the >07:56
tripelbbslart ActionParsnip It just echoed Y07:56
Slarttripelbb: hmm.. it shouldn't output anything.. you ran the entire command?07:57
ActionParsniptripelbb: have you got a root prompt?07:57
livcd_Anyone interested into porting pax to ubuntu \o/07:58
ActionParsnipSlart: echo like that goes to file and screen07:58
tripelbbActionParsnip,  slart hara1@hara1-desktop:~$ echo Y | sudo tee /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme_first  [sudo] password for hara1:   Y  hara1@hara1-desktop:~$07:58
ActionParsniptripelbb: yeah you piped to sudo tee which works07:59
tripelbbActionParsnip, that should answer you BUT I dont knwo what a "root prompt" is07:59
SlartActionParsnip: ahh.. it indeed does.. didn't know that. Thanks07:59
Slarttripelbb: ok, try connecting your phone now08:00
ActionParsnip!test | mati_08:00
ubottumati_: You're testing my patience!08:00
coz_livcd_,   isnt that already available?08:00
tripelbbslart, oops it was fake-connected all that time.08:00
=== anomie is now known as Guest62918
livcd_coz_: Wat ?08:00
Slarttripelbb: it shouldn't matter.. just disconnect it and then reconnect it08:01
coz_livcd_,  you wanted pax on ubuntu ...yes?08:01
ActionParsnipSlart: you can add: > /dev/null   to stop it afaik08:01
coz_livcd_,  I am assuming you mean the   "portable archive interchange"08:01
livcd_coz_: Nope08:02
coz_livcd_,  ok what is the one you want08:02
livcd_Security patch08:02
ActionParsniptripelbb: you can use: sudo -i  and not need tee as both halves will run as root08:02
maxagazis there a tool which displays an image and refreshes it automaticcaly every x seconds ?08:02
tripelbbActionParsnip, slate. same error.08:03
livcd_maxagaz: Opera xD08:03
Slartmaxagaz: watch ?08:03
ActionParsnipmaxagaz: you could make a simple script08:03
tripelbbActionParsnip, re what you said sudo -i ... I dont have any idea what I was doing and I'm sick tonight so I wont ask you.08:04
Slarttripelbb: there are other suggestions in that thread.. try some of the other ones08:04
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i am unable to do update,i am facing errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/57771708:04
tripelbbok slart. I'll put this off till another day. Again, thank you so much. You too ActionParsnip08:04
coz_livcd_,  I am seeing many posts about this ... have you checked online or in the ##linux channel08:04
ActionParsniptripelbb: some other time :-)08:05
Slarttripelbb: you're welcome.. hope you get well soon and get your phone connected =)08:05
kothaguy_ubuntui am unable to use any ubuntu related sites,i can use them with the help of anonymous only,i am unable to do update or i cant visit ubuntu and its related sites, http://paste.ubuntu.com/577717/08:05
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:06
coz_kothaguy_ubuntu,  mm seems the PPA's  are not reachable...08:07
mix22891good morning. how do i change my LOGIN Password?08:07
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu,     execute these 2 commands in a shell 1 . export http_proxy=http://your.proxy.server.here:12345/   2.    export ftp_proxy=http://your.proxy.server.here:12345/08:07
ActionParsnipmix22891: in a terminal run: passwd08:07
=== administrator is now known as Guest47686
mati_Protected Object08:08
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, : your proxy server means,i am using net through gprs connection,i want to enter my ip address or what?08:08
mix22891thank you08:09
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu, guess so08:09
mati_Oops! Firefox could not find nik@85-127-168-203.dynamic.xds08:09
mix22891----- Linux is more fun more bueaty more secure THEN WINDOWS!! -----08:09
jiltdilhow to use remote desktop in wan if i have an ip adress of my friend?08:10
mix22891----- Linux is more fun more bueaty more secure THEN WINDOWS!! -----08:10
mati_debian 6.0.008:10
recognoscomix22891: what makes you think that? i think windoze is better and secure. let's argue.08:10
ActionParsnipmix22891: depends on config08:10
sugoruyohi folks, i have a quick question to ask you: when you do an 'apt-cache show <pkg>' you get some output with the package's metadata. i'd like to find some more detailed explanation of that information, does anyone know of any good 'official' doc from ubuntu or debian regarding that stuff?08:11
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :i did that,no change,what happen when i type those commands?08:11
recognoscosugoruyo: about the package or the software?08:12
sugoruyorecognosco: about the packages' metadata08:12
guest123456hi all08:13
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: the top lines are the name and installed versions. The list below are what versions are available and on what server08:13
guest123456i'm trying to start ubuntu 10.10 on my PC... but it won't start08:13
elFidelguest123456: won't start means in detail?08:14
sugoruyorecognosco: what i want to know is what exactly those things mean, e.g. when a package says its priority is optional, or it suggests packages x and y, what exactly do those things mean on a technical level - how does the package manager react to that information??08:14
guest123456when I press "try ubuntu without installing" my pc will be restarted08:14
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: why does it need to be official?08:14
guest123456p4 3.0 ghz northwood, 2 gb ram, mobo: asus P4P800E-Deluxe08:14
elFidelguest123456: so you booted the 10.10 install/live cd intpo the live part and you would like to start install from there. what happens on the reboot?08:14
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu , should set your proxy settings08:15
_Neytiri_i have a system i just installed ubuntu server on and  i tried to boot it and it wont boot08:15
_Neytiri_its just a flashing _08:15
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, how to do that08:15
guest123456elFidel, I want try ubuntu with liveOS08:15
guest123456pc restarts08:15
_Neytiri_how can i fix that08:15
sugoruyoActionParsnip: i'd like it to be from the designers of the debian packaging system, but it doesn't *need* to be, i just want to know more about what metadata the system keeps about a package, i'm doing some work on explaining linux to some technical, non-linuxy people and package management is a big thing in our context08:16
guest123456like when you press "reset" button08:16
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: optional means you installed it or it was pulled down as a recommended package08:16
coz_guest123456,  when you get to the menus with   "Try ubuntu"   do the check cd to see if there are errors on the disk08:16
recognoscosugoruyo: you are looking to find out how APT works? the internals?08:16
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guest123456coz_, yes, but restarts also if I press it08:17
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: the suggested packages are nice to have but are nonessential08:17
sugoruyorecognosco: not programming stuff, just the technical details on what the package manager does with that info08:17
guest123456but no errors are in the cd because i installed it on my pc with virtualbox08:17
sugoruyoActionParsnip: yeah, i get that, but i doubt it's documented as such by the designers of dpkg08:18
sugoruyomaybe i should ask in debian08:18
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu,   for example      export http_proxy=""08:18
WXZI need a text editor with collapseable text08:18
recognoscosugoruyo: i think the best way would be to look at the source code apt08:18
coz_guest123456,  mm  do you still have the .iso image there?08:18
WXZanyone know of any?08:18
guest123456coz, yes08:19
guest123456do you want the MD5sum?08:19
coz_guest123456,  ok  how did you burn the disc and at what speed?08:19
guest12345612x on a rewritable disc08:19
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: it will be very documented. So people coding apps usd the same stuff08:20
coz_guest123456,   retry  at 1x08:20
mehdi_can some1 tell me about enlightment desktop?08:20
guest123456but i installed ubuntu on a VM throught this cd08:20
guest123456and all went right08:20
coz_guest123456,  if the md5sums were correct then something may have occured during the burn08:20
croessnerHi, I would like to understand, why I can not upgrade grub1->grub2. Is it because of using software RAID? http://pastebin.de/1590308:20
guest123456the problem is if i try to install it on my pc08:20
coz_guest123456,  ah  I see...08:20
sugoruyorecognosco: i think that would be overkill, when you 'apt-cache show pkg' you get a bunch of data on the pkg, probably maintained by the pkg maintainer not the s/w developers themselves ('less they package for .deb themselves ofc)08:21
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: think about what a Linux distro ACTUALLY is and what it is madd off08:21
recognoscosugoruyo: is this what you want? http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/08:21
guest123456coz_: 59d15a16ce90c8ee97fa7c211b7673a8 *ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso08:21
guest123456it's correct?08:21
coz_guest123456,  does choosing   check memory from that menu also  reboot the system?08:22
coz_guest123456,   which version of ubuntu is this?08:22
guest123456my POST makes the memory test automatically08:22
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: many small projects combine to make the distro so the xorg team will work very closely with intel for their driver to work and it will ALL be documented08:23
sugoruyorecognosco: it could be but i can't read it, i suppose it tries to bring me a version in my language but firefox won't display it properly08:23
mix22891hello (passwd don't help) i need to change the password when i login to ubuntu08:23
sugoruyoActionParsnip: that's somewhat irrelevant to what i want08:23
mix22891passwd don't help08:23
recognoscosugoruyo: opens just fine over here.08:23
coz_guest123456,   that md5sum is correct for ubuntu 10.10 32 bit ..yes08:24
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: you doubt the documentation of dpkg. I'm telling you it is due to the nature of Linux08:25
sugoruyorecognosco: well, maybe your language uses the latin alphabet, i'm greek, it brings me the greek version but ff opens it with Western encoding...08:25
llutz_mix22891: if "passwd" won't change your password, you broke your system. its the correct tool for it08:25
=== pooky_ is now known as pooky
recognoscosugoruyo: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/man/man8/apt-cache.8.html08:25
ActionParsnipmix22891: passwd is the cli command to change passwords08:25
sugoruyoActionParsnip: i don't doubt the docs of dpkg, i'm trying to find if there is one (and which one) contains the info i need08:26
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu   ,  success?08:26
recognoscosugoruyo: those two links are the most i can help you with. otherwise talk to apt developers.08:26
mix22891llutz_ i change my password with -passwd , my last password is still the same08:26
guest123456coz_, and then?08:27
llutz_mix22891: how exactly, what was the command you issued?08:27
sugoruyorecognosco: both the manpage and the other link just tell you how to use apt tools, stuff i already know, what i'm looking for is how the tools themselves utilize this info08:27
mix22891in terminal08:27
sugoruyothat's why i think i should ask in #debian08:27
=== Guest77159 is now known as DarkDevil
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, No,not yet,other than ubuntu sites ,i can open any other sits?08:27
mix22891do i have to ROOT?08:28
llutz_mix22891: no08:28
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest35820
recognoscosugoruyo: you're asking to know the logic. look at the source code.08:28
llutz_mix22891: log out, re log-in, using new password08:28
coz_guest123456,  well this is a bit puzzling...08:28
ActionParsnipsugoruyo: ask the devs I'm sure they can help. recognosco's link looks like a good start. You can also read the manpages of the commands08:28
mix22891you know, the password when i login to ubuntu08:29
mix22891when i open my computer08:29
llutz_mix22891: thats the user-password08:29
mix22891yes yes08:29
mehdi_how can i get root password?08:29
mix22891user pass08:29
llutz_mix22891: log out, re log-in, using the new password08:29
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.08:29
llutz_mehdi_: no need for it, use sudo08:29
recognoscomehdi_: you can't get any password. you may reset or change them.08:30
llutz_mix22891: log off, and login then again08:30
mix22891but how do i change user password?08:30
llutz_mix22891: type "passwd"08:30
recognoscomix22891: type this in your terminal: man passwd08:30
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu , can u go to    System->Preferences->Network Proxy   and look if u have       direct internet connection or a manual proxy configuration08:30
ActionParsnipmehdi_: you can use: sudo -i   and get a root terminal08:30
jiltdilmehdi: to be root simply type in terminal sudo -i and enter after then give the password of ur sudo08:30
=== LP_afk is now known as LP_
mehdi_u know fedora has that possibility08:31
jiltdilmehdi: but its not make sens to use root in ubuntu as u will work with ur sudo08:31
ActionParsnipmehdi_: so?08:31
mehdi_i wanted to know does ubuntu has that?08:31
WXZI need a note-taking application and/or text editor08:31
WXZwhere you can collapse text sections08:31
recognoscomehdi_: you want to change root password?08:32
Matthew11mehdi_: Just set up root password if you really need it08:32
coz_WXZ,   look into xournal08:32
mehdi_ok does anyone know anything about Enlightment desktop?08:32
coz_WXZ, also look here   http://linux.zachjones.net/2009/02/28/note-taking-software-for-linux-and-ubuntu/08:32
ActionParsnipmehdi_: stick to sudo is the advised way. Root is not needed as you have sudo and gksudo08:32
coz_mehdi_,  all I know is I dont like it :)08:33
mehdi_@coz y? is it not pretty?08:33
WXZcoz_: thanks, I'll check it out08:33
jukWXZ: codeblocks?08:33
