ochosimicahg: any chance we can integrate this in xubuntu anytime soon? https://code.launchpad.net/messagingmenu-extension18:13
micahgochosi: I don't know if that's going to land this cycle18:14
micahgdefinitely for O18:14
ochosiwould be really nice to have it this cycle but i guess it's already pretty late18:15
micahgactually, I shouldn't say definitely, but it's on the radar :)18:15
ochosiok, i thought i might give it a try later in natty18:16
jo-erlendI'd like to learn how to write xfce4-panel applets using Python and PyGTK. Any recomendations? 19:05
ochosijo-erlend: hmyeah, first recommendation is to join #xfce and then try to get a voice in #xfce-dev19:07
jo-erlend#xfce tells me to ask in #xfce-dev and those are, as you say, moderated and I have no idea how to get voiced. 19:07
ochosiyou have to ask one of the people who can give you a voice, e.g. JPohlmann19:08
mr_pouitafaik, #xfce-dev isn't voiced anymore?19:08
jo-erlendyou're right. They aren't moderated anymore. I guess I just gave up too early. :)19:09
mr_pouitanyway, it would require python bindings for xfce4-panel, and I don't think they are available (or up-to-date)19:09
jo-erlendheh... There's always something, isn't there. 19:10
jo-erlendguess I can stick with gnome-panel for the time being. Shouldn't be too difficult to move them to xfce4-panel plugins later. But I really prefer the xfce4-panel to gnome-panel. 19:11

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