codebeakerhi all, I'm getting into upstart for the first time, and I wonder if I've missed something… I'm trying to use upstart to keep monit running10:42
codebeakerhi all, I'm getting into upstart for the first time, and I wonder if I've missed something… I'm trying to use upstart to keep monit running (re-post, since I was D/C'ed)12:02
SpamapScodebeaker: what do you think you're missing?12:46
codebeakerif I kill monit, upstart doesn't bring it back12:46
codebeakerwhich I gathered was the point of upstart12:46
codebeaker( in addition to actually starting it in the firstplace)12:46
SpamapSdid you put the word 'respawn' in your job file?12:46
SpamapSno respawning isn't the only point of upstart.. its mostly just to be feature compatible w/ sysvinit12:47
SpamapSIts just a little smarter about it than sysvinit. :)12:47
codebeakerok, I'll check - also what is the /correct/ place for upstart configs?12:47
codebeakeron my ubuntu 10.4 system they appear to live in /etc/init/12:47
codebeakerbut I've seen lots of talk online about using /etc/event.d/12:47
SpamapSthey must be in /etc/init since Ubuntu 9.1012:48
codebeakerok, good to know - thanks :)12:48
SpamapSYou may want to submit your monit job as a feature-request bug against the package if it works out for you.12:49
codebeakernot sure, it's 3 lines of code :)12:50
codebeaker(well, four now :))12:50
codebeakerSpamapS: what's your personal opinion on Monit's place in a modern hosting env12:53
codebeakerI'm basically using monit to keep my services up, because I know it well enough12:53
SpamapSIts quite suited for that, especially since it is capable of deeper monitoring than upstart's "is the process alive"12:55
codebeakerok, perfect… so upstart to keep the system running, and monit to keep things working at the application layer13:02
wraidendoes anyone know if upstart 1.0 ist compatible wrt utmp handling when i use agetty?13:12
wraidenthe teminal sessions aren't decremented in issue output anymore since i upgraded to 1.013:12
wraideni'll try to switch to mingetty today to check it isn't an incompatibility with util-linux's agetty as mingetty was mentioned in some changelog...13:15
SpamapSdoesn't login handle utmp maintenance?13:15
wraidenlooks like it doesn't if i read the changes that went in from plautrbach correctly...13:17
wraidenmybe i have a wrong tty.conf in /etc/init13:18
SpamapSahh I'm looking now.. ok.. utmp is indeed touched by init now13:18
SpamapSI say now like I know it didn't before.. maybe it did before.. :p13:18
wraidenthe problem was that issue incremented the open tty session counters but doesnt decremented it after the loginsession was closed and upstart respawned the getty ...13:19
wraidenthis bug was in upstart from the start i think13:20
wraidendon't know how sysv handled it13:20
plautrbawraiden: can you paste somewhere 'utmpdump /var/run/utmp' ?13:20
SpamapSright looks like now if a job process terminates upstart looks in utmp and fixes it13:20
plautrbawraiden: afaik it should work regardless of used *getty13:20
wraidenhello :) i'll open a session to the box an paste the things...13:21
wraidencant look at the issue output right now as i'm not in front of the box13:25
plautrbathis looks ok, what is concretely your problem?13:33
wraidenif i login an a local tty the issue displays the logged in users ok but if i logout the logged in users stay the same and doesn't get decremented13:35
wraidenthis behavor war fixed in the first round of patches that you attached to the bugreport ...13:36
wraideni tested them and used them as patches against 0.6 but with the upgrade to version 1.0 i went back to the buggy behavior13:37
wraideni'll post another utmp dunp when i have access to the box again around 18:30 CET13:38
plautrbain 1.0 is almost same patch13:39
plautrbaand utmp table says that there is 2 correctly restarted local tty session, 1 closed remote, and 1 active remote session13:40
wraidenthats right13:41
plautrbacommand 'w' should show one logged user 13:41
wraideni rebooted the box13:41
wraidenkernel upgrade...13:41
wraidenthe wrong behavior was befor the reboot13:41
wraideni'll repro the wron output and post an updated dump13:42
wraidenshould i mail it or crate a bug report?13:42
plautrbamail to mailling list or bug report are fine, or you can first try to ping me here13:43
wraidenk, will look here first13:43
wraidenanyway, thanks for your work about utmp handling, this one bugged me a long time :)13:44
plautrbai've just setup my fedora rawhide box to use aggety and it works ok13:44
wraidenexec /sbin/agetty -I '\033(K' tty1 3840013:44
wraidenis what i use13:44
wraidenmaybe it's related to that13:44
plautrbaI use only /sbin/agetty /dev/tty6 38400  but -I should not affects that13:46
wraideni'll repro the problem tonight and post the details along the dump...13:48
atpa8ai'm binding slapd to an ip alias and it seems that aliases come up late on boot which causes slapd fail to start... can i start networking "syncronously" or something?22:34
Keybukno, but you can have slapd start after networking22:44
atpa8ai think that's how it's configured...22:47
atpa8aor should i create /etc/init/slapd.conf for that?22:47
Keybukyou would need an /etc/init/slapd.conf or something in Upstart that starts slapd22:48
atpa8ai don't have that right now22:48
atpa8ajust learning upstart22:48
atpa8athought it was related to insserv22:49
atpa8aso slapd is not an upstart job right now22:56
atpa8awhich means it's handled from /etc/init/rc.conf, right?22:56
mbieblno, /etc/init.d/slapd22:56
atpa8atrue :) i misspoke22:57
mbieblatpa8a: only indirectly via /etc/init/rc.conf22:57
atpa8athat's what i meant22:57
atpa8acan i just add something like start on (net-device-up...) to /etc/init/rc.conf to make sure the networking is up before anything else?22:58
atpa8aor change /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf from 'start on filesystem and net-device-up IFACE=lo' to 'start on filesystem and net-device-up'23:01
atpa8abasically i want *all* of the network up before slapd starts23:03
atpa8athat didn't help23:14
atpa8aany hints?23:15

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