Matthew11mehdi_: Ilike it, it's philosophy08:33
WXZno juk, any text08:33
llutz_e17 would have been great, finished 10 yrs earlier08:33
coz_mehdi_,  its pretty  it just doesnt tickle me to use it08:33
jukWXZ: you can edit lexer08:33
mehdi_i want to install it does it worth?08:33
jukWXZ: yeah take a look08:34
coz_mehdi_,   well have you watched any  youtube videos and seen screenshots?08:34
mehdi_im in the site now08:34
WXZjuk: no, I don't want it to collapse certain patterns of text08:34
mix22891<recognosco> i can't understand -man passwd08:34
WXZjuk: I want to be able to format text as "collapseable"08:34
WXZif that makes sense08:34
readanmoin leute08:34
mix22891i want to change -user password08:34
coz_mehdi_,  ok  well do research first...then if that is what you would like to do then give it a whirl.. althouugh I dont thing you can run compiz with that  ,, not sure about that08:35
mehdi_it can  be installed\ along side of GNOME rite?08:35
ljsoftnetanybody know how to configure Enna?08:35
coz_mehdi_,  I believe so yes08:35
mehdi_@coz_ it doesnt have Desktop Effect?08:35
readanI have some problems getting a release for the netinstall08:35
coz_ljsoftnet,  this is the media center... yes?08:35
llutz_!mini | readan this one?08:36
ubottureadan this one?: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:36
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :It is direct internet connection08:36
coz_mehdi_,   I havent used it recently so I dont know if it has its own effects or even if it can be used along with compiz08:36
recognoscomix22891: google this: how to change user password in linux08:36
mehdi_tanx anyway08:36
Matthew11mehdi_: I neither think it is possible to run compiz under enlightenment, but it has own effects08:36
mrpinkyHi :) I built an application on my ubuntu PC, and i sent it to my friend to run on his ubuntu PC, but when he runs the executable nothing happens. Could this be caused by different versions of C runtime?08:36
Matthew11mehdi_: But everything is softerrendered08:36
ActionParsnipmix22891: the command is: passwd    then follow onscreen prompts. You type you current password then your desired password twice to verify08:37
coz_mehdi_,  as I recall enlightenment has its own window manager  and you can only run one window manager at any given time and compiz is a window manager08:37
coz_ljsoftnet,   I have neverr used  Enna  so I cant help with this one08:38
llutz_!pm | readan08:38
ubottureadan: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:38
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu  ok    now open your ~/.bashrc        and   add  the line           export http_proxy = http://yourIP:808008:38
mehdi_@coz_ i dont get it actually08:38
readanllutz, yes that one08:38
readanllutz_, yes that one08:38
coz_mehdi_,   which the "window manager "  part?08:38
llutz_readan: and what's your problem with it?08:38
coz_ljsoftnet,  is this what you mean?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPCDOEs5mGo08:39
mehdi_@ coz_ yea i can only run 1 windows manager?08:39
mix22891cool i find it08:39
readani entered the normal mirror and it didn't finde the release... i even specified the directory down to the release-file and it still didn't find it08:39
mix22891passwd +user08:39
coz_mehdi_,  yes  you can run  metacity  in gnome  or compiz with gnome but not both   so enlightenment would be the same  either enlightenment or compiz not both08:39
mehdi_well i only use compiz08:40
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :command not found message displaying in the termina08:40
ljsoftnetcoz_ yes08:40
mehdi_but GNOME is the best08:40
readani even downloaded the release with wget from th director i entered! :D so i wonder why the installer can't @llutz_08:40
mrpinkyHi :) I built an application on my ubuntu PC, and i sent it to my friend to run on his ubuntu PC, but when he runs the executable nothing happens. Could this be caused by different versions of C runtime?08:41
jiltdilmix22891: type passwd in termianl after this type ur current password then after this type ur new password  twice08:41
=== iflema is now known as Guest98608
croessnerHi can I solve this? http://pastebin.de/15904 Do I need to modify the partition tables of sda and sdb? Any solution, please (I have Linux experience)08:41
llutz_readan: idk, have you checked launchpad for bugs?08:41
coz_mehdi_,  then enlightenment may not be what you want however ,, I believe the developrs of enlighenment have a compromise  between compiz and enlightenment named  "E-live"08:41
ActionParsnipmehdi_: 1 win manager per x server. If you have dual screen you can run 2 WMs and even 2 desktops if you like08:41
readanllutz_: like what?08:41
recognoscomrpinky: is your friend executing it properly?08:41
abhijainHey can any one tell em where is ibus application located in ubuntu08:42
coz_ljsoftnet,   I have never used it but i would look at that and other videos for it funtionality,, and read on their main page08:42
mrpinkyrecognosco, possibly not... do you know what behaviour to expect if there is a problem with C runtime?08:42
=== user1 is now known as iflema
mehdi_@ActionParsnip u cant find such things in iran :d08:42
coz_ljsoftnet,   there should be  a configuration section for Enna08:42
abhayk44can i change the permission of an exe file in a cd ?08:42
icerootabhayk44: no08:43
icerootabhayk44: cd is read-only08:43
recognoscomrpinky: why do you think it is C runtime problem?08:43
ljsoftnetcoz_ it does, but i could find a way to always show the control bar in videos08:43
trickiceroot: http://learn-elisp-for-emacs.org/08:43
coz_ljsoftnet,   I would stay clear of moovida...last I tried that media center it pretty much screwed things up for me08:43
ActionParsnipabhijain: try running: alacarte and looking at the command executed by the ibus icon08:43
readanllutz_ : like what e.g.?08:43
llutz_abhayk44: you cannot08:43
mrpinkyrecognosco, it is the only difference i can think of between our systems (different versions of ubuntu)08:43
llutz_readan: installer bugs?08:43
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu, maybe the blanks are the problem         export http_proxy=http://ip:8080       should work in terminal  and if it does add it to your .bashrc08:43
coz_ljsoftnet,  mm you may have to google that  ...  ubuntu  Enna  control bar visibility08:43
\shareWhat is ESD soun server?08:44
readanllutz_ : where should i check that?08:44
recognoscomrpinky: i don't think that is an issue. is the executable in your friend's computer +x ?08:44
ActionParsnipoliver_: don't forget ftp ;-)08:44
llutz_readan: launchpad.net08:45
coz_\share,  I believe that is the  "enlightened sound daemon"08:45
coz_\share,     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlightened_Sound_Daemon08:45
\sharek is for multiple audio08:46
mrpinkyrecognosco, i transferred the file using zshare.net, which probably stripped all the permissions, so i will get him to check that it is +x now - thanks! :)08:46
readanllutz_ : what should i enter into the console to skip the mirror-searching step?08:46
gedO_Hey guys08:47
llutz_readan: sry, can't help with that08:47
gedO_can you name program, which is similar to health keeper???08:47
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu , yeah like actionparsnip said      same for ftp :D            export ftp_proxy=ftp://ip:808008:47
ylmfoshellow everyone08:47
readanllutz_ : thx anywaay08:47
gedO_Hello. Can someone name program, which is similar to health keeper???08:48
_Neytiri_can someone point mt to a good tutorial on setting up a raid drive after instlation of ubuntu08:48
Tm_T!ohmy | ylmfos08:48
ubottuylmfos: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.08:48
llutz_ylmfos: find the door yourselv08:48
coz_gedO_,  not sure ,, what is "health keeper"08:48
gedO_ Health keeper reminds you about regular breaks while working at PC08:49
gedO_coz_:  Health keeper reminds you about regular breaks while working at PC08:49
gedO_coz_, Health keeper reminds you about regular breaks while working at PC08:49
dt84hi. i have a cron job that puts text into a file in /home/Username/Desktop/file.txt. can i include the current date in the name of the file that is created?08:49
llutz_dt84: foo >text$(date).txt              man date for format options08:49
StarminngedO_: Workaholic?08:50
recognoscogedO_: try running a cron job ;)08:50
StarminngedO_: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2008/04/take-break-workaholic.html08:50
gedO_Thx, I will look :)08:50
coz_gedO_,   I believe by default under system/preferences/keyboard ,,, there is a "typing break" option that will stop from work08:50
coz_gedO_,  that would be that last tab for that08:51
_skplis there any way to use ezd instead of pulseaudio?08:51
jOZeGoodMornin irc08:51
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu ,    one quick thing what does     cat /etc/environment      give u08:52
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu,   is there something about   http_proxy ?08:52
StarminngedO_: Yes, try what coz_ suggested (unless you don't use your keyboard much.)08:52
_Neytiri_how do i setup a raid disk in ubuntu 10.10 after installation08:53
_Neytiri_via cmd line08:53
dt84llutz: thanks08:54
adeeehay how to improve typing speed in ubuntu? any software08:54
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_,:nothing is there the output is PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"08:54
el_seanoadeee: try running 'apt-cache search typing tutor' into a terminal08:55
adeeehi laurenc08:55
Laurencebto set hdd spindown, do i need to edit /dev/hda in hdparm.conf?08:55
el_seanothere'll be a few options08:55
Laurencebas it has no commented out spindown_time=2408:55
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu good08:55
recognosco_Neytiri_: man mdadm?08:56
_Neytiri_i will give it a try08:56
jjp_Laurenceb: some disks may also have specific bootable disk that allow you to adjust spin parameters that are not accessible through hdparam;08:57
jjp_Laurenceb: did it to activate a 'studio' (not noisy) mode for my hd08:57
Laurenceb/dev/hda {spindown_time = 240}08:57
userxi need u guys help on my homework.........what is suspended process?????08:57
Laurencebthats what ive edited it to08:57
pookycan anyone suggest a cpu monitoring indicator?08:57
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :what to do?08:58
sougatapooky, top08:58
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu have you tried out the export commands08:58
pookysougata: htop is better, but I meant in the indicator area08:58
\sharepooky: u want an applet?08:58
recognoscopooky: conky?08:58
pookysougata: an indicator08:58
\sharecpu fire applet08:58
pookyIs it still an applet if it goes in the indicator area?08:58
\share. . .08:59
el_seanoI just get by with the included system monitor08:59
\sharecya later08:59
pookyok, an applet that shows up in the indicator area?08:59
VoitaHi anyone who knows how to make a usbdevice bootable? Have been trying with unetbootin but my laptop doesńt seem to find the boot files08:59
pookyI'm guessing not, since everyone is recommending other (decent) things. Thanks09:00
Jordan_UVoita: Does your laptop support booting from USB.09:00
Voitayes jordan... I installed ubuntu via usb09:00
Voitabut now i need to have a bootable xubuntu stick09:01
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :yes both the commands09:01
recognoscoVoita: try usb-creator09:01
kothaguy_ubuntuvoita: use freedos09:01
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu and they gave no error? if so just try ur update command09:02
Voitathx guys I try freeds and usb creator and se what happens09:02
Jordan_UVoita: Did you use unetbootin to make the Ubuntu USB that did work?09:02
Voitayes jordan but that was made in windows09:02
Jordan_UVoita: FreeDOS won't help you boot (X)Ubuntu.09:02
VoitaI have tried to use unetbottin now again with a windows puter but same result09:03
sougatapooky, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/12/indicator-cpufreq-cpu-frequency-scaling-indicator-applet/09:03
Voitaseems ubuntu can t read my stick during boot09:03
recognoscoVoita: usb-creator never failed me.09:03
Voitaok reco... will look for usb creator09:04
Jordan_UVoita: What exactly happens when you try to boot from the USB drive?09:04
kothaguy_ubuntuvoita:u want to make bootable usb in ubuntu or in windows?09:04
sougatapooky, please ignore if irrelavant, I don't understand gnome jargons09:04
Voitanothing happens ubuntu boot like normal09:04
VoitaI want it bootable for a ubuntucomputer09:04
Jordan_UVoita: Is the USB drive listed as a boot device in your BIOS?09:05
Voitayes it is09:05
Voitafirst priority09:05
ychaouchehello #ubuntu09:06
ychaoucheI found so many locations where .el (emacs) files are put.09:06
kothaguy_ubuntuvoita unetbootin is the excellent one,select disk image,and select your usb drive,it works perfect,which ubuntu version r u using?09:06
Jordan_UVoita: Try holding shift during boot to get to Ubuntu's grub menu (from the Ubuntu installed to the internal drive) and run "ls -l" and see if your drive is listed.09:06
ychaoucheWhere do you suggest me to put a downloaded .el file so that emacs can see and load it when required ?09:06
Voitakothaguy i have tried unetbootin 5 times now and 1 win win and the stick is not bootable in ubuntu09:07
JusticeZeroDoes anyone know what might have patched earlier this week that would break one of my wine programs?09:07
Voita1 with windows09:07
kothaguy_ubuntudid u formatted ur stick with fat3209:08
kothaguy_ubuntudid u formatted ur usb stick?09:08
Voitayes I have formatted it several times09:08
Jordan_UVoita: If it is try running "root=(hdX); chainloader +1; boot" where (hdX) is the drive containing the partition with Xubuntu, not the partition itself.09:08
JusticeZeroI'm having some odd behavior with wine, and mumble stoppped being able to connect.09:08
gordonjcpVoita: unetbootin is total cack09:08
Voitajordan are you talking grub?09:09
gordonjcpVoita: I've never been able to get it to produce anything resembling a bootable image, from any ISO09:09
kothaguy_ubuntuunetbootin works perfect for me on ubuntu 10.04 in my acer aspire one09:09
Voitai just wish it would produce a stick for me that works to09:10
Jordan_UVoita: Yes.09:10
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu , can u update now?09:10
gordonjcpkothaguy_ubuntu: the most I've got out of it is a broken-looking text-mode bootloader09:10
Jordan_UVoita: If what I suggest works then there is nothing wrong with the USB drive or what unetbootin has done and it's instead some sort of BIOS bug.09:10
Voitaok can you please refer me to that information so that i can read more about it, not confortable with grub yet :)09:10
gordonjcpI'm amazed that Ubuntu still doesn't have a USB stick image; that alone makes it one of the hardest distros to install09:11
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver_, :no unable to update,same fetching error occuring09:11
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu show me the command you executed09:12
recognoscoVoita: what are you trying to do? create a bootable Xubuntu USb stick from ISO? or boot into a USB drive Xubuntu installation?09:12
pookysougata: that's just for changing the cpu freq, but thanks for trying.09:12
recognoscogordonjcp: i use usb-creator (from Ubuntu) and it works perfectly.09:13
pookysougata: I already did some google searches, kind of turned up empty handed, figured I'd check here09:13
kothaguy_ubuntuoliver:what you asked me to update,i just tried the ubuntu update?09:13
sougatapooky, yes I read . I did not use anything other than top09:13
Voitarecognoso Iḿ trying to make a bootable usb using Iso with ubuntu in order to boot xubuntu in the sam puter09:13
moata_uhello , every body..09:13
moata_ui have question in sheel script ...need help please09:14
llutz_moata_u: ask your question (maybe better in #bash)09:14
recognoscoVoita: try making the bootable USB key using usb-creator inside ubuntu (apt-get install usb-creator-gtk)09:15
moata_u"$("$@")"  what is does exactly :)09:15
gordonjcprecognosco: right, but that still requires you to have a bootable functioning install with X and everything working09:15
Voitarecognoso I tried that several times last night with no luck09:15
recognoscogordonjcp: Voita says he/she has an existing Ubuntu installation09:16
gordonjcprecognosco: oh, fair enough then09:16
Voitai have ubuntu 10.10 workingperfectly09:16
recognoscogordonjcp: oh. you meant in general? for people without ubuntu?09:17
gordonjcprecognosco: and I've just noticed it's been recently packaged for Arch too09:17
gordonjcprecognosco: I don't get why you have to jump through the iso hoop at all09:17
discorpiais there a way to see when a package was installed using apt or dpkg?09:18
recognoscogordonjcp: i agree.09:18
llutz_moata_u: $@ contains a list of all given cli-parameters separated by spaces.09:18
gordonjcprecognosco: does anyone use these funny shaving mirror things any more?09:18
dt84llutz: got it for the filename. can the cron create the txt file in a path that includes the date? something like: foo > /home/Me/Desktop/$(date)/file.txt09:18
bakerActionbarsnip : you there?09:18
llutz_dt84: sure09:18
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu   hmm no try to update in a shell       sudo aptitude update              sudo aptitude upgrade09:19
dt84llutz: it doesn't seem to work. the folder isn't created09:19
recognoscogordonjcp: shaving mirror?09:19
llutz_dt84: you might use /bin/date since crons env is very limited09:19
VoitaI have now prepared another stick that I found. Will restart and see what happens :) Feels like Iĺl be back here shortly :)09:19
gordonjcprecognosco: these funny round plastic things that people used to store data on, can't remember what they're called09:19
bakeroliver do you get (comand not found)?09:19
llutz_dt84: ahh, the path has to exist, mkdir /path/$(date)  before09:19
recognoscogordonjcp: you bet. i work part time at staples.09:20
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu            thing is that when u just export the http_proxy in a terminal it's not set in env    so it just works for the terminal you executed the command in09:20
gordonjcprecognosco: in all seriousness, I don't think I've had a CD drive in a PC for about ten years09:20
gordonjcpthis laptop has one, no idea if it works09:20
gordonjcpI wish it had a floppy drive, that would actually be useful09:21
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu if you wanna export it for all terminals you must add the commands to your .bashrc file09:21
bakergood old floppy09:21
ychaoucheWhat should I type in the search engine to get a description of Ubuntu's file hierarchy "convention" for storing emacs files ?09:22
bakerwhat systems updates came out today?09:22
Fudgehi anyone know of eeepc 1000ha probs with ubuntu maverick, the battery claims it has 2 seconds left and shuts down, where as windows its fine09:23
ychaoucheI hope my question was clear enough to be understood...09:23
hehehehttp://i52.tinypic.com/29xdybs.png How can I change the lenght of the menu ? there is too much space at right of each shortcut. is it possible to change it?09:23
oliver_kothaguy_ubuntu , maybe the repos you added aren't yet available for 10.10     ,     I assume those are just few updates that don't work,  am I right?09:24
heheheif ya le me know09:24
bakeris there not ubuntu expert here or what?09:24
hehehebaker: im an expert09:24
recognoscogordonjcp: i work PT at Staples. we push spindle after spindle all year long. but yes, usb sticks are very popular. but people hardly buy external drives. i am sure a lot of them aren't getting backup done properly.09:24
gordonjcprecognosco: I don't back up, I just keep my work in a git repo and periodically buy a new hard disk09:25
bakerhehehe : do you know where i can find out witch updates came out today / 24 hours09:25
tensorpuddingbaker: what do you mean by a system update?09:25
VoitaSomebody now how to delay booting in order for computer to find the usb stick boot file?09:26
mickster04baker: regardless of how good we are, we are all volunteers, so we don't anyone anything. any help anyone gets is much appreciated and saying things like that make you sound ungrateful and rude at worst. just be aware of that09:26
recognoscogordonjcp: as long as you know you're safe.09:26
gordonjcprecognosco: well, I back up large uncompressible media files, by dumping them out to other disks09:26
hehehehttp://i52.tinypic.com/29xdybs.png How can I change the lenght of the menu ? there is too much space at right of each shortcut. is it possible to change it?09:26
recognoscogordonjcp: i have a couple of WD MyBooks for that ;)09:26
JackStoner_Hello...i need help removing the "AMD unsupported hardware" watermark...PLLLZZZ HELP!!09:26
fishyerhelp ~09:26
bakerhehehe : yeah system updates09:26
fishyercan't connect to the undernet server, why?09:27
gordonjcprecognosco: I've usually got a couple of copies floating about; the only time I've ever run afoul of this was when I lost one of my hosting providers and with it a large SVN repo - but someone else had a full checkout of it09:27
dt84llutz: yep, thanks - that did the trick09:27
gordonjcprecognosco: so, Linus's method works09:27
recognoscoJackStoner_:  what watermark?09:28
mickster04fishyer: you're not plugged in09:28
oliver_hehehe,   create ".gtkrc-2.0" in your home directory       and    add the line   gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-large-toolbar=18,18:panel-menu=16,16:gtk-menu=14,14"      just change whatever you like :D           or take another theme I guess that the other way09:28
gordonjcpright, later all09:28
hehehehttp://i52.tinypic.com/29xdybs.png Menus' widht seem to change. I need to know the solution for this tks09:28
recognoscogordonjcp: later09:28
hehehethanks oliver_ im gonna try09:28
tensorpuddingthere's probably a way to concatenate all the changelogs of every package you have installed, then filter them by date of most recent change09:28
=== Guest35820 is now known as DarkDevil
tensorpuddingthat would tell you what packages updated most recently09:28
bakerI theres a bug in buc/burg manager not opening09:28
JackStoner_recognosco: when i installed the ATI drivers it worked but there's a "shadow image" / watermark saying AMD unsupported hardware :(09:28
mickster04baker: that's not really ubuntu help09:28
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest41671
fishyermickster04: how ?09:29
heheheoliver_: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ?09:29
mickster04fishyer: what i mean to say is that you have given us no details to help us diagnose your problem so I am giving you a generic responce?!09:29
oliver_hehehe, yeah u need to create that09:30
bakeri want to update but buc/burg wount open if i do09:30
heheheoliver_: thanks 4 teh tip09:30
bakertrying to figure out what package is causing it09:30
mickster04baker: burg is not a default application on ubuntu i recommend you go to their site and look for help there09:30
bakermick you a bot?09:31
recognoscoJackStoner_: http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?15192-Ugly-Watermark-Issue-quot-AMD-Unsupported-hardware-quot see post #1309:31
mickster04baker: no but you  are not paying attention09:31
recognoscoJackStoner_: go through the whole thread09:32
JackStoner_recognosco: thanks will do09:32
recognoscoJackStoner_: don't run any command if you don't know what it does09:32
bakerburg is not a default but system updates are09:32
fencerrtest - can anyone read this?09:32
mickster04baker: meh i wasn't responding to that09:32
mickster04fencerr: nope09:32
recognoscoJackStoner_: don't blame me if it doesn't work or anything goes wrong09:32
fishyermickster04: oh ~ I installed the Xchat IRC,and go to  select the UnderNet Networks,then connect,but after a long time there still says" Perl interface loaded09:32
fishyer Python interface loaded09:32
fishyer Tcl plugin for XChat - Version 1.6409:32
fishyer Copyright 2002-2005 Daniel P. Stasinski09:32
fishyer http://www.scriptkitties.com/tclplugin/09:32
FloodBot1fishyer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:32
JackStoner_recognosco: lol...i will try not to ;)09:33
fencerrany one know good way to create a guest usergroup without changing all permissions manually?09:33
mickster04fishyer: yeah, go to xchat help about that09:33
recognoscofencerr: what exactly are you trying to do?09:33
bakermickster04 : does ubuntu website post what updates come out on what day?09:34
fencerrI need limited user access account for ssh tunneling09:34
fishyermickster04: this is the first time use IRC, I installed Xchat IRC, then go connect the Undernet server, and after that the screen stays on"* Looking up irc.undernet.org * Connecting to irc.undernet.org ( port 6667..."09:34
recognoscofencerr: useradd perhaps?09:35
mickster04baker: nope. just pay attention when you run the update manager09:35
morris1hi. my wacom bamboo is freaking out. it reacts fine to the pen movement until i actually touch the pad with the pen, then it freezes at that point until i touch it again somewhere. whats going on?09:35
natifishyer fencerr èââûöïðåêòòïîøïàâ09:35
mickster04fishyer: yeah thats ok, it means its working?09:35
natiîïàààåïâìèà ïïàððàì ïàìòîüòòêêïèòò òððïïïðò09:35
\sharenati: speak english09:35
discorpiais there a way to see when a package was installed using apt or dpkg?09:36
nati\share åïïï àìñâà áîãð?09:36
\share<nati> \share åïïï àìñâà áîãð?09:36
kchai1hello, test09:36
=== Guest3332 is now known as lance--_--
codebeakeris there special config required in an upstart job to make sure it restarts if the process dies09:36
fencerruseradd gives more permission - then i have to chmod all stuff i want to allow/deny09:36
\sharekchai1: it's nto working sorry09:36
fishyermickster04:no .... it does not work at all09:36
fencerrso i was looking for some easier way to do it09:36
bakerwhats the best dock to use?  cairo dosnt have the option for spinning icons09:36
mickster04discorpia: I asume there is logs somewhere not sure where tho. i think /etc/logs is a starting point?09:36
mickster04!best | baker09:36
ubottubaker: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:36
Benkinoobyis the netbook edition different concerning performace tool (maybe a battery guard or different setting to save energy)?09:37
mickster04fishyer: well as you are on irc it clearly does?09:37
natiwhere are you from09:37
mickster04fishyer: the server may be down?09:37
mickster04!ot | nati09:37
ubottunati: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:37
bakerwitch one has the spinning icons option?09:37
mickster04baker: that09:37
bakerdo you know09:37
mickster04baker: is off topic09:37
fishyermickster04: huh ~ okay , got it09:37
fishyermickster04: thank you !09:38
llutz_fencerr: use /bin/false as shell and let those users start the ssh-tunnel using the -N flag09:38
oliver_hehehe, tested it?09:38
bakerhow can that be so of topic serously?09:38
bakerim  not here to chat blah blah blah my shoes are un tied09:39
heheheoliver_: I dont notice any difference. how can I know the original settings and start from there?09:39
twitchbaker: u high? :S09:39
mickster04baker: because you haven't got a problem? you are asking for an popinion?09:39
=== nati is now known as Haker93
bakertwitch lol09:39
bakermy last name is baker09:39
\share!ot > baker09:40
ubottubaker, please see my private message09:40
sougatadiscorpia, /var/log/dpkg.log09:40
mickster04High_Priest: and tonight i am baitable :(09:40
* twitch slaps mickster04 with a trout09:40
heheheoliver_: I have a ~/.config/gtk-2.009:41
fencerr@llutz_ what happens if someone does not use -N?09:41
llutz_fencerr: he'll fail09:41
* mickster04 gets a bigger trout and throws it at twitch 09:41
oliver_hehehe, hmm here are the defaults saved in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc09:42
=== Arthur is now known as Arthur[k]
oliver_hehehe, maybe it's easiest to change it  over there but first make a copy of it09:42
fencerr@llutz_ thanks I shall try it out and post this on the web - I couldn't find this solution on google09:43
oliver_hehehe, so u can delete the .gtkrc-2.009:43
heheheoliver_:  but this is for panels gtk-icon-sizes = "panel-menu=22,22:gtk-button=16,16"09:43
heheheoliver_: after making changes do I need to logout?09:44
=== vincent is now known as Guest42545
oliver_hehehe, yes I guess it requires restart X09:45
heheheoliver_: gtk-recent-files-max-age=009:46
codebeakeris there special config required in an upstart job to make sure it restarts if the process dies09:47
BactaWhat app can I use to generate pcap files from network traffic?09:48
llutz_Bacta: tcpdump09:49
VoitaHi again09:49
hehehebye again09:49
VoitaI need help with using grup to find out wether my bios can detect usb. anyone?09:50
NarcHello folks. I'm testing FF4 on Maverick and fonts are not properly anti-aliased. Anyone know how to fix this, if possible ? I tried to build it with Cairo enabled to no avail. Thanks.09:51
coz_Voita,   you might also want to log onto t h e #grub channel09:51
coz_Narc, not sure actually... I do know firefox 4 will be in ubuntu 11.04  where it displays properly09:51
Voitaa ok thx coz_09:51
Narccoz_:  Yeah, I thought so, but I wanted to have a taste of it. :) I suppose I'll have to wait then.09:53
coz_Narc,   do you have msttcorefonts installed?09:53
Narccoz_:  Yes09:53
coz_Narc,  if so you might want to try to remove them09:53
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:54
coz_Narc, I assume you already went into firefox preferences and playes those font settings..yes?09:54
Narccoz_:  Oh, really. Can you explain why ? To be clear it's not just the web pages that are not anti-aliased but the whole interface. It seems it doesn't use Gnome subpixel smoothing settings.09:55
Narccoz_:  Yes, I did.09:55
coz_Narc,  mm  some of the reports I have read on this issues  at times point to the mscorefonts as a possible problem  with no specifics so far09:56
coz_Narc,  but I am also doing a search on the issue09:56
Narccoz_:  Ok, thanks, I'll try to remove them.09:56
BactaSay I want to create a wireless network on my laptop that can access the internet via my own connection .. how do I do that?09:57
coz_Narc,  how did you install firefox 4?09:57
Narccoz_:  I think it's a known bug in earlier versions of FF and ubuntu.09:57
Narccoz_:  Just downloaded the archive on Mozilla09:57
=== Gnea_ is now known as Gnea
coz_Narc,  you might want to try one of the PPA;s  for this  http://digitizor.com/2010/09/04/install-firefox-4-ubuntu/09:58
ljsoftnethow do i play videos in freevo?09:58
ethanolcan I get ubuntu's terminal to automatically copy on select? like putty does on windows09:59
coz_ethanol,  if you highlight the text  and then middle to where you want to paste,  this is systemic in linux10:00
oliver_hehehe, have you been successful10:00
Narccoz_:  Yeah, I tried that, but it removes and replaces the installed version of Firefox 3.6 with daily builds I think and I don't like that. Plus it's rebranded as Minefield.10:00
coz_Narc,  ah I see10:01
ethanoloh I get it. neat, never knew that10:01
oliver_ethanol, this is standard in linux :D works everywhere10:01
coz_Narc,  you could join the #firefox channel... I have never been there for solution solving but cant hurt10:01
heheheoliver_: im reading the option for gtkrc. is "gtk-enable-tooltips = 0" or "gtk-enable-tooltips=0" ?10:01
coz_rather problem solving10:02
ljsoftnethow do i play videos in freevo?10:02
ethanololiver_: yes I see that, very nice ^^10:02
coz_ljsoftnet,  I have no idea  I have never used it10:02
Narccoz_:  I tried yesterday after someone here advised me to go there. They're helpful but not very chatty. They pointed me to and old 2008 bug report with no workaround. :) So I come back here.10:03
heheheoliver_: i found this http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/2.15/GtkSettings.html10:03
oliver_hehehe, just   gtk-enable-tooltips = 010:04
coz_ljsoftnet,    http://doc.freevo.org/FAQ10:04
coz_Narc,  oooo  that's not helpful10:04
Narccoz_:  Well, I meant that at least they answered me. :) They tried.10:04
coz_Narc,  which font is use systemically in ubuntu compared to the font used in firefox?10:04
=== mohammad is now known as Guest4083
coz_Narc, if those are different  ..set firefox to the same font and see what happens10:06
Narccoz_:  Application font is set to default "Ubuntu" and default serif is Times in FF. Other settings are default.10:06
NarcOk, I'll try that and removing msttcorefonts10:06
Narccoz_:  Thanks10:06
coz_Narc,  ok... I am not sure either of those will solve the issue but it's a start10:06
=== sonic is now known as Guest12709
Guest12709hi there10:11
Guest12709i need a quick advice: wich version is the "fastest" and the best for an older computer: ubuntu kubuntu or xubuntu ?10:12
DJonesGuest12709: What sort of memory has the computer got?10:12
farthammercan anyone help me im having a hell of a time with samba10:12
=== Guest12709 is now known as sonic_
farthammeri cant get it to do anything10:12
erUSULGuest12709: even xubuntu can be too much for - very - old systems10:12
=== Fish is now known as Guest49108
farthammercan anyone help me im having a hell of a time with samba10:14
DJonessonic_: : I've got a 10 year old machine that runs ubuntu in 512Mb of ram, although it can be a bit slow, I'm probably going to change it to either xubuntu or lubuntu10:14
sonic_Djones: sort of memory?10:14
DJonessonic_: I asked that question wrongly, I meant how much memory10:15
sonic_DJones: well, i do not want to install ubuntu, i just want to check the system with a live cd10:15
sonic_DJones: sorry, maybe i should have noticed this10:15
=== dvs is now known as Guest84882
sonic_DJones: the computer has 1024 mb DDR RAM10:16
DJonessonic_: I'd try ubuntu first on a live cd with 1024Mb10:16
DJonessonic_: That should be fine for it to test with10:16
sonic_DJones: ok, thx10:17
teleriwhere does synaptic cache what it's grabbed?10:21
sugoruyoteleri: i think /var/cache/apt10:24
zee313how to install worweb on my ubuntu machine10:24
zee313wordweb how to install on my ubuntu OS.10:25
NeoCicakhi all.... i keep getting problem of my gnome not running without any theme... this happens randomly... is anyone experiencing this? i'm running 10.10 64 bit10:25
DJoneszee313: Is wordweb a windows app? It looks as though it can be installed using wine10:28
gartralhow do i kill an active user?10:28
=== Guest41671 is now known as DarkDevil
elFidelgartral: what do you mean by "kill a user"? deleting it?10:29
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest6120
DarsVaedahi, I have malformed characters (german umlauts) in texts, I wonder if there is a program/way in ubuntu to fix those in a batch10:30
g0rbyDars: I would do that kind of thing with perl10:31
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.10:31
llutz_!info recode | DarsVaeda10:31
ubottuDarsVaeda: recode (source: recode): Character set conversion utility. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6-17 (maverick), package size 119 kB, installed size 768 kB10:31
gartralelFidel: no, theres a rampent account that got corrupted on my comp, i need a terminal command too force the acount too logout10:32
richardcavellWhere do I go to discuss the Unity interface?10:32
gartralelFidel: like soon, it's holding the load avg at 25.510:32
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i am facing a typical problem,All my browsers are able to browse only google related websites,other than that,i am unable to browse other sites like ubuntu.com,ubuntuforums.org,omgubuntu.co.uk , i tried clear cache,but it is not working,please suggest me what to do??10:33
richardcavellbitch about it10:33
DarsVaedathanks llutz10:33
kothaguy_ubuntuit is showing error 11810:33
heheheoh yeah I remembered something to ask!10:34
elFidelgartral: well in case you assume someone is misusing that account - start by changing pw or even deleting it - i dont see an advantage in just killing the current sessions of that account10:34
hehehea friend of mine has an iMac 2.0 ... is there any way to use boot Ubuntu from it?10:35
heheheI need to know10:35
elFidelhehehe: there is no iMac 2.010:35
elFidelhehehe: in case it is an intel-mac - yes he can run linux on it. If its an old ppc-mac -> he would need a ppc-distri10:36
richardcavellhehehe, all intel iMacs can run Ubuntu10:36
heheherichardcavell: how?10:36
heheheelFidel: ppc-distri?10:36
elFidelhehehe: to get a better impressions of different mac-models in general - consider using everymac.com10:36
gartralelFidel: no, it's one account i had created, it's not possiblle its another another user, period, the systemhas no network.10:36
elFidelhehehe: start by checking what kind of mac it is10:37
elFidelhehehe: there is no sense in asking further - if you dont know what hw you are talking about ;)10:37
heheheelFidel: i tried to boot from cd and usb but it didnt10:37
richardcavellhehehe, first find out if it's an intel mac10:37
heheheit is an intel mac10:37
richardcavellhehehe, put the cd in and reboot, holding down the C key on the keyboard10:37
elFidelhehehe: insert ubunut CD and press ALT while booting10:38
Narccoz_:  I tried what you suggested to no avail. Thanks anyway.10:38
gartralelFidel: whatever your insight may be, i really need a command to kill the running user before my system blows up!10:38
richardcavellonly some imacs can boot from USB10:38
elFidelhehehe: the mac should display all bootable devices he is finding while booting10:38
hehehelol richardcavell says C elFidel says ALT10:38
richardcavellhehehe, both will work10:38
coz_Narc,  sorry to hear that... well at least both of those options can be reverted10:38
richardcavellC boots from CD, alt gives you all the options10:38
elFidelALT is the all-in-wonder-key ;)10:38
elFidelgartral: check pkill10:40
heheheelFidel: ok then I can change the boot order right10:40
hehehelike a normal BIOS10:40
elFidelhehehe: no - you select the thing you want to boot from10:40
Narccoz_:  Sure. Thanks for helping me anyway.10:40
hehehe:( so it sucks10:40
elFidelhehehe: there is NO Bios in case of macs10:40
elFidelapple tends to do things different ;)10:40
heheheelFidel: pls give a link for things like that ...... hold down C or ALT i need to know more10:41
richardcavellyeah Apple Macs do not have BIOS10:41
richardcavellhehehe, you don't need to know any more10:41
elFidelhehehe: google10:41
hehehei dont like google10:41
richardcavellput the Ubuntu CD in, reboot, hold down C while it reboots10:41
hehehethey spy on me10:41
elFidelhehehe: then dont ask for infos10:41
richardcavellhehehe, put the CD in, reboot10:42
richardcavellhold down C10:42
richardcavellIf it doesn't work then you did something wrong10:42
heheherichardcavell: i dont the mac here lol i will try it later!10:42
NarcAnyone know a fix for Firefox 4 anti-aliasing problem on Maverick ? Thanks.10:42
nodiewhere is syslog.conf in ubuntu?10:42
elFidelhehehe: besides - apple does document those boot-relevant keycombos on the apple page10:42
gartralelFidel: pkill what?10:43
nodiehttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man5/syslog.conf.5.html   speaks of /etc/syslog.conf10:43
llutz_nodie: /etc/rsyslog.conf(.d)  since ubuntu uses rsyslogd10:43
elFidelgartral: man pkill10:43
nodiebut the file doesn't exist in my system10:43
nodiethanks llutz :D10:43
heheheok I found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Intel_iMac10:43
hehehestop joking10:43
gartralelFidel: no manpages installed cause it's not a big drive10:43
shomonhi, sorry this is a bit advanced, but I'm trying to figure out how to run a website using apache2 on ubuntu, from a port other than 8010:44
elFidelgartral: then check the docu of that command on an other way10:44
shomonI have put in ports.conf and sites-available/enabled what seems a good config... but it's not serving anything from that port.10:44
shomonhow can I best debug this?10:44
llutz_shomon: check apache logs10:45
llutz_shomon: sudo lsof -i :<port>       does it really listen there?10:46
shomonah thanks! wow I'll try that. error log gives nothing10:46
AdvoWorkim trying to get to a ftp site(from browser) but its like http://files.domain.com   internally i get a blank page, at another location it works, so something is stopping the page working. there is nothing blocked on the router, but i can only add IP addresses to the outbound or inbound services. any ideas please?10:48
DOokamihello everyone10:48
DOokamiwhenever i try to access it by typing "cd C Programs" in a terminal ,, it doesn't work ,, what am i doing wrong ?10:49
gartralcan someone PLEASE tell me how too kill a user? i reallllly need thisinfo10:50
zee313wine is not allowing to install wordweb. what to do now??10:50
llutz_gartral: 9mm, peng10:50
llutz_gartral: kill his login-shell10:50
ljsoftnethow do i replace "spaces" from filenames with "_"?10:50
gartralllutz: HOW10:50
llutz_gartral: man pkill        and yes, its available online10:51
erUSULDOokami: cd only takes one argument not two. "cd C" or "cd  Programs" provided that those directories exist in the current directory should work10:52
llutz_ljsoftnet: rename 's/\ /_/' *10:52
DOokamierUSUL i tried both .. didn't work10:52
erUSULDOokami: what are you trying to do ?10:52
DOokamierUSUL: bash: cd: Programs: No such file or directory10:53
gartralllutz: unfortuently, the user in question is setup in a way that it was set to auto login, and i never unchecked that bit before deleting it, and not its grabbing control of gdm, and networking, and alot of other things.. it's holding the load average at like 30.0. I DON"T have time too drudge mans!10:53
DarsVaedastill struggeling with character encoding in files, they are encoded utf8 but they contain malformed characters (ie. german umlauts) I need to find a way to batch convert those characters to the correct utf8 character, but i do not even know the characterset used for those malformed chars10:53
erUSULDOokami: i said « provided that those directories exist in the current  directory10:53
DOokamierUSUL: getting in the directory  to complie a C program10:53
erUSULDOokami: what is the name of that directory ?10:53
DOokamierUSUL when i type "ls" i can see "C Programs" ,, that means i'm at "home" right ?10:53
llutz_gartral: but you have time enough to whine here...10:54
erUSULDOokami: ok so is a dir with spaces ... use « cd "C Programs" »10:54
DOokamierUSUL worked :D10:54
zee313How to install windows application wordweb as wine is not allowing to install10:54
DOokamithanks a lot :)10:54
ljsoftnetllutz_ it only worked on the first word, and didn't continue on the next word10:56
gartralllutz_: i'm not whining, i just tryed sudo pkill -u user and it threw username user is invalid (yes, the user in question is just named user)10:56
theprototypei wish i could change the channel on wlan0 and mon0 in aircrack AAAAHHHHHHH10:56
joeskilHello. Is this the right channel for questions about server edition of ubuntu?10:56
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
llutz_ljsoftnet: rename 's/\ /_/g' *10:57
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:57
llutz_gartral: euid != username, use -U <uid>10:58
ljsoftnetllutz_ it worked thanks man10:58
joeskilplease. if someone here has some experience in either recovering from hacker attacks or reviving data from a hacked ubuntu webserver, I would really appreciate the help.11:01
erUSULjoeskil: #ubuntu-server exists but you can ask here too11:01
gartralllutz_: ok, how do i get that?11:02
joeskilI am not so experienced with IRC. But I found the ubuntu-server channel, and am hopping over there11:02
llutz_gartral: id user11:03
gartralllutz_: "root" is supposed too have uid 1000 right?11:03
llutz_gartral: 011:04
erUSULgartral: 1000 is the uid of the first user created in a debian/ubuntu box11:04
gartraloo ok11:04
llutz_gartral: on most systems 1000 is the first created user11:04
llutz_grr too late agn11:04
gartralok, got te user killed i think, but deluser still isn't letting me remove it11:06
=== newbie53 is now known as eBittin
shomonI think best way to stop a hack attack is to unplug the network cable from the back of the computer11:11
oliver_shomon, or shutdown the router11:12
shomonfind out how they got in... looking through var/logs for their IP address... although that might just show the address of another compromised box...11:13
shomonyou would be better banning the IP than deleting the user, without looking through the home dir to find out what that user was up to...11:14
gartralok, i did a weird workaround, i recreated the user, rebooted, stopped the user, switched "displays" and logged it out, and then removed it properly, thank you elFidel and llutz11:14
gnewbshomon: oliver. You are both on the edge of correct, but that is almost offtopic11:15
shomonsorry, I got a box hacked into once and it's not nice...11:16
gnewbshomon: I understand, and no, it is not nice, that is what Backups are for.11:17
shomonok back to ubuntu stuff :)11:17
gnewbThank you.11:17
gnewbWhen I use TOP, the output is confusing, does anyone have a site or simple explination for that?11:19
Herocan someone help me to switch my bcm4312 wifi card to master mode?11:19
mo_bledhoz!ubuntu 1011:19
Herowhen i run sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode master11:20
Heroit got problem11:20
HeroError for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06)11:20
FloodBot3Hero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
gnewbHero: I am not really understanding, Master Mode?11:21
x404xwhat is a good program to sync one server to another ? also how to detect corruption and not copy bad files11:21
gnewbamanda, rsync, there are so so many.11:21
Herognewb: i'm using hostap to simulate an wifi access point by software11:22
gnewbHero: Ah, that makes better sense now, Thank you.11:22
Richzillai have a problem with update manager11:23
Herognewb: :)11:23
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
Herognewb: do you have any solutions for it :D11:23
Richzillatheres an exclamation mark on my gnome panel, and it says either a repo is unavailable, or my network connection is down11:23
gnewbHero: Is it like one box is Firewall and so on, or is it a simple wlan issue?11:24
Richzillanetwork connection is fine, but when i manually check for updates (as it suggests) i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577785/11:24
Herognewb: i think it is a simple wlan issue :(11:25
erUSULRichzilla: looks like a malformed repo url to me... did you manually edited sources?11:25
gnewbHero: Is it set to Auto Connect for every user?11:25
RichzillaerUSUL: I wondered, i wasnt sure about the triple forward slash in the url. To my knowledge i havent changed them, but ive added a few repos recently11:26
Richzillaanyway to reset the sources list?11:27
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là11:27
erUSULRichzilla: grep -RF "launchpad.net///ubuntu/" /etc/apt/11:27
shomonhow do I go down a php version? I've got 5.3.3, and got to go to 5.2.x11:27
iocordoes anyone know how to use the command line to put a zip inside a zip, so fi the directory structure is foo/bees.zip foo/cows the structure of the zip would be foo.zip/bees.zip foo.zip/cows11:28
=== Guest6120 is now known as DarkDevil
gnewbshomon: Purge the new, install the old? maybe?11:29
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest30131
RichzillaerUSUL: Tried that, same problem. What does it do?11:32
erUSULRichzilla: tell me/you where the faulty line is11:34
yaccWonder if the Ubuntu initrd has access to USB discs? (10.04LTS btw)11:34
erUSULlarious: ask in the channel please11:35
RichzillaerUSUL: i dont get any output11:35
HDB10_Take a look at pastebin simple loop11:35
lariouserUSUL: please I am having a problem install my huawei device to work in ubunt 10.04lts and i believe people can help me that is why I am here11:36
erUSULRichzilla: take a look at /etc/apt/sources.list and/or files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*11:36
erUSULlarious: what is exactly the problem? it does not work out of the box?11:37
=== adrian is now known as Guest26971
lariousplease I am having a problem install my huawei device to work in ubunt 10.04lts and i believe people can help me that is why I am here11:37
lariousbut I have been trying to make help from Google but google cant help me11:37
lariousI cant install it that is what I mean11:38
RichzillaerUSUL: Found the file, ~maverick.list. am i ok just to replace the triple slashes with single ones?11:39
erUSULRichzilla: paste the file11:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:39
ginnnit is pain in the ass to resize a xchat window in gnome. In the screenshot you can clearly see it is easier to resize because we have the triangle at the bottom right corner, in this case it is the nautilus window. Other gnome apps also have it. Xchat doesn't. why? http://img198.imageshack.us/i/screenshotdl.png/11:40
totohi guys, how can I change the hostname?11:40
erUSULlarious: right click on the network icon in the panel ( right up corner ) choose edit connections go to the broadband tab11:40
=== toto is now known as Guest42064
erUSULlarious: add a new connection11:40
giantkiarhi there11:40
giantkiarCan anyone help me in executing this command (http://paste.ubuntu.com/577780/) in a bash script? Thanks11:40
RichzillaerUSUL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/577796/11:40
Guest42064i mean "welcome to %" and all the other places where hostname appears...11:41
yuskhanzabhello, i have a problem here.. how to disable pidgin autostart.. ive search in startup application, seems no pidgin option there... help me11:41
erUSULRichzilla: even if you put a single / i do not think that repo will work... maverick is an odd name for a ppa11:41
Guest42064yuskhanzab, you should look at System Preferences Startup Apps11:42
lariouserUSUL: I have done that but it is asking for APN, but my network dont have APN11:42
rwatgiantkiar: how are you executing it now?11:42
onoxshould upstream depend on valac or valac-<version>?11:42
RichzillaGuest42064: try here http://askubuntu.com/questions/9540/rename-computer-name/9614#9614, or ubuntu tweak gives you an easy option11:42
erUSULlarious: it have to afaik11:42
Guest42064Richzilla, thank you11:42
yuskhanzabthere is no pidgin option is startup apps11:43
lariouserUSUL: the modem work in win xp but dont know how to make it work in ubuntu11:43
RichzillaerUSUL: Weird11:43
yuskhanzabin pidgin prefence, there is also no option to disable at startup11:44
Guest42064yuskhanzab, sure?11:44
yuskhanzabyeah, sure11:44
coz_yuskhanzab,   you could try  by installing    sysv-rc-conf     run that as  sudo sysb-rc-conf11:44
Guest42064yuskhanzab, and is there a .pidgin folder in your home?11:44
erUSULlarious: maybe you can find it here http://forums.pinstack.com/f24/tcp_apn_wap_gateway_port_carrier_settings-360/11:44
erUSULlarious: if it does not appear you will have to ask your mobile phone company11:44
Guest42064there should be some more folder on it11:44
coz_yuskhanzab, tick the first box  with the space bar to disable it if it is in the list11:44
erUSULRichzilla: i would just remove that file ? what you added it for anyway?11:45
gnewbyacc: Get a responce yet?11:45
coz_yuskhanzab,  first box next to the pydgin name that is11:45
RichzillaerUSUL: i didnt know i had... :)11:45
little-tuxhello people11:45
erUSULRichzilla: just remove it then11:45
little-tuxcould I find ubuntu 10.10 without graphical environment?11:46
erUSULlittle-tux: server edition or minimal11:46
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:46
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:46
Gnea!alt | little-tux11:46
ubottulittle-tux: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:46
little-tuxty so much11:46
yaccgnewb, not really, but then I've added the relevant modules to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, rerun update-initramfs and hope for the best, I personally want just to have the USB stuff accessible as I'm dropping to the busybox cmdline anyway => I hate to have to retype crypt passwords for half-dozens PVs especially when it's the same for all PVs.11:47
gaelfxhey, I've got a CD-Rom that worked perfectly well with the liveusb, but now that I've installed, it takes over 5 minutes to actually load any CD to the point that I can use it. How can I figure out what's going wrong and make my CD-Rom work again?11:47
GneaerUSUL: ironically enough, I could only get my new workstation up and running using server as a base11:47
Curly_QJust curious, I am able to SSH into my Linux box. When I logged into root it told me that I could upgrade the root program. I type in the command prompt and get a:   "Welcome to root" message. Whas that a good idea to apt-get it?11:47
yaccgnewb, so I'm adding a small script to initrd that asks for one password and tries to unlock all PVs with it.11:47
gaelfxas a side note, putting anything in the CD drive makes the entire system REALLY laggy11:47
Guest42064another one, a bit more hard to find: i have a problem, my external screens are not detected since i upgraded from 10.04 to 10.1011:47
RichzillaerUSUL: problem solved, thanks for the help11:47
=== king is now known as Guest97043
theprototypeCan someone help me and tell me and help me apply this patch? http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/attachment/ticket/742/0001-aireplay-ng-add-an-option-to-ignore-channel-1-error.patch11:48
gaelfx!zh | Guest9704311:48
Gneagaelfx: the dmesg command may have a few clues11:48
ubottuGuest97043: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:48
gaelfxGnea: just a lot of hard resetting links and nothing that gives a clear idea of what's wrong11:48
Guest42064i have been goooooooooogling, and no luck; just a guy saying "format it": he said "fresh install" but this is the same; and i m not going to fresh install with all the apps i installed, the tweaks, etc11:48
theprototypei have the instructions on how to apply the patch, i just dont know which directory to move it to11:49
gnewbyacc: That does make sense, I had a run in with one of those last week, it was a heap of code that I found out was uneeded.11:49
Gneagaelfx: perhaps if you ran it through pastebinit, more than one pair of eyes might see something different11:49
Gneatheprototype: how did you obtain the main source tree11:50
yaccgnewb, well, I've run into plymouthd so I might get tempted into writing a proper script that asks nicely via the GUI for the password without dropping me to the busybox prompt.11:50
Curly_QWhen I type in su- I get: "Authentication Failure" If I type in  the word root It tells me welcome to root. What gives with that?11:50
coz_Curly_Q,  try   sudo -i11:51
GneaCurly_Q: you should be using sudo -i11:51
=== denny- is now known as denny
theprototypeGnea i found the link here ---> http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/ticket/74211:51
Curly_QThanks that brings back memories.11:51
ddilingeranyone know of a script to help me find all the files that are un-controlled(not installed by dpkg) ?11:51
theprototypegnea i'm a noob so i'm not sure if that is what you were asking, sorry11:51
gaelfxhttp://pastebin.com/87W1m4Md is what my logs show everytime I try to put in a CD, or any time I try to do anything on that CD/DVD11:52
shomondoes anyone know how to go from version 5.3.3 of php to 5.2.6 in ubuntu? I can't find older packages for php on synaptic... so not sure how to do this without messing it up11:52
theprototypegnea i've read the instructions, the only part i'm confused on is where to move the patch to apply it11:52
coz_Curly_Q,   sudo -i  in the terminal  put in your password  and you will be root11:52
gnewbyacc: THat was a solution that I used...sorta, basically the same.11:52
ddilingerbasicaly looking to compute the difference between find / and cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list, but being smart about it and ignore home, other stuff11:52
Curly_QCoz did I do a bad thing by apt-getting the root program? I was prompted to download it.11:52
coz_Curly_Q,   well no need for that11:52
theprototypegnea stupid mon0 refuses to change the channel from -1 in aireplay11:52
coz_Curly_Q,   just type  sudo -i  in terminal  and you will have root privledges11:53
Curly_QI didn't do the sudo -i command but did su- and put in the password and it asked me to apt-get the root program.11:53
Guest42064there s something annoying too: in chrome, i can  t type anything in the address bar, cause when hitting Enter, it doesn t search anything11:53
Curly_QI am in root right now via ssh.11:53
coz_Curly_Q,   right so use sudo -i  instead of su11:53
Gneatheprototype: gotcha, well basically what you'll want to look into is to see if that patch has been applied to an ubuntu package that's compatible with your installation or not - are you on 10.04 or 10.10?11:54
theprototypeGnea i'm on 10.10 (64)11:54
Curly_QThanks Coz, I have to get those old Red Hat commands out of my mind.11:54
theprototypeGnea i wasn't running in to this issue like, yesterday. Now all of a sudden its here.11:54
Gneagaelfx: alright, looks like you've got a SATA dvd drive then - have you tried using a different SATA cable?11:54
coz_Curly_Q,  there is a way for you to use su  in ubuntu  but sudo -i does the trick11:55
Gneatheprototype: have you been installing updates daily?11:55
trickcoz_: dont highlight me pls, thanks11:55
Curly_QCoz, I thank you for reminding me.11:55
Gneatrick: change your /nick then11:55
coz_trick,  sorry?11:55
theprototypegnea yea i just installed ubuntu and applied all the updates that it offered to me11:55
gaelfxGnea: yeah, I've tested it, there's nothing wrong with the cable or the drive11:56
Gneagaelfx: Is the system pre-built or did you build it yourself?11:56
gaelfxGnea: in other words, it works on other machines running different OSes, it could be the motherboard, but I switched ports and nothing seems to be wrong there either, just this drive is not used properly11:56
gaelfxGnea: I built it myself, and like I said before, it works fine if I use a liveusb, it just doesn't work after install11:57
Gneagaelfx: have you checked to see if there's a BIOS update for the motherboard? those tend to fix silly little problems like this.11:57
coz_I dont respond more than once to someone complaining about  " highliting:" or  pinking them11:57
gaelfxGnea: yeah, the BIOS is up to date11:58
theprototypeGnea this is really frustrating. I had HEARD about the mon0 stuck on channel -1, wasn't encountering it, decided to play around today and now the issue is present. I thought my only issue was getting data packets slowly11:58
redOur company DNS server is from today on redirecting http://intra to our intranet IP address11:58
redThis seems to be working in all windows machines, but not on my Ubuntu desktop11:58
rob_pcoz_: You have nothing to apologize for. Your text included the word, "trick" which happens to be a nick.  His own client highlighted it for him and he blamed you!  Hahaha!!! :)11:58
redAny idea how to flush DNS records? I've tried reconnecting and doing interface restarts.11:58
coz_rob_p,  ah i see well not my problem then11:58
rob_pcoz_: exactly!11:59
Gneatheprototype: well, in order to apply a .patch, you need to have the source code for aircrack-ng, so you'll need to get it from the repository and see if it hasn't been applied already11:59
Curly_QCoz, I have installed Xlaunch on Windows. I was able to log in with it but is that a GUI VNC? Do I need to install putty also with it?11:59
rwatred are you sure the upstream dns has changed?11:59
coz_trick,   the word "trick"  is going to be used a whole lot by many and most definitly by me11:59
rob_pcoz_: If it was, that would be a trick :P11:59
trickcoz_: i warned you once, i will not warn you a second time.11:59
Gneatheprototype: otherwise you'd be getting the source directly from the website, which is usually a bad idea11:59
Curly_QIt seems that putty is embeded with it.11:59
x404xare there any commonly used hacker/trojan/virus ports i should be sure to block in my router ? (I know 445 is one)11:59
Gneatrick: stop it now.11:59
coz_trick,   we are both warned then12:00
redrwat: im not sure what you mean12:00
redI just know that every PC around me has it working :)12:00
rwatred do you know about dig?12:00
Gneatrick: no one's using your nick on purpose, you're the one that chose such a silly nick that's just a random word that people legitimately use now and then.  Therefore, please stop trolling.12:00
koppeWhat is best mailutils (GNU), bsd-mailx or heirloom-mailx ?  And why?12:00
rob_pcoz_: Just ignore the troll...12:00
theprototypeGnea i didn't check either of these, because i was unsure if they would cause a conflict, but in synaptic mnger, under the "Other software" tab, should i tick Canonical Partners (source code) or just Canonical Partners ?12:01
coz_red,   is this address accessible from a browser normally?12:01
Gneatheprototype: well before you bother with that, I need to ask: did you already install aircrack-ng from synaptic?12:01
theprototypeGnea yup12:02
rwatred: try "dig myhostname.whatever" on the command line12:02
theprototypegnea thats how i know i have the channel -1 problem =(12:02
Gneatheprototype: then there's no need for that. what you'll need to do is open a terminal and type the following:  sudo apt-get source aircrack-ng12:02
redcoz_: yeah, from IP I can access it, from the new "dns" name I cannot12:03
redtesting dig, sec12:03
koppeWhat is the better MTA -- exim or postfix ?12:03
Gneatheprototype: that should do the trick12:03
rwatkoppe: yes12:03
rwatthey are both better MTAs12:03
theprototypeGnea Reading package lists... Done12:03
theprototypeBuilding dependency tree12:03
theprototypeReading state information... Done12:03
theprototypeE: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_source_Sources - open (2: No such file or directory)12:03
trickthat should do the gnea.12:03
FloodBot3theprototype: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:03
redrwat: "dig intra" says among other things: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 2054312:03
Gnea!ot | trick12:04
ubottutrick: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:04
rwatred ok so it encountered a server failure getting your record12:04
redthat response is from the DNS server?12:04
rwatred - that's from your dns server. if you share the hostname with us we could check it from other places for you12:04
redits inaccessible from outside, just a local company network intranet address12:05
=== th0r is now known as Guest99689
Gneatheprototype: er, could you please pastebin the contents of the /etc/apt/sources.list file?12:05
redI'll just try to reboot my workstation just in case as well, annoying to reopen everything over but.. brb12:05
=== th0r1 is now known as th0r
rwatred if you want to test a particular you can do "dig hostname @server"12:05
rwatred where @server could be IP address of a particular nameserver you want to test12:05
rwatred e.g. @
gaelfxGnea: no other suggestions?12:06
Gneagaelfx: other than swapping the drive out for another to see if the same thing happens or not, the only other thing I can suggest is to try different IRQ settings at boottime (like irqpoll, pci=routeirq...)12:06
Gneagaelfx: because that's just plain weird - it ought to just work fine12:07
gaelfxGnea: there's no way to figure out why/how the liveusb works to use it?12:07
Gneagaelfx: a different method of using the drive is used then12:08
Gneatheprototype: dude, stop that please12:08
Gneatheprototype: I will put you on /ignore if you don't use paste.ubuntu.com12:08
Gnea!paste | theprototype12:09
ubottutheprototype: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:09
Gnea!pm | theprototype12:09
ubottutheprototype: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:09
Guest42064anyone here using the apple magic trackpad?12:09
redrwat: if the "dns" name for the server is "intra" and the IP of dns is
gaelfxGnea: could I make my install use that method instead?12:10
redand the IP of the server what im trying to access is
theprototypeGnea not even sure what that is. i did that so i wouldn't flood the room. isn't intentional12:10
redwould it be dig @ ?12:10
rwatred something like dig intra @ maybe12:10
Gneagaelfx: okay, now I'm confused - I thought you said the livecd worked fine12:10
theprototypegnea http://paste.ubuntu.com/577806/12:10
gaelfx!zh > qmx_12:10
ubottuqmx_, please see my private message12:10
rwatred I would suspect that your ubuntu box is not using the correct dns server12:11
gaelfxGnea: liveusb version works without a problem, I want my install to use the same method of reading the disk as the liveusb did so that I can actually use my DVD drive12:11
redconnection information says my DNS is the correct IP12:11
=== angels is now known as Guest67172
Gneagaelfx: so why not just make a disk and boot it in the dvd drive?12:11
ddilingerAnyone want to help with the nouveau driver for nvidia?  The nvidia binary driver was crashing on me so trying to get this to work.  Systems boots into the high-resolution console, nouveau reports as loaded along with drm in dmesg. but Xorg.0.log reports [drm] failed to open device12:12
=== Guest67172 is now known as c0_Love_Mocca
rwatddilinger: haven't done this sort of thing for a while, but one gotcha was permissions on /dev/dri or /dev/drm or something12:12
gaelfxGnea: I want to watch a DVD, but it's impossible because anything I do causes the drive to hiccup again and again12:13
coz_qmx_,  hey12:13
yeahyeahyeahhi qmx_12:13
Gnea!info aircrack-ng12:13
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.1-1 (maverick), package size 1541 kB, installed size 2776 kB12:13
alien_hello, has anyone noticed any apparmor issues with DSPAM lately?12:13
Gneagaelfx: waitasec - can you read a regular data disk in the drive?12:13
rwatddilinger: that might be completely out of date though :)12:13
Gneatheprototype: okay, it's in universe, so I don't see why that command is failing12:14
gaelfxGnea: no, any kind of cd I put in there under my install staggers the system12:14
ddilingerrwat: hmm, well i seem to have the proper group permissions for /dev/dri, so at least one box checked off :)12:14
theprototypeGnea it went further this time, but got an "E: Child process failed"12:15
Gneagaelfx: so try to manipulate the way that the linux kernel handles interrupt events.12:15
Gneatheprototype: look, just use pastebin to output the entire thing, okay? don't paste in the channel and don't try to paste it directly to me.12:15
theprototypeGnea http://paste.ubuntu.com/577812/12:15
ddilingerrwat: my next guess is perhaps some files got munged by nvidia binary driver,  trying to figure out which ones it changed, dpkg --force-all --remove them, and apt-get -f install to re-fetch and re-install the original files12:15
rwatddilinger: have you tested drm with things like glxgears or whatever?12:16
Gneatheprototype: okay, it pretty much tells you the problem and the solution right there12:16
rwatddilinger: ahh now did you alter the version of glx you're using?12:16
Gneatheprototype: Check if the 'dpkg-dev' package is installed.12:16
Gneatheprototype: that'd be your first clue12:16
ddilingerrwat: i cant get into X12:17
coz_startx  ?12:18
ddilingerrwat: nvidia binary driver crashes on start, after loading GLX module.  nouveau reports a failure ... reading on nouveau page it could be a version mis-match with libdrm12:18
ddilingercoz_: now why didn't i think of that12:18
ddilingercoz_: :P12:18
coz_ddilinger,  just a suggestion12:18
theprototypeGnea thanks for your help. i see you multi tasking and helping several people. your the bomb. i apologize for my overall lack of experience in ubuntu12:19
theprototypeGnea . . . and irc12:19
NorrlanningHi there! couldn't find a development channel so I thought that I'd give it a try here. Is there anyone that tried to customize ubiquity? I've done quite a lot but there's one problem I can't seem to solve. And that is how to change the pre-highlighted install language. By default the highlighted installer-language is english. I would just like to change it to Swedish. However it seems like there's ALOT of files ubiquity uses to pro12:20
Gneatheprototype: cheers :)12:20
theprototypeGnea so what did the "Sudo apt-get source aircrack-ng" do if i already had it installed? Does this manually update it? Install dependencies ???12:21
peter_sudo apt-get install internet-explorer dosent work :S12:23
Gneatheprototype: well, once you get that dpkg-dev package installed, you should be able to re-run the source command again and it ought to create a sub-directory with the source tree in it12:23
zvacetNorrlanning: check #ubuntu-devel12:23
Gneatheprototype: just use the ls command to see the changes12:23
Norrlanningzvacet: Thank you :-)12:23
theprototypeGnea yea i actually didn't read it before i pasted it. dpkg-dev is installed. i'm not going to bother you anymore, i'm not even sure what a source tree is. Seriously though, is there any Linux books i can buy that will give me a jump start on stuff such as this ?12:25
theprototypeGnea asides from the dummies book i haven't read yet ;)12:26
theprototypegnea i'm sure i can find all kinds of books, just looking for a recommendation12:27
Gneatheprototype: there are a bunch of books. I recommend Barnes & Noble - go there with at least a few hours to waste, sit down and look at what they've got and choose which books suit you and go from there. :)12:27
Dr_Willisstart with free general purpose books.. then focus on what yu like progre5512:27
progre55Dr_Willis: huh?12:27
Dr_Willistheprototype:  watch the bargin bin tables.. find books with lots of Words not pictures.12:27
Dr_Willisprogre55:  :) window was  blocked..  dident see his whole nick. ;)12:28
progre55Dr_Willis: no biggie =)12:28
Dr_WillisTheres an amazing # of free (but older) linux books out on the internet.12:28
theprototypei've a bunch of PDF's. time to break my printer from all the printing. I always watch the bargain bin everywhere i go. if they dont have one, i'm like "Wheres it at?" hah.12:28
Gneatheprototype: printing PDFs is such a waste, e-readers are highly compatible with Ubuntu.12:29
Dr_Willis'must have books' - useing bash by Orealy. and 'using regular expressions' :)12:29
Dr_WillisThen focus on what you want to learn.12:29
coz_hey I like pdf ;s :)12:29
theprototypeGnea yes but i learn so much better with paper, i guess i'm old school and my favorite color isn't "Green"12:29
oliver_coz_ hmm and?12:30
Dr_WillisDelicious.com also has lots of good links to learning resources.12:30
coz_oliver_,  oh you want a reason why I like pdf's ? :)12:30
=== Guest30131 is now known as DarkDevil
theprototypeGnea your the man =)12:30
Gneatheprototype: oh, I'm old school as well - I've learned recently that the nook has an excellent screen that resembles paper much better than regular LCD screen can. :)12:30
oliver_coz_ haha yeah gota learn a lot12:30
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest36877
coz_oliver_,  well I use pdf's mainly for posters  ie  images in large format... via inkscape,,, at 600dpi  just because I like that number,,, print flawlessly at a printer12:31
Dr_Willisif you got an Android phone. theres a few nice little apps to help learn linux also.12:31
Gneatheprototype: I like the fact that I have just one device sitting on my desk that takes up less space than my netbook rather than a bookshelf filled with books from the floor to the ceiling - much less weight to carry around :)12:31
peter_Dr_Willis, what apps?12:32
Dr_Willispeter_:  theres a few for doing chmod/chown/other calculations, and i recall seeing some 'ubuntu quick learning guide'12:32
Dr_Willisthen you could just track down pdfs of books. :)12:32
peter_ooh nice thank you12:32
Dr_WillisI got a terminal emulator and can ssh from my phone also. :) irc even..12:32
smtanyone knows a good soft to turn my computer into a analogue telephone?12:33
peter_yes terminal emu is good12:33
Gnea!info asterisk12:33
coz_smt,   not offhand12:33
ubottuasterisk (source: asterisk): Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX). In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (maverick), package size 3476 kB, installed size 9720 kB12:33
peter_i used it with rtorrent :D12:33
Dr_WillisGmail has that free service in the usa for now to use it as a 'real' phone I thought.12:33
wn1zidprobably off topic, but whats making firefox css troubles for me, ??12:33
theprototypegnea i'll have to get my a nook =)12:33
smtyeah i know for asterisk as a telephony server, but thats much more than i need, and i didnt find any goot tutorial to do what i need using asterisk12:34
coz_oh yeah gmail phone trick12:34
Gneatheprototype: I've got over 100 books on mine. in paper-form, they would easily require at least 5 trips back and forth with a handcart12:34
smtDr_Willis: im not in the usa, but thanks anyways12:35
Gneatheprototype: anyway, they've got both of the nooks there so you can try-before-you-buy to see if you really like it or not12:35
Dr_WillisGnea:  can it read comic book CBR files? :)12:35
GneaDr_Willis: that's a good question, I haven't tried yet :)12:36
Dr_WillisGnea:  thats all ive been doing on my Android Phone lately.12:36
theprototypeGnea tryin out the solution u provided12:36
sorin7486I wrote this bash script that completely messes up my console12:36
sorin7486by that I mean that it doesn't echo anymore12:37
edvaldobom dia12:37
Dr_Willissorin7486:  try the 'reset' command12:37
sorin7486what I'd like to know is how to fix my script so that it doesn't do that anymore12:37
sorin7486any ideas ? or anybody know a good channel to ask this in ?12:37
Gneasorin7486: so, you learned how to bash your console, eh?12:38
juksorin7486: #bash?12:38
Gneasorin7486: just type 'reset' and press enter12:38
juksorin7486: no, use enter12:38
Huckextracting an audio file to wave via the audio extractor results in a file almost half the size of the original wave on the cd, does this add compression even for wave files ?12:38
Dr_Willissorin7486:  make it use proper escape sequences, and reset escape seqiences.. you havent really told us much info other then 'my program messes up'12:38
sorin7486Gnea, that works but I'd like the script to work better12:38
Gneasorin7486: that would require that I knew what the script does. pastebin?12:39
Dr_Willissorin7486:  put 'reset' right befor exit. in the script. :)12:39
lariousanyore to help me12:39
Gneaor just put reset at the end12:39
ubottuAvoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude12:39
edvaldojunior cade vc meu fi12:40
=== alexvc is now known as umthoro
lariouscan mac ox driver work on ubuntu12:40
=== umthoro is now known as register
Gnealarious: no.12:40
=== register is now known as umthoro
gaelfxGnea: ok, I'm sure you don't enjoy my bugging you so much, but how would I change the interrupt handling you were talking about ages ago?12:41
JuJuBeeWhen I mount a newly formatted (ext3) external usb hd it is owned by root:root, how do I make it mount as me as owner & group? is it the way I formatted it?12:41
lariousGnea I need to install my modem and I am having a problem12:41
=== Jay is now known as Guest81885
phuxopening archives with the archive manager suddenly started to take a long time...archive manager takes like 5 seconds for reading a .zip-file, 2 files in it, 20kbyte total. any ideas?12:42
=== johnny is now known as Guest96121
Gneagaelfx: it's all good, the way I usually do it is by modifying the 'kernel' line in grub - either at boottime or by editting the /boot/grub/grub.cfg to change 'quiet splash' to either 'quiet splash irqpoll' or 'quiet splash pci=routeirq'12:43
Gnea!modem | larious12:43
ubottularious: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up12:43
gaelfxGnea: thanks, I'll give it a go, report back soon12:43
JuJuBeenm, simple as sudo chown with -R... duh my bad :(12:44
lariousubottu: am using a USB broadband service and I dont know the APN12:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:44
gaelfxbut such a smart bot :D12:44
AutonomiserHi there all in Ubuntu Land!12:45
AutonomiserSay how do you go back from Black Ports and Pre Release updates?12:45
NeoCicakhi all.... i've just updated my nvidia driver to 270.29 (using x-swat)...... now my games wont display correctly under wine..... is there anyway for me to rollback to the older nvidia-driver?12:45
CanTonichey guys. i am new to ubuntu and have to install some tools. a tutorial says "First off, there are a number of add-ons you’ll likely want to load. For each of these just download the latest source. I was able to simply run ./configure, make, make install for each of these with no hiccups." what do they mean? do i have to enter ./configue and then make and then make install while being in the...12:46
CanTonic...directory of the tool i want to install?12:46
hateball!compile | CanTonic12:46
gaelfxNeoCicak: I assume x-swat is a ppa?12:46
ubottuCanTonic: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)12:46
Gnealarious: perhaps you could be a bit more descriptive about what it is you're working with12:46
CanTonicthank you guys. i will have a look12:47
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=== Guest90542 is now known as ogra_
NeoCicakgaelfx: yeah12:48
gaelfxNeoCicak: so you should be able to go into Synaptic, purge the nvidia package from x-swat, then unmark it or remove from repos and then install the nvidia-current package again12:49
NeoCicakgaelfx: ok.. thx :)12:49
Dr_WillisAutonomiser:  'backuports' is just a normal repo you could enable and use, and perhaps use ppa-purge to clean out from it..  Not sure about 'pre-release updates'  You mean you upgraded to 11.04?12:49
gaelfxNeoCicak: no problem12:49
GneaNeoCicak: you can actually install multiple versions of the nvidia driver at once, just make sure you install the one that works with your card.... various releases are only for certain timespans of cards...12:50
AutonomiserI have unchecked the Black Ports and Pre Release options in Software Sources and the run sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade. Will that do it?12:50
AutonomiserNo just the Pre Release updates for 10.1012:51
GneaAutonomiser: what's a Black Port?12:51
NeoCicakGnea: yea... i remember i used to be able to select the driver in 'additional drivers'... but it only shows one atm :(12:51
Dr_WillisAutonomiser:  You mean 'Back Ports' ?12:51
Dr_WillisAutonomiser:  if you installed stuff from them. those options wont remove the pacakges.12:51
AutonomiserYes sorry I meant backports12:52
gaelfxGnea: well, irqpoll doesn't seem to have changed anything, I'll try the pci=routeir thing. It doesn't matter what part of the options I put that in, right?12:53
AutonomiserSince I have installed theses my on-board microphone has stop working12:53
Gneagaelfx: as long as it's at the end12:54
AutonomiserDr_Willis is there a way to uninstall them?12:54
GneaAutonomiser: interesting, I've noticed that my onboard mic stopped working on my netbook awhile ago, I have to plug in an external mic for it to work12:54
GneaI'm about ready to blame plymouth12:55
gaelfxGnea: Plymouth still looks like crap with nvidia drivers :(12:55
GneaI just disable it12:56
Gneaut my mic is still broke12:56
gaelfxugh, no joy with pci=routeirq either12:57
gaelfxactually, it seems to have worsened the situation, my panels just disappeared when it decided it couldn't mount12:57
Dr_WillisAutonomiser:  try the ppa-purge tool.. or find them in your pacakge manager and just remove the pacakges.12:58
gaelfxit's just too queird12:59
ceoam online now, if need help please pm me !13:01
caliarihola soy caliari13:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:03
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:03
Gneagaelfx: really don't know what to suggest... :/13:04
gaelfxGnea: yeah, well, thanks for trying at least13:06
gaelfxI just don't know why when I put it in using the liveusb, it's recognized in a few seconds, but after installing it takes a few minutes. Does anyone know how the live version differs from an install pertaining to SATA use?13:07
gaelfxok, I must have brought up a bad topic13:12
awanti hi today when i am trying to login, its taking more time (4 o 5 min)13:12
awantiso how do i solve that.. plz. help13:14
amin_I had the problem pretty long so i past it plz help  http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ13:15
amin_http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ   help anyone13:16
administraotrany one here?13:22
=== matt_ is now known as r0ute-ho
amin_http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ really  needs help13:24
RealKillazHi ubuntu channel13:24
ExploiterHi all "FATAL: Error inserting uvesafb (/lib/modules/2.6.35-27-generic/kernel/drivers/video/uvesafb.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)" getting this message in my boot log13:24
Exploiteranyone have nay idea abt it?13:24
RealKillazI would appreciate if you help me to connect my blackberry curve to my ubuntu laptop.13:25
RealKillazI've tried some thing on the internet no luck. I dont know where to start13:25
Dr_WillisExploiter:  the vesa framebuffer module is not loading.. why are you even using it?13:25
ExploiterDr_Willis, i have no idea abt it, its my dad's old computer.. how do i remove this serice?13:26
TrifleI can't see messages like "四葉の芽◇ちゃんねる♪|④⑨|  | " ANYWHERE or with any font... they show up as blocks13:26
nicofsIs there a good way to install *ubuntu onto a usb device (Start Disk Creator results in this "Try without installing" menu which i don't want). I'd like a proper installation to the usb device... all suggestions i found was to boot from live-cd and install to usb...13:26
Dr_WillisExploiter:  why do you think its a problem?13:26
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
Exploiterits takes 4-5 sec wile booting, then ubuntu load other drivers and boot up13:27
Dr_Willisnicofs:  you can do a full/normal install to a usb drive if you wanted.13:27
Exploiterjust wants to leave this, so can gain few seconds..13:27
BryanRuizhi.. trying to install sun-java6-jre from the universe13:27
BryanRuizhaving problems ;)13:27
Dr_WillisExploiter:  i doubt if that framevbuffer is causing a slowdown. You could try the 'nofb' option to the kernel at boot time.13:27
Exploiterhow do i add nofb to boot option in ubuntu maverick?13:28
BryanRuizcan anyone help me getting sun java on 10.10?13:28
Dr_WillisExploiter:  in /etc/default/grub  change quiet splash to be 'quiet splash nofb' perhaps..13:28
Dr_Willisi think thats still valid option these days.13:29
BryanRuiznever mind13:29
BryanRuizpartner repository13:29
Dr_WillisExploiter:  or just remove quiet splash totally  so the option is blank. . run 'sudo update-grub' and reboot and see if it has any effect.  You could alwo just test these options from the grub menu by editing the  menu items.13:30
BryanRuizgot it..13:30
ssbplshow to let "make mandocs" continues if errored?13:30
jribssbpls: fix errors13:30
ExploiterGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" vga=791" in my grub file..13:31
=== Guest36877 is now known as DarkDevil
Dr_Willis!grub2 | Exploiter13:31
ubottuExploiter: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:31
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest45560
Dr_WillisExploiter:  see what that option does.. it may be setting a framebuffer res.. but i dident think it did that. I always disable extras like that.13:31
nicofsDr_Willis, yes but for that i would have to burn a live cd and boot from that to install to a usb drive - i have ubuntu running on this pc already...13:32
Exploiterso shall i just remove quite splash??13:32
Dr_Willisnicofs:  you can do it from 2 usb drives.. one has the live-install setup.. you then use to install to the 2nd usb.13:32
ssbplsjrib:how to fix it?http://paste.ubuntu.com/577834/13:32
Dr_WillisExploiter:  you can do what you want. its easy to change it back13:32
Dr_WillisExploiter:  removeing quiet splash - will result in a 'text'  login, no plymouth anuimation. and i think no framebuffer.13:33
Dr_Willisreplaceing 'quiet splash' with 'text' will give a text login, and NOT start the GDM service either..13:33
nicofsDr_Willis, isn't that a bit like re-inventing the wheel? I just tried to install ubiquity to do that, but it somehow crashed...13:33
=== andyb is now known as andybe
Dr_Willisnicofs:  ive never triedt o install to a  differnt media from an installed system. I would think a lot of the files it needs would be missing.13:34
Dr_WillisI rember doing such a trick years ago with BeOS. :) but not seen any other OS that could do it.. heh.13:34
=== MaX is now known as Guest5573
nicofsDr_Willis, but essentially, the live cd is an installed system, isn't it?13:34
nicofswhat feature has the live cd that a normal running system lacks?13:35
zonylHow can I get a list of recently installed packages?  I had to install a bunch of dependencies to compile something and would like to see what those all were so I can document.13:35
ssbplshow to fix the problem when i "make mandocs" if errored?http://paste.ubuntu.com/577834/13:35
andybeThe sleep/suspend button on my keyboard is right next to the up arrow key and a couple of times I've hit it by accident. How do I disable this key in ubuntu?13:39
tweek_why is ubuntu netbook edition only 32-bit, while most netbooks have a 64-bit processor (intel atom n455)?13:40
og01hey I just installed ubuntu on a lenovo z60p, and the mouse doesnt work (but it did during the install), anything I can do?13:40
Exploiterwell.. vesa still giving that dawm error.. however plymouth didnt load this time..13:41
TrifleI can't see messages like "四葉の芽◇ちゃんねる♪|④⑨|  | " ANYWHERE or with any font... they show up as blocks13:41
elFidelzonyl: software-center offers a history13:42
Dr_Willisnicofs:  its special. and running from a 'casperized' setup13:42
Exploitercan anyone explain me this "2.426171] uvesafb: Unknown parameter `0x0317:" wants to make this run smoothly to increse boottime13:42
=== ruy is now known as Ruy-
BryanRuizhow do i get a shortcut in the launcher to execute an .sh13:43
Dr_WillisExploiter:  you tried the nofb option? You checked the grub2 docs and seen if it mentions the framebuffer?13:43
Dr_WillisBryanRuiz:  make the .sh file executable.. and it should be able to do it.. or make the launcher run somthing like 'xterm -e whatever.sh' if you want its output in a terminal.13:44
Exploiterwell.. i just get a nice post.. it says old option had replaced sudo modprobe uvesafb mode=1280x800-32, now mode is mode_option13:44
Dr_WillisBryanRuiz:  be sure the .sh starts with a proper #!/bin/sh (or bash) line13:44
nicofsDr_Willis, basically i want a portable persistent system to be used on as many as possible computers...13:44
BryanRuizDr_Willis: strange, it is executable13:44
Exploiterso if i just run sudo ****** mode_option will it solve the problem, ...??13:44
jshmoe24I need some help please! I have ubuntu lucid 64bit and backtrack 4 r2 dualbooted on my machine, and I am trying to use this link http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/manage-burg-boot-loader-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-burg-manager/ to install burg boot loader but it doesnt work. any ideas about gdm or bootloader installation on lucid with dualboot?13:44
Dr_Willisnicofs:  use a live cd setup with a persistant save file.13:45
Dr_Willisnicofs:  and be carefull what drivers you install on it.13:45
BryanRuizDr_Willis: and it does have a #!/bin/sh13:45
Dr_WillisBryanRuiz:  double click on it and it works?13:45
BryanRuizDr_Willis: it opens in gedit13:45
jshmoe24I have burg installed on /dev/sda1 which I believe is the bootloader partition so it shouldn't hurt my dualboot but i cant get any themes13:46
BryanRuizDr_Willis: oo. i made it excutable with root13:46
BryanRuizDr_Willis: thx13:46
jshmoe24Anyone? I have 5 yrs of linux experience so i don't need a walkthrough or anything13:47
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
jshmoe24I need some help please! I have ubuntu lucid 64bit and backtrack 4 r2 dualbooted on my machine, and I am trying to use this link http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/manage-burg-boot-loader-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-burg-manager/ to install burg boot loader but it doesnt work. any ideas about gdm or bootloader installation on lucid with dualboot?13:48
amin_http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ heeeeeeeelp13:48
jshmoe24I meant /dev/sda13:50
jshmoe24lee_sharp, I know u know my answer :)13:51
og01ok, an update just installed ubuntu on a thinkpad z61p and the mouse works until i login, at which point i can nolonger move or click the mouse. restart gdm and the mouse still doesnt work... im looking for bug reports but i cannot see anything the same13:51
jshmoe24I need some help please! I have ubuntu lucid 64bit and backtrack 4 r2 dualbooted on my machine, and I am trying to use this link http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/manage-burg-boot-loader-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-burg-manager/ to install burg boot loader but it doesnt work. any ideas about gdm or bootloader installation on lucid with dualboot?13:51
jshmoe24or does anyone know a manual way to install gdm themes and grub themes on lucid since they changed the login window settings?13:52
asdofindiahi, i've an ATI system here's the lspci http://pastebin.com/RkqcDNZg i can't get my system to suspend or hibernate properly13:54
asdofindiaany help'd be appreciated13:54
asdofindiathe system doesn't go into hibernation at all (though the monitor goes blank, the CPU goes on)13:55
asdofindiaand though it goes into suspension, it doesn't recover from it13:55
asdofindiaand there're problems with switch user too!13:55
=== bittyx-desktop is now known as bittyx-windows
terryasdofindia: 10.10 or 10.04?13:56
terryasdofindia: Fully updated?13:56
LDCubuntuguys.. i have an HCL laptop... Ubuntu 10.10 intsalled fine, but doesn't connect to my cable internet. I have added the connection in the DSL tab just like how I did on my desktop. It works on the desktop but n the laptop the icon changes to 'connected' but no websites load!13:56
terryasdofindia: It's a laptop right?  What make / model?13:56
asdofindianot laptop13:56
asdofindiaya, fully updated13:57
rcaskeyhowdy all, how do I keep the unity launcher from auto-hiding?13:57
Pumpkin-where does the configuration live that tells X what display driver to use ?13:57
ruzgari have added a new user to my 10.10 ubuntu13:57
ruzgarbut when I logged in with that new user13:57
ruzgarthere is only mouse and purple background13:57
terryasdofindia: Oh, it's a desktop.  Well turn off the power save (or what ever that is), because that is for laptops.13:57
asdofindiaoh, ok!13:57
ruzgarno gnome panels butttons, keyboard shortcuts do not work except ctrl alt f113:57
runicfoxhas anyone tried out the FF beta on Ubuntu yet?13:58
andreylosevhello, is there any way to restore a file to a previous version without using a backup utility beforehand?13:58
Dr_Willisandreylosev:  not really.  Ive heard that such a feature is supposed to be part of the new filesystems (btrfs?)13:59
andreylosevbut not in ext4 huh13:59
terryandreylosev: I suppose, only if you do regular backups13:59
andreylosevokapi, I have a related question: how do I backup my entire compiz configuration (plugins and settings for them)14:00
terryandreylosev: When a file is revised, it is overwritten.14:00
andreylosevyeah I know14:00
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FrEaKmAn_hi, I just upgraded from 10.04 64bit to 10.10 and I get this screen http://i.imgur.com/hKzTC.jpg14:00
FrEaKmAn_any tips how to make it work14:00
rr0hitwget prints in how much time a file was downloaded. could anyone suggest a method to store the time into a variable14:00
andreylosevFrEaKmAn_, maybe your monitor is broken, do other operating systems work?14:01
FrEaKmAn_andreylosev, yes14:01
cube1i have a ATI Radeon 9200, when setting it up to work with two monitors, stuff becomes VERY laggy, i cannot even move a window (seems like 1fps to me). how can i fix that?14:01
AmpelbeinFrEaKmAn_: boot to recovery, reset X config14:01
terryFrEaKmAn_: Looks like the X server is not finding proper screen14:01
andreylosevrr0hit, use the time command14:01
rr0hitandreylosev: is there a way to store such shell outputs (i mean the descriptive ones) into a variable? time is an example i used14:02
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FrEaKmAn_Ampelbein, terry I ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg and same problem14:06
phoenixsamprascube1: upgrade to nvidia14:07
andreylosevrrohit, pipes don't see the output of time for some reason14:08
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sipiorandreylosev: time writes to standard error, not standard output. redirect stderr through the pipe and you'll be all set.14:11
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andreylosevsipior, how do I do that?14:11
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andreylosevI'm sorta new14:11
sipiorandreylosev: depends on the shell you use. bash, i guess?14:12
andreylosevof course14:12
dejan_good morning all in 3pm :-_14:12
Smileyanyone here tell me how on earth you reset the root password on LDAP with the new config style?14:12
sipiorandreylosev: time ... 2>&1 | filter14:13
najmuddinSmiley: use ldapmodify -H ldapi:/// -Y EXTERNAL14:14
Smileynajmuddin: on the local machine?14:14
Smileyok i'm in....14:15
Smileynow.... ?14:15
SmileyThe username is admin, I know this much :/14:16
* Smiley looks longingly at najmuddin14:17
redI've just migrated my old home/user folder to fresh installation of ubuntu and everything works well EXCEPT for my bash14:17
redI just see a dollar sign and not the usual things14:17
andreylosevred, try apt reinstall bash14:17
redwill that override my .bashrc14:17
redi want it as it was, had some tweaks14:17
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redeven running "source .bashrc" that usually loads it after changes says /bin/sh: source: not found14:18
sipiorred: what does ps show in your current terminal?14:19
red3199 pts/1    00:00:00 sh   and    3385 pts/1    00:00:00 ps14:20
erUSULred: run « chsh » make sure you are using /bin/bash as shell. you appear to be using /bin/sh which is not the same14:20
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redI was using bash before this14:20
sipiorred: you ain't now.14:20
redhow to fix that then? :)14:21
sipiorred: erUSUL's suggestion had a great deal of merit :-)14:21
redthought to run it IF I were in bash, sec14:21
red"changing login shell, enter new value:"14:21
redI put /bin/bash ?14:21
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reduser 'xxx' does not exist in /etc/passwd14:22
redthis could be due I'm online via a Domain account now14:22
red(using likewise-open to join a windows domain)14:23
erUSULred: find out how to change default shell for that accounts... someone had the same problem a few days ago here...14:23
erUSULi ma not familiar with them14:23
redcan I somehow add the user into passwd?14:23
hoodooshello, guys. I have a question about taking dumps of memory for some PID. I'm having an application (nodejs) that grows in memory with usage time. And I would love to take a dump of it to look inside and see what is actually stored in there. Is there anything I can use in ubuntu to archive it?14:23
sipiorerUSUL: just yesterday, in fact. perhaps they'll check back in today.14:24
redoh well, ill fiddle around14:24
nameless`red: to change the default shell, modify the file /etc/passwd14:24
redah, havent yet added the user to be able to sudo14:24
ElsshaHi, I have a partitioned drive for my files but for some reason Ubuntu started using it as a read-only and IDK how to make it useable again14:24
redill go dig around how that was done, report back later how i solved this14:24
erUSULhoodoos: make it crash and generate a crash dump? run it under gdb ?14:24
Guest60952who know when you use apt-get software  Error:E:not use14:25
nameless`Elssha: modify the file /etc/fstab14:25
ikoniaGuest60952: what command are you using14:25
Elsshaum, now nameless?14:25
nameless`Elssha: it depends if you want the problem solved by now14:25
nameless`to be solved*14:25
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filiphi, should I install linux-virtual when running as a KVM guest?14:26
hoodooserUSUL, hmm, that may work maybe, maybe there's some other way to take dump readable by GDB?14:26
Guest60952apt-get +software not install software14:26
ikoniaGuest60952: exactly what command are you using14:26
erUSULhoodoos: well iirc you can send a signal to a process to generate a core dump ? you have to allow crash dumps first ( they are disabled by default again iirc14:27
nameless`erUSUL: hoodoos hum, wouldn't it be possible to directly take the memory file in /proc ? i'm not very use to browse in that directory but it makes sense no ?14:27
maxxerhi. can I disable CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts?14:27
nameless`well, wait, no it sounds stupid14:27
Elsshanameless, i would like to use it asap, to be honest14:28
ElsshaI reinstalled ubuntu recently, it used to work fine14:28
Elsshai'm mounting it via pydsm if that makes any difference14:29
nameless`Elssha: my guess is you should ask to #linux directly14:29
Elsshaokay, thanks14:29
hoodooserUSUL, thanks I will try this one14:30
najmuddinSmiley then you need to follow the usual methods.. eg: edit manually using modifyType: add/replace ... or point to an ldif file that contains the changes14:30
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coz_hey all14:32
SmileyolcRootDN: cn=admin,cn=config14:32
SmileyolcRootPW: {SSHA}xj14:32
Smileysetting it like that, in the config file, not work?14:32
guodongbinguodongbin : hhhhhhhh14:33
guodongbin:guodongbin fffffff14:33
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:33
Elsshaanyone know what might make the cursor shake?14:34
ruan!cn | systemf114:34
ubottusystemf1: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:34
ikoniaElssha: a mouse running out of batteries, poor mouse support, over sensitive mouse config14:35
terryElssha: ... a nervous user..14:36
ruanElssha: also, whatever the mouse is placed on14:36
Elsshait's a usb mouse (cable) and just using the touchpad didn't fix it ( a restart did, but i don't want it to become more frequent)14:37
Elssha... and it did it when i didn't touch it, either, so no nervous